St Andrew's Church burial ground, Fersfield, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1AdamsHenry Adamsfirst name on this monument1784185571FF376616546
Jane Adamswife of Henry Adams1778186284

2AlgarDinah Algarfirst name on this monument1788187587FF1066617234

3AlgarJames Algarfirst name on this monument1748183486FF406616577
Alice Algardaughter of James Algar1782182038
Marianne Algardaughter of James Algar
James Algarson of James Algar1791180817
James Algarson of James Algar
John Algarson of James Algar
Washington Algarson of James Algar1779182142
Lucy Algarwife of James Algar

4AlgarJohn Algarfirst name on this monument1795187681FF336616505

5AlgarJohn Algarfirst name on this monument1702177775FF1176617345
Taylor Cowpergrand son of John Algar177517783
Susanna Algarwife of John Algar1701175958

6AlgarLucy Algarfirst name on this monument1754182874FF1196617364
James Algarhusband of Lucy Algar

7AlgerJohn Algerfirst name on this monument1741182281FF1166617334
Elizabeth Algerwife of John Alger1755183176

8AllottCyril Allottfirst name on this monument1902196967FF726616895
Alfreda Elizabeth Allottwife of Cyril Allott1909199182

9BaileyElizabeth Baileyfirst name on this monument1804182925FF1226617394
James Baileyfather of Elizabeth Bailey
Mary Baileymother of Elizabeth Bailey

10BartramIvan Victor Bartramfirst name on this monument1908196658FF686616855
Phyllis Eva Bartramwife of Ivan Victor Bartram1913199279

11BartramKenneth Michael Ivan Bartramfirst name on this monument1947200053FF846617013

12BatesonDavid Michael Batesonfirst name on this monument1931201180FF1416617594

13BealesEdith Mary Bealesfirst name on this monument1884194056FF486616655
John Ernesthusband of Edith Mary Beales1881197089

14BirchRobert Birchfirst name on this monument1889196273FF586616755
Ethel Elizabeth Birchrelationship not known of Robert Birch1891197483
Jean Mary Strudwickrelationship not known of Robert Birch1925200479

15BlomefieldFrancis Blomefieldfirst name on this monument1705175247FF1086617255
Arthur Womackfather-in-law of Francis Blomefield
Mary Blomefieldwife of Francis Blomefield1707179689

16BlomefieldHenry Blomefieldfirst name on this monument1680173252FF46616214
Henry Batchbenefactor of Henry Blomefield
Alice Blomefielddaughter of Henry Blomefield1712
Alice Blomefieldwife of Henry Blomefield1677172952
Frances Baconrelationship not known of Henry Blomefield
Elizabeth Batchrelationship not known of Henry Blomefield1648172981
Thomas Batchrelationship not known of Henry Blomefield

17BloomfieldVictor Frederick Bloomfieldfirst name on this monument1885195671FF936617102

18BoggissSarah Boggissfirst name on this monument1751179140FF986617153
Robert Fullertonbrother of Sarah Boggiss

19BraithwaiteArthur Braithwaitefirst name on this monument1848189850FF86616252

20BrookfieldCatherine Brookfieldfirst name on this monument1873196087FF516616687

21BryantHenry Bryantfirst name on this monument1810185040FF1026617194
George Walpole Bryantson of Henry Bryant1847187528
Mary Ann Bryantwife of Henry Bryant1821187756

22BurchamBenjamin Burchamfirst name on this monument1754183076FF1016617186
Elizabeth Burchamwife of Benjamin Burcham1819

23BurchamElizabeth Burchamfirst name on this monument1752183583FF1266617433
James Caltonfather of Elizabeth Burcham
Elizabeth Caltonmother of Elizabeth Burcham
Henry Burchamrelationship not known of Elizabeth Burcham1758182466

24BurchamJohn Burchamfirst name on this monument1743182481FF306616473

25BurchamJoseph Burchamfirst name on this monument1760184181FF1286617453

26BurchamMartha Burchamfirst name on this monument1756181862FF316616483

27BurrowsAlan Frederick Burrowsfirst name on this monument1948200961FF776616944
Wendy Burrowsrelationship not known of Alan Frederick Burrows1949201364

28BurrowsFrederick Burrowsfirst name on this monument1923200885FF1316617485

29BurrowsIrene Lucy Burrowsfirst name on this monument1923201592FF1426617602

30CaltonElizabeth Caltonfirst name on this monument1731180271FF1246617414
James Caltonhusband of Elizabeth Calton

