St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
901HoltStephen Holtfirst name on this monument1846192276id: 409
(one image)
Bertha Holtdaughter of Stephen Holt1883195067
Henry Shepherd
Mary Shepherd1854193884
Andrew Chadwick Holtson of Stephen Holt1879
Stephen Holtson of Stephen Holt1885191732
Mary Jane Holtwife of Stephen Holt1888
902HoltThomas Holtfirst name on this monumentid: 1198
(one image)
Mary Holt
903HoneyfordJames Honeyfordfirst name on this monument1876id: 291
(one image)
Gilbert Bennett Honeyfordbrother of James Honeyford189018944
Oswald Honeyfordbrother of James Honeyford1883193956
William Honeyfordbrother of James Honeyford188718903
Elizabeth Alice Honeyfordsister of James Honeyford187018799
904HoodAlfred Hoodfirst name on this monument1843190360id: 1301
(one image)
Herbert Barrowbrother of Alfred Hood
Norman Barrowbrother of Alfred Hood18
Emily Hannah Barrowdaughter of Alfred Hood24
James Barrowfather of Alfred Hood57
Ruth Ann Barrowmother of Alfred Hood1850192777
905HoodBenjamin Hoodfirst name on this monument1789186374id: 348
(one image)
John Kirkman1833190875
Mary Ann Kirkman1921
Nanny Hoodwife of Benjamin Hood1777186083
906HoodBenjamin Hoodfirst name on this monument1857189740id: 881
(one image)
Alice Hoodwife of Benjamin Hood
907HoodElizabeth Hoodfirst name on this monument1885id: 2048
(one image)
Joseph Hoodhusband of Elizabeth Hood
908HoodJonathan Hoodfirst name on this monument1831188857id: 610
(one image)
Mary Hoodwife of Jonathan Hood1832190573
909HoodMary Ellen Hoodfirst name on this monument1857193376id: 735
(one image)
James Hoodhusband of Mary Ellen Hood1861193877
910HoodNathan Hoodfirst name on this monument1841190059id: 624
(one image)
Percy Howarthgrand son of Nathan Hood1899
Mary Hoodwife of Nathan Hood1842189250
911HoodSarah Ellen Hoodfirst name on this monument1860192868id: 1674
(one image)
Ethel Gertrude Hooddaughter of Sarah Ellen Hood1889196778
James Hoodhusband of Sarah Ellen Hood1857193982
Florence Alice Kember1884195571
W H Kember
912HopeJames Hopefirst name on this monument1777186184id: 313
(one image)
Ann Hopedaughter of James Hope1801188382
Sarah Harriett Walshgreat grand daughter of James Hope185818635
John Hope1811188675
913HopeJohn Edward Hopefirst name on this monument186618682id: 473
(one image)
Joseph Hopebrother of John Edward Hope1855
James Hopefather of John Edward Hope1825188863
Ann Hopemother of John Edward Hope1825187853
James Hope1852191361
Mary Hope1889
Sarah Jane Hopesister of John Edward Hope1857
914HopeMargaret Hopefirst name on this monument1879193657id: 1526
(one image)
915HopeWilliam Hopefirst name on this monument1847190154id: 1297
(one image)
Ernest Hope1884191228
Ernest Hope
Elizabeth Hopewife of William Hope
916HornbyBertha Hornbyfirst name on this monument1882191937id: 1100
(one image)
Percy Hornbyhusband of Bertha Hornby1877194669
917HornbyEdward Hornbyfirst name on this monument1857192366id: 1340
(one image)
Annie Hornbywife of Edward Hornby1872193260
918HornbyHenry Wood Hornbyfirst name on this monument1891194251id: 1707
(one image)
Ethel Clegg1887194861
Jesse Clegg1865194479
Ethel Victoria Hornbywife of Henry Wood Hornby1897196265
919HornbyThomas Hornbyfirst name on this monument1846191266id: 1344
(one image)
Harriet Hornbydaughter of Thomas Hornby1875189621
Sarah Ann Hornbydaughter of Thomas Hornby188518916
William Parkinson Hornbyson of Thomas Hornby187818802
Eliza Hornbywife of Thomas Hornby1846192983
920HornbyThomas Hornbyfirst name on this monument1810189181id: 424
(one image)
Annie Hornby
Dorothy Hornby191019199
Edward Hornby
Mary Elizabeth Hornby1894190511
Mary Hornbywife of Thomas Hornby1823190077
921HorneJohn Hornefirst name on this monument1835188247id: 516
(one image)
Gladys Maude Horne189718981
Luke Horne
