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List of comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with T

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
Thank you for letting me see two gravestThank you for letting me see two gravestones in your collection.

BALLARDBALLARD /GIDDY /LANGThank you for this great site

CAMBAGETHOMAS CAMBAGEThanks so much for allowing me to see a photograph of Thomas and Isabella Cambage's gravestones. Thankyou for putting me in tough with a relative. It is so exciting.

HARDCASTLEHardcastle Headstone Photo'sFantastic..A massive thanks to Charles and everyone who has provided an input to this invaluable resource.

RHODESTHOMAS RHODESThank you for the gravestone image which I received within 24 hours of requesting.

TABORThank you for the prompt reply.A marvellThank you for the prompt reply.A marvellous photo

TACONHarry Lewis Tacon and his wife Kate Tacon nee Blackmoor.It was by chance that i stumbled upon the Gravestone Photographic website when i opened up this hint on Harry Lewis is my great grandfathers brother and in family tree research he creates a problem. I have come across four (4) variations to his name viz. Henry Lewis, Henry Louis, Harry Sewes and Harry Lewis But it was wonderful to see those three images of his grave with his name still legible . And it was good to see that he was put to rest as Harry Lewis which must be the correct variation to his name. Thanks for supplying me with those images and they will now be added to my family tree research.

TAGGAunty Eva TaggThank you for all the work on your website. it is tremendously useful for my Ancestry research. Thank you

TAINSHWhat an incredible resource. I am truly What an incredible resource. I am truly grateful for Mr. Sales's assistance.

TAITGrave of Betty MortonThank you for the prompt attention to my request for this image. It has been very helpful. I would be pleased to help by taking photographs locally. Thank you again, Sincerely Stuart.

TAITThank youMany thanks to yourself Charles and to all those fine people assisting you.

TAITGravestone of William and Martha Tait, Garvald Kirkyard, East Lothian Scotland.Many thanks for the prompt response to my request, it is very much appreciated. I have added the names and dates for their seven children.

TALBOTGrateful ThanksI stumbled upon this wonderful website by chance, and I am very glad that I did so. Thank you very much indeed!

TALBOTBrandon and Byshottles. Durham I am looking into the Talbot family they moved to Durham from Moreton Pinkney in Northamptonshire. BenjaminTalbot b 1795 Ann Talbot b 1799 and her sister Susanna b 1803 I am not sure why they moved but they died in Durham With help such as your fine research site I will hopefully find further information thank you

TALBOTBrandon and Byshottles. Durham I am looking into the Talbot family they moved to Durham from Moreton Pinkney in Northamptonshire. BenjaminTalbot b 1795 Ann Talbot b 1799 and her sister Susanna b 1803 I am not sure why they moved but they died in Durham With help such as your fine research site I will hopefully find further information thank you

TALBOTfamily treethank you for finding alice louisa talbot she was my great grandmother its helped me alot of info for my family tree looking forward to finding others

TALBOTTALBOT/TOWNLEYAs in the subject line! Many, many thanks.

TALLENTMartha Tallent GravestoneThank you for providing this invaluable information I think this is a very helpful site. Pleased with your service. Note, the date of death shows 1865 but I believe it is actually 1815, the date on the gravestone is not very clear. .... more

TALLINThank you again. Every find helps to filThank you again. Every find helps to fill out the family tree!

TAMPINGrateful thanksThis is a much-needed resource, and a joy to use. I have always felt that, at the very least, our family history research should give us details of the last resting place of each of our family members; this is a mighty help in achieving that.

TANFIELDSurprising findIdle Googling came up with this website and the fact that GtGtgrandparents gravestone image was available.The emailed reply was very swift and contained an excellent image. A most useful project- thanks.

TANTIThanksThank you very much for the picture of great uncle's headstone!

TAPLINFeedback on serviceAbsolutely brilliant! Very, very helpful and will recommend without hesitation. Thank you very much indeed

TAPNERDeath date of Sophia Tapner.According to the death records Sophia Tapner nee Collins died 1.5.1898 at Guildford, Surrey and not 1893 as on your records. I know that 1898 and 1893 can easily be recorded erroneously when trying to decipher an old gravestone. She was born in about 1814 in Felpham, Sussex. .... more

TARBOTONOutstandingCharles Sale is amazing. He not only had excellent photos of my ancestors graves, but the service was extraordinary. I am not easily impressed but this was fantastic. Thanks again.

TARPEYRoyal MariesDear Charles I thank you most sincerely for sending photogph of headstone of the wife of my uncle, and information where she was buried which I would not have found without your service. I am a member of a Family History Society and I am sending a letter to the Editor to advise him not only of the the excellent service you are providing worldwide but supplying it also free of charge. I will send photographs of three Royal Marine graves situated in various parts of England which had become forgotten. They are Royal Marines who were killed in Suez crises in 1956 and were buried in private cemetries. Since then their parents have passed on and their graves became forgotton Took several years tracking them down I hope they might be included on your site for future descendants or researchers. Again your help was most appreciated Brian Tarpey

TARRValuable ResourceThis resource is very helpful, particularly the photographs of gravestones. It would be good if we could have jpegs of the church at Bassington, as well as history of the churches

TASKERIs this legal?I just want to know if you need permission of any sort to put my father and my brothers headstone on your website.It was a bit of a shock after searching my dads name!

TATEMany thanksI have just found this resource and look forward to receiving my requested images. I have looked round Spion Kop Cemetery as I have lots of ancestors buried there but I did not find the monuments I have requested. Once again many thanks.

TATTERSELLThank youToday I received a beautifully clear image of the headstone of one of my grandmother's uncles. It is a wonderful service that you provide, particularly for those of us on the other side of the World. Thank you and your volunteers for your diligence and help.

TAUSEGravestone for Emma Elizabeth Tause, nee Sadler and her husband James Thomas TauseThank you so much for the image of the headstone in Pickering churchyard. The photo was great, so clear, just brilliant. I am delighted.

TAVERNERJames TavernerThe photo of James Taverner's gravestone appears to be that of a William and Mary Moore! .... more

TAWSEThank You.Many thanks for the photographs of the John Tawse gravestone at Greyfriars. Still leaves me somewhat puzzled. I think the Helen Connell inscription is on the grave of her father-in-law, and that John Tawse her husband may have died and been buried in India. At all events thanks again for your help.

