St Peter's Church burial ground, Halliwell, Lancashire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1501ProctorFred Proctorfirst name on this monument18751928531116355065218
Jane Proctorwife of Fred Proctor1885195873

1502ProctorFrederick Proctorfirst name on this monument1858193678625354577505
Rowena Proctordaughter of Frederick Proctor2
Catherine Proctorwife of Frederick Proctor1862194280

1503ProctorJames H Proctorfirst name on this monument18391914751619355568131

1504ProctorRobinson Proctorfirst name on this monument1850193080519354472218
Gertrude Proctor1878188810
John Proctorson of Robinson Proctor
Richard Proctorson of Robinson Proctor
Sarah Ann Proctorwife of Robinson Proctor1849192172

1505RadcliffeIrvena Radcliffefirst name on this monument18661934681270355219172

1506RamsdenHerbert Ramsdenfirst name on this monument1870189727883354831478
Charlotte Ramsdenmother of Herbert Ramsden1844191066
Edith Wyatt1898199294
Esther Eliza Wyatt1895196974
Henrietta Eliza Wyatt1869196293
William Stephen Wyatt1867190740

1507RamsdenJohn Walter Ramsdenfirst name on this monument18691906371223355172429
Sarah Ellen Rushtonsister of John Walter Ramsden1871194877
Margaret Alice Ramsdenwife of John Walter Ramsden1868193567

1508RatcliffeArthur Ratcliffefirst name on this monument18861927411683355632522
Arthur Ratcliffeson of Arthur Ratcliffe191319163
Annie Ratcliffewife of Arthur Ratcliffe

1509RatcliffeEllis Ratcliffefirst name on this monument181018625220353559843871
Ellen Harrison1837188851
Ellen Harrison1869
Joseph Ainscow Harrison186818691
Robert Harrison
Elizabeth Ratcliffewife of Ellis Ratcliffe1816187054

1510RatcliffeEmma Ratcliffefirst name on this monument18641927631269355218445
Hilda Ratcliffedaughter of Emma Ratcliffe1902
John Thomas Ratcliffehusband of Emma Ratcliffe1864194177

1511RatcliffeMinnie Ratcliffefirst name on this monument190419524819933559421601
John Ratcliffe1944200763
Robert Ratcliffe1936199357

1512RatcliffePeter Ratcliffefirst name on this monument1826188054422354375740
Frances Livingstone1847191568
Richard Markland Livingstone1846191367
Agnes Ann Martin66
Charles Frederick Martin
Ellen Ratcliffewife of Peter Ratcliffe1898

1513RatcliffeRichard Ratcliffefirst name on this monument1870192555906354854526
Elizabeth Ellen Ratcliffeaunt of Richard Ratcliffe1859193677
Robert Ratcliffefather of Richard Ratcliffe
Elizabeth Ratcliffemother of Richard Ratcliffe
David Sidey1864192864
Rebecca Sidey1861192968

1514RavenEllen Ravenfirst name on this monument18511901501298355246436
James Ravenhusband of Ellen Raven1853190249
Charles Cooper1914192511
Charles Edwin Cooper190619115
Jane Cooper1881190827
John Cooper1881191433
Elizabeth Raven1868195385
Ernest Raven1877195174

1515RawlinsonRichard Rawlinsonfirst name on this monument1814188470586354538286
Catherine Ellisdaughter of Richard Rawlinson1846189145
Thomas Ellisgrand son of Richard Rawlinson1878189315

1516RawsthorneMary Rawsthornefirst name on this monument179918626320463559953091
David Rawsthornehusband of Mary Rawsthorne
Thomas Rawsthorneson of Mary Rawsthorne1840186929

1517RayAlice Rayfirst name on this monument18991911121424355373419
George Rayfather of Alice Ray1860191858
Alice Raymother of Alice Ray1860192969
Ellen Ray1892192432
Fred Ray1895191621
John Ray
Joyce Ray1922193513
William Ray1886191630

