St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1AbbottAlice Margaret Abbottfirst name on this monument1854192066id: 683
(one image)
Joseph Abbotthusband of Alice Margaret Abbott1854194288
2AcornleyElizabeth Acornleyfirst name on this monument1865193873id: 2052
(one image)
Arthur Acornleyhusband of Elizabeth Acornley1859193879
Ellen Acornley1889
3ActonNorma Actonfirst name on this monument1952197826id: 1852
(one image)
Allan Cooperfather of Norma Acton1920199777
Muriel Coopermother of Norma Acton1922201391
4AdamsAlfred Adamsfirst name on this monument1854192167id: 705
(one image)
Annie Wilde1890195262
Frederick Wilde
Kezia Adamswife of Alfred Adams1853192875
5AdamsEdith Adamsfirst name on this monument1925198358id: 1773
(one image)
Robert Adams1924201288
6AdamsJohn Adamsfirst name on this monument1862189533id: 630
(one image)
Albert Oliver Adamsson of John Adams1893193441
John Arthur Adamsson of John Adams1890196474
Sarah Jane Adamswife of John Adams1868193365
7AdamsonAlice Adamsonfirst name on this monument1820188464id: 565
(one image)
John Adamsonhusband of Alice Adamson1816189175
Ann Shuttleworth Shuttleworth1849191869
Joseph Shuttleworth
Joseph Shuttleworth Adamsonson of Alice Adamson1841189251
8AdamsonEdward Adamsonfirst name on this monument188118887id: 45
(one image)
James Lee Adamsonbrother of Edward Adamson1857189639
Harriet Adamsonmother of Edward Adamson1839189657
Amelia Gaffsister of Edward Adamson1863191956
9AdamsonElizabeth Adamsonfirst name on this monument1857188326id: 431
(one image)
Sarah Adamson1856193983
Thomas Stanley Heyes1869193465
10AdamsonMary Adamsonfirst name on this monument1847191568id: 1114
(one image)
Alice Adamsondaughter of Mary Adamson86
Mary Jane Adamsondaughter of Mary Adamson1880195676
John Adamsonhusband of Mary Adamson1852193684
11AgnewAlice Oldham Agnewfirst name on this monument1868193062id: 1512
(one image)
Eliza Agnewdaughter of Alice Oldham Agnew1900195454
John J Agnewhusband of Alice Oldham Agnew1869193869
12AgnewRobert Agnewfirst name on this monument1882193149id: 72
(one image)
Elizabeth Agnewaunt of Robert Agnew1849193283
13AinscoughAnnie Ainscoughfirst name on this monument1904196965id: 1778
(one image)
14AinscoughCharles Ainscoughfirst name on this monument1833189865id: 590
(one image)
Jane Ainscoughwife of Charles Ainscough
15AinscowMary Ainscowfirst name on this monument1841190463id: 923
(one image)
Martha Alice Ainscowdaughter of Mary Ainscow1873191643
Mary Ellen Ainscowdaughter of Mary Ainscow1863188522
Sarah Eatoughdaughter of Mary Ainscow1872192654
William Ainscowhusband of Mary Ainscow1843190865
John Eatoughson-in-law of Mary Ainscow
16AinscowRichard Ainscowfirst name on this monument1801184948id: 227
(one image)
John Wilsonbrother of Richard Ainscow1841188948
Thomas Wilsonbrother of Richard Ainscow184618526
George Wilsonfather of Richard Ainscow1815188671
Ann Wilsonmother of Richard Ainscow1819189879
James Wilsonson of Richard Ainscow184618482
Jane Wilsonsister of Richard Ainscow184318529
Mary Ann Wilsonsister of Richard Ainscow1854
Sarah Ainscowwife of Richard Ainscow1805187368
17Ainslie Ainsliefirst name on this monumentid: 2021
(one image)
18AinsworthAlice Ainsworthfirst name on this monument1796185963id: 141
(one image)
19AinsworthBetsy Ainsworthfirst name on this monument1883id: 319
(one image)
Thomas Ainsworthhusband of Betsy Ainsworth
20AinsworthIsabella Margaret Ainsworthfirst name on this monument1860192565id: 139
(one image)
Richard Henry Ainsworthhusband of Isabella Margaret Ainsworth
