St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1801TaylorJames Taylorfirst name on this monument18711918471048354997207
James Parkinsonsecond husband of wife of James Taylor1896195256
Sarah Taylorwife of James Taylor1874194773

1802TaylorJames Taylorfirst name on this monument1936698354649150
Clara Taylorwife of James Taylor

1803TaylorJames Grime Taylorfirst name on this monument1880189818970354919269
John Taylorfather of James Grime Taylor1921
Ann Taylormother of James Grime Taylor1844189854

1804TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1899190236943546452981
Walter Richard Taylorfather of John Taylor1876193559
Esther Hannah Taylormother of John Taylor1874195076
Ann Chadbond1851193079

1805TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1857192972826354774170
Esther Taylordaughter of John Taylor1890196070
Katherine Taylorwife of John Taylor1864193167

1806TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument18511910591630355579174
Alice Ann Taylorwife of John Taylor1862193977

1807TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1842192179437354389215
Alice Ann Taylor1878195375
Samuel Taylor1877196285

1808TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1837189760675354626201
Alice Taylorwife of John Taylor

1809TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1861192354148316
John Taylorfather of John Taylor1854186511
Mary Taylormother of John Taylor1832192088
Mary Ann Partington Taylorsister of John Taylor1880189212

1810TaylorMary Alice Taylorfirst name on this monument18561904481216355165199
Richard Taylorhusband of Mary Alice Taylor1852193078
Mary Elizabeth Taylorsecond wife of husband of Mary Alice Taylor1869192455

1811TaylorMary Ann Taylorfirst name on this monument18671932658353967222
Samuel Taylorhusband of Mary Ann Taylor

1812TaylorMatthew Taylorfirst name on this monument1883195774465354417190
John Taylorfather of Matthew Taylor
Frances Taylormother of Matthew Taylor

1813TaylorMaureen Taylorfirst name on this monument19371980431776355725161
James Taylorhusband of Maureen Taylor1933201380

1814TaylorPeter Taylorfirst name on this monument1803188279230354185209
Ellen Taylorwife of Peter Taylor1802187674

1815TaylorRichard Taylorfirst name on this monument1901195453753354702139
Naomi Taylorwife of Richard Taylor

1816TaylorRoderic Taylorfirst name on this monument19421988461919355868131

1817TaylorRoderic Taylorfirst name on this monument19421988461936355885132

1818TaylorRosehannah Taylorfirst name on this monument1830187949523354476206
Eliza Taylordaughter of Rosehannah Taylor187118809
John Taylorhusband of Rosehannah Taylor1831189362
Josiah Taylorson of Rosehannah Taylor1864191450
Ellen Elizabeth Taylorsecond wife of husband of Rosehannah Taylor1844191369

1819TaylorSamuel Taylorfirst name on this monument19081965571780355729196
Maureen Lesley Taylorgrand daughter of Samuel Taylor196719725
Bertha Taylorwife of Samuel Taylor1908200092

1820TaylorSamuel Taylorfirst name on this monument18511905541150355099305
Janet Taylordaughter of Samuel Taylor1890197181
Jessie Taylor1900199292
Henry Taylorson of Samuel Taylor
James Taylorson of Samuel Taylor
Alice Taylorwife of Samuel Taylor1854194995

1821TaylorSarah Taylorfirst name on this monument1857186710245354200384
Sarah Darbyshiregrand daughter of Sarah Taylor
James Taylorhusband of Sarah Taylor1807189184

1822TaylorSarah Jane Taylorfirst name on this monument1851192069775354724163
Frederick Taylorhusband of Sarah Jane Taylor1918

1823TaylorThomas Taylorfirst name on this monument18871953661874355823293
Ivy Taylordaughter of Thomas Taylor1946
Winifred Taylordaughter-in-law of Thomas Taylor
Clifford Taylorson of Thomas Taylor1983
Elizabeth Taylorwife of Thomas Taylor1891195463

