Whats New? 2017

January 2017

100,000 photo requests

The GPR has now received over 100,000 requests for higher quality versions of the grave monument photographs it holds.

All of these photos have been supplied free of charge.

Facebook group.

There is now a new Facebook group dedicated to the Gravestone Photographic Resource, so if you, or anyone you know, is interested in family history research and would like to join, its link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/372030283152561/.

Grave plot information.

If information about the grave plot number is available then it is now displayed on the grave detail page within the box "How to find this grave within a cemetery".

2017: latest cemeteries

The following graveyards have been added to the Gravestone Photographic Resource since 1st January 2017:

datecountrycity / town / villagecemetery
23 January 2017EnglandBonbySt Andrew
23 January 2017EnglandGrimsbySt James (interior)
23 January 2017EnglandKirby BedonSt Andrew (interior)
23 January 2017EnglandKirby BedonSt Andrew War Memorial
22 January 2017EnglandWarsashWar Memorial
22 January 2017EnglandSurlinghamSt Saviour (ruin)
22 January 2017EnglandWorlabySt Clement
22 January 2017WalesCrundaleUnited Reform
21 January 2017EnglandElshamWar Memorial
21 January 2017ScotlandDouneSt Adeh
21 January 2017EnglandSaleBrookland (part 11)
21 January 2017ScotlandEdayWar Memorial
21 January 2017ScotlandKilmadockOld
21 January 2017ScotlandEdayWar Memorial
21 January 2017EnglandDentonSt Mary the Virgin
21 January 2017EnglandDentonSt Mary the Virgin War Memorial
21 January 2017EnglandElshamAll Saints
19 January 2017IrelandDarverSt Michael
19 January 2017IrelandCollonChurch of Ireland
19 January 2017EnglandNorth KelseyAll Hallows
19 January 2017EnglandCollingtonSt Mary
15 January 2017EnglandSouth KelseySt Mary
15 January 2017WalesCrundaleWar Memorial
14 January 2017EnglandWinfarthingSt Mary the Virgin War Memorial
14 January 2017EnglandShelfangerAll Saints War Memorial
14 January 2017EnglandSeething and MundhamWar Memorial
14 January 2017EnglandCadney cum HowshamAll Saints
11 January 2017EnglandMoneyashSt Leonard (War Memorial)
11 January 2017MonacoLa ColleMonaco (part)
11 January 2017EnglandLangdon HillsSt Mary and All Saints
07 January 2017EnglandWest QuantoxheadSt Etheldreda
07 January 2017EnglandBigbyAll Saints (clergy)
07 January 2017EnglandBigbyAll Saints
04 January 2017EnglandWoodmanseyWar Memorial
04 January 2017EnglandSearby cum OwmbySt Nicholas War Memorial
04 January 2017EnglandSearby-cum-OwmbySt Nicholas
04 January 2017EnglandSomerbySt Margaret
04 January 2017EnglandSnailwellSt Peter
04 January 2017EnglandRoadeSt Mary the Virgin
04 January 2017EnglandOwstonSt Andrew
04 January 2017EnglandOniburySt Michael
04 January 2017EnglandOakleyWar Memorial
04 January 2017EnglandDriffieldLockington Rail Crash Memorial
04 January 2017EnglandLittle SaxhamSt Nicholas
04 January 2017EnglandKilveSt Mary
04 January 2017EnglandHinstockSt Oswald
04 January 2017EnglandHigham FerrersSt Mary the Virgin
04 January 2017EnglandHamsterleyWar memorial
04 January 2017EnglandBramptonWar Memorial
04 January 2017EnglandBildestonSt Mary Magdalene
04 January 2017EnglandGrasbyAll Saints
04 January 2017EnglandClixbyAll Hallows

2016: Statistics

The following number of cemeteries were added to the Gravestone Photographic Resource during 2016:

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