Holy Innocents' Church burial ground, Adisham, Kent, England

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Monument list

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1A(usten)E(lizabeth) M(argeret) A(usten)first name on this monument183418441020063285633

2AdamsJ A Adamsfirst name on this monument191019877720363285933

3AdleyWilliam Albert Adleyfirst name on this monument191319756212163281533

4AllenKenneth John Allenfirst name on this monument190720069910763280346
Joyce Mary Allenwife of Kenneth John Allen1912200694

5AtkinsBertha Atkinsfirst name on this monument186119205924063287849
Henry Atkinsfather of Bertha Atkins
Hannah M Atkinsmother of Bertha Atkins

6AtkinsHannah Atkinsfirst name on this monument193729763290726

7AtkinsHannah Maria Atkinsfirst name on this monument18251889642463275856
Amina Goodban Atkinsdaughter of Hannah Maria Atkins186818713
Henry Atkinshusband of Hannah Maria Atkins1831191988
Ann Unknownrelationship not known of Hannah Maria Atkins
William Unknownrelationship not known of Hannah Maria Atkins

8AtkinsJohn Atkinsfirst name on this monument185019308023363287658
Charlotte Harriet Atkinsrelationship not known of John Atkins1852193886

9BaileyEmily Rose Baileyfirst name on this monument9063279144
Hubert Anthony Baileyrelationship not known of Emily Rose Bailey1894197480

10BallsEmily Harriet Ballsfirst name on this monument185219186627263289660
Thomas John Ballshusband of Emily Harriet Balls

11BanksJoyce Frances Banksfirst name on this monument19211956358763278944
Gregory Joyclyn Banksson of Joyce Frances Banks

12BeanWilliam Hopper Beanfirst name on this monument184519126722863287549
Emily Langhamsister of William Hopper Bean1841192786
Charles Hopper Beanrelationship not known of William Hopper Bean1827191184

13BeanWilliam Hopper Beanfirst name on this monument181218968420163285744
Elizabeth Beanwife of William Hopper Bean86

14BerwickDavid Jeffrey Berwickfirst name on this monument19372015787063278240

15BrazierErnest Brazierfirst name on this monument19191989709463279553

16BrownAnn Maria Brownfirst name on this monument185219166424563288136
Alfred George Brownhusband of Ann Maria Brown1881192544

17BrownMaurice Brownfirst name on this monument198820263285838
Marion Brownrelationship not known of Maurice Brown1988

18BurkeMarian Burkefirst name on this monument19571963612663281841
Terence Burkefather of Marian Burke
Amelia Burkemother of Marian Burke

19BushellRichard Bushellfirst name on this monument183919107122563287243
Kezia Bushellwife of Richard Bushell1833191077

20BushellThomas Young Bushellfirst name on this monument18824663276423

21CarrElizabeth Amelia Carrfirst name on this monument183819127427763290128
Hilda Mary Carrrelationship not known of Elizabeth Amelia Carr1882

22CarrMaurice James Carrfirst name on this monument189219546228163290236

23ChandlerPeter Chandlerfirst name on this monument17801855751463275653
Sarah Ann Saunders Keelerdaughter of Peter Chandler1815190085
John Chandlerson of Peter Chandler
William Chandlerson of Peter Chandler1804187975
William Keelerson-in-law of Peter Chandler1807188780
Sarah Chandlerwife of Peter Chandler1780185575

24ClarkIan Michael Clarkfirst name on this monument19731990176763277936

25ClaysonJohn Claysonfirst name on this monument185319257225263288550

26ColemanPercival Charles Colemanfirst name on this monument19141991779663279749
Angela Colemanwife of Percival Charles Coleman1929201485

27ColemanSusan Ellen Colemanfirst name on this monument18841960768863279046
Fred Colemanhusband of Susan Ellen Coleman1883196986

28CollardFrederick Collardfirst name on this monument179518465114963282543
Elizabeth Collarddaughter of Frederick Collard
Ellen Collarddaughter of Frederick Collard
Fanny Collarddaughter of Frederick Collard
Mary Collarddaughter of Frederick Collard
Edward Collardson of Frederick Collard
Frederick Collardson of Frederick Collard
Mary Collardwife of Frederick Collard1797187174

29CooperRobert Cooperfirst name on this monument17811855745163276847
Mary Cooperrelationship not known of Robert Cooper

30CorkMary Ann Elizabeth Corkfirst name on this monument18871966798263278832
Harry Corkhusband of Mary Ann Elizabeth Cork1877195376

31CourtHarriett Courtfirst name on this monument179818515315963283037
Henry Reynoldsfather of Harriett Court
John Courtfather-in-law of Harriett Court
William Courthusband of Harriett Court1804185551
Judith Reynoldsmother of Harriett Court

