St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
501DougillJohn Dougillfirst name on this monument184319076410113549601771
Ernest Croswell Dougillson of John Dougill1876189822
Ann Dougillwife of John Dougill1846191064

502DougillWilliam Dougillfirst name on this monument18381899611462355411145
Lucy Dougillwife of William Dougill1835192388

503DouglasAlfred Douglasfirst name on this monument18791903241307355255512
Colin Douglasfather of Alfred Douglas1860192363
Emma Douglasmother of Alfred Douglas1860192060
Alice Douglassister of Alfred Douglas1887190316
Annie Douglassister of Alfred Douglas1895191318
Emily Maud Douglassister of Alfred Douglas1889191122

504DouglasThomas Douglasfirst name on this monument1853190451989354938320
Catherine Elliott1846192781
Arnold Douglasson of Thomas Douglas1878190224
Norman Douglasson of Thomas Douglas1880191333
Mary Ann Douglaswife of Thomas Douglas1856191862

505DowberinRaymond Dowberinfirst name on this monument19341984501546355495123

506DownsJane Downsfirst name on this monument1873189421807354755661
James Downsbrother of Jane Downs1887190316
Benjamin Downsfather of Jane Downs1845190661
Annie Downsmother of Jane Downs
Sarah Downssister of Jane Downs1883190219

507DoxseyHelen Doxseyfirst name on this monument19592010511772355721125

508DraperSarah Draperfirst name on this monument18531906531456355405360
Bertha Simsdaughter of Sarah Draper1885194358
William Draperhusband of Sarah Draper1856192569

509DrinnanElizabeth Ann Drinnanfirst name on this monument18701922521439355388186
Gladys Drinnandaughter of Elizabeth Ann Drinnan1895191419
Albert Drinnanhusband of Elizabeth Ann Drinnan1866190135
James Albert Drinnanson of Elizabeth Ann Drinnan1906197973

510Du CaneAlice Mary Du Canefirst name on this monument19176313545832061
Edmud Du Canefather of Alice Mary Du Cane

511DuckworthAlfred Duckworthfirst name on this monument187418762443354395453
Tom Duckworthbrother of Alfred Duckworth187718781
Thomas Duckworthfather of Alfred Duckworth1842192078
Jane Duckworthmother of Alfred Duckworth1841191877
Ellen Duckworthsister of Alfred Duckworth1867189629
Jane Duckworthsister of Alfred Duckworth

512DuckworthArnold Henry Duckworthfirst name on this monument19141970561897355846279
Rachel Duckworthwife of Arnold Henry Duckworth1918197153

513DuckworthLaura Ellen Duckworthfirst name on this monument18841948642054356003352
William Duckworthhusband of Laura Ellen Duckworth1884194965
Laura Eileen Haslam1924195531

514DuckworthMaggie Duckworthfirst name on this monument18541905511141355090406
Henry Duckworthhusband of Maggie Duckworth1853193784
Ettie Duckworth
George Duckworth
Minnie Duckworth190119054
Charles E Hulley
Minnie Hulley1881195473

515DunnEvelyn Dunnfirst name on this monument18541944901719355668356
Joseph Edward Dunnfather of Evelyn Dunn1910198575
Lilian Dunnmother of Evelyn Dunn1886196579

516DurrellWalter Deanham Durrellfirst name on this monument1860193171690354641276
Peter Durrellson of Walter Deanham Durrell1894192329
Margaret Burrell Durrellwife of Walter Deanham Durrell1863193370

517DutyArgo Dutyfirst name on this monument19131936236423545932711
Argo Dutyfather of Argo Duty1885195267
Mary Ellen Dutymother of Argo Duty1884197490

518Duxbury Duxburyfirst name on this monument1824190278260354215167

519DuxburyAnnie Duxburyfirst name on this monument1864174354130252
Richard Booth Duxburyfather of Annie Duxbury1822187452
Elizabeth Ann Duxburymother of Annie Duxbury
Mary Alice Duxburysister of Annie Duxbury1864