TAYLORplaying my part in returnA top notch resource. I shall play my part in the future by submitting my own photos.

TAYLORThank youInvaluable resource for those doing family history research. Anybody interested in the surnames of Taylor or May from North Devon, feel free to contact me as i have a large file of information and research.

TAYLORThank youI have now been able to access the photograph. Thank you.

TAYLORThanksI just wanted to thank you for offering such a fantastic service.

TAYLORgravestone old cemetary Crieffmany thanks for photograph its lovely to have it also thanks for prompt service many thanks again kind regards mary taylor

TAYLORThank you so muchI was looking for information about my paternal grandparents and couldn't find anything about my grandmother, who was born in Malta, not even a death certificate, when, in desparation, I typed her name into a search engine and up came this wonderful website. I live on the south coast so the chances of my getting to Crieff in Scotland are fairly remote and my sister is in worse health than I, but we now have something tangable we can cherish of the grandparents we never met, thanks to the hard work and kindness of volunteers of Gravestone photos. Thank you so much. .... more

TAYLORTAYLOR, FROOMThank you to all involved in constructing and maintaining this valuable resourse. As you can probably deduce from my email address I am located a long way away from the UK and this resourse will enable me to visualize and experience my ancestor's final resting places.

TAYLORGreat Service Great IdeaI would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to photograph the grave monuments and to have the pictures available so people like myself are able to obtain this photos without having to travel from Australia to the UK. I also appreciate the fact that this website is available so that we can get the pictures.I just wished this was done here. Thank you so much this is a great service and I think a brilliant idea. Thank You Charles for the email and the links.

TAYLORPhoebe Elizabeth Taylor/Benjamin TaylorThank you for photo of my grandmother's grave with my father's name (killed 1st May 1945 in Germany).

TAYLORThank youThank you so much for the very clear photo's. it has been a great help to add them to my family research. I live a long way from my family roots and found this service to an excellent source.

TAYLORgeorge earle taylorAlthough might look like he died in 1908 as photo not to clear due to aging stone work record shows he died 1900- born approx. 1832. record from archives as below Name:George Earle Taylor Death Date:3 Jan 1900 Death Place: Adelaide Age:68 Residence Place: Adelaide Registration Place:Adelaide, South Australia Page Number:491 Volume Number:266 Estimated Birth Year:abt 1832

TAYLORTAYLOR, WOOD, GRAYImage received of Richard Taylor, many thanks for such an excellent service!Dan

TAYLORRequest - Taylor FamilyHamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Looking for graves of the following: 1. Margaret Taylor (born McGlynn). She died on 1 Mar 1961 and should be buried at Wellhall Road cemetery. She married John Taylor (born about 1888-died Feb 1918). 2. Alice Taylor (married to surname KANE. Born about 1915-died 1988. 3. Jane Taylor (married to surname Brown). Born about 1909-died 1979. 4. Francis Taylor (married ?). Born about 1917-died 1984. 5. Thomas Taylor (married ?). Born about 1912-died 2000. 6. John Taylor (married ?. Born about 1918-died 1986. 7. Ann Gallacher or Taylor (married surname Canning). She was born about 1925-died 1999.

TAYLOREnlarged PhotoThank you for this site. The photo enabled me to discover that it was not of the people I was looking for, so a blind alley was stopped. Thank you.

TAYLORResearching the Taylor's of Felixstowe Great resource. Managed to find the graves of family members we are researching.

TAYLORThank you so much for the photo and the Thank you so much for the photo and the speed of your response. I will be using your website again. Regards, Jackie M.

TAYLORElizabeth Mary Taylor 'send a message to this person' connects long lost sistersUsing the 'send a message to this person' feature connected two sisters who have grown up completely oblivious to each others existence. The son of Elizabeth Mary Taylor had been married twice and had two families who knew nothing of each other. It was only when the sisters were exploring their ancestry, and researching their grandparents they noticed each others messages on this site. Messages were sent using the 'send a message to this person' feature and they got in contact and are now starting to get to know each other.

TAYLORThank you!Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to see the grave stone of my great-grandmother who I was named after. With the grave stone being in England and me being in Canada it makes it a little difficult to visit. Thank you again!

TAYLORThank youThank you for a wonderfully efficient service which was very much appreciated. I was pleased to secure a copy of my great great grandfather George Taylor's grave. Best wishes, Michael

TAYLOR-BALLSAge CorrectionThe age entry for Bryan John Taylor-Balls under All entries for the name TAYLOR-BALLS should be 76 instead of 66. He was born in 1935 and died in 2011.

TEALEThank you for the photograph mentioning Thank you for the photograph mentioning Israel Teale on the gravestone. Sadly it mentions his child's death, but sets me off on another interesting angle as Israel and his wife apparently adopted children! Thank you for all the help and hard work you do

TEDSTONEThank youThank you so much for the photo of the gravestone for Charlotte and William, it is much appreciated. :)

TEEDEThank you for your help this is a valuabThank you for your help this is a valuable resource Graham Teede

TEESTees / JenningsMany thanks for the very quick response to my request for photos of family graves. Very much appreciated.

TEEVANTEEVAN/ TEVENWould like to thank you for sending the images that I requested.

TEMPLEWilliam TempleMany thanks for the photo of the gravestone.

TEMPLEJohn TempleOnce again many thanks for the photo of the grave. It is a big help in my research.

TENNANTGravestone of Thomas and Eleanor TennantAccording to my records, Thomas and Eleanor Tennant are also buried in St Marys Richmond - he died in 1800 and his wife in 1784. They were the parents of Thomas Tennant, who died 1804.

TERRISTERRIS/TERRAS/TERRACEthankyou so much for the prompt reply to my request. After tramping round several Fife graveyards this service has been brilliant as I live so far away.

TERRYThank you for your recent prompt responsThank you for your recent prompt response to my request for a gravestone photo. May I congratulate you on the splendid service. You are now in my "Bookmark" list

TESTTestIf anybody reads this please send me a test email as I have my doubts as to whether the system does work.

TETLEYWalter Tetley died 1955.Headstone Lawnswood Cemetery Leeds. First name is Clarence Tetley, died 1929. Walter died 1955 is the son of Clarence.

TETLEYClara TetleyFirst name on headstone Clarence Tetley born 1929. The name of Clarence's wife is Clara. She is my paternal grandmother. I have a copy of her birth certificate and their marriage certificate. She was always known as Clara. I don't know where the name Jane has come from. I was at the burial in 1977.

