St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
201BlinkhornWilliam Blinkhornfirst name on this monument1838191375id: 1327
(one image)
Hannah Blinkhorn1853194188
Samuel Blinkhorn
Jane Blinkhornwife of William Blinkhorn1835192085
202BlinkhornWilliam Carrick Blinkhornfirst name on this monument1869id: 585
(one image)
Frederick Blinkhornbrother of William Carrick Blinkhorn1872193462
Henry Blinkhornbrother of William Carrick Blinkhorn1869
John Nicholson Blinkhornbrother of William Carrick Blinkhorn1883
William Blinkhornfather of William Carrick Blinkhorn1844191672
Mary Blinkhornmother of William Carrick Blinkhorn1846192882
Elizabeth Blinkhornwife of William Carrick Blinkhorn1872193462
203BlundellMary Blundellfirst name on this monument1829191081id: 1483
(one image)
204BlundellWilliam Blundellfirst name on this monument1834186329id: 354
(one image)
205BlundellWilliam Blundellfirst name on this monument1864190743id: 1578
(one image)
Alice Blundellwife of William Blundell1922196644
206BoardmanAlbert Boardmanfirst name on this monument1898192123id: 955
(one image)
John Boardmanfather of Albert Boardman1871194372
Mary Alice Boardmanmother of Albert Boardman1870193868
207BoardmanErnest Sayle Boardmanfirst name on this monument190719081id: 1604
(one image)
Thomas Herbert Boardmanfather of Ernest Sayle Boardman
Henrietta Agnes Boardmanmother of Ernest Sayle Boardman
Winifred May Boardmansister of Ernest Sayle Boardman190619082
208BoardmanThomas Boardmanfirst name on this monumentid: 938
(one image)
Mary Boardman
209BoardmanWilliam Boardmanfirst name on this monument1896190610id: 1203
(one image)
James Boardmanfather of William Boardman1865194479
Mary Boardmanmother of William Boardman1864195187
210BoltonCaroline Ellen Boltonfirst name on this monument1888194658id: 1711
(one image)
Renee Boltondaughter of Caroline Ellen Bolton1922195129
Thomas Arthur Boltonhusband of Caroline Ellen Bolton1886196276
211BoltonEdward Byron Boltonfirst name on this monument1857id: 1371
(one image)
Thomas Boltonbrother of Edward Byron Bolton1869
James Boltonfather of Edward Byron Bolton1833190774
Mary Ann Boltonmother of Edward Byron Bolton1835190166
Elizabeth Ann Stringer1859191657
Richard Clement Stringer1860192161
212BoltonHenry Boltonfirst name on this monument1868192658id: 1027
(2 images)
Elizabeth Jane Boltonwife of Henry Bolton1871195180
213BoltonJames Boltonfirst name on this monument1865189227id: 794
(one image)
Emma Louise Bell1948
James Bell1866194276
Mary Elizabeth Boltonwife of James Bolton1865192358
214BoltonWilliam Boltonfirst name on this monument1880196181id: 1850
(one image)
Beatrice Boltonwife of William Bolton1956
215BooteMary Ann Bootefirst name on this monument1908id: 2065
(one image)
James Bootebrother of Mary Ann Boote
Thomas Bootebrother of Mary Ann Boote1906194135
William Henry Bootefather of Mary Ann Boote
Harriet Bootemother of Mary Ann Boote
216BoothJohn Boothfirst name on this monument1939id: 2079
(one image)
Betsy Ellen Boothdaughter of John Booth1978
Selina Boothwife of John Booth1937
217BoothMary Boothfirst name on this monument1886192943id: 1523
(one image)
Alice Lena Boothdaughter of Mary Booth1910193121
Hilda Boothdaughter of Mary Booth1912192614
Frank Boothhusband of Mary Booth1878193254
218BoothMary Boothfirst name on this monument1781184160id: 224
(one image)
Grace Duxburydaughter of Mary Booth1811184231
Alice Boothdaughter-in-law of Mary Booth1807187164
Howard Boothgrand son of Mary Booth1864190945
Richard Boothhusband of Mary Booth
Richard Boothson of Mary Booth1782186381
William Howard Boothson of Mary Booth1805187267
219BoothMary Boothfirst name on this monument1839191172id: 1422
(one image)
John Boothhusband of Mary Booth1844191672
Martha Ainsworth1875193762
220BoothRichard Boothfirst name on this monument183818468id: 225
(one image)
Richard Boothbrother of Richard Booth185318563
Richard Boothfather of Richard Booth1823189875