520DuxburyElizabeth Duxburyfirst name on this monument1865193368697354648669
Thomas Duxburywife of Elizabeth Duxbury

521DuxburyLewis Duxburyfirst name on this monument1894191622950354898401
Edwin Barlowbrother-in-law of Lewis Duxbury
Peter Duxburyfather of Lewis Duxbury1864193773
Annie S Duxburymother of Lewis Duxbury1865195085
Clarissa Barlowsister of Lewis Duxbury1887194053

522EastwoodClara Eastwoodfirst name on this monument189018922845354793599
William Eastwoodfather of Clara Eastwood
Isabella Mathergrand mother of Clara Eastwood1831191180
Mary Eastwoodmother of Clara Eastwood1852194391
Annie Eastwoodsister of Clara Eastwood1891190615
Ellen Eastwoodsister of Clara Eastwood1889193344

523EckersallJames Eckersallfirst name on this monument1882192543919354867257
Hannah Eckersallwife of James Eckersall

524EckersleyArthur Brian Eckersleyfirst name on this monument19301993631990355939139

525EckersleyEdwin Eckersleyfirst name on this monument18801946661910355859281
Ada Eckersley
Edwin Eckersley
Lillie Eckersleywife of Edwin Eckersley1890197787

526EckersleyHenry Eckersleyfirst name on this monument18551926711647355596284
Elizabeth Hicksondaughter of Henry Eckersley1886193347
Eliza Eckersleywife of Henry Eckersley1862196199

527EckersleyHolland Eckersleyfirst name on this monument18651913481258355207309
James Bates Patterson1904193430
Jane Ann Eckersleywife of Holland Eckersley1868193062

528EckersleyThomas Eckersleyfirst name on this monument18421890482049355998237
Elizabeth Eckersleywife of Thomas Eckersley1841190867

529EdenHannah Edenfirst name on this monument18831904211361355310266
William Edenfather of Hannah Eden
Hannah Edenmother of Hannah Eden1853192471

530EdgarMary Jane Edgarfirst name on this monument1876193660696354647456
Joseph Henry Edgarhusband of Mary Jane Edgar1873195178
Annie Hargreaves1893198491

531EdgeAlbert Edgefirst name on this monument1856191761837354785267
Mary Ann Edgewife of Albert Edge

532EdgeEmma Atherton Edgefirst name on this monument1869190738449354401770
William Edgefather of Emma Atherton Edge1825191388
Ann Edgemother of Emma Atherton Edge1830188555
Mary Ann Edge1844190561
Jane Bleasdalesister of Emma Atherton Edge1865194075

533EdgeJoseph Edgefirst name on this monument1824185834194354150381
James Edgefather of Joseph Edge
Sarah Edgemother of Joseph Edge1795186469
Alice Edge1825188257
Joseph Edge1847186518
Robert Edge1817188265
William Edge1845186520

534EdgeJoseph Edgefirst name on this monument1896189821382355331670
William Henry Edgebrother of Joseph Edge1897191619
Joseph Edgefather of Joseph Edge1863190239
Clara Townsonmother of Joseph Edge1865191954
Edward Knowles Edge1890192535
Arthur Townson

535EdgeKnowles Edgefirst name on this monument1859193172450354402728
Knowles Edgeson of Knowles Edge1884
Mary Jane Edgewife of Knowles Edge1852193280

536EdwardsFlorence Edwardsfirst name on this monument191419695518203557692041
George Edwardshusband of Florence Edwards

537EdwardsLloyd Edwardsfirst name on this monument186819104214853554345691
Eliza Ainsworth1878194062
Frank Ainsworth
Joseph Cowburn1868192456
Margaret Edwardswife of Lloyd Edwards1872192351

538EdwardsNathaniel Edwardsfirst name on this monument18441906621075355024408
James Holdsworth1898194547
Emma Edwardswife of Nathaniel Edwards1855193176

539EdwickHenry Boardman Edwickfirst name on this monument188019496918433557924041
Marian Edme Pickupdaughter of Henry Boardman Edwick1914201298
Florence Edwickwife of Henry Boardman Edwick1886197589

