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Whats New? 2016

September 2016: Frequently asked questions (FAQs) section improved and extended.

The FAQ section has now been improved so that it is easier to find a page about a specific problem.

August 2016: Send a message to someone who has already requested a specific grave monument photograph.

This feature is now available on any grave detail page where someone has already requested a photograph.

The system allows you to send a message but it is up to the person receiving the message as to whether they reply or not.

You will not be given their email address.

August 2016: Breadcrumb trail to help find a grave within a cemetery

It is often difficult to find a particular grave within a cemetery even if you have a photograph of what it looks like.

The GPR has now added a new feature to the grave pages on the website. This feature allows someone viewing a grave to see thumbnail images of the graves that were photographed immediately before and after the grave they are interested in.

The new feature is only available for graves within churchyards, municipal or private cemeteries.

April 2016: Family and Maiden names links within Grave detail pages

If a name listed on a grave monument page contains either a family or a maiden name then there is now a link to the appropriate family or maiden name list page.

These new links may help researchers find details of extended family members: have a look at this example.

March 2016: The search system has been extended

Two new A-Z searches have been added: maiden and family names. A family name is where there is a surname as the last name of the forenames. This was a common practice before the middle of the 20th century.

There are also two new individual maiden and family name search routines.

These new search routines should make it easier for researchers to locate family members who have different surnames.

These features may be of particular interest to those doing One Name Studies as it allows those who have either a maiden or family name of the ONS being investigated to be easily identified.

The technology used to produce these new searches make them extremely fast and efficient.

February 2016: GPR website more responsive for different devices

All pages within the website have been re-written to allow visitors to select the level of detail that is displayed.

This can be done by selectng the required detail level within the change the amount of detail displayed box.

January 2016:Now over 500,000 graves and 1,000,000 names

There are now over half a million graves and a million names on the GPR database!

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2016: latest cemeteries

The following graveyards have been added to the Gravestone Photographic Resource since 1st January 2016:

