St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
801HartJoseph Hartfirst name on this monument18641920560954a354903522
Edna Hartdaughter of Joseph Hart1893191926
Elizabeth Ashton1891194857
Thomas Ashton1885195267
Fred Hartson of Joseph Hart1897191720
Fanny Hartwife of Joseph Hart1859192970

802HartMartha Hartfirst name on this monument18611906451455355404214
Alfred Harthusband of Martha Hart1858194082

803HartMary Ellen Hartfirst name on this monument1884189814667354618486
Arthur Hartbrother of Mary Ellen Hart189118921
Roland Hartbrother of Mary Ellen Hart1904
Samuel Hartbrother of Mary Ellen Hart1893191320
William Hartfather of Mary Ellen Hart1861193675
Margaret Hartmother of Mary Ellen Hart1861192362
Maggie Hartsister of Mary Ellen Hart189618971

804HartMary Ellen Hartfirst name on this monument40353998203
William Henry Hartbrother of Mary Ellen Hart1875189823
Sarah Ann Hartmother of Mary Ellen Hart
Elizabeth Hart
Florence Hart1891192130
John Hart1879190930

805HarterIsaac Harterfirst name on this monument181919068711533551021521
Margaret Harterwife of Isaac Harter1849191667

806HartleSidney Hartlefirst name on this monument1897191720688354639195
William Hartlefather of Sidney Hartle1849192172
Dinah Hartlemother of Sidney Hartle1859193879

807Harwood Harwoodfirst name on this monument1783185471314354267424
Hannah Taylor1810189181
John Taylor1810187363
William Taylor1847186417
Mary Harwoodwife of Harwood1782185573

808HarwoodHannah Harwoodfirst name on this monument1832190472996354945306
Ellen Harwooddaughter of Hannah Harwood1866193569
Mary Ann Harwooddaughter of Hannah Harwood1858191052
William Harwoodhusband of Hannah Harwood1836190771

809HarwoodJames Harwoodfirst name on this monument1823189370569354522397
Ellanor Dickens1849192677
George Frederick Dickens1848191769
Sarah Harwood1823190481

810HarwoodRichard Harwoodfirst name on this monument18021860583603543133892
Ellis Fogg
Margaret Fogg1873
Nancy Fogg1854187319
Betty Harwoodwife of Richard Harwood

811HarwoodWilliam Harwoodfirst name on this monument19021915131236355185282
James Harwoodfather of William Harwood1872195078
Eliza Ann Harwoodmother of William Harwood1875194772
Elizabeth Harwoodsister of William Harwood1910196454

812HaslamDoris Mabel Haslamfirst name on this monument1904190511081355030549
James Edward Haslamfather of Doris Mabel Haslam1867194881
Elizabeth E Haslammother of Doris Mabel Haslam1868194779
Alice Ethel Haslamsister of Doris Mabel Haslam1897197275

813HaslamEliza Haslamfirst name on this monument18261899731441355390773
Eliza Taylor Haslamdaughter of Eliza Haslam1906198074
John Haslamhusband of Eliza Haslam1820189676
Arthur Haslam1887194760
Christiana Haslam1861193271
Edwin Haslam1862191856

814HaslamJames Haslamfirst name on this monument19261977511608355557961
Louisa Bell Belldaughter of James Haslam1885192338
Annie Bland1896192832
Arthur Bland
Rachel Jane Haslam1855191358
Jane Haslamwife of James Haslam

815HaslamMartha Haslamfirst name on this monument18181867492463542011491
William Haslamhusband of Martha Haslam1819187960

816HaslamMary Haslamfirst name on this monument1863191754855354803230
Gertrude Haslamdaughter of Mary Haslam1891
James Haslamhusband of Mary Haslam1857194992

817HaslamRichard Haslamfirst name on this monument184018874720353979289
Elizabeth Dickinsondaughter of Richard Haslam1949
Peter Dickinsonson-in-law of Richard Haslam1875193459
Frances Haslamwife of Richard Haslam1845191974

818HaslamRichard Haslamfirst name on this monument18401887472022355971404
Elizabeth A Dick
Peter Dick59
Frances Haslamwife of Richard Haslam1845191974

819HaslamRobert Haslamfirst name on this monument18441923791073540651060
Edward Street1890195060
Elizabeth Ann Haslamwife of Robert Haslam1847193689

820HaslamRoger Haslamfirst name on this monument1783186279157354113293
Betty Haslamwife of Roger Haslam1793187380

821HawksworthAnnie Jane Hawksworthfirst name on this monument1874192955701354652533
Doris Robinsondaughter of Annie Jane Hawksworth1898193739
John Hawksworthhusband of Annie Jane Hawksworth1871195483
Percy Robinsonson-in-law of Annie Jane Hawksworth1898197476