TETTENBORNSarah TettenbornThank you for the photo for Sarah Tettenborn (nee Spall).

THACKERThank youI found this a truly wonderful site and thank you for all your efforts. I would love to help but I now live in Australia and all the Thacker family are from England, but again thank you so much Regards Coral

THACKERMany thanks for sending the image of my Many thanks for sending the image of my Great Uncle Benjamin Thacker's gravestone. I am a beginner to all of this and did not realise that I would be able to get images of gravestones, so a big thank you to all who have made this site possible.

THACKERthacker family treeAs usual Charles you have come up trumps again thank-you.TTFN David

THACKERYJoseph Warburton Family - Pateley BridgeVery many thanks for photos of the family grave. Adds a bit more to my family research. Very much appreciated.

THACKRAYThackray MonumentThankyou for your quick response to my request. The monument inscription has greatly helped with my research. Your website is a womderful resource.

THACKRAYMemorial headstone for William Thackray and his wife Ann Thank you for forwarding the photograph I am delighted as I had no idea this headstone existed in Hunsingore, Yorkshire and it adds greatly to my family history.

THACKRAYThank you for your prompt reply. It has Thank you for your prompt reply. It has helped with my family research. I do hope that I shall be using your services again soon.

THACKRAYThackray HeadstoneGreat clarity on the photo! This is a wonderful resource. How fortunate we are to have such a dedicated volunteer.

THACKWRAYthanks for the photo i know his father wthanks for the photo i know his father was john but i am haveing trouble going further back i presume the spellings are different

THAINBirth/death informationDavid Thain b. 11 December 1899 Wick, Caithness, Scotland d. 30 September 1918 Caithness, Scotland Alexander Thain b. 15 June 1861 Ackergill, Caithness, Scotland d. 14 June 1941 Wick, Caithness, Scotland Sophia Calder b. 23 November 1866 Janetstown, Caithness, Scotland d. 10 June 1945 Wick, Caithness, Scotland Elizabeth Thain b. 20 January 1893 Wick, Caithness, Scotland d. 1968 Wick, Caithness, Scotland Sophia Thain b. 22 October 1894 Wick, Caithness, Scotland d. 1968 Wick, Caithness, Scotland Caroline Thain b. 09 February 1891 Wick, Caithness, Scotland d. 1971 Wick, Caithness, Scotland Alexander Thain b. 01 October 1903 Wick, Caithness, Scotland d. 1971 Aberdeen, Scotland Jean Mackay Bain

THAINEgreat grandparentsthank you for the larger image of the stone. I am sure that is my husbands great grandparents {john and ann (fox)thaine). All we know is that john and ann had one son named George hurbert William thaine born feb 24 1885 and came to America around 1909. again thank you

THATCHERthank youthanks for using your own time and money you provide a fantastic service.

THATCHERThank youThank you for the two fotos which I received this morning, what marvelous service. I would love to help with fotos of my local graveyard but I live abroad so your fotos are doubly appreciated. I think I may have the odd foto of some of our Sewell family gravestones so I will hunt them out and get back to you.

THIRKILLWith thanksThank you very much for the extremely fast response to my request. It was a very pleasant surprise to hear back so quickly and to receive such a good quality photo. As I progress with my research I hope to be able to receive more of your excellent information. Thank you again.

THOMASNeed photo of Grave in Mithian, Cornwall (St Peter's Church)Would appreciate help in obtaining a photo of a grave in the churchyard of St Peter's Church in Mithian, Cornwall, England. Thank you

THOMASCemetery Photo requestThanks so much for the prompt way my request was dealt with.

THOMASThanks againAnother cousin found. Many thanks to both the volunteer photographers and website administrator. You do a great job.

THOMASEdmund ThomasThank your for sending the photo of Edmund's grave in Somerset. This is a fantastic resource and very much appreciated!

THOMAS TOMLINS Thanks so, so much for the image, you arThanks so, so much for the image, you are providing a great service

THOMPSONRobert Belcham THOMPSONThanks for the image Charles. Considering the distinctive second name I expect that this is his family. Robert Belcham THOMPSON, born about 1864 in Castleacre, Norfolk, died Aug 1937. Married Elizabeth MARSHALL (born 1865, Litchurch, Derby) 1887 in Derby, Derbyshire, she the daughter of Luke MARSHALL and Sophia (MATHER). Children: Hilda May THOMPSON, b. 1890 Derby, d. Dec 1900 in Derbyshire. Kate THOMPSON, b. about 1895 in Whatstandwell, Derbyshire. Robert Albert THOMPSON, 1900 in Matlock, Derbyshire. Frederick Howard THOMPSON, b. 1902 in Islington, London. Dorothy Bertha THOMPSON, b. 1905 in Islington, London Four youngest children living with their parents in St. Albans Hertfortshire 1911.

THOMPSONTHOMPSON/PANNETT/STREETERCan you tell me if the information you provide for a graveyard covers all of them in that particular church? The reason I ask is that death records found for my own area indicate that more people of the same name may be interned there in which case I would need to visit personally in order to further my research. Kind regards and my thanks agin for information already provided. .... more

THOMPSONRequestMy nanna and grandad, Frederick and Lillian Thompson, were buried in the municipal cemetary in epworth but I cannot find them on the list. I would like to put a gravestone on their grave as they do not have one.

THOMPSONThompsons and MastonsThank you for sending these images so speedily! It is wonderful to have this resource available not only for me but for others in their research from afar. I live in Canada so your site has been very helpful in finding headstones of my English ancestors.

THOMPSONheadstones at St Andrew in Burnt YatesOn looking at your list of headstones I believe you have not included the headstone for Ivor and Kathleen Thompson.

THOMPSONTHOMPSON/GODSMARKThank you for the very clear images of my Great Grandmother's grave. Much appreciated

THOMPSONThompson & Turnbull Families, Birtley &/or Gateshead.I found this site fascinating to say the least, and am desperate to make contact with descendants of these families.

THOMPSONTHOMPSON/FOSTERThanks to all the volunteers involved in this project - without you this fantastic resource would not exist and family history research would be infinitely slower!

THOMPSONThompsonThank you very much for emailing the Thompson's headstone photo. A great service and great site.