Mary Ann Horne1843192683
922HorpeLee Horpefirst name on this monument1969200435id: 57
(one image)
923HorpeRaymond Horpefirst name on this monument1939199657id: 61
(one image)
924HorrobinThomas Horrobinfirst name on this monument1831189665id: 712
(one image)
Ann Jane Morris1882193149
Richard Morris
Elizabeth Horrobinwife of Thomas Horrobin1848193183
925Horrocks Horrocksfirst name on this monument1801186968id: 368
(one image)
John Horrockshusband of Horrocks
Ellen Horrocks
Florence Ainscow Horrocks186318641
Joseph Horrocks1832187038
Richard Horrocks
Peter Horrocksson of Horrocks1835186126
926HorrocksAlbert Edward Horrocksfirst name on this monument186918701id: 198
(one image)
Samuel Horrocksfather of Albert Edward Horrocks1838187234
Mary Horrocksmother of Albert Edward Horrocks
Edwin Barbin
Mabel Barbin1856187418
Mary Barbin1843187633
Minnie Beatrice Barbin1874
Annie Horrocks
Harold Manchester Horrocks1893
John Horrocks
927HorrocksAnn Horrocksfirst name on this monument1834191177id: 1401
(one image)
Mary Higsondaughter of Ann Horrocks1872195482
Aileen Horrocksdaughter of Ann Horrocks1822189674
Enid Lorddaughter of Ann Horrocks1984
John Horrockshusband of Ann Horrocks1842191573
Harry Lordson-in-law of Ann Horrocks1894196268
William A Higsonson-in-law of Ann Horrocks
928HorrocksAnn Horrocksfirst name on this monument1842188947id: 510
(one image)
William Horrockshusband of Ann Horrocks1846192276
Margaret Alice Mayhall1888196577
Samuel Mayhall1885195570
929HorrocksBessie Coffin Horrocksfirst name on this monument1886191226id: 1598
(one image)
Patience Horrocksmother of Bessie Coffin Horrocks
930HorrocksMary Horrocksfirst name on this monument1850188131id: 304
(one image)
John Horrocksfather of Mary Horrocks1835190570
Alice Horrocksmother of Mary Horrocks1825188661
931HorrocksRachel Horrocksfirst name on this monument1869192859id: 1253
(one image)
Alice Horrocksdaughter of Rachel Horrocks
Florrie Horrocksdaughter of Rachel Horrocks1983
David Horrockshusband of Rachel Horrocks1866193468
Joseph Ashcroft1913198067
932HorrocksSamuel Horrocksfirst name on this monument1864189127id: 89
(one image)
Margaret Ann Calland1848191365
Daniel Horrocks1870192555
Joseph Horrocks1860192262
Hester Taylor1862193270
933HorrocksSarah Walker Horrocksfirst name on this monument1879194263id: 2013
(one image)
James Horrocks1880195676
934HorrocksWalter Horrocksfirst name on this monument1857190952id: 1576
(one image)
Margaret Annie Horrocksdaughter of Walter Horrocks1896192428
Mary Ellen Mooredaughter of Walter Horrocks1892192230
Ernest Horrocksson of Walter Horrocks188718903
Eliza Horrockswife of Walter Horrocks1859193778
935HorrocksWilliam Horrocksfirst name on this monument1834189965id: 1089
(one image)
Rachel Horrocksdaughter of William Horrocks1874194975
James Horrocks1872194371
Prudence Horrocks1905198984
Jane Horrockswife of William Horrocks1846190256
936HortonAnn Elizabeth Hortonfirst name on this monument1842191270id: 1553
(one image)
Edward Hortonhusband of Ann Elizabeth Horton1840191474
Earnest Horton
Irene Horton1914194026
Margaret Horton
937HoughtonCharlotte Houghtonfirst name on this monument1809187566id: 218
(one image)
938HoughtonEmily Houghtonfirst name on this monument1815189681id: 217
(one image)
William Howard Houghtonhusband of Emily Houghton1832190775
939HowardAlfred Howardfirst name on this monument1899191819id: 1358
(one image)
Sarah Mather1866194983
940HowardRebecca Howardfirst name on this monument1842189957id: 1084
(one image)
Thomas Howardhusband of Rebecca Howard1838191880
Thomas Howardson of Rebecca Howard1867193669
941HowardThomas Howardfirst name on this monument1846189953id: 741
(one image)
Betsy Coulthard1840189555
Chris Howardson of Thomas Howard1875191136
Margaret Adamson Howardwife of Thomas Howard1849191566