1518RaynerEdna Raynerfirst name on this monument19251993682019355968255
George Raynerhusband of Edna Rayner1918199577

1519ReeceJessie Reecefirst name on this monument18801920409183548662881
John Reecehusband of Jessie Reece1879193960
Elizabeth Wheelermother of Jessie Reece1843192077
Elizabeth Wheelersister of Jessie Reece1872191644
Priscilla Reecesecond wife of husband of Jessie Reece

1520RenshawJohn G Renshawfirst name on this monument18571934771499355448351
Lily Renshawdaughter-in-law of John G Renshaw
George A Renshawson of John G Renshaw1888192234
Clara Renshawwife of John G Renshaw1856193983

1521ReynoldsLilly Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1901190211271355220334
Norman Reynoldsbrother of Lilly Reynolds1895191621
James Reynoldsfather of Lilly Reynolds1862193371
Sarah Ann Reynoldsmother of Lilly Reynolds1871194473
Charles Keown1917195841
Elsie Keown1897198891

1522ReynoldsRosa Mary Reynoldsfirst name on this monument18831961781823355772165
Reuben Reynoldshusband of Rosa Mary Reynolds1884197288

1523ReynoldsSarah Hannah Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1848189951930354878512
Sarah Adamsdaughter of Sarah Hannah Reynolds1881196685
Mary Jane Fylesdaughter of Sarah Hannah Reynolds1887192841
Alice Reynoldsdaughter of Sarah Hannah Reynolds1881189918
John Reynoldshusband of Sarah Hannah Reynolds
William Adamsson-in-law of Sarah Hannah Reynolds
Albert Fylesson-in-law of Sarah Hannah Reynolds

1524RhodesCharles L B Rhodesfirst name on this monument18821918361024354972341
Charles William Rhodesfather of Charles L B Rhodes1849193081
Elizabeth Rhodesmother of Charles L B Rhodes1854193985

1525RhodesMargaret Rhodesfirst name on this monument18551894391378355327276
Margaret Alice Rhodesdaughter of Margaret Rhodes189119009
Sarah Janet Rhodesdaughter of Margaret Rhodes1878189921
John Henry Graham Rhodeshusband of Margaret Rhodes1854189945

1526RhodesSophia Rhodesfirst name on this monument188818935560354513410
William Henry Rhodesfather of Sophia Rhodes1855192671
Alice Rhodesmother of Sophia Rhodes1854192571
Alice Mary Rhodessister of Sophia Rhodes1881194564

1527RhodesWilliam Rhodesfirst name on this monument1826188963556354509393
Amelia Rhodesdaughter of William Rhodes1861193978
Samuel Rhodesson of William Rhodes1858189739
Amelia Rhodeswife of William Rhodes1827190780

1528RhodesWilliam Henry Rhodesfirst name on this monument186219044210803550293161
Amelia Rhodes
Harry Rhodes1912192917
William Rhodes1892191725
Matilda Elizabeth Rhodeswife of William Henry Rhodes1864194278

1529RichardsCeinwen Richardsfirst name on this monument19091955461988355937230
Mary E Grundy1898196870
Ralph Grundy1900197777

1530RichardsonAlice Richardsonfirst name on this monument18811958772078356027516
Alan Barker
Carol Barker1946197630
Thomas Richardson1889195869

1531RichardsonAnn Richardsonfirst name on this monument1853192774905354853159
Thomas Richardsonhusband of Ann Richardson1855194489

1532RichardsonAnnie Richardsonfirst name on this monument17901864741466355415437
Mary Doria Bagshawdaughter of Annie Richardson1868193668
John Richardsonhusband of Annie Richardson1835192691
Augusta E Rousett1854194187
William Bagshawson-in-law of Annie Richardson1861193776

1533RichardsonHilda Richardsonfirst name on this monument19151992771886355835171
Joseph Richardson1911200897

1534RickvanceWilliam Rickvancefirst name on this monument1870193464755354704230
Thomas E Beechbrother-in-law of William Rickvance1879194768
Mary Rickvancewife of William Rickvance1868194375

