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surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
MURRAYQuick ResponseWhat a great site, thank you for all your time and effort, which assists greatly with family research.

SADDINGTONThanks for the image of the William/KathThanks for the image of the William/Kathleen M Saddington gravestone. My next job is to trace this couple to add to my database. .... more

SADLERthanksThank you so much for the photo of the grave of my Sadler 2xgt grandparents

SAFE Thank you so much for your quick and accThank you so much for your quick and accurate response. This helps my family tree work and your volunteer work is greatly appreciated.

SAFFINThanksA thank you for all your hard work and for sending these images to others at no cost.

SALTGravestone of Philip and Elizabeth SaltThis is an amazing website. Congratulations on producing a marvellous resource. Thank you so much. This has enhanced my family history tree.

SALTERWhat an Amazing Resource - SALTER_MULLENI'm an American visiting in mainland China and via your website I found the tombstone of my great-grandparents in England. I can't tell you how many hours I tromped around the cemetery on my visit to England with no success. I'm totally in awe of this amazing service that allows me to view this grave halfway around the world in seconds. Thank you, thank you. 🌺 Donna Salter Mullen

SALTERNThanks!Thank you so much for the grave photo, invaluable research resource - wonderful to find someone so helpful and quick! thanks again

SAMSONCharles Rumney SamsonThe acquisition of the photograph of C.R. Samson\'s gravestone will be very useful for my short essay on his career before and during WW1. Many thans for providing the photo. F.A.

SAMSONWilliam Samson - St Lawrence Church, Mereworth, KentThank you for the image of the resting place of my husband's 4xgt grandfather. We are not able to visit Kent and so we are interested to see the gravestone erected by his four sons.

SAMUELJames SamuelJames Samuel S Queensferry Municipal aged 23. Mother and wife recorded should be Marion POTTER not Hotter. .... more

SAMUEL WARDThanksThanks for this image and all the images you hold on your site, they are especially useful for people who are not in the UK to continue their research.

SAMUEL WIGHTMAN SMYTHEPhotos from earlier requests not transferred to the 2014 versionSome years ago, I requested and received some photos from a family vault in Aldeburg, UK, St. Peter and St. Paul graveyard. Since this has been transferred to, a search there links to those burials, but further search doesn not include any of them. Is the database not finished, or have these graves been lost in the system? I know they exist, as I downloaded them into my old computer. Thanks for your help.

SANDELLBarnard & Anna Elizabeth SandellI have just seen Barnard & Elizabeth's gravestone thanks to your website. I too go around my local cemeteries taking photo's of the headstones & graves but I haven't had time to catalogue them or anything. It's a shame as I have so many from various places in Derbyshire & Staffordshire. Anyway, THANK YOU all very much and I shall go and check for more family members! Michelle

SANDERSA beautifully clear image and a very proA beautifully clear image and a very prompt service.

SANDERSThank youThank you for the quick reply and clear picture of a distant cousin.


SANDERSON PhotographsThank you Charles for the excellent service you provide to all of us who are researching family history.Especially those of us who are scattered all over the world and will never be able to visit the cemeteries ourselves.I am delighted with photos of the Sanderson and Stoker headstones in the Thornaby Cemetery.

SANDERSONAppreciationThank you Charles for a speedy response with a high quality image. For people like me who cannot get to England every time we need something; people like you who provide a valuable and free service are invaluable and appreciated.

SANDERSONtHANKS vERY mUCHI am the archivist at Sandersons solicitors in Hull UK and I am researching the family history. This facility has filled in some gaps with an hour of my request. Thanks Charles.

SANDERSONSandersonA very big thanks for the trouble that you have gone to.

SANDERSONFamily treeTom Sanderson and Mary were married in 1886 and had 3 children, Ellen Cecilia Sanderson ,Isabel Mabel Sanderson and Joseph Sanderson.Any information on the members of this family would be very much appreciated.Tom Sanderson was my grandfather. Thankyou. Shirley Meissner.

SANDERSONRequest for photos of gravesites near Blackpool, LancashireHello, I am attempting to locate photo images of the gravesites of my mother's family in the area near Blackpool, Lancashire, primarily at St. Chad, Poulton le-Fylde; St.Michael, Weeton; St. Paul, Marton;, and All Hallows, Bispham (in that order of priority). Does anyone know of attempts to photo survey the gravestones in these church cemeteries? Or, is anyone willing to help take this on as a project? (I unfortunately live in the U.S. so not available to do so myself). The two main families I am interested in are Sanderson, & Penswick. Any help is much appreciated. thanks -Rob

SANDERSONAppreciationThank you so much for all your time and trouble to provide this service. I'm delighted with the photo of my 3rd great grandparents gravestone.

SANDERSONHelpfulThank you for photo of my grandperants gravestone it helps my research

SANDERSONThank YouOnce again a very big thank you for your information - truly wonderful.

SANDERSONThank youThank you for taking these images. I appreciate being able to see them as my parents emigrated and I do not live in Great Britain.

SANDIFORDgreat resourcethank you so much for your prompt reply to my enquiry. It has been a great help. Well done to all concerned.

SANDILANDSThank you.You have a great site here Charles. Living in Australia I do appreciate the work you do. .... more

SANDLETerrificReally appreciate all the work of Volunteers. This site is very nice. Thank you so much. Jacquie

SANDSThank youI received a copy of the picture of Thomas Edward and Sarah Sands' gravestone today. Thank you. I have added details of their parents which may help other people with their research. When the weather improves I will try to photograph my local cemetry (Brighouse) and send the pictures to you. Yvonne

SARAH ANN HOBBSExcellent SiteSo thrilled to be able to see the headstone of my ancestor Sarah Ann Hobbs. What a well researched and well informed website. Thank you

SARESARE - Gravestone Request Dear Charles, Thank you so much for your quick response to my request. I received the photo of Margaret Sare's gravestone, unfortunately I couldn't see the text on it (but what can you expect after all this time?) Once again thank you and keep up the good work, without your dedication, family history and historic sites would be lost forever. Regards Di Jones

SARGASARGA(E,EA)NTThank you for your for all your hard work in providing this aid to research of family history and although I didn't find what I was looking for, I will keep visiting the site to view any new entries. Thank you again

SARGISSONChurchyard neglectYour response was both quick and impressive but sadly the state of the memorial made the inscription virtually illegible. It was very useful to have the details deciphered.

SATTERLEYThanks for your helpA very useful service, and a prompt response to my request for a photo of my great grandmother's grave in Devon. Many thanks from Australia.

SAULSAUL family tree researchThis website is unique and fascinating. I found it amazingly helpful and the response time incredibly quick. .... more

SAUNDERSThank-YouI would just like to thank you/your web site for helping me tracing my family. The picture of my Great-Great-Grandparents grave stone, which I have now located and visited was heart warming. I again thank-you all.

SAUNDERSWootton Rivers is not in Beerkshire-it iWootton Rivers is not in Beerkshire-it is in Wiltshire.St Andrews church clock has a face which says 'glory be to god' instead of numerals 1-12.My gt gt aunt,Elizabeth Farmer, was married to Jack Spratt who made it out of old bits of plough etc.Have a look at St Andrews church Wootton Rivers on the internet. .... more

SAUNDERSThank youThank you for such a wonderful service not only have you helped me with one headstone but 2 and the result is I now have more information about my 2 x great grandparents and family. Once again, thank you

SAUNDERSThank youOnce again your excellent site has come up trumps. Brilliant.

SAVAGEOriginally sent as an email on 30.1.2013.Thank you SO much for the photo of the SAVAGE grave in Stratford. It is a super photo, and particularly informative, with both the full D/B and D/Ds. I have bookmarked your site, and hope to find more graves. I think they are the poor relation of the genealogy world, but they can be so useful.

SAVEGEExcellent supportMany thanks for such a quick and helpful reply - a great resource.

SAVILLHeadstone grave picture.Brilliant to see a picture of a grave of an ancestor from over 150 years ago! Thank you.

SAVORYappreciationMany thanks for offering this fantastic resource - and free!

SAVORYFeedbackThank you! Excellent resource

SAWERSMany ThanksThank you Charles for such a prompt response. It would have meant a very long trip from Yorkshire to Edinburgh to view the stone in person so it is much appreciated.

SAWYERphoto of gravethanks for this great service it's a great website

SAWYERBaby Monument for Gary Ellis Sawyer @ Christ Church, Esher Surrey EnglandLooking for a picture of the monument of my baby brother, who is buried in Christ Church, Esher Surrey England. His date of death would have been the very early 1960's, he was 2 and 1/2 years old. It is a small monument of a praying angel, his name was Gary Ellis Sawyer. Thank you for your help in this matter. Linda Sawyer Smith 417 Seeman Road Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452 United States of America .... more

SAWYERGreat ServiceVery prompt and very appreciated. Thanks

SAWYERThank youGreat service, has helped confirm another relative.From this information discovered Fredrick Sawyers is on the Tower Hill monument for sailors who died at sea.

SAYERThank youMany thanks for photos, as I live a long way away this has helped my family research.

SAYERSayer Family GravestoneThank you so much for the photo of my ancesters gravestone. I have shown this to my mother who is the greatgrandaughter of the couple buried. She remembers visiting the grave with her grandparents when she was a small child. She is now 74 and sadly has long since moved from the area so thank goodness for the dedicated work of poeple like you who can keep our family history alive and preserve it for others to find.

SAYERWonderful!Just a short note to thank the volunteers who have created this wonderful database - I cant praise you all enough. How wonderful to find something free to use, that is not just an amazing resource for genealogists but will preserve for posterity these gravestones, of which so many are being damaged or destroyed. Thank you again. .... more

SAYERSAYER & FLAXMANJust wanted to say what a great resource this is and thank you for the great photos. I live in Yorkshire and don't get to travel much as i am a carer so really appreciate this website. Thanks

SAYERAlways SearchingThank you so much for the wonderful picture of the headstone of my 4th great grandfather Manning Sayer. It was so awesome to find it.

SAYER & FLAXMANThanksThanks for getting back to me so quickly, its very much appreciated. This is a really great resource.

SCAIFEScaife & Dykes familyThank you for the image of my Gt Gt Grandparents Gravestone at St Michael & St Lawrence, Fewston.

SCAPLEHORNThank youThank you Charles for such a wonderful resource.What a thoughtful service you provide! I will try to take a few pictures next time I visit Cherry Lane graveyard in Hayes, west london. .... more

SCARBURGHGRAVESTONE PHOTOGRAPHIC RESOURCES IS TREMENDOUS BOON TO FAMILY RESEARCHERSGravestone Photographic Resources provides a FREE and easy-to-use website by which amateur family researchers can potentially find and view high-quality photographic images of their ancestors burial monuments. I HIGHLY recommend it and thank Charles Sales for originating and maintaining it at NO COST to users. L. Alex Scarbrough, Jr, Centennial, Colorado (South Metro-Denver)

SCARBURGHInvaluable Website for Those Living on the West Side of the PondDetailed images of gravesites of 400 year old ancestors are simply wonderful. Highly recommend visiting this website and thank Charles Sale for maintaining it!

SCARBURGH / SCARBOROUGHWhat a wonderful helpI had been searching for the photos for my ancestors graves for some time. Living in the states and unable to visit myself your service has been a tremendous help and I cannot thank you enough; there was a little confusion on my part in receiving the larger photos; but that worked itself out. Again my appreciation goes out to you and all the staff at the Gravestone Photographic Resource

SCARFFSCARFF/SOWERBY/ELCOATEThank you so much to all the volunteers contributing to this website, it is a fantastic resource.

SCARLETTThanksMany thanks for this Charles. You are doing a wonderful job which is much appreciated.

SCATCHARDWonderful service in helping to trace whWonderful service in helping to trace whereabouts of ancestors in family history research. Many thanks.

SCATCHARDThank you for providing this service whiThank you for providing this service which helps to trace the whereabouts of family ancestors.

SCAWTHONGeorge and Mary ScawthonMany thanks for a great service, I think I have found where my great-great grandparents are buried after looking for many monthes! I shall certainly use this site again. Thankyou.

SCHOFIELDVery helpfulMany thanks for the photograph. I am very impressed by your web site which is very helpful and easy to access information. The photo I requested came through very quickly and was of excellent quality. The gravestone image was clear and very useful in family research. Thank you very much.