1824TaylorThomas Taylorfirst name on this monument1851191665121354078203
Florence Mary Taylordaughter of Thomas Taylor1877194063
Mildred Elizabeth Taylordaughter of Thomas Taylor1879194465
Mary Ellen Taylorwife of Thomas Taylor1852193179

1825TaylorThomas Taylorfirst name on this monument18701929591677355626158
Jane Taylorwife of Thomas Taylor1868193668

1826TaylorThomas Taylorfirst name on this monument1878192042681354632160
Elizabeth Alice Taylorwife of Thomas Taylor1884194965

1827TaylorThomas Taylorfirst name on this monument1847187932333539913161
Esther Hannah Hadfield1852192270
Robert Hadfield
Amelia Ann Taylorwife of Thomas Taylor1848192072

1828TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument184718863925353984546
Mary Jane Taylordaughter of William Taylor1878193052
Ann Jervis Gibbon1890
James Harries Gibbon1843191572
Benjamin Taylorson of William Taylor1879189718
Lavinia Taylorwife of William Taylor1846192276

1829TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument1805185449203354159271
Emma Taylordaughter of William Taylor1851186918
Mary Jane Taylordaughter-in-law of William Taylor1848189345
William Taylorson of William Taylor1848191971
William Kenyon Taylorson of William Taylor184018466
Elizabeth Taylorwife of William Taylor1810187868

1830TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument1854192369772354721165
Eliza Ellen Taylorwife of William Taylor

1831TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument18491912632063356012259
Emma Taylordaughter-in-law of William Taylor
Fred Taylorson of William Taylor1891195059
Robert James Taylorson of William Taylor1886190923
Emma Taylorwife of William Taylor1851191766

1832TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument18711939681487355436296
Leonard Barlow Taylorson of William Taylor191119165
William Taylorson of William Taylor1903194643
Edith Alice Taylorwife of William Taylor1869195283

1833TazikerAndrew Tazikerfirst name on this monument1821186645575354528157
Clara Tazikerwife of Andrew Taziker1873192451

1834TazikerLeonard Tazikerfirst name on this monument18911952611783355732147
Elizabeth Tazikerwife of Leonard Taziker1897195962

1835TazikerMargaret Tazikerfirst name on this monument18731926531109355058265
Richard Tazikerhusband of Margaret Taziker1774183763

1836ThomasElizabeth Thomasfirst name on this monument1876193357829354777136
John Thomashusband of Elizabeth Thomas

1837ThomasFrancis Thomasfirst name on this monument1848189951726354677134
Mary Ann Thomasdaughter of Francis Thomas1880189414
Jane Thomaswife of Francis Thomas1846191670

1838ThomasonJohn Thomasonfirst name on this monument18031887841813541372301

1839ThomassonAnn Thomassonfirst name on this monument18521886342051356000280
Ann Alice Thomassondaughter of Ann Thomasson1886192842
David Thomasson1845193287

1840ThomassonEmma Thomassonfirst name on this monument1877189417788354737481
Thomas Thomassonfather of Emma Thomasson1844191571
Alice Thomassonmother of Emma Thomasson1851193281
Jane Thomasson1876190024
William Thomasson1870
Elizabeth Thomassonsister of Emma Thomasson1868194981
William Thomassonsister of Emma Thomasson1872195179

1841ThomassonHannah Thomassonfirst name on this monument18151895807363546862831
John Thomassonhusband of Hannah Thomasson
Elizabeth Hannah Thomasson1869192253
Joseph Thomasson1863193875

1842ThomassonJennett Thomassonfirst name on this monument1861190443123539713001
Ethel Thomassondaughter of Jennett Thomasson189118921
Jane Thomassondaughter of Jennett Thomasson188618915
William Thomasson1899
Christopher Mason Thomassonson of Jennett Thomasson188318896

1843ThomassonJohn Thomassonfirst name on this monument18401879394083543614542
Adelina Slaterdaughter of John Thomasson1929
John Thomassonson of John Thomasson1899
Mary Thomassonwife of John Thomasson1841189150

