St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Church Fenton, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1AlcockBertha Ann Alcockfirst name on this monument1885195267id: 0135
(one image)
2AmblerJoseph Amblerfirst name on this monument1795186772id: 0069
(one image)
Ann Amblerwife of Joseph Ambler1801186665
3AmblerJoseph Shilleto Amblerfirst name on this monument1832186230id: 0070
(one image)
4Banks-JonesMicheal Banks-Jonesfirst name on this monument1925200681id: 0003
(one image)
5BarrawcloughHenry Barrawcloughfirst name on this monument1803187370id: 0021
(one image)
Ann Barrawcloughwife of Henry Barrawclough1801188382
6BeanHannah Beanfirst name on this monument1860195292id: 0111
(one image)
Edith Mary Beandaughter of Hannah Bean1879189920
Mary Beandaughter of Hannah Bean189318974
George Beanhusband of Hannah Bean1849191465
James Edwin Beanson of Hannah Bean1888190416
7BeanHannah Beanfirst name on this monument1860195292id: 0078
(one image)
Edith Mary Beandaughter of Hannah Bean1879189920
Mary Beandaughter of Hannah Bean189318974
George Beanhusband of Hannah Bean1849191465
James Edwin Beanson of Hannah Bean1888190416
8BeanMargaret Beanfirst name on this monument1831186029id: 0029
(one image)
Laura Hannah Beandaughter of Margaret Bean1861
Richard Abraham Beanhusband of Margaret Bean1823186441
9BeanMartha Beanfirst name on this monument1780186686id: 0027
(one image)
William Beanhusband of Martha Bean1797187477
10BeanWilliam Beanfirst name on this monument1826189165id: 0060
(one image)
Joseph Ambler Beanson of William Bean1869189122
Mary Beanwife of William Bean1827189871
11BellFrancis Bellfirst name on this monument1871192554id: 0122
(2 images)
Gladys Belldaughter of Francis Bell1898
Mary Daniel Bellwife of Francis Bell1871194372
12BellMary Bellfirst name on this monumentid: 0018
(one image)
13BellWilliam Bellfirst name on this monument1790188090id: 0017
(one image)
Bessy Bellwife of William Bell1795188893
14BellWilliam Greenwood Bellfirst name on this monument1888196476id: 0140
(one image)
Emmeline Bellwife of William Greenwood Bell1888194961
15BinnsJohn Binnsfirst name on this monument1785184257id: 0012
(one image)
Susannah Binnswife of John Binns1787185770
16BinnsWilliam Henry Binnsfirst name on this monument1905197166id: 0080
(one image)
Anthea Margaret Binnsdaughter of William Henry Binns1945
Nancy Binnswife of William Henry Binns1909199485
17BinnsWilliam Jagger Binnsfirst name on this monument1884192339id: 0123
(2 images)
Ann Binnswife of William Jagger Binns
18BladesWilliam Henry Bladesfirst name on this monument1850189949id: 0073
(2 images)
19BlakeleyEva Blakeleyfirst name on this monument1878194769id: 0088
(one image)
William Blakeleyhusband of Eva Blakeley1877195477
20BlakeleyMary Blakeleyfirst name on this monument1856191660id: 0077
(2 images)
Jabez Firth Blakeleyhusband of Mary Blakeley1859193980
21BlakeyEdith Blakeyfirst name on this monument1887195164id: 0138
(one image)
William Blakeyhusband of Edith Blakey1881195776
Irene Grier1913200895
John Thomas Grier1906199892
George Robert Blakeyson of Edith Blakey1926199266
22BoddyCharles Boddyfirst name on this monument1865191247id: 0115
(2 images)
Mary Boddy
23BrittonFrancis Brittonfirst name on this monument1861192362id: 0103
(3 images)
Grace Brittondaughter-in-law of Francis Britton1886192842
Alfred Brittonson of Francis Britton1886192438
Arthur Brittonson of Francis Britton1883191734
Thomas W Brittonson of Francis Britton1889193041
Mary Ann Brittonwife of Francis Britton1861193675
24BrocklebankJohn Brocklebankfirst name on this monument1765182661id: 0002
(one image)
Ann Brocklebankwife of John Brocklebank1773183764
25BrocklebankSamuel Brocklebankfirst name on this monument1763182562id: 0004
(one image)
Ellen Brocklebankwife of Samuel Brocklebank1759184586
26BrownbridgeEllen Brownbridgefirst name on this monument1861191251id: 0124
(2 images)
Ellen Maria Jaggergrand daughter of Ellen Brownbridge191619226
Thomas Brownbridgehusband of Ellen Brownbridge1858193173