SCHOLEFIELDThank you so much!Thank you so much for the photo of Richard Scholefield's gravestone (died 1859). I found so many extra clues and information which has helped to validate some theories in my family research. It has really helped me to extend my research. I've tried to add extra information for each of the people buried in the same plot so it can hopefully help other researchers. Thank you for providing this resource. For those who are unable to visit family plots in other countries it is immeasurably helpful. Thank you!

SCHULZCongratulationsI have be researching all branches of my family heritage for many years, it wasn't till now that I have start on my Germany heritage. Your site has helped me find the Schulz family from Lobethal. Thank you so much for creating a awesome site.

SCOTCHMERGrateful ThanksI would just like to say thank you very much for a very quick and efficient service and for adding to my knowledge of the Scotchmer family with the three photos. I am most grateful.

SCOTTExcellent siteThis site is now on my Favourites list. Although I did not find any that fit in with what I have regarding the Scott family, I will keep looking every now and again as I am not finished yet. I wish you all the luck and thanks again for your efforts with this project

SCOTTScotts from Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, Scotland - Thank you!My name is Alexander Andrew Ronaldson Scott and I'm a direct descendant of Thomas Scott and his wife Janet Johnstone/Scott from Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, Scotland and other Scott kin of the Glasgow / Lanarkshire and Blantrye area. Thomas lived most of his life in Stonehouse, a village of mostly hand loom weavers of the period around 1800. Thomas is mentioned in Robert Naismith’s book: Stonehouse: Historical and Traditional 1885. Thomas Scott and Janet Johnstone are buried in the old kirkyard in Stonehouse and I shall soon make a pilgrimage there to rededicate the family headstone. I have been researching very passionately since 2001; working to publish a book using over 200 historical documents to back up what used to be only, with little exception, family tradition. A quick rundown on my Scott side looks like this: 1. Thomas Scott, carpenter of Bellshill (born approximately 1745) 2. Thomas Scott (Thomas of Bellshill’s son) married Janet Johnstone (they had 8 children)Thomas Jr, Marion Scott/Shearer, William Scott, John Scott, Janet Scott, Margaret Scott/Naismith, Janet Elliot Scott and Andrew Scott. 3. Andrew Scott (married twice) First Marriage to Elizabeth Osborne/Scott in 1848. (they had 4 children. Thomas Scott, Agnes Scott/Brown, Mary Scott/McDonald, Janet Scott who died age 3. Andrew’s 2nd marriage was to Helen Ronaldson/Scott in 1862. (they had 2 children. Alexander Scott, and Janet Polson Scott who, too, died young at age 7). 4. Alexander Scott (Andrew’s son) married Mary McChesney/Scott in 1892. (they had 3 children and the entire family moved from Scotland to Canada and then into Michigan of the USA. The children were Andrew Scott, Alexander Scott jr, Helen “Nellie” Scott). 5. Andrew Scott (son of Alexander) married Alice Cock/Scott in 1923. Andrew is my paternal great grandfather. I hope this information is helpful for anyone looking for Scotts of Lanarkshire Scotland and is an aid to beginners for simple research tips in general. Google is amazing with patience and a little luck. I would like to note that my research would not have been possible without the care and preservation by past/present family members and new found friends of our family. Andrew’s brother and sister both made their own pilgrimage to Stonehouse in 1954 gathering what information they could without the use of modern technology/internet. Mr. John Young - Stonehouse historian, Heather Ibbotson of Ontario Canada, Reverend Andrew Jamieson Scott-Branagan of Australia, for the use of their endless catalogs of Scottish historical documents, and of course my own Mother and Father who have encouraged and aided in my studies. Mom's side = Setla, Dashkevicz, Bochnia, Scioma. Dad's side = Chiefly Scott. But also includes Van Wagoner, Gierman, Lang, Kelleghan, Cock, McChesney, Johnstone, Osborne, Ronaldson, Naismith, Shearer, Polson, Thomson, Walker, Jamieson, Branagan, Pionk, Tillman, Kessel, Brown, Caldwell, Johnston, and McDonald. I can go on and on. After all, “our ancestors had minds much less confused than ours." Yours aye, -Alexander Scott

SCOTTFeedback Monument PhotoExcellent service, great photo & wonderful resource for International Family Historians.

SCOTTExcellent serviceWonderful resource. Incredibly fast response. Very useful for International Family Historians. Thanks a lot for the great photo.

SCOTTJames William SCOTT, at Fobbing, Essex.THANK YOU for your time and effort in producing these photos. They are greatly appreciated. They must be of special value to people who live long distances away.

SCOTTUnmarked Grave Onehouse Suffolk#Willian Scott 1893-1956 is the father of #Stanley William Scott 1922-2007 the unmarked grave between William & Stanley is #Alice Scott 1895 - 1959(nee Knock), wife of William & father of Stanley .... more

SCOTTWhat a wonderful site.I found thissite by chance while doing some research. On my first visit I found 2 relevant gravestones and received photos of them very quickly. Thankyou so much, Charles.

SCOTTVery helpfulFinding an image of this gravestone has helped fill in another piece of the story. Very helpful - thank you.

SCOTTCharles Once again you have supplied Charles Once again you have supplied me with definite proof of my ancestor. I am extremely grateful to you and your team. Jim

SCOTTExcellent resourceThankyou for providing this very useful resource, and your very swift response to my enquiry. Much appreciated.

SCOTTThe Scott, Randall and Orrett family.I have been researching my Heyward, Scott, and Randall lines for many years, and would love to hear from anyone who can add any information at all about these families from Poole Dorset, Liverpool and Lancashire, England, and particularly anyone with any knowledge regarding the ship building business that both the Scott and Randall families appeared to have had in Liverpool England in the mid to late 1700's. Many thanks.

SCOTTFantastic service for genealogists. ThanFantastic service for genealogists. Thank you so much!

SCOTTThanksMany thanks for this invaluable service.

SCOTTfamily treewould just like to say big thank you for helping a stranger doing his family tree

SCOTTERThank you for the photoThank you for sending the information and a picture of the tombstone and also the cemetery. The photos are of good quality. Living in Canada I am unable to visit the cemetery and I appreciate the time you took to take the photo and put it on the website. Thanks again.

SCOUGALLincorrect transcrptionthe first burial was infant elsie scougall brand daughter of thomas and kate brand (nee scougall) and her (kate's) parents richard tod scougall and his wife catherine hammond scougall (nee dun) .... more

SCOWENThanksThanks for your hard work and dedication to helping keep these important records alive. What an amazing service you are providing. One day, when I am finished with my studies and have some time available to help, I will get back in touch.

SCRASEWilliam Wheeler Archer ScraseNot sure yet where this man fits but the name Archer is found in other parts of the family. Thank you for this information.

SCRIVENMy Family Begins Here!Charles, I put most of my comments about your work in my request, but wanted to add here that I am so thrilled that I found your site and am so appreciative that you are doing this! My mother's family are all from Leeds, and being American, I have no idea of them and my Mom talked very little of her family. I think because she left for "the colonies" and didn't keep in very good contact, there was some ill feelings. But I am SO excited to find what I believe are the monuments for my grandparents! Grandparents know nothing about, other than their names..even my Mom didn't know her parents...thank you for what you do. And please tell me how I can help you!

SCROOPThank-youThank-you very much for the images :) It was a great help to me in tracing relatives of my family.

SCRUTONgrave 217515 St M M altofts yorkshire unconsecratedFirst name Priscilla Scruton, daughter of Thomas and Ann Scruton Then George, son of 'above' ie Thomas and Ann and therefore Priscilla's brother. Mary Jane scruton is Sister not son of Priscilla Likewise Emma Elizabeth is Sister not son of Priscilla (Parents Thomas and Ann not in this grave) 1871 census confirms above.

SCRYMGEOURSCRYMGEOUR/HOWIESONI has been a joy to utilize this service. We recieved the two photos we wanted in quick time and the quality of the images first class. This is such a valuable resource that you are providing to members filling in family trees. 10/10 Well done everyone. Look forward to dealing with you again. Cheers Alice and Paul

SCURRThanks for this valuable resource!This is an amazing project and a great help to all who research into family history.

SCURRAgnes Hannah Scurr grave monument (GPR grave number 449160)The birth and death dates of the parties on this headstone have been entered into your database in the wrong order, which shows their age as as MINUS. EG. Agnes Hannah SCURR born 1911 died 1963 NOT Born 1963 died 1911

SCURRWilliam and Thomas SCURR GPR grave number 87715 - image name 255The photograph of these inscriptions has been taken from so far away that the details are unreadable. Cannot tell if the are the people I am looking for, as the photograph is not very high res and is blurred when viewed any large than 100% .... more

SEABROOKRichard SeabrookThankyou for the image, much appreciated.

SEAGEExcellentMany thanks for the image. It provides key information for my family research.

SEAMANSEAMAN / RAINBIRD / BROTHERSMany thanks for the excellent service and wonderful clear images . A few years from now some of these old stones will be illegable and its great to have a copy of them .

SEAMANThank youThank you so much for the photos, they are very high quality and its so good of you and all the other volunteers to take the time and offer this service. It is invaluable for people who are unable to travel to visi the headstones in person. Wonderful service!

SEAMANPhotoMany thanks even through there is no headstone photo.


SEARLEJames searleThanks a million for photos the website is a fantasic resource keep up the excellent work many thanx

SEARSONThank youThank you so much for sending me the e-mail photograph of Elizabeth and Edwin Searson's grave. It was very much appreciated.Regards, Sheila

SEAVERSThank You A huge thank you to Charles and all the volunteers for this wonderful resource. How great to get a photograph of a headstone of a family relative. Another piece to the family history story and much appreciated.

SECKERThanksThank you for sending me the requested Headstone photo. After a couple of phone calls I managed to get information about the actual location of the grave. When I visit Burvale, I will happily take photo's of other grave stones and send them to you. I normally photograph headstones when I visit family graves in Kensal Green Cemetery, then I search for descendants on Ancestry to pass the photo on. I would volunteer to help your site but I can't commit to a regular flow. Anyway, once again, Thank YOu so much for the photo. Regards, Rose.

SEDDONThank youMy husband and father-in-law will be happy viewing this picture. As we live in Australia my father-in-law was unable to attend both his mother's and father's funerals and has never seen their headstones.

SEDGEMaud, Thomas and Harold SedgeThanks for the photo link. This grave is of my Grandparents and Uncle. It clearly shows the inscription and will link to my family tree.

SEFTONMuch appreciated, thanksThank you so much for the link to the photo of Thomas Sefton, my 3rd Great Uncle, and the email with all the different links to help me around the website, brilliant! The quality of the picture is great. Thanks again.

SELBYSupply of ImageA quick thank you for the image supplied. A tremendous amount of work must have gone into the project.

SELBYThank you for a great site. You are doinThank you for a great site. You are doing a very valuable service for hamily historians

SELFEThank you CharlesThank you Charles for the photo of my great grand uncles gravestone, much appreciated, what a great site, you have that everyone can use.

SELLERSlovely clear photo, thanks so much lovely clear photo, thanks so much

SEMMENSThank you!Thank you so much for the photo of my ancestor's grave. It really brings my genealogy research alive to see something like this!

SENDALLThank youThank you for providing this wonderful resource Charles. All your hard in running the site, responding so quickly to queries & organising volunteers is really appreciated, I am sure by all & certainly by me.

SENIORFamily history helpExcellent site with great help available for family history research for Ann Senior Thank you very much. Please let me know if I may help in return. Kind regards Claire Roberts

SEPPINGSSEPPINGS/LOVETTThank you so much for offering this fantastic service - it is very much welcomed especially as I live in Australia - keep up the good work.

SERJEANTJoseph SerjeantExcellent and efficient! What a fantastic site and amazing work that has been done. Thank you so much Charles. I really appreciate your quick response in sending the gravestone image. It's great to finally find a gravestone for one of the Serjeant's from Ipswich, Suffolk.