THOMPSONWonderful Gift to GenealogistsThank you, Charles, for helping those of us searching for our families. We are descended from Lucy Croft, daughter of Henry Thompson. Our daughter's middle name is Croft, so we are keeping the Croft tradition going in America. You are very kind to continue assisting far-flung families in remembering our ancestors. With sincere appreciation, Laurie

THOMPSONThanksThank you for all the work you have done - I don't think I would have found the grave without this help

THOMPSONFantastic serviceThank you so much for the fantastic service you offer. The photo was excellent quality and greatly appreciated. Unfortunately it confirmed that the family buried there were not the family I sought, but it is all progress. Thank-you again.

THOMPSONEmma Thompson grave The image of Emma Thompson's grave showed as husband and wife with the surname Harrison - no connection to Emma Thompson and her husband.

THOMSThanksThanks for the good photo

THOMSONMany thanksHeadstone images are a fantastic reference source. A great project.

THOMSONGrateful ThanksAn outstanding service.....highly recommended.I have just seen my great great aunt's grave for the first time.

THOMSONattachment problemsMy first request received a very prompt response but unfortunately the returning email did not have the attachment promised so I have submitted a second request in the hope that Charles will make sure he attaches the image this time before sending the email. .... more

THOMSONthank youThank you for this superb website. I have been unable to visit the cemeteries where my ancestors are buried. The photgraphs displayed are of excellent quality and have provided this amateur researcher wonderful images and information to help 'complete' my family trees. Many, many thanks ...

THOMSONMany thanksThank you for this invaluable resource, it has helped me clarify some info about my oldest known relative.

THOMSONThank you for sendig the image of the required headstone so promptlyThank you very much for your prompt attention to my request for the image of a headstone. Being in Australia, I could not access the cemetery myself. Thank you so very much. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated!

THORBURNThank you for the image!Thank you for your time and effort with your website. It is very interesting and much appreciated!

THORNBERRYAppreciationThank you so much for your time and for the image. It is so appreciated and we are grateful.

THORNBORROWExcellent siteWhat a great service you are providing, thank you for allowing me to use it

THORNDIKE / THORNDYKE / THORNDICKFantasticI have just been directed to your pages from a lady on Ancestry - Living the Past which is a facebook group. I have been researching my families since 1975 and am a member of The Guild of One Name Studies but had never heard of you. This is a fantastic resource, I am amazed at the work that has gone into this. I will have a look through my photographs and any you haven't got I will forward to you. Thank you all so much.

THORNEA brilliant resource, thank youThe website is a wonderful resource for family history research. The reply was quick and image quality was outstanding. Thank you very much.

THORNEWhat a good ideaI have been doing family research since 2002 and due to Internet have made a lot of discoveries. But to be able to gain copies of gravestones in Devon was something I did not consider possible. I have enough difficulty getting Australian ones !

THORNEWELLThanksThanks for the rapid response, the image was crystal clear and answered several queries, keep up the good work

THORNSGravestoneFound the site most informative - there are suprises on gravestones that are not expected

THORNTONThomas Thornton GravestoneHi Charles, I'd like to thank you for making the picture of Thomas Thornton's grave available to me. Thomas was born in 1838, his mother died in 1844 and his father in 1849. He was one of seven children who were farmed out to different relatives after the deaths of their parents. Thomas qualified as a Master Seaman in 1868. He married Rebecca Whiteside in Fleetwood in 1873. I couldn't find a death for Thomas either locally or through the national BMD's. Your photograph revealed a rather sad tale however, that he had died in March 1876 and was buried in Rio de Janerio. His only child, Edith Annie was born just three weeks later. Unfortunately, Rebecca his wife also died a month after childbirth in the May of 1876. Best regards Colin

THORNTONI have only just come across this fine sI have only just come across this fine site. I have been trying for years to find out whether this Nathaniel Thornton's death was the one in my tree and the contents on the gravestone confirm that indeed it is and gives me some previously unknown information about his activities.

THORPEPhotoThank you for the photo of the grave of Dorothy Pearl Thorpe who's first marriage was to John Murray in New Zealand.

THORROLDThank you Charles!!I was so excited to get the photo, it gave the dates of when Elgar and his wife died which I did not know before. Thank you for all your help.

THREADWELLEXCELLENT SERVICEI have recently found this site and have found the information invaluable to my research. The prompt reply to my request and the wealth of information this site holds is a credit to all involved.

THRUPPThrupp Listed GraveThank you so much for the super pictures of my husband's Thrupp ancestors. Facilities like these are often the only way many f us researchers can get to see the graves so a huge 'thank you' to everyone who makes this resource available.

THUMSCemetery Requests And HelpMy family were buried in Beeston Cemetery, Wollaton Cemetery and I believe somewhere in Hucknall, Basford and the Radford Area. Can anyone help me with this?

THUNDERElizabeth Maria ThunderMy GGGrandmother Elizabeth Maria Thunder was buried31st July 1867 Brighton. I think St Nicholas Church. In her Will she states it will be a Square Stone Vault.I would love to see a picture of it, if it is still there, as I live so far away. Her address was 80 North Road Brighton, she also had a brother Carter Thunder both Shoe & Boot Makers.Thank you Rhian

THURLOW Memorial inscriptionWondreful to see a well-preserved gravestaone of a 9x g Grandfather. Also very surprised to see the extent of Thurlow's in the area. Great work and gratefully received here in Australia

THURLOWTHURLOW, FARROWHi, I live in Perth, Western Australia but was born in England and most of my ancestors hail from there. This is a wonderful resource for someone like me. Many thanks. PS: This my fourth attempt at sending feedback. The other 3 were rejected even though I followed all the prompts.

THURLOWThis is a fantastic site and a great helThis is a fantastic site and a great help to researchers like myself who live outside the UK. Thanks

THURLOWThank youI live in the United States so cannot go in person to see the gravesite of my maternal grandparents. I appreciate the person who took the time to take the photograph of this cemetery and appreciate your site for storing the information. I will make a donation to you - thanks again!!!

THURLWELLgravestonegood photograph and very prompt reply excellent service

THURSBYFantastic Genealogy ResourceThank-you for the photograph and your data base it`s a fantastic genealogy resource, not only am I researching my own family tree but am the editor of the quarterly newsletter for our local Family History Group here in Whyalla South Australia. A very useful site for our members on the other side of the world.

