St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1901TraversAlice Traversfirst name on this monument1884193753id: 1538
(one image)
Richard Henry Travershusband of Alice Travers1881194968
1902TraversMargaret Traversfirst name on this monumentid: 471
(one image)
Henry Traversfather of Margaret Travers1850191262
Elizabeth Traversmother of Margaret Travers1854191157
Mary Alice Traverssister of Margaret Travers1889191021
1903TrevenaPhyliss Mary Trevenafirst name on this monument1914193420id: 1521
(one image)
Florence Trevena1870194474
1904TroopSarah Jane Troopfirst name on this monument1988id: 1927
(one image)
Clifford Smith1919200788
1905TunnahConnah Tunnahfirst name on this monument1926201185id: 1855
(one image)
1906TunnahJohn Tunnahfirst name on this monument1859190142id: 1458
(one image)
Dora Tunnah1898192628
Walter Tunnah
Alice Tunnahwife of John Tunnah1855192267
1907TurnerCharlotte Turnerfirst name on this monument1832189361id: 1377
(one image)
James Turnerhusband of Charlotte Turner1827189871
Benjamin Aldred1863193976
Elizabeth A Aldred1863193269
Sarah Bertha Aldred1906192216
1908TurnerEdward Turnerfirst name on this monument1847192275id: 821
(one image)
Elizabeth Alice Turnerdaughter of Edward Turner1874193965
Mary Jane Turnerdaughter of Edward Turner1872194270
Henry Thomas Turner1874194773
1909TurnerElizabeth Turnerfirst name on this monument1858191860id: 2085
(one image)
Isaac Turnerhusband of Elizabeth Turner1861193372
Betsy Bonney1891194756
William Bonney
1910TurnerEllen Turnerfirst name on this monument1859191758id: 2121
(one image)
Mary Ashworthdaughter of Ellen Turner
Edith Turnerdaughter of Ellen Turner1885195671
William Turnerhusband of Ellen Turner1858192264
Ernest Ashworthson-in-law of Ellen Turner1900196868
1911TurnerH Turnerfirst name on this monument1919194324id: 1967
(one image)
1912TurnerIsaac Clark Turnerfirst name on this monument1835190772id: 379
(one image)
Arnold Cliffe Turner1875
Christopher Holdsworth Turner1865193166
Herbert Lamb Turner6
Martha Ann Turner1864187511
Mary Ann Turner1842191270
1913TurnerJohn Turnerfirst name on this monument1855192368id: 1061
(one image)
John Nash Turnerson of John Turner189818991
Ruth Turnerwife of John Turner1861194382
1914TurnerJoseph Roscoe Turnerfirst name on this monument1889id: 16
(one image)
Joseph Turnerfather of Joseph Roscoe Turner1856192468
Martha Ann Turnermother of Joseph Roscoe Turner1853193784
Mary Elizabeth Turnersister of Joseph Roscoe Turner1884196379
1915TurnerMary Turnerfirst name on this monument1859192667id: 1175
(one image)
John Thomas Turnerhusband of Mary Turner1859193374
1916TurnerSarah Jane Turnerfirst name on this monument1838192587id: 907
(one image)
1917TurpieJames Turpiefirst name on this monument1868194678id: 1622
(one image)
Frank Turpieson of James Turpie190919112
Mary Emma Turpiewife of James Turpie1872194876
1918TurtingtonRebecca Turtingtonfirst name on this monument1856190650id: 1014
(one image)
George Turtingtonhusband of Rebecca Turtington1854190753
David Harvey1876193761
Malvena Turtington1876194973
1919TusonJohn Tusonfirst name on this monument1842188947id: 18
(one image)
Sarah Tusonwife of John Tuson1839191980
1920TusonRichard Henry Tusonfirst name on this monumentid: 1939
(one image)
1921TwistSamuel Twistfirst name on this monument1817188871id: 80
(one image)
Dinah Whewill Twistwife of Samuel Twist1820188868
1922TyldesleyHelen Tyldesleyfirst name on this monument1881194564id: 1730
(one image)
John Tyldesleyhusband of Helen Tyldesley1880195474
Elizabeth Helen Rothwell1905194944
1923TyldesleyJames Darbyshire Tyldesleyfirst name on this monument1891192332id: 897
(one image)
Amelia Hurst1865193772
Eli Hurst
