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List of comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with R

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
AKESTERROBERT AKESTERThank you as I will never be in England to visit their graves. You provide a wonderful service.

BASSETTresearch for family…..thank you for sending me some information pertaining to the family member I am looking for. I appreciate the energy and time spent on your research as I am fully aware as I have been doing some of my family genealogy. It takes a lot of time and yet the interest of our ancestor's hardship surviving in conditions we can only imagine. I love history and I am enjoying the research involved and finding a few surprises of so long ago. with appreciation, Louise

BEANRobert's wife forename spelling.The headstone shows her as Anna Jane whereas all census's show her as Hannah Jane (born Kensington, London)

MALLETTROBERT MALLETTThank you for the photo - it is appreciated.

RAAGVery Quick ResponseThe GPR team helped me to get an image of a gravestone located a long way away and they did it very quickly! A great resource for researchers of history and genealogy alike! Good stuff!

RABBITTThankyouThank you for your excellent web site and prompt response when I requested a copy of an image. I am researching the Rabbitts of Bedfordshire and the image of John Rabbitt is very useful. I hope to be able to take photographs of my local cemeteries in Wiltshire soon and to support this site in the future.

RABYthanksthanks for this important resource much appreciated

RACKHAMUseful SiteThis unique service is a useful adjunct to the usual genealogy resources, particularly when researching ancestors who came from distant counties.

RACKHAMThank you for the image. It's lovely to Thank you for the image. It's lovely to see where my relatives are buried. I live in Scotland and and don't get to England much these day

RADFORDThanksThank you for your help in recording evidence to help with my family tree. Very difficult to complete validation process. Keeps coming up I entered incorrect info.

RADIGANSt Joseph's Cemetry, MiddlesbroughMany thanks for the records, they are very much appreciated.

RAEAcknowledgementCharles - An amazing site/resource - a labour of love - many thanks

RAEThank youThank you for the photo of the headstone it is much appreciated.

RAEFeedbackThank you for your fabulous site and all your work it is much appreciated

RAEBURN Thank you for sending the photo of WilliThank you for sending the photo of William Raeburn in Edinburgh. It is amazing to see it and I hope to go there in the summer to see it for real. Thank you for your help.

RAFFERTYThanksMany thanks for all your work with this website- its a great resource. Having trudged around graveyards in search of names, and finding with age some that have deteriorated so much its fantastic to have them preserved in this way.

RAGGThank youThank you - I much appreciate this website!

RAINBIRDConey Weston - RAINBIRD / BROTHERS / SEAMANIs anyone able to add Coney Weston to the site please , i would be particularly interested in the names i have listed . Best regards , Gary.

RAINEExtremely helpful researchThis was sent within hours of my request. Thank you very much.

RALPHGravestone of William & Maria RalphWhat a fantastic project and service you have here. Thank you so much for a great photo and so quick too!

RAMAGERAMAGE ROSS Charles - an excellent service, yet again! I have used your resources several times for different branches of the family and the service that you have provided has been invaluable with my research.My last request was for Ramage Ross but I have also had information for Lindsays and Powries.

RAMMElizabeth RammThank you so much for the quick response to my inquiry about my ancestors gravestone. I will know what to look for when I visit the cemetery.

RAMSAYMany thanks - a great image - impressed Many thanks - a great image - impressed -well done.

RAMSAYRamsay/Carr/CoxonYou are doing a great job with this community project. Not only helping interested people but recording the history of the local people. It's important!

RAMSDENGravestone inscriptions in St. John the Evangelist in GolcarI live in the United States and am looking to see if anyone has photographed stones in the cemetary for St. John the Evangelist in Golcar. I am looking for stones related to my Ramsden relatives and know they were buried in this cemetary. Thank you

RAMSDENThank YouThank you Charles for such a fast reply and for the great photo. I am still researching the family, and am hoping this may be proved to be definately my ancestors. When you live in a different country, it is great to be able to use such a wonderful resource without paying a fortune. Have some of my own that I can "donate". Thanks again!

RAMSDENThank YouRef Sarah Ramsden Holy Trinty Holmfirth Yorkshire. Thank you for a very prompt reply. For your info i suspect Somewhere in the graveyard lies Robert Ramsden Husband of the above who died 6 Feb 1865. Brian

RANDALLAn extremely useful sourceThank-you very much for the Randall gravestone picture this is a unique service particularly as this information will and is beginning to die through decay of gravestones or churchyards! You have my admiration for the time and, yes, cost that you must give to this service. If I thought that I could devote some time to photographing our local church I would but I would not want to start something which I could not finish. The number of gravestones here is quite daunting. Again many thanks .... more