datecountrycity / town / villagecemetery
19 December 2016EnglandEarl StonhamSt Mary
19 December 2016EnglandEastonWar Memorial
19 December 2016EnglandHappisburghSt Mary the Virgin
19 December 2016EnglandMonyashSt Leonard
19 December 2016EnglandStonham ParvaSt Mary the Virgin
19 December 2016EnglandStowuplandHoly Trinity
19 December 2016EnglandThurgartonAll Saints
19 December 2016EnglandTrostonSt Mary
19 December 2016EnglandWalcottAll Saints (interior)
16 December 2016EnglandSheltonWar Memorial
15 December 2016EnglandSilsoeSt James the Great
15 December 2016EnglandSilsoeWar Memorial
13 December 2016EnglandBridghamWar Memorial
13 December 2016ScotlandKilmuirOld
13 December 2016EnglandSeaton CarewHoly Trinity
13 December 2016IrelandArdeeSt Mary Abbey
11 December 2016EnglandNether StoweySt Mary
08 December 2016EnglandBarfordWar Memorial
08 December 2016EnglandEarlhamMunicipal (part 4)
08 December 2016EnglandHoxneWar Memorial
08 December 2016EnglandLyntonWar Memorial
08 December 2016EnglandHope CoveSt Clement
04 December 2016EnglandBrandon ParvaAll Saints
04 December 2016EnglandBrandon ParvaWar Memorial
04 December 2016WalesLlanrhyddSt Meugan extension
29 November 2016EnglandBolventorWar Memorial
29 November 2016CyprusKyreniaInternational
29 November 2016EnglandWest WrittonSt Bartholomew
27 November 2016EnglandSpaxtonSt Margaret
27 November 2016ScotlandDolphintonBlackmount Parish
27 November 2016AustraliaHemmantMemorial D
27 November 2016AustraliaHemmantMonument Portion D
25 November 2016EnglandWicklewoodAll Saints (interior)
24 November 2016EnglandWicklewoodWar Memorial
24 November 2016EnglandWicklewoodWar Memorial
22 November 2016Northern IrelandBallintoyParish
22 November 2016IrelandFrossesSt Mary
22 November 2016IrelandKillaghteeSt Peter
22 November 2016IrelandKillybegsKillybegs
22 November 2016IrelandLetterkennyConwal Parish
22 November 2016IrelandDonegalOld Abbey
22 November 2016Northern IrelandKilkeelSt Coleman
21 November 2016EnglandAlburghWar Memorial
21 November 2016EnglandAlburghAll Saints (interior)
21 November 2016AustraliaHemmantMemorial A
21 November 2016AustraliaHemmantMemorial B
21 November 2016AustraliaHemmantMemorial C
20 November 2016EnglandBarkestone-le-ValeSt Peter and St Paul
20 November 2016EnglandKinoultonSt Luke
20 November 2016EnglandLangar-cum-BarnstoneSt Andrew
20 November 2016AustraliaHemmantMonumet Portion C
20 November 2016EnglandOwthorpeSt Margaret
17 November 2016WalesRuthinOld Baptist Chapel
17 November 2016EnglandOver StoweySt Peter and St Paul
17 November 2016AustraliaHemmantMonument Portion B
17 November 2016EnglandSwaffhamWar Memorial
15 November 2016EnglandBunwellWar Memorial
15 November 2016AustraliaHemmantMem Nat E
15 November 2016AustraliaHemmantMem SCT
15 November 2016AustraliaHemmantMonument Portion A
13 November 2016CyprusKyreniaBritish
13 November 2016WalesRuthinLlanrhydd
11 November 2016EnglandCockingtonSt George and St Mary (interior)
11 November 2016EnglandLavenhamMunicipal (part 1)
11 November 2016EnglandBathSt James
11 November 2016EnglandAshendonSt Mary (part 1)
11 November 2016EnglandAylesburyTring Road (part 2)
11 November 2016EnglandTwertonMunicipal
08 November 2016EnglandBeethamSt Michael and All Angels (interior)
08 November 2016EnglandBeethamSt Michael and All Angels
08 November 2016EnglandHamsterleySt James
08 November 2016AustraliaHemmantLawn (part 2)