32CraneMaurice Anthony Cranefirst name on this monument192819936511063280638

33CraneThomas Henry Cranefirst name on this monument189119778611263280736
Eileen Marie Cranewife of Thomas Henry Crane1899198889

34CroudThomas Croudfirst name on this monument17881862745963277244
Elizabeth Croudwife of Thomas Croud1788187284

35CruxThomas Cruxfirst name on this monument17701818483563276032
Emma Cruxdaughter of Thomas Crux1832
Henry Cruxson of Thomas Crux1830
John Cruxson of Thomas Crux1834
Richard Cruxson of Thomas Crux1845
Elizabeth Cruxwife of Thomas Crux1775182651

36CullinJane Cullinfirst name on this monument167217487638632762126
Jane Spaindaughter of Jane Cullin1698173537
Thomas Cullinhusband of Jane Cullin1667175487
John Spainson-in-law of Jane Cullin

37DalyJehan E S Dalyfirst name on this monument19182001839863279935

38De WoodGraciela Estela Carmela Theresa Galloso De Woodfirst name on this monument19602012526163277336

39DenneWilliam Dennefirst name on this monument1724179369563275335
Elizabeth Dennerelationship not known of William Denne1732179462
Robert Dennerelationship not known of William Denne176717747

40DilnottJohn Dilnottfirst name on this monument176018296915663282860
John Henry Wisenephew of John Dilnott
Sarah Harveyniece of John Dilnott

41DoddWilliam Doddfirst name on this monument17811828474863276642
Sarah Doddrelationship not known of William Dodd1775182348

42EH Efirst name on this monument188714863282450
Emily Collarddaughter-in-law of H E1828185931
Agnes Collardgrand daughter of H E
Edith Collardgrand daughter of H E
Emily Collardgrand daughter of H E
Gertrude Collardgrand daughter of H E
George Collardgrand son of H E
David Collardson of H E
John Denne Collardson of H E1827184922

43FJohn Ffirst name on this monument16863283531

44FewkesJosephine Elizabeth Margaret Fewkesfirst name on this monument193420006610863280422
Anthony Vincent Fewkeshusband of Josephine Elizabeth Margaret Fewkes1934201278

45FielderJames Thomas Fielderfirst name on this monument191120049314563282242

46FielderThomas Fielderfirst name on this monument18721950787463278514
Louisa Fielderrelationship not known of Thomas Fielder1871195180

47FiggStella Figgfirst name on this monument19372015786963278137

48FletcherJean Mabel Fletcherfirst name on this monument191919998021763286920
George Sidney Fletcherhusband of Jean Mabel Fletcher1916196448

49FowlerGeorge Fowlerfirst name on this monument1927254632887251

50FoxAlfred James Foxfirst name on this monument186019327222163287135
George Alfred James Foxson of Alfred James Fox1895191823
Frances Margaret Foxwife of Alfred James Fox1858194183

51FrostickEstella Olive Frostickfirst name on this monument192519866120463286019

52GibbsMary Gibbsfirst name on this monument167117437217463283911
Ann Gibbsdaughter of Mary Gibbs1707172013
John Gibbshusband of Mary Gibbs1667172053
William Gibbsson of Mary Gibbs171217131

53GrantJohn Grantfirst name on this monument18111892815063276722
Maria Grantrelationship not known of John Grant1812190492

54GreenEdward Greenfirst name on this monument185519115622763287421

55HarveyElla Ann Harveyfirst name on this monument18271833615563282728
Henry Wise Harveyfather of Ella Ann Harvey
Alice-ho… Harveymother of Ella Ann Harvey

56HarveyFrancis George Simpson Sayer Harveyfirst name on this monument186818902219563285223

57HatcherStephen Hatcherfirst name on this monument18171896791063275414
Hannah Hatcherwife of Stephen Hatcher

58HobbsElizabeth Hobbsfirst name on this monument1902200210011863281221
William H C Hobbshusband of Elizabeth Hobbs

59HobbsRichard John Hobbsfirst name on this monument196419872312063281425

60HobbsRichard John Hobbsfirst name on this monument193320127911963281319

61HobbsWilliam Hobbsfirst name on this monument187719264928663290521
Norah Mary La Touchedaughter of William Hobbs
Mary La Touchewife of William Hobbs

62HodgmanMary Hodgmanfirst name on this monument17511827765763277025
Sarah Jane Hodgmanrelationship not known of Mary Hodgman1805188176

63HodgmanThomas Hodgmanfirst name on this monument17541838845863277165
William Croudson of Thomas Hodgman1832184412