27BurdsallMargaret Burdsallfirst name on this monumentid: 0054
(3 images)
Tobias Burdsallfather of Margaret Burdsall
Mary Burdsallmother of Margaret Burdsall
28BusseyEliza Busseyfirst name on this monument1862189230id: 0125
(one image)
John James Busseyhusband of Eliza Bussey
29ChapmanHelen Margaret Pearson Chapmanfirst name on this monument1870189727id: 0081
(one image)
H E Chapmanhusband of Helen Margaret Pearson Chapman
30CouplandWilliam Couplandfirst name on this monument1719179980id: 0024
(one image)
William Couplandson of William Coupland1770184070
Mary Couplandwife of William Coupland1731181079
31DarbyHannah Darbyfirst name on this monument1783182845id: 0039
(one image)
Ellen Darbydaughter of Hannah Darby1812183624
Edward Darbyhusband of Hannah Darby1779184970
32DarbyJohn Darbyfirst name on this monument1721179776id: 0031
(one image)
John Darbygrand son of John Darby1755178833
Elizabeth Darby
33DarbyJohn Darbyfirst name on this monument1814189581id: 0030
(one image)
Mary Ann Darbywife of John Darby1809187364
Emily Agnes Darbysecond wife of John Darby1829189566
34DarbyThomas Darbyfirst name on this monument1764181551id: 0019
(one image)
Jane Darbydaughter of Thomas Darby1791180211
Hannah Darbywife of Thomas Darby1764182359
35DarleyDaisy Darleyfirst name on this monument1913198673id: 0087
(one image)
Eric W Darleyson of Daisy Darley1929200071
Fred Darleyson of Daisy Darley1944199652
36DarleyWilliam Darleyfirst name on this monument1909194435id: 0089
(one image)
37DysonWilliam Dysonfirst name on this monument1841188342id: 0084
(one image)
Clara Dyson1874
Clara Agnes Dyson187518827
George Henry Dyson1878
John William Dyson187618804
William Henry Dyson5
38EllisKenneth Ellisfirst name on this monument1921199675id: 0091
(one image)
Freda Annie Elliswife of Kenneth Ellis1924200278
39EmmettJohn Emmettfirst name on this monument184218519id: 0052
(2 images)
William Emmettfather of John Emmett1795186166
Mary Emmettmother of John Emmett
Martha Emmettsister of John Emmett1838186426
Mary Emmettsister of John Emmett1844186117
40EverattClaude William Everattfirst name on this monument1904195955id: 0118
(one image)
Valerie Everattdaughter of Claude William Everatt195119532
Eric Everattson of Claude William Everatt1905198479
Margery Everattwife of Claude William Everatt1905199590
41FearnJoseph Fearnfirst name on this monument1849186617id: 0042
(one image)
John Fearn1821189574
Margaret Fearn
Maria Fearn1825188964
42FentonAaron Fentonfirst name on this monument1890191323id: 0102
(2 images)
43FlowerElizabeth Flowerfirst name on this monument1819188667id: 0007
(one image)
Hannah Hudsondaughter of Elizabeth Flower1844188541
John Flowerhusband of Elizabeth Flower1814189076
Edward Hudsonson-in-law of Elizabeth Flower1841190261
Edward Hudsonson-in-law of Elizabeth Flower
44FlynnJames Flynnfirst name on this monument1844190157id: 0101
(2 images)
Thomas Flynnson of James Flynn1862192159
Bridget Flynnwife of James Flynn1849190051
45FoxtonJames Styles Foxtonfirst name on this monument1865193772id: 0099
(one image)
Jessie Elizabeth Foxtondaughter of James Styles Foxton1911195140
Caroline Foxtonwife of James Styles Foxton1881197190
46GallimoreErnest Millington Gallimorefirst name on this monument1920200080id: 0108
(one image)
47GauntMichael Gauntfirst name on this monument1928194820id: 0119
(4 images)
Reginald Stacey Gaunt1941200463
Elizabeth Isaacson1869194677
Reginald Tulloh Isaacson1865194984
48GibsonMary Gibsonfirst name on this monument1823188966id: 0028
(one image)
John Gibsonhusband of Mary Gibson1819189576
49GilbertsonElizabeth Gilbertsonfirst name on this monument1914id: 0098
(one image)
50GilbertsonJohn Gilbertsonfirst name on this monument1783187390id: 0085
(one image)
Ann Gilbertsondaughter of John Gilbertson1834188854
Mary Gilbertsondaughter of John Gilbertson1839187132
John Gilbertsonson of John Gilbertson1840187333
51GilliamHannah Gilliamfirst name on this monument28id: 0008
(one image)
Hannah Gilliamdaughter of Hannah Gilliam1821184322
James Gilliamhusband of Hannah Gilliam78
