Municipal Cemetery, Eidsvold, Queensland, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1Richard first name on this monument1960198020eid0292309582277

2AbbottEsther Ann Abbottfirst name on this monument1896eidmemorialwall243095013321

3AdamThomas Adamfirst name on this monument1888eidmemorialwall15309396279

4AdamsonFrederick Adamsonfirst name on this monument1897eidmemorialwall25309503406

5AdcockJohn Adcockfirst name on this monument1919eidmemorialwall73093232561

6AdcockSarah Adcockfirst name on this monument1831189463eid00453090855661
John Adcockhusband of Sarah Adcock1824191995

7AddicottAnnie Addicottfirst name on this monument1888195466eid0010309050368
J T W Addicotthusband of Annie Addicott1884194763

8AirdIsabella Hannah Airdfirst name on this monument1893eidmemorialwall20309457342

9AirdJohn Airdfirst name on this monument1900eidmemorialwall26309523290

10AirdJohn Airdfirst name on this monument1933eidmemorialwall13309376288

11AllenRobert Joseph Allenfirst name on this monument1912197765eid0074309115437
Susan May Allenwife of Robert Joseph Allen1906199892

12AndersonJune Andersonfirst name on this monument1933198956eid0463309752611
Donna Andersondaughter of June Anderson
Gail Andersondaughter of June Anderson
Kerry Andersondaughter of June Anderson
James Andersonhusband of June Anderson

13AndrewsVeronica Josephine Andrewsfirst name on this monument1936eidmemorialwall13309381335

14AngusArthur Vyvian Angusfirst name on this monumenteid0431309720360
Jean Bessie Anguswife of Arthur Vyvian Angus1921200988

15AppoJake Tim Appofirst name on this monument1996eid0147309186498
Dave Appobrother of Jake Tim Appo
Agnes Appomother of Jake Tim Appo

16AssenbruckNeville Gustav Assenbruckfirst name on this monument1946198741eid0456309745891
Kim Assenbruckdaughter of Neville Gustav Assenbruck
Michelle Assenbruckdaughter of Neville Gustav Assenbruck
Vanessa Assenbruckdaughter of Neville Gustav Assenbruck
Daniel Assenbruckson of Neville Gustav Assenbruck
Paul Neville Assenbruckson of Neville Gustav Assenbruck1976199216
Wayne Assenbruckson of Neville Gustav Assenbruck
Kathleen Marion Assenbruckwife of Neville Gustav Assenbruck

17AvardEdward Jesse Avardfirst name on this monument1928eidmemorialwall12309367266

18BancroftLouis Oldfield Bancroftfirst name on this monument1902199795eid0230309268764
Iris Margaret Bancroftwife of Louis Oldfield Bancroft19032003100

19BannahCecilia Theresa Bannahfirst name on this monument1895eidmemorialwall233094872731

20BannahIvy Sophia Bannahfirst name on this monument1893eidmemorialwall213094642541

21BannahJohanna Margaret Bannahfirst name on this monument1889eidmemorialwall153094072801

22BannahJohanna Margaret Bannahfirst name on this monument1895eidmemorialwall223094772741

23BannahJoseph Bannahfirst name on this monument1893eidmemorialwall213094632621

24BannahKatherine May Bannahfirst name on this monument1901197069eid03593096484211
Alfred James Bannahhusband of Katherine May Bannah1904196056
John Thomas Bannah1956200246
Leslie Thomas Bannah1927199669

25BannahOswald Frank Bannahfirst name on this monument1902192119eid03603096494581
Frank Bannahfather of Oswald Frank Bannah1922
Theresa Bannahmother of Oswald Frank Bannah

26BarbelerSarah Ann Barbelerfirst name on this monument1893eidmemorialwall21309466269

27BarbourC A Barbourfirst name on this monument1915199479eid0445309734506
Patricia Barbourdaughter of C A Barbour
Lindsay Barbourson of C A Barbour
Joyce Barbourwife of C A Barbour

28BardenEdward Bardenfirst name on this monument1919eidmemorialwall7309320490

29BarnesEmily Sarah Barnesfirst name on this monument1912eidmemorialwall4309305289