THURSTONThank youThank you very much for sending me a great photo of one of my relatives. It came the very next day. Couldn't have asked for more. All done by volunteers & free, how very generous & kind. Brilliant will certainly tell friends & family.

THURTELLThurtell gravestoneThank you for sending the photo of Thurtell gravestone. Sorry it has taken a while to reply - I am not very good with email yet. My family is also researching other branches of the family here in South Australia and also planning a trip to check out some of their grave sites so I will be more than happy to send you some copies. Thanks again, Carolyn

THURTELLThank you and more!Thank you for your service and prompt response to my request. Any more info, pics, images, docs etc from anyone regarding THURTELL, will be appreciated. .... more

TIBBENHAMI am glad I found your web site. I am alI am glad I found your web site. I am also pleased with the prompt service and picture of the headstone which is very clear. This will be included in my family tree work at some stage. Photos of headstones are a good idea. Keep up the good work and thank you.

TIBBENHAMNow I know where Grandma is buriedThis is the second time I have used this site, and have had very prompt replies to my requests, so thankyou Charles for all your hard work which, by reading other peoples comments, is a very worthy and useful way of helping people to find that little bit of extra information that we would probably not necessarily find ourselves....So once again....thankyou - Anne

TICKNERGreat site can't believe I haven't foundGreat site can't believe I haven't found it before. Thank you

TICKNERJohn Ernest TicknerMany many thanks for these photo's i have been able to piece a whole family together that appear in my tree, and being disabled it has saved me a trip to try to find these graves. Very much appreciated. Thank you.

TIEDEMANNI am quite elderly and cannot get to visI am quite elderly and cannot get to visit the places I would like - but my computer is of enormous benefit - and groups like yours make the impossible, possible. Thank you so much

TIFFIN Descendents of Charles TiffinI am researching the TifFin family of Birch and the Digby family. I would love to connect with other researchers

TIGHEThank You!!Just wanted to thank you for the photo. I think I've found my great great grandparents!!

TIGWELLExcellent siteJust downloaded an image of my Great Uncle/Aunt's gravestone. Many thanks for running this service.

TILBURNHow haven't I heard about this site sooner!I've been doing family history for 12 years but this invaluable site has escaped me until now. Many thanks for sending the photo Charles. Keep up the good work.

TILL / BROOMThank you so much! Invaluable resource.Thank you so much! Invaluable resource.

TILLETTFamily treeThankyou for the lovely clear picture you sent me it has helped enormously with our family tree

TILLEYThank you!An amazing, professional service. Charles has filled a niche in the market that needed filling! I'll be glad to help out with photos in Wales later in the year. If everyone who has benefitted from this unique service contributed a few photos of their own, think of what could be be recorded for posterity.

TILLEYTILLEY/TILLAYThank you for the images supplied which gave me the first concrete evidence of the family in that location. excellent website which I will certainly use again - your efforts are appreciated.

TILLSAmazing siteI just put a family member's name into google and a photograph of their grave came up! This is an amazing site. Thank you so much.

TILLSThank you...Many thanks for an excellent service and a job well done. It is appreciated.

TIMMINSWilliam TimminsThank you so much for providing the photo of William Timmins haedstone, its so nice to be able to find this information! Yoursite is truly wonderful!

TIMMSburial of Charles TimmsAlthough Charles is mentioned on the headstone of his wife Selina Ann Timms, he is buried at Wakapuaka Cemetery in Nelson. He died 2 May 1872 Nelson, Marlborough, New Zealand and was buried 05 May 1872 Wakapuaka, Ch of Eng, Plot 12, Block 1. Details can be found at the Nelson Council website Cemetery Information

TINDALLYoungMany thanks again. I live on Sunshine Coast, Queensland and our gen. soc. has done all or most of the local cemeteries so can do look ups for anyone.

TINDLEthank you for your photographic image ofthank you for your photographic image of my great grandfathers grave x

TINKERThanks!Thank you...looking forward to checking my emails!!!!

TINKLERQuick thanksThank you heaps for helping me with my family tree!! :)

TINSONThanksThank you for the photo; it is much appreciated.

TIPPENCould not be happier!Thank you so very much for sending me the photograph of the gravestone so that I may add it to my ever growing branches in my family tree. Charles, I had wondered when I sent the request how long I would have to wait to see the results and voila, it arrived just as I was about to turn off the computer. Thank you again for the invaluable service that you provide to those of use wanting to know just a little more about our history. Regards, G. Cardinal

TIPPETTI much appreciate the excellent sharp phI much appreciate the excellent sharp photo of William Miller's grave which I had no idea existed. Very many thanks.

TITLEYThanksMany thanks for your prompt action in sending the requested photos. I am just getting underway with my geneology searches and material like this makes the people and the history seem much more real. It also gives me a location to aim for should we visit England in the near future.

TITLEYAnthony Titley 1,2 and 3, Mary Titley (nee Hage)Thank you so much for your rapid reply and the photo. In Adelaide, South Australia, where I come from, headstones are automatically removed after just 50 years if the lease is not renewed and all that wonderful history is lost. I am also wondering where Thomas Addison Titley ((1823-1888), the son of Anthony Titley (1780-1845) is buried. Thanks again, Sharon

TODDFeedbackVery quick service, clear images and lots of helpful advice. Thank you.

TODDWonderful website!Stumbled across your website by accident and very glad I did. Thank you for the image, which has saved me a journey to Crieff, and confirmed an ancestor relationship. Might be an advantage to you to contact website (as this is where I have my family tree), as this would be an asset to others in tracing ancestors. .... more

TODDMany thanks for the photographic evidencMany thanks for the photographic evidence. Much appreciated. A great resource.

TODKILLTODKILL / MCLAURIN / GOODCHILDWow what a unbelievable site so much research from around the world. Well done everyone and thankyou for letting people like me to recieve photos of my family past graves

TOLLTOLL One-Name StudyThanks for a brilliant webite - most useful for my TOLL & variants One-name Study. I am progressively adding information to the TOLL entries on this website, linking back to the relevant pedigree.

TOLLEYThank Youthank you for your time and effort, not sure if its "my" Tolley kind regards Jas

TOLSONTOLSONKeep up the good work. This site is very useful. Thank you

TOMKINSONThank you and are you able to answer a question?What a brilliant website! Wonderful to see an image of my Great Grandad's grave stone. I wondered if you were able to give me any extra information such as funeral/burial details or name of person who purchased the plot etc....anything really. My Nan (James's daughter) died when I as very young so I know very little about James or his wife May.

