Woodvale Cemetery, Brighton, Sussex, England

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Monument list

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1AbingtonSophia Abingtonfirst name on this monument1862id: DSC_0651
(one image)
William Abingtonwife of Sophia Abington
2AgateJoseph Agatefirst name on this monument1870193060id: DSC_0445
(one image)
Annie Agatewife of Joseph Agate1872195179
3AldertonGeorge Aldertonfirst name on this monument1800186464id: DSC_0649
(2 images)
Lucy Aldertonwife of George Alderton1807189285
4AllenbyMartha Allenbyfirst name on this monument1829187748id: DSC_0583
(one image)
5AnscombeWilliam Anscombefirst name on this monument1815186247id: DSC_0430
(one image)
Ellen Anscombewife of William Anscombe1806189185
6ArnoldWilliam Frederick Arnoldfirst name on this monument1826189367id: DSC_0454
(3 images)
Olivia Arnolddaughter of William Frederick Arnold1867196396
Sarah Olivia Arnolddaughter of William Frederick Arnold1943
Arthur Austin Arnoldson of William Frederick Arnold186418673
Ernest Reuben Arnoldson of William Frederick Arnold1935
Frederick William Arnoldson of William Frederick Arnold1944
Sarah Arnoldwife of William Frederick Arnold1826191185
7AshdownGaius Ashdownfirst name on this monument1834190571id: DSC_0426
(one image)
Gaius John Ashdownrelationship not known of Gaius Ashdown1870195686
Lilian Ann Ashdownrelationship not known of Gaius Ashdown1885195873
Mary Jane Ashdownrelationship not known of Gaius Ashdown1846192074
8AshdownMary Ann Rose Ashdownfirst name on this monument1824187854id: DSC_0710
(one image)
Gustave Wallachwistfather of Mary Ann Rose Ashdown
James Ashdownhusband of Mary Ann Rose Ashdown1827190679
9AthertonHarriet Eliza Athertonfirst name on this monument1880id: DSC_0382
(one image)
Nathan Athertonhusband of Harriet Eliza Atherton
A H Athertonrelationship not known of Harriet Eliza Atherton1930
F C Athertonrelationship not known of Harriet Eliza Atherton1910
10AzzaroEmily Azzarofirst name on this monument1870189828id: DSC_0440
(one image)
Emanuele Azzarofather of Emily Azzaro1840191676
Ursula Azzaromother of Emily Azzaro1842192179
11BakerEdward Bakerfirst name on this monument1852189240id: DSC_2276
(one image)
Ann Bakermother of Edward Baker1816190286
Ann Edmonsrelationship not known of Edward Baker1843191572
12BartonFrancis Bartonfirst name on this monument1809187566id: DSC_0687
(one image)
Richard Bartonfather of Francis Barton
13BateupHenry Bateupfirst name on this monument1846191165id: DSC_0413
(one image)
Mary Ann Bateupwife of Henry Bateup1845191772
14BeachCaroline Kate Beachfirst name on this monument1843188138id: DSC_0626
(one image)
James Hillfather of Caroline Kate Beach
Henry Beachhusband of Caroline Kate Beach
Caroline Hillmother of Caroline Kate Beach1820188262
Florence Caroline Hillrelationship not known of Caroline Kate Beach1927
15BeaumontMay Beaumontfirst name on this monument1885192641id: DSC_0460
(one image)
Reginald Beaumonthusband of May Beaumont1876193458
16BennettSarah Bennettfirst name on this monument1842193492id: DSC_0422
(one image)
17BevenSydney Bevenfirst name on this monument1860193272id: DSC_0580
(2 images)
Doris Maude Mackiedaughter of Sydney Beven1894192733
Gladys May Mackintoshdaughter of Sydney Beven1892191523
Thomas Bevenson of Sydney Beven1897191619
Elizabeth Mary Bevenwife of Sydney Beven1860192060
Ester May Bevenrelationship not known of Sydney Beven1893196774
18BishopArthur Cyril Bishopfirst name on this monument189318941id: DSC_0522
(2 images)