John Gilliamson of Hannah Gilliam1822184018
Thomas Gilliamson of Hannah Gilliam1819183213
52GilliamThomas Gilliamfirst name on this monument1772184876id: 0009
(one image)
Hannah Lofthousesister of Thomas Gilliam1784185773
Ann Walkersister of Thomas Gilliam
53GrayJohn Grayfirst name on this monument1779180627id: 0046
(one image)
Robert Grayfather of John Gray
Graymother of John Gray1807
54GrayWilliam Bean Grayfirst name on this monument1863194582id: 0015
(one image)
55GreenwoodRuth Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1816186448id: 0050
(one image)
Hannah Greenwooddaughter of Ruth Greenwood1844186117
Joanna Hudsondaughter of Ruth Greenwood1853192774
George Greenwoodhusband of Ruth Greenwood1815190085
56GreenwoodWilliam Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1836187236id: 0049
(one image)
Mary daughter of William Greenwood1870192454
Ruth daughter of William Greenwood1864193268
Hannah Barkerdaughter of William Greenwood1868191345
David Greenwoodson of William Greenwood1867194780
Sarah Greenwoodwife of William Greenwood1839191374
57GreyMartha Greyfirst name on this monument1825188156id: 0013
(one image)
Samuel Greyhusband of Martha Grey1825190580
58GricewithMary Elizabeth Gricewithfirst name on this monument1878191436id: 0126
(one image)
William Gricewithhusband of Mary Elizabeth Gricewith
59HardcastleAnn Hardcastlefirst name on this monument1803188380id: 0043
(one image)
Joseph Hardcastlehusband of Ann Hardcastle1805188883
60HarrisonJohn Harrisonfirst name on this monument1811188877id: 0056
(one image)
C A Harrisondaughter-in-law of John Harrison
Clara Harrisongrand daughter of John Harrison189218931
Florence Harrisongrand daughter of John Harrison1901
Ida Harrisongrand daughter of John Harrison1896
William Harrisongrand son of John Harrison1894
William Harrisonson of John Harrison
Ann Harrisonwife of John Harrison1820190686
61HarrisonWilliam Harrisonfirst name on this monument1868191143id: 0057
(2 images)
Hilda Higginsdaughter of William Harrison1898197274
Clara Amelia Harrisonwife of William Harrison1864195894
62HillAnnie Hillfirst name on this monument1893196168id: 0136
(one image)
Henry Hillhusband of Annie Hill1898196365
63HirstAnne Hirstfirst name on this monument1834190874id: 0058
(one image)
Edith Ann Jacksongrand daughter of Anne Hirst1882
William Heyhusband of Anne Hirst
Joseph Hirsthusband of Anne Hirst1838187941
64HolgreavesJohn Raper Holgreavesfirst name on this monument1901198382id: 0094
(one image)
Mary Holgreaveswife of John Raper Holgreaves
65HolgreavesSarah Holgreavesfirst name on this monument1864193369id: 0090
(2 images)
Athur Bail Holgreaveshusband of Sarah Holgreaves1935
66HolgreavesSybil Holgreavesfirst name on this monument1893198289id: 0093
(one image)
Leila Christine Holgreaves1899198485
Margery Peach Holgreaves1890198797
67HorsemanJane Horsemanfirst name on this monument1711178978id: 0020
(3 images)
Thomas Horsemanhusband of Jane Horseman
68HudsonRichard Hudsonfirst name on this monument1846191367id: 0065
(2 images)
Hannah Barkerniece of Richard Hudson1873191845
Frances Hudsonwife of Richard Hudson1841191372
69HudsonRichard Hudsonfirst name on this monument1833190572id: 0121
(3 images)
Hannah Hudsondaughter of Richard Hudson1924
Ann Elizabeth Inghamdaughter of Richard Hudson1854188531
Greenwood Hudsonson of Richard Hudson1850188333
Reuben Hudsonson of Richard Hudson1857189740
Ann Hudsonwife of Richard Hudson1821190281
70IsaacsonFlorence Emma Isaacsonfirst name on this monument1864189733id: 0068
(2 images)
Leila Mary Isaacson1862194785
Mabel S Isaacson1871195180
71IsaacsonJames Isaacsonfirst name on this monument1899id: 0066
(2 images)
Mary Emma Isaacsonwife of James Isaacson1842190765
72JacksonRobert Jacksonfirst name on this monument1814189379id: 0106
(one image)
Richard Jacksonson of Robert Jackson1870190737
Ann Jacksonwife of Robert Jackson1833191683
73JaggerHarry Howson Jaggerfirst name on this monument1878194769id: 0040
(one image)
Kate Jaggerwife of Harry Howson Jagger1881197190