08 November 2016EnglandScoultonWar Memorial
08 November 2016WalesRuthinSt Peter
06 November 2016EnglandBurnham MarketWar Memorial
05 November 2016IrelandDunleweyChurch of Ireland
05 November 2016IrelandGlencolmcilleChurch of Ireland
05 November 2016IrelandMoney BegSacred Heart
05 November 2016EnglandGreat DunhamWar Memorial
05 November 2016EnglandGreethamWar Memorial
05 November 2016AustraliaHemmantLB 2
05 November 2016AustraliaHemmantLB 3
05 November 2016EnglandLitchamWar Memorial
05 November 2016EnglandLittle DunhamWar Memorial
05 November 2016EnglandThistletonSt Nicholas
05 November 2016EnglandWellinghamWar Memorial
01 November 2016EnglandSouth WarnboroughSt Andrew
01 November 2016EnglandGalmptonWar Memorials
01 November 2016EnglandGalmptonHoly Trinity
31 October 2016EnglandGortonSt James
31 October 2016WalesPandyr CapelBaptist Chapel
31 October 2016EnglandRownerSt Mary
30 October 2016EnglandSarisburyHolly Hill
30 October 2016AustraliaKerangKerang
30 October 2016WalesPenmachnoArwelfa
30 October 2016WalesPenmachnoSalem
30 October 2016EnglandSt IvesWar Memorial
23 October 2016Northern IrelandBallycastleHoly Trinity
23 October 2016Northern IrelandCulfeightrinParish
23 October 2016Northern IrelandCushendunOld
23 October 2016EnglandBaslow and BubnellWar Memorial
23 October 2016AustraliaOuseSt John
23 October 2016AustraliaHemmantLB 1
22 October 2016EnglandMorwenstoweSt Morwenna
22 October 2016EnglandHamsterleyWar Memorial
22 October 2016EnglandLancasterPriory
22 October 2016AustraliaHemmantLawn (part 1)
22 October 2016AustraliaMacedonPublic
22 October 2016EnglandNorth NewbaldWar Memorial
22 October 2016EnglandPaullMunicipal
22 October 2016EnglandLee-on-SolentWar Memorial
22 October 2016AustraliaBroadmeadowsWill Will Rook
22 October 2016EnglandSaleBrookland (part 10)
16 October 2016EnglandFelkirkSt Peter
16 October 2016CanadaCalgaryBurnsland (T1E)
16 October 2016CanadaCalgaryBurnsland (T1W)
16 October 2016CanadaCalgaryBurnsland (T2E)
16 October 2016CanadaCalgaryBurnsland (T2W)
16 October 2016CanadaCalgaryBurnsland (T3E)
16 October 2016CanadaCalgaryBurnsland (T3W)
16 October 2016CanadaCalgaryBurnsland (T4E)
16 October 2016CanadaCalgaryBurnsland (T4W)
16 October 2016CanadaCalgaryBurnsland (T5E)
16 October 2016CanadaCalgaryBurnsland (T5W)
16 October 2016CanadaCalgaryBurnsland (T6E)
16 October 2016CanadaCalgaryBurnsland (T6W)
16 October 2016AustraliaHemmantChapel Wall
16 October 2016AustraliaHemmantColumn
13 October 2016IrelandGlasnevinProspect
12 October 2016EnglandEcclestonSt Mary Rolls of Honour
12 October 2016EnglandKettlewellSt Mary
12 October 2016EnglandThornthwaiteSt Saviour
09 October 2016ScotlandPathheadCranstoun
09 October 2016ScotlandPencaitlandParish
08 October 2016EnglandMarket WeightonAll Saints
08 October 2016EnglandSwaffhamBrandon Road
08 October 2016EnglandGortonBrookfield Unitarian
08 October 2016EnglandNorth NewbaldWar Memorial
08 October 2016EnglandBrathayHoly Trinity War Memorial
08 October 2016EnglandWoolpitWar Memorial
07 October 2016EnglandBrathayHoly Trinity
07 October 2016AntibesAntibes (Part 1)
07 October 2016EnglandTilmanstoneSt Andrew
07 October 2016EnglandHighcliffeSt Mark
07 October 2016EnglandWoodnesboroughSt Mary (Part 2)
07 October 2016EnglandRoystonSt John the Baptist War Memorial
07 October 2016EnglandRoystonSt John the Baptist
02 October 2016EnglandBurnham MarketSt Mary (Westgate)
02 October 2016EnglandDartonAll Saints