SETTLEFAMILY TREEMany many thanks you are doing a fantastic job now I can go to see the graves of my Grandmothers family & fill in more of my family tree . Thaankyou again, Rhoda. .... more

SETTLEGrave of Robert Settle and family membersReceived my link to the photograph of the gravestone very promptly. An excellent resource for all genealogists. Thank you.

SEVERNThanksThank you for your prompt response. I have added the photograph of my gt gt grandfathers grave to my family tree.

SHADFORD; THOMAS; RICHARDS'Headstone of Richard Shadford/ Elizabeth ShadfordThank you for the beautiful glimpse of Richard and Elizabeth's headstone. I really appreciate being able to see this through your hard work. Thank you!

SHADFORTHMany thanksI am most grateful to you for the photograph of the grave of Ann Shadforth. Thank you so much for such a wonderful resource.

SHAKESPEARE Historical interest. Historical interest.

SHAKESPEARE Thank youThank you for the quick reply and excellent, clear photo. Very helpful and much appreciated.

SHALDERSJeramiah ShaldersAlthough I haven\\\'t yet recieved the photo, I apreciate the work of the person or persons who have photographed the gravestones and made them available. Thank you.Margaret

SHAPLANDGeorge and Ann ShaplandMany thanks for this incredibly helpful and convenient service. It is terrific that the UK has this resource and I cannot thank the team enough for the image that they have provided.

SHARMANWhat a brilliant idea! Fast, efficient aWhat a brilliant idea! Fast, efficient and a fantastic way to save our gravestones for future generations.

SHARMANWhat a wonderful resource!!What a wonderful resource for family historians, and what a great idea! And how refreshing to share this information with fellow researchers without charging anything! So often our family research is limited by what we can afford!! I requested 6 photos of Sharman headstones and they were send to me the next day!! Brilliant! Thank-you! Keep up the good work! I will definitely volunteer to photograph headstones myself now!

SHARMANHeadstones Frostenden, SuffolkThank you for the excellent photograph. An amazing website - really good to have the options to sort by category too. I think I've spotted three relevant ones so far.

SHARMANThanksMany thanks for an excellent service. I shall use it again now I have found it (on a WEA Family History Course)

SHARONIncorrect death dateHarry Sharon's memorial is among the most impressive in Passy cemetery (Paris) and gives a date of death of September 1906, when he would have been 21 years of age, not two.

SHARPThank YouThanks very much, Mr Sale, for sending the photos of my great-grandparents' grave in Claxby, Lincolnshire.Cheers,Michael Sharp,Aurora, OntarioCANADA

SHARPSHARP/ODDYThank you so much for the information. It was sent so timely and helped me learn a lot about my relatives.

SHARPAlex Sharp's gravestoneI would just like to thank you so much for sending me the images, I never knew Alex was mentioned on this stone.

SHARPEdward and Kezia Sharp`s headstoneThanks for the image of Edward and Kezia Sharps headstone it filled a big gap in our family tree yours faithfully Colin Day.

SHARPGreat resourceThank you so much for the very clear photograph of the grave of my great-great grandfather, Samuel Sharp. It was wonderful to see it and find out the exact date of his early death. I am compiling a large family resource and sites like this are absolutely invaluable. I so appreciate your hard work in starting and maintaining this site.

SHARPEThank you for thisThank you for this

SHARPEHannah SharpeWhat a great resource for the family history researcher, I came across it by chance. I have been researching my Sharpe/Iserby family in Norfolk for years and to receive a photo of my great-great-grandmother's gravestone has been amazing. Thank you for all you do.

SHAWJohn SHAW StoneThanks, Charles for the picture of John Shaw. I live in the US, and 15 years ago I searched the St John's graveyard for ancestors. I missed the John Shaw stone. Thanks for filling in this gap. Regards, Gail Modlin .... more

SHAWFantastic resource - thank youThank you for a fantastic resource and for running such a valuable project. I can recommend to anyone looking - service is prompt and friendly - better than many paid services - but I applaud your ethos of keeping this free and building a community of volunteers to help. I will certainly try to where I can.

SHAWWonderful siteThank you so much for this site. I am English but live in Australia and rarely have the opportunity to find or visit my ancestors' graves. It is such a thrill to be able to see one of their gravestones.

SHAWJames Clarke Shaw Grave PhotoMany thanks for providing an extremely useful genealogy tool at no cost. A wonderful thing to do.

SHAWThanks so muchA wonderful service. Now to upload the various photos I've taken in cemeteries over the years.

SHEARERGrateful thanks.I only discovered this site by chance last night and have received almost by return, two photographs which have filled in some genealogical blanks. It is wonderful that there are selfless people who devote time and effort to provide such information. Thanks Charles. It is an incentive to take more photographs beyond one's own immediate interest when visiting any graveyard on a regular basis.

SHEARERThank you for the images of great grandpThank you for the images of great grandparents gravestone - it will certainly save me a lot of time when I visit the cemetery the next time I am in Wick. I have tried looking before without success but now know what to look for. Once again many thanks.

SHEARINGThank youThank you for a very speedy service and one which provides a vital service to those of us researching family history from afar. I will be using this valuable service again.

SHEARINGThanksHi Charles Thankyou very much for the picture of the headstone for a member of the Shearing family. Your site is a credit to you

SHEARMANfirst class responseThank you very much for your fast response and very good image

SHEENSHEEN, BUCKLAND, DOEThank you for the images and all your hard work, they are most appreciated, I have tried to load a couple of photos I have for All Saints, Thorney Hill, Hampshire if successful then I should be able to add most of the churchyard

SHEIRSONP.Forster. The Sheirson familyPhotos of gravestones are so useful for people who are elderly or for other reasons cannot travel and provides the opportunity for possible reunions. Not to mention the expanding sense of social history which is available for all. Many thanks go to the volunteers who do this work.

SHELDONThe maiden name of Christian Sheldon born 1797, wife of George Many thanks for the photo, I hope to be receiving soon. I have been looking for such a long time for confirmation of George Sheldon and your site has given it me Once again many thanks Denise

SHELLPrompt ServiceWonderful response, 24 hours and i had the image in Australia, thank you very much.

SHELSHERThanksMany thanks for the image of the gravestone of Henry George Shelsher. He was the eldest of 5 children, and the next eldest, his brother Frederick passed away last month in Frinton Essex. You offer an excellent service and I will see what images I can offer from my other research to offer. Ted

SHELTONThanksThank you so much for your help in acquiring this photo and so much more information.

SHELVEYWilliam ShelveyThank you for the photo- I am finding a whole new branch of my family - and finding a photo of a gravestone is really great :)

SHEPHEARDShepheard family breakthroughMany thanks for the possible breakthrough in trying to find living relatives.

SHEPHERDSHEPHERD/ WISHARTI live in the United States and will probably never see my "Home land" in person, this makes researching my family history very difficult. Having a site like this means WORLDS to me, you allow me to travel the blustery cemetaries of Scotland from the warmth and comfort of my home...all while enjoying a cup of tea! Thank you for making the journey for me. Warm Regards, Maryeileen.

SHEPHERDSanderson Shepherd, GraveJust like to say, thanks so much for the photo, it has turned out better than the one I took, 2 years ago. I think this is a great site and will be looking at it a lot in the future. I will upload the photo's of grave from some of the Shepherd I have found in Cliviger, Lancs. Jan

SHEPHERDGrandparent headstone - SHEPHERD/PAGE SHROPSHIREWhat a great site. I have received many images from your site but requesting my grandparents gravestone was particulary special. I knew where they were buried but llive some distance from there.

SHEPHERDtrying to trace grandparents what a great service to offer!thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work

SHEPHERDEllen Queenie Shepherd 1897 - 1974photo received within a few hours of request. Very much appreciated - thanks

SHEPHERDAlderman W.P.ShepherdThe above was the first labour councilor elected to Thornaby-on-Tees Town Council. He was a carpenter by trade and I believe at one time a trade union official. In the 1930s he became a full time political agent for the Labour Party in the Stockton-on-Tees Constituency. He was instrumental in the defeat of Harold Macmillan (later P.M.) in the 1945 Election seeing George Chetwynd returned to Westminster as the M.P. I am the oldest grandchild of the above couple who had two sons and five grandchildren.

SHEPHERDWonderful ServiceMany thanks indeed for allowing me to view the Shepherd/Onions memorial in St Mary & St Leonard Churchyard at Wombridge. I have only recently found the Shepherd line in my family tree from my maternal great grandmother Esther Shepherd born Tipton 1806 to Johne Schiphird born Perthshire 1540. For 200 years the Shepherds lived and worked in Shropshire mainly at Much Wenlock, Little Wenlock and Wombridge.

SHEPPARDthank you very very much!I would like to thank Charles for taking the time to send me the photo I requested. This website is a goldmine for people like me,searching ancestors from abroad, not being able to go directly to the parish/church/graveyard! I thin every village should have this system made available! thank you!

SHEPPARDGeorge Sheppard - Great Bealings, SuffolkDear Charles Thanks for the service and for uploading photos of the grave of George Sheppard in the Great Bealings Church. Unfortunately there is not record of date of death so not sure if the is the relative that I'm looking for. Thanks all the same. Regards Peter Hall

SHEPPERSONThank YouI am researching my father's SHEPPERSON family who mainly lived in the Bingham, Nottinghamshire area. Thanks so much to the organisers of this site, it's such a valuable resource.

SHERRENFantastic siteI would like to say that this site is fantastic and it really helps in family research. Also I would like to thank all the hard dedicated work in the organizing of this site with all the wonderful monuments.

SHERWINThanks Charles !A brilliant web site and great service.

SHERWOODSHERWOOD / ALLISON - Location of graves within Spion Kop, HartlepoolHi I am hoping to visit the graves of my great grandmother and great great grandparents soon. They are in Spion Kop Old cemetery in Hartlepool, but I have n idea Where within the cemetery. Details as follows: 'Ada Emily Sherwood, d. 03 May 1907' 'Richard Allison b. 1843' 'Margaret Allison b. 1846' If anyone has any details which may help, please let me know Many thanks!

SHIELSHIEL(D)Thank you very much for your help with the photo for Thomas George Shield. This has helped considerably with one of my brick walls. A marvellous website.

SHILLETOMany thanksI found this website through a surname search on google and made two requests less than 24 hours ago. I have received my images already and I am very impressed with the service. I live in Northland New Zealand and I am happy to help with any queries of a NZ nature. Charles, I do volunteer work for the national genealogy society otherwise I would gladly do cemetery photos but do have some personal ones in my files which I hope to send you when I have a little more time. Again, many thanks

SHILLITOEGravestone photoI found the photo I received of the gravestone of my great great grandfather of interest in researching my connection to the Shillitoe family. I am decended from the son who came to Australia

SHINNAnnie ShinnMany thanks for providing a photo so promptly. Greatly appreciated. Fantastic site. Stumbled across this wonderful site only yesterday, will be using this site in future. Once again thankyou.

SHIPLEEGravestoneThank you so much for the photo of Shiplee gravestone, it has helped a lot as i was able to calculate the exact year that they were born. I am now able to research back and hopefully find their mother and father. Once again, Thank You. Jacky

SHIPTONTransposed data errorPlease note that Nancy, Julia, Gilbert, and Doris Shipton at the Municipal cemetery, Dorking, Surrey, England have had birth year and age transposed in your database. Though the error is obvious you may wish to correct this for the benefit of future visitors to your website. .... more

SHIRTCongratulationsWhat a great site - have only just discovered it today

SHONEGeneral CommentThis project is so worthwhile, even for the likes of us who live close to many of the cemeteries of interest. Those cemeteries located further away are a real boon and to make them accessible for those who live overseas is well worth it. Finally, to preserve the image before the elements take their toll is very important for future generations. Good luck with the project, .... more

SHONE Very helpful site I found this site quite by accident and find it interesting and very helpful

SHOREPhotostthis is just the most fantastic service thanks so much

SHORTJohn ShortA great aid for people doing family history research. .... more

SHORTThankyouI would just like to say that i have been looking for a site like this for ages.I think it is an excellent site. I only found it a few days ago but i will be using it a lot in the future.

