St Mary Magdalene's Church burial ground, Harlow Common, Essex, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1AdamsJoyce Adamsfirst name on this monument1932200977Hcsm1066579625
Alf Phippsrelationship not known of Joyce Adams1935201075

2AleyAlfred James Aleyfirst name on this monument1915200489Hcsm7066585619
Constance Mary Aleywife of Alfred James Aley1915200994

3BaconMartha Barcley Baconfirst name on this monument1814189985Hcsm3166581728

4BakerBenjamin Bakerfirst name on this monument1837190770Hcsm9466588021

5BorehamKenneth Borehamfirst name on this monument1940201070Hcsm1266579823

6BowyerSarah Bowyerfirst name on this monument1825188964Hcsm9166587727
Ada Bowyerdaughter of Sarah Bowyer
Joseph Bowyerhusband of Sarah Bowyer1829189869

7BrewsterWilliam Brewsterfirst name on this monument1844191773Hcsm6266584820

8BroadEmma Broadfirst name on this monument1879189011Hcsm6166584721

9BroadRhoda Broadfirst name on this monument1837191982Hcsm2166580726

10BrownEliza Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1814185743Hcsm8266586823

11BrownGeorge Brownfirst name on this monument1850192070Hcsm10466589019

12BrownMaisie Brownfirst name on this monumentHcsm8366586926
Ernest Brownfather of Maisie Brown
Alice Brownmother of Maisie Brown

13BrownMary Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1844190763Hcsm8466587026

14BrownViolet Brownfirst name on this monument1981Hcsm5066583621
Harry Brownhusband of Violet Brown1986

15BullMary Bullfirst name on this monument1810187767Hcsm1766580319
James Bullhusband of Mary Bull1896

16BullMary Ann Bullfirst name on this monument6Hcsm1866580420
Albert Bullbrother of Mary Ann Bull17
James Bullfather of Mary Ann Bull
Nmary Bullmother of Mary Ann Bull
Louisa Bullsister of Mary Ann Bull5

17BurgessDaisy Mary Burgessfirst name on this monument1905198277Hcsm7166585720
Francis Robert Burgessrelationship not known of Daisy Mary Burgess1902199088

18BurtonJames William Burtonfirst name on this monument1900197171Hcsm6766585322
Mabel Burtonwife of James William Burton1902199290

19CarterSarah Carterfirst name on this monument1781184261Hcsm4566583118
James Carterhusband of Sarah Carter1783185370

20ClearPeter Patrick Clearfirst name on this monument1835189257Hcsm9866588419

21CoelloMathias Rodrigo Coellofirst name on this monument1908197971Hcsm4766583322

22CookMary Ann Cookfirst name on this monument1853194289Hcsm9666588221

23CooperNigel John Robert James Cooperfirst name on this monument1930201282Hcsm566579124
June Irene Cooperwife of Nigel John Robert James Cooper1935201378

24CramphornWilliam Cramphornfirst name on this monument1913198976Hcsm6366584912
Lilian Cramphornwife of William Cramphorn1913200491

25CrouchmanBanjamin Crouchmanfirst name on this monument1815189378Hcsm3066581620
Sarah Crouchmanwife of Banjamin Crouchman1830190878

26DebnamThomas Henry Debnamfirst name on this monument1868191143Hcsm10266588820
Rebecca Debnamrelationship not known of Thomas Henry Debnam1869192051

27DeweyWilliam Deweyfirst name on this monument1923201289Hcsm1466580024
Christina Deweywife of William Dewey1920201696

28DraperLydia Proctor Draperfirst name on this monument1929198455Hcsm4266582818
Robert Arthur Draperhusband of Lydia Proctor Draper1926199973
Jamie T Loveridgerelationship not known of Lydia Proctor Draper1977

29EdmundsJonathan William Edmundsfirst name on this monument1857190750Hcsm10066588621
Ann Edmundswife of Jonathan William Edmunds1846193993

30EdmundsNathan Edmundsfirst name on this monument1814188975Hcsm9566588117
Mary Ann Edmundswife of Nathan Edmunds1817189073

31EllisAnn Ellisfirst name on this monument1830188858Hcsm9966588520
Samuel Ellishusband of Ann Ellis

32EllisJoan Ellisfirst name on this monument1929201182Hcsm966579526

33ElwellAlthea Eliza Elwellfirst name on this monument1845190661Hcsm4366582922
Henry Elwellrelationship not known of Althea Eliza Elwell1844190864

