St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
2001WebsterWalter Websterfirst name on this monument1869191849id: 1045
(one image)
John Websterson of Walter Webster1901199190
Hannah Jane Websterwife of Walter Webster1871195786
2002WebsterWilliam M B Websterfirst name on this monument1854191460id: 1599
(one image)
2003WeeksBill Weeksfirst name on this monument1922198765id: 1748
(one image)
Bertha Weekswife of Bill Weeks1921200483
2004WelchAlbert Welchfirst name on this monument1898191921id: 1130
(2 images)
Albert Welchfather of Albert Welch
Hannah Welchmother of Albert Welch1861193372
Minnie Welchsister of Albert Welch1892196977
2005WelsbyJames Welsbyfirst name on this monument1894195258id: 1986
(one image)
Annie Lorddaughter of James Welsby1919198970
Renee E Welsby1936199761
Isabella Welsbywife of James Welsby1893198895
2006WestIsabella Westfirst name on this monument1876193963id: 1477
(one image)
John Thomas Westhusband of Isabella West1876195478
Eugene Ainsworth1880195777
Robert William Ainsworth1877194467
2007WharmbyOlive Wharmbyfirst name on this monument1892194755id: 1918
(one image)
Thomas Henry Wharmbyhusband of Olive Wharmby1892194755
William Heyes58
2008WhartonWilliam Whartonfirst name on this monument1855189540id: 517
(one image)
Mary Jane Whartonwife of William Wharton1853190249
2009WheatleyEphraim Wheatleyfirst name on this monument1805187065id: 251
(one image)
2010WheelerBertha E Wheelerfirst name on this monument1868193264id: 7
(one image)
Frederick Charles Wheelerhusband of Bertha E Wheeler1875196388
2011WhewellWalter Whewellfirst name on this monument1873192552id: 641
(one image)
2012WhiteheadEthel Ann Whiteheadfirst name on this monument1883194259id: 2014
(one image)
Christopher Whitehead1885197287
2013WhiteheadThomas Whiteheadfirst name on this monument1866189832id: 1289
(one image)
Alexander Whitehead1843190259
Marena Whitehead1835189863
Emma Whiteheadwife of Thomas Whitehead1863195087
2014WhitesideSarah Whitesidefirst name on this monument1853193178id: 796
(one image)
Ellen Barron
Harry Barron1875193156
2015WhitesideThomas Whitesidefirst name on this monument1887id: 502
(one image)
Alfred Whiteside
Sarah Whiteside
Diana Whitesidewife of Thomas Whiteside
2016WhittakerJack Whittakerfirst name on this monument1921200281id: 1983
(one image)
John Philip Whittakerson of Jack Whittaker1953201158
2017WhittakerJames Whittakerfirst name on this monument1864id: 135
(one image)
Ellen Whittakerwife of James Whittaker1887
2018WhittakerMary Hannah Whittakerfirst name on this monument1894195460id: 1941
(one image)
Elizabeth Ann Griffin1901199796
John Edward Griffin1897198790
2019WhittakerPercy Whittakerfirst name on this monument1891195968id: 1536
(one image)
John Whittakerfather of Percy Whittaker1865193469
Elizabeth Whittakerwife of Percy Whittaker1898199193
2020WhittakerTheresa Elizabeth Whittakerfirst name on this monument1914id: 1588
(one image)
Joseph Whittakerfather of Theresa Elizabeth Whittaker
Elizabeth Whittakermother of Theresa Elizabeth Whittaker1916
2021WhittakerThomas Whittakerfirst name on this monument1856192973id: 765
(one image)
Hannah Ormstondaughter of Thomas Whittaker1879193859
William Ormstonson-in-law of Thomas Whittaker
Jane Whittakerwife of Thomas Whittaker1857194083
2022WhittakerWilliam Whittakerfirst name on this monument1888193547id: 1537
(one image)
Annie Whittakerwife of William Whittaker1885196479
2023WhittingtonEliza Whittingtonfirst name on this monument1835191176id: 1478
(one image)