01 October 2016EnglandBracon AshWar Memorial
01 October 2016EnglandBracon AshSt Nicholas (interior)
01 October 2016EnglandEast LulworthMunicipal
01 October 2016EnglandEast LulworthSt Andrew
01 October 2016EnglandPortlandVictory Road
01 October 2016EnglandWalthamWar Memorial
29 September 2016EnglandFordingtonSt George War Memorial
29 September 2016EnglandFundenhallWar Memorial
28 September 2016EnglandDibdenAll Saints (Part 2)
28 September 2016EnglandDorchesterFordington
28 September 2016EnglandTilmanstoneWar Memorial
28 September 2016EnglandManstonWar Memorial
28 September 2016EnglandStapleSt James War Memorial
28 September 2016EnglandGoodnesboroughSt Mary War Memorial
27 September 2016EnglandBlandford ForumSt Peter and St Paul
27 September 2016EnglandBridportSt Mary
27 September 2016EnglandOld CleeveSt Andrews
27 September 2016EnglandHackfordWar Memorial
27 September 2016EnglandStapleSt James
24 September 2016EnglandAbbotsburySt Nicholas
24 September 2016EnglandPortsmouthPortsmouth Cathedral WW1 War Memorial
24 September 2016EnglandIllingtonSt Andrew
24 September 2016EnglandFlamboroughSt Oswald
24 September 2016EnglandNoningtonSt Mary Roll of honour
24 September 2016EnglandSanton DownhamWar Memorial
24 September 2016EnglandSanton DownhamSt Mary the Virgin
24 September 2016EnglandNoningtonSt Mary
12 September 2016EnglandBakewellWW1 War Memorial
12 September 2016EnglandBakewellWW2 and Korea War Memorial
12 September 2016EnglandOver TableySt Paul
12 September 2016EnglandShustokeSt Cuthbert
12 September 2016EnglandShoteshamWar Memorial
12 September 2016EnglandWingfieldWar Memorial
06 September 2016EnglandYoulgreaveWar Memorial
06 September 2016EnglandYoulgreaveAll Saints
28 August 2016New ZealandPrebbletonAll Saints
28 August 2016EnglandLissettSt James of Compostella
28 August 2016EnglandNormantonAll Saints (part 2)
28 August 2016EnglandNormantonAll Saints (part 1)
28 August 2016WalesPembrokeWar Memorial
28 August 2016WalesTenbyWar Memorial
28 August 2016GermanyWitzenhausenSchloss Berlepsch
28 August 2016EnglandMellingSt Thomas
21 August 2016EnglandBarrow upon HumberMunicipal
21 August 2016ScotlandCockburnspathCockburnspath Parish and Dunglass Estate War Memor
21 August 2016ScotlandColdinghamWar Memorial
21 August 2016ScotlandEyemouthWar Memorial
21 August 2016ScotlandEyemouthOld
21 August 2016ScotlandFort WilliamWar Memorial
21 August 2016ScotlandIonaSt Orans Chapel
21 August 2016ScotlandIonaWar Memorial
21 August 2016ScotlandIsle of CumbraeWar Memorial
21 August 2016ScotlandObanWar Memorial
13 August 2016EnglandGoulcebyAll Saints
13 August 2016AustraliaBlackwoodBalckwood
13 August 2016AustraliaBacchus MarshHoly Trinity
13 August 2016AustraliaBacchus MarshHopetoun
13 August 2016AustraliaCurrieKing Island
11 August 2016EnglandIsle of PortlandRoyal Naval
11 August 2016EnglandWoodlandMunicipal
11 August 2016EnglandClifton on DunsmoreSt Mary (inside)
11 August 2016EnglandClifton on DunsmoreSt Mary
11 August 2016ScotlandDunoonWar Memorial
11 August 2016EnglandAshton-under-LyneChrist Church
11 August 2016EnglandBishopsgateSt Botolph without Bishopsgate
11 August 2016EnglandSouth MiltonWar Memorial
11 August 2016EnglandClifton on DunsmoreSt Mary (Newton Road extension)
06 August 2016EnglandRudstonAll Saints
06 August 2016EnglandHilboroughAll Saints
06 August 2016ScotlandGretna GreenWar Memorial
06 August 2016EnglandHilboroughWar Memorial