TOMLINTOMLIN and GARDINERMany thanks for sending me the image of the gravestone of Gibbon GARDINER, his wife and 2 daughters. I believe the gravestone does actually say Mary Elizabeth 'TOMLIN'. This lady was my ancestor and was born Mary Elizabeth GARDINER. Although the gravestone is recorded as being at St Mary's RC Church, the burials were at St Mary's Chatham which was the parish church and therefore Church of England.

TOMLINReally quick responseVery useful and so quick to respond and send photo. Thank you very much

TOMLINSThank YouThank you so much for your quick response to my request. To be able see the gravestone of my 3x Great Grandparents, Thomas and Elizabeth Sophia Tomlins was really nice.

TOMLINSONFamily historyWhat a lovely surprise to get this site when I googled the name of a person I was researching. Thank you very much for this fantastic resource

TOMSthank you so much for the imagesthank you so much for the images

TONGClara Jane Tong- nee PotterI am looking for the parents of Clare Jane Tong[wife of James 1808-1888] who is thought to be the sister of my great great grandfather Ephraim Potter. These siblings were born in Headcorn. It has so far been impossible for us in New Zealand to uncover their parentage. Any clues would be much appreciated.

TONGEIn AppreciationI can't say enough of the wonderful service that you are doing for others and it is greatly appreciated. Delighted to receive such a great image of a distant relative and so quickly!

TONKSThanks What a wonderful resource for someone thousands of miles away, with no chance of ever being able to visit the grave sites. You have added so much information to my family history, and discovered several babies who did not show up on the census returns. Once again, congrats on a wonderful job....Gwen

TOOMERVery pleased to come upon this site.Was Very pleased to come upon this site.Was of great help in my research.It is sometimes difficult to get this info here in New Zealand so was much appreciated. Thankyou.

TOONELooking for grave of grandparentsThank you so much for sending me the picture of my great grandparents' gravestone. A great site, doing amazing work. Keep it up!

TOPHAMmany thanksbrilliant website thank you for the quick reply

TOSSELLWould not be able to see it otherwise.I am so gratful for the picture of the headstone as we live in the U.S. and it would be very hard to get to the U.K. right now. Thank you so much.

TOURLEPhoto of Jessie Armstrong's headstoneThank you so much for this excellent service and so quick, too.

TOWELLthank youThank you for the pics of my family members graves

TOWLERStephen TowlerAn excellent site to link ancestors in the same graveyard.

TOWNSENDMany ThanksMany Thanks - this website is priceless. Managed to find my Great Great GrandFatherS grave after a long search.

TOWSEGrateful thanksNot only have I found a hitherto unknown memorial you and your volunteers have saved me considerable expense living 500 miles away. I would be delighted to contribute towards your efforts !

TOWSEThanksThank you very much for your help and prompt response

TOZERA first class serviceThankyou so much with helping me to further research my family tree. Millie was my fathers mother.

TRANHAMGreat images!Thank you so much for the images of the memorial tiles. These will be a great addition to my family history files. I appreciate all the efforts expended to make this kind of information available on the Internet and at no cost!

TRAYESTRAYES / WEEDEN / HOWARDWhat an interesting service - and a great hobby to have too. It was interesting to see the headstone of someone who most likely is a distant/ancestral relative. If any volunteer in England lives near the historical Howard plot and is willing to take headstone photos there, I would be greatful. I'm looking for Dorothy (Trayes) Howard, first wife of Edmund Howard (father of Kathryn Howard; m. Henry VIII).

TREBILCOCK Gravestone of James TrebilcockThank you so much for your prompt response!

TRECHMANNDeaths Sep 1936 Trechmann Dora 81 Barnstaple 5b 412A BIG thanks for providing this information and pictures of the graves, I an suree it would have taken years if ever to find the information here. I have included some information on my first subject Dora Trechmann on the request page which I hope you or other researcher might find of interest. Regards David Martin from Wellington New Zealand

TRECHMANNGRAVE MARKERSCharles very many thanks for each and every copy of the requested TRECHMANN grave markers. Terrific service. Very much appreciated David

TRECHMANNSo helpfulI requested an image of a gravestone relevant to research I am carrying out on shipowners of Hartlepool. The image was available to view within a few hours. The dates on the inscription were extremely helpful to me and I hope to use the site again.

TRECHMANNresearchThe photo has been of great help in my research of Hartlepool shipowners. Many thanks

TREGEARThank youI would like to say thank you very much for sending the headstone photos of the Tregear family of St Just. I am very grateful for you taking time out to do a great service for family history.

TREHERNETreherne / Foster / EvansTremendously useful as it confirmed that William Treherne is buried in St Peter's churchyard in Cleethorpe despite the discrepency between the picture of the church as held by my family and the photo on the web. I will definitely submit photographs of the gravestones in my local church in Somerset.

TREMBATHTREMBATH William, Johanna, Ellen, Elizabeth, Catherine150 years is like yesterday in family yes, I can and did shed a tear. As our family gravestone so clearly said: "Gone but not forgotten". Charles, words cannot express the gratitude for the inspiration of your project. I will now send you the continuing story with TRENBATH gravestone from Christchurch N.Z.

TRENHOLMPrompt ServiceI just wish to thank you for your excellent and prompt service. Despite my request being near Christmas your reply, with the image attached of my ancestor's gravestone, was exemplary.

TRENHOLMInstant feedback!Thank you. I received the requested photo almost instantly.

TRETHRAKEDurham Militia recordsThis site was very helpful in discovering records of some rosters from the 1st Regiment of the Durham Militia. On some of these images I was able to see for the first time the actual signature of my GGGrandfather William Trethrake from the years 1838-1839.

TRICKERWilliam Tricker gravestone photoThank you very much for the information you provided. It is wonderful that you have this information available for us folk who are so far away and who donít have the resources to visit personally. I was able to get the image of William Tricker's gravestone very easily, and I thank you again.

TRICKETTphotograph of gravestoneWonderful to have an actual photograph of Martha and Samuel Trickett's grave at Wisaston for the family history.

TRIFFITTThank YouMany thanks for your rapid reply. Good quality photograph and every word clearly legible despite the grave having been there for 163 years.

