Whats New? 2017

January 2017

100,000 photo requests

The GPR has now received over 100,000 requests for higher quality versions of the grave monument photographs it holds.

All of these photos have been supplied free of charge.

Facebook group.

There is now a new Facebook group dedicated to the Gravestone Photographic Resource, so if you, or anyone you know, is interested in family history research and would like to join, its link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/372030283152561/.

Grave plot information.

If information about the grave plot number is available then it is now displayed on the grave detail page within the box "How to find this grave within a cemetery".

2017: latest cemeteries

The following graveyards have been added to the Gravestone Photographic Resource since 1st January 2017:

num.datecountrystate / province / countycity / town / villagecemeterygravesnamesphotographerindexer
123 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireBonbySt Andrew169319
223 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireGrimsbySt James (interior)3976
323 January 2017EnglandNorfolkKirby BedonSt Andrew (interior)2159
423 January 2017EnglandNorfolkKirby BedonSt Andrew War Memorial1616
522 January 2017EnglandHampshireWarsashWar Memorial4444
622 January 2017EnglandNorfolkSurlinghamSt Saviour (ruin)56
722 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireWorlabySt Clement194380
822 January 2017WalesPembrokeshireCrundaleUnited Reform133282
921 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireElshamWar Memorial1313
1021 January 2017ScotlandOrkney IslandsDouneSt Adeh119451
1121 January 2017EnglandCheshireSaleBrookland (part 11)3211284
1221 January 2017ScotlandOrkney IslandsEdayWar Memorial3838
1321 January 2017ScotlandPerthshireKilmadockOld48152
1421 January 2017ScotlandOrkney IslandsEdayWar Memorial1919
1521 January 2017EnglandNorfolkDentonSt Mary the Virgin722
1621 January 2017EnglandNorfolkDentonSt Mary the Virgin War Memorial1111
1721 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireElshamAll Saints227435
1819 January 2017IrelandLouthDarverSt Michael58155
1919 January 2017IrelandLouthCollonChurch of Ireland145397
2019 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireNorth KelseyAll Hallows112256
2119 January 2017EnglandHerefordshireCollingtonSt Mary1744
2215 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireSouth KelseySt Mary91205
2315 January 2017WalesPembrokeshireCrundaleWar Memorial99
2414 January 2017EnglandNorfolkWinfarthingSt Mary the Virgin War Memorial1515
2514 January 2017EnglandNorfolkShelfangerAll Saints War Memorial99
2614 January 2017EnglandNorfolkSeething and MundhamWar Memorial99
2714 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireCadney cum HowshamAll Saints180374
2811 January 2017EnglandDerbyshireMoneyashSt Leonard (War Memorial)4545
2911 January 2017MonacoMoneghettiLa ColleMonaco (part)97200
3011 January 2017EnglandEssexLangdon HillsSt Mary and All Saints5570
3107 January 2017EnglandSomersetWest QuantoxheadSt Etheldreda178291
3207 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireBigbyAll Saints (clergy)4949
3307 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireBigbyAll Saints157312
3404 January 2017EnglandYorkshireWoodmanseyWar Memorial5555
3504 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireSearby cum OwmbySt Nicholas War Memorial66
3604 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireSearby-cum-OwmbySt Nicholas71136
3704 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireSomerbySt Margaret2548
3804 January 2017EnglandCambridgeshireSnailwellSt Peter106194
3904 January 2017EnglandNorthamptonshireRoadeSt Mary the Virgin1530
4004 January 2017EnglandRutlandOwstonSt Andrew158286
4104 January 2017EnglandShropshireOniburySt Michael124209
4204 January 2017EnglandSuffolkOakleyWar Memorial77
4304 January 2017EnglandYorkshireDriffieldLockington Rail Crash Memorial99
4404 January 2017EnglandSuffolkLittle SaxhamSt Nicholas98179
4504 January 2017EnglandSomersetKilveSt Mary188327
4604 January 2017EnglandShropshireHinstockSt Oswald106222
4704 January 2017EnglandCambridgeshireHigham FerrersSt Mary the Virgin511
4804 January 2017EnglandNorfolkHamsterleyWar memorial2020
4904 January 2017EnglandSuffolkBramptonWar Memorial1111
5004 January 2017EnglandSuffolkBildestonSt Mary Magdalene352665
5104 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireGrasbyAll Saints80153
5204 January 2017EnglandLincolnshireClixbyAll Hallows2751

2016: Statistics

The following number of cemeteries were added to the Gravestone Photographic Resource during 2016:

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