540EldridgeSarah Eldridgefirst name on this monument18871947601731355680222
Hubert Eldridge1845192277

541ElkinsC A I Elkinsfirst name on this monument18901919291098355047150

542ElliottGrace Elliottfirst name on this monument18471923761254355203330
Ethelena Elliottdaughter of Grace Elliott1885193954
Grace Elliottdaughter of Grace Elliott1884194864
John Warner Elliotthusband of Grace Elliott1850193282

543ElliottHenry Elliottfirst name on this monument18441859151883541444091
John Henry Elliottbrother of Henry Elliott186218686
William Elliottfather of Henry Elliott1822188563
Ellen Elliottmother of Henry Elliott1822190886
Mary Ann Douglas
Percy Campbell Douglas1877188811
Thomas Douglas

544EllisonJames Henry Ellisonfirst name on this monument19251681355630203
Sarah Elizabeth Ellison

545EllisonWilliam John Watson Ellisonfirst name on this monument19031915121621355570295
John Ellisonfather of William John Watson Ellison1872192553
Lilian Mary Ellisonmother of William John Watson Ellison1874195076

546EltonHarry Edward Eltonfirst name on this monument187219174516663556152761
Frederick Elton1912
Amelia Eltonwife of Harry Edward Elton

547EmberyPolly Emberyfirst name on this monument187518931819353978271
Willie Emberybrother of Polly Embery189218964
John Emberyfather of Polly Embery1852192573
Hannah Emberymother of Polly Embery1853191966

548EntwistleJohn Entwistlefirst name on this monument18901913231324355272278
Sarah Entwistlewife of John Entwistle

549EntwistleRobert Entwistlefirst name on this monument18661920541360355309584
Jane Entwistlewife of Robert Entwistle1866190438

550EntwistleThomas Entwistlefirst name on this monument181518867146735442014671
Elizabeth Entwistle1842190462
Elizabeth Entwistle1845190560
Jane Entwistlewife of Thomas Entwistle1815188671

551EvaEmily Louisa Evafirst name on this monument18611898371016354965536
Charles Evabrother of Emily Louisa Eva1878190527
John Evafather of Emily Louisa Eva1836192286
Charlotte Jane Evamother of Emily Louisa Eva1839191778
Elizabeth Ann Evasister of Emily Louisa Eva1880189919

552EvansCharles Evansfirst name on this monument18901933431110355059697
Hilda Councildaughter of Charles Evans1920197757
Annie Hunterdaughter of Charles Evans1914198975
John Green1855192671
Kenneth Merrils1952
Alfred Hunterson-in-law of Charles Evans1914198975
Ada Evanswife of Charles Evans1891199099

553EvansEdward Evansfirst name on this monument1894718354669129
Rose Evans1847190962

554EvansEllen Evansfirst name on this monument1886559354512270
Enoch Field1856192973
Mary Field1911
Alice Fieldsister of Ellen Evans1823

555FairbrotherJames Fairbrotherfirst name on this monument18611897369453548934271
Benjamin Fairbrother1836190771
Ellen Fairbrother1863193370
Lucy Fairbrother1848193385

556FairbrotherJohn Fairbrotherfirst name on this monument18451901562069356018331
Sarah Fairbrotherdaughter of John Fairbrother1882191230
Harvey Fairbrother1877195174
Judith Fairbrotherwife of John Fairbrother1845192479

557FaircloughAnn Faircloughfirst name on this monument1916199377198935593813901
Robert Faircloughhusband of Ann Fairclough1914197056
Elizabeth Williamsmother of Ann Fairclough1891195261

558FairhurstBertha Fairhurstfirst name on this monument403354356148

559FairhurstElizabeth Fairhurstfirst name on this monument182718906351354009789
William Fairhursthusband of Elizabeth Fairhurst1828190173
Alice Brownlow1865191449
Ralph Brownlow1870193161

560FairhurstFred Fairhurstfirst name on this monument188237353995463
Albert William Fairhurstbrother of Fred Fairhurst1876189317
James Fairhurstfather of Fred Fairhurst1849193081
Jane Fairhurstmother of Fred Fairhurst1847190356