SHORTSHORT, MASON, WILKINSONBecause of the hard work of a caring man Charles Sale, I now have a connection with my lost ancestor Elizabeth Short. Her name is known, and part of my and my family's memory. Thank you so very much Charles for your efforts in helping me connect to my English roots. Sincerely, Kurt De Vinney West Hills, CA

SHORTERAlfred Shorter's gravestoneThank you Charles for the photo of Alfred's gravestone....fantastic website, keep up the good work....Jules.

SHOUTThanksThanks Charles for the great resource you have created

SHRIVEI have just started doing my family treeI have just started doing my family tree and I was not aware of this service and it's availability and I appreciate the effort that is being put into this service Thank You

SHRUBSOLEExcellentExcellent service & it has helped me out with my Family Tree and I highly recommend this site to others.

SHULVERThank you.Thank you so very much for the quick response. I hope to use your service more as my family tree progresses.

SHURLOCK-PARKHURSTinformationi am looking for info on catherine parkhurst who married john shurlock. john born feb 1726. dont no who catherine parents were but they owned hound house later greets house in shere.

SIBIENMany thanks !Great idea ! Works pretty well ! Really worthy information !

SIBLEYPhotosReally quick and helpful response, many thanks.

SIBSONTombstone Photo: John SibsonThank you so much for taking this photo. Your website is much like in the U.S. Many of us volunteers go out to cemeteries near and far to take photos of gravestones for folks to view online. It's a great service. Thank you. Is there anyone that photographs tombstones in Tiverton?

SIBUNSounds like a good Idea.I will contact when I receive the image. Maureen.

SIDWELLThank you Ledstone PhotoJust wanted to thank you for the photo of the resting place of my ancestors.

SIEVWRIGHTGreat SiteThis a great site loaded with information and tremendous pictures. Great help for those into genealogy. Fast service. Many thanks.

SIEVWRIGHTTHANKSMany thanks to Michelle Roberts for photographing Dean Cemetery in Edinburgh (and others) and to Charles for sending the photos and administering this excellent site. .... more

SILCOCKWonderful ServiceThanks so much for this wonderful service have found history that our family may not have uncovered. Awesome site.

SILLISsillis/jackson/goodberry/orton Downham Market areaThank you so much for your site.Found one name now looking through rest for a family history project for someone.Much appreciated

SILLITOESarah Sillitoe buried 1883Merridale Cem. WolverhamptonIs it possible to have a map with the location of the grave of Sarah Sillitoe 1800-1883, and also a photo of the gravestone (Grave No. 7801, Burial Reg. No. G3/29281) if there is a stone.

SILLSsystem redirect pleaseCan you plz check the connections for All Saints, Maidstone, Kent. If I click on either part - the system goes to SS Peter Paul, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. many thanks .... more

SIMMONDSThanks for prompt responseI appreciate the quick response to my request for photo of gravestone. This is a great service. Many thanks Charles.

SIMMONSGravestone photoThank you for the photo and your prompt reply ,l know in which cemetery my relative was buried , but having this photo will help me locate the grave.

SIMONSThank youThank you for the recent pictures They will help me in confirming the when's. Your site is so easy to use, thank you once again

SIMPKINSONThanks for having this resource available for those who cannot travel to see them in personMuch appreciated. Thanks. Gordon Simpkinson

SIMPSONPettistree grave of Jeremiah & Arabella SimpsonWhat a great resource. I have not yet had a chance to travel to Suffolk to visit my ancestors' last resting place, so this is the next best thing! Thank you so much.

SIMPSONWhat a great siteI found you by accident but it was a nice find thank you for any help you have or will give me

SIMPSONSIMPSON/RENNIEMany thanks for your help, Amanda

SIMPSONThank youHi Charles, Thank you so much for the photo. What an excellent service. Keep up the good work.

SIMPSONSimpsonWebsite was very helpful as my family originated from Yorkshire and as I now live over two hours' drive away, I cannot easily get back to look around the local cemeteries.

SIMPSONMany Thanks!Thanks so much for taking these photos and making them available. Robert Woodliffe Simpson was my great grandfather.

SIMPSONThomas SimpsonThank you very much for the photograph. A great service

SIMPSONWilliam Simpson family grave at Weeton YorkshireMany thanks for this. I am more than a little bit gobsmacked. Until now, all of my recent research has been on the computer. To see the gravestone with the names of my great great grandfather and grandmother is a little bit unreal: it starts to bring my family history much closer than I had thought possible. It also gives clues to a date that I had started to struggle to find. Kind regards Gordon

SIMPSONSIMPSON/STROUGHAIR/WILKINSONMany thanks again for your time and effort in running this wonderful site

SIMPSONThank youVery pleased to receive the image of Annie Simpson's memorial today. The swift reply was appreciated.

SIMPSON225362 is PAWSEY225362 is PAWSEY

SIMPSONSimpson/ FergusonThank you for the images. They are very helpful and may I say a terrific site.

SIMPSONSimpsons of LincolnshireThe photos of George and Susanna are excellent and have helped my research a great deal.

SIMSGreat Site, very helpful and very quick Great Site, very helpful and very quick response

SIMSThe image of John Sims' grave requested The image of John Sims' grave requested recently could not be accessed via the link in your email. Could you please check and send the link again. Many thanks.

SINCLAIRLittle Dunkeld CemeteryDo you have any plans to upload any photos or data for Little Dunkeld cemetery in Perthshire ?

SINCLAIRSinclairMany thanks for the wonderful clear image of the gravestone of my great-great-grandfather. This image will be very useful in researching my family. Living in Australia I do not have the opportunity to visit overseas cemeteries.

SINCLAIRAncestral ResearchThank you for providing this resource for ancestral research. Greatly appreciated...

SINCLAIRThank youJust wanted to thank you for all the effort and time it has taken to compile this database and allow access to the images. Especially to us relatives who live across the big pond! Thank you!

SINCLAIR AND GUNNThanks for help with my researchI am writing to thank you for access to the photograph of one of my relative's headstone. This was a few weeks ago and unfortunately I forgot to record my thanks, which I am doing now.

SIRSGravestone of John SirsThank you so much for the image. There is a lot of useful info on the gravestone which we did not know. This is an excellent site which I will be telling my friends about. Thank you once again.

SISTERSONThanksThankyou for sending the link to a photo of my Great Grandfather Thomas Sistersons grave.

SKAIFEAgnes SkaifeThank you for enabling me to view the memorial stone of Agnes Skaife, who was my mothers cousin Julie Gibson

SKAIFEJoseph SkaifeThank you for enabling me to view the memorial stone of Joseph Skaife, who was my mothers cousin, and his daughter Marjorie Julie Gibson

SKEETUseful siteThis is a great service. Many thanks to the photographers.

SKELDONSKELDON/HUTCHINSONwould like to thank you for the picture you sent me it has been a great help. It was a really clear pictue aswell so thanks again.

SKELTONGravestone PhotoThank you so much for the image. I live in Scotland so although I do intend to visit the churchyard at some point it is very difficult.

SKERRYA fantastic siteFound this site yesterday and immediately found the grave of my Husband's GG Grandparents. Requested the image and a prompt reply was recived from Charles. I will certainly be telling others about it.

SKILBECKThankyouThis is a wonderful site and l appreciate all the hard work that has gone into it, if it had not been for this site l would never have been able to obtain the information or images and l thankyou so much

SKINNER Thankyou so much Charles for such a fabuThankyou so much Charles for such a fabulous site. How amazing it was to recieve an image of my Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandmothers grave. What a woderful service you are providing.

SKINNERRebecca Ann Skinner of Thrigby,NorfolkThankyou very much for the photo of my great aunt`s grave. She was born in 1862 and died in 1943. What a wonderful service, and so prompt!

SKINNERSKINNER / BAKERThank you Charles and Mandy Perry for this valuable resource. What an amazing thing it is to be able to see my ancestors graves from the other side of the world!

SKINNERMany thanksA big thank you to all of your members. I have been able to complete the lives of several members of my family and no doubt will find several more as I research your wonderful site.

SKINNERBrilliant service thank you. Elizabeth Reynolds, daughter of William Skinner (1727-1804) , died November 1781 in childbirth having married William Reynolds on 24 October 1780. This gravestone records that her baby also died and is buried with her.

SKIPPENFantastic serviceThank you so much.

SKIPPENSurname was Skippen not SkipperThank you once again today. The surname was in fact Skippen and not Skipper

SKIPPENMany ThanksOnce again thank you for sending me this photo so quickly. The quality is excellent.

SKIPPERLooking for grave of mr Harry j skipper,Looking for grave of mr Harry j skipper, buried in the parish of sheringham Norfolk, died 27th oct 1911, buried on the 31 st oct 1911

SKIPSEYMany ThanksThank you so much for this wonderful site. I have found many graves of my ancestors, which helps so much to enrich the family tree. Huge thanks.

SKIPWORTHThank you very much with your quick respThank you very much with your quick response to my request. I am now matching gravestones with family member's

SKIPWORTHI believe a Skipworth Family Tomb is in I believe a Skipworth Family Tomb is in St Mary's churchyard, South Kelsey. Is this on any of the image you have. Thank you, Sue

SKITTGreat service to genealogyI came across this website in this months Your Family History magazine and have been immediately able to track down 2 graves. Charles provided a great service and I hope I can add some photos of my own to help grow this valuable resource.

SKITTGeneralWhat a wonderful site. Seeing my great grandmother's grave stone brought back childhood memories.

SKYPESThank you for the service that you have provided, it is much appreciatedThank you for your help. We are now going to visit the war grave of John Sykes in Normandy.

SLACKThanksI've heard so much about Aunty Dolly, I found it quite moving to see her grave. Her brother Edgar also missed her very much.

SLATERthnak you so much for so promptly sendinthnak you so much for so promptly sending me details of a great uncles gravestone, which is most helpful for family history research

SLAUGHTERThank you for photographing and indexingThank you for photographing and indexing these gravestones in St Peter's Sandwich. Do you have images for St Clement's Sandwich where the rest of the Slaughter family are buried?

SLEIGHTgreat sitelove the site, i found the family name i was looking for but am struggling to find out if they had a son, and if that son is my great grandfather. keep up the great work

SLIDDERSMany Thanks for High Definition PhotosThank you Charles for the rapid response to our request. Superb service

SLIWCZYNSKIthanksthankyou for the provision of this service , it is greatly appreciated

SLOANEAndrew Dunbar SloaneI looked this up for a gentleman from New Zealand who was looking for his grandfather's grave. A wonderful resource. Thank you.

SLOGGETTThanksThank you for the pictures of the headstones of the Sloggett Family that I am currently researching

SLOLEYThank YouThe image/details were exactly what I was looking for and I am very grateful. The quality was excellent and I even have an image of the church as well.

SMALEThank you so much for sending me the imaThank you so much for sending me the images of the gravestones of William Smale CLARKE, Emma CLARKE and Emmeline CLARKE, in the Old Town Municipal Cemetery, Bideford. This is a wonderful service you offer and I am very grateful to you for letting me have these images. Thank you.

SMALESThank you very much for your excellent, Thank you very much for your excellent, prompt and free service! Very much appreciated from Australia.

SMARTVery Good websiteI have been doing my family research for some time and not come across this site before, although I have only found one gravestone of use for me I am sure this site will continue to grow and grow. Not very often you see a genealogy site offering a free service.

SMIDDYThank youThanks so much for all your help and for sending me the photos. Much appreciated!

SMIDDYPickering: Alice SmiddyMany thanks for photo of Pickering gravestone, too far for me to travel to view/photo.

SMITHGreat SiteMany thanks for the Photo, I could not believe the speed with which the request was dealt with. Thank you for this service as I'm not local.

SMITHPhoto requestThank you so much for sending the memorial photo of my relative Hume Smith. It is so exciting to find out that he helped to build the Fourth Bridge. On his death certificate it just says skull injury but nothing more. Again, I do appreciate all your work. I did notice, however on the one page "The Men who died building the Fourth Bridge" they have his name as Hum Smith without the e.

SMITHPhotoVery Helpful and Obliging very quick sending photo through.Hilda

SMITHAdam Freer SmithMany thanks for the picture of my ancestor's grave. Really pleased with your service.

SMITHThank youMany thanks for the prompt dispatch of the image of my Great Grandparents gravestone. Thanks to you and your volunteers I am able to move further back in my family research and will certainly use the site again.