30BarnesMinnie Barnesfirst name on this monument1865190136eid02413095314711
Gary Barnesfather of Minnie Barnes
Guthrie Sinclairmother of Minnie Barnes

31BarraJohn Barrafirst name on this monument78eid0272309562416

32BatesSarah Batesfirst name on this monument1895eidmemorialwall23309488269

33BatyHenry Batyfirst name on this monument1891eidmemorialwall17309430294

34BaylesJames Phillip Baylesfirst name on this monument1906198175eid0407309696423
Ada Bayleswife of James Phillip Bayles1912199583

35BaylesPhillis May Baylesfirst name on this monument194719492eid0007309047290

36BeckW A A Beckfirst name on this monument191019111eid0346309636358
G Beckfather of W A A Beck
M L Beckmother of W A A Beck

37BeezleyBill Matthew Beezleyfirst name on this monument1965200641eid0195309233334

38BeezleyEdna Violet Beezleyfirst name on this monument1933200976eid0209309247270

39BeezleyJayvin John Beezleyfirst name on this monument2009eid0202309240329

40BeezleyLionel Lloyd Beezleyfirst name on this monument1953197320eid0290309580386

41BeezleyMary Ann Beezleyfirst name on this monument1902195957eid0288309578334
Bertie Beezleyhusband of Mary Ann Beezley1900198484

42BeneckeFrederick Beneckefirst name on this monument1887195366eid0021309061382
Louise Mathilda Benecke1969
May Benecke
Noel Benecke

43BenhamJohn Gordon Benhamfirst name on this monument1903198784eid0455309744681
Evelyn Benhamdaughter of John Gordon Benham
Eric Benhamson of John Gordon Benham
Walter Benhamson of John Gordon Benham
Evelyn May Benhamwife of John Gordon Benham1906199084

44BerndtBaby Berndtfirst name on this monument1924eidmemorialwall9309345255

45BestHarold Botham Bestfirst name on this monument1906197872eid0081309121299

46BestKathleen Agnes Bestfirst name on this monument1909200798eid0082309122489
Ruth Bestdaughter of Kathleen Agnes Best
Bruce Bestson of Kathleen Agnes Best
Graham Bestson of Kathleen Agnes Best
Lloyd Bestson of Kathleen Agnes Best

47BirchleyAubrey Raymond Birchleyfirst name on this monument1911199483eid0308309598592
Maud Mary Birchleywife of Aubrey Raymond Birchley1924199874

48BirchleyErnest Wellington Birchleyfirst name on this monument1908197567eid0303309593371

49BirchleyFrancis Gerard Birchleyfirst name on this monument1958199638eid0215309253360

50BirchleyRichard John Birchleyfirst name on this monument19eid0293309583400

51BlackAlfred Garnet Blackfirst name on this monument1895eidmemorialwall23309484341

52BlackJohn Samuel Blackfirst name on this monument1897eidmemorialwall25309502257

53BlackJohn Thomas Blackfirst name on this monument1923eidmemorialwall9309339275

54BlackWilliam Blackfirst name on this monument1900eidmemorialwall26309521258

55BlackWilliam Vincent Blackfirst name on this monument1900196868eid0058309098241

56BlagdenArthur Blagdenfirst name on this monument1920eid0243309533339
Arthur Blagdenfather of Arthur Blagden
Margaret Halemother of Arthur Blagden

57BlakerJames Blakerfirst name on this monument1894eidmemorialwall22309475240

58BlanchardAthol Raymond Blanchardfirst name on this monument1925196540eid0137309176295

59BlighDelphine Thelma Blighfirst name on this monument1924199773eid0149309188211

60BlighHazel Jean Blighfirst name on this monument1952201159eid0157309196209

61BlissFlorence Mary Blissfirst name on this monument1912192816eid0374309663435
W Blissfather of Florence Mary Bliss
Bridget Florence Blissmother of Florence Mary Bliss1880193555

62BlundellBarry George D Blundellfirst name on this monument1937198346eid0404309693231

63BlundellGeorge Blundellfirst name on this monument1895196974eid0255309545292

64BlundellGeorge Darald Blundellfirst name on this monument1892198189eid0092309132300
Florence Nora Blundellwife of George Darald Blundell1899198182