942HowarthEmma Howarthfirst name on this monument1878190628id: 928
(one image)
Thomas Wheeler Howarthfather of Emma Howarth1848190860
Sarah Howarthmother of Emma Howarth1846190862
Absolem Howarth1797188285
943HowarthGeorge Henry Howarthfirst name on this monument1836191276id: 1580
(one image)
Martha Jane Howarth1862191250
Edwin Morris1761183978
George Morris1899191819
Jane Howarthwife of George Henry Howarth1832192391
944HowarthHarry Howarthfirst name on this monument190619071id: 1564
(one image)
Stanley Howarthbrother of Harry Howarth1888190719
Sydney Howarthbrother of Harry Howarth1897191821
John Howarthfather of Harry Howarth
Sarah Jane Howarthmother of Harry Howarth
945HowarthHerbert Henry Howarthfirst name on this monument1866192458id: 547
(one image)
Frances Howarthdaughter of Herbert Henry Howarth
Arthur Singleton
Hannah Singleton1894193844
Stanley Howarthson of Herbert Henry Howarth
Frances Howarthwife of Herbert Henry Howarth1869192758
946HowarthJane Howarthfirst name on this monument1853189037id: 4
(one image)
John Howarthson of Jane Howarth1850189949
Lot Howarthson of Jane Howarth1877190629
William Howarthson of Jane Howarth1881189615
947HowarthJohn William Howarthfirst name on this monument1871192352id: 773
(one image)
Elizabeth Ann Howarthwife of John William Howarth1870194979
948HowarthJoseph Howarthfirst name on this monument1830189464id: 568
(one image)
Stanley Howarthgrand son of Joseph Howarth189618982
Frances Robson
Joseph Robson1880190828
John Thomas Howarthson of Joseph Howarth1859187920
Hannah Howarthwife of Joseph Howarth1836190064
949HowarthJoshua Howarthfirst name on this monument1835189055id: 333
(one image)
Betsy Howarthdaughter of Joshua Howarth1868
Elizabeth Alice Howarthdaughter of Joshua Howarth187618782
John Howarthson of Joshua Howarth1934
Mary Ann Howarthwife of Joshua Howarth1835190570
950HowarthLouisa Howarthfirst name on this monument1862188321id: 539
(one image)
William Howarthbrother of Louisa Howarth1868189022
George Howarthfather of Louisa Howarth1832189664
Margaret Howarthmother of Louisa Howarth1833190673
951HowarthRichard Howarthfirst name on this monument80id: 593
(one image)
Hannah Howarthdaughter of Richard Howarth81
Thomas Howarthson of Richard Howarth76
952HowarthSarah Howarthfirst name on this monument1862193371id: 1413
(one image)
Joseph Howarthhusband of Sarah Howarth1860194181
953HowarthThomas Howarthfirst name on this monument1835189661id: 1370
(one image)
Emily Howarthdaughter-in-law of Thomas Howarth1856193983
John Howarthson of Thomas Howarth1845190661
Mary Ann Howarthwife of Thomas Howarth1833190370
954HowarthWilliam Howarthfirst name on this monument1831189665id: 713
(one image)
Thomas Rayner1903
Mary Howarthwife of William Howarth
955HowarthWilliam Duncan Howarthfirst name on this monument1844192278id: 163
(one image)
956HowcroftHerbert Shepherd Howcroftfirst name on this monument1886194862id: 1955
(one image)
Myra Howcroft1931200372
Stanley Howcroft1917197760
Grace Holt Howcroftwife of Herbert Shepherd Howcroft1886198094
957HowesSarah Jane Howesfirst name on this monument1890196474id: 64
(one image)
Albert E Howeshusband of Sarah Jane Howes
958HoworthJohn Howorthfirst name on this monument1901194342id: 1974
(one image)
Elizabeth House1901198584
John House1898196668
William M Howorth
959HowsonLena Howsonfirst name on this monument1907192417id: 822
(one image)
John Howsonfather of Lena Howson1876194872
Alice Howsonmother of Lena Howson1874194571
960HudsonEdward Hudsonfirst name on this monument1853191562id: 1548
(one image)
Evelyn Hudsondaughter of Edward Hudson1898192325
Edith Smithgrand daughter of Edward Hudson192319307
Fred Hansongrand son of Edward Hudson1839193798
Thomas Hudsonson of Edward Hudson1885192944