74JaggerJohn Jaggerfirst name on this monument1786187084id: 0038
(one image)
Mary Lawsondaughter of John Jagger1816184529
Hannah Maria Jaggergrand daughter of John Jagger1840185919
John Jaggerson of John Jagger183118409
Maria Jaggerwife of John Jagger1792186876
75JaggerWilliam Jaggerfirst name on this monument63id: 0041
(one image)
Edwin Jaggerson of William Jagger186818713
James William Jaggerson of William Jagger
Rebecca Jaggerwife of William Jagger1835192085
76JohnsonGeorge Henry Johnsonfirst name on this monument45id: 0127
(one image)
Leila Mary Johnson1916192610
77JohnsonHerbert Johnsonfirst name on this monument1944id: 0074
(one image)
Alice Mary Johnsonwife of Herbert Johnson1959
78KeatesAdelaide Keatesfirst name on this monument1870191646id: 0071
(2 images)
James Edward Keateshusband of Adelaide Keates1861192463
79KnaggsHenry Knaggsfirst name on this monument1879194869id: 0083
(3 images)
Bertha Knaggswife of Henry Knaggs1882196179
80LacyHannah Lacyfirst name on this monument1856192266id: 0107
(one image)
Benjamin Lacyhusband of Hannah Lacy
81LambEleanor Lambfirst name on this monument1846188337id: 0036
(one image)
Robert Lambhusband of Eleanor Lamb
Arthur Lambson of Eleanor Lamb1882
82LambJohn Lambfirst name on this monument1845185813id: 0037
(one image)
Albert Lambbrother of John Lamb1858187012
Joseph Lambbrother of John Lamb1863188219
Robert Lambfather of John Lamb
Mary Lambmother of John Lamb1824187652
83LambMary Lambfirst name on this monument1812188573id: 0048
(one image)
Thomas Lambhusband of Mary Lamb1813189279
George James Lambson of Mary Lamb1855189035
William Lambson of Mary Lamb1846186519
84LambTom Lambfirst name on this monument1848191163id: 0104
(one image)
John Lambbrother of Tom Lamb1838190163
Margaret Lambwife of Tom Lamb1848192981
85LawsonEdward Lawsonfirst name on this monument1870194171id: 0114
(one image)
Florence Lawsonwife of Edward Lawson1875195580
86Le JuneAnn Le Junefirst name on this monument1753183481id: 0022
(one image)
Joseph Hudsonbrother of Ann Le June1758184183
87McRobieJames Cook McRobiefirst name on this monument1898198183id: 0092
(one image)
Susan Elizabeth McRobiewife of James Cook McRobie1895198388
88NappeyDinah Nappeyfirst name on this monument1791186069id: 0025
(one image)
John Nappeyhusband of Dinah Nappey1801187372
89O'CallaghanMichael J O'Callaghanfirst name on this monument1895195257id: 0137
(one image)
90OldfieldIsaac Oldfieldfirst name on this monument1836189660id: 0097
(2 images)
Mary Elizabeth Binnsdaughter of Isaac Oldfield1866188721
John Thomas Oldfieldson of Isaac Oldfield1869189728
Elizabeth Oldfieldwife of Isaac Oldfield
91OldridgeElizabeth Oldridgefirst name on this monument1764185793id: 0044
(one image)
Peter Oldridge1775185883
92OldridgeGeorge Oldridgefirst name on this monument1812186250id: 0063
(one image)
George Oldridgefather of George Oldridge
Nancy Oldridgemother of George Oldridge
93OxtobyTom Oxtobyfirst name on this monument187418751id: 0016
(2 images)
William Oxtobyfather of Tom Oxtoby
Sarah Oxtobymother of Tom Oxtoby
94ParkerJohn Parkerfirst name on this monument1812188876id: 0014
(one image)
Sarah Parkerwife of John Parker1813189885
95PotterMary Potterfirst name on this monument1791183948id: 0064
(2 images)
Thomas Potterhusband of Mary Potter
96PoulterAnthony Charles Poulterfirst name on this monument1935id: 0113
(one image)
Charles Poulterfather of Anthony Charles Poulter
Mary Poultermother of Anthony Charles Poulter
97PoulterEmily Jane Poulterfirst name on this monument1875194469id: 0100
(one image)
Charley Poulterhusband of Emily Jane Poulter1873196390
98PoulterJohn Poulterfirst name on this monument1812187260id: 0132
(2 images)
Elizabeth Poulterwife of John Poulter1812190088
99PoulterJohn Henry Poulterfirst name on this monument1875194065id: 0095
(one image)
Alice Poulterwife of John Henry Poulter1886197690
100RansomeAlwyn Ransomefirst name on this monumentid: 0133
(2 images)
Willie Ransomefather of Alwyn Ransome
Ivy Ransomemother of Alwyn Ransome

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