822HaydockCaroline Haydockfirst name on this monument17941866722057356006151
William Haydockhusband of Caroline Haydock

823HaydockWilliam Haydockfirst name on this monument189118921857354805322
Thomas Haydockfather of William Haydock1866193872
Hannah Haydockmother of William Haydock1866193872
Ellen Haydocksister of William Haydock1900

824HayesIsaac Hayesfirst name on this monument18381908702092356041112
Sarah Ann Hayeswife of Isaac Hayes

825HayesJames Hayesfirst name on this monument1808188375208354164363
James Hayes1808188678
Betsy Warburton
Robert Warburton1906
Samuel Warburton
William Warburton189719069

826HayesJoyce Hayesfirst name on this monument19631997341317355265108

827HaythornthwaiteJoyce Haythornthwaitefirst name on this monument191911293550781731
George Haythornthwaitefather of Joyce Haythornthwaite1907198376
Lena Haythornthwaitemother of Joyce Haythornthwaite

828HaywardLewis Haywardfirst name on this monument18851939541492355441166
Martha Ellen Haywardwife of Lewis Hayward1891197483

829HealdEmma Healdfirst name on this monument186119327163354021390
Colin Birch1940
Ellen Birch1895196469
Thomas Birch1915194227

830HealdJonathan Healdfirst name on this monument18561906501152355101350
Elizabeth Stringersister of Jonathan Heald1863192865
Mary Jane Healdwife of Jonathan Heald1856191862

831HeapMartha Jane Heapfirst name on this monument18811944631980355929280
Fred Heaphusband of Martha Jane Heap1881195978

832HearyEdith Hearyfirst name on this monument19051959541863355812277
Marian Hearydaughter-in-law of Edith Heary
Herbert Hearyhusband of Edith Heary1901198988
Kenneth Hearyson of Edith Heary1938196931

833HearyHowarth Hearyfirst name on this monument186919508117963557451821
Doris Hearydaughter of Howarth Heary1968
Alice Hearywife of Howarth Heary1877195780

834HeatonMary Alice Heatonfirst name on this monument1871191645947354895206
Alice Ronsongrand daughter of Mary Alice Heaton192119221
Richard Heatonhusband of Mary Alice Heaton1864194278

835HeatonRichard Heatonfirst name on this monument18591922631187355136408
Ella Heaton1919195132
George Heaton1897
John Henry Heaton189618971
Richard Heaton1887193750
Hannah Jane Heatonwife of Richard Heaton1864192864

836HeenanMichael Heenanfirst name on this monument1856190347584354536212
Ellen Heenanwife of Michael Heenan1860190343

837HelsbyEdward Helsbyfirst name on this monument1829188556530354483352
Martha Stewartdaughter of Edward Helsby189018922
Sarah Stewartdaughter of Edward Helsby1865190035
James Meadowcroft188918901
Robert Helsbyson of Edward Helsby1863193370
Martha Helsbywife of Edward Helsby1826190276

838HendersonEmily Hendersonfirst name on this monument187119043314353553841321
Thomas Beech Hendersonhusband of Emily Henderson
Harry Beech Hendersonson of Emily Henderson1897191922
Elenor Hendersonsecond wife of husband of Emily Henderson1894193440

839HenryMichael Henryfirst name on this monument1945199550181335576294

840HeskethElizabeth Heskethfirst name on this monument1871193160695354646395
George Heskethwife of Elizabeth Hesketh1874193258

841HeskethWilliam Heskethfirst name on this monument18421911691400355349327
Zechoriah Heskethson of William Hesketh
Catherine Heskethwife of William Hesketh1841192382

842HewittJohn Thomas Hewittfirst name on this monument18671950831833355782293
Emily Holtdaughter of John Thomas Hewitt1896198589
Josiah Holtson-in-law of John Thomas Hewitt1898198082
Eliza Hewittwife of John Thomas Hewitt1872195381

843HeyesAlbert Heyesfirst name on this monument18791928491117355066363
Elizabeth Ann Heyeswife of Albert Heyes1881196079

844HeyesAlice Martha Heyesfirst name on this monument1859190142784354733242
Matthew Heyeshusband of Alice Martha Heyes1862194078
Lewis Heyesson of Alice Martha Heyes1894

845HeyesCatherine Heyesfirst name on this monument1857192164460354412435
Peter Heyesfather-in-law of Catherine Heyes1830190070
Peter Heyeshusband of Catherine Heyes1857193275

846HeyesMargaret Alice Heyesfirst name on this monument1885194055150835545795

847HeyesMartha Heyesfirst name on this monument18841905211210355159269
John William Heyesfather of Martha Heyes1858191456
Phoebe Heyesmother of Martha Heyes1856192367
Ethel May Heyessister of Martha Heyes1892