Elizabeth Hudsonwife of Edward Hudson1857192366
961HughesGeorge Henry Hughesfirst name on this monument1896id: 428
(one image)
Ada Ashton Hugheswife of George Henry Hughes1867193265
962HullWilliam Hullfirst name on this monument1847189548id: 742
(one image)
Annie Bates
Fred Bates1873195380
Catherine Hullwife of William Hull1847191063
963HulmeGeorge Hulmefirst name on this monument1858192264id: 1019
(one image)
Annie Hulmedaughter of George Hulme1891191726
Susannah Hulmewife of George Hulme1860194484
964HulmeHerbert Hulmefirst name on this monument1889193647id: 53
(one image)
Barbara Edith Cuerden192819302
Freda Cuerden
George Cuerden
Mary Hulme
965HulmeIsaac Hulmefirst name on this monument1826190579id: 1139
(one image)
Ada Walls1874191743
William Walls
Ann Hartniece of Isaac Hulme1866191448
Thomas Hartnephew-in-law of Isaac Hulme1858193274
Martha Hulmewife of Isaac Hulme1835190772
966HulmeMabel Hulmefirst name on this monument1885196782id: 2077
(one image)
Harry Hulmehusband of Mabel Hulme1969
967HulmeRobert Hulmefirst name on this monument1863193269id: 1628
(one image)
Robert Hulmegrand son of Robert Hulme
Ellis Hulmeson of Robert Hulme190419095
Teresa Hulmewife of Robert Hulme1869193364
968HulmeSarah Hulmefirst name on this monument1786186478id: 308
(one image)
969HulmeWilliam Hulmefirst name on this monument1897195861id: 1757
(one image)
Ellen Bibby1911198776
Gwendoline Foggson-in-law of William Hulme2001
Hilda Mary Hulmewife of William Hulme1907198780
970HulmeWilliam Hulmefirst name on this monument1852190452id: 1354
(one image)
Emma Hulmedaughter of William Hulme1884190319
Ann Hulmewife of William Hulme
971HultonSamuel Hultonfirst name on this monument1843191471id: 567
(3 images)
Edith Harrison1890197181
Harold Harrison1895195964
Herbert Hultonson of Samuel Hulton
Horace Hultonson of Samuel Hulton1904192016
Jane Hultonwife of Samuel Hulton1846193387
972HumphreysBen Kemmel Humphreysfirst name on this monument1977199922id: 112
(one image)
Annie Pollitt1918199981
George Pollitt1916200690
973HumphreysElizabeth A Humphreysfirst name on this monument1875192752id: 1037
(one image)
Alfred Humphreyshusband of Elizabeth A Humphreys1868195082
Stanley Humphreysson of Elizabeth A Humphreys1905193025
974HumphreysRobert John Humphreysfirst name on this monument1857193679id: 1520
(one image)
John Humphreys1883196683
Susannah Humphreys1880196383
975HuntLouisa Huntfirst name on this monument1884189814id: 1010
(one image)
Joseph Huntfather of Louisa Hunt1859190950
Sarah Huntmother of Louisa Hunt1862193068
Bertha Huntsister of Louisa Hunt1888193345
976HuntMary Elizabeth Huntfirst name on this monument1894193642id: 1252
(one image)
James Alfred Hunthusband of Mary Elizabeth Hunt1891197786
Margaret Huntsecond wife of husband of Mary Elizabeth Hunt1899196566
977HuntPeggy Huntfirst name on this monument1783186683id: 252
(one image)
Eliza Duxbury1824187147
James Duxbury
Elizabeth Holden1837189154
Thomas Holden
978HunterAlbert Hunterfirst name on this monument189919034id: 1309
(one image)
William Hunterfather of Albert Hunter1945
Mary Ellen Huntermother of Albert Hunter1873194269
979HunterArthur R Hunterfirst name on this monument1901198281id: 1816
(one image)
Beatrice Alice Hunterwife of Arthur R Hunter1903198784
980HurleyMary Hurleyfirst name on this monument1841191170id: 785
(2 images)
John Hurleyhusband of Mary Hurley1841191574
John Hurleyson of Mary Hurley1884191228
Ann Whitesidesister of Mary Hurley1836189559
981HurstBetsy Hurstfirst name on this monument1845190257id: 1221
(one image)
Mary Jane Hurstdaughter of Betsy Hurst1920
William Hursthusband of Betsy Hurst1844193288
John Thomas Hurstson of Betsy Hurst1869190233
982HutchinsonIsabella Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1869193061id: 1182
(one image)
