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What does "Change the amount of detail displayed" do?

The GPR website has been re-written so that it will display different amounts of infromation depending on the types of devices such as smart phones and tablets as well as coping with browser windows that are smaller than a PC screen. If you first enter the GPR website via the home page then your browser and screen width will be automatically discovered. Depending on the discovered browser width, the home page and all subsequent pages will display differently.

Thus, for instance, a smart phone will be shown smaller images and possibly not so many. The amount of information will also change with only the most important details being shown on devices with smaller widths.

If a mobile device is rotated from portrait to landscape the width of the browser window will change. Unfortunately at present the GPR cannot detect these changes and this is why the website has the 'Change the amount of detail displayed' option box on appropriate pages. Using this link will let the GPR system change the amount of detail displayed and return users to the page they came from displaying the appropriate information for the selected level of detail.

If a visitor to the website has entered the GPR website via a search engine link then by default a medium detail level is automatically selected.

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