1535RidingFrank Ridingfirst name on this monument1838188951455354407234
Willie Riding1869188415
Alice Betsy Ridingwife of Frank Riding1833190269

1536RidingJames Ridingfirst name on this monument19421705355654138

1537RidingNathan Ridingfirst name on this monument18451922771341355289196
Martha Ridingwife of Nathan Riding1857192265

1538RidingsMary Ridingsfirst name on this monument1824188359298354252271
Eliza Ridingsdaughter of Mary Ridings1857
Thomas Ridingshusband of Mary Ridings

1539RigbyEmily Rigbyfirst name on this monument1850187626458354410217
James Edward Rigbyhusband of Emily Rigby
Edward Rigby1819187758
Elizabeth Rigbysecond wife of husband of Emily Rigby1860188929

1540RigbyHarold Rigbyfirst name on this monument1906191371582355531204
John Richard Rigbyfather of Harold Rigby1875194469
Annie Rigbymother of Harold Rigby

1541RigbyJames E Rigbyfirst name on this monument18841952681784355733183
Mary Rigbydaughter of James E Rigby1909192718
Ellen Jane Rigbywife of James E Rigby1884196379

1542RigbyNancy Rigbyfirst name on this monument18581911531556355505154
John Thomas Rigbyhusband of Nancy Rigby1927

1543RigbyNellie Rigbyfirst name on this monument18991928291111355060145
John Rigbyhusband of Nellie Rigby1899197374

1544RigbyScott William Rigbyfirst name on this monument9102354060151
William Rigbyfather of Scott William Rigby

1545RigbySimeon Rigbyfirst name on this monument18761927512353961131
Annie May Rigbywife of Simeon Rigby1882196987

1546RigbyWilliam Rigbyfirst name on this monument18141876624573544092191
Ann Rigbydaughter of William Rigby1843188239
Mary Rigbywife of William Rigby60

1547RileyJames Rileyfirst name on this monument18781903251313355261156
Thomas Rileyfather of James Riley
Martha Rileymother of James Riley1855192267

1548RileyJohn Rileyfirst name on this monument1837189154872354820297
Bessie Wooddaughter of John Riley1897192730
William Rileygrand son of John Riley1905
John Higham Woodson-in-law of John Riley1908
Alice Rileywife of John Riley1825190378

1549RileyJohn Rileyfirst name on this monument18811924431641355590227
Jane Rostron1856192973
Mary Rileywife of John Riley1963

1550RileyThomas Rileyfirst name on this monument18721937651207355156103
Mary Riley

1551RileyWilliam Rileyfirst name on this monument1864192258885354833527
Eliza Rileydaughter-in-law of William Riley
Gertrude Green Wilkinsondaughter-in-law of William Riley
Annie Rileygrand daughter of William Riley1911
Wilfred Dawsongrand son of William Riley193119365
John Rileyson of William Riley
Thomas Wilkinsonson-in-law of William Riley1892191826
Annie Rileywife of William Riley1863194784

1552RimmerMary Olive Rimmerfirst name on this monument19071964571938355887295
Eric Rimmerhusband of Mary Olive Rimmer1978

1553RipleyGeorge Ripleyfirst name on this monument1825187853600354552515
Hannah Hargreaves
Henry Hargreaves1868189729
James Ripleyson of George Ripley1853193178
Mary Ann Ripleywife of George Ripley1817189679

1554RipleyJohn Ripleyfirst name on this monument185719125513283552764011
Annie Ripley
Wilfred Ernest Ripley1885194762
Harold Futty Ripleyson of John Ripley1886193347
Margaret Ripleywife of John Ripley1857194588

1555RitsonMary Ritsonfirst name on this monument181718584120393559881311
Ann Ritson1794187177

1556RobertsEllen Robertsfirst name on this monument19011981801817355766111

1557RobertsHannah Robertsfirst name on this monument18831910271480355429111
Joseph Roberts1873193259