John Edmund Bishoprelationship not known of Arthur Cyril Bishop1892191624
19BishopFelicia Bishopfirst name on this monument1830188050id: DSC_2268
(2 images)
Ada Mary Bishopdaughter of Felicia Bishop1867193770
Felicia Sarah Bishopdaughter of Felicia Bishop1851186817
Mary Ann Hobbsdaughter of Felicia Bishop1854189642
John George Bishophusband of Felicia Bishop1825191994
John Hampden Bishopson of Felicia Bishop185018599
George Hobbsson-in-law of Felicia Bishop
20BowlesEmma Isabella Bowlesfirst name on this monument1867195487id: DSC_0701
(one image)
William Edmund Bowleshusband of Emma Isabella Bowles1867195790
21BowlesStanley Albert Bowlesfirst name on this monument1904194339id: DSC_0699
(one image)
Doris Cicely Bowleswife of Stanley Albert Bowles1917197154
22BoxallWilliam Percival Boxallfirst name on this monument1814189884id: DSC_0679
(2 images)
Caroline Boxallwife of William Percival Boxall1827189467
23BrettinghamW C F Brettinghamfirst name on this monument186318630id: DSC_0385
(one image)
24BrodrickMary Snaith Brodrickfirst name on this monument1828190375id: DSC_0548
(one image)
Thomas Brodrickhusband of Mary Snaith Brodrick1825190984
25BrodrickMary Snaith Brodrickfirst name on this monumentid: DSC_0551
(one image)
26BrodrickReginald Snaith Brodrickfirst name on this monument1923id: DSC_0551
(one image)
27BrodrickThomas Brodrickfirst name on this monumentid: DSC_0551
(one image)
28BrownMary Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1801186968id: DSC_0619
(one image)
Zebedee Brownhusband of Mary Ann Brown1798187678
29BrutonEdward Brutonfirst name on this monument1792186371id: DSC_0645
(4 images)
Charles Brutonson of Edward Bruton1830187444
Edward Brutonson of Edward Bruton1826186034
John Brutonson of Edward Bruton1838192385
Harriet Brutonwife of Edward Bruton1800187575
30CaesarCharlotte Caesarfirst name on this monument1852191765id: DSC_0402
(one image)
Alfred Harry Caesarhusband of Charlotte Caesar1855193681
31CagerJane Cagerfirst name on this monument1859192162id: DSC_0400
(one image)
John Thomas Cagerhusband of Jane Cager1857193578
32CaplenLouisa Gertrude Caplenfirst name on this monument1837189053id: DSC_2279
(one image)
John Caplenhusband of Louisa Gertrude Caplen
Fanny Amelia Hopkinssister of Louisa Gertrude Caplen1832191886
John Henry Spencerrelationship not known of Louisa Gertrude Caplen1857193982
33CarterJohn Carterfirst name on this monument1861194079id: DSC_0610
(one image)
William John Taylor Carterson of John Carter1895196974
Ann Augusta Carterwife of John Carter1867194881
34CarterLouisa Carterfirst name on this monument1857192164id: DSC_0609
(one image)
John Carterfather of Louisa Carter
Emily Selina Cartersister of Louisa Carter1854193682
Hannah Cartersister of Louisa Carter1857192871
Mary Ann Cartersister of Louisa Carter1855193681
35CattJane Cattfirst name on this monument1862187715id: DSC_0513
(one image)
Charles Cattfather of Jane Catt1885
Mary Anne Cattmother of Jane Catt
36ChampionFrederick Championfirst name on this monument1846191165id: DSC_0692
(one image)
37ChampionFrederick Championfirst name on this monument1846191165id: DSC_0514
(one image)
Frederick John Championson of Frederick Champion1914
38ChandlerMary Chandlerfirst name on this monument1810185949id: DSC_2267
(one image)
John Chandlerhusband of Mary Chandler1809189283
39ChapmanMary Ann Chapmanfirst name on this monument1840191070id: DSC_0414
(2 images)
Fanny Elizabeth Wishladerelationship not known of Mary Ann Chapman1858193173
William Groves Wishladerelationship not known of Mary Ann Chapman1848192880