1844ThomassonJohn Gilbert Thomassonfirst name on this monument18831947641266355215548
Joyce Thomasson
Kathleen Thomasson1925200782
Alan Thomassonson of John Gilbert Thomasson1915200489
Eric Thomassonson of John Gilbert Thomasson1914
Jessie Thomassonwife of John Gilbert Thomasson1881195271

1845Thompson Thompsonfirst name on this monument292354246412
Joseph Thompsonfather of Thompson
Elizabeth Thompsonmother of Thompson

1846ThompsonAlfred Thompsonfirst name on this monument18951951561493355442225
Thomas Shawdaughter of Alfred Thompson1928198759
Ellen Thompsonwife of Alfred Thompson1893198592

1847ThompsonAlice Ann Thompsonfirst name on this monument18821933511690355639193
Lily Peacockdaughter of Alice Ann Thompson1911199887
John Thompsonhusband of Alice Ann Thompson1882194260
Francis Peacock1910200393

1848ThompsonFrancis William Thompsonfirst name on this monument18561933771295355243199
Dorothy Thompsondaughter of Francis William Thompson1893195259
Winifred Thompsondaughter of Francis William Thompson189618971
Sarah Alice Thompsonwife of Francis William Thompson1860193474

1849ThompsonJack Thompsonfirst name on this monument193820066896354054254
Hilda Thompsonwife of Jack Thompson1930200979

1850ThompsonJohn Hilton Thompsonfirst name on this monument19207493546991361

1851ThompsonMargaret Thompsonfirst name on this monument18341910761476355425114
Ralph Boardman Thompsonhusband of Margaret Thompson1834191379

1852ThompsonMary Thompsonfirst name on this monument18621911491403355352220
Mary Ellen Thompsondaughter of Mary Thompson1870195383
Jonathan Thompsonhusband of Mary Thompson1854191864
Raymond Buckley

1853ThompsonMary Ann Thompsonfirst name on this monument1859346354299166
Samuel Thompsonfather of Mary Ann Thompson
Mary Ann Thompsonmother of Mary Ann Thompson

1854ThompsonMary Jane Thompsonfirst name on this monument185618903411353970302
William Thompsonhusband of Mary Jane Thompson1859193374
Albert Thompsonson of Mary Jane Thompson189018999
Susannah Thompsonsecond wife of Mary Jane Thompson1870192353

1855ThompsonStanley Thompsonfirst name on this monument19171933161518355467192
Jane Beatrice Thompson
Thomas Thompson1887196174

1856ThompsonWilliam Thompsonfirst name on this monument1916916354864185

1857ThorburnJohn Lord Thorburnfirst name on this monument1867190639994354943135

1858ThormboroughWilliam Thormboroughfirst name on this monument18531905521071355020412
Elizabeth Ellen Collierdaughter of William Thormborough1878192648
William Thormboroughson of William Thormborough1861194584
Albert Collierson-in-law of William Thormborough
Sarah Thormboroughwife of William Thormborough1854192874

1859ThornleyAlice Thornleyfirst name on this monument186618821630353988815
George Thornleybrother of Alice Thornley1850188434
George Thornleyfather of Alice Thornley1817190790
Mary Thornleymother of Alice Thornley1829190778

1860ThornleyAnn Thornleyfirst name on this monument1822189573844354792341
Percy Thornleygrand son of Ann Thornley189818991
Richard Thornleyhusband of Ann Thornley1821189675
Elizabeth Ann Thornley1858193274
Thomas Thornley1859191960

1861ThornleyElizabeth Rigby Thornleyfirst name on this monument1904191612946354894329
Robert Rigby Thornleyfather of Elizabeth Rigby Thornley1877194063
Annie Thornleymother of Elizabeth Rigby Thornley1878195476

1862ThornleyEmily Thornleyfirst name on this monument189018911542354495336
Thomas Thornleyfather of Emily Thornley1858193274
Elizabeth Thornleymother of Emily Thornley1861193473
Alice Baybutt1792186371
Elizabeth Thornleysister of Emily Thornley189318941