Elizabeth Ainsworth1803186158
John Horrocks Ainsworth1801186564
21AinsworthMary Ann Ainsworthfirst name on this monument1833191279id: 1343
(one image)
Ellen Whalley1857193275
Gilbert Whalley1856194589
22AinsworthSarah Ainsworthfirst name on this monument1817185033id: 277
(one image)
James Ainsworth1812188371
Alice Ann Whitehead1869188415
Sarah Jane Whitehead186218719
23AireyWilliam Aireyfirst name on this monument1887194760id: 1907
(one image)
Emily Aireywife of William Airey1888197486
24AitkenMaude Aitkenfirst name on this monument1886191024id: 1429
(one image)
Annie Mary Aitkendaughter of Maude Aitken1875195176
Ralph Thompsonfather of Maude Aitken1859193879
Walter Aitkenhusband of Maude Aitken1881191635
Catherine Thompsonmother of Maude Aitken1866193468
25AldredJohn Willie Aldredfirst name on this monument189318985id: 674
(one image)
John Robert Aldredfather of John Willie Aldred1866192256
Sarah Harrisgrand mother of John Willie Aldred1845190459
Jane Ellen Aldredmother of John Willie Aldred1868193062
26AlkerJames Alkerfirst name on this monument1840189656id: 873
(one image)
Mary Jane Alkerdaughter of James Alker1863194481
Thomas Edwin Alker1947
William Arthur Alkerson of James Alker29
Lucy Alkerwife of James Alker1835191277
27AllcockDavid Allcockfirst name on this monument1968198416id: 1926
(one image)
Edwin Allcockfather of David Allcock
Patrica Allcockmother of David Allcock
28AllenHannah Allenfirst name on this monument1886192943id: 646
(one image)
Annie Allen1908193022
Edwin Allen1883195976
Ellen Allen
James Ernest Allen1922194624
Dorothy Thornber1918199072
29AllenJohn Allenfirst name on this monument1810189787id: 677
(one image)
Ada Allendaughter of John Allen1857193275
James Allen1877195073
Mary E Allen
Charles Allenson of John Allen1856192266
Ann Allenwife of John Allen
30AllenMary Allenfirst name on this monument1884195773id: 1747
(one image)
Joseph Allenfather of Mary Allen
Mary Allenmother of Mary Allen
Elizabeth Allensister of Mary Allen1961
Martha Ellen Allensister of Mary Allen1880196383
31AllenRichard Allenfirst name on this monument1846188034id: 611
(one image)
Frederick William Allen187818802
James Allen188918901
Joseph Allen1851192069
Mary Allen1851192069
Richard Allen1887
Hannah Allenwife of Richard Allen1826190175
32AllottLouisa Allottfirst name on this monument1880192343id: 956
(one image)
William Allotthusband of Louisa Allott
33AllsopWilliam J Allsopfirst name on this monument1865193671id: 1181
(one image)
Mary Allsopdaughter of William J Allsop1894196470
Mary Allsopwife of William J Allsop1864194884
34AlmondKathryn Elizabeth Almondfirst name on this monument198319885id: 1761
(one image)
Eric Shepherdgrand father of Kathryn Elizabeth Almond1925199166
35AlmondWalker Almondfirst name on this monument1885194762id: 1866
(one image)
36AndersonAlice Andersonfirst name on this monument1789187586id: 612
(one image)
Elizabeth Gerrard1833191279
Robert Andersonwife of Alice Anderson1833188047
37AndersonFrank Andersonfirst name on this monument1895195459id: 1740
(one image)
Lily Anderson1891198089
38AndersonLawrence Andersonfirst name on this monument1886197488id: 1861
(one image)
Edna Andersonwife of Lawrence Anderson1914199076
39AndrewsMary Andrewsfirst name on this monument1849190859id: 2094
(one image)
Alice Jane Andrewsdaughter of Mary Andrews1886195165
Joshua Andrewshusband of Mary Andrews1852193280
40AndrewsThomas Andrewsfirst name on this monument1861191554id: 2093
(one image)
Mary Ann Andrewswife of Thomas Andrews