1924UnsworthJohn Unsworthfirst name on this monument1905192722id: 1649
(one image)
John Unsworthfather of John Unsworth1876194771
Alice Unsworthmother of John Unsworth1871195887
Henry Howarthuncle of John Unsworth1869194273
1925VaughtonMargaret Vaughtonfirst name on this monument1784185066id: 278
(one image)
George Vaughtonhusband of Margaret Vaughton1779185576
Henry Lancaster
Sarah Lancaster1815186651
1926VausJane Vausfirst name on this monument1829190273id: 24
(2 images)
James Vaushusband of Jane Vaus1829190273
1927VauseFrank Vausefirst name on this monument1894196975id: 1682
(2 images)
John Thomas Vausefather of Frank Vause1854192773
Mary Ann Vausemother of Frank Vause1859192970
Elsie Vause
John Vause69
Dora Vausewife of Frank Vause1972
1928VauseThomas Vausefirst name on this monument1814187460id: 813
(one image)
Jane Vausedaughter-in-law of Thomas Vause
James Vauseson of Thomas Vause1857189942
Marjorie Vausewife of Thomas Vause1820189373
1929VennJane Vennfirst name on this monument1905193429id: 754
(one image)
Arthur Vennhusband of Jane Venn
Esther Alice Brown1880195171
Henry Brown
1930VernonStanley Vernonfirst name on this monument1906193731id: 1544
(one image)
1931VickersJohn Vickersfirst name on this monument1894193238id: 340
(one image)
Ethel Vickerswife of John Vickers
1932VickersMargaret Vickersfirst name on this monument1864191349id: 670
(one image)
George Vickers1860192565
1933VickersSarah Ann Vickersfirst name on this monument1850191969id: 1391
(one image)
George Ellis Vickershusband of Sarah Ann Vickers1859193980
John William Vickersson of Sarah Ann Vickers1880190323
1934VoseCharles Vosefirst name on this monument1802184644id: 195
(one image)
Charles Rawlings37
William Vose1849192879
1935VoseJames Vosefirst name on this monument1812186452id: 309
(one image)
Mary Elizabeth Vosedaughter of James Vose1860
Anna Birchgrand daughter of James Vose188818902
Martha Freeman1805189994
Sarah Freeman1798187476
Robert Lee1836186529
Thomas Voseson of James Vose1862187917
Maria Vosewife of James Vose1836188549
1936VoseSamuel Vosefirst name on this monument1842id: 196
(one image)
Jane Ann Vose185918612
Jane Ann Vose1828190880
Thomas Vose1827189366
Mary Vosewife of Samuel Vose68
1937VoseWilliam Vosefirst name on this monument1894id: 810
(one image)
Catherine Lomax
John Lomax
Mary Alice Lomax1874194369
Nellie Vose
William Vose1869194374
Alice Ann Vosewife of William Vose1868191850
1938WaddicarEmily Waddicarfirst name on this monument1885194863id: 1875
(one image)
Ernest Waddicarhusband of Emily Waddicar1871196998
Ernest Waddicar1910199888
Millicent May Waddicar1913200592
1939WaddicarRobert F Waddicarfirst name on this monument1926200276id: 97
(one image)
1940WaddingtonAnnie Waddingtonfirst name on this monument1871193059id: 1034
(one image)
Thomas Waddingtonhusband of Annie Waddington1909193122
Christopher Waddingtonson of Annie Waddington1944
1941WaddingtonJohn Waddingtonfirst name on this monument1890195969id: 1900
(one image)
1942WaddingtonSarah Ann Waddingtonfirst name on this monument1892193139id: 1040
(one image)
Jesse Waddingtonhusband of Sarah Ann Waddington1893195259
Martha Waddington1861192261
Eric Waddingtonson of Sarah Ann Waddington192219286
1943WadesonRobert Coulburn Wadesonfirst name on this monument1883195168id: 1791
(one image)
Bertha Lillian Wadesondaughter of Robert Coulburn Wadeson187918867
Mabel Rosamund Wadesonwife of Robert Coulburn Wadeson1883195774
1944WadesonWilliam Wadesonfirst name on this monument1834189157id: 1473
(one image)
Elizabeth Wadesondaughter-in-law of William Wadeson1862194078
Minnie Wadesongrand daughter of William Wadeson1966
Robert Wadesongrand son of William Wadeson1891191827
Noel Wadesonson of William Wadeson190519061
