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List of Comments

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
SUTHERLANDDonald and Annie SutherlandThank you for the effort put into this site ( having spent many hours trudging round some graveyards )

Thank you once again that your wonderfulThank you once again that your wonderful website has been able to help me enhance my family tree.

Very interesting resource. The speed of Very interesting resource. The speed of response to enquiries is to be commended!

CHARITYgravestone of Ethel Rose Austin(Nee Charity)Thank you for your prompt reply,It was nice to find the resting place of my mothers sister.i have precise dates of birth for the other brothers and sisters but only February 1901 for Ethel.Unfortunately my mother Faith Hope Sadd nee(Charity)passed away in 2013 and her sister Mercie Hambling nee (Charity)passed away in January of this year.They were the last of the thirteen brothers and sisters.

QUARTERMANJoseph Quarterman , England - Offspring in Christchurch , New ZealandOne of the daughters was Clara Constance Quarterman , sister of Clara Quarterman. Both living in Christchrch. Clara Constance Quarterman appears on two electoral rolls , living in Christchurch : 1928 Quarterman , Clara Constance , 10 Kilmarnoch Street , spinster Quarterman , Clara Constance , 12 Winchester Street , spinster I assume that Clara changed addresses , from one to the other . I have been unable to trace any mention or whereabouts beyond the above-mentioned listings . I suspect that she was also known as Constance Quarterman

QUARTERMANClara Quarterman , Weybridge , Surrey , EnglandAs previously commented , there were two Quarterman-surnamed passengers aboard the 'CORINTHIC' , who came to New Zealand ,from England , one named Clara Quarterman and the other named Clara C. Quarterman . Each gave the same home address as Yew Cottage , New Road , Weybridge. Another passenger list at a different time listed a Clara Constance Quarterman , nurse , b. 1887. The voyage began at London 7 November 1930. .... more

REEDPhotoThank you for the photo of Doris Reed's gravestone. The image is great quality. It gives a sense of connection to an ancestor and their immediate family.

FEWINGSThanksThank you so much for all your time and effort in providing this valuable service

SMITHMichael SMITH Hello, this is a polite message. You have transcribed image 1623 as Michael SMITH, this in fact is Michaela SMITH. She was my cousin.

PICKARDThank youThank you very much for your help

PITMANphotovery quick response and useful image, thankyou

GIBBONSGibbons of Bledlow Ridge Excellent photos, many thanks to all volunteers

WOODThanksMany thanks for the image, and for all the work you have done in providing this resource :)

ROGERSGeorge Rogers and Mary Ann Fewings/Davis/RogersThank you for taking the time to provide a great resource.

AITCHISONRequest for clearer pics of headstone etc. for Archibald John Thomas Francis AitchisonThank you very much for pictures. Very clear details. Much appreciated.

BOSLEYNew information UncoveredI will have to check into it further, but your site has probably provided me with the first names of my maternal great-great grandparents. All I knew before was that Bosley was the maiden name of my maternal great-grandmother, Mary Anne Giddings, who had a sister called Martha. But the dates and area indicate that her parents were probably William and Frances Bosley. Thank you.

QUARTERMANJoseph and Elizabeth Quarterman , EnglandIt seems that Joseph and Elizabeth's offspring included : Clara Quarterman , born about 1885 , . Clara was aged about 38 years when she was a passenger aboard the CORINTHIC , sailing from Southampton 12 June 1924 , heading for New Zealand . Another passenger was listed as Clara C. Quarterman , aged 36 years . The two Clara's gave their home address as 8 Yew Cottage , New Road , Weybridge . In Christchurch , New Zealand , a Clara Quarterman married Leonard Eugene William Lorgelly , 1928 Clara Lorgelly died 24 May 1936 at Christchurch and was buried at Bromley Cemetery.

JEWELLJohn JewellThank you so much for the e-mail concerning my third great-granduncle, John Jewell. I see there are other family members listed in the same cemetery. This reaffirms what I know concerning the primary location of the family. I can't wait to uncover more of the family.

WINTERBURNMy wife's family researchWhilst researching my wife's maternal ancestry line, we made an amazing discovery that some of my wife's family (Winterburn - Leach - Depledge) are buried in the graveyard at St Roberts Pannal. I ( Peter Scoulding) was born in Pannal and lived much of my early life there. My parents owned the village newsagents and grocers shop. I was baptized and confirmed at this church too. My maternal grandparents (Swabey) are also buried in Pannal St Roberts churchyard, but there is no gravestone. What a small world.

GILES AND WETHERELLSearch for WW2 casualty's wife.First of all, thanks for running this site. What a valuable resource.We knew her maiden and married names, but she remarried. By a stroke of luck she was buried with her unmarried sister, which linked her maiden name to her second married name and thanks to your site we have a valuable lead. Thanks again.