SMITHSmith/Poole/Williams/Simpson treeWhat a pleasant surprise to find details not available in any other sites. Well done Geoff

SMITHGeorge & Mary Ann plus Jonas & Harriet SmithThe images were forwarded promptly together with a most courteous response from Mr Sale. The images provided an actual date of birth in respect of Jonas and Harriet which had previously been unknown to me. An excellent research facility

SMITHSMITH/BAMFORDJust to say that the photo I requested was not attached to the email you sent to me at my gmail address - I have photos of gravestones if they are of interest. Glenys

SMITHSmith - John & JeanThank you for the image, it will be of great help to my dad who is elderly and unable to visit his brother's grave now

SMITHGravestone of William Weighill SmithThe service that you offer is absolutely fantastic. It enables people to obtain information from graveyards that you may never be able to visit personally. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou

SMITHGravestone of George Noel SmithMany thanks for your invaluable help

SMITHGreat site with info I had not come acroGreat site with info I had not come across before. Excellent response anbd appreciate the ability to add comment.

SMITHCLEETHORPES CEMETARYWhat a wonderful surprise to actually see a photograph of my uncles grave. Cannot speak highly enough of everyone connected with this web site. Great for family historians. One of my favourite places to research.

SMITHWilliam Smith - KirkbymoorsideWhat a brilliant site and how quickly the reply was sent to me . The site enabled me to a. confirm the details of the individual I was researching and b. identify another member of the family that had not been previously researched. Well Done Malcolm

SMITHImagesThanks for a great resource. Images excellent quality

SMITHphotographvery pleased with photograph.this has solved a family problem that has been going on for several years

SMITHJust a thank you for your help, very quiJust a thank you for your help, very quick and efficient!

SMITHCharles Herbert and Kate Alice SmithMany thanks for the photo of my great grandparents gravestone. My mother was delighted to see it and has been in touch with the cemetery to find its exact location so that she can visit it. Many thanks again. Jayne and Val.

SMITHThank you Thank you once again for the amazing work that you do.

SMITHGrave imageThank you for response to request for image of great-grandparents gravestone. Very useful site.

SMITHWebsiteGreat resource, very useful.

SMITHHarlow Hill Cemetery, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England - Ambrose Ernest & Frances Annie SMITHGravestone photo much appreciated.

SMITHAppreciation of this valuable resourceThanks Charles for the very prompt receipt of three images requested; I am absolutely in awe of the time and dedication you and your fellow volunteers give to this fabulous resource. I will be coming back time and again to gain further information/confirmation on my family tree. I am currently looking at my Smith line in Ifield but have many other names I would like to follow up on. Well done to all!

SMITHGreat resourseI was so excited to see the headstone of my 4 times great grandparents. John Smith and Susannah. The request was very fast and it was very wonderful to see such an old headstone. One that I probably won't ever get to see in real life.

SMITHMany thanksThank you for providing a large image of the gravestone that I viewed. The prompt email response was very much appreciated. Many thanks! John

SMITHMichael SMITH Hello, this is a polite message. You have transcribed image 1623 as Michael SMITH, this in fact is Michaela SMITH. She was my cousin.

SMITHFrancis Smith HeadstoneThank you for posting the photo. For 200 plus years that stone has weathered well, can't read much, but I'm happy to have the connection.

SMITHJeremiah SmithWhat an excellent website. I'm not sure that the photo sent is of the people I am searching for - not the best surname to be researching! - but it has given me a possibility to pursue further. Many thanks.

SMITHUnable to view photographYou kindly emailed me promptly about my request for a headstone image (Louisa and Thomas Smith). However, I have been unable to view that image despite following your instructions. Please re-send the image or directly to me via email would be preferred. Thank you. .... more

SMITHThank youMany thanks for sending me four photographs of my ancestors: Charles Albert Smith Elizabeth Smith Ivy Beryl Smith Kenneth Chasbeth Smith A great site.

SMITHEMANthank youthanks so much for your help with finding the gravestones of my grandparents, you have already helped me with my other set of grandparents and its nice to be able to visit their resting place. you provide an invaluable service!

SMITHSONFeedbackThankyou Charles for the two images you sent me. Such quick response!! Very much appreciated!!

SMYElizabeth Smy's grave in ChelmonistonThank you for this wonderful resource. It really helps with finding exactly when and where a person is buried. The quality of the photo of Elizabeth Smy's grave is excellent. Thank you!

SMYTHthomas smyth of east dereham norfolkthank you for sending me the photo of the memorial of thomas smyth in all saints church, necton, norfolk. I will now go back to the church and pay my respects.

SMYTHphoto requestGreat to be able to get these photos when you live out of the area. Thanks heaps.

SMYTHThanks for the picturesThanks for the prompt attention with the photos of my Smyth ancestors graves. Living in the USA makes it difficult to be on site to review them so this is a great alternative.

SMYTH-OSBOURNEPhotographic requestThank you for your prompt reply to my request for a photograph of a gravestone

SNEDDONTerrific resourceWhat a wonderful resource you have created . Thanks so much , Charles , for the image & speedy response . It really brings to life our ancestors & I hadn't realised how many of the same family are buried nearby.

SNOWGravestone photoThank you very much for your useful and prompt response. Elizabeth Jane Snow was the widow of John Elliot Snow so the slightly illegible word is 'relict'. She was born on 10.10.1831 (not 1881)and baptised at Walton Parish Church and died on 14.7.1930 aged 98. .... more

SNOWThank you so much for the images of JohnThank you so much for the images of John Elliot Snow's Monument also of Stanley Hasler Snow's Cremation Memorial, I do appreciate it.

SNOWDENMany ThanksOnce again, many thanks for your time in sending me the 3 gravestone photos I requested. I plan to e-mail a friend so she can look here also.

SNOWDENSNOWDEN/SNOWDONAm in receipt of the 2 separate gravestone requests I submitted yesterday. Thank you for your prompt service.

SNOWDENA great SiteAn excellent site, very well done and easy to use.

SNOWDONAmazing site ..Thanks youThis is an amazing site for Geneology research and a pleasure to use...very prompt response to requests are greatly appreciated ..Thank you for all your hard work

SOMERFIELDCharles, Thank you so much for the photoCharles, Thank you so much for the photo and the work you all do. I have just recieved a photo of Kate Somerfield only days ago, so it is great to now have the photo of the family grave. Terri

SOMMERVILLEFAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH - SOMMERVILLE/SOMMERWILLWonderful service,it couldn't be any better. Thankyou for all your hard work.

SONLEYThanksThanks to all the voluntees who collect and prepare this information, it has helped myself follow my family research which would otherwise not be possible, BobG - Canada

SORSBYphotosthis is a very good service and I look forward to using it again and maybe able to offer some gravestone pictures myself. sharon

SOTIRCHOSLouise McVey SotirchosThankyou Charles for sending the image that I requested - it meant a lot to me to be able to see my friend's gravestone. However, I was sad to note that no inscription had been added to the gravestone. Such a wonderful lady and no words were inscribed for her? Thank you anyway for such a great service. Anna x

SOUTARSOUTAR HEADSTONEThank you Charles for a superb website and a super high resolution image of my great great grandfather's headstone. I really appreciate the time spent by you and other volunteers in posting photographs of ancestors resting places. Absolutely thrilled to find the grave of Peter Soutar and his family in Coupar Angus. Great site and so user friendly.... An invaluable and most professional service . Thank you again. Kind regards Polly

SOUTHAMThanksThank-you very much for the efforts and time to create this website.

SOUTHARDA wonderful resourceI was so pleased to find the photograph of the gravestone of my great(x2) grandparents as I am a full time carer for my 92 year old mother and am currently unable to visit places connected with my family history. This web site is a real find.

SOUTHGATEGrave Stone photos Thanks very much for a great resource. Very quick at sending photos required. It such a change for something free, keep up the good work.

SOUTHGATEWhat am amazing resourceI just want to thank Charles and all the volunteers for providing such a wonderful resource for family historians. It has been especially helpful for me, exploring my family from my grandmother's side who had their roots in Suffolk, England. Thank you again

SOWDENphoto of ann sowden gravesiteI received a confirmation and note saying the photo was attached. but, there was no attachment. maybe we can try again. thx so much

SOWLERDear Charles, Many thanks for prompt reDear Charles, Many thanks for prompt reply to my request for an image. Your service is invaluable and much appreciated. Eileen Owen.

SPALDINGgreat work!Thank you for the great work and website. It is especially helpful for those of us that live afar and are unable to get to England,walk and the graveyards. I hope more and more people get involved to take more pictures, it is preserving history.

SPALL Thank you!Thank you so much for this service you have provided. It really means a lot to me to be able to see this.

SPARKESThank you so much for the e-mail responsThank you so much for the e-mail response with the link which enabled me to see the Grave of Terry Sparkes, my Partner's Cousin who died in a tragic accident.

SPARKHALLI am descended from my great, great, greI am descended from my great, great, great, great grandfather, Edward Sparkhall (1787-1861) and his wife Mary Hainford (1878-1857). There are at least two Edward Sparkhalls around at the same time in the same area (Norfolk), so care needs to be observed. I know quite a lot about the family, so any others with information or request will be welcome. It is not a very common name. I would like to express appreciation to Charles Sale for his excellent website and his speedy response when photos are requested.

SPASHETTThank you for Gravestone PhotoExcellent quality photo supplied within hours of sending my request. Thank you for providing this free excellent resource.

SPEDDINGGravestone of Annie and Robert SpeddingWhat an excellent website/resource. The image was clear, was sent very quickly and the gravestone inscription cleared up a number of queries.

SPEEDThanksThanks very much for you excellent website and service. Photo of memorial to Mary Speed, died 06 Jan 1828, at Ston Easton, greatly appreciated

SPEERRelationshipsThames Ditton, Surrey. Ref 32340: Hannibal Speer - was born Sandys, changed name to Speer for inheritance, c. 1870. Ref 32339, 32339, 32340: Eliza, Frances and Maria Speer - were sisters, and were aunts of Hannibal. He was my great-great uncle. Many thanks for the picture. .... more

SPENCESPENCE/AITCHISON - Gravestone photos in BerwickshireI am interested in the above families in Berwickshire areas i.e. Coldingham, Eyemouth, Cockburnspath. So photos of the above graves would be of great help. - Terri

SPENCEThank YourCharles Sale was so helpful with the research on my family tree. Great website. Thank You, Kathy

SPENCELAYHdorothy spencelayhThank you for the photograph I'm researching the name Spencelayh have found location of William buried in North Cemetery Hartlepool 1808 - 1889 parents John & Mary Coverdale of Whitby they're buried in the same cemetery grave unmarked. William had 11 children Thomas Coverdale Spencelayh has a large gravestone near his fathers grave. I have now marked Williams grave. For Information have list of all buried in North Cemetery Hartlepool 56.000 in total.

SPENCEREmailed photos of gravestoneI want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the photos of Julia Spencer my gt aunt and her family. I have been searching for her death date for a number of years now. Thanks once again. Marvellous Cheers Gwen

SPENDIFFThanksThanks for the quick response to my request and for the excellent photo. A great resource for family research.

SPENDLOVEThetford gravesThe entry for John Simpson Spendlove is incorrect. He died in 1852, not 1832. Therefore his DOB is 1791. The grave next to this one has his father, the clockmaker and keeper of the gaol, John Spendlove (1743-1817), yet does not seem to have been photographed. .... more

SPENLEYGravestone searchThank you to everyone involved in GPR, I have been searchign for a lost family grave for a few months now and the site and subsequent photograph has helped massively in this search.

SPENSDido SpensThank you Charles for the enlargement of the photo I requested - much appreciated. Is there anyway you can look at photo at your end and let me know the date of death of Diana Clare Woodhouse Spens: 18 March ....? .... more

SPENSLEYThank youThank you for the photos of the gravestones of my ancestors.

SPIERSThis is a great resource. Very helpful wThis is a great resource. Very helpful when researching family tree. Thanks.

SPILSBURYThank you for replying so quickly to my Thank you for replying so quickly to my requests. So nice to see the pictures.