34EveredElwin Everard John Everedfirst name on this monument1832187745Hcsm7466586024
Louisa Courtena Everedrelationship not known of Elwin Everard John Evered1905

35FosterMalcolm John Fosterfirst name on this monument1956201256Hcsm866579420

36FreemanGraham Freemanfirst name on this monument1962201149Hcsm1166579720

37FryRonald Fryfirst name on this monument1937200972Hcsm366578921

38FullerFrancis Fullerfirst name on this monument63Hcsm2766581320

39FullerMary Fullerfirst name on this monument1784186177Hcsm2866581423

40GilbeyFrederick William Gilbeyfirst name on this monument1862192462Hcsm10366588914

41GreenRaymond Frank Greenfirst name on this monument1947201265Hcsm766579322

42HorsnellGeorge Horsnellfirst name on this monument1905197772Hcsm5466584023
Sarah Horsnellwife of George Horsnell1903198178

43HoughtonBessie Houghtonfirst name on this monument1887Hcsm8666587222

44HoughtonCharles Houghtonfirst name on this monument1835189055Hcsm8566587127

45HowardGeorge Lionel Howardfirst name on this monument1904197975Hcsm5766584326
Florence Hilda Howardwife of George Lionel Howard1813190390

46HudspethEdward Hudspethfirst name on this monument1903197875Hcsm5666584221

47IzardBetsy Izardfirst name on this monument1825183712Hcsm1966580519
Daniel Izardbrother of Betsy Izard1838
Elizabeth Izardmother of Betsy Izard

48IzardElizabeth Izardfirst name on this monument1803183835Hcsm2366580921
John Izardhusband of Elizabeth Izard

49IzardJohn Izardfirst name on this monument1810183525Hcsm2266580823
John Izardfather of John Izard
Elizabeth Izardmother of John Izard

50JannertPaul Jannertfirst name on this monument1919198263Hcsm6066584623
Grace Jannertwife of Paul Jannert1928199769

51JarvisAnn Jarvisfirst name on this monument1905198277Hcsm4066582623
Robert Jarvishusband of Ann Jarvis1907199487

52JarvisJohn William Jarvisfirst name on this monument1935199358Hcsm3866582422
Vera Mary Jarviswife of John William Jarvis1936201175

53JefferyValerie Barbara Jefferyfirst name on this monument1940200363Hcsm5166583718

54LewseyCharles Lewseyfirst name on this monument1807185851Hcsm7266585824
Sarah Lewseywife of Charles Lewsey1814189480

55LinesJulia Linesfirst name on this monument1839189354Hcsm7866586421

56LittleFlorence Mabel Littlefirst name on this monument1891197584Hcsm6566585121
Frederick Charles Littlehusband of Florence Mabel Little1890197686

57MawbeyJim Mawbeyfirst name on this monument1923201188Hcsm1366579919

58McelwainDennis Mcelwainfirst name on this monument1934200470Hcsm2066580627

59MeadowsDerek T Meadowsfirst name on this monument1928198254Hcsm4666583222

60MisterFrederic John Misterfirst name on this monument1903197168Hcsm3366581922
Florence Alice Misterwife of Frederic John Mister1904198783

61NichollsBenjamin Nichollsfirst name on this monument1855190853Hcsm1666580225
Emily Nichollswife of Benjamin Nicholls1852193785

62NichollsEmma Nichollsfirst name on this monument1822188765Hcsm2466581017
William Baker Nichollshusband of Emma Nicholls1817189376

63NichollsWilliam Carter Nichollsfirst name on this monument1848189143Hcsm2566581119

64NoakesMary Noakesfirst name on this monument1808189688Hcsm2666581215

65O'riordanMichael Joseph O'riordanfirst name on this monument1937200972Hcsm3966582516

66OsborneJames Osbornefirst name on this monument1841191372Hcsm5366583921
Emma Osbornerelationship not known of James Osborne1843191976

67PearceEdward William Pearcefirst name on this monument2013Hcsm4966583519
Eva May Pearcerelationship not known of Edward William Pearce1981

68PearceRose Violet Pearcefirst name on this monument1982Hcsm4866583424

69PhillipsEmily Phillipsfirst name on this monument1839189556Hcsm6966585516
Phillipsrelationship not known of Emily Phillips1829188758