BURLINGHAMThank you for enabling me to find where some of my ancestors are buried.Emily Burlingham (nee Ward) was the Sister of my Great Grandmother Mary Ann Macroff (nee Ward). Thanks to the wonderful work of GPR I was able to visit St Ethelbert's churchyard last summer. I found the graves of my Great Grandmother and her parents Randall and Sarah Ward. It was an idyllic and peaceful place to sit and eat a sandwich on a sunny afternoon, surrounded by my ancestors! I look forward to visiting again.

JACKSONThank you for your very much appreciatedThank you for your very much appreciated photographs

CONQUESTGrave of Edith Barraclough Oxbridge Lane Cemetery Stockton-On-TeesThis grave is also grave of William Conquest 1855-1925 and Elizabeth Sarah(nee Gelly)1859-1938 the parents of Edith(nee Conquest)The names are on the right hand side of the base

COOK John Roland Cook Many thanks for the photo of the grave of John Roland Cook.Keep up the good work

HARPERSpeedy ServiceThank you very much for your speedy response to my request. You provide a wonderful service which is very much appreciated. JMP.

LAYheadstone photosThank you Charles. Fantastic website and search engine. Easily accessible and very informative. Will re-use to search for my other family names

RAEBURN Thank you for sending the photo of WilliThank you for sending the photo of William Raeburn in Edinburgh. It is amazing to see it and I hope to go there in the summer to see it for real. Thank you for your help.

CARWARDINETheresa MorrisThank you for the very prompt reply to my request for a photo of Theresa's grave stone.

KYDDThank YouThank you for a very good site with a wealth of information. Your help is much appreciated.

FINNERANVery helpfulPhotographs have been very helpful. Thank you for all your efforts.

DUNNEileen Mavis DunnThank you very much in taking the grave photos.It is very nice to see where a relative has gone to rest.

LANGLEYIbelieve these are ancestors of mine,so Ibelieve these are ancestors of mine,so nice to know where they are resting.Thankyou

MECKThomas Meck - NorfolhThank you for your help with this!

LERWILLWhat a great addition to family history What a great addition to family history research.

ABBOTT / BARNACOATAppreciationNot only did I receive a photo by immediate return to help me with my family tree but I also received a number of links. I found this site easy to navigate but these links turbo-charge my searches. A most excellent site and well maintained by a sincere person Thank you Charles Sale.

SWALWELLGreat resourceThank you very much for your quick response to my request. Being able to see the gravestone is very useful & has helped with my family tree research. Fab resource

KIRTONThank you !Thanks Charles for the great service allowing me to see copies of Richard and Elizabeth's gravestone. Very much appreciated and look forward to loading some of my photos to the site, once your new website is up and running.

WOODThank youThank you very much for the image of my grandparent's grave, very touching to see it.

MCVEIGHThank youThank you very much for all you do. William John McVeigh was my great grandmothers older brother.

ROBERTSThank you!Thank you for the fast response to my first ever request having just found this amazing resource while researching Violet Doris Vickers (1918 - 1981) who married Cyril Roberts. Keep up the good work - it is hugely appreciated.

STIVENThank YouCharles: The work done on this site by you and your volunteers is invaluable. Thank you for all the hard work. I am able to access photos and information that I would otherwise not normally be able to access. Keep up the great work. Thanks

BRERETONFabulousWhat a great resource! Thanks so much to Charles Sale for keeping this up and running.

SCARBURGHInvaluable Website for Those Living on the West Side of the PondDetailed images of gravesites of 400 year old ancestors are simply wonderful. Highly recommend visiting this website and thank Charles Sale for maintaining it!

HARBORDCompliments and thanks!I sincerely hope that all my relatives who read this page will thank Mr. Charles Sale and his army of volunteers for the time that they spend helping us. I cannot believe that some persons would take advantage of this site and not thank them. Please remember to do so if you happen to see my message. Without them, we would never get a chance to see the resting places of our ancestors and I, personally, will always be VERY grateful.

EDMONDSONEdmondson and related - Wibsey and Lighcliffe.Thank you for helping me locate Robert and Lucy Edmondson in St. Matthews , Lighcliffe. What a fantastic website, thanks again.

PYLEThank youI just want to say thank you, this is very helpful.

NEALthis is the first person I have found in my family, so far enjoying this sitelooked for family and Hannah Neal was so far the only one I have found

SCARBURGHGRAVESTONE PHOTOGRAPHIC RESOURCES IS TREMENDOUS BOON TO FAMILY RESEARCHERSGravestone Photographic Resources provides a FREE and easy-to-use website by which amateur family researchers can potentially find and view high-quality photographic images of their ancestors burial monuments. I HIGHLY recommend it and thank Charles Sales for originating and maintaining it at NO COST to users. L. Alex Scarbrough, Jr, Centennial, Colorado (South Metro-Denver)

WELLERThanks for the grave details and photosHello I have just downloaded 3 photos relating to GPR grave number 308138 - image name gndh0274 (Betty Weller). Thank you very much for providing the grave details and the photos, it goes some way to sorting a difficult issue that I am helping a colleague with. Best regards Rex

ARMSTRONGJoseph and Elizabeth ArmstrongThank you for helping with the image of Joseph and Elizabeth Armstrong's gravestone, very much appreciated.


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