848HeyesPercy Heyesfirst name on this monument187919325366354024145
Bertha Heyeswife of Percy Heyes1969

849HeyesRalph George Heyesfirst name on this monument18541905511079355028558
Jessie Heyesdaughter of Ralph George Heyes1875194368
Annie Heyesgrand daughter of Ralph George Heyes1904192319
James Heyesgrand son of Ralph George Heyes191519172
Ralph George Heyes1889196273
Mary Ann Heyeswife of Ralph George Heyes1854191561

850HeywoodGeorge Heywoodfirst name on this monument1925200378104354062129

851HeywoodJames Heywoodfirst name on this monument18191884653953543483572
Mary Sherratdaughter of James Heywood1860193070
Mary Heywoodwife of James Heywood1821190483

852HeywoodJohn Heywoodfirst name on this monument1826187751265354220184
Ellen Heywoodwife of John Heywood1825189772

853HeywoodThomas Heywoodfirst name on this monument18631944811241355190283
Ethel France Heywood1895198691
Leonard Heywood1893193845
Elizabeth Heywoodwife of Thomas Heywood1864191652

854HicksEdgar George Hicksfirst name on this monument1891189218663548144361
Annie Bradley1879193455
Annie Hicks1857192770
James William Hicks1847191265

855HigginsonArthur Ellis Higginsonfirst name on this monument18631923607973547457191
Ellis Higginson192119221
Frederick Higginson192319252
Elizabeth Sixsmith1872189220
Mary Higginsonwife of Arthur Ellis Higginson1864193975

856HigginsonEllis Higginsonfirst name on this monument1978355927110

857HigginsonWalter Higginsonfirst name on this monument18701926561027354976215
Annie Higginsonwife of Walter Higginson

858HigsonJames Higsonfirst name on this monument1845191267887354835175
Mary Ellen Higsonwife of James Higson87

859HilditchTommy Hilditchfirst name on this monument18851968831807355756268
Walter Hinsley1900197575
Monica I Smith1915199277
Isabella Hilditchwife of Tommy Hilditch1884197591

860HillAnnie Hillfirst name on this monument1910192010382354335303
Samuel Hillfather of Annie Hill1874195682
Elizabeth Emma Hillmother of Annie Hill

861HillAnnie Hillfirst name on this monument18991972731753355702124
Henry Hillwife of Annie Hill1903198178

862HillHomer Hillfirst name on this monument188319314873354031121
Florence Hillwife of Homer Hill1887196881

863HillJ E Hillfirst name on this monument1881191736779354728141

864HillPercy Hillfirst name on this monument18841954701977355926192
Joseph Percival Hill95

865HillStanley Hillfirst name on this monument1900190111228355177184
John Hillfather of Stanley Hill1867192962
Hannah Hillmother of Stanley Hill1867194174

866HillWilliam Hillfirst name on this monument18291903741311355259235
Martha Hilldaughter of William Hill1865194883
Mary Hilldaughter of William Hill1868194779
Sarah Ann Hollanddaughter of William Hill1861193776
Phebe Hillwife of William Hill1829190677

867HiltonAnnie Hiltonfirst name on this monument19241995711771355720148

868HiltonEliza Jane Hiltonfirst name on this monument185619317574354032260
Elizabeth Holdingdaughter of Eliza Jane Hilton1878194062
Joseph H Holdingson-in-law of Eliza Jane Hilton1874195379

869HiltonSusannah Hiltonfirst name on this monument18741932582074356023125

870HindleyBeatrice Mary Hindleyfirst name on this monument189719434619143558634001
Ernest Hindleyhusband of Beatrice Mary Hindley1893196168

871HindonDorothy Emily Hindonfirst name on this monument1864138354094111

872HirstHorace Hirstfirst name on this monument19051942372012355961190
Edith Hirstwife of Horace Hirst

873HobsonEllen Hobsonfirst name on this monument18191905862042355991322
William Hobsonhusband of Ellen Hobson
Elizabeth Hobson1852191866
Jane Ann Hobson1850191464

874HobsonEslie Adalaide Hobsonfirst name on this monument18991995961857355806184

875HobsonHannah Hobsonfirst name on this monument18691903341300355248407
Ada Emily Hobsondaughter of Hannah Hobson1953
Edith Alice Paynedaughter of Hannah Hobson1955
George William Hobsonhusband of Hannah Hobson1911
William Payneson-in-law of Hannah Hobson

876HodgkinsonElizabeth Jane Hodgkinsonfirst name on this monument18541903491356355305454
John Hodgkinsonhusband of Elizabeth Jane Hodgkinson1854191056