561FairhurstGeorge Fairhurstfirst name on this monument185819357715063554554641
Lettice Fairhurstwife of George Fairhurst1858193577

562FairhurstJames Fairhurstfirst name on this monument18331900671137355086740
Mary Ellen Fairhurstdaughter of James Fairhurst1861193574
Jane Fairhurstdaughter-in-law of James Fairhurst1865194075
Thomas Fairhurstson of James Fairhurst1862192664
Hannah Fairhurstwife of James Fairhurst1829190273

563FairhurstJohn Fairhurstfirst name on this monument18551915601240355189538
Eva Clayton1886196276
Fred Clayton1890192434
Joyce Clayton1923
Margaret Fairhurstwife of John Fairhurst1857191760

564FairhurstPeter Fairhurstfirst name on this monument18351908732091356040806
Elizabeth Fairhurstdaughter of Peter Fairhurst1868194880
Ellen Fairhurst1857192770
William Fairhurst1862193371
Mary Fairhurstwife of Peter Fairhurst1834191177

565FairhurstRobert Fairhurstfirst name on this monument1734355683563
Mary Eliza Fairhurst

566FairhurstSamuel Fairhurstfirst name on this monument184819045613633553121098
Ann Fairhurstdaughter of Samuel Fairhurst
James Fairhurst1880192747
Nellie Fairhurst
Margaret Fairhurstwife of Samuel Fairhurst1848192577

567FallowsHerbert Fallowsfirst name on this monument191219433120023559514301
James Edward Fallowsfather of Herbert Fallows1893196370
Bertha Fallowsmother of Herbert Fallows1892197583
Norah Fallowswife of Herbert Fallows1914194733

568FarnworthEllen Farnworthfirst name on this monument18351909742096356045154
Annie Farnworthdaughter of Ellen Farnworth1880195070
John Farnworthfather of Ellen Farnworth

569FarnworthHarry Farnworthfirst name on this monument19051953481958355907195
John E Robinson
Maria Robinson1880195575

570FarnworthMary Farnworthfirst name on this monument18631932695353964155
Elizabeth Ellen Farnworthdaughter of Mary Farnworth1887197083
William Farnworthhusband of Mary Farnworth1864194379

571FarnworthMary Ann Farnworthfirst name on this monument192214073553561501
Robert Farnworthhusband of Mary Ann Farnworth

572FarnworthNathan Farnworthfirst name on this monument1824188157275354230325
Alice Farnworthdaughter of Nathan Farnworth1865
Elizabeth Farnworthdaughter of Nathan Farnworth185318585
Thomas Farnworthson of Nathan Farnworth184918523
Ann Farnworthwife of Nathan Farnworth1828188759

573FarnworthNathan Farnworthfirst name on this monument185318903752354010246
Emily Farnworthdaughter of Nathan Farnworth1861187413
Sarah Jane Farnworthdaughter of Nathan Farnworth1867187710
William Farnworthson of Nathan Farnworth17
Sarah Farnworthwife of Nathan Farnworth1904

574FarnworthRachael Farnworthfirst name on this monument18621921591125355074285
George Farnworthhusband of Rachael Farnworth1856193074
Bessie Howarth
Ernest Howarth

575FarnworthRalph Farnworthfirst name on this monument23935419483

576FarnworthSydney Farnworthfirst name on this monument19101931211106355055150
Arnold Farnworthfather of Sydney Farnworth1882194765
Florence Farnworthmother of Sydney Farnworth1881196180

577FarnworthWilliam Farnworthfirst name on this monument1894716354667281
John Thomas Farnworthfather of William Farnworth1868194678
Fanny Farnworthmother of William Farnworth1871195584
Hannah Farnworthsister of William Farnworth1898194648
Isabel Farnworthsister of William Farnworth189618982

578FarrallArthur Daniel Farrallfirst name on this monument18691956871880355829135
Florence Annie Farrallwife of Arthur Daniel Farrall1870195383

