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Gravestone photographic resource  page Lincolnshire (England ) cemetery details

The churchyard or other cemetery sites within Lincolnshire listed below (with links) are ones that have been indexed.The ones in red (without links) are pending and will be added once they have been photographed and indexed.

To see details of a particular church, cemetery or war memorial, click its name link. To see details of all the churches, cemeteries and war memorials in a particular location (city / town / village), click on the location name.

To change the amount of detail displayed, use a link in the "Change the amount of detail displayed" box above.

Cemetery, churchyard and war memorial names that are listed in RED are ones which volunteers are currently photographing and indexing and are therefore not yet available.

city / town / villagechurch graveyard /
cemetery / memorial name
St Wilfrid
AlvinghamSt Adelwold and St Mary
ApplebySt Bartholomew
Ashby cum FenbySt Peter
Ashby PuerorumSt Andrew
AylesbySt Lawrence
Barnetby le WoldWar Memorial
Barnoldby le BeckSt Helen
Barrow upon HumberHoly Trinity
Holy Trinity War Memorial
BarrowbyAll Saints
Barton upon HumberWar Memorial
BassinghamSt Michael
BeelsbySt Andrew
BeltonAll Saints
BigbyAll Saints
All Saints (clergy)
BonbySt Andrew
War Memorial
BradleySt George
BriggWar Memorial
BrigsleySt Helen
BroughtonSt Mary
Burgh le MarshSt Peter and St Paul
CabourneSt Nicholas
Cadney cum HowshamAll Saints
CaistorSt Peter and St Paul
CarlbySt Stephen
ClaxbySt Mary
CleethorpesBlock A-B East
Block A-B West
Block C-D East
Block C-D West
Block D-E East
Block F-G East
Block F-G West
Block H-J East
Garden of Rest 1
Garden of Rest 2
Manchester Regiment War Graves
Memorial Hall Plaques
Section A
Section AA
Section B
Section BB
Section C
Section C
Section C
Section CC
Section D
Section D
Section DD
Section E
Section EE
Section F
Section FF
Section G
Section H
Section HH
Section I
Section II
Section J
Section JJ
Section K
Section L
Section M
Section N
Section O
St Peter
St Peter Church Roll of Honour
WW2 War Graves
ClixbyAll Hallows
ColsterworthSt John the Baptist
ConisholmeSt Peter
War Memorial
CovenhamSt Bartholomew
St Bartholomew (annexe)
St Mary
War Memorial
CroftWar Memorial
CroxbyAll Saints
CroxtonSt John
CuxwoldSt Nicholas
DawsmereChrist Church
East HaltonMunicipal
St Peter
East RavendaleSt Martin
ElshamAll Saints
War Memorial
St Andrew
FotherbySt Mary
St Mary War Memorial
FulstowSt Lawrence
GolthoSt George
GoulcebyAll Saints
GoxhillAll Saints
GrainsbySt Nicholas
GrainsthorpeWar Memorial
GrainthorpeSt Clement
GrasbyAll Saints
Great CoatesSt Nicholas
Great PontonHoly Cross
GreethamAll Saints
GrimoldbySt Edith
St Edith (part 2)
War Memorial
GrimsbyFreeman Street Market Roll of Honour
Post Office Roll of Honour
Scartho Road (1-3)
Scartho Road (103-112)
Scartho Road (113-115 120-123)
Scartho Road (117-119 124-126)
Scartho Road (127-130 134-137)
Scartho Road (131-133 138-140)
Scartho Road (141-144 146-151)
Scartho Road (145-147 152-154)
Scartho Road (155-158)
Scartho Road (160-161)
Scartho Road (17-18 25-26 33-34 41-42)
Scartho Road (19-20 27-28 35-36 43-44)
Scartho Road (21-24 29-32 37-40 45-48 53-56 61-64 69-72)
Scartho Road (2nd reserved borders)