64HoleEdmund Holefirst name on this monument183818784019463285125

65HoltonHenry Holtonfirst name on this monument187319447112563281716
Annie Holtonrelationship not known of Henry Holton1881197190

66HookerVera Ethel Hookerfirst name on this monument191419261225663288830

67HowieChristina Stuart Howiefirst name on this monument187619184227163289520
Isabel Stuart Howiedaughter of Christina Stuart Howie1918
William Howiehusband of Christina Stuart Howie1872194371

68HowlandGeorge Howlandfirst name on this monument186819185024663288221

69HughesHenry Robert Hughesfirst name on this monument186219226027663290042
Ethel Irene Carrrelationship not known of Henry Robert Hughes1867195083

70HulmeGrace Hulmefirst name on this monument190119666512463281620
Edward H Hulmerelationship not known of Grace Hulme1902198280

71JagerHenry Jagerfirst name on this monument17061769635263276944
William Cullengrand father of Henry Jager
Elizabeth Jagerwife of Henry Jager1700179191

72JamesMargaret Ann Jamesfirst name on this monument187419578310163280217
Wilfred Jameshusband of Margaret Ann James
John Wilfred Jamesson of Margaret Ann James1901193433

73JarvisLouisa Jane Jarvisfirst name on this monument187619265028463290418
Florence Hobbsrelationship not known of Louisa Jane Jarvis1871195180
William Jarvisrelationship not known of Louisa Jane Jarvis1873192148

74JohnsKeith Edward Johnsfirst name on this monument19481991439563279621

75JohnsonAlbert Bolton Johnsonfirst name on this monument190819342625863289050
Mary Agatha Ratclifferelationship not known of Albert Bolton Johnson1872194674

76JonesEeva Liisa Jonesfirst name on this monument19542003499963280017

77JonesRonald Jonesfirst name on this monument193319814811463280812
Clive Jonesson of Ronald Jones
Mary Grace Joneswife of Ronald Jones1933199461

78KettleElizabeth Kettlefirst name on this monument1840190666363275126
Robert Kettlehusband of Elizabeth Kettle1905
Allen Kettleson of Elizabeth Kettle

79KingElizabeth Kingfirst name on this monument178518375216063283152
Henry Reynoldsfather of Elizabeth King
John Kinghusband of Elizabeth King
Judith Reynoldsmother of Elizabeth King

80KitchenAnne Kitchenfirst name on this monument185519257023463287760
Henry Atkinsfather of Anne Kitchen
George Kitchenhusband of Anne Kitchen
Hannah M Atkinsmother of Anne Kitchen
Claude George Arthur John Kitchenson of Anne Kitchen1889191728

81La ToucheUna Rochelle La Touchefirst name on this monument189619162027563289932

82La ToucheWalter Edmund La Touchefirst name on this monument189019172727463289824

83La ToucheWilliam Henry La Touchefirst name on this monument185019227227363289719

84LangtonJoan Margaret Langtonfirst name on this monument19311993626463277622
Eric Langtonrelationship not known of Joan Margaret Langton1928201486

85LawrenceW J Lawrencefirst name on this monument188919182925063288318

86LawrenceWilliam Lawrencefirst name on this monument25163288419

87LindsayJoan Lindsayfirst name on this monument197720663286216

88LlewellynElsie Llewellynfirst name on this monument195219944221563286842
David E Simeson of Elsie Llewellyn1948199648

89LockyerJoeph Edward Lockyerfirst name on this monument19502006568163278722

90LucockEdward Lucockfirst name on this monument190219747220563286117
Barbara M Lucockrelationship not known of Edward Lucock1916200488

91MaguireEmily Maguirefirst name on this monument19852003186563277720

92MapleF C Maplefirst name on this monument189419152122663287331

93MarshJane Marshfirst name on this monument185119196824263287915

94MarshallElizabeth Marshallfirst name on this monument1795185560463275240
John Unknownfather of Elizabeth Marshall
Robert Marshallhusband of Elizabeth Marshall
Mary Unknownmother of Elizabeth Marshall

95MartinCharles Joseph Martinfirst name on this monument191919796011563280917

96MartinKendall Edgar Martinfirst name on this monument19421972309163279224

97MillenAnthony Millenfirst name on this monument19093763276130
… Mond Millenfather of Anthony Millen
Millicent Millenmother of Anthony Millen

98MoodyWilfrid Horace Moodyfirst name on this monument190319858211763281119
Mabel M Moodywife of Wilfrid Horace Moody1904200399

99MorrissDora Morrissfirst name on this monument190219929021263286625
George Albert Morrissrelationship not known of Dora Morriss1917199477

100MortonMargaret Mortonfirst name on this monument188919213226963289320
Walter Lyon Mortonhusband of Margaret Morton1878196789

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