Alice Boothmother of Richard Booth1820189272
Jane Boothsister of Richard Booth1851187019
Martha Boothsister of Richard Booth1850
Mary Jane Burnssister of Richard Booth1851187019
221BoothRichard Boothfirst name on this monument1842189856id: 975
(one image)
Sarah Jane Duxbury1858194183
Catherine Whewill1859191657
222BoothRobert Boothfirst name on this monument1811187766id: 513
(one image)
223BouldingThomas Richard Bouldingfirst name on this monumentid: 549
(one image)
Isabella Mary Parkinsondaughter of Thomas Richard Boulding
John Parkinsonson-in-law of Thomas Richard Boulding
Mary Ann Bouldingwife of Thomas Richard Boulding1908
224BowdenKayleigh Jane Bowdenfirst name on this monument1991id: 1943
(one image)
Gary Bowdenfather of Kayleigh Jane Bowden
Adele Bowdenmother of Kayleigh Jane Bowden
225BowesJane Bowesfirst name on this monument186318674id: 161
(one image)
Robert Bowesfather of Jane Bowes42
Helen Bowesmother of Jane Bowes
226BowlerRobert Taylor Bowlerfirst name on this monument1865192863id: 1684
(one image)
Martha Bowlerwife of Robert Taylor Bowler1859193879
227BowmanWilliam Bowmanfirst name on this monument1871191443id: 1261
(one image)
Evangeline Bowmandaughter-in-law of William Bowman
Jessie Bowman1896192630
Joseph Bowman
Henry Bowmanson of William Bowman1905194540
Mary Bowmanwife of William Bowman1868194072
228BoyleEmma Boylefirst name on this monument1836186226id: 202
(one image)
Emma Taylor Boyledaughter of Emma Boyle186218697
Robert Boylehusband of Emma Boyle
Hannah Boyle1803188986
Hugh Boyle
Joseph Boyle1843191067
Lydia Boyle1843191976
229BradburyGeorge Green Bradburyfirst name on this monument1844186521id: 243
(one image)
Henry Bradburyfather of George Green Bradbury
Hannah Bradburymother of George Green Bradbury
Alice Bradburysister of George Green Bradbury
Hannah Green Bradburysister of George Green Bradbury1865
230BradleyDavid Bradleyfirst name on this monument1900192727id: 1513
(one image)
Elijah Bradleyfather of David Bradley1875193964
Mary A Bradleymother of David Bradley1880194262
231BradleyJane Bradleyfirst name on this monument1879194465id: 1999
(one image)
Mabel Barraclough1912200391
Peter E Barraclough1942197230
Robert Barraclough1912198573
James Henry Hardcastle1911201099
232BradleyJoyce Bradleyfirst name on this monument1925200479id: 103
(one image)
233BradleySarah Bradleyfirst name on this monument1824188359id: 526
(one image)
Joseph Bradleyhusband of Sarah Bradley1823189572
Arthur Bradley Newsome1851192675
Jane Ann Newsome1850192070
Samuel Newsome1850192070
234BradshawFrederick Knowles Bradshawfirst name on this monument1863id: 154
(one image)
John Bradshawfather of Frederick Knowles Bradshaw1825190075
Hannah Bradshawmother of Frederick Knowles Bradshaw1825188257
Emily Bradshawsister of Frederick Knowles Bradshaw186018666
235BradshawJames Bradshawfirst name on this monument1816188468id: 603
(one image)
Alice Bradshawdaughter of James Bradshaw1843190562
Sarah Bradshawdaughter of James Bradshaw1850188535
Jeannie Bradshawdaughter-in-law of James Bradshaw
Edith Mary Bradshawgrand daughter of James Bradshaw191619171
James Bradshawson of James Bradshaw1852189240
Mary Bradshawwife of James Bradshaw1815189782
236BradshawMartha Bradshawfirst name on this monument1892195765id: 1752
(one image)
Caroline Williamsdaughter of Martha Bradshaw1915199883
Herbert H Williamsson-in-law of Martha Bradshaw1915201095
237BradshawThomas Albert Bradshawfirst name on this monument1898195658id: 1902
(one image)
May Lever Bradshawdaughter of Thomas Albert Bradshaw1922196745
Hilda Greenhalgh1929200879
Roy Joseph Greenhalgh1932200674
Elizabeth Ann Bradshawwife of Thomas Albert Bradshaw1894197985
238BramwellStephen Bramwellfirst name on this monument1953id: 1942
(one image)
Philip Leigh Bramwellfather of Stephen Bramwell1911199483
Helen Bramwellmother of Stephen Bramwell
239BrandPamela Brandfirst name on this monument1920200686id: 1812