40ChartThomas Rentle Chartfirst name on this monument1832187543id: DSC_0575
(one image)
Frederick Bishop Chartbrother of Thomas Rentle Chart1828187850
Henry John Chartbrother of Thomas Rentle Chart1821187655
Ellen Elizabeth Chartsister-in-law of Thomas Rentle Chart1841189251
41Chater-LeaEdna Lillie Chater-Leafirst name on this monument1901195958id: DSC_0579
(one image)
42ChatfieldChristopher Chatfieldfirst name on this monument1856193074id: DSC_0446
(one image)
Mary Jane Chatfieldwife of Christopher Chatfield1856193377
43ChealeMabel Lottie Chealefirst name on this monument1873192249id: DSC_0473
(one image)
Alexander John Chealehusband of Mabel Lottie Cheale1948
44CheesmanCharles Cheesmanfirst name on this monument1817186548id: DSC_0669
(3 images)
Fanny Cheesmandaughter of Charles Cheesman1847192578
Charles Cheesmanson of Charles Cheesman1844191773
Isabella Cheesmanwife of Charles Cheesman1818188466
45CheesmanWilliam Alfred Cheesmanfirst name on this monument1819187657id: DSC_0582
(one image)
Martha Jane Cheesmanwife of William Alfred Cheesman1900
46ClarkeSamuel Clarkefirst name on this monument1774185480id: DSC_0677
(2 images)
Sarah Clarkedaughter of Samuel Clarke
Somers Clarkeson of Samuel Clarke1803189289
Barbara Clarkewife of Samuel Clarke1772184977
47ClementGertrude May Clementfirst name on this monument1886193044id: DSC_0502
(one image)
Charles Alfred Clementhusband of Gertrude May Clement1881191635
48ColeJoseph Samuel Colefirst name on this monument1811187867id: DSC_0435
(one image)
Jane Colewife of Joseph Samuel Cole1813189986
Francis Louis Fletcher Haestierrelationship not known of Joseph Samuel Cole1883195976
49ColemanAlfred Ernest Colemanfirst name on this monument1841190564id: DSC_0612
(one image)
50ColemanJane Colemanfirst name on this monument1802186159id: DSC_0550
(one image)
James Colemanhusband of Jane Coleman1808188173
51ColemanMary Jane Dunn Colemanfirst name on this monument1856192670id: DSC_0731
(one image)
Rebecca Florence Bayleydaughter of Mary Jane Dunn Coleman1883196178
Florence Kate Dunn Colemandaughter-in-law of Mary Jane Dunn Coleman1874196389
Frederick Colemanhusband of Mary Jane Dunn Coleman1855193479
Albert Victor Dunn Colemanson of Mary Jane Dunn Coleman1898196870
Frederick Robert Dunn Colemanson of Mary Jane Dunn Coleman1881197392
52CollierL E Collierfirst name on this monument1917id: DSC_0857
(one image)
53ComberKate Caroline Comberfirst name on this monument1874191945id: DSC_0722
(one image)
Ernest S Comberhusband of Kate Caroline Comber
54CookHenry George Cookfirst name on this monument1892191624id: DSC_0599
(one image)
55CookThomas Cookfirst name on this monument1815187560id: DSC_0683
(one image)
Charlotte Carpenterrelationship not known of Thomas Cook1810187767
Emma Jane Cookrelationship not known of Thomas Cook1853187724
56CookeEsther Cookefirst name on this monument1865id: DSC_0526
(3 images)
Goldsmidbrother-in-law of Esther Cooke
Edward Goldsmidfather of Esther Cooke
Caroline Goldsmidsister of Esther Cooke1880
Isabel Goldsmidsister of Esther Cooke1885
57CoplestonDaisy Mary Coplestonfirst name on this monument1879195879id: DSC_0356
(one image)
58CoplestonEliza Ann Coplestonfirst name on this monument1855193075id: DSC_0356
(one image)
59CorkEdwin Brook Corkfirst name on this monument1823188764id: DSC_0600
(one image)
60CouzensCharles John Couzensfirst name on this monument1857191053id: DSC_0416
(one image)
Anne Couzenswife of Charles John Couzens1857193881
61CowstickAnnie Cowstickfirst name on this monument1871191645id: DSC_0411
(one image)
