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List of Feedback

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
ThankyouThankyou for sharing the gravestone photo of George Taylor McKenzie

BROWNSearch for father's graveThank you for a very prompt reply. The breadcrumb trail is particularly useful.

BARNEYThanks...Thanks for help and advice via e-mail. I have now registered as volunteer.

DWYERThanksThank you for the speedy reply and clear photo. I am now in touch with some people at Byfleet heritage who are helping further. Keep up the good work. Regards Robbie.

LANEHelpful serviceRequested image links provided swiftly and efficiently. Many thanks.

WIGHTSo helpful!Many thanks for your website! I had wondered for years what happened to a great-aunt and her family, and found her within a few minutes on your website.

BRAZILGreat siteJust a quick line to say thank you for these details, not sure where they fit into my tree but it has saved me a lot of work as it gives a lot of detail(s) I look forward to being able to help in some way to repay your kindness

SHAPLANDAnnie ShaplandThis site has been a great help to me in trying to sort out the various branches of this family.

GOULDThank you for this excellent and very spThank you for this excellent and very speedy service.

FENTONthank youThank you for helping me view the image of David Fenton's grave stone.

BARRACLOUGHJONAS BARRACLOUGH PhotosThank you so much for the photos I have just requested. They are truly amazing and they arrived so quickly.Marj Winter

HORROCKSPicture requestThank you so much Charles. I accessed the two images for Samuel Horrocks and feel that they with assist in my research. Regards, Bill Rice

COOTEThank youI have only just started to research into my family tree. I found this site during this search and was very grateful to the prompt correspondence with the link to the photo that I required. Thank you

MAJORGravestone imageMany thanks for the enlargement of my 3rd Great Uncle. Your website is valuable to researchers like myself

GODDARDA valuable resourceThank you for your useful site, and for the time and effort you take to be responsive.

BROWNMarion McGill Brown Robert Brown Isabella Arnott BrownThank you so much for allowing me to see the gravestone showing some details of my father's parents and sister, whom I never met. My late brother was named after my father, and now I see also after my grandfather. My father, Robert Brown, died in Bangour Hospital on 25th June 1993, aged 72. My late brother, also Robert, died peacefully at home in Renfrewshire in January 2011, aged 57.

ONGLEYThank youThank you for your help. This resource has proved really useful and very interesting to my husband and his family. Thank you again.

KEMPThanksThank you for the link to the pictures of the gravestones for Rachel and James Kemp and for Florence Bessie Heald (ne Kemp. I would not have been able to get these myself so great work by your volunteers.

PAGEJohn Foulger Page and Sussanah PageThank you for a great facility. Very easy to use and confirmed the information for me. I accessed it via the An retry website and hints given.

SPARKSThank youI am amazed to find these images and so quickyl! Thank you to the volunteers... your work is a appreciated and valuable

FLEMINGThomas Fleming headstoneThank you for sending me the larger size photograph. I really appreciate your prompt response. The information on the headstone is of great help to me in my research into my husband's ancestry.

STRINGFELLOWMany thanksThank you to this most excellent site for providing an image of the gravestone of James Stringfellow.

KNOXThank youThank you for the great information on your website regarding Vicesimus Knox and family.

FITCHLinks not displaying requested images...Hi, Three out of the last four images I have requested have resulted in a link in my Requested Images list, but no image in the resulting pages. The page that loads states that 0 images were found for the 'named subject'. If there are no images for these listing, then there are no images. I just thought you might want to have these issues brought to your attention. The images in question are: Photographs of Bert Broom monument (grave 214308) 0 images found for Bert Broom grave monument Photograph of John Fitch monument (grave 95405) 0 images found for John Fitch grave monument Photograph of Percy Henry Fitch monument (grave 121060) 0 images found for Percy Henry Fitch grave monument Kindest regards, Billy Mitchell .... more

COLEMANThanks.John Francis Coleman. Many thanks for the photo of this grave.

CRAMENTWith many thanksThank you so much for the image, your work is much appreciated.