SPINKSThank youThank you for the pics of the Spinks family I requested. If I could make another request from you, as I'm not sure if these are the right ancesters and need the info on the stones to see if that will help me any. Can you darken the lettering on the headstones so I may see what it says. I use a spray bottle of water or sometimes just dirt (then clean off) when I do my pics for others. Thanks a million for all that you are doing. Regards, Karen

SPINKSSPINKS, BENTONThank you very much for the photo, your website is brilliant for Family history. It's also good to see the final resting place of your family even if we never knew them. Thanks again.

SPINKS Grateful thanks Dear Charles I am very grateful for the service you provide on this website. It's nice to be able to add a photo of a gravestone to our family history records.

SPINKS Grateful thanks Dear Charles I am very grateful for the service you provide on this website. It's nice to be able to add a photo of a gravestone to our family history records.

SPITTLEWell doneThank you for providing such a valuable service. If nothing else, we get to know which graveyard our ancestors are buried in. I would very much like to add photos to the database, time permitting! .... more

SPONGGood site, keep up the good workGood site, keep up the good work

SPOREFilling the gaps!Many thanks for the dedication displayed on this website. I started off looking for James Chandler to find him listed under his wife's maiden name of Spore! They are both my great great grandparents so no worries!

SPORLEJoseph Sporle 1833-1910Thank you for the superb opportunity of gaining a photo of a relatives garvestone. This would not have been possible without your great resource

SPORLEGreat ResourceTo all the volunteers at GPR a great big Thank You!

SPRAGUESPRAGUE & PARSONI'm looking for the parents of Willim Edwin Sprague he was born: July 1896 am also looking for Ada k.Parson's mother Ada was born:1895 Her father's name is Arthur Parson does;t say when he was born:- or when he died

SPRENTthank youjust been able to see gravestone photo for Maria Mary Sprent et al in Guildford - wonderful! Thanks for all the work your volunteers do to enable folk like me to get to see gravestones we'd otherwise never find!

SPRENTALLBrilliant workThanks for the prompt reply and great photo. Great work being done by you and your volunteers.

SPRINGETTAncestors of Stella Mary springett , my motherI have a picture taken in 1901 of 353 high st Chatham Rochester j.r. Springett & son saddlers. This is my great grand father and is family. If any body has more information on john Richard Springett e.g. Family tree it would be welcome

SPROT Excellent website!The information and the images provided by this website are excellent. Not only did I get the image I had requested but I also had an email with links to even more information about the family I was researching.

SQUIRERobert & Maria SquireThank you for replying so quickly. It is very kind of you to give up your free time to do this for other people. Such a good picture of my ggrandparents gravestone which I would not have seen if it was not for your website. Thank You

SQUIREAunt CissMany thanks for your photographic efforts with my great Aunt's grave. I remember with great affection her visiting my grandfather. She was a South Londoner, lived in West London and ended her days in Essex with her daughter and son in law.

SQUIRE / LUSBYMaria Elizabeth SquireThank You Charles what a great site . Maria died at 14 Harrison Street Grimsby Her occupation was a school Mistress.Maria's sister Jane was also of the same occupation.

SQUIRESThank you CharlesExcellent & quick service. Photograph supplied was of superb quality.

ST AUBYNA great serviceIt was extremely useful to be able to access this clear photograph.It has provided me with additional information, and saved me a 100 mile round trip to the cemetery. Thank you very much for providing this service, it is much appreciated.

STABLERfamily historythank you again for a great resource

STACEYmonument transcriptionA second extra big thank you because I have just realized that the transcriptions provided for the gravestones photographed contain valuable information not readable in the photographs. The photographs alone would have been lovely, tantalizing and very very frustrating without the transcription. So to who ever spent all that time in the graveyard of St.Mary the Virgin, Tadcaster, a big thank you from the colonies.

STACEYMy great great great grandparentsThank you so much for sending me a photo of the gravestone of my ancestors Mr. and Mrs. William Stacey who are buried in the churchyard at Nutfield. A very poignant moment - I am 75 and live abroad so doubt whether I will ever see it in person. All your hard work much appreciated!

STACKHOUSEGravestone PhotoThankyou very much for the quick responce in sending me the photo of henrys grave.

STACPOOLEThanks againThanks again for providing the great service that you do. It's great to be have such a wonderful resource when researching from afar.

STAFFGravestone photosMany thanks, these have provided some useful information I had not already managed to obtian

STAFFORDPhoto requestA quick thank you for the grave photo... helps confirm a family related story

STAFFORDThankyouThanks to the kindness of your volunteers and this wonderful service, I was able to share this day with my Nan even though it's hundreds of miles away. It's been wonderful to be able to make this annual 'visit' possible, thanks to you.

STAGGMaurice Stagg - thank you so much for your very prompt response to my request. Your site has enabled me to ensure that I am following the correct line of my ancestors, and I am looking forward to investigating further.

STAINFIELDConnectionThank you for your helpful site. We have now made connection with a cousin. Very much appreciated

STAINSBYThank YouThank you for the photo Charles. This is great website with a wonderful service - A brilliant resource for the family historian.

STAINSBYStainsbyAnother great photo. A very big thank you Charles, to you, and your volunteers

STALKERDuncan and Margaret Stalker (nee Morrison/Morison)I asked for a copy of another Stalker headstone, but realised that I was on the wrong track. But viewing it, it was so clear. Am looking forward to seeing the next headstone. Gail Mulhern

STANBROUGHWonderful service as always. Great to hWonderful service as always. Great to have a really good site that is 'free of charge' and very helpful.

STANCERWilliam B Stancerthank you for the image of my grandfather's grave.... his name is STANCER not Stanger.... but otherwise everything is correct. what a great service this is. thank you again

STANCERSTANCERThank you for all of your help in locating photographs

STANDBRIDGE~Headstone photograph~Sincerely appreciate the kind effort of Mr Willis in photographing the grave site of Thomas H Standbridge.

STANDENThank youJust wanted to thank you for putting this information on the internet. It has filled a small gap in my family tree.

STANFORDWOW - Thank youDear Charles, What an awesome resource and service you deliver. Thank you.

STANLEYphoto of edward stanleysthank you very much for the photo and well done on your project,graham..

STANNARDWhat a delight I am extremely grateful to learn of this resource, that I stumbled upon thanks to G**gle. Thank you very much.

STANNARDFeedback - William Stannard - Suffolk/Norfolk - 1790Just a reply to express a big thank you, and sincere gratitude for the information, and image of the gravestone, thank you so much. The service is direct, polite and concise, the information clear and detailed, and the gravestone image has such clarity. Thank you!

STANNARDEloise StannardThank you for the picture. It helped me answer a few questions!

STANNINGSTANNING /STONDONI am so impressed by this service. So much work and patience has gone in to setting up this service. It is of tremendous help to those of us who live overseas. I have been to the UK looking at various memorials etc but at that stage did not have the Stanning name on my line. Thank you for giving me the chance to see their last resting place and gove me inspiration that the names i am tesearching were in fact real people.

STANYERGRAVE IMAGEThank you for the image you supplied. Excellent website

STANYONThank youI am very grateful to you for your service. Your prompt attention is much appreciated. You have an amazing resource here to help with researching family history and I intend to try to add to your archive in the near future. Enormous thanks.

STARKEYFantastic site and service - Requests arFantastic site and service - Requests are dealt with very quickly so many thanks to all volunteers involved with this. Too many Graveyards are flattened/vandalised and then its too late Thanks again

STARLINGThanksI have only recently discovered your website, and I am please to see that you have photos of a number of graves that I am looking for, as part of my on going research into my family history. Many thanks. I will be requesting more photos.

STAULKEYa big thank yoimanny thanks for the grave photo of harry staulkey at copdock also kind thanks again for the ones sent a few years ago at st.margarets leiston and special thanks to all the volentiers who take the time to send in the gravestone photos a BIG thank you kind regards allan

STAULKEYgravestone photothank you very much for the gravestone photo and the prompt time that is was sent and special thanks to all the people who take the photos and log them thanks again for kind help

STAVERSThanksThank you very much for the lovely clear photo!

STEADHuge thanks to GPRWhat an incredible resource and service to the genealogical community and public. Many thanks for your assistance. I was able to potentially put a piece into the ever challenging puzzle.

STEADThankyou very much for the copy of John Thankyou very much for the copy of John Stead and Mary Stead's gravestone. It was very useful for my research.

STEADMANSTEADMAN/WEBB/CHANCEI was thrilled to find this website through Ancestry & it's free! I was able to find the gravestone of my gg grandfather William Chance and wife Julia Barris. Also in the same plot were two of their grandchildren Eva Chance Webb age 7 months and grandson Robert William Adam Webb. St.Laurence Church is nearby the Great Stone Inn on Church Lane in Northfield, Worsc. which was owned by William and Julia and later daughter Elizabeth and son in law Adam Webb from the early 1860's until after Adam's death in 1901. Julia's widowed mother Hannah Barris had also lived there until her death. I received a very quick response to my request and can't thank you enough. Nancy from Alaska

STEADYA very fast prompt replyThanks for the prompt reply in sending me the tile picture from Brightlingsea. It will be very useful in my research Thanks once again

STEDMANThanksI just want to take the time to thank you for this amazing resource - you have many, many of my family members on this site and it has been amazing to find the information and photos. This is a priceless work you are doing giving access to graves and markers with so much information. Thank you Diane

STEEDSTEED, MONTGOMERY, FORTISAmazing service you are providing here! Thanks so much.

STEEDMANThank You!Hi Charles, Thank you so very much, this photo has filled a large gap in my research. I am so appreciative you have no idea. Thanks again, Jenny Richardson, Sydney, Australia.

STEEDMANImage of graveI found this site quite by accident while searching for any information about the Steedman family from Nottingham. What a wonderful resource this is! I found there was a photograph of the grave which was sent to me this morning. This was the link I was looking for and I'm so grateful to Charles for the invaluable job he is doing. What a service!

STEELsteel family historyThankyou for your help. It is very much appreciated. Regards Graham Steel, NSW, Australia

STEELPhotos of family membersThankyou very much for your help Charles. I certainly will be encouraging others to use your facility.

STEELIsabella (Steel) OliphantThank you to all the volunteers of this site. I am the family historian for my family, and I truly appreciate the dedication that has been put into this site. Most people have no idea the thousands of hours that are put into such a project such as this. Your beautiful detailed photo of the Oliphant family monument is very much appreciated. I am able to see my ancestor, Isabella Steel, wife of Walter Oliphant quite clearly. The photo is an invaluable resource to my tree. Again, thank you all very much.

STEELMany ThanksThank you so much for the very clear image. You have saved me from yet another, probably cold and wet, search around a cemetery.

STEELThanksThanks to all the volunteers for their handwork on this project

STEELHoly Trinity Churchyard, Berwick on TweedThank you very much for rapid response to a headstone photo request. It saved a lot of time and travel I did not know it existed until viewed on your site.

STEELThanksThanks very much for the photograph of the headstone for one of the people I'm writing about. I would not have known it even existed if an online search hadn't linked to your site. Keep up the great work.

STEELEEllen Brett HeadstoneThank you so much for sending this so quickly - your help is very much appreciated. A great site - highly recommended. Janet

STEELS / PRATTA great site easy to use and fast reprodA great site easy to use and fast reproduction of photo Thank you as I live at other endof the country

STEERA big thank youThank you so much for your help with the pictures of the gravestones. Keep up the good work.

STEERGravestone Photographmany thanks for the photograph of my great grandparents headstone. Also thanks for such a prompt reply to my request. George Coates

STEERMany thanks for the photos of ancestors Many thanks for the photos of ancestors memorials. It definitely helps fill in some gaps.

STEERThanksA very high quality image which allowed me to access information on Herbert John STEER (d. 1975) and his family, which would otherwise have required a personal visit.

STEGGELThank you so muchDear Charles Thank you so much for providing my requested images It has helped immensely and filled in lots ogogaps.

STEGGLESSTEGGLES/STEGGELThank you for providing these pictures of gravestones - they will help me immensley in researching my family tree.

STELLINGExcellent responseWhen a copy of the gravestone relating to an ancestor was requested I received the large photo the next day. What a fast turnaround. Thank you very much.

STENNERWilliam Stenner memorial photo from East GrinsteadMany thanks. Excellent photograph, and fantastic accessibility on your website. Philip.