(one image)
240BrandonAlice Brandonfirst name on this monument1914198672id: 1815
(one image)
Philip Brandonson of Alice Brandon1943198845
241BrayEmma Louisa Brayfirst name on this monument1875194671id: 1997
(one image)
John William Brayhusband of Emma Louisa Bray1877196689
242BreakellFrancis Breakellfirst name on this monument1880195777id: 1656
(one image)
Arnold Breakell1913200289
Violet Breakell1915200489
Sydney Breakellson of Francis Breakell190819124
Mary Ellen Breakellwife of Francis Breakell1880197191
243BreretonMary Jane Breretonfirst name on this monument1853191158id: 1319
(one image)
Ellen Hargreavesdaughter of Mary Jane Brereton1878191840
Charles Breretonhusband of Mary Jane Brereton1854191157
244BrettEdward Brettfirst name on this monument1880193050id: 1036
(one image)
Agnes Brettwife of Edward Brett
245BridgeHarriet Bridgefirst name on this monument1859190344id: 1283
(one image)
Richard H Bridgehusband of Harriet Bridge1868195991
Thomas Bridgeson of Harriet Bridge1891191827
Agnes Ann Bridgesecond wife of husband of Harriet Bridge1872193765
246BridgeJessie Bridgefirst name on this monument1880194767id: 1968
(one image)
247BridgeMary Alice Bridgefirst name on this monument1891191625id: 1244
(one image)
Arthur Thomas Bridgebrother of Mary Alice Bridge1894193642
Ernest Bridgefather of Mary Alice Bridge1867194679
Alice Ann Bridgemother of Mary Alice Bridge1865193671
248BridgeRalph Bridgefirst name on this monument189218931id: 849
(one image)
Jonathan Bridgefather of Ralph Bridge1857192770
Sarah Jane Bridgemother of Ralph Bridge1860189434
Eleanor Bridgesister of Ralph Bridge189418951
Alice Bridgesecond wife of father of Ralph Bridge1864193975
249BriercliffeAlice Briercliffefirst name on this monument1853192471id: 1416
(one image)
Norman Briercliffe1888192537
Rachel Briercliffe
Robert Briercliffe
250BriercliffeMargaret Briercliffefirst name on this monumentid: 151
(2 images)
Ruth Briercliffedaughter of Margaret Briercliffe
Robert Briercliffehusband of Margaret Briercliffe
Theodosia Briercliffe1827187447
Alice Hugginson1833188552
251BriercliffeMargaret Briercliffefirst name on this monument1843189350id: 1375
(one image)
Ann Elizabeth Nuttall1843192582
Annie M Nuttall1861193372
Sarah Alice Nuttall1857193376
Thomas W Nuttall1858192466
Eliza Ann Owen1864194278
252BriercliffeRobert Briercliffefirst name on this monument1848190557id: 1457
(one image)
Rachel Briercliffewife of Robert Briercliffe1850191767
253BrierleyAdam Brierleyfirst name on this monument1820189171id: 468
(one image)
Joseph Brierley1871191847
James Brierleyson of Adam Brierley1865190237
Ann Brierleywife of Adam Brierley1830189868
254BriggsGeorge Stanley Briggsfirst name on this monument1933199259id: 781
(one image)
255BriggsSamuel Charles Briggsfirst name on this monument1844188844id: 528
(one image)
Florence Ward1880190424
Henry Ward1840189454
Matilda Ward1839190970
256BrindleHarold Brindlefirst name on this monument1896191923id: 954
(2 images)
Thomas Brindlefather of Harold Brindle
Mina Brindlemother of Harold Brindle1872192654
William Garsland1875194570
257BrindleJohn Yates Brindlefirst name on this monument1880193050id: 777
(one image)
Audrey Brindle
John J Brindle
Millicant Brindle
Nicholas Jeffrey Brindle197019722
Reginald Brindle1914198167
Susan Lesley Brindle196419662
John Brindleson of John Yates Brindle
Alice Ann Brindlewife of John Yates Brindle1880196585
258BrindleNancy Brindlefirst name on this monument1850193282id: 487
(one image)
Robert Brindlehusband of Nancy Brindle1853192875
Robert Brindleson of Nancy Brindle1880189515
259BriscoeAda Maria Briscoefirst name on this monument1867189831id: 417
(one image)
James William Briscoefather of Ada Maria Briscoe1834191581
Mary Briscoemother of Ada Maria Briscoe1840191878
John Neville Aspinall Briscoe1838187436
Edith Ellen Briscoesister of Ada Maria Briscoe1849194192