65BlundellJack Blundellfirst name on this monument1924eidmemorialwall9309344358

66BlundellJames Blundellfirst name on this monument1956eid0268309558238

67BlundellJanet M A Blundellfirst name on this monument1923197653eid0049309089296
P R W Blundellhusband of Janet M A Blundell1921200180

68BlundellJohn Lawrence Blundellfirst name on this monument1875194873eid0252309542296
Edith M M Blundellwife of John Lawrence Blundell1880196282

69BlundellMark Blundellfirst name on this monument1908eidmemorialwall43092982121

70BlundellMary Ann Blundellfirst name on this monument1870195484eid0251309541584
Henry Blundellhusband of Mary Ann Blundell1864194682

71BlundellMercy Blundellfirst name on this monument1867194578eid0250309540305
George Blundellhusband of Mercy Blundell1865194075

72BlundellStephen John Blundellfirst name on this monument1946eid03693096584813
Veronica Orlean Brown1932

73BoaseFredrick John Boasefirst name on this monument1928198153eid0093309133263

74BolderyCatherine Agnes Bolderyfirst name on this monument1893eidmemorialwall213094613202

75BolderyEdward Bolderyfirst name on this monument1933eidmemorialwall13309379256

76BolderyRichard William Bolderyfirst name on this monument1924eidmemorialwall9309342261

77BolkiPeter Bolkifirst name on this monument1889eidmemorialwall16309414309

78BoothElsie May Boothfirst name on this monument193019311eid0097309136216

79BowlingAaron James Bowlingfirst name on this monument200720103eid0213309251421
Stephen Bowlingfather of Aaron James Bowling
Tammy Bowlingmother of Aaron James Bowling

80BoydMary Boydfirst name on this monument1891eidmemorialwall17309429200

81BoyleStella Boylefirst name on this monument1929200071eid0216309254287

82BoyterStella Margaret Boyterfirst name on this monument1937200467eid0181309219265

83BrackinGeorge H Brackinfirst name on this monument1901196362eid0028309068209

84BradfordDaniel Bradfordfirst name on this monument1868193163eid00983091374331
Lawrence Jeffrey Bradfordson of Daniel Bradford1906196054
Edna Louise Bradfordwife of Daniel Bradford1881196988

85BrasellRose Brasellfirst name on this monument1886194761eid0006309046239
Herbert E Brasellhusband of Rose Brasell1888196173

86BrassellJohn William Brassellfirst name on this monument1892eidmemorialwall19309440255

87BrassellLeonard Brassellfirst name on this monument1903eidmemorialwall2309281223

88BrennanD H Brennanfirst name on this monument1917199679eid0438309727423
Joyce Brennanwife of D H Brennan

89BrennanJames Joseph Brennanfirst name on this monument1918eidmemorialwall73093162011

90BridgesAnna Bella Bridgesfirst name on this monument1891eidmemorialwall183094333941

91BrixBridget Brixfirst name on this monument1892eidmemorialwall18309435286

92BrownAlexander Mcclean Brownfirst name on this monument1925200479eid0182309220463

93BrownCharles Brownfirst name on this monument1891eidmemorialwall18309432277

94BrownEmma Louisa Brownfirst name on this monument1894198288eid0136309175316
Joseph Richard Brownhusband of Emma Louisa Brown1882196684

95BrownJohn Brownfirst name on this monument1890194656eid0368309657343
Bessie Brownwife of John Brown1893194754

96BrownJoseph R Brownfirst name on this monument1927194417eid0135309174328

97BrownLetitia Jane Brownfirst name on this monument1881189817eid0133309172427
Joseph R Brownfather of Letitia Jane Brown1848192577
Ann Brownmother of Letitia Jane Brown1854193884

98BrownMary Isabel Brownfirst name on this monument1920199777eid0148309187578
Alex Brownhusband of Mary Isabel Brown
Trevor James King Brownson of Mary Isabel Brown1947199043

99BurnsVera Cecilia Burnsfirst name on this monument1898199294eid0302309592414
John Burnshusband of Vera Cecilia Burns1900197474

100ByronAnnie Jane Byronfirst name on this monument1897eidmemorialwall25309506320

Grave Monument Photographs

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