All entries for the surname, maiden and family name KING


This page contains a list of all the entries for the surname, maiden and family name KING that are held within the Gravestone Photographic Resource online database. It is quite likely that there are also entries available for alternative spellings of this name. It is very easy for you to check to see if there are any alternative spellings: you just need to look at the page that shows all the names listed under the starting letter (K in this case) of the surname you are interested in.

The KING name may also be found within either maiden or family names stored within the GPR.

If you click on a particular name or GPR reference number below you will see details of what information is held for that particular grave monument. If there is an image available then you will be able to order a free copy of it.

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If there is a blank in the relationship column below then it means that this person is the first named individual on the grave monument.

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All entries within the GPR for the surname, maiden and family name KING

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KING surnames, maiden and family names

Below are details of all the KING surnames, maiden and family names held within the GPR. You can change the amount of detail displayed against each name by using the links in the "Change the amount of detail displayed" box above. You can also view all the details of people with the maiden name of KING by using the maiden name search. Details of people with the family name of KING by using the family name search. (A family name is a surname which is last name of forenames.)

Maiden and family names are automatically included in the search results below.


full name

birth year

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state / province / county


1Thomas Edward "Tommy" King1921193615St JohnReidACTAustralia
2Clarence King St JohnReidACTAustralia
3Dorothea King St JohnReidACTAustralia

4Peter David King1946200761LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
5Beth King LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
6Patrick King LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
7Luke King LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
8Kathy King LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia

9Joseph Niheta King1925200378St BrigidBranxtonNew South WalesAustralia

10H King Boer War MemorialGlen InnesNew South WalesAustralia

11Frank King Boer War MemorialGlen InnesNew South WalesAustralia

12Fred King Boer War MemorialGlen InnesNew South WalesAustralia

13Annie King1844188238PioneerHintonNew South WalesAustralia
14William King PioneerHintonNew South WalesAustralia
15Ellen King1842188745PioneerHintonNew South WalesAustralia

16Edward King PioneerHintonNew South WalesAustralia
17Harriet King1820189070PioneerHintonNew South WalesAustralia

18Edward King1815190893PioneerHintonNew South WalesAustralia

19Andrew King185618615PioneerHintonNew South WalesAustralia
20Arthur King1859189233PioneerHintonNew South WalesAustralia

21John King1818185840Holy Trinity (Anglican)LochinvarNew South WalesAustralia
22Walter William King 1857 Holy Trinity (Anglican)LochinvarNew South WalesAustralia
23Annie King1818188365Holy Trinity (Anglican)LochinvarNew South WalesAustralia

24Damaris King1863188724Holy Trinity (Anglican)LochinvarNew South WalesAustralia
25Eli King1832191280Holy Trinity (Anglican)LochinvarNew South WalesAustralia
26Elizabeth King1832189462Holy Trinity (Anglican)LochinvarNew South WalesAustralia
27William King1859189132Holy Trinity (Anglican)LochinvarNew South WalesAustralia

28Herbert Thomas King1865191449Holy Trinity (Anglican)LochinvarNew South WalesAustralia
29Mary Jane King1861192564Holy Trinity (Anglican)LochinvarNew South WalesAustralia

30Christopher W King1889196677Roman CatholicMacleanNew South WalesAustralia
31Bertha King1892194957Roman CatholicMacleanNew South WalesAustralia

32Leah King1826189064Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
33Spencer King1828191183Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

34Francis "Fannie" King1855193176Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
35Walter "Pa" King Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

36Charles J H King1851191059Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
37Mary King1854194086Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

38Grace Eliza King 1858 Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
39Francis King Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
40Grace King Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
41Mary Frances King185618626Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
42Charles Walka King 1861 Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
43John Francis King185518627Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

44Grace King1876193256Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
45Herbert King Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

46Bruce Allen King 1944 Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
47Bert King Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
48Lil King Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

49Herbert Henry King1882195068Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
50Grace King Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

51Richard Napoleon King1831190170Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

52John Hedley King1893195259Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

53Thomas King1806186862Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
54Sarah Elizabeth King1842189654Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
55Elizabeth King1805188176Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

56Noah King1847190558Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
57Stephen George King1877194972Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
58Emily Jane King 1912 Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

59Charles King1865192964Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
60Elizabeth Ann King1867195790Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

61Albert King1896196468Campbells Hill (Anglican)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

62Wesley Arthur King1897195457Campbells Hill (Catholic)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia
63Elizabeth King1885196883Campbells Hill (Catholic)MaitlandNew South WalesAustralia

64Arthur James King1915195338GeneralNaroomaNew South WalesAustralia
65Eva Marie King GeneralNaroomaNew South WalesAustralia

66John King St PaulPatersonNew South WalesAustralia

67Silas William King1887196477GeneralRutherfordNew South WalesAustralia
68Lavina May King1885196681GeneralRutherfordNew South WalesAustralia

69Adin King1912198472GeneralRutherfordNew South WalesAustralia

70Walter King1851193584St ThomasSackville ReachNew South WalesAustralia

71Emma Caroline King1848188335Holy SpiritTrunkey CreekNew South WalesAustralia
72Richard King Holy SpiritTrunkey CreekNew South WalesAustralia