CLASPERThank you for the picture resourceThank you for the picture resource


HOULFORDThanks for providing the image :)Thanks for providing the image :)

DRIVERfeedbackThankyou for your speedy response and image-and thanks also for your voluntary work which is so helpful to us on the other side of the country- much appreciated. Martin

CRAIGThank youWonderful resource for family history! Thanks so much for your prompt response. Within 12 hours of discovering my direct ancestors had a headstone in Bamburgh I was able to read it - and I live on the other side of the world. I can't thank you enough.

ELLISThank you Thank you for all your great work cataloging the graves stones - the information they hold are invaluable to searching for my ancestors . The family research I am conducting is on my maternal side. Cheetham and Addison from the Lincolnshire area and the Ellis family from the Low Moor, Bierely, and Wibsey areas of Bradford .

JARVISJane Jarvis Hi, Thank you so much for letting me have the image of Jane's (and her husband's) gravestone. Jane was born Jane Briggs in West Ardsley, Leeds, Yorkshire, so she's a long way from home, so we wouldn't have seen it but for your efforts. Good luck with the site

VARIEDfamily treeThank you very much for your assistance in aiding my research. I have gladly made a donation to show my appreciation.

MARSTONMany thanks for your assistanceI was interested to read that the grave of the Antarctic explorer and artist George Marston was in a country churchyard in Somerset. As I was touring in the area, I hoped to see the grave, but - probably because the inscription is badly weathered - I was unable to identify it. This service will, I hope, enable me to see it on a return visit - thanks!

Hello Charles I want to thank you for yHello Charles I want to thank you for your prompt response to my request. The service you offer has been invaluable to me over the years, as i have been researching my family history. Keep up the good work and i want to say how very much i appreciate it. Kind Regards Alana

Thank youThank you for sending me a copy of the image so quickly. Kind regards.

BRETTINGHAMthank youThank you for this very helpful resource.

PRICEHave graves at St James Church, StauntonHave graves at St James Church, Staunton, Worcestershire been photographed? 1807-1843 Worcestershire Parish Registers list my family burials there.

BARRETTThank youThank you for the photograph of the gravestone of Doris and Ethel. It was nice to see the stone with both names o it as when i last saw it only Doris was on it. I think you have a wonderful service and would recommend you to other people searching for gravestones.

MENZIESBrilliant siteReally grateful to find photo of gravestone for William Cunningham Menzies with his wife and 1 of his sons. Great addition to our family tree many thanks.

HARPERWilliam and Ann Harper and sons William and George memorial plaqueThank you for the excellent reproduction of the Harper family memorial inscription. I have known about the inscription for some time and have searched the graveyard on several occasions without success and assumed that it was a gravestone that was no longer legible or still standing until I found the photo on your site and realised it was actually inside the church and being able to get such a good clear image has saved me another trip to Norwich. William Harper the son was actually 32 when he died and not 52 as stated. Thank you again for an excellent service. .... more

SCRIMSHAWMany thanks for your helpThank you for such a quick and very helpful response. I'm grateful for all the work done to enable this process to happen.

WILMOTThanksThank you for the wonderful service you provide, its a great help for researching my family tree and to be able to see my families graves which I wouldn't be able to visit.

GOLDSWORTHYD.J. GoldsworthyThank you for this information It all helps to bring me closer to my family

STEWARTThank youMany thanks for a superb website. I don't have the time or the skill to photograph entire graveyards, but I do have some photos of individual gravestones of various ancestors which I could add. Would these be of any use?

SWALESenlarged headstone photoBrilliant. It's a fantastic service, and if I had a camera and legs and feet which were working well I'd love to be able to help. I've recommended your service to several others.

SAYNERFantastic, so very many thanks!Really appreciate it. Will send some photos in return.

HILLGrateful ThanksThank you so much for your prompt response to my request to view two gravestones. I'm doing some research for a young man who doesn't have a lot of info on his ancestors and this burial was a great find. Thanks again, your help is much appreciated

RIDLEYThank youThank you for the photo of Mary Ridley's gravestone. There were no problems with viewing.


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