STENTIFORDThanks, Charles!!I was so happy to recieve the Stentiford gravestone picture which came very quickly!! Thanks again, Charles!!

STEPHENSONinvaluable helpmany congratulations on a very quick and efficient resource, the photograpic quality was good so enlarging the images is not a problem, i cant thank Charles and the volunteers enough for this remarkable site

STEPHENSONThankyouThankyou Charles and the many volunteers who are taking the photos. This is an invaluable service you are giving to us who do not live in the UK.

STEPHENSONI'm researching the Stephenson line fromI'm researching the Stephenson line from Bywell, Heddon-on-the-Wall, Crawcrook and Ryton. When summer arrives we'll search out an old cemetery here in OH and photograph the headstones.

STEPHENSONThanks!Thanks ever so much for the image of my great great grandparents headstone - it really adds to my family tree :)

STEPHENSONReceipt of Gravestone ImageThank you again, Charles, for another gravestone image. This is for Anne Stephenson (nee Cundall) and it is a very usable version as to size enlargement or reduction. All your work is much appreciated.

STERRYsterry graveThis is a great service for anyone that's been looking for grave photo's.I have also found several others on this site and it is much appreciated.This particular one is the grave of my great grand parents.

STEUARTPeter Steuart GraveThank you so much for enabling me to get an excellent photograph of the grave of my wife's great-great-grandfather. This is a tremendous service. We all appreciate it greatly!

STEVENSTEVEN/CAMPBELL/BREMNER/MILLERThank you for this excellent web site, living in Australia I find it impossible to get the information and photographs your site has provided.

STEVENThank you very muchThank you for the image of David Stephen, usually Steven, sometimes Stiven. A really great site!

STEVENSThanksThanks for the image of Edwin Walter Stevens,hopefully it's the right person we are looking for, my great great grandfather. Another piece added to my family tree! Thanks again. Diane

STEVENSBrilliantWow what a website!!! - really interensting, just came across it by accident and now fascinated by what I have found. Many thanks to all those who have worked so hard to get these images published. Will keep searching

STEVENSValuable ResourceI am conducting family research from Canada and cannot travel to England. This will be a valuable resource as my search for family members continues.

STEVENSONThank you Charles!I am so grateful for the photo of my ancestors headstone. It was wonderful to see our name "in lights" so to speak. It helped me to be more hopeful in finding many more of our family members. Thank you so much Charles for your service.... you are a dear for doing this for free! Margaret Stevenson

STEVENSONmy grandmotherHi. I have been looking for my grandmothers grave, I am told she was buried in Glasgow, at age 47, and died and was buried 1923. I have looked here for her but cannot find a record. Her name was Mary Allison Stevenson (Allison being her maiden and middle name). She was married to Archibald McNaught Stevenson who was killed in actions WW1 and as far as I know is buried in Gaza. She had 5 children Margaret, Bruce, John, Helen and William. Hope you can help me find her grave. Mary

STEVENSONStevenson, Seatter & Burgher PhotosRecently, I requested photos of my mother in laws family through your site. I am amazed at how fast they were processed for us to view. Living in New Zealand and my mother in law aged 85, wouldn't be possible to fly to Scotland to visit with her Scottish ancestors as she is in a rest home. We are so very thankful for the dedication of others that we will never meet. The photos are lovely. The photos were Maryann Stevenson # 454889, Margaret Stevenson # 45888, James Stevenson # 455107, George Stevenson # 454866, Andrew Seatter, 454866 & Margaret Burgher # 455006. Regards, Harry Rogers

STEWARDA big thank youWhat an amazing resource and response to my request for a picture of the memorial tablet to George Steward in All Saints Church, Brightlingsea, Essex.

STEWARDThankyouI am compiling a family history for an Australian member of the Steward family who about to turn 100. She is a great grand daughter of William Steward who was buried in Alderton in 1905. Thankyou so much!

STEWARDemailDear Charles. Thank you so much for sending through the image for me. I got really excited when I saw it. I am not sure its the one I am looking for though. My Phoebe, I think, was born in late 1700s. But this one may still be related as my Phoebe was also i think, born in Syderstone. She apparently helped in the Parsonage back in the day. Thank you again for your time and effort, keep up the good work, its a great thing you are doing. .... more

STEWARDRobin StewardThank you for your extremely prompt and helpful response to my enquiry. This is a very useful research resource.

STEWARTThank youThank you for sending me the image of the gravestone of a distant relative. Researching your family tree can be difficult at times and projects like yours make things a little easier. It is about time someone put a site like this together. Thank you again

STEWARTThank you for your helpI thank you for your help regarding John Stewart & Catherine Cameron. I am reserching these families in Scotland, if anyone can help me I'ld be very grateful. Stewart, Rose, Littlejohn, Mcnishie, Russell, Mitchell, Mcgregor, Cowie, Meenie to name but a few! Christina Rose Russell died without leaving a will & her was was traced back to my father, John Russell Stewart. I can help, if anyone needs it. I lave in Cornwall.

STEWARTWith thanksGood afternoon from Ottawa, Canada! Thank you so much for providing me with the image of VJ and AL Stewart's marker. My apologies for sending the second request earlier, but it seems I misread whatever error message I received. Once again many thanks for the photograph. Kind regards, Jo-Anne

STEWARTAlexander Stewart/ Agnes Stewart/ Robert Stewart I would like to add I formation to these graves as they are my paternal grandparents and uncle . So that this will help others in the future . How can I do this ? .... more

STEWARTThank YouLovely to be able to read the headstone and transcribe, thanks very much,

STEWARTISE Website helpfulI've been searching family history for some time and this website has enabled me to add a photo of my great grandparents headstone and also to realise my great aunt is buried with them. Thanks.

STIFFAmazingly fast service, thank you.This is a wonderful free resource. Thanks to all involved. I am on the other side of the world so it is even more appreciated as i cannot easily get to the graves myself. Thank you.

STILESResults foundThis search has been one of the most satisfying in all my years of researching my family tree. The accuracy and fantastically high speed with ability to enlarge the photo to see the family names has been first class. It was such a pleasurable feeling to see that my great grandparents had been buried together after what had been a traumatic end to one of their live. My disappointment was that I couldn't donate to you using my legitimate debit card. Well done you, keep up the good work, I shall back. I will look again how I can donate to your work.

STILLHenrietta Bruce StillHenrietta Bruce Still was the second wife of Charles Frederick Still .... more

STIMPSONGreetings from QueenslandMany thanks for this wonderful resource, which enable researchers in far-flung parts of the globe to view their ancestors\' gravestones.

STIMPSONGrateful ThanksI have just received the larger image of the headstone for Aaron Stimpson and his wife, Mary Ann. Thank you: it is very clear and easily read.

STINTONgravestone of margaret wendy stintonThank you for the picture of gravestone of Winifred May Stinton and Margaret Wendy Stinton at Wichenford churchyard.This will help in my family history researches.Possibly find some living cousins.

STIRKStirk familyThankyou for the great site & prompt reply regarding gravestone photo. Living in Western Australia it was great to see not only the gravestone of many family members, but also the church too. The dates also helped to confirm the right people & places. Cheers & keep up the good work. Debbie

STIVENThank YouCharles: The work done on this site by you and your volunteers is invaluable. Thank you for all the hard work. I am able to access photos and information that I would otherwise not normally be able to access. Keep up the great work. Thanks

STOATEThank youI have used this resource twice and am very grateful that people have taken the time and effort to photograph, index and publish this information. Many, many thanks.

STOBARTFabulous siteI have only just found this site-fantastic resource for those tracing family history-keep up brilliant work.

STOBBSJohn Stobbs and wife JaneVery useful and supplied details of two children I did not even know about

STOBBSImage of a grave stoneJust a big thank you for this photo. The dates on the stone have been a great help.

STOCKALLThanks for such a great service!I requested an image of one of my descendants, whose line I was researching and Charles was kind enough to send me a photograph of my relative's tombstone, which has not only helped me confirm a few things, but also raise more questions, which of course why ancestral research is so fascinating! Thanks to Charles for creating such a an amazing archive, so that those of us searching, can continue on, on these fascinating journeys into our past. You are doing great work Charles. Thank you.

STOCKDALEThanks for the Headstone picture of John StockdaleMany thanks. Enabled me to accuratly document date of death of both John and Diana Stockdale.

STODARTThanksThank you Charles for all that you do. :)

STOECKERThank you so much for your dedication anThank you so much for your dedication and time in putting together with website. I came across it accidentally whilst doing some family research. I am so happy to have the picture, as my mother (deceased for 2 yrs) thought the gravesight washed away in the number of floods affecting that area. I can now add this to photos I have of my Uncle Heinzie. Bless you.

STOKERStokerThanks so much for such a speedy reply to my photo request. Much appreciated.

STOKESWhat a fantastic resource - thank goodneWhat a fantastic resource - thank goodness there are still dedicated archivists like Charles Sale. A good quality photo was sent to me within 24 hours.

STOKESGreat grandmother's graveI was amazed at how easy it was to find information about her on your site. Great work@


STOKESLooking for living Stokes relatives in tLooking for living Stokes relatives in the Bingham/Nottingham area. Descendants of James Stokes, 1764-1829.

STOKOEThank YouThanks for the Photo, great Work.

STOLLERY As these older gravestones become illegible with weathering it is great to see the details recorded for posterity Perhaps I am lucky that Suffolk is well covered by this project.

STONARDThank you so much for sending me the phoThank you so much for sending me the photo of Edwin Stonard's grave. He was my grandmother's uncle. This is a marvellous service. I am considering becoming a volunteer.

STONEThankyou CharlesThank you so much for the prompt response and the excellent photograph. Efforts such as yours ARE greatly appreciated. Greg


STONEThank you very muchThank you very much for the gravestone of Rev. George Stone, it is very much appreciated. I can now update my family tree with these new details.

STONEPhotograph graves at churches in Whiteparish, WiltshireHoping someone can photograph any gravestones in Whiteparish, Wilsthire with the surname of Stone.

STONEThank YouThank you for the image of my several great grandparents' headstone. Living in Australia makes searching in person difficult.

STONEA wonderful resource.Thank you for sending the pic link, very clear. A great service.

STONEMany thanksMany thanks for promptly sending the five requested images. I was able to add much more information to my Family Tree.

STONEThank youThank you for a speedy response. I have been able to confirm a family connection to Henry Stone my 1st cousin 3 times removed, by using the headstone photograph and also the married name of one of his daughters, which had eluded me.

STONEYFeedbackWhat an absolute fantastic resource for all wil an interest in genealogy. One that I will be visiting again, and one that I will contribute to in the future.

STONEYGood service with happy resultThank you for your quick and effective service in providing a photo of James Butler Stoney's gravestone. Much appreciated. Thank you.

STORERHelp PleaseHello Charles I requested a copy of the headstone for John Storer which I have not received. The Image number is 9996 and the grave monument 247054. The church is St. Mary’s the Virgin, Whitby, Yorkshire. There is not a thumbnail image of the monument, but I understand that not all thumbnails are displayed at the moment. I have checked my spam. Please can you advise? Thank you. Carol .... more

STOREYGrand Father's GraveThank you for recording my grand father's grave stone.

STORKRuth storkThank you for sending me the link to see the photo of this grave I have recently found this is the 1st wife of my great grand uncle

STORKEYWonderful WebsiteIt's very rare that someone would give their time and money for free. Thankyou ever so much to Charles and the GPR site for sending me the picture of the gravestone.

STORRMany thanks for your help with my researchThank you so much for the photos I requested.

STORRThankyouThankyou so much for your help it is very much appreciatted.Carole.

STORRARJanet Storrar headstone photoThank you for the speedy reply to my request for the photo. It was very clear and quite easy to read the inscription even though it was very old. This is a wonderful website and I look forward to finding more ancestors. As I am in the Middle East, I cannot go to relevant churchyards!

STORRIEgravestone photo and listingThank you for your very prompt and helpful reply. This website is very useful and well presented.

STORTZStortz familyLooking for any graves of the Stortz family in the mid 19th to early 20th cent. Areas, Brighton,Manchester, Greater London area.Have beeen searching without sucess for over 5 years.