RANDALLEdmund and Catherine RandallI have just received the images of the two gravestone inscriptions I had requested for my great grandparents who lived in Claygate. Thank you very much for the speedy response for which I am very grateful. The clarity of the pictures is also much appreciated. Long may your service continue as it is a valuable resource which I have only just discovered. .... more

RANDALLBenjamin RandallI am so grateful to you for this photograph. Thank you very much for the picture and for your dedication in helping people such as me through your site. Many thanks. .... more

RANDALLWillian Arthur Randall and Mary Ann Randall (nee Neat)My name is Michael Randall. I am from Canada.My great great parents were Edmund Randall and Catherine Randall nee, Winter). His son is William William Randall (wife Mary Ann Neat). His grand son is Sidney Lester Randall (wife Helen Wilkins). His great grand son which is my father Peter Normand Randall who lived in Claygate, England. My father moved to Canada in 1947 with all is immediate family. My grand father, Sidney Lester Randall died in 1938 and he was burried in the Holy trinity church graveyard in Claygate. My father never returned to England. I went to England 3 years ago and I visited the graveyard in Claygate where Edmund and Catherine are also burried. I don't know relatives in England. I would be interested to have information about family trees starting with Edmund 1842-1926 and Catherine 1836-1897. All information would be appreciated. Looking forward for a response! Thank you!

RANDALLA great helpA great website, extremely helpful in my search for information about John Randall, born Cley.

RANDELLDoreen AllenThank you Charles for providing access to the bigger image for Doreen and Noel's headstone. It is much appreciated. Cheers Scott

RANDLEPeter Randle photo of monumentthat was not the right photo of Peter and Netta Randle's monument

RANDLESGravestone: 210730 Alice RandlesGravestone: 210730 Alice Randles Born: June 1844 Died: 10 Aug (2)1848 (daughter of John and Mary Randles). William Randles eldest son (John and Mary Randles ) born May 1823 died 8 March 1851, John Randles born 24 Feb 1828 died: 5 Jan 1857 Mold Wales,(son of John and Mary Randles,) Married 28 Oct. 1856 Diana Rowland St.Giles Cathedral Wrexham, Mary Anne Randles born 20 Oct. 1831 died: 3 July 1860 Wrexham daughter of (John and Mary Randles).

RANDLESRANDLES, John and MaryJohn Randles Born: 10 November 1798 Harrison Court, Chester Street Wrexham Wales.Died: 28 March 1874 Wrexham Wales Occupation: Master Shoe and Boot Maker - Cordwainer - Old English.Mary Randles born: 12 October 1802 Bowling Green Inn Penybryn Denbighshire Wales, Died: March 1868 Wrexham Denbighshire Wales.

RANDOLPHRandolph: BiddendenMany thanks for the image of this stone, it will help with my family research. I have been a volunteer for this project for a long time and I feel a sense of karma when I find an image related to my own ancestors. Many thanks Charles for your continued commitment to this project and to all the other volunteers around the world who have helped build this resource over the years.

RANDOLPHRandolph Jane BMany thanks for the image of my direct ancestors young daughter.

RANSONgravestone imageThank you very, very much for your quick response. It was a good thing that I had read on your site to check my Junk Mail folder, as that was where the mail with the photo went! Your website has solved a mystery for me as I had been unable to find these burials in the Parish records, especially as they were buried in a church some miles from where they lived. Your work has enabled many people to experience that wonderful moment when you find a family grave. Thank you once again your work is much appreciated. This has also given me the incentive to find out how I can help by photographing graves in churches which I travel to on my own searches.

RANSONThank you for the service you are providThank you for the service you are providing. It is difficult for people in distant countries to obtain family information from English counties unless they are able to travel there to do their research.

RANUMRanumThank you very much for sending me a photo of my great grandparents headstone. You have done a wonderful job photographing all these headstones at Waikumete.

RAPER Thanks and a RequestA most impressive website which can only get better and better. The Raper photograph I received is probably not, after all, my family but it gives me a chance to say that the service is great. Many of my 'Rainford' ancestors are buried in Bingley cemeteries - is there anyone out there able and willing to photograph Bingley cemeteries?

RAPLEYThank youThank you for the copy of the gravestone of my 4xgt grandparents

RAPLEYPhotograph of gravestone at SlaughamThank you very much for the photograph of the gravestone for Elizabeth wife of John Rapley - these are my 7 x great grandparents Regards

RASCHThanksVery efficient service -thank you. Still wondering what the above family's connection to Sandon primary School was, andFrederic rasch's name appears on a plaque claiming ownership of the wall that used to surround the school.

RASPBERRYThis is a great service, thank you so muThis is a great service, thank you so much. It is so difficult to find details of death and to have images of gravestones adds to the wealth of information.

