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List of Feedback

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
LEEThank you Many thanks for a great resourse

FOLLEYGravestone Photoographs for William Folley x2 , and Frederick FoleyMany thanks for providing these images, which may be helpful in my family research.

JACKSONSamuel Jackson Grave.Thank you for the photograph unfortunately I just can't read the inscription . Samuel Jackson is who I'm researching died in Bury St. Edmunds 1836 born about 1759. Sadly I can't read the gravestone . Many thanks anyway

NOBLEThank you for providing the images of thThank you for providing the images of the headstone for Henry Noble at Walton, Yorkshire. As a likely direct descendant in South Australia I find this service to be incredibly useful in compiling information for my family. Best Regards, Nick Noble

SHEARERAcknowledgementMany thanks for your prompt and helpful service. The photographs were clearer and more complete that those I had previously found. I very appreciate the time and effort volunteers like yourself give so freely. Kind regards J.Pascall

MARCHANTWrong link on a couple of imagesHi just to let you know that George Johnson Marchant is listed on grave 372989 instead of 372990 where his name appears on the images. He is the husband of Mary Helena Marchant. There is also a Selina Richardson listed on 372990 which doesn't appear on the images and may be incorrect? .... more

STOUGHTONA great resource - many thanks for helpiA great resource - many thanks for helping me find a C19 landowner.

WARBURTONHelpfulI requested a photograph of an ancestor's gravestone. I am new to the world of ancestry research, and I am thrilled at any information or photos that are provided to me. When I sent my request, I received a prompt response, and additional information for further research. I am grateful that Mr. Charles Sale has taken the time to set up this site, manage it, and email people who are searching. Thank you.

CLARKWilliam Clark Gravestone ImageClear large image ,very prompt service.Great website.Thank you.

GLOVERA great resourceThis is a great resource for anyone researching their family history and for anyone who wants to know where their ancestors are buried so that they may pay their respects in person. My requests were in my Inbox the following day. Many thanks.

BIVAND / BEVANDNew infromationThe requested image arrived promptly - within hours of my asking for it. It helped my research by providing the name of a spouse I knew nothing about but took my knowledge further as a result. I will certainly use the site again.

A big thank you for the speedy despatch A big thank you for the speedy despatch of the photograph requested recently. This is a wonderful resource for those of us not able to physically travel to visit the grave site. Keep up the good work!

MAJOLIERExcellent website and service. Many thanExcellent website and service. Many thanks.

WALKERImage of gravestone of Robert Walker I was very pleased to find an image of the gravestone of Robert and Ann Walker.To collect all these pictures must entail a lot of work but I am sure it is much appreciated.

HORNJohn George Horn Head StoneThank you for the very speedy reply and access to the photo that I requested for the headstone of John George and Emily Caroline Horn, my great grand parents. Keep up the good work.

GLEADHILLThank youMany thanks for making this wonderful resource available and for taking the time and trouble to send links etc. The Eyre headstone photograph is excellent, however the one for Rachel Gleadhill is greyed out half way down. Whether this is just how it was taken, or a fault I do not know.

GREENWhat a fantastic resourceContacted the Gravestone Photographic Resource yesterday evening and already had a reply with a link to the photo of Fredric Green Head Stone. This is a great resource if you are researching your family tree and cannot get to see where your your love ones final resting place is. That your Charles for providing excellent service, Thank You

NORMANthanksThank you very much for the image of Frederick and Frances Norman's headstone. I was amazed at how quickly I had access to it (less than 12 hours) what a fantastic resource!

ThanksThank you for the swift response. A great resource!!

HAYThomas HAYThanks for the great site and the prompt service in our research of Thomas HAY. Your commitment to raising and maintaining this site for nothing more than a pat on the back now and again is truly awe inspiring. Keep up the fantastic work and know that your efforts are very much appreciated. Terry HAY

TEMPLEJohn TempleOnce again many thanks for the photo of the grave. It is a big help in my research.

REDMILEThank youMany thanks for such a prompt response. An invaluable service for family history buffs.

MOSS Photothanks for photo, will now try and find other relatives

DOUGHTYThank youI am very grateful to the administrators and volunteers who donate their time to providing photos for this website. It is very special to find a photo of a gravesite relative to my research.

FOLEYGravestone Photograph: John Whitefield Foley ( Bideford East the Water)Thank you very much for this photograph, which was very informative. John Whitefield Foley was my Great Grandfather. My father was William Henry Foley.