STOTT19th CenturyThanks Charles for being able to see the headstone of distant ancestors. Wonderful service, much appreciated.

STOTTThe reverend Frank StottThank you for your very quick reply, thanks to you I now have Information that I could never find before and I have updated my Tree.

STOUGHTONA great resource - many thanks for helpiA great resource - many thanks for helping me find a C19 landowner.

STOURTONCharlotte's first name is misspelled in the databaseIt shows Caharlotte instead of Charlotte Stourton .... more

STRACHANThank youMany thanks for the photo, you provide an extremely thoughtful and kind service, my grateful appreciation.

STRAFFORDGravestone, Clifford StraffordThank you so much for this very clear photo. It helps in another link in the family history chain.

STRANGlooking for picture of graveWhile looking at this site, I tried looking for my cousins grave, which is in High Blantyre cemetery, but could not find it, if anyone has a picture, i would be grateful to receive it. Not far from the grave of Daniel Nicol grave no 245771.

STRATFORD-HENNIKERFamily HistoryThankyou for making the photograph available. it is much appreciated.

STRATTONEdward StrattonThank you Charles for the quick reply to my request of the photo of Edwards tombstone. I appreciate it very much.

STREATFEILDgenealogyThank you for the photo of my ancestors grave. As I continue with my family heritage it is great to be able to find out information which ordinarily wouldnt be available to the public.

STREETMany thanks for all your helpThank you for your help in finding my grandfathers brothers grave we have been able to put flowers on it for the first time since my grandfather died

STREETERThanks!Thank you so much to all those volunteers who enable people like myself to avail ourselves of this great resource. Very much appreciated, especially from people like me who live on the other side of the world.

STRIBLEYthanks for the pictureIt was great to see a picture of my Great Grandfathers grave. Thank you

STRIDEThank you Charles for the headstone photThank you Charles for the headstone photo. I didn't expect to receive it so quickly. Great photo, fantastic website, have passed it on to all my friends researching. I plan on doing other names soon and plan on sending you a donation. Thank you once again. Best wishes, Barbara

STRINGERthank-youI am most grateful for your help and the further information you have made available to me. I would dearly love to make contact with any other family members if they see this communication.

STRIPLINGThanks againAnother useful image; much appreciated. .... more

STRONGThank youThank you for such a great service . It has been a great help in researching my husbands ancestors.

STROUDGreat helpThank you for your promptness. What a great free service. .... more

STRUTHERSThank youMany thanks, very quick reply and very useful resource to help me with my family research - thank you!

STUARTthank you for a great serviceI wasn't expecting to find anyone when I searched for the name I was researching but amazingly I did find someone. The response to my request for a photo was quick. Obtaining photos like this is great as it helps to add interest to my family tree...rather than just dates of births, deaths and marriages. Thanks for a wonderful service. I hope to be able to contribute to the site some time in the future...

STUARTDavid and HenryThis is a fabulous service. Great to have the picture of the beautiful gravestone and gather family information

STUBBERFIELDmany thanksA big thanks for the photo supplied. Your response was very quick and efficient. The photo were very clear and easy to read. Many thanks again for your resource. I have passed your site on to my friends.

STUBBINSThank youExcellent reponse to my request. The lettering is not very clear, but that is perhaps not surprising.

STUDDStuddA wonderful project, I urge everybody to join in!

STURDYA big thank you your photograph validateA big thank you your photograph validates my research.

STURGEONSturgeon of Stanton, SuffolkI find this website a continued help for many branches of family tree research; thanks for such a useful resource.

SUDBURYRobert and Louisa SudburyWhat a wonderful service - I requested details of a great grand uncle and received a photo almost instantly. Thank you very much!

SUDRONJane Sudron's headstoneThanks for showing Jane Sudron's headstone.I knew about Jane but didn't know where she was buried.Her husband,Thomas Moore Sudron died in West Hartlepool in 1910. Once again,many thanks.

SUDRONJohn H SudronOnce again,thanks for the photograph and details.This member of the family was unknown to me but gives me a starting point to locate him in my family tree.Once again,many thanks.

SULLIVANThank for such a great site.Thank you so much for such a great website. I have found a distant relative in the Sullivan Family Tree, she is related to members of the Richard Sullivan Family that I have been looking for to fill in blanks. I am related to a different part of the Family Tree and was able to help her with my information. Again this site is the best, thank you Charles Sale for your had work.

SULLYSully graves are missingHi your list does not include my great grandparents Jessie Lillian and Arthur Charles sully, they are very close to my grandfather Arthur nuttall and are very easy to see as you enter the church yard, just wondering why they are not included Kind regards Louise

SUMMERHILLSummerhill familyMany thanks for this helpful and speedily delivered photo.

SUMMERSthank you in advance for requested photothank you in advance for requested photos I'm researching summers baker lines from Tamworth/Fazeley area baker is on both sides also Shakespeare

SUMMERSWheatley War Memorial.Hi Charles, many thanks for the photo of Richard Summers,received with grateful thanks. A great service for which we are most grateful. Regards David.

SUMNERMany thanksThank you so much for the image of my great, great, great grandparents gravestone - I didn't know they were buried here until I found it on your site, a very valuable Family History resource.

SUMNERThanksEnlarged image solved a problem, many thanks

SUNAThanks for your helpI stumbled across this site when I was searching for information about my ancestry and found the image of Ronald George Suna, my father. I am impressed by the detail and ease of use of this site and thank you very much for setting it up.

SUNDERLANDTrying to find my cumbrian ancestorSeeking any information on James SUNDERLAND, born around 1726 (based on age at death), who married Mrgaret CROZIER at Carlisle St Cuthbert on 12 Jun 1757, and died at Beacon Hill, Dalston Parish, Cumbria on 16 Jan 1817 aged 88. Occupation: Tailor In 1775 he was 1 of 2 churchwardens for Carlisle St. Cuthbert's, Blackwell quarter. In 1793 he subscribed to 'Poems, with Edwin & Catherine, or The Distressed Lovers, A Tragedy' by Thomas SCOTT, Paisley, published 1793, printed by John Neilson.

SUNTERGreat resourceThank you for providing this very helpful site. It is a great resource for family historians and long might it continue.

SURENNESurenne Family GravestoneThanks you Charles for the massive amount of work you have catalogued and made available for distant researchers like me. I was completely unaware of Gabriel's grave site and that of his wife Sophia and son Daniel Ferdinand. I now have another reason to return to Edinburgh.

SURPLICEThanksCharles, thankyou you so much for the photo of Mary,s stone. This is extremely helpful in my research.

SUSSEXSussex headstone-Old Town Cemetery, Bideford, Devon.The work you are doing in preserving records of headstones is important. Thank you for this very special form of contribution to the wealth of information now available for family history researchers.

SUTERHigh Res. ImageThank you. I was able to read the inscriptions with very little enhancement.

SUTHERLANDSUTHERLAND FAMILYThank you Charles, for providing some valuable information on my family. It has helped fill in some of the gaps in my tree. Your efforts are much appreciated.

SUTHERLANDRe: Alexander Sutherland, died 1831 Ref 26634Unfortunately, this Alexander was not an ancestor of mine, although they were born and died about the same times - and both were occupied by publishing (mine was a bookbinder). This Alexander was: Alexander Sutherland, Author, Editor of the Edinburgh Observer and a Lieutenant in the Forfar Militia. He wrote Tales of a Pilgrim, History of the Knights of Malta and other works. He was born in Edinburgh on 31 Mar 1794, the son of John Sutherland and Janet Adams and died on 30 Jun 1831, age 37. He married Elizabeth Sutherland - the daughter of yet another Alexander Sutherland - and Mary Dallas, on 29 May 1825. They had three daughters: Helen Stuart Sutherland, b. 2 Apr 1826; Mary Elizabeth Sutherland, b. 31 Dec 1828 and Alexandrina Sutherland, b. 2 Jul 1831. The last mentioned born just two days after his death... poor Elizabeth!Regards,Norman

SUTHERLANDUnfortunately this person was not relateUnfortunately this person was not related

SUTHERLANDWelcomed photosMany thanks for the clear photos they have helped me. Not sure why others would be searching your site it it distresses them?

SUTHERLANDDonald and Annie SutherlandThank you for the effort put into this site ( having spent many hours trudging round some graveyards )

SUTTLEMany thanksThanks for the images which were very useful and I managed to add a few more cousins to my tree.

SUTTONThanks for the helpReceived the BEAUTIFUL photo of my X13 great Grandmother's headstone. I am so very grateful. I volunteer in America for Find-a-Grave and could not believe I could possibly find my relatives in Europe. Thank you so much.

SWABYThank youMany thanks for the photo of Robert Swaby's grave. The site is a great resource for family historians and much appreciated I'm sure by all who use it. The images are very clear and promptly delivered.

SWABYExtremely useful and informative site.Extremely useful and informative site.

SWAINSTONFantastic siteThe amount of potential information collected by volunteers on this site is truely amazing, Thank you very much for the photo of my ancestors. Derek.

SWALLOWSwallows of yorkshireThank you for the speedy reply with the photo links. will try to get some photos to add to your project soon. looking for info on SWALLOWs of Cleckheaton/Birstall/Gomersal/Rotherham Dysons of Darfield and Little Houghton early 1800's Sunderlands of Heck/ Goole/ Bradford Maidstones from anywhere Thank you

SWALWELLGreat resourceThank you very much for your quick response to my request. Being able to see the gravestone is very useful & has helped with my family tree research. Fab resource

SWANThis is a terrific site. Thanks to you and your volunteers for all your hard workI found your site and out of interest checked on my grandparents Thomas McCulloch Swan & Mary Baxter. I knew their grave was there and I already have a photograph of it but thanks to your site I also found the year of death for 2 of his brothers 1 of his sisters and a nephew.

SWANSWAN/NCharles Could I express my appreciation for the time, effort, energy and dedication in furthering family research that is obviously behind making this wonderful photographic resource available to the rest of us 'seekers'. As you know many of us are worlds away from being able to 'walk the ground' and the opportunity to have access to this type of pictorial evidence is an amazing gift. Thank you again for your dedication regards Barbra

SWANThank youThank you for this site, you have given me the key to open up a whole new side of my family. Many thanks.

SWANSONThank You!Very many thanks for this service - invaluable help in family history research.

SWANSTONSwanstonMany thanks, this has been very helpful

SWEENEYGeorge Richard Sweeneymyrequest for the details of the grave were dealt with promptly and efficiently. Thank you

SWIFTMedjez-e-Bab War Cemetery in TunisiaI am clearing out my aunt's photo albums and I have a photo of two graves in Medjez-e-Bab cemetery that she took while on a trip to Tunisia. One is for Flying Officer G.F.Glenwright -pilot Royal Canadian Airforce - died December 28th 1947 aged 22. The second is Corporal M. Swift-Royal Air Force - died 1st January 1943 aged 21. If anyone would like a copy of the photo let me know and I will be happy to scan it for you, along with the signpost to the cemetery.

SWINBURNGeorge Swinburn - ref 388324I believe his date of death was January (possibly 2nd) 1889 and that he was baptised 18 Jul 1824 in Lamesley, the son of Robert and Isabella Swinburn.

SWINBURNEGravestone PhotographsThank you for your fast response to my request. I was very pleased to receive the excellent gravestone photographs with clear monumental inscriptions.

SWITHENBANKRev Seth SwithenbankThank you for the JPGs They have been very useful and I have found things out about Seth that I did not know. James however was Seths father Born 1929 Died 1899.

SYERSyerThanks v much for providing this invaluable service, Charles. Looking for relatives of Francis Sire (1812-1886) who was a convict guard sent to Australia (colonies).

SYKESSYKES AND MONAGHANUnfortunately,none of the 3 replies had an attachment of the photo

SYMMONDSabsolutly brillianti am very very pleased with tjis site it has helped me fll a rather large gap in my research thank you very much john

SYMNSPhotograph requestMany thanks to the person that took this picture and posted it onto this site - much apprecaited. Would it ok to post this image to my ancestry family tree online and credit the gravestonephotos web site please. Kind regards Angelo

WATSONJohn George WatsonThank you for the MI . It was lovely to find John G, his wife Minnie and son also John G. Watson is a difficult name to research but any help is gratefully received. Thanks again


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