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surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
JUDDAppreciation for photographsThank you for supplying the photographs of my uncle Francis Harold Judd as requested. This is an excellent service and a great resource.

BRODDLEGravestone Henry Broddle I found this site whilst working on my ancestry tree.I was born and brought up in the area. I think the site is brilliant and enabled me to find what I was looking for with great ease. Thank you. .

BULLARDAshwell Bullard familyThank you so much for access to the high res pictures of my sister-in-law's family gravestones. Remembering the family!

GIBBONSGIBBONS RESEARCHThanks you for the gravestone for William An Ellen Gibbons. This site is so useful, I will look further now for others.

O'XCONNORPhotoThank you for the photo of the grave of my great grandfather. Hopefully, I will find it next time I visit Swan Hill

HORNSEYExcellent extra research facility for Family HistoriansResearching Thomas William Hornsey. The information provided by thi website is invaluable to family historians looking for that extra piece of information. A great help in identifying where and when family have been laid to rest. Thank you.

HOWEWonderful volunteersThanks for this site - I live in Australia so this makes it possible for me to see the graves.

WEBBERWonderful resourceYou are an excellent resource. Thank you for all of your efforts.

PEARCEThank youThank you for taking the time to offer this service, I noted that you have a box asking if anyone using the facility can help - what would you require of someone who ticked the box? I have left a rather lengthy reason in the (why do you want this image) box, my apologies if it is too much, but I have left information in the box as well for anyone else who may come along and need to know more about them. I shall add the picture to the family tree that I am compiling. Jeni .

HORNER / BOTWRIGHTTerryThank you for helping to bring my past to life !

PHIPPSFlorence Louisa Phipps nee BatesThank you so much for your time and effort, really appreciate being able to view one of my family members headstone within minutes of applying. Regards. Patrick Hilton.

YOUNGHenrietta YoungSo helpful in my research as I did not have a lot to go on as my grandmother Henrietta Young died at the age of 29. Thank you so much.

POTTERThanksThank you for the quick response in sending the gravestone photos of Ada and Emma Potter. This website is a wonderful resource for family historians, and thanks to all the volunteers too who give their time to record these monuments. The quality of the photographs is very good.

YEOAppreciation for photosThank you so much for the photos of the cemetery and stone of my Great great grandparents James and Betsy Yeo (nee Laramy of Marwood) I would like to know who Betsy's parents were and where they are buried. Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated. James Father was James Yeo 1799-1867 and his mother was Elizabeth (Smith) 1800-1878 any information on Elizabeth's family would also be appreciated. Thanks again. James Yeo (near Sacramento, California U.S.A.)

THROWERThanksI am finding your website a comprehensive help and the photos are better quality than some we have taken in the past,looking forward to upgrading the family tree records, regards, David

HIGGINS Grandparents Thank you for your very interesting website

BOYDthanks againThank you for sending the photograph of my family grave

STAPLETONStapletonThank You so much for this Extremely useful site. I was at last able to know (sadly) the whereabouts of some old friends. As I now live in France, it has saved me much time trying to find details from local newspapers. Once again, Thank You ☺ Fred

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank YouThank you once again. Lots of useful information about 3 generations of the same family.

BRISTOHeadstone requestThank you for providing me with an image of Miriam (nee Bugg) & Henry Bristo's headstone - I'm researching a family tree for a direct descendant and he'll be very grateful to have more information.

BAKERThank you ever so kindly for furthering the research into the Baker FamilyFinding the ancestor of Richard Edward St. Barbe Baker OBE founder Men of the Trees was very much appreciated Had to type comment 2x as the image for John Durrant did not appear and there are 29 to choose from in listing, so when the links was pressed to get another image, all the comments went away arrrgghhh But overall wonderful opportunity for someone in Canada to view a tombstone in England indeed

FARVISEliza Septima Packer (nee Farvis)Many thanks for forwarding me the information and photographs regarding the above. The details contained on the gravestones have given invaluable new information to my family who are researching the Packer side of the family and we now know that Eliza is our great grandmother and that her memorial also mentions our grandfather F W G Packer and great uncle and this will prove invaluable to my nephew who is researching our side of the family. I think you site is wonderful and also the help it gives to other people who would like to know more about their ancestry.