William John Wadesonson of William Wadeson1861191150
Jane Wadesonwife of William Wadeson1847189750
1945WadsworthFrederick Morton Wadsworthfirst name on this monument2000id: 2119
(one image)
1946WadsworthThomas Richard Wadsworthfirst name on this monument199319996id: 1636
(one image)
1947WagstaffWilliam Wagstafffirst name on this monument1892195563id: 1530
(one image)
1948WainJames Wainfirst name on this monument1863194481id: 1323
(one image)
Harry Wainson of James Wain1905196560
James Wainson of James Wain1893196168
John Wainson of James Wain1892195967
William Wainson of James Wain1886191731
Mary Ellen Wainwife of James Wain1864193571
1949WainwrightBeatrice Mary Wainwrightfirst name on this monument1864190339id: 1213
(one image)
John Wainwrightfather of Beatrice Mary Wainwright
Alice Wainwrightmother of Beatrice Mary Wainwright
Isabella Wainwright1824191288
William Wainwright1847187427
Lilian Alice Wainwrightsister of Beatrice Mary Wainwright1867190336
1950WainwrightJohn Wainwrightfirst name on this monument1835190267id: 166
(one image)
Agnes Wainwrightdaughter of John Wainwright1866
Mary Ann Wainwrightmother of John Wainwright1809187465
George Howard Wainwrightson of John Wainwright189518994
Alice Wainwrightwife of John Wainwright1836189660
1951WainwrightThomas Herbert Wainwrightfirst name on this monument1879192142id: 1190
(one image)
Sarah Southern1848192476
William Southern
Elizabeth Alice Wainwrightwife of Thomas Herbert Wainwright
1952WalchMargaret Walchfirst name on this monument1829191081id: 1486
(one image)
Susannah Walchdaughter of Margaret Walch1861194988
Elizabeth Caroline Walchdaughter-in-law of Margaret Walch1870194575
John Walchhusband of Margaret Walch1832191684
Peter Walchson of Margaret Walch1869193465
1953WalchMary Walchfirst name on this monument1819188162id: 472
(one image)
Abraham Walchhusband of Mary Walch
Annie Walch1850191161
William Walch1839
William Walch1917
1954WalchRobert Scowcroft Walchfirst name on this monument1843190764id: 1380
(one image)
Ellen Annie Walch1866195185
Walter Sellers Walch1888192436
Mary Walchwife of Robert Scowcroft Walch1843189552
1955WalchRoger Walchfirst name on this monument1807185851id: 177
(one image)
Sarah Brown Dugdalegrand daughter of Roger Walch186218642
Ann Alice Walch1846188539
Arthur Torkington Walch1871188716
Ralph Booth Walch1882190624
William Walch1836191882
William Henry Walch1868188719
Sarah Walchwife of Roger Walch1809185849
1956WalchSamuel Walchfirst name on this monument1816187559id: 176
(one image)
Mary Jane Walchdaughter of Samuel Walch1844
Sarah Walchdaughter of Samuel Walch184718492
Francis William Walchson of Samuel Walch1857
Betsy Walchwife of Samuel Walch1815187661
1957WalchWilliam Walchfirst name on this monument1857192164id: 687
(one image)
George Tunstall Walchson of William Walch1887194356
Elizabeth Walchwife of William Walch1858193577
1958WalcottWilliam Walcottfirst name on this monument1837185821id: 221
(one image)
John Alexander Walcottfather of William Walcott
Elizabeth Jane Walcottmother of William Walcott1812186149
Catherine Coghlansister of William Walcott1843186522
1959WalesSarah Ellen Walesfirst name on this monument1847191265id: 1557
(one image)
William Waleshusband of Sarah Ellen Wales1840191979
Harry Gird Walesson of Sarah Ellen Wales1870192959
1960WalkdenJames Walkdenfirst name on this monument1826189771id: 1381
(one image)
Catherine Frances Rawlinsondaughter of James Walkden1854192773
Emily Walkdendaughter of James Walkden1858187012
Frederick Walkdenson of James Walkden1864187612
Robert Walkdenson of James Walkden1866195185
Ann Walkdenwife of James Walkden1828190779
1961WalkerAnnie Walkerfirst name on this monument189318952id: 671
(one image)