Scartho Road (3rd north reserved border)
Scartho Road (49-52 57-60)
Scartho Road (5-8 13-16)
Scartho Road (65-68 73-74 84-89)
Scartho Road (75-82 and borders)
Scartho Road (9-12)
Scartho Road (93-96)
Scartho Road (97-102)
Scartho Road (new section)
Scartho Road (north central reserved borders pt2)
Scartho Road (north reserved borders)
Scartho Road (south reserved borders 504-505)
Scartho Road (south reserved borders)
St James (interior)
Wintringham School Roll of Honour
HabroughSt Margaret
HagworthinghamHoly Trinity
HameringhamAll Saints
HatcliffeSt Mary
HaxeyWar Memorial
HealingSt Peter and St Paul
War Memorial
Holton le ClayHolton le Clay
Memorial Wall
St Peter
War Memorial
Holton le MoorSt Luke
HorkstowSt Maurice
St Peter
ImminghamMill Lane
St Andrew
War Memorial
Irby on HumberSt Andrew
St Bartholomew
War Memorial
War Memorial
KingerbySt Peter
St Peter (clergy)
Kirkby cum OsgodbyParish
St Andrew
War Memorial
KirksteadSt Leonard
St Margaret
LincolnCanwick Road Old
Lincoln Cathedral
Little GrimsbySt Edith
LittlecoatesSt Michael
LouthLondon Road
LudboroughSt Mary
St Mary Incumbents
War Memorial
LuttonSt Nicholas
St Nicholas 2
MablethorpeMablethorpe and Trusthorpe War Memorial
Maltby le MarshAll Saints
ManbySt Marys Church
MarshchapelSt Mary
MessinghamHoly Trinity
MoultonAll Saints
NettletonSt John the Baptist
Normanby le WoldSt Peter
North CoatesSt Nicholas
War Memorial
North KelseyAll Hallows
North KillingholmeBaptist Church
St Deny
St Deny
St Deny
North SomercotesWar Memorial
North ThoresbySt Helen
Old CleeSt Mary the Virgin
PartneySkegness Road
St Nicholas
RibySt Edmund
RothwellSt Mary Magdelene
Saxby All SaintsAll Saints
War Memorial
ScarthoSt Giles
ScawbySt Hybald
Searby cum OwmbySt Nicholas
St Nicholas War Memorial
SibseySt Margaret
SkellingthorpeSt Lawrence
SnitterbySt Nicholas
War Memorial
SomerbySt Margaret
South CockeringtonSt Leonards Church
South ElkingtonAll Saints Church
South KelseySt Mary
South ThoresbySt Andrew
South WithamSt John the Baptist
SpilsbyBoston Road
Stainton le ValeSt Andrew
StallingboroughSt Peter and St Paul
StaplefordAll Saints
StickneySt Luke
StubtonSt Martin
Sutton BridgeSt Matthew
Sutton St EdmundSt Edmund King and Martyr
SwallowHoly Trinity
SwinderbyAll Saints
SwinhopeSt Helen
TathwellSt Vedast
St Peter and St Paul
ThoreswaySt Mary
ThorganbyAll Saints
Thornton CurtisSt Lawrence
UlcebySt Nicholas
War Memorial
UsselbySt Margaret
UtterbySt Andrew
St Andrew (clergy)
WainfleetAll Saints
Wainfleet BankAll Saints (site of)
WaitheSt Martin
WalesbyAll Saints
St Mary
WalthamAll Saints
War Memorial
Welton le WoldSt Martin
War Memorial
West AllingtonHoly Trinity
West AshbyAll Saints
War Memorial
WintertonAll Saints
Wold NewtonAll Saints
WorlabySt Clement
War Memorial
Wyham cum CadebyAll Saints
YarburghSt John the Baptist
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Lincolnshire cemeteries scheduled to be photographed and indexed

Below are the churchyard or municipal cemetery sites that are going to be added to Lincolnshire.
city / town / villagecemetery namevolunteer


St Marys ChurchJoy Reynolds


Holy TrinityNicola Cooper

South Cockerington

St Leonards Church

South Elkington

All Saints ChurchJoy Reynolds

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