41AndrewsWilliam Andrewsfirst name on this monument1814188268id: 451
(one image)
Edith Andrews1877188912
Evangeline Alice Andrews1863192461
William Edward Andrews1867192356
Sarah Williams1809187768
Margaret Andrewswife of William Andrews1829189970
42AnnersleySarah Annersleyfirst name on this monument1861id: 140
(one image)
43AppletonMay Appletonfirst name on this monument1863189431id: 1372
(one image)
Nellie Appletondaughter of May Appleton1891
Samuel Appletonhusband of May Appleton1953
Jane Appletonsecond wife of husband of May Appleton1864192965
44AppletonThomas Sargent Appletonfirst name on this monument1850189040id: 22
(one image)
Harry Appletonson of Thomas Sargent Appleton1883194966
Elizabeth Appletonwife of Thomas Sargent Appleton1847189346
45ArchibaldGeorge Henry Archibaldfirst name on this monument1855189742id: 882
(one image)
Ernest Archibaldson of George Henry Archibald
Elizabeth Archibaldwife of George Henry Archibald1859190344
46ArkwrightGeorge Herbert Arkwrightfirst name on this monument189919034id: 1310
(one image)
John J W Arkwrightfather of George Herbert Arkwright1861192867
Elizabeth Maud Arkwrightmother of George Herbert Arkwright1863193976
Peter Arkwright1835190267
Elizabeth Agnes Derbyshire1856190347
47ArkwrightPeter Arkwrightfirst name on this monument1865194277id: 1912
(one image)
Minnie Arkwright1901197372
William Osmond Arkwright1874195884
Mary Emily Arkwrightwife of Peter Arkwright1871195180
48ArmstrongDennis James Armstrongfirst name on this monument1933199158id: 1957
(one image)
Thomas Armstrong1935200065
49AshallMartha Ashallfirst name on this monument1857193174id: 832
(one image)
Cissie Kirkmandaughter of Martha Ashall1882193250
Fred Kirkmanson-in-law of Martha Ashall
50AshcroftDoris Ashcroftfirst name on this monument1805id: 1208
(one image)
James Ashcroftfather of Doris Ashcroft1869191849
Bertha Ashcroftmother of Doris Ashcroft1869195081
51AshcroftJames Ashcroftfirst name on this monument1828187749id: 373
(one image)
Charles Frederick Leegrand son of James Ashcroft1894191723
Alice Ashcroftwife of James Ashcroft1833189865
52AshcroftJames Ashcroftfirst name on this monument187118787id: 370
(one image)
Jonathan Ashcroftbrother of James Ashcroft1859188526
Joseph Ashcroftbrother of James Ashcroft1855191055
Robert Ashcroftfather of James Ashcroft1831191180
Ellen Ashcroftmother of James Ashcroft1833192592
Mary Ellen Ashcroftsister of James Ashcroft1869195182
53AshcroftJames Ashcroftfirst name on this monument1801186463id: 335
(one image)
John Ashcroftson of James Ashcroft1820188969
Mary Ashcroftwife of James Ashcroft1802187068
54AshcroftJames Evan Ashcroftfirst name on this monument1876191337id: 1326
(one image)
Reuben Ashcroftfather of James Evan Ashcroft
Ellen Ashcroftmother of James Evan Ashcroft
Edward Yardley1922
Mary Ellen Yardleysister of James Evan Ashcroft1873195784
55AshcroftJonathan Ashcroftfirst name on this monument1829190071id: 1134
(one image)
Mary Alice Hedleydaughter of Jonathan Ashcroft1891196170
Alan Hedley1890196171
John Grundy Morris1854192874
Martha Morris1855191459
James Ashcroftson of Jonathan Ashcroft1865190237
56AshcroftMartha Ashcroftfirst name on this monument1878189315id: 2056
(one image)
Richard Booth Ashcroftfather of Martha Ashcroft1858192264
Elizabeth Ashcroftmother of Martha Ashcroft1858190648
Ernest Smith
James Smith1914193521
Mary Smith1888194860
57AshcroftMartha Jane Ashcroftfirst name on this monument189218931id: 854
(one image)
Elizabeth Ashcroft1852190048
Joseph Ashcroft
Richard Booth Ashcroft1922