2024WhittleElizabeth Julia Whittlefirst name on this monument1875191540id: 1625
(one image)
Thomas Hollisbrother-in-law of Elizabeth Julia Whittle1879197495
John Stanley Whittlehusband of Elizabeth Julia Whittle1884194460
Emmeline Hollissister of Elizabeth Julia Whittle1879194869
2025WhittleEmma Whittlefirst name on this monument1854191460id: 1624
(one image)
Gertrude Lomaxdaughter of Emma Whittle1901196160
William Whittlehusband of Emma Whittle1853192572
John Lomaxson-in-law of Emma Whittle1874194268
2026WhittleIsaac Whittlefirst name on this monument1888195163id: 1799
(one image)
Doris Syddall1916198771
Ellis Syddall1916198872
Elizabeth Whittlewife of Isaac Whittle1897196972
2027WhittleJames Whittlefirst name on this monument1819190788id: 279
(one image)
Mary Ann Whittlefirst wife of James Whittle1821185029
Elizabeth Whittlesecond wife of James Whittle1820187252
2028WhittleJames Whittlefirst name on this monument1782185775id: 2036
(one image)
2029WhittleJames Whittlefirst name on this monument1837190063id: 543
(one image)
Daniel Whittleson of James Whittle1909
William Whittleson of James Whittle
Lettice Whittlewife of James Whittle
2030WhittleJohn Whittlefirst name on this monument1869189930id: 1442
(one image)
Mary Whittlefather of John Whittle1848190658
William Whittlemother of John Whittle1844192783
Elizabeth Whittle1889193344
Isaac Whittle
Martha Whittlewife of John Whittle
2031WhittleJohn Whittlefirst name on this monument1824190480id: 991
(one image)
Ellen Ann Whittledaughter of John Whittle1865193974
Hannah Whittledaughter of John Whittle1871194776
Betty Whittlewife of John Whittle1827191588
2032WhittonJames Whittonfirst name on this monument1860192666id: 1246
(one image)
Eva Emma Whitton1902193230
Odette Evelyn Whitton1929
William Lamb Whitton1897196467
Isabella Whittonwife of James Whitton1862192260
2033WhowillElizabeth Whowillfirst name on this monument1861190948id: 2062
(one image)
John Whowillhusband of Elizabeth Whowill1859193677
Elsie Gregory1874191945
Harold Whowillson of Elizabeth Whowill1889191728
Robert Whowillson of Elizabeth Whowill1884195571
2034WightmanAlice Wightmanfirst name on this monument185518572id: 323
(one image)
Robert Bruce Wightmanbrother of Alice Wightman1861
William Wightmanfather of Alice Wightman1816187660
Elizabeth Wightmanmother of Alice Wightman
2035WigleyGeorge Edwin Wigleyfirst name on this monument1875194469id: 1721
(one image)
Harriet Wigleywife of George Edwin Wigley1868195385
2036WignallJames Wignallfirst name on this monument52id: 377
(one image)
Betsy Wignallwife of James Wignall1832188553
2037WilcocksonCharles Wilcocksonfirst name on this monument1869192758id: 1282
(one image)
Frederick D Pyle1922198563
2038WilcocksonElizabeth Wilcocksonfirst name on this monument1846191165id: 1398
(one image)
Ellen Mortimergrand daughter of Elizabeth Wilcockson191019122
Edward Wilcocksonhusband of Elizabeth Wilcockson1843188138
Albert Edward Bellis1881193857
2039WilcocksonErnest Spencer Wilcocksonfirst name on this monument1878194466id: 1268
(one image)
Herbert Hulton
Minnie Wilcocksonwife of Ernest Spencer Wilcockson1959
2040WildJohn Wildfirst name on this monument1865191045id: 1067
(one image)
Marjorie Wilddaughter of John Wild190419051
Margaret Wildwife of John Wild
2041WildeAlice Wildefirst name on this monument1875193156id: 912
(one image)
Frederick Wildehusband of Alice Wilde1875195883
2042WildeWilliam Wildefirst name on this monument1827184417id: 223
(one image)
William Wildefather of William Wilde