'PARKER WHITE'A most valuable resourceI came across the link to this website from the Glamorgan Family History Society's Facebook page. What a find, it is a wealth of exciting information and images. Super fast response to email and fantastic quality of images. Highly recommended. Thank your for your invaluable service.

WHITEThanks for allowing me to access the phoThanks for allowing me to access the photo of the headstone for Eleanor Buchanan White and family. having websites such as yours is a wonderful resource. Kath

HUMPHRIESLocation and burial detailsMany thanks for the images. It was good to know where some of my ancestors are buried.

TUOHYDenis Caufield TuohyThankyou so much for providing me with a photo of Denis's grave. I am from Victoria and would never have had the opportunity to get to take a photo of this grave. SM

ROZIERThanks for ImagesRecieved images for my sister but she isn't showing on any of the church records, talking to her family she not in the church yard but in the cemetery, not sure what is happening here.

WOOD / LATTERImagesThank you so much for the images really pleased to have them and would never have found them without your help.

SWEENEYGeorge Richard Sweeneymyrequest for the details of the grave were dealt with promptly and efficiently. Thank you

YEATMANUseful additionThe image makes a useful and unusual addition to the tree. Will be using your site again.

HINGSTONThank you very much for the detailed heaThank you very much for the detailed headstone pictures I've just received. It really helps with the family tree, and fills in those nagging holes. Kind regards Mike White.

BOUGHTON & PLUMMERMany thanks for supplying the photo of JMany thanks for supplying the photo of John and Sarah Plummer's gravestone. I believe that John and Sarah may well be my great x4 grandparents. I'll be circulating the photo to my sisters and mother!

ASHMOREThankyoureally grateful for this service thank you so much

GEORGESONThank you so much!Thanks to your site, I found the gravestone of my 3xGreat Grandparents and my 2xGreat Aunt and her husband and children. I followed the trail as Archibald Campbell and Johan Campbell (nee Georgeson) took in my Great Grandmother, Jessie, when her mother Williamina died when she was 8 years old. I wasn't expecting to find my 3x Great Grandparents but it was one of those moments of euphoria at finding them and sadness at the number of children that didn't make it. Thanks again for your work and very prompt response

ROGERSGravestone photoThank you for your prompt response to my request and copy of gravestone photo of Doris and John Rogers which is much appreciated - you are providing an unusual and interesting support for family research.

PICKETTThank YouThank you once again for the wonderful image

HARVEYMy mistake!Thank you for your prompt response to my request, what a great service. Also for putting me in touch with another interested part. Unfortunately the Harvey family was not the one I was looking for, but still very helpful in eliminating this line of enquiry. Thank you for your help and I will take some photos of my local village graveyard for your site.

COOPERThank youVery much appreciate the very rapid responce to my request for a photo of the grave of William Stanley Cooper. Another branch added to the tree.

Grateful thanks!Thank you so much for this very useful and beautifully produced website. It has proved a really valuable help when researching several families both at my local church and for my own genealogical research. In one case recently it solved a mystery regarding the marriage of a couple commemorated on a family memorial in Topcliffe church but who were buried in Stockton; it transpired that when it was erected in 1860 the husband's name had been engraved wrongly on the stone - and since that time no-one had noticed! The marriage details were consequently located easily. I am hoping for further insights as a result of locating the Harrison memorials at South Warnborough. Your work is much appreciated.

COOPER / NOOTHInformation on Cooper and Nooth families, Kew, Surrey.I want to express my very real gratitude to the individuals and organisation involved in making this resource available. Your information and images add a rich extra dimension to family research. Many, many thanks.

WOOD / LATTERImagesThankyou very much for the images received

SCOTTThanksMany thanks for this invaluable service.

WOODPhotosThankyou very much for the images , received very quickly. It was great to know where William is buried and can now visit the place.

FOWLESMany thanks Many thanks for your prompt replybto my request forvthe photo of my great Uncle William Frederick Fowles. Your service is much appreciated.

BROCKGeorge BrockHi Charles, Many thanks for sending me the link for the gravestone photo of George Brock and his parents.Much appreciated. Regards Ken.

BROWNResearchThank you for your prompt response

PEARSONWonderfulThis is a wonderful addition to any research. Unable to visit all the cemeteries myself.


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