James Smith1814183521
Mary Smith1888194860
58AshcroftMary Ann Ashcroftfirst name on this monument1853190350id: 847
(one image)
Thomas Ashcrofthusband of Mary Ann Ashcroft
Herbert Ashcroftson of Mary Ann Ashcroft1892
59AshcroftThomas Ashcroftfirst name on this monument1863191552id: 372
(one image)
Jane Kingsister of Thomas Ashcroft1853192168
Jane Lockley Ashcroftwife of Thomas Ashcroft1865191651
60AshleyJohn Walsh Ashleyfirst name on this monument190919156id: 1238
(one image)
Frederick Ashleyfather of John Walsh Ashley
Mary Ada Ashleymother of John Walsh Ashley
John Ashley1867193972
Hannah Barton
John Barton1885196075
61AshleyJoyce Ashleyfirst name on this monument192719336id: 56
(one image)
Thomas Ashleyfather of Joyce Ashley
Alice Ashleymother of Joyce Ashley
62AshtonArthur Ashtonfirst name on this monument1887192437id: 2073
(one image)
Frederick Ashton
Mary Allen Ashton
63AshtonJohn Ashtonfirst name on this monument1874193258id: 1547
(one image)
Esther Ashtonwife of John Ashton1897198992
64AshtonJoseph Ashtonfirst name on this monument1845190560id: 1142
(one image)
Margaret Halliwelldaughter of Joseph Ashton1876195276
Alice Halliwellgrand daughter of Joseph Ashton191219197
George Halliwellson-in-law of Joseph Ashton
Ann Ashtonwife of Joseph Ashton1878193658
65AshtonKerry Ann Ashtonfirst name on this monument1979199314id: 1930
(one image)
66AshworthEdward Ashworthfirst name on this monument1842188745id: 445
(one image)
John Ashworth
Mary Ann Ashworth1866192357
Esther Ashworthwife of Edward Ashworth1842191674
67AshworthElizabeth Ashworthfirst name on this monument1826190882id: 404
(one image)
68AshworthEllen Ashworthfirst name on this monument1878190628id: 1157
(one image)
Fred Ashworthhusband of Ellen Ashworth1876193559
Ada Ashworthsecond wife of husband of Ellen Ashworth1874193662
69AshworthEmma Ashworthfirst name on this monument1862193270id: 2038
(one image)
70AshworthHannah Ashworthfirst name on this monument1847188134id: 32
(one image)
Mary Jane Ashworthdaughter of Hannah Ashworth1870189121
Simeon Ashworthhusband of Hannah Ashworth1843191976
Lucy Ashworthsecond wife of husband of Hannah Ashworth1847192073
71AshworthHenry Ashworthfirst name on this monumentid: 301
(one image)
Eliza Ashworthdaughter of Henry Ashworth184418517
Sarah Jane Ashworthdaughter of Henry Ashworth1856
Henry Ashworth1885
James Ashworth
Mary Ashworth
Ann Ashworthwife of Henry Ashworth1808188577
72AshworthJames Ashworthfirst name on this monument1909193324id: 831
(one image)
Miriam Ashworthwife of James Ashworth1891196776
73AshworthJohn Ashworthfirst name on this monument1873194168id: 2007
(one image)
Susan Ashworthwife of John Ashworth
74AshworthJohn Ashworthfirst name on this monument1958200547id: 1069
(one image)
Olive E Bowlingdaughter of John Ashworth1914200793
Effie Whitfielddaughter of John Ashworth1890195969
Robert C Whitfieldson-in-law of John Ashworth1881197089
Euphemia Ashworthwife of John Ashworth1856192367
75AshworthSarah Ashworthfirst name on this monument1805187772id: 386
(one image)
Amelia Ashworthdaughter of Sarah Ashworth1843192986
George Ashworthhusband of Sarah Ashworth1798188486
Emily Ainscow1758184688
Frederick Ainscow1865194984
76AshworthSarah Ashworthfirst name on this monument1825188560id: 281
(one image)
Sarah Ann Ashworthdaughter of Sarah Ashworth1854
John Ashworthfather of Sarah Ashworth
William Ashworthson of Sarah Ashworth1846186014
77AspinAnn Aspinfirst name on this monument1872193462no image355295446
Sarah Aspin1875194974
78AspinEllie Aspinfirst name on this monument1893190411id: 1064