Hannah Wildemother of William Wilde1798186365
2043WilkesC Wilkesfirst name on this monument1916194024id: 1505
(one image)
2044WilkinsonAda Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1889192435id: 651
(one image)
Thomas Wilkinsonhusband of Ada Wilkinson1887193346
Alice Wilkinsonsecond wife of husband of Ada Wilkinson1889195162
2045WilkinsonJohn Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1838186527id: 165
(one image)
2046WilkinsonSamuel Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1831187544id: 380
(one image)
Charlotte Barlow189618971
Henry Barlow1886
Herbert Barlow1894192834
Sarah Ann Barlow1854193379
William Henry Barlow1855192065
2047WilkinsonThomas Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1856191862id: 1025
(one image)
Dorothy Wilkinsonwife of Thomas Wilkinson1849192374
2048WillettsJoseph Henry Willettsfirst name on this monument1859192364id: 962
(one image)
June Isabel Willets1902192321
Mary Jane Willets69
Oswald George Willets1895191722
2049WilliamsA Williamsfirst name on this monument1899191819id: 819
(one image)
2050WilliamsEdna Williamsfirst name on this monument191119154id: 1235
(2 images)
Norman Williamsfather of Edna Williams
Nellie Williamsmother of Edna Williams1887193245
Arthur Williams1888191729
Daniel Williams1865193368
Daniel Williams1894191824
2051WilliamsElizabeth Williamsfirst name on this monumentid: 808
(one image)
William Williamshusband of Elizabeth Williams1848192072
Eileen Leather1875195176
2052WilliamsThomas Williamsfirst name on this monument1825189974id: 1463
(one image)
John Williamsson of Thomas Williams1855191964
Thomas Williamsson of Thomas Williams1852190856
Mary Williamswife of Thomas Williams1825190580
2053WilliamsThomas Williamsfirst name on this monument1890195161id: 1790
(one image)
Edith Williams
John Williams1921198261
Millinson Williamswife of Thomas Williams1893197885
2054WilliamsonEdward Williamsonfirst name on this monument1926198862id: 344
(one image)
Gladys May Williamson1935200469
2055WillisAnnie Willisfirst name on this monumentid: 1290
(one image)
James Willishusband of Annie Willis
Annie Ellen Haslam Stubbs1853191158
John Edwin Stubbs
2056WilsonGeorge Edward Wilsonfirst name on this monument1883191027id: 2106
(one image)
Arthur Cecil Wilsonbrother of George Edward Wilson1894196874
Charles Purser Wilsonbrother of George Edward Wilson1891191625
William Lynas Wilsonbrother of George Edward Wilson1886191428
William Tyson Wilsonfather of George Edward Wilson1855192166
Frances Wilsonmother of George Edward Wilson1859193980
2057WilsonHerbert Wilsonfirst name on this monument188518894id: 557
(one image)
Joseph Wilsonfather of Herbert Wilson1853190653
Mary Wilsonmother of Herbert Wilson1849190253
George Wilson Rhodes1866194377
2058WilsonThomas Wilsonfirst name on this monument1879190829id: 1452
(one image)
Robert Wilsonfather of Thomas Wilson1855191560
Mary Alice Wilsonmother of Thomas Wilson1857191760
Bertha Evanssister of Thomas Wilson1835192489
Mary Alice Hayessister of Thomas Wilson1899192627
2059WilsonThomas Wilsonfirst name on this monument1777185477id: 236
(one image)
Mary Ann Wilsondaughter of Thomas Wilson1821187352
Sophia Wilsondaughter of Thomas Wilson1830189666
John Wilsonson of Thomas Wilson1830188858
Peggy Wilsonwife of Thomas Wilson1792186573
2060WinkleyRobert Winkleyfirst name on this monument1833189158id: 553
(one image)
Ann Winkleywife of Robert Winkley1832188957
2061WinstanleyJane Winstanleyfirst name on this monument1840190161id: 1199