06 August 2016EnglandSaleBrookland (part 9)
04 August 2016EnglandNettletonSt John the Baptist
31 July 2016EnglandSemingtonSt George
31 July 2016EnglandSemingtonSt George War Memorial
30 July 2016EnglandDentonSt Mary
30 July 2016GuernseySt Peter PortFoulon Charybdis Memorial
30 July 2016EnglandClaphamSt Thomas
30 July 2016GuernseySt MartinSt Martin War Memorial
30 July 2016EnglandHutton CranswickWar Memorial
30 July 2016ScotlandInverarayAll Saints
30 July 2016ScotlandInverarayWar Memorial
30 July 2016EnglandKeyinghamWar Memorial
30 July 2016EnglandKilhamWar Memorial
30 July 2016ScotlandLochaweSt Conan
30 July 2016EnglandMaresfieldSt Bartholomew
30 July 2016EnglandNewhavenSt Michael
30 July 2016GuernseyValeWar Memorial
30 July 2016EnglandRudstonWar Memorial
19 July 2016ScotlandEdayOld Graveyard
19 July 2016ScotlandStronsayBay
19 July 2016EnglandCleasbySt Peter
19 July 2016EnglandGosportHM Submarine Affray
19 July 2016ScotlandStronsayHolland
19 July 2016EnglandNorwichSt Stephen
19 July 2016ScotlandStronsaySt Peter
19 July 2016EnglandSaleBrooklands (part 8)
19 July 2016EnglandSouthburghSt Andrew
19 July 2016St Peter PortSt John War Memorial
19 July 2016EnglandBedminsterSt Paul Southville
19 July 2016EnglandNorwichSt Stephen War Memorial
12 July 2016EnglandSt GeorgeAvon View (part 2)
12 July 2016EnglandBuxtedSt Margaret the Queen
12 July 2016EnglandWestbury on TrymCanford (part 1)
12 July 2016EnglandEast DeanSt Simon and St Jude
12 July 2016EnglandEast HoathlyParish
12 July 2016EnglandGuide BridgeSt Stephen
12 July 2016EnglandGreethamBurial Ground
12 July 2016EnglandHethelWar Memorial
12 July 2016EnglandHethelAll Saints
12 July 2016FranceSt CloudCommunial
12 July 2016EnglandBriggWar Memorial
26 June 2016EnglandEcclestonSt Mary
26 June 2016EnglandChesterSt Peter at the Cross
26 June 2016EnglandYearsleyHoly Trinity
25 June 2016EnglandAshton-under-LyneSt Peter
23 June 2016EnglandCranworthSt Mary
23 June 2016EnglandStoke on TrentRailway Station
21 June 2016EnglandBeddinghamSt Andrew
21 June 2016EnglandBishopstoneSt Andrew
21 June 2016EnglandClaybrooke ParvaWar Memorial
21 June 2016EnglandEyeWar Memorial
21 June 2016EnglandLee-on-the-SolentFleet Air Arm Memorial
21 June 2016EnglandCleethorpesMemorial Hall
21 June 2016EnglandOvertonSt Mary War Memorial
21 June 2016EnglandOvertonSt Mary
21 June 2016EnglandRisbySt Giles War Memorial
21 June 2016EnglandRisbySt Giles
21 June 2016EnglandUfton NervetSt Peter War Memorial
21 June 2016EnglandUfton NervetSt Peter
21 June 2016EnglandHealingWar Memorial
21 June 2016EnglandKeelbyWar Memorial
21 June 2016EnglandSwanbourneWar Memorial
21 June 2016EnglandLutterworthWar Memorial
21 June 2016EnglandWest OvertonSt Michael and All Angels War Memorial
21 June 2016EnglandWest OvertonSt Michael and All Angels
06 June 2016EnglandNorth ElmhamWatts Naval School
06 June 2016EnglandHowdenWar Memorial
04 June 2016EnglandSouth HolmwoodSt Mary Magdalene
04 June 2016EnglandKeelbyWar Memorial
02 June 2016EnglandBraiseworthSt Mary (Old)
02 June 2016EnglandCapelSt John the Baptist
02 June 2016EnglandCapelWar Memorial
02 June 2016EnglandForncettWar Memorial
02 June 2016EnglandMonewdenWar Memorial
02 June 2016EnglandShorehamSt Peter and St Paul
02 June 2016EnglandEast HarptreeColey Road (part 3)
02 June 2016EnglandTilney cum IslingtonSt Mary
02 June 2016EnglandShorehamSt Peter and St Paul War Memorial