579FaulknerEdward Faulknerfirst name on this monument18761940641507355456189
Sarah Alice Faulknerwife of Edward Faulkner1875194873

580FearnleyCatherine Fearnleyfirst name on this monument1788184658191354147403
Emma Fearnleydaughter-in-law of Catherine Fearnley1838189153
Peter Fearnleyhusband of Catherine Fearnley
James Fearnleyson of Catherine Fearnley1821189170

581FearnleyElizabeth Fearnleyfirst name on this monument20185354141417
Agnes Fearnleymother of Elizabeth Fearnley1825186540
Thomas Fearnley51
Thomas Fearnley51
Alice Fearnleysister of Elizabeth Fearnley1854187420

582FearnleyJane Fearnleyfirst name on this monument19121986741749355698114
William Fearnleyhusband of Jane Fearnley1915199883

583FearnleyMary Alice Fearnleyfirst name on this monument192613313552792031
James Fearnley1862193068
Margaret Blair Fearnley
James Fearnleyson of Mary Alice Fearnley1927

584FieldingJohn Fieldingfirst name on this monument1850193282865354813163
Isabella Fieldingwife of John Fielding1851193281

585FieldingJoseph Fieldingfirst name on this monument188118843598354550390
Joseph Fieldingfather of Joseph Fielding1859192970
Nancy Fieldingmother of Joseph Fielding1862194482
Alice Fieldingsister of Joseph Fielding1885193752
Esther Fieldingsister of Joseph Fielding1902

586FieldingRichard Fieldingfirst name on this monument1826189670843354791690
Harry Crookgrand son of Richard Fielding1895
Agnes Collins1848191668
Robert Collins

587FieldingSamuel Fieldingfirst name on this monument19061202355151209
Louisa Fieldingwife of Samuel Fielding1942

588FieldingSarah Fieldingfirst name on this monument182018957573935468981

589FieldingSarah Fieldingfirst name on this monument18201885655663545191071
John Fieldinghusband of Sarah Fielding

590FishJohn Fishfirst name on this monument18791943642001355950142
Mary Fish1903198279

591FisherBella Fisherfirst name on this monument18961921251353355302198
William Fisherfather of Bella Fisher
Lizzie Fishermother of Bella Fisher

592FishwickHannah Fishwickfirst name on this monument186619266015153554641348
John Fishwickfather of Hannah Fishwick1950
Harold Fishwickgrand son of Hannah Fishwick
Margaret Brooks1844191773
Elizabeth Fishwick
Ella Fishwick
Hannah Fishwick
Hector Fishwick
Margaret Fishwick
John Fishwickson of Hannah Fishwick1891191726

593FittonRobert Fittonfirst name on this monument18611918571166355115213
Emily Fittonwife of Robert Fitton1861193574

594FitznewtonSarah Alice Fitznewtonfirst name on this monument1859187819503354456114

595FitzsimmonsMargaret Annie Fitzsimmonsfirst name on this monument18851964791763355712479
Margaret Ann Evans Askewdaughter of Margaret Annie Fitzsimmons1922199876
George Fitzsimmonshusband of Margaret Annie Fitzsimmons1883196885
Alan Harold Askewson-in-law of Margaret Annie Fitzsimmons1924199874

596FletcherAnnie Fletcherfirst name on this monument1919201192109354067252

597FletcherAnnie Fletcherfirst name on this monument1858191860964354913280
Seward Fletcherhusband of Annie Fletcher
Elizabeth Ann Fletcher1855193176

598FletcherDoris Fletcherfirst name on this monument19251950251795355744295
Fred Noel Fletcher1918199072

599FletcherEllis Fletcherfirst name on this monument1846190862425354377731
Mary Fletcherdaughter of Ellis Fletcher1884193349
Margaret Beech
Thomas Beech1870193969
Betsy Fletcherwife of Ellis Fletcher1848191062

600FletcherFred Fletcherfirst name on this monument1877193558543540124431
John William Fletcherson of Fred Fletcher1905193429
Alice Fletcherwife of Fred Fletcher1878196183

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