Hilda Kathleen Cowstickdaughter-in-law of Annie Cowstick1913198774
Samuel E Cowstickhusband of Annie Cowstick1862193977
Cecil Harry Cowstickson of Annie Cowstick1909198879
62CravenJohn Chester Cravenfirst name on this monument1814188773id: DSC_0571
(2 images)
Eliza Ann Moneydaughter of John Chester Craven1842192381
William Cravenson of John Chester Craven1842187634
Jane Cravenwife of John Chester Craven1816189983
63CrickittSarah Dolby Crickittfirst name on this monument1803188279id: DSC_0383
(one image)
64CrombieJohn Mann Crombiefirst name on this monument1843188340id: DSC_0482
(one image)
Olivia Whitcomb Crombiedaughter of John Mann Crombie187818780
John Oliver Whitcomb Crombieson of John Mann Crombie1879194970
Sophia M Crombiewife of John Mann Crombie1856193175
65CrossHenry Crossfirst name on this monument1894id: DSC_0688
(one image)
Mary Ann Crosswife of Henry Cross1882
66CroydonJ C Croydonfirst name on this monument1888192032id: DSC_0442
(one image)
67CrundenF A Crundenfirst name on this monument1897191518id: DSC_0409
(one image)
68CupitFanny Cupitfirst name on this monument1863193269id: DSC_0715
(one image)
William Davies Cupitbrother of Fanny Cupit1861193574
69CurchodG S Curchodfirst name on this monument1880192040id: DSC_0466
(one image)
70DaniellEdward Daniellfirst name on this monument1797187477id: DSC_0453
(one image)
Edward William Hale Daniellson of Edward Daniell184418440
Mary Ann Daniellwife of Edward Daniell1802188280
71DashHarry Dashfirst name on this monument1819187152id: DSC_0532
(one image)
Osmond Dashbrother of Harry Dash1822188462
Henry Dashfather of Harry Dash1793186774
Ann Dashmother of Harry Dash1798189496
72DavidR Davidfirst name on this monument1918id: DSC_0405
(one image)
73DawesLouie Dawesfirst name on this monument1864191854id: DSC_0503
(one image)
Walter Daweshusband of Louie Dawes1865192964
74De LusignanHenry Machonochie De Lusignanfirst name on this monument1842190765id: DSC_0723
(3 images)
Raymond De Lusignanson of Henry Machonochie De Lusignan1894191521
Flora De Lusignanwife of Henry Machonochie De Lusignan
Montague Y H Parksrelationship not known of Henry Machonochie De Lusignan1860193171
75DefflisMary Defflisfirst name on this monument1784186581id: DSC_0371
(2 images)
S M Defflishusband of Mary Defflis
76DellAbsalom Dellfirst name on this monument1807187568id: DSC_0559
(one image)
Maria Dellsister of Absalom Dell1800189191
Mary Ann Dellwife of Absalom Dell1811188069
77DellMaria Dowling Dellfirst name on this monument1848187022id: DSC_0560
(one image)
John Absalom Dellhusband of Maria Dowling Dell1841190463
Louis Robert Absalom Dellson of Maria Dowling Dell1871192150
Sophie Elizabeth Dellrelationship not known of Maria Dowling Dell1855191560
78DevesAda Devesfirst name on this monument1873194168id: DSC_0461
(one image)
79DoughtyAlice Maud Doughtyfirst name on this monument1863190441id: DSC_0351
(one image)
Matilda Byerelationship not known of Alice Maud Doughty1935
Jane Mannalrelationship not known of Alice Maud Doughty1860195696
80DrapeA C Drapefirst name on this monument1899191819id: DSC_0443
(one image)
81DyerGeorge Dyerfirst name on this monument1826187044id: DSC_0555
(2 images)
Emma Cummingsrelationship not known of George Dyer1823187855
Charlotte Dyerrelationship not known of George Dyer1828189062
82EdwardsHenry Richard Edwardsfirst name on this monument1798187476id: DSC_0680
(one image)
Anna Edwardswife of Henry Richard Edwards1859190041
83EganMary Ann Alexander Eganfirst name on this monument1805190095id: DSC_0384
(one image)