877HodgkinsonMargaret Hodgkinsonfirst name on this monument1849191162142535537410821
Margaret Hodgkinsondaughter of Margaret Hodgkinson1887195366
William Hodgkinsonhusband of Margaret Hodgkinson1844191773
Norah Walker192219275

878HodgkinsonRobert Hodgkinsonfirst name on this monument19511785355734292
Mary Hodgkinsonwife of Robert Hodgkinson1968

879HodsonWilliam James Hodsonfirst name on this monument187319164368354026457
Albert Hodsonson of William James Hodson1906198074
Ann Hodsonwife of William James Hodson1875194570

880HoldenElizabeth Holdenfirst name on this monument1858191860633354585825
Edward Pilkington Holdenhusband of Elizabeth Holden1860193676

881HoldenRobert Marsden Holdenfirst name on this monument18061856502153541713831
William Holdenfather of Robert Marsden Holden
Nancy Holdenmother of Robert Marsden Holden
John Holden
Mary Holden1783186380
Mary Ellen Brown Holdenwife of Robert Marsden Holden1852186513

882HoldenSarah Ellen Holdenfirst name on this monument18501924741184355133322
Ellen Holdendaughter of Sarah Ellen Holden1884193450
Thomas Holdenhusband of Sarah Ellen Holden1847192477
Gertrude Holden75

883HoldingEthel Holdingfirst name on this monument11090355039239
Peter Hodgkinson1884195470

884HoldingJoseph Holdingfirst name on this monument18641919556363545885941
Alice Holding1867195790
Esther Jane Holding1893196774
John Holding

885HolgateAnn Eliza Holgatefirst name on this monument18591918591204355153206
John Holgatehusband of Ann Eliza Holgate1857192669
Joseph Howard Holgateson of Ann Eliza Holgate190119065

886HolgateCharles Holgatefirst name on this monument1852192068684354635166
Ernest Holgate1925
Louisa Ellen Holgate1853193582

887HolgateEmma Holgatefirst name on this monument1856189842672354623272
James Holgatehusband of Emma Holgate1860193272
Richard Edward Holgateson of Emma Holgate189619037
Ellen Holgatesecond wife of husband of Emma Holgate

888HolgateRichard Holgatefirst name on this monument1890430354382158
Margaret Holgatewife of Richard Holgate1835191075

889HolgateRichard Holgatefirst name on this monument18661931652024355973178
Frances Elizabeth Holgatewife of Richard Holgate1861195796

890HolgateThomas Holgatefirst name on this monument18611902411273355222281
Elizabeth Holgatewife of Thomas Holgate1861192867

891HollandJohn Hollandfirst name on this monument5318463557952171
Nora Hollanddaughter of John Holland1925198964
Elizabeth H Hollandwife of John Holland1893198188

892HollisGeorge Hollisfirst name on this monument185619105421013560502471
Ann Holliswife of George Hollis1853193784

893HollowayRaymond Albert Hollowayfirst name on this monument1913191851049354998706
Elsie A Morrisaunt of Raymond Albert Holloway1900198080
Robert Scott Hamiltonbrother-in-law of Raymond Albert Holloway1944
Albert John Hollowayfather of Raymond Albert Holloway1874196187
Lily Hollowaymother of Raymond Albert Holloway1878196486
Charles Donald Robinson1914199177
Avriel Annetta Robinsonsister of Raymond Albert Holloway1916199680
Norman Knowles Morrisuncle of Raymond Albert Holloway1904194844

894HolsteadMary Ann Holsteadfirst name on this monument185718647171354127255
William Holsteadbrother of Mary Ann Holstead1863191653
John Holsteadfather of Mary Ann Holstead1832189664
Susannah Holsteadmother of Mary Ann Holstead1833190875
Alice Holsteadsister of Mary Ann Holstead1859191960

895HolsteadThomas Gilliband Holsteadfirst name on this monument190019011561354514210
Thomas Holsteadfather of Thomas Gilliband Holstead1873194269
Alice Holsteadmother of Thomas Gilliband Holstead1873194269

896HoltAlbert Holtfirst name on this monument188219102814793554284641
Ellen Warburton1913
Margaret Ann Warburton1867191750
Thomas Warburton1889191728
Elizabeth Holtwife of Albert Holt1884192541

897HoltBessie Holtfirst name on this monument19091601355550353
John Alfred Holtfather of Bessie Holt
Amelia Holtmother of Bessie Holt1875195176
William Alfred Holt1874196490

898HoltHannah Holtfirst name on this monument1813187764545354498322
Elijah Sankey1833189259
Esther Sankey1822188967
Hannah Taylor1850188434

899HoltJohn Henry Holtfirst name on this monument18731926531032354981249
Ann Jane Holtwife of John Henry Holt1862194583

900HoltMary A Holtfirst name on this monument19271335355283111
Frederick Holthusband of Mary A Holt1868194577

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