73William King1817187659Holy SpiritTrunkey CreekNew South WalesAustralia
74Esther King1826191589Holy SpiritTrunkey CreekNew South WalesAustralia

75George William King1863193875Holy SpiritTrunkey CreekNew South WalesAustralia

76Claude R King1894196672Holy SpiritTrunkey CreekNew South WalesAustralia

77Elizabeth King1819188465St JohnWilberforceNew South WalesAustralia
78James King1820188565St JohnWilberforceNew South WalesAustralia

79Annie King1889194152Balmoral (section 1)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia
80John King1894194753Balmoral (section 1)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

81Mary-anne King 1972 Balmoral (section 13)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

82Annie Louise Sherringham King 1956 Balmoral (section 7)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

83Elsie Eileen King1896195761Balmoral (section 7)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia
84Amos Glen King1892196876Balmoral (section 7)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

85John William (Father) King1827189063MunicipalBundabergQueenslandAustralia
86Ada Blanche (Daughter) King1867188619MunicipalBundabergQueenslandAustralia
87Fanny Eliza King1829190677MunicipalBundabergQueenslandAustralia

88Eileen Maud King1913199683ProtestantClevelandQueenslandAustralia
89Edward Martin King1911200594ProtestantClevelandQueenslandAustralia

90Mary Elizabeth King née Mcgregor1919199879ProtestantClevelandQueenslandAustralia

91David King 1888 MunicipalEidsvoldQueenslandAustralia

92William Clinton King1982199816MunicipalGayndahQueenslandAustralia
93Allan King MunicipalGayndahQueenslandAustralia
94Clive King MunicipalGayndahQueenslandAustralia
95Christine King MunicipalGayndahQueenslandAustralia
96Roseanna King MunicipalGayndahQueenslandAustralia

97Christine Elizabeth King1959200243MunicipalGayndahQueenslandAustralia
98Roseanna King MunicipalGayndahQueenslandAustralia
99Tiaira King MunicipalGayndahQueenslandAustralia
100Blade King MunicipalGayndahQueenslandAustralia


full name

birth year

burial year



city / town / village

state / province / county



The above results include all the surnames, maiden names and family names for the name KING that are held within the GPR database.

A name listed within double quotes is either a nickname or pet name.

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Please note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are probably not on the monument.

You should treat the calculated dates of birth with caution as the ages given on monuments are often inaccurate. The dates and ages on many monuments are also often hard to read. It is therefore important to use the dates as guides as they may be incorrect.

The same person may appear many times in the above list. This is because a person can easily be listed on many different monuments. For instance, a person could be listed on their own grave as well as on the gravestone monuments of their children and their spouse. Occasionally names will be duplicated because the monument has in error been photographed and indexed twice.

Where a relationship is shown as unknown, this usually means that parts of the monument are illegible and relationship cannot be read.

Where no relationship is given this means that this is normally the first name on the monument. All the relationships on any particular monument relate to this first named individual. Relationships will only be listed in the above table of results if show maximum detail has been selected.

All comment /feedback /help requests within the Gravestone Photographic Resource for the name KING

Thank you

Dear Charles, Thank you for responding so quickly to my request. Researching my English ancestors, John King and family, from Australia can become a bit problematic but these gravestone photos help enormous. Thank you for all of your time and effort. Kindest regards, Linda
entry submitted by LindaK on: 29/07/2017 12:06 GMT ........ contact this person

Thank you for the help and images received - great website

Thank you for the help and images received - great website
entry submitted by Gemma king on: 24/04/2017 06:24 GMT ........ contact this person

Gravestone Image

I found this website very helpful in my research on my family tree. It is a wonderful resource and I got a very quick response. Thank you so much!
entry submitted by Helen Cound on: 26/01/2016 01:36 GMT ........ contact this person


Thanks for the excellent copy of Margaret Busch's gravestone. I have confirmed she is our long lost rele and finally know where she lies. I really appricate the work you put into photographing gravestones.
entry submitted by Fiona Laws on: 06/11/2015 04:40 GMT ........ contact this person

thanks for the latest gravestone image. It has helped me in

thanks for the latest gravestone image. It has helped me in my research of my family tree. I discovered a relation had died and the year which I was previously unable to locate.
entry submitted by kenneth campbell on: 28/06/2015 03:52 GMT ........ contact this person

Jonathon and Frances Elizabeth King

Just wanting to thankyou all very much. Being so far away in Australia it's been amazing to actually view an ancestor's gravestone.. Keep up the good work.
entry submitted by Jacqueline Bobich on: 02/03/2015 09:29 GMT ........ contact this person

Thank you

I was delighted to come across your site whilst googling my mother's side of the family, I was able to find the gravestone of my great Uncle Oswald.
entry submitted by Emma rebaldi on: 15/12/2014 12:27 GMT ........ contact this person

Edgar Sowter King

An excellent site and a very quick response. Many thanks. My wife now has a photograph of the grave of an ancestor who she did not know existed. Many thanks
entry submitted by Richard Burke on: 24/07/2013 09:16 GMT ........ contact this person
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