1558RobertsRobert Robertsfirst name on this monument1842188139921354869190
Florence L M Robertsdaughter of Robert Roberts1872191543
Mary A M Wellsdaughter of Robert Roberts1937
Edward Thomas Wellsson-in-law of Robert Roberts1944
Elizabeth Robertswife of Robert Roberts1839190768

1559RobertsonAlice Robertsonfirst name on this monument19141981671774355723577
Richard Robertsonhusband of Alice Robertson

1560Robinson Robinsonfirst name on this monument184418451290354244542
William Horrocksfather of Robinson1812187765
Mary Robinsonmother of Robinson1803186461

1561RobinsonIsaac Fletcher Robinsonfirst name on this monument1864173354129219
Ernest Robinson1912192513
Ernest Victor Robinson1878194769
Rachel Robinsonwife of Isaac Fletcher Robinson1848192880

1562RobinsonMartha Robinsonfirst name on this monument1861192867680354631243
George Robinsonhusband of Martha Robinson1866193064
James Cadwell1883193956
Mary Cadwell1939

1563RobinsonWilliam Robinsonfirst name on this monument18461868222026355975227
George Dutyfather of William Robinson1814188571
Mary Dutymother of William Robinson1812189684

1564RobsonMary Ann Robsonfirst name on this monument18291859302041355990291
John Robsonfather of Mary Ann Robson
Alice Robsonmother of Mary Ann Robson

1565RodcusAlice Rodcusfirst name on this monument1841192180599354551232
Alice Ann Rodcusdaughter of Alice Rodcus39
Thomas Rodcushusband of Alice Rodcus
Sarah Rodcus59

1566RoddieRichard Alistair Roddiefirst name on this monument19331992591696355645139

1567RodgersGeorge Rodgersfirst name on this monument1845189651442354394264
William Rodgersson of George Rodgers186818746
Jane Rodgerswife of George Rodgers1845191570

1568RodgersIsaac Herbert Rodgersfirst name on this monument1410355359190

1569RodwayPhilip George Rodwayfirst name on this monument19731992191888355837237
Aileen Stephanie Rodway1921200584

1570RogersDoris Alexandra Rogersfirst name on this monument1903199895342354295175
John Rogershusband of Doris Alexandra Rogers1901198180

1571RogersHarry Clifford Rogersfirst name on this monument1918199779350354303258
David Rogersson of Harry Clifford Rogers1949201162

1572RogersonEdward Rogersonfirst name on this monument1837189760976354925966
Caroline Annie Foxleydaughter of Edward Rogerson1881197998
Caroline Ann Gertrude Rogersondaughter of Edward Rogerson
Emma Margaret Rogersondaughter of Edward Rogerson1872193462
Charles Foxleyson-in-law of Edward Rogerson1895195459
Helen Rogersonwife of Edward Rogerson1929

1573RoperEdith Annie Roperfirst name on this monument18851947622113541672131
Edmund Roperhusband of Edith Annie Roper

1574RoscoeConstance Roscoefirst name on this monument1920192221104355053360
Frederick Roscoefather of Constance Roscoe1886196579
Constance Roscoemother of Constance Roscoe1887197083
Hilda Bromley1810187868

1575RoscoeElizabeth Roscoefirst name on this monument1554355503235

1576RoscoeElsie Roscoefirst name on this monument1895190271280355228364
Reuben Roscoefather of Elsie Roscoe1864195187
Emma Roscoemother of Elsie Roscoe1864194480
Hannah Jane Roscoesister of Elsie Roscoe1889196374

1577RoscoeFrederick Norman Roscoefirst name on this monument19191993741928355877130

1578RoscoeJohn Roscoefirst name on this monument18161882668043547524192
Walter Lee1872193563
Edward Roscoe1863193875
Emily Roscoe190119021
Emily Roscoe1847193689
Mary Roscoewife of John Roscoe1820189272

1579RoscoeMaria Roscoefirst name on this monument19391092355041355
Annie Roscoe1867194982
George Roscoe1867194982
George Roscoeson of Maria Roscoe1942