31CaltonJames Caltonfirst name on this monument1739182081FF1256617424

32CalverBarbara Calverfirst name on this monument195119532FF426616592
Ernest Calverfather of Barbara Calver
Nancy Calvermother of Barbara Calver

33CalverErnest Calverfirst name on this monument1883195269FF646616815
Alice Calverwife of Ernest Calver1887195568

34CalverErnest Calverfirst name on this monument1924199571FF416616582

35CarterJane Carterfirst name on this monument1756183478FF1436617614
Samuel Carterfather of Jane Carter
Jane Cartermother of Jane Carter

36CarterSamuel Carterfirst name on this monument1702178886FF16616183
Jane Carterwife of Samuel Carter1711179180

37ChapmanIo (john?) Chapmanfirst name on this monument1701173736FF296616463

38ClampMary Clampfirst name on this monument1801182827FF106616275
Thomas Clampfather of Mary Clamp
Sarah Clampmother of Mary Clamp

39CoatesElizabeth Coatesfirst name on this monument1819187152FF1006617175

40CoatesThomas Coatesfirst name on this monument1781185978FF326616495

41ColemanElizabeth Colemanfirst name on this monument1691172736FF266616433
Timothy Colemanhusband of Elizabeth Coleman1690177282

42CrawleyRose Irene Crawleyfirst name on this monument1922200583FF796616963
Hugh Geoffrey Hanson Crawleyhusband of Rose Irene Crawley1924200682

43CrickAmbrose Crickfirst name on this monument1862193371FF76616244
Elizabeth Crickwife of Ambrose Crick1867193063

44CrickSarah Crickfirst name on this monument1833190269FF66616235
Walter Crickhusband of Sarah Crick

45CrickWalter Crickfirst name on this monument1836189761FF56616225

46DayJohn Dayfirst name on this monument1778185173FF386616553
Ann Daywife of John Day1807187770

47DennyAnn Dennyfirst name on this monument1790182333FF1146617319
John Dennyhusband of Ann Denny

48DennyElizabeth Dennyfirst name on this monument1792187886FF1126617295

49DennyJohn Dennyfirst name on this monument1854FF1136617305

50DevereuxBertie Arthur Devereuxfirst name on this monument1930201383FF766616934

51DevereuxFrederick Devereuxfirst name on this monument1897196568FF666616833
Violet Lily Devereuxwife of Frederick Devereux1893197582

52DevereuxWilliam Thomas Devereuxfirst name on this monument1935200772FF526616692

53Du BoisRobert Du Boisfirst name on this monument1268131143FF109661726174

54Du BoisWilliam Du Boisfirst name on this monument1352FF1446617627
William De Bosocalias of William Du Bois1903

55DyerElsie Lilliam M Dyerfirst name on this monument1900198989FF716616882
Charles William Dyerhusband of Elsie Lilliam M Dyer1901199291

56EllenerPaula A Ellenerfirst name on this monument1946196519FF656616824

57EllisHarriet Ellisfirst name on this monument1883193653FF466616633

58FlowerdewWilliam Flowerdewfirst name on this monument1689173142FF36616205
Martha Flowerdewwife of William Flowerdew
Catherine Flowerdewrelationship not known of William Flowerdew
Lawrence Flowerdewrelationship not known of William Flowerdew

59FulcherRuth Fulcherfirst name on this monument17971873766617573
Anna Mary E Eatonrelationship not known of Ruth Fulcher1862

60FullerRobert Fullerfirst name on this monument1723175128FF1216617383
Robert Fullerfather of Robert Fuller
Ann Fullermother of Robert Fuller

61GarlandMary Garlandfirst name on this monument1863192259FF196616362
Doris Winifred Garlanddaughter of Mary Garland1904192117
Willie G Garlandhusband of Mary Garland

62GarlandWillie George Garlandfirst name on this monument1871194978FF446616612

63GarroodAnn Fuller Garroodfirst name on this monument1806182317FF1236617403
John Garroodfather of Ann Fuller Garrood
Dinah Garroodmother of Ann Fuller Garrood

64GarroodGeorge Garroodfirst name on this monument1802183129FF206616372
John Garroodfather of George Garrood
Dinah Garroodmother of George Garrood