TRIGGERMany thanks for the image download, veryMany thanks for the image download, very much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

TRIPLETTTriplettExtremely helpfull and a joy to find. Cannot thank you enough, would never have known about this grave but for your dedicated service. Patricia S Triplett

TRISCOTTThank you so much, really appreciated thThank you so much, really appreciated the photo. Being on the other side of the world makes it so hard to track down family history in the uk. Thanks again.

TRISTEMThank you!Thank you so much for the incredibly speedy response to my request. 2 images received within hours! Great job - I will certainly try to assist by taking photos myself.

TRISTRAM HEPPELLThank you so much for the image. Very hThank you so much for the image. Very helpful in my family history rearcy.

TRITTONTRITTON BURIAL RECORDS/PHOTOSMany thanks for your quick response to my request, the photo was very helpful. It has however thrown up all sorts of questions, which I hope answers will be found.

TRIVETTFamily treeMany thanks for the prompt reply locating my ancestors graves, this confirmed dates for my family tree.

TROREYRebecca Gilden/TroreyMany thanks for the photograph and such a quick response.

TRORYExtremely useful family tree toolVery helpful and easy to use this site, every little bit of information helps and the photo brings the facts and words to life (ironicaly)

TROTT Appreciation.This is a remarkable resource not least because it is capturing gravestones before they are destroyed. Thank you so much for sending me the Trott and Pettle headstones esp. the former as the Old Cemetery, Old Town is always padlocked up.I hope one day I can contribute photos as I spend quite a lot of time grave hunting.

TROWERVery HelpfulI would like to thank you for the excellent service that you provide

TROYThank you!Just stopping by to say Thanks!

TRUBYGrave photographs are the capstone of faGrave photographs are the capstone of family history research. Ancestry file complete. thank you

TRUEFITTJames TruefittThank you so much for this...what a generous service and very much appreciated.

TRUMANThank you for your quick response. The hThank you for your quick response. The headstone photo can now be added to my family tree programme.

TUBERVILLAppreciationThank you so much Charles. The images you have taken added significantly to my family tree. Kind regards Marie

TUCKTuck grave photos Many thanks to Charles & the volunteers who contribute to such a worthwhile project. Your work is very much appreciated. Thanks again :)

TUCK / MOWLEThank youThank you for this wonderful resource. To have photos of the headstones of my children's 6th great grandparents is amazing, especially dating back to 1798 & 1803. Many thanks to you and all your volunteers.

TUCKERTUCKERThank you (once again)for your prompt response. I cannot believe just how many gravestones I have found on your site relevant to my family search. Fantastic!

TUCKERthank you so much for picture, it has rethank you so much for picture, it has really helped. brillaint site.

TUCKERWonderful site, and it is great to know Wonderful site, and it is great to know that the cemetary still exists. Tank you for a wonderful project.

TUCKER William tuckerI found this website very helpful and interesting

TUCKERFrederick Tucker of Georgeham, DevonFrederick Tucker, Born 1873 in Bishops Tawton, died in Bristol in 1900, and was buried at Arnos Vale cemetery. His name is shown on the gravestone at Arnos Vale. His name is also shown on grave in Georgeham Churchyard, although he is not in that grave.

TUCKERTUCKER; PETHERICK; BOWDENThank you for your willingess to share your images of the gravestones of Landkey. This was the first time that I had ever seen the stones for my grandfather Tucker, great grandparents Petherick and great great grandparents Petherick. It is a hope of mine that I'll be able to visit in person again. I emigrated in the 1950s and visited once in 1984 to see my grandmother Tucker bringing her first two great grandchildren to meet her.

TUCKERMinnie Jane GreenThank you for the Headstone photo of my Great Grandfather's second wife, Minnie Jane Green. This has now be added to my family tree for my descendents to see in years to come, after I have left this world.

TUCKERTUCKER Family of GEORGEHAM, DEVONI am researching my family tree and JOHN TUCKER (1829-1878), ELIZABETH TUCKER (1835-1907), FREDERICK TUCKER (1873-1900), late of MORTEHOE and GEORGEHAM are my ancestors. I am offering any information which I may have of interest to others researching their family trees and would like to liaise with others researching the same family and area. Please don't hesitate to contact me and I will try to be of service.

TUDGEWilliam TudgeThank you for the photo of William Tudge's gravestone. I do not know if I would have found it without your help. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

TUFTHeadstone of Samuel TuftSuper quality, information that I did not have and such a help - thank you Charles, much appreciated.

TULLGreat ResourceA big Thank You for all those who volunteer for this great resource

TULLETT & VARIATIONSWilliam Tullett - Grave Stone @ Worth (1904)Brilliant phot, thank you very much, these were my maternal 2 x Great Grandparents.

TULLEYBrilliant resource - TULLEY + SEALEAn amazing resource and so easy to use. Brilliant

TULLOH great genealogical information provided by this site Thanks once again with providing me with a decent photo of a grave. It has added to my knowledge of one Reginald Tulloh-Hatchhett, whose wife, Agda Ormrod/Osmond was an aunt-well half aunt!- of friend whose forebears I am researching Many thanks

TULLOHthanksThanks. I now know that Reginald's grave number 157214 is just 1 different to that of his grandparents/great aunt & uncle . So presumably next to it, though cannot see them both in either picture

TUNSTALLThank you!Thanks so much for this prompt service. The photo makes my research much more tangible than a name on a page. Much appreciated.

TUOHYDenis Caufield TuohyThankyou so much for providing me with a photo of Denis's grave. I am from Victoria and would never have had the opportunity to get to take a photo of this grave. I believe that Denis was my GGG Grandfather. If anyone knows anything of his wife(Anne d 1897?)or their children Margaret (my GG Grandmother) Michael Patrick Thomas Theresa? John? I would be most appreciative of any information Kind Regards SM

TUOHYDenis Caufield TuohyThankyou so much for providing me with a photo of Denis's grave. I am from Victoria and would never have had the opportunity to get to take a photo of this grave. SM

TUPMANThank you once more.What a great clear picture as usual. A great help yo people that cannot get to these places. Thankyou again, regards Jean.

TUPPENThanksThank you for your very quick and easy service. Happy to donate but can't make Paypal play ball. Do you have bank a/c details I can direct transfer (or just straight Visa payment).