260BriscoeAda Maria Briscoefirst name on this monument1857186811id: 137
(one image)
James William Briscoefather of Ada Maria Briscoe1834191581
Mary Briscoemother of Ada Maria Briscoe1840191878
John Neville Aspinall186818746
Edith Ellen Briscoesister of Ada Maria Briscoe1879194162
261BristowElizabeth Bristowfirst name on this monument1840191676id: 13
(one image)
Joseph Bristowhusband of Elizabeth Bristow1838188749
262BroadbentFrederic Broadbentfirst name on this monument1816188872id: 134
(3 images)
Constance Mary Winterdaughter of Frederic Broadbent1889191425
Spencer Broadbentson of Frederic Broadbent1851190958
Jane Broadbentwife of Frederic Broadbent1818189375
263BroadsworthRichard Broadsworthfirst name on this monument1831191786id: 476
(one image)
Lettice Broadsworthdaughter of Richard Broadsworth1854192369
264BrockbankEliza Brockbankfirst name on this monument1854189137id: 36
(one image)
Lilly Brockbankdaughter of Eliza Brockbank1870188010
Doris Brockbankgrand daughter of Eliza Brockbank1901
William Henry Brockbankhusband of Eliza Brockbank1856190044
Arthur Brockbankson of Eliza Brockbank1890190616
Fred Brockbankson of Eliza Brockbank188718892
Frederick Brockbankson of Eliza Brockbank187618815
Harry Brockbankson of Eliza Brockbank1891
265BrockbankEllen Brockbankfirst name on this monument1843189350id: 941
(one image)
George S Brockbankhusband of Ellen Brockbank1826190579
Harry Brockbankson of Ellen Brockbank1876190024
266BrockbankFrancis Millwood Hollins Brockbankfirst name on this monument1854191763id: 1453
(one image)
Levi Brockbankhusband of Francis Millwood Hollins Brockbank1849193384
267BrombeyAnn Brombeyfirst name on this monument1844186824id: 143
(one image)
Alice Dover1812189785
John Dover1813189683
Albert Francis Brombeyson of Ann Brombey1869188112
268BromileyDorothy Alice Bromileyfirst name on this monument1854192369id: 490
(one image)
269BromileyRobert Howarth Bromileyfirst name on this monument1860191656id: 838
(one image)
Florence Jane Bromileydaughter of Robert Howarth Bromiley1892196876
Frederick James Bromileyson of Robert Howarth Bromiley1889195566
Ann Elizabeth Bromileywife of Robert Howarth Bromiley1859195394
270BrooksJane Brooksfirst name on this monument1830189464id: 790
(one image)
Sarah Matherdaughter of Jane Brooks1853193683
Thomas Brookshusband of Jane Brooks1829190172
Giles Matherson-in-law of Jane Brooks1852193381
271BrooksJoseph Brooksfirst name on this monument1844191874id: 44
(one image)
Sarah Ann Brooksdaughter of Joseph Brooks188418873
Joseph Gowanlockgrand son of Joseph Brooks1918
Joseph Brooksson of Joseph Brooks188718881
Mary Brookswife of Joseph Brooks1848188941
272BrooksMary Brooksfirst name on this monument1853190552id: 1082
(one image)
James Brookshusband of Mary Brooks
Mary Brookssecond wife of husband of Mary Brooks1854191056
273BroughJohn Broughfirst name on this monument1854190450id: 1003
(one image)
Albert Brough
Charles W Brough1884194662
Margaret Ann Brough1880194262
Nellie Brough
Betsy Broughwife of John Brough1853192774
274BrownArthur Brownfirst name on this monument1910194131id: 1540
(one image)
Herbert Brownfather of Arthur Brown1884196783
Mary Brown1907198578
275BrownDaniel Ian Brownfirst name on this monument1977199417id: 1350
(one image)
Ian Brown1948200557
276BrownGraham Waring Brownfirst name on this monument1928198961id: 1695
(one image)
277BrownIsabella Brownfirst name on this monument1875194570id: 1728
(one image)
Donald James Browngrand son of Isabella Brown1933197138
James Brownhusband of Isabella Brown1875195883
Thomas Mair Brownson of Isabella Brown1900191818
278BrownJohn Brownfirst name on this monument1853191663id: 1667
(one image)
Mary Hadfielddaughter of John Brown57
Margaret Alice Pembertondaughter of John Brown1881192948
Percy Hadfieldson-in-law of John Brown
Wilfred Pembertonson-in-law of John Brown
Amelia Brownwife of John Brown1858192062
279BrownJohn Brownfirst name on this monument1852190250id: 1162