Edwin Walker
Edwin James Walker1866194882
Herbert Walker1896
Mary Hannah Walker1867195689
Rhoda Walker1903193128
Sylvia Walker1925200782
1962WalkerEliza Ann Walkerfirst name on this monument1861191554id: 725
(one image)
Eliza Ann Walkerdaughter of Eliza Ann Walker189218942
James Walkerhusband of Eliza Ann Walker1854191965
Edna Ratcliffe
Florence Ratcliffe
William Walkerson of Eliza Ann Walker1885191631
1963WalkerJames Walkerfirst name on this monument1834190167id: 1227
(one image)
Francis Walkerdaughter-in-law of James Walker1865194075
Frank Walkergrand son of James Walker1891193645
Thomas Walkerson of James Walker1863193370
Mary Walkerwife of James Walker1837191174
1964WalkerJohn Walkerfirst name on this monument1869194071id: 1496
(one image)
Sarah Ann Walkerwife of John Walker
1965WalkerNellie Walkerfirst name on this monument1886190317id: 1211
(one image)
Charles Harrisonfather of Nellie Walker1852193381
Alice Harrisonmother of Nellie Walker
Alice Pennington1862195290
Emily Pennington1879190829
Ethel Walker1893190411
1966WalkerPriscilla Walkerfirst name on this monument1921198867id: 1908
(one image)
Stanley Walkerhusband of Priscilla Walker
1967WalkerWilliam Walkerfirst name on this monument1860192161id: 1189
(one image)
Elizabeth Frodsham1934
Eliza Ann Walkerwife of William Walker1864193268
1968WalkerWilliam Robert Walkerfirst name on this monumentid: 254
(one image)
Frederick Walkerbrother of William Robert Walker1866
Sarah Ann Walkermother of William Robert Walker1837188346
John Walker1921
1969WallaceAnnie Wallacefirst name on this monument1855190348id: 1308
(one image)
Joseph Wallacehusband of Annie Wallace1857193679
1970WallaceW J Wallacefirst name on this monument1920id: 1390
(one image)
1971WallsEllen Wallsfirst name on this monument1840191676id: 1655
(one image)
Thomas Wallshusband of Ellen Walls1845192277
1972WallsJane Wallsfirst name on this monument1846190155id: 1219
(one image)
David Wallshusband of Jane Walls1843192380
George Wallsson of Jane Walls1869190334
Thomas Hiton Wallsson of Jane Walls1874192248
1973WallsWalter Wallsfirst name on this monument1851190958id: 2059
(one image)
John Lomax1870193363
Lily Lomax
Alice Wallswife of Walter Walls1850191262
1974WallworkRobert Wallworkfirst name on this monument1846189246id: 870
(one image)
Catherine Clarke1847192982
Margaret Clarke1873192249
William Clarke1848192072
Elizabeth Hannah Wallworkwife of Robert Wallwork1847189245
1975WalmsleyEmma Walmsleyfirst name on this monument1856193579id: 1292
(2 images)
Jessica Alice Taylordaughter of Emma Walmsley1881194261
Dorothy Walmsleydaughter of Emma Walmsley1883197188
Frederick Walmsleyhusband of Emma Walmsley1849193687
Caroline Ann McMillan1855191459
Rachel Walmsley1819189576
Richard Walmsley1862193775
Thomas Walmsley1860193878
Harrod Taylorson-in-law of Emma Walmsley
1976WalmsleyRosetta Walmsleyfirst name on this monument1863190239id: 1433
(one image)
Gertrude Walmsleydaughter-in-law of Rosetta Walmsley
William Walmsleyhusband of Rosetta Walmsley1864190743
Robert Walmsleyson of Rosetta Walmsley1885191732
1977WalmsleyVera Walmsleyfirst name on this monument1919id: 1097
(one image)
George Walmsleyfather of Vera Walmsley1875192954
Margaret Alice Walmsleymother of Vera Walmsley1877194871
1978WalmsleyWilliam Walmsleyfirst name on this monument1792186472id: 180
(one image)
Frances Walmsley1800186464
George Walmsley
John Walmsley1817187255
Nancy Walmsley1829190273
Isabella Walmsleywife of William Walmsley1791186675
1979WalshEmmeline Walshfirst name on this monument1864189733id: 878
(one image)
Hiram Walshfather of Emmeline Walsh1836191781
Mary Walshmother of Emmeline Walsh1834192288
Mary Alice Walshsister of Emmeline Walsh1873192956