(one image)
Hester Helena Isherwood1891194554
Thomas Isherwood1841191776
Thomas Isherwood1872194573
2062WinwardIvy Rollinson Winwardfirst name on this monument1921200382id: 99
(one image)
Robert Winwardhusband of Ivy Rollinson Winward1923201188
2063WithnelHoward Withnelfirst name on this monument1809186253id: 164
(one image)
Ann Withneldaughter of Howard Withnel1844
Hannah Withnelwife of Howard Withnel
2064WitterAlice Witterfirst name on this monument1889194657id: 1113
(one image)
Wilmot Witterhusband of Alice Witter1887195770
Annie Ingham1882193048
2065WitterHarold Witterfirst name on this monument1888191830id: 85
(3 images)
Thomas Petty Witterbrother of Harold Witter1884195167
William Witterbrother of Harold Witter1880189111
Thomas Witterfather of Harold Witter1850192272
Margaret A Wittermother of Harold Witter1848193890
2066WolfendonPickles H Wolfendonfirst name on this monument1890196272id: 1994
(one image)
Ada Wolfendonwife of Pickles H Wolfendon1881196988
2067WolfendonRobert Wolfendonfirst name on this monument1873193966id: 740
(one image)
Margaret Wolfendonwife of Robert Wolfendon1873194673
2068WolstenhulmeMartha Jane Wolstenhulmefirst name on this monument1878192143id: 1615
(one image)
John Wolstenhulmehusband of Martha Jane Wolstenhulme1875192348
George Wolstenhulmeson of Martha Jane Wolstenhulme190919112
2069WooburnA Wooburnfirst name on this monument1915id: 1239
(one image)
2070WoodAlice Woodfirst name on this monument1878192749id: 1177
(one image)
Evelyn Hadfielddaughter of Alice Wood1895195661
James William Woodhusband of Alice Wood1875192853
2071WoodAmelia Woodfirst name on this monument1869194475id: 1952
(one image)
John Higham Woodhusband of Amelia Wood1870194676
2072WoodAnnie Woodfirst name on this monument1911196958id: 1808
(one image)
John Frederick Woodhusband of Annie Wood1904199490
Ethel Woodsecond wife of husband of Annie Wood1909200192
2073WoodAnnie Woodfirst name on this monument190619126id: 1573
(one image)
William Woodfather of Annie Wood
Lily Woodmother of Annie Wood
2074WoodElizabeth Woodfirst name on this monument1920198666id: 1893
(one image)
Albert Wood1909199283
2075WoodElizabeth Garnett Woodfirst name on this monument1916id: 917
(one image)
Mary Jane Woodsister of Elizabeth Garnett Wood1944
2076WoodEmily Woodfirst name on this monument189718992id: 1085
(one image)
John James Woodfather of Emily Wood1872193967
Elizabeth Woodmother of Emily Wood1871195281
2077WoodEmma Woodfirst name on this monument1881193554id: 1154
(one image)
John Woodhusband of Emma Wood
2078WoodGeorge Ernest Woodfirst name on this monument1858194284id: 1459
(one image)
Mary Woodwife of George Ernest Wood1866194377
2079WoodJane Woodfirst name on this monument1860191454id: 889
(one image)
Elizabeth Jane Fleetwooddaughter of Jane Wood1880196787
John Ashbygrand son of Jane Wood1923
Robert Woodhusband of Jane Wood1859192869
James Edward Fleetwoodson-in-law of Jane Wood1876194468
2080WoodJohn Woodfirst name on this monument1863191249id: 2113
(one image)
Bertha Wooddaughter of John Wood1878190022
Emma Wooddaughter of John Wood1899191516
John Woodson of John Wood1941
Betsy Woodwife of John Wood1861191655
2081WoodJohn Woodfirst name on this monument1859187617id: 478
(one image)
Elizabeth Woodaunt of John Wood1836189559
Joseph Woodfather of John Wood1834189157
Martha Woodmother of John Wood1833190370
Alice Ann Woodsister of John Wood1853191259
2082WoodJohn T Woodfirst name on this monument1871194877id: 1944
(one image)