(one image)
Elizabeth Ann Bommerdaughter of John Brown1880193353
Mary Jane Smithdaughter of John Brown1874190935
Herbert Rothwell Brownson of John Brown189319007
Esther Brownwife of John Brown1852189543
280BrownJohn Richard Brownfirst name on this monument1844189753id: 879
(one image)
Richard Brownfather of John Richard Brown1765182661
Margaret Brownmother of John Richard Brown1764182864
Elsie Brownsister of John Richard Brown1899
281BrownLewis Brownfirst name on this monument1847186114id: 356
(one image)
Thomas Brownbrother of Lewis Brown185618626
Lewis Brownfather of Lewis Brown1823190077
Ann Brownmother of Lewis Brown
Ann Brownsister of Lewis Brown185318629
282BrownMary Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1869193970id: 1490
(one image)
Joseph Brownhusband of Mary Ann Brown1872195583
283BrownMary Ann Elizabeth Brownfirst name on this monument39id: 77
(one image)
Samuel Brownhusband of Mary Ann Elizabeth Brown60
284BrownRobert Brownfirst name on this monument1844192783id: 412
(2 images)
Thomas Brownfather of Robert Brown1814188369
Mary Brownmother of Robert Brown1815188873
Mary Brownsister of Robert Brown1846190862
285BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1915199984id: 1745
(one image)
Nancy Brownwife of William Brown1916200791
286BrownWilliam Moncrieffe Brownfirst name on this monument1864191955id: 635
(one image)
287BrownlowJohn Brownlowfirst name on this monument187018755id: 485
(one image)
Charles Brownlowfather of John Brownlow1835187742
Eliza Brownlowmother of John Brownlow1837189255
288BryceMaria Brycefirst name on this monument1861193473id: 637
(one image)
William Brycehusband of Maria Bryce1865194782
Ethel Bryce1887193144
John Bryce1881191938
William Bryce
289BuckleyWilfred Lawson Buckleyfirst name on this monument1879191738id: 951
(one image)
290BulloughAlice Bulloughfirst name on this monument1834186228id: 320
(one image)
Annie Bulloughdaughter of Alice Bullough1880195777
James Bulloughhusband of Alice Bullough1834189056
291BulloughAlice Bulloughfirst name on this monument1833191178id: 1427
(one image)
Joseph Bulloughhusband of Alice Bullough1838191375
Alice Syddall1878192749
Walter Syddall
292BulloughJoseph Bulloughfirst name on this monument1859191354id: 494
(one image)
Robert Watson1888
Victoria Ellen Watson1897
James Arthur Bulloughson of Joseph Bullough1887
Ellen Bulloughwife of Joseph Bullough1861193675
293BulloughLouisa Bulloughfirst name on this monument1861id: 341
(one image)
James Bulloughbrother of Louisa Bullough1865
Peter Bulloughfather of Louisa Bullough1831189059
Jane Bulloughmother of Louisa Bullough1833190774
Alice Bulloughsister of Louisa Bullough1866187711
294BulloughMary Bulloughfirst name on this monument1802187573id: 491
(one image)
Alice Bullough1833187845
James Bullough1833188148
295BurgessSusannah Burgessfirst name on this monument1852192674id: 1645
(one image)
Walter Burgesshusband of Susannah Burgess1853192976
296BurrowArthur Burrowfirst name on this monument189418951id: 815
(one image)
Thomas Barnes Burrowbrother of Arthur Burrow1890192535
Leslie Burrowcousin of Arthur Burrow192119298
Arthur Burrowfather of Arthur Burrow1861192968
Mary Ann Burrowmother of Arthur Burrow1863193168
Ellen Burrowsister-in-law of Arthur Burrow
297BurtonThomas Burtonfirst name on this monument1808187668id: 276
(one image)
John Burtonson of Thomas Burton185018555
Richard Burtonson of Thomas Burton185218531
Martha Burtonwife of Thomas Burton1810188272
298BusbyEmily Busbyfirst name on this monument1889194152id: 2008
(one image)
James Busbyhusband of Emily Busby1886197589
299BushellBessie Howcroft Bushellfirst name on this monument1865194580id: 1724
(one image)
300BushellHenry William Bushellfirst name on this monument1867192154id: 708
(one image)
Elizabeth Bushellwife of Henry William Bushell1860194080

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