(one image)
William Aspinbrother of Ellie Aspin1896191721
John Aspinfather of Ellie Aspin1855191560
Mary Ellen Aspinmother of Ellie Aspin1858194385
79AspinRobert Aspinfirst name on this monument1850191363id: 1346
(one image)
Elizabeth Aspin1852191260
John Aspinson of Robert Aspin1883191734
80AspinallAda Aspinallfirst name on this monument1942id: 2011
(one image)
81AspinallBertha Aspinallfirst name on this monumentid: 1714
(one image)
George Aspinallhusband of Bertha Aspinall
82AspinallCatherine Aspinallfirst name on this monument1888195567id: 1735
(one image)
Edmund Aspinallhusband of Catherine Aspinall1889197889
Elsie Aspinallsecond wife of husband of Catherine Aspinall
83AspinallPeter Aspinallfirst name on this monument1880192545id: 1039
(one image)
Edith Kavanaghdaughter of Peter Aspinall
John William Kavanaghson-in-law of Peter Aspinall1909194839
84AspinallSarah Ellen Aspinallfirst name on this monument1856192064id: 685
(one image)
Philip Aspinallgrand son of Sarah Ellen Aspinall1922201290
John Charles Aspinallhusband of Sarah Ellen Aspinall1853193077
John Aspinallson of Sarah Ellen Aspinall
85AspinwallRalph Aspinwallfirst name on this monument1890191222id: 1345
(one image)
Sarah Jane Aspinwallmother of Ralph Aspinwall1855193378
Alfred Guy1895195863
May Guy
86AstenJohn Astenfirst name on this monument1796186165id: 322
(one image)
87AstenMary Ellen Astenfirst name on this monument1879190728id: 1306
(one image)
Wilfred Astenhusband of Mary Ellen Asten
Henry Astenson of Mary Ellen Asten190419051
88AstinStephanie Ann Astinfirst name on this monument1957199336id: 679
(one image)
George Astinfather of Stephanie Ann Astin1919199879
Mavis Astin1981200625
89AstleyJames Astleyfirst name on this monument1892191725id: 1600
(one image)
90AstleyRichard Astleyfirst name on this monument1894192935id: 958
(one image)
William Smith1877194265
Richard Astleyson of Richard Astley1916194428
91AthertonMargaret Athertonfirst name on this monument1946200357id: 98
(one image)
92AthertonMary Athertonfirst name on this monument1864191551id: 839
(one image)
James Athertonhusband of Mary Atherton1865193267
James Henry Winard1877195578
Martha Ellen Winard1867195386
93AthertonPeter Athertonfirst name on this monument1832188957id: 50
(one image)
94AthertonThomas Athertonfirst name on this monument1909199687id: 351
(one image)
Hilda Athertonwife of Thomas Atherton
95AtkinsonWilliam Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1842189755id: 939
(one image)
Abraham Farnworth1814190894
Mary Emma Farnworth1869194071
Alice Atkinsonwife of William Atkinson1844191672
96AxonMaria Axonfirst name on this monument1835188348id: 28
(one image)
Edith Axon1890191828
Henry Axon
John Axon1802189290
97BagshawBertha Jane Elizabeth Bagshawfirst name on this monument1875id: 456
(one image)
Mary Bagshawaunt of Bertha Jane Elizabeth Bagshaw1860191454
Henry Bagshawfather of Bertha Jane Elizabeth Bagshaw1846189145
Alice Bagshawmother of Bertha Jane Elizabeth Bagshaw1845191166
98BagwellWilliam Bagwellfirst name on this monument1849191768id: 778
(one image)
Ann Bagwellwife of William Bagwell1851192877
99BaileyLilian Baileyfirst name on this monument1883191431id: 1590
(one image)
Norman Baileyhusband of Lilian Bailey
Robert Tempest1849192576
Sarah Tempest1852193280
100BainHerbert Bainfirst name on this monument1883193350id: 124
(one image)
Mary Baindaughter of Herbert Bain1892194957
Mary Bainwife of Herbert Bain1881196382

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