RATCLIFFEMy ancestorsI found this web site simply by searching on Google. It's wonderful and ....... wonderful that it is free. I am going to see if there is anything I can add because I have one or two photos of gravestones on my family tree but I'll have to check to see if they're here already.

RATCLIFFEnew to GRPI'm new to GRP having found it just by entering the family name in google & finding a date of death via GRP almost immediately. Great resource & I'll be volunteering a bit of help. Keep up the good work.

RATHMELLI did not receive the photoI think you have a wonderful service here. I am sorry to say that there was not a photo attachment to the email. Is there any chance it can be resent? Thank you so much for your help.

RAVENHILLFantastic serviceA brilliant idea and such a fast service, thankyou. Looks like you have another volunteer in the making here!

RAVENSHEARThank youVery useful. Gravestone filled in a blank and raised further questions to be researched

RAWDONGravestones of Christopher and Sarah RawdonThank you very much for sending the photos of Christopher and Sarah Rawdon - I was so pleased to get these. Thanks again.

RAWSONThanks for photoHi Thanks to your researchers - I live in New Zealand and last evening could view graves belonging to my husbands family, this was awesome. Keep up the great work. Regards

RAYExtremely grateful for the image of the Extremely grateful for the image of the gravestone provided. The website has allowed me to identify the burial places and view the monuments of several relatives.

RAYBOULDRaybould FamilyThank you for your information. I am finding it very difficult to research the Raybould Family.

RAYMONDThank youWow what a quick response,thank you so much Charles,what a helpful site,truelly appreciated.

RAYNERService SupremeMade my first request and had the reply within a few seconds. Congratulations and thanks to those involved for such a valuable resource

RAZERaze grave Nice, France.Fantastic service and looked after very well. I managed to track down the burial place of four family members and the years of death for three - not bad going. All I can say is THANK YOU.

READThank youWhat a wonderful site, you have solved a riddle of where my husbands gt granfather died, so hard for us to find out from the other side of the world, and such a prompt reply, I recommend this site for any budding family tree researcher. Thanks again

READThank YouMany thanks to Jackie Foster for the photograph of my ancestors grave.

READMy grandparents graveThank you so much for the image very much appreciated

READETTSaved me a tripThanks for the high resolution photos. They are very helpful.

READMANfamily treeI believe William B Readman & Margaret Readman to be my Grand parents, by the appropiate dates of their death, my dad passed away approx 22 yr ago, after illness I wanted to build a family tree I now think will be able to do that with the bit od info you have given me Thank you

REAHREAH/SMITHI have tried twice to leave a Thank You for sending a photo I requested but keep getting the message that my comment is too short or contains a web link or email address(it didn't).Once again Thank you,much appreciated!

REAVLEYMany thanks to Steve Lockwood for the phMany thanks to Steve Lockwood for the photograph of my ancestors gravestone.

REDBURNPhotosI would like to thank you for this wonderful service. I am so pleased that I stumbled on your site whilst surfing the net. I will recommend you to all my friends. Thank you very much.

REDDENORREADINGI thank you sincerely for your prompt reI thank you sincerely for your prompt reply. Congratulations on your huge effort to supply gravestone photos, to those of us who would otherwise not have access to them. Kind Regards Shirley

REDFEARNExiles from ScotlandThank you very much for the picture of the Redfearns' memorial. Although I knew that Francis and Julia originally came from Scotland, they owned a country estate in Yorkshire and I had assumed that they died there. It is helpful to know that they were commemorated in Edinburgh and to have their ages and dates of death.

REDITRedits of AshfieldThanks for a very prompt service in supplying images of my Redit ancestor Graves in Gt Ashfield Churchyard.

REDMILEThank youMany thanks for such a prompt response. An invaluable service for family history buffs.

REDMOREThomas and MaryThank you so much an invaluable resource

REEDREED/ SHEATHERI just came across this site by accident and I am so glad I did. I appreciate the work you are doing and will help if I can in any way. I live in Salt Lake City area in Utah and can search if you need help. I am a novice, but motivated. Great site.

REEDThank youWhat a great resource. I am researching my family tree and being able to obtain this grave picture makes this distant relative more than just a name on a piece of paper. Thank you to all the volunteers and others involved in this website.

REEDThank you so much for the photograph of Thank you so much for the photograph of my gguncle George F. Reed and my ggrandparents, Ann &John Reed. Will treasure it always. Thanks again . Judy

REEDJohn and Elizabeth Reedthank you a] for the site and b] to the kind people who photographed St Mary's churchyard graves in Whickham, Gateshead for the photos of my 3x great grandparents' gravestone: it has solved one problem and thrown up another trail to follow! I am very grateful.

REEDWilliam Charles ReedMany thanks for the very prompt photo.

REEDPhotoThank you for the