31 May 2016New ZealandEast TarnakiSt Paul in the Park
17 May 2016WalesBenllech BayBeach
17 May 2016EnglandBroomeWar Memorial
17 May 2016EnglandGillinghamWar Memorial
17 May 2016EnglandWatchetSt Decuman (part 2)
13 May 2016EnglandGreat CressinghamSt Michael
12 May 2016EnglandGreat CressinghamWar Memorial
12 May 2016EnglandDowneMunicipal
12 May 2016EnglandFarehamWar Memorial
06 May 2016GermanySchönebergAlter Luisenstadt (part 1)
06 May 2016GermanySchönebergAlter St Matthaus
06 May 2016EnglandCostonWar Memorial
06 May 2016EnglandCostonSt Michael
06 May 2016EnglandEvenwoodEvenwood (part 2)
06 May 2016EnglandPensfordWar Memorial
06 May 2016EnglandSpeetonSt Leonard
28 April 2016EnglandElsingWar Memorial
28 April 2016EnglandElsingSt Mary the Virgin
24 April 2016EnglandBlaydonMunicipal (part 1)
24 April 2016EnglandFarehamSt Peter and St Paul
24 April 2016EnglandHarbySt Mary the Virgin
23 April 2016EnglandGranbyAll Saints
23 April 2016EnglandHessleWar Memorial
22 April 2016EnglandPriors DeanParish
22 April 2016GuernseySt Pierre du BoisWar Memorial
19 April 2016KhartoumKhartoum War
19 April 2016EnglandGreshamAll Saints
19 April 2016EnglandGreshamWar Memorial
19 April 2016EnglandHepworthWar Memorial
19 April 2016EnglandPlungarSt Helen
19 April 2016EnglandWadhurstSt Peter and St Paul
19 April 2016EnglandWinchelseaSt Thomas
18 April 2016EnglandStustonAll Saints
18 April 2016EnglandGranbyMunicipal
18 April 2016EnglandTythbyHoly Trinity
11 April 2016AustraliaCroydonCatholic section
11 April 2016AustraliaSwan HillMemorial Park
11 April 2016EnglandBraiseworthWar Memorial
11 April 2016EnglandCoventryCoventry Cathedral Unity Lawn
11 April 2016AustraliaGwaliaHonour Board
11 April 2016EnglandOlvestonWar Memorial
11 April 2016EnglandPilningWar Memorial
11 April 2016EnglandTitchfieldPosbrook Lane
11 April 2016EnglandExburySt Katherine (part 2)
11 April 2016EnglandEythorneSt Peter and St Paul
11 April 2016EnglandChillendenWar Memorial
11 April 2016EnglandFarehamWar Memorial
11 April 2016EnglandWhitstableWar Memorial
30 March 2016EnglandChillendenAll Saints
30 March 2016EnglandAlverstokeSt Mary
30 March 2016EnglandTicehurstSt Mary
30 March 2016EnglandSaleBrooklands (part 7)
28 March 2016EnglandWatchetSt Decuman
28 March 2016EnglandSteyningSt Andrew
27 March 2016EnglandMarchWar Memorial
27 March 2016EnglandSteyningWar Memorial
27 March 2016EnglandTaverhamWar Memorial
27 March 2016EnglandTottingtonWar Memorial
27 March 2016EnglandWormegayWar Memorial
27 March 2016EnglandStoke AshWar Memorial
08 March 2016ScotlandNorth RonaldsayUnited Free Church
08 March 2016ScotlandNorth RonaldsayUnited Free Church (roll of honour)
07 March 2016EnglandHoughton on the HillSt Mary
07 March 2016EnglandLittle CressinghamSt Andrew
07 March 2016EnglandHoughton on the HillSt Mary
07 March 2016EnglandHoughton on the HillSt Mary
07 March 2016EnglandLittle CressinghamWar Memorial
07 March 2016ScotlandNorth RonaldsayNew Kirk (extension)
07 March 2016ScotlandNorth RonaldsayWar Memorial
07 March 2016ScotlandNorth RonaldsayNew Kirk (old graves)
07 March 2016ScotlandNorth RonaldsayOld Church (inside)
07 March 2016ScotlandNorth RonaldsayUnited Free Church (roll of honour)
07 March 2016EnglandRotherfieldSt Denys
07 March 2016ScotlandPapa WestraySt Bonifave Kirk
07 March 2016EnglandSwanningtonWar Memorial
07 March 2016EnglandSwanningtonSt Margaret
07 March 2016ScotlandWestrayTurquoy Kirk