1580RoscoeRobert Marsden Roscoefirst name on this monument1856187721367354320245

1581RoscoeWilliam Robert Roscoefirst name on this monument18741946721605355554161
Wilhelmina Roscoewife of William Robert Roscoe

1582RostronEmma Jane Rostronfirst name on this monument18701906361303355251368
Richard Rostronhusband of Emma Jane Rostron1874195177
Jane Rostronsecond wife of husband of Emma Jane Rostron1885197489

1583RostronJohn Rostronfirst name on this monument184519076215703555194651
Rebecca Rostrondaughter of John Rostron1923
Leonard Duxburygrand son of John Rostron191619182
Harriet Rostronwife of John Rostron1844191167

1584RostronMary Ellen Rostronfirst name on this monument18661916501242355191280
George Frederick Rostronhusband of Mary Ellen Rostron1866194579

1585RostronRichard Rostronfirst name on this monument18251884595723545255911
Ada Rostron
Ernest Rostron188818902
Samuel Rostron1904
Sarah Rostron
Jane Rostronwife of Richard Rostron1832188957

1586RostronWilliam Rostronfirst name on this monument1872193462106354064364
Mildred Rostrondaughter of William Rostron1903199390
Annie Rostronwife of William Rostron1872196290

1587RothwellEdith Rothwellfirst name on this monument187218753512354465442
Thomas Rothwellfather of Edith Rothwell1837190265
Jane Rothwellmother of Edith Rothwell1838190769
Ann Roberts1873192754
Annie Wolfendon
John Wolfendon
John Stanley Wolfendon1907

1588RothwellElizabeth Rothwellfirst name on this monument17861861752063541624621
Alice Howard1866194377
Bessie Howard1866194377
Hannah Howard1781185776
James Howard1815185843
John Howard1884
Mary Howard1821188059
Mary Ann Howard1829192495
Sarah Howard1815187459

1589RothwellHarry Rothwellfirst name on this monument19031941381495355444160

1590RothwellJames Rothwellfirst name on this monument1812189684162354118318
Edwin Rothwellson of James Rothwell1848186618
Peter Rothwellson of James Rothwell1851186716
Mary Ann Rothwellwife of James Rothwell1829189667

1591RothwellJames Herbert Rothwellfirst name on this monument18731913401618355567251
Fanny Rothwellwife of James Herbert Rothwell1925198964

1592RothwellJohn Rothwellfirst name on this monument1860192363689354640361
Ernest Rothwellson of John Rothwell1881196281
John Rothwellson of John Rothwell1882197492
Mary Rothwellwife of John Rothwell1862194684

1593RothwellJohn Henry Rothwellfirst name on this monument18781921432126356075172
Beatrice Rothwellwife of John Henry Rothwell1883194360

1594RothwellJohn Henry Rothwellfirst name on this monument18571913561585355534322
Annnie Rothwelldaughter-in-law of John Henry Rothwell
William Rothwellson of John Henry Rothwell1894193642
Alice Seddon Rothwellwife of John Henry Rothwell1859192970

1595RothwellMartha Rothwellfirst name on this monument1878188575803545332581
William Rothwellbrother of Martha Rothwell1880196484
James Rothwellfather of Martha Rothwell1856190145
Ann Rothwellmother of Martha Rothwell1854193177
Jane Rothwellsister of Martha Rothwell1882195674

1596RothwellRobert Rothwellfirst name on this monument19181263355212143

1597RothwellRonald Rothwellfirst name on this monument192319926918873558363091
Doris Rothwellwife of Ronald Rothwell1928200577

1598RothwellWilliam Rothwellfirst name on this monument1864192662693354644255
Arnold Rothwellson of William Rothwell1893192633
Edith Rothwellwife of William Rothwell1863195794

1599RothwellWilliam Rothwellfirst name on this monument187419416731353989363
Ann Bateson1845189247
Richard Bateson1845188338
Bertha Rothwellwife of William Rothwell1877195073

1600RowbottomEdwin Rowbottomfirst name on this monument18441910662098356047164

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