Miriam Woodwife of John T Wood1873195885
2083WoodLevi Woodfirst name on this monument1861191049id: 1632
(one image)
Alfred Wood1873191845
Florence Wood1875192954
Joseph Woodson of Levi Wood1891191726
Alice Woodwife of Levi Wood1856194286
2084WoodRichard Woodfirst name on this monument1810187666id: 444
(one image)
2085WoodSarah Woodfirst name on this monument1846186216id: 187
(one image)
Robert Woodfather of Sarah Wood1815188974
Betty Woodmother of Sarah Wood1815189176
James Parkinson Daniels
Martha Wood Daniels1877
Mary Daniels
Isaac Wood1840191878
2086WoodThomas Henry Woodfirst name on this monument1857191154id: 1402
(one image)
Mary Ellen Woodwife of Thomas Henry Wood1854194288
2087WoodburnJoseph Singleton Woodburnfirst name on this monument1867193669id: 1146
(one image)
Mary Ann Woodburnwife of Joseph Singleton Woodburn
2088WoodburnMargaret Alice Woodburnfirst name on this monument61id: 762
(one image)
Samuel Woodburnhusband of Margaret Alice Woodburn1876195781
2089WoodheadJanet Woodheadfirst name on this monument1828190577id: 1078
(one image)
Mary Harleydaughter of Janet Woodhead
Margaret Woodheaddaughter of Janet Woodhead1863195592
William Harleyson-in-law of Janet Woodhead1867191144
2090WoodsAlice Woodsfirst name on this monument1874192551id: 1638
(one image)
Samuel Woodshusband of Alice Woods1872193462
John Woodsson of Alice Woods1902196563
Anne Isherwoodsister of Alice Woods1876195579
2091WoodsEliza Kate Woodsfirst name on this monument1867191447id: 1093
(one image)
Hilda Smith Woodsdaughter of Eliza Kate Woods189919001
Joseph Woodshusband of Eliza Kate Woods1868193971
Florence Alice Woodssecond wife of husband of Eliza Kate Woods
2092WoodsGeorge Woodsfirst name on this monument1863193370id: 605
(one image)
Thomas Woods1895
George Woodsson of George Woods1885
Amy Woodswife of George Woods1890
2093WoodsJames Woodsfirst name on this monument1875194267id: 2004
(one image)
Annie Woodsdaughter of James Woods1896197377
Margaret Ellen Woodswife of James Woods1874194470
2094WoodsJames Woodsfirst name on this monument1824187753id: 371
(one image)
Betsy Maria Mullin1869195990
Isabella Woods1835191176
2095WoodsJoseph Woodsfirst name on this monument1904195753id: 1750
(one image)
Marian Woodswife of Joseph Woods
2096WoodsThomas Woodsfirst name on this monument1834189359id: 729
(one image)
Lambert Woodsbrother of Thomas Woods1836190771
Alice Woodsdaughter of Thomas Woods1862189432
Betsy Woodswife of Thomas Woods1833189663
2097WoodsWilliam Henry Woodsfirst name on this monument1877189922id: 1083
(one image)
William Kennedybrother-in-law of William Henry Woods1878195880
John Woodsfather of William Henry Woods1844190157
Caroline Woodsmother of William Henry Woods1846190256
Sarah Ellen Kennedysister of William Henry Woods1881192847
2098WoolfendonMabel Woolfendonfirst name on this monument1890id: 486
(one image)
John Woolfendonfather of Mabel Woolfendon
Emma Woolfendonmother of Mabel Woolfendon
George Woolfendon1875194166
Wilhelmina Woolfendon1951
2099WorsleyHenry Worsleyfirst name on this monument1874192753id: 901
(one image)
Elizabeth Worsleywife of Henry Worsley1872193563
2100WorsleyJames Worsleyfirst name on this monument1831189463id: 940
(one image)
Ada Worsleydaughter of James Worsley1872189624
Elizabeth Ann Taylor1859194081
James Taylor1865193570
James Worsleyson of James Worsley
Mary Worsleywife of James Worsley1838191880

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England.

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