65GarroodJohn Garroodfirst name on this monument1766182963FF1116617286

66GarroodThomas Garroodfirst name on this monument1737180669FF1036617206
Mary Garroodwife of Thomas Garrood1742182987

67GarroodVicky Garroodfirst name on this monument1914200389FF1366617533
Jack Garroodrelationship not known of Vicky Garrood1913200693

68GarroodWarren Garroodfirst name on this monument1775184469FF1046617216
Naomi Garroodwife of Warren Garrood1781186281

69GreenwoodAnn Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1819188061FF1276617442
Thomas Clarkebrother of Ann Greenwood1831187342
James Greenwoodrelationship not known of Ann Greenwood1818189577

70HallJames Hallfirst name on this monument1815188974FF166616333
Eliza Hallwife of James Hall1819188061

71HamiltonDavid Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1935201378FF1356617523

72HoskinsHarry Hoskinsfirst name on this monument1860193272FF966617133
Emma Jane Hoskinswife of Harry Hoskins1872195785

73HowellFrances Mary Howellfirst name on this monument1932200876FF786616954

74HunterDavid Matheson Hunterfirst name on this monument1946200458FF256616424

75JefferyWinifred Jefferyfirst name on this monumentFF1326617493

76JohnsonKate Johnsonfirst name on this monument1964FF636616805
Herbert Douglas Johnsonhusband of Kate Johnson1977

77KerryAshley Kerryfirst name on this monumentFF606616774
Myra Kerryrelationship not known of Ashley Kerry

78KerryEllen Maud Kerryfirst name on this monument1899195859FF616616784
Arthur Frederick Kerryhusband of Ellen Maud Kerry1899197879

79KerryFrederick Kerryfirst name on this monument1860193373FF916617082
Jane Kerrywife of Frederick Kerry

80LambertJames Lambertfirst name on this monument1741182382FF26616194
John Oldhambrother-in-law of James Lambert
Thomas Lambertfather of James Lambert
Ann Carter Lambertmother of James Lambert
Beliza Oldhamniece of James Lambert1775182853
Beliza Oldhamsister-in-law of James Lambert

81LanchesterEliza Jane Lanchesterfirst name on this monument1871195382FF856617024
Horace Lanchesterhusband of Eliza Jane Lanchester1872195482

82LanchesterMay Jane Lanchesterfirst name on this monument1905197368FF596616763

83LandMary Ann Landfirst name on this monument1868191850FF246616414

84LargeAugustus Largefirst name on this monument1740183292FF1156617323
Lydia Largewife of Augustus Large1742182684

85LawsMabel Inez Lawsfirst name on this monument1872195078FF926617094

86LeeperBasil Leeperfirst name on this monumentFF866617033

87LeeperFlorence Gertrude Leeperfirst name on this monument1880193757FF896617065
Harry Leeperhusband of Florence Gertrude Leeper

88LeeperHarry Leeperfirst name on this monument1880196686FF876617043

89LeeperMargaret Beatrice Leeperfirst name on this monument1883195774FF886617054

90LockElizabeth Lockfirst name on this monument1766178418FF276616443
Thomas Lockfather of Elizabeth Lock
Rachel Lockmother of Elizabeth Lock

91LockRachel Ann Lockfirst name on this monument1775179116FF286616455
Thomas Lockfather of Rachel Ann Lock
Ann Lockmother of Rachel Ann Lock

92LockRichard Lockfirst name on this monument1796182125FF1186617353

93LockWilliam Lockfirst name on this monument1753181259FF1206617373

94LyonAlma Beryl Lyonfirst name on this monument1921198968FF556616725
John Reuben Lyonhusband of Alma Beryl Lyon1921200887

95LyonJohn Lyonfirst name on this monument1885195772FF956617124
Henrietta Martha Lyonwife of John Lyon1882195775

96MartinSusan Ann Martinfirst name on this monument1955200954FF746616914

97MearsBertie William Mearsfirst name on this monument1911193019FF186616353
Frederick Mearsbrother of Bertie William Mears1893193037
Frederick Mearsfather of Bertie William Mears
Laura Mearsmother of Bertie William Mears

98MearsFrederick Mearsfirst name on this monument1871193968FF476616642

99MearsLaura Mearsfirst name on this monument1873196592FF496616664

100MillsHarry Millsfirst name on this monument1855193580FF906617075

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