84EleyCaroline Eleyfirst name on this monument1800189090id: DSC_0685
(2 images)
Henry Eleyhusband of Caroline Eley1800187373
85EllisonHarry R Berrington Ellisonfirst name on this monument187218720id: DSC_2277
(one image)
John Ellisonfather of Harry R Berrington Ellison1840189555
Elizabeth Ellisonmother of Harry R Berrington Ellison1840191070
86EmeryThomas Codman Emeryfirst name on this monument1842189654id: DSC_0601
(one image)
Elizabeth Annice Emerywife of Thomas Codman Emery
87EvansAaron Evansfirst name on this monument1894191218id: DSC_0702
(one image)
Evan Hugh Evansfather of Aaron Evans1856191559
Lucy Jane Evansmother of Aaron Evans1865193772
88FeldwickeCharles R C Feldwickefirst name on this monument1828190678id: DSC_0639
(one image)
Harriett Feldwickedaughter of Charles R C Feldwicke1861189938
Harriett Feldwickewife of Charles R C Feldwicke1827189972
89FieldCharles Lainson Fieldfirst name on this monument1901192322id: DSC_0434
(one image)
Horace Fieldfather of Charles Lainson Field
Christina Fieldmother of Charles Lainson Field
90ForbesGeorge Forbesfirst name on this monument1854192470id: DSC_0736
(one image)
91FosterF J Fosterfirst name on this monument1888191527id: DSC_0419
(one image)
92FosterWilliam Fosterfirst name on this monument1794186672id: DSC_0569
(one image)
John Fosterbrother of William Foster
John Fosterfather of William Foster
93FrankMargaret Frankfirst name on this monument1858190446id: DSC_0428
(one image)
94FulgoneyLouis Fulgoneyfirst name on this monument1859192364id: DSC_0433
(one image)
Catherine Fulgoneyrelationship not known of Louis Fulgoney1889194657
Clara Fulgoneyrelationship not known of Louis Fulgoney1885193651
John Fulgoneyrelationship not known of Louis Fulgoney
Joseph Patrick Fulgoneyrelationship not known of Louis Fulgoney1882196179
95GanderSonnie Ganderfirst name on this monument1904191713id: DSC_0337
(one image)
Annie M Ganderrelationship not known of Sonnie Gander1862194482
John Ganderrelationship not known of Sonnie Gander1856194286
96GarlickCharles Townsend Garlickfirst name on this monument1825186237id: DSC_0659
(2 images)
Anna Maria Hawkinsdaughter-in-law of Charles Townsend Garlick1843189653
Reginald Huntley Hawkinsgrand son of Charles Townsend Garlick1880191737
George Walter Hawkinsson of Charles Townsend Garlick
Harriett Hawkinswife of Charles Townsend Garlick1860
Charles Cooper Garlickrelationship not known of Charles Townsend Garlick1845190964
Emma Garlickrelationship not known of Charles Townsend Garlick1855194085
Maria Garlickrelationship not known of Charles Townsend Garlick1828188153
97GarrettAlice Garrettfirst name on this monument1923id: DSC_0630
(2 images)
Willoughby Hodgsonfather of Alice Garrett
98GastonThomas Gastonfirst name on this monument1822188866id: DSC_0501
(one image)
Lucy Gastonwife of Thomas Gaston1822190785
99GaveyMary Rosamon Gaveyfirst name on this monument1823190380id: DSC_0624
(3 images)
Sarah Ann Caroline Gaveydaughter of Mary Rosamon Gavey1854193076
Frances Caroline Gaveydaughter-in-law of Mary Rosamon Gavey1859190041
Christopher Herbertfather of Mary Rosamon Gavey
Francis Edward Myddelton Gaveygrand son of Mary Rosamon Gavey1888191527
George Edward Gaveyhusband of Mary Rosamon Gavey
Edward Herbert Myddelton Gaveyson of Mary Rosamon Gavey1856192064
Charles Gattrelationship not known of Mary Rosamon Gavey
100GearingFrederick Gearingfirst name on this monument1853193178id: DSC_0366
(one image)
Harriett Fanny Gearingwife of Frederick Gearing1864193672

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