1863ThornleyFanny Thornleyfirst name on this monument187819527419873559363741
Hannah Rowlesdaughter of Fanny Thornley1905197671
Alfred Thornleyhusband of Fanny Thornley1877191841
William W Rowlesson-in-law of Fanny Thornley

1864ThornleyFred Thornleyfirst name on this monument188318885439354391249
William Thornleyfather of Fred Thornley
Ann Thornleymother of Fred Thornley

1865ThornleyJames Thornleyfirst name on this monument182618916565354023255
Jane Thornley1864194379
Sarah Thornley1831191079
William Thornley1861191857

1866ThornleyJames Henry Thornleyfirst name on this monument1907191141659355608296
James Thornleyfather of James Henry Thornley1881195473
Caroline Thornleymother of James Henry Thornley

1867ThornleyJane Thornleyfirst name on this monument1836190266210354166177

1868ThornleyJane Elizabeth Thornleyfirst name on this monument18561911551423355372232
Richard Thornleyhusband of Jane Elizabeth Thornley1864191753

1869ThornleyJohn Thornleyfirst name on this monument1826189569623354575178
Mary Thornleywife of John Thornley1827189871

1870ThornleyJohn Thornleyfirst name on this monument1848184911933541492551
William Thornleybrother of John Thornley1847
Thomas Thornleyfather of John Thornley1799187374
Mary Thornleymother of John Thornley1809185445

1871ThornleyJohn Thornleyfirst name on this monument18461907611359355308445
Jane Alice Thornleydaughter of John Thornley187418751
Alfred Blinkhorn
Jessie Blinkhorn190419117
Rachel Blinkhorn
Mary Thornleywife of John Thornley1853192067

1872ThornleyJohn Henry Thornleyfirst name on this monument1844188945419354372352
Jane Hunt Thornley1883
Jane Hunt Thornleywife of John Henry Thornley1844189349

1873ThornleyJonathan Thornleyfirst name on this monument179418677320313559802901
Ellen Thornleydaughter of Jonathan Thornley1819189374
Ellen Jones1855193580

1874ThornleyMary Ann Thornleyfirst name on this monument18571892355743545276161
Betsy Alice Thornleydaughter of Mary Ann Thornley1887
John Thomas Thornleyhusband of Mary Ann Thornley1860190949
Ann Webster1854192874
Thomas Webster1857192366
Dennis Fred Wilkinson192719292
Fred Wilkinson
Renee Wilkinson

1875ThornleyNancy Thornleyfirst name on this monument1835186934316354269300
James Hammond Thornleyhusband of Nancy Thornley1841193190
William Thomas Thornleyson of Nancy Thornley1869
Margaret Thornleysecond wife of husband of Nancy Thornley

1876ThornleyPeter Thornleyfirst name on this monument18561892361449355398540
Sarah J Charnockdaughter of Peter Thornley
Ethel Thornleydaughter of Peter Thornley188918901
Eliza Thornley1885189510
John Charnockson-in-law of Peter Thornley1881194261
Ethel Thornleywife of Peter Thornley

1877ThornleyRichard Thornleyfirst name on this monument1872192048745354695210
Henry Percival1897195558
John Percival1928196032
Sarah Ellen Thornleywife of Richard Thornley1873194067

1878ThornleyRichard Thornleyfirst name on this monument18521907551569355518241
Harriet Francis1876196286
Joseph Milton Francis1888193749
Alice Thornleywife of Richard Thornley1852192573

1879ThornleyRichard Thornleyfirst name on this monument1846192276653354604219
Charlotte Thornleywife of Richard Thornley1848192880

1880ThornleySarah Thornleyfirst name on this monument1829189869973354922482
Alice Marshdaughter of Sarah Thornley1853193178
Robert Thornleyhusband of Sarah Thornley1844190561

1881ThorntonCharlotte Thorntonfirst name on this monument183219006814613554103721
Martha Thorntondaughter-in-law of Charlotte Thornton1862192361
David Thorntonhusband of Charlotte Thornton
Albert Thorntonson of Charlotte Thornton1867191043
James Thorntonson of Charlotte Thornton1864190743