70PhillipsJoseph Phillipsfirst name on this monument1808187466Hcsm7566586115
Mary Ann Phillipswife of Joseph Phillips1811189685

71PhillipsTom Phillipsfirst name on this monument1862Hcsm7766586317
Joseph Phillipsfather of Tom Phillips
Mary Ann Phillipsmother of Tom Phillips

72PhillipsWalter Phillipsfirst name on this monument1847187932Hcsm7366585919
Joseph Phillipsfather of Walter Phillips
Mary Ann Phillipsmother of Walter Phillips

73PhillipsWilliam Phillipsfirst name on this monument1835186530Hcsm7666586218
Joseph Phillipsfather of William Phillips
Mary Ann Phillipsmother of William Phillips

74PledgerSheila Pledgerfirst name on this monument1944201268Hcsm666579218

75PoolEmily Sarah Poolfirst name on this monument1837185821Hcsm8166586712
Poolrelationship not known of Emily Sarah Pool1861
Maria Poolrelationship not known of Emily Sarah Pool1864187814

76PoolMary Poolfirst name on this monument1844Hcsm8066586616
John Poolhusband of Mary Pool

77PostansJosephine Margaret Sarah Postansfirst name on this monument2013Hcsm266578817

78ReddingMary Reddingfirst name on this monument1819188061Hcsm9766588320
Walter Reddinghusband of Mary Redding

79ReedJ B Reedfirst name on this monument1889191829Hcsm166578718

80ShiptonJohn Shiptonfirst name on this monument1874192248Hcsm2966581519

81SimpsonGeorge C Simpsonfirst name on this monument1932201078Hcsm5566584120

82SinclairRichard Hartley Sinclairfirst name on this monument1806185953Hcsm10566589116

83SmithAda Smithfirst name on this monument1912198371Hcsm5866584419
William Alfred Smithhusband of Ada Smith1914199581

84SmithCharles Smithfirst name on this monument1827190982Hcsm8866587415
Elizabeth Amelia Smithwife of Charles Smith1825191792

85SmithCharles Smithfirst name on this monument1913Hcsm8766587316
Ann Louisa Smithwife of Charles Smith1915

86SmithJane Mary Ann Smithfirst name on this monument1858189941Hcsm8966587517
Charles Smithfather of Jane Mary Ann Smith
Elizabeth Amelia Smithmother of Jane Mary Ann Smith

87SmithJohn William Smithfirst name on this monument1871191241Hcsm9266587825
Elizabeth Smithrelationship not known of John William Smith1869195081

88SmithPercy J Smithfirst name on this monument1906197266Hcsm3566582115
Winifred A N Smithwife of Percy J Smith1902198987

89SmyIvy Smyfirst name on this monument1927200982Hcsm3766582325
Douglas A Smyrelationship not known of Ivy Smy1921201392

90SortwellHerbert Henry Sortwellfirst name on this monument1881192342Hcsm1566580118
Louisa Sortwellwife of Herbert Henry Sortwell1879194162

91SortwellJanet Ann Sortwellfirst name on this monument1907Hcsm5266583814
Albert John Sortwellhusband of Janet Ann Sortwell2008

92SpicerWilliam Spicerfirst name on this monument1800185050Hcsm7966586522
Elizabeth Spicerwife of William Spicer1798186870

93StallanFred Whiffin Stallanfirst name on this monument1890197181Hcsm3466582015
Mabel Stallanwife of Fred Whiffin Stallan1897198689

94TaborRichard Taborfirst name on this monument1845191469Hcsm9366587917

95TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1953201360Hcsm466579017

96TiptonFrancis Vincent Tiptonfirst name on this monument1905197469Hcsm6666585219
Doris Ida Tiptonwife of Francis Vincent Tipton1904199288

97TupmanAlec Stuart Tupmanfirst name on this monument1902197371Hcsm3266581819

98VollerNora Emily Vollerfirst name on this monument1900198787Hcsm4166582724
George Frederick Vollerhusband of Nora Emily Voller1920201494

99WarnerAlbert Warnerfirst name on this monument1823186138Hcsm4466583015
Hannah Warnerwife of Albert Warner1809188677

100WatsonThomas Watsonfirst name on this monument1898Hcsm9066587623
Mary Watsonwife of Thomas Watson1899

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