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List of Feedback

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
GODWARDThank youThank you so much for sending the 2 images requested. This is a brilliant website which is extremely useful for anyone interested in Family History - thanks to you and all your volunteers!

MOCKFantastic serviceThank you so much for provided this service, i received my request within 24 hours such a quick response, thank you again for all the your hard work and dedication.

ThanksI keep finding more relatives on your site! It's a great help. Thank you.

Excellent serviceI have found 7 graves now that are on this site. The thumbnails are perfectly good to use on my Ancestry tree as illustrations of the monument, whilst the detailed photographs, which I do not share with others, permit me to read the full inscription. I have found that my requests for detailed photographs are dealt with within 24 hours. I am very grateful for this most useful service.

ThanksThank you very much for your project, and for the images that I have received. I appreciate your desire to know that images have been received, but I would like to point out that I could not find a way to the comments/feedback section without requesting another image. I abandoned my first attempt to acknowledge receipt of my previously requested image and convey my thanks, so I would like to suggest that making the process simpler or more obvious would improve your response rate.

WATSHAMHeadstoneThank you very much for sending me the link to the image of headstone that I requested. Brilliant service.

BETTRIDGEDeath of Charles BettridgeThe date of death of Charles (also recorded as Lewis Charles) was on the 10th July 1929. He was born 25th March 1887 in Farley, Wiltshire. So he died at the age of 42 and not as stated on this record. Thank you.

FREELANDThank you so much for your work. I've nThank you so much for your work. I've now found out that William Freeland worked at Head Wrightson & Co and will try to follow this clue to find out more information.

HARRISONGreat Servicemany thanks for a speedy service - it has been helpful in my ancestry searches.

EASTExcellent photosI have been very impressed by the speed of service, the quality of the photos provided. I have used this service together with other sites which give burial details and have found it to be excellent in every way. Many thanks

GROOMThanksWas searching for the headstone of my great-great-grandmother Carolyne Blick. Thanks you for providing this resource! :)

VYSEGravestone PhotoThanks for the quick response to my request for the gravestone photo for Gertrude Ellen Drane (nee Vyse). It is much appreciated and I commend the hard work that you and all your volunteers have put into this website.

Thank you - the photo gave the informatiThank you - the photo gave the information I was looking for

BONIFACETHANK YOU very muchThank you so much for this resource. Really great stuff and your efforts are appreciated. REF search Nancy Boniface.

JORYThank youI would like to Thank Charles for his quick reply with my photo request..A very valuable source of information and service that Charles has provided for Free...Thank you again so much...Kind Regards Karen

MAINSMAINS - GatesheadThank you Charles for your prompt reply to my request. At this stage I cannot see a connection to my MAINS family who lived in the Gateshead area from I believe the 1840s. According to the census Robert was born in Co Down/Antrim, father John. At the time of his marriage to Mary Jane MARTIN in Newburn 1843, both he & Mary were living in Lemington. Many thanks once again.

CATT / HYLANDPhoto of Arthur CartledgeThanks for the photo much appreciated

RIDDLESPositive experienceCharles, you are doing a great service to people researching and/or discovering their families. Being international it is great to have a resource such as yours to validate information. Keep up the good work and thank you.

GELDARTThank you very much for the gravestone imagesThe gravestone images give added confirmation of my previous research of this family Thank you very much.

ALLENVery helpfulThank you very much for your prompt response, this has been most helpful in researching my family history in regards to Charles Edwin Allen.

WHITEMOREThank youMany thanks for your excellent work. Very helpful and efficient

GERRELLThankyouMany thanks for being able to provide a photo of my Grandmother's headstone Olive Winifred Gerrell .. You are providing an invaluable and priceless service .

MCMILLINThank you for sending the photo I requesThank you for sending the photo I requested so quickly... love this site and will pass it on to my friends

HOBBSIn AppreciationThank you so much for the image as well as other information. I'm so excited to look up my ancestors and I so appreciate your photos and links! I would recommend this site to anyone! Crossing my fingers for matches with your site!

SUTHERLAND / MACKAYThank you for such a wonderful service. Thank you for such a wonderful service. The photos are brilliant.

WARNESThank youDear Charles, Just to say a huge thank you for the speedy reply with my query and a link to the grave of Eleanor Beckett. On the same grave stone was also Eleanor's sister Annie Simpson so it was a double find. I have spent the last 18 months researching my 3 son's side of the family as sadly they lost their dad Roy Edward Warnes tragically 15 years ago. The surname Warnes is common in Norfolk so at times it hasn't been easy. The grave was the first real find and as I shall be in Norfolk in September I can now visit the grave and pay my respects. Many thanks once again. Brenda

RUSSELL, REID, MCMASTER, MASONRussell, Reid family research.Thank you for the help in finding possible family members. I am hoping I can find more information about my Scottish roots. I love the pictures of the tombstones.