07 March 2016ScotlandPapa WestrayWar Memorial
03 March 2016EnglandBulkingtonWar Memorial
03 March 2016EnglandMayfieldSt Dunstan
03 March 2016EnglandNorth CoatesWar Memorial
03 March 2016EnglandFarehamWickham Road (part 3)
28 February 2016IrelandGlasnevinProspect
28 February 2016EnglandHarborough MagnaWar Memorial
28 February 2016EnglandSaham ToneySt George War Memorial
28 February 2016EnglandCoventryWar Memorial Park
27 February 2016EnglandHarborough MagnaWar Memorial
23 February 2016EnglandMacclesfieldSt Alban
23 February 2016EnglandHastingsAll Saints
23 February 2016EnglandHenfieldSt Peter
23 February 2016WalesMonktonWar Memorial
23 February 2016WalesMonktonSt Nicholas and St John
23 February 2016EnglandLynesackSt John War Memorial
23 February 2016EnglandLynesackSt John (1)
23 February 2016EnglandSaham ToneySt George
13 February 2016EnglandBedingfieldWar Memorial
13 February 2016FranceLyonGuillotiere New
13 February 2016FranceLyonGuillotiere Old
13 February 2016FrancePantinPantin (section 29)
13 February 2016HatherlowUnited Reformed
13 February 2016IrelandDublinGlasnevin
13 February 2016FranceStrasbourgSt Urbain
09 February 2016EnglandCowfoldSt Peter
09 February 2016EnglandCowfoldWar Memorial
09 February 2016EnglandHastingsSt Clements
09 February 2016EnglandHastingsWallingers Walk
09 February 2016EnglandSoutholtWar Memorial
09 February 2016EnglandUpper BeedingSt Peter
30 January 2016EnglandBattleSt Mary
30 January 2016EnglandSaleBrookland (part 6)
25 January 2016EnglandBarcombeSt Mary
25 January 2016EnglandBarcombeWar Memorial
25 January 2016EnglandBridlingtonMunicipal
25 January 2016EnglandLightcliffeSt Matthew
21 January 2016GuernseySt SampsonChannel Queen wreck
21 January 2016GuernseySt SaviourWar Memorial
21 January 2016EnglandHornseaSouthgate (part 9)
17 January 2016EnglandAmpney St MarySt Mary
17 January 2016EnglandCaterhamSt Mary
17 January 2016Sri LankaKandyWar
17 January 2016Sri LankaKandyMahayawa
17 January 2016EnglandMarston MeyseySt James War Memorial
17 January 2016EnglandMarston MeyseySt James
17 January 2016EnglandSparhamSt Mary
17 January 2016EnglandMeysey HamptonSt Mary
17 January 2016EnglandBillingfordSt Peter
13 January 2016EnglandWoolseryAll Hallows
13 January 2016EnglandThetfordLondon Road (section G)
06 January 2016EnglandLydeardSt Lawrence
06 January 2016EnglandTenterdenSt Mildred
05 January 2016EnglandBishops LydeardSt Mary
05 January 2016EnglandHepworthWar Memorial
05 January 2016EnglandHornseaSouthgate (part 8)
05 January 2016EnglandKenninghallWar Memorial
05 January 2016EnglandKilverstoneWar Memorial
05 January 2016EnglandSudburyWar Memorial
01 January 2016EnglandClareSt Peter and St Paul
01 January 2016EnglandClareSt Peter and St Paul War Memorial
01 January 2016EnglandCockfieldSt Peter War Memorial
01 January 2016EnglandCockfieldSt Peter
01 January 2016EnglandCockfieldCongregational Chapel
01 January 2016EnglandCreeting St PeterSt Peter
01 January 2016EnglandCreeting St PeterSt Peter War Memorial
01 January 2016EnglandFelshamSt Peter War Memorial
01 January 2016EnglandFelshamSt Peter
01 January 2016EnglandGeddingSt Mary
01 January 2016EnglandRattlesdenBaptist
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2015: Statistics

The following number of cemeteries were added to the Gravestone Photographic Resource during 2015:

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