Nancy Ellen Walshsister of Emmeline Walsh1861194584
1980WalshMary Walshfirst name on this monument1855192570id: 1414
(one image)
James Walshhusband of Mary Walsh1859194687
1981WarbreckWalter Warbreckfirst name on this monument1878191133id: 658
(one image)
Elizabeth Ann Warbreckwife of Walter Warbreck
1982WarburtonAlbert Warburtonfirst name on this monument1872193159id: 700
(one image)
Joseph Healey1887193043
Jane Warburtonwife of Albert Warburton
1983WarburtonAnn Ellen Warburtonfirst name on this monument1896192933id: 1033
(one image)
Norman Warburton1874195783
1984WarburtonJohn Robert Warburtonfirst name on this monument1909id: 2095
(one image)
Alice Warburtonwife of John Robert Warburton1872194573
1985WarburtonJosiah Warburtonfirst name on this monument1882190826id: 995
(one image)
Janet Mason1882194159
Richard E Mason1883195269
1986WarburtonWilliam Warburtonfirst name on this monument1846191064id: 1629
(one image)
Margaret Warburtondaughter of William Warburton1869193364
Elizabeth Warburtonwife of William Warburton1848192274
1987WarburtonWilliam Edwin Warburtonfirst name on this monument188718914id: 3
(one image)
Charles Edward Warburtonbrother of William Edwin Warburton1891191726
H Brockbank Warburtonbrother of William Edwin Warburton1878191739
Isaac Warburtonbrother of William Edwin Warburton188918912
William Warburtonfather of William Edwin Warburton1859193879
Mary Ann Warburtonmother of William Edwin Warburton1854192470
1988WardFlorence Wardfirst name on this monument1891190413id: 999
(one image)
William Wardfather of Florence Ward1847193184
Mary Jane Wardmother of Florence Ward1860193474
Dorcas Ward
Elsie Dorcas Ward190219075
Thomas Ward
1989WardFlorence Mary Wardfirst name on this monument190619071id: 1563
(one image)
Henry Lawrence Wardfather of Florence Mary Ward1876190933
Florence Wardmother of Florence Mary Ward1876190933
Fanny Elizabeth Ward
John William Ward1877192144
1990WardJohn Wardfirst name on this monument1881194766id: 1727
(one image)
Florence Emily Wardwife of John Ward1880196383
1991WardleyArthur Clegg Wardleyfirst name on this monument1881192443id: 2071
(one image)
Annie Wardleywife of Arthur Clegg Wardley
1992WaringHerbert Waringfirst name on this monument189118921id: 932
(one image)
John Waringfather of Herbert Waring1860190040
Mary Alice Waringmother of Herbert Waring1866189832
Herbert Barlow1888195769
Hilda Barlow1922
Nellie Barlow1890196171
Hilda Waringsister of Herbert Waring189418995
1993WarrenMary Warrenfirst name on this monument1875192449id: 960
(one image)
Ellen Warren1898196668
Stanley Warren1902197068
1994WarwickAmy Warwickfirst name on this monument1957id: 1648
(one image)
Albert Warwickhusband of Amy Warwick1890197686
Hector Pythian Warwickson of Amy Warwick192119276
1995Watson Watsonfirst name on this monument190119076id: 2109
(one image)
Richard Watsonfather of Watson1946
Alice Annie Watsonmother of Watson1938
Jane Hutchinson1850192070
1996WatsonGeorge Watsonfirst name on this monument1917199679id: 1481
(one image)
Rhoda Hutchinson1890196676
Elizabeth Ellen Watson1913196956
Walter Watson1913196956
Ruth Watsonwife of George Watson1921200483
1997WatsonMary Jane Watsonfirst name on this monument1859191758id: 1388
(one image)
John Thomas Watsonhusband of Mary Jane Watson1859193273
1998WatsonS Watsonfirst name on this monument1906194337id: 1985
(one image)
1999WatsonThomas Watsonfirst name on this monument1912194129id: 1543
(one image)
Alan Watson1938
Olive Watsonwife of Thomas Watson
2000WeardonJames Weardonfirst name on this monument1836187640id: 462
(one image)
Alice Weardon1849192677
Charles Weardon
Ellen Weardon1852192876
Sarah Weardon1845192277

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