SULLYA thank youToday I was easily able to access high quality photos of a family grave on this extensive database. I am very tempted to volunteer and add further information but am trying to resist as I really don't have the time - perhaps in the future. I have seen other, similar databases, but found this one easy to use with the advantage of being able to add more information to help other researchers. My tree has now extended to the extent that I am researching several hundred surnames.

GIBSONVery prompt and accurate response to a request.I recommend this site. I requested to see the gravestone of Henry Gordon Gibson and got an extremely quick response.

DOULLFamily historyThank you Charles for your help and prompt reply to my request. It's greatly appreciated. My family and I had the opportunity to travel from Australia to Wick. The birth place of my grandfather David Doull. We were able to take many photos of the families headstones. However we did miss a few of the Doull's! Thank you for providing the picture of George Doull, the brother of my great grandfather Peter Doull. Thank you once again for offering such a great service:) Kind regards, Stacey Preston

JONESAppreciation of your work and your websiteI was very pleased to discover this website and I think it is an absolute boon to genealogists. Thank you for all the trouble you have taken to produce this site, it is an invaluable extra resource.

WIMSETTGravestone for Wimsett at St DunstanThank you so much for this photograph. It is so difficult researching from the other side of the world and your work helps tremendously - I might be able to knock down a small brick wall with one photo!!!! Thank you - greatly appreciated

HAZELTINEHazeltine MarkerThank you once again for this fantastic service.

Thanks for a most useful resource, it isThanks for a most useful resource, it is astonishing how much progress can be made by examining an inscription.

THOMPSONMany thanks for your swift response to mMany thanks for your swift response to my request for the headstone image

EALESMany Thanks!Thank you for the speedy response to my request, this site has been extremely useful filling in some gaps in my research!

DONALDSONThank youThank you so much for the work you are doing. It really is appreciated by those of us who are no longer able enough to visit in person.

MCMULLENThanksThanks very much for all your hard work in taking the photos and uploading them. Much appreciated.

SKINNERThank youMany thanks for the image of William Skinner 4gg, and wife Ann, also images of two other headstones, my great aunts. A wonderful service. I would never have found these family members without this website. I have since visited the graveyard and found the headstones. Thank you.

MILESGravestone Picture of Samuel MilesMany thanks for the gravestone picture of my many times great grandfather. Much appreciated.

JONESGrateful ThanksI have been researching my family history for a number of years and because I live in the South but originate from the North East, it is difficult to do any physical research except during occasional visits up north. It was therefore a delight to receive a notification of a gravestone belonging to a member of my family, which came to light whilst I was using Ancestry. The clarity of the photograph is superb and the information it contained invaluable to that particular generation of my family. I have certainly learned so much more because of this event. Thank you so much for this service.

FOXThe Fox family of BawtryThis is the first I have heard of this website and I am most impressed with the level of research material available. Having spent several years (unsuccessfully) trying to find my mother's birth-mother I have now turned my attention to creating a database of the 1901 Census for Bawtry. I am still compiling the results and have worked through about 50% of the town. I am hoping it will eventually shine some light on life at the turn of the last century in rural England. Thank you for your input.

PILGRIMAPPRECIATIONThank you Charles for allowing me to source a copy of the graves of my Ancestors, Sarah Ann Pilgrim and her husband. Your hard work and dedication to the Grave Yard project is greatly appreciated and I hope to make use of your services again in the future.

MAYNARDThank youOnce again, many thanks for the photo of a Maynard family grave. It was quickly sent and of good quality. Much appreciated.

SKIDMOREThank youThank you for the photo of my Great Uncle's gravestone - Alfred George Skidmore. The speed and quality of reply was much appreciated!

BROWNCorrection/confirmation of detailsAndrew Brown was born on 04/05/1865 not 1825 Margaret Brown was born on 08/01/1868 and died 101 years and one day later on 09/01/1968 Great service you are providing .... more

POTTERThank you for your helpThank you for sending these two photos so quickly. I am amazed that agricultural labourers had such lovely headstones. I will keep watching your site and hope to contribute in the future

HUMPHREYGreat Resource Thanks. It is a very useful tool for filling in empty spaces in my research of the family tree!

SKINNERGravestone PicturesThis is a fantastic resource. The site answers almost immediately. It has enabled me to evidence my research and gives me access to information that I am unable to access myself. Well done for putting all this invaluable information together. Thank you very much for all your hard work it is very much appreciated.

CARDThomas CardWhat a great website this is. Within 24 hours I had an email explaining how to see the image of my great x2 grandfather's grave, Thomas Card. There were clear, concise instructions and I found other Card graves listed as well. A truly useful site.


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