1882ThorpSarah Ellen Thorpfirst name on this monument1924908354856160
Daniel Thorphusband of Sarah Ellen Thorp1864192864

1883ThrelfallMartha Threlfallfirst name on this monument19481839355788112
George Threlfallhusband of Martha Threlfall1883195471

1884ThrippletonMary Ann Thrippletonfirst name on this monument76933354881171
Ellen Thrippletondaughter-in-law of Mary Ann Thrippleton1841192584
Thomas Thrippletonson of Mary Ann Thrippleton1837191275

1885TillotsonAlice Tillotsonfirst name on this monument1865328354281139
Thomas Tillotsonfather of Alice Tillotson
Sarah Tillotsonmother of Alice Tillotson

1886TillotsonWilliam Frederick Tillotsonfirst name on this monument1844188945122354079698
Dorothy Tillotsondaughter-in-law of William Frederick Tillotson1885196883
Alan Lever Tillotsonson of William Frederick Tillotson1919199273
Fred Lever Tillotsonson of William Frederick Tillotson1879195879
John Frederick Tillotsonson of William Frederick Tillotson1913198471
John Lever Tillotsonson of William Frederick Tillotson1871191544
William Holden Tillotsonson of William Frederick Tillotson1880189212
Elizabeth Mary Tillotsonsister of William Frederick Tillotson1854189945
Mary Tillotsonwife of William Frederick Tillotson1833191885

1887ToftWilliam Toftfirst name on this monument1861191655891354839359
Joseph Wallacesecond husband of William Toft
Elizabeth Wallacestep daughter of William Toft1886191933
Ann Wallacewife of William Toft1860193474

1888TomlinHenry Norman Hunt Tomlinfirst name on this monument19421967251574355523366
Alfred Arthur Tomlinfather of Henry Norman Hunt Tomlin1852191563
Laura Godfrey Tomlinmother of Henry Norman Hunt Tomlin1853191562

1889TomlinsonAndrew Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument186119185715963555454321
Dinah Tomlinsonwife of Andrew Tomlinson1866194074

1890TomlinsonJohn Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument18661935691541355490302
Richard Sydney Tomlinsonson of John Tomlinson1911194029
Alice Tomlinsonwife of John Tomlinson1869193667

1891TongFrederick Norman Tongfirst name on this monument18831967841898355847358
Arthur Frederick Tongson of Frederick Norman Tong1920199878
Emily Bolton Tongwife of Frederick Norman Tong1890197888

1892TongWilliam Edward Tongfirst name on this monument18521917651665355614517
Alice Tong
Frank Tong
Susannah Tongwife of William Edward Tong1854193884

1893TongeRobert Crompton Tongefirst name on this monument183919187913853553343752
Robert Crompton Tongeson of Robert Crompton Tonge1880190525
Sarah Tongewife of Robert Crompton Tonge1842189957

1894TongeWalter Tongefirst name on this monument18672033355982457
John Tongefather of Walter Tonge
Nancy Tongemother of Walter Tonge
Susan Tonge1871189120

1895TooleAnnie Maud Toolefirst name on this monument189919484919063558552091
Thomas Toolehusband of Annie Maud Toole

1896ToothillJames Toothillfirst name on this monument1837189659710354661297
Florence Morris1898
Mary Ellen Morris1859193273
Thomas Morris1856192771
Elizabeth Toothill1833191380

1897ToothillSarah Toothillfirst name on this monument1846190761383354336267
Betsy Ellen Smithdaughter of Sarah Toothill1871190837
William Toothillhusband of Sarah Toothill

1898TorkingtonJohn Robert Torkingtonfirst name on this monument19141969551881355830226
Ellen Torkington1962
John Robert Torkington1886196478

1899TowlerAmos Towlerfirst name on this monument18711901301196355145286
Joseph Towler68
Mary Towler74
Mary Jane Towler1940

1900TowlerDavid Towlerfirst name on this monument1904983354932353
James Towler1863193673
Alice Towlerwife of David Towler1912

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