John Hutchinsonhusband of Isabella Hutchinson1872195078
George Raw1926196135
Gladys Raw1902199593
983HutchinsonJ F Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1881191938id: 592
(one image)
984HutchinsonMaude Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument188418895id: 15
(one image)
Joseph Hutchinsonbrother of Maude Hutchinson1897
Richard Hutchinsonbrother of Maude Hutchinson189118954
Albertina Wilson Hutchinson1865193570
985HutchinsonPeter Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1895192530id: 898
(one image)
Gertrude Hutchinsonwife of Peter Hutchinson1895196873
986IddonJessie Iddonfirst name on this monument1894193541id: 1528
(one image)
William Clarkson Iddonhusband of Jessie Iddon1951
Alice Iddonsecond wife of husband of Jessie Iddon
987InchJohn Inchfirst name on this monument1901197675id: 1751
(one image)
Philip David Inchson of John Inch1961198019
Rose Hannah Inchwife of John Inch1906198276
988IrelandAlfred Irelandfirst name on this monument1863190239id: 1285
(one image)
Nellie Irelanddaughter of Alfred Ireland1892191826
Margaret Elizabeth Irelandmother of Alfred Ireland1860194787
James Irelandson of Alfred Ireland1896191721
989IrelandHarold Fletcher Irelandfirst name on this monument1904id: 984
(one image)
Walter Irelandfather of Harold Fletcher Ireland1866193973
Sarah Jane Irelandmother of Harold Fletcher Ireland1860192969
Maria Irelandsister of Harold Fletcher Ireland190219075
990IrelandJames Irelandfirst name on this monument1832189563id: 737
(one image)
Elizabeth Ann Irelanddaughter of James Ireland1873196087
James Irelandson of James Ireland1860193171
Elizabeth Irelandwife of James Ireland1835189964
991IrelandWilliam Irelandfirst name on this monument1858189941id: 1286
(one image)
Mary Ann Irelandwife of William Ireland1859192263
992IsherwoodJames Haslam Isherwoodfirst name on this monument1807186760id: 2032
(one image)
Martha Isherwooddaughter of James Haslam Isherwood1837189255
Mary Isherwoodwife of James Haslam Isherwood1802187775
993IsherwoodJoseph Isherwoodfirst name on this monument1903194138id: 1699
(one image)
Herbert Martinbrother-in-law of Joseph Isherwood
May Isherwoodwife of Joseph Isherwood1892198593
994IsherwoodJoshua Ward Isherwoodfirst name on this monument1893191623id: 1060
(2 images)
James Isherwoodbrother of Joshua Ward Isherwood1899
Jane Isherwoodmother of Joshua Ward Isherwood1863194582
Mabel Isherwood1890193040
Thomas Isherwood1889196374
995IsherwoodLouisa Isherwoodfirst name on this monument1857190649id: 1454
(one image)
John Isherwoodhusband of Louisa Isherwood1857193477
996IsherwoodMary Isherwoodfirst name on this monument1852187523id: 601
(one image)
John Isherwoodhusband of Mary Isherwood
Edith Mary Bagshaw1866195084
Ada Fryer1875193156
William Henry Fryer1876192549
997IsherwoodOlive Isherwoodfirst name on this monument1863191956id: 1001
(one image)
James Isherwoodhusband of Olive Isherwood1862194886
Emily Isherwood1857190447
Robert Isherwood1833190774
998IsherwoodThomas Isherwoodfirst name on this monument1875195984id: 952
(one image)
Alice Sewartdaughter of Thomas Isherwood1895193035
Alice Sewart
Thomas Sewart
Edward Moorcroftson-in-law of Thomas Isherwood1891191928
Nancy Isherwoodfirst wife of Thomas Isherwood1875193762
Annie Jane Isherwoodsecond wife of Thomas Isherwood
999JacksonCatherine Jacksonfirst name on this monument1858190244id: 1276
(one image)
James Jacksonhusband of Catherine Jackson
James Jacksonson of Catherine Jackson189218931
John Jacksonson of Catherine Jackson1885
1000JacksonDorothy Jacksonfirst name on this monument190119032id: 982
(one image)
Bertha Jackson1877194568
Frances Mary Jackson1852192775
John Jackson1852192775
William Harold Jackson189418973

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