CHALMERSgravestone photographsthanks for the high quality copy of the gravestone photo of John B Chalmers, much appreciated

Robina AdamWhen researching Robina Adam there was a comment left for Robina's daughter in law Dora Loader.I sent an e-mail to the person who left the comment and had a reply straight away.My 3 brother's in law have 4 1st cousins living in Australia they knew nothing about.They also discovered their mother Dora Loader had a sister they didn't know anything about.Thank you so much for this website we would never have known about this extended family.

LOKEWilliam LokeThank you Another photo for my family tree

GEORGE THOMAS TYEAn excellent resource.Thank you for the quick response to my request. The photograph will really add value to my family history research.

MCMANUS Photos Thank you for making the image available

THORBURNThank you Thank you for the potograph safely received.

LOKELoke GraveThank you so very much. I can now attach it to the person in my family tree.

PATTONPatton GravesHi Thank you for the photos - they have greatly helped by research into the Patton family.

FORDThank you!Thank you so much for sending the photo so promptly - great to see it, both for the feeling of the place and also for the very legible inscription. What an excellent project - I certainly couldn't have gone in person to see this grave!

NORTHGreat resourceMany thanks for organising this. Gravestones are a valuable source of death dates and relationships.

LEAKEThank youThank you for the images of Robert Levett Leake's monument.

WILDThank you!Thank you so much for the images. It is fascinating yet sad to see the grave which holds relatives of my great, great, great grandfather.

FEWSTERGravestone findJohn Fewster was my husband’s 3rd great grandfather. It is astounding that we have found his grave through your website. He started as a gardener and built up a large market garden. it was our local church for over 30 years, but never knew the connection. Thank you so very much.

PARRATTI have recently started to research my fI have recently started to research my family. I was amazed to find this site and even more excited to find a high quality photo of my 3rd great grandmother & Grandfather's grave. I have lived in Buckinghamshire for the last 17 years, but still visit South Yorkshire on a regular basis. I will now be able to visit Tankersley & see this for myself. Many thanks

BRAUNTONThank you!!Thank you so much for sending me the picture of the headstone of my great great grandparents. It was very helpful in filling in the gaps in my family tree.

MANTONWillay Manton St Cuthberts, Billingham Grave 44111Thank-you for this, it is my Great Grandfather. I think it actually reads William Manton, his wife Fannny died aged 89 on 7.1.1935 in Sheffield, she is buried in Crookes cemetery there, Grave G, 5502.

TODMy relatives are the Tod family and was My relatives are the Tod family and was interested to see another Tod name on separate memorial

TIDDYThanksThank you for the photos of the headstone it is very much appreciated, thank you

HILLHILL FROM OXFORDSHIRE Thank you so much for putting me in touch with what I was looking for. It is very difficult accessing information from another country like Australia.

MARSHALLimage for Sarah MarshallThis is a great resource and I will use it in the future. Thank you for your prompt reply to my request. I maybe able to contribute to this site as I have a large number of Australian Country Headstone photographs. Many thanks Camella

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank YouVery useful information gained from the gravestone. Thank you once again.

GILGARGrave imageThanks so much for the image it confirms that Francis gilgar had links with the area

TODTod familyMany thanks. Details provided is a great help in my family research. Thomas Tod and his wife Helen were my great great grandparents.

MITCHELLThank youReally quick response to my request. I will now spend several hours checking out other family members details that may well be held on this site. Very useful resource. Thank you.

MANSONThank you - JOHN MANSONThank you for your valuable help, much appreciated.

WRIGHTbeckwithsthank you very much for your assistance.graham s wright.

MANTONThomas Manton, LinthorpeThank you for the grave picture. I am not 100% sure this is a relation, though it looks promising, & it will help me to find out more.

GOODBODYPhoto-John GoodbodyThank you so much for the photo for John Goodbody. I was hoping to match it to my G-G-G Grandfather; however, it looks like I will be still looking. You provide a wonderful service....thank you.


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