TURBITTPhoto of gravestoneThank you so much for the picture. It has given me some further information I can use in my search for this part of the Tomlinson family tree . Bev

TURFITTElizabeth Turfitt CALTHORPEThank you for your prompt attention to my request for Elizabeth Turfitt Calthorpe grave photo.

TURNBULLTURNBULL/HILL-SCOTTI am most appreciative of your reply and the image it contains. I fell on gravestone photos by accident - a serendpidous event as it happens. It is a marvellous service that you provide. It deserves wider recognition - even 3rd party funding. There are many blanks in my ancestral knowledge - now there is one less. Thank you for your help in providing a major stepping-stone. G C TURNBULL

TURNERThank you for the pictureThe picture of my great grandfather/grandmothers headstone is fantastic and a invaluable piece for my family research. What a great website there should be more like this to aid people with their research. Once again Thank you for you prompt response.

TURNERThank YouMany thanks for the quick despatch of photo, if not for this excellent service i would probably not of seen this headstone again. .... more

TURNERJust Saying Thanks!I am writing to say a huge thank you to Charles for the excellent work he does in making this wonderful resource available to so many. I am truly indebted to him. Also to all the volunteers who give up their time so freely. The work you do is very much appreciated. A volunteer called Michelle Roberts even went to the trouble of placing flowers on my relatives graves for me! Her kindness and generosity has brought me comfort and peace. Keep up the good work..I really cannot thank you enough. .... more

TURNERTurnerWhat a great service you provide. This was such a help to me. Thanks

TURNERThank you for such a quick response. I rThank you for such a quick response. I really appreciate the service you offer.

TURNERMany thanks for your quick reply. Its suMany thanks for your quick reply. Its such a great and informative website.

TURNERThank youThank you for taking the images and making them available. Very much appreciated from the other side of the globe.

TURNERThanksThanks for the quick response to my request and for the excellent photo. A great resource for researchers.

TURNERmany thanksMany thanks for sending so quickly the gravestone photo re Carol E. Turner & father Arthur E. Turner in Yorkshire. This has been enormously helpful in researching a branch of our Young family who married Arthur Turner.

TURNERTurner HeadstoneHi Charles, Thank you for the information it was appreciated. Kind Regards M/S Kidman

TURNERThank youFantastic website I stumbled across. Will be using this again.

TURNERAlfred TurnerCharles, Thank You so much for sending me the picture of Alfred Turner's Headstone. I am still not sure if there is any connection to John Turner b@1772 but I am hoping. I am so thankful for the help as I can't search in the area myself.

TURNERThank youThanks very much for the images of Philip Turner's grave, especially for the speedy response. What a great service.

TURNERVery prompt and helpfulThanks so much for access to the details on this headstone. These details vary from the parish burial record. Very puzzling! I am trying to trace the origin of my ancestor, Thomas Turner, who was last confirmed residing in West Wretham, Norfolk, in the early 1800's. His wife, Elizabeth Tuffs, came originally from South Pickenham. Thomas had been the Warrener at Bromehill Warren on the Weeting Estate and Elizabeth had worked in the manor at Weeting Hall. They married in 1778. There is an 1836-37 Register of the Electors for the Western Division that records a Thomas Turner living at Thorpe Farm, West Wretham. I have long assumed that this must be the same Thomas Turner that moved there with his wife and family about 1790 from Weeting. After all, how many Thomas Turners would move to a place with only a handful of residences? However, I have never been able to find a record of burial for either Thomas, or his wife Elizabeth, in Wretham or any where near by. One theory is that the parents had gone to live with their children or grandchildren. Some did live in the Pickenham/Swaffham area at about this time. This burial is certainly one of interest to me in my search.

TURNERAppreciated !Again your website has connected 3 generations of the Young (& Turner) families for which we had very little information. Greatly appreciated as these facts brought us to discover a great more about all parties.

TURNERTHANKSWhat a fantastic service! Quick, efficient and FREE! Congratulations to everyone involved with this great website.

TURNOCKimagethank you for supplying the image. very helpful

TURNOCKimagethanks again

TURRALLWilliam Garnham TurrallOnce again a great help. I'd not checked your website for 6 months but now have found further items have been added. An impossible task made so easy. To everyone involved - well done and keep up the good work.

TURRALLWilliam TurrallA very useful and intersting website. I found headstone of Ann Turrall who was wife of William Garnham Turrall. Note that it is shown as Carnham on the sysem.

TURTONfamily gravesthank you so much mr sales for your photos, i found your web site while looking for some think else.It has been most helpfull

TUTTThanksI live a long way away from my Grandparents grave. It was really nice to be able to virtually visit the grave site. Thank you for making this possible.

TUXFORDgrave stone imageI am very impressed by this free and prompt service run by volunteers. Great resource.

TWEEDHOPERichard TweedhopeThank you very much for sending me an image of Richard Tweedhope's gravestone, it is greatly appreciated.

TWIDDYSidney Twiddy graveHi there, thank you very much for your quick response,this is a great site you are running well done for all your hard work and time. With regards Andy Culyer

TWITCHELLVery helpful siteThank you for this site. I have found 2 probable relatives to follow up. Keep up the good work.

TYACK thank youFirst chance I've had to see this photo. My searches didn't flag it. I will now take sone photograph locally and send. I'm not researching just curious.

TYLER / TRETHOWANServiceThanks for your prompt assistance with the photos I requested. Your service is amazing.

TYRRELLPrompt responseMany thanks for the prompt response. Your website is excellent and I will consider volunteering some Australian data when I can organise it.

TYRRELLAdam TurrellI found your site by accident, but I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful genealogy tool. To provide it for other genealogists is also a blessing and you all should be pleased with your selves. It sometimes makes researching overseas hard for us (when you are from Australia) but I thank you again. I have published a couple of books here in Australia of local cemeteries, headstones only; before we loose them for ever. Cheers for now, Anna; and I will be back again to check out your site!!

TYRRELLJohn TyrrellI requested the picture for John Tyrrell and Charles was great, responded really quickly with the image. This is such a great resource and so very much in the spirit of the great genealogy community.

TYSONThank you!Many thanks for the speedy response - very grateful!

TYZACKGreat ResourceThank you very much for a great resource, it is greatly appreciated.

WOODS Thomas woodsHello I am looking for pte thomas woods 1st Irish guards buried in rutherglen cemetery. Died in Cardiff hospital 13th October 1918 would love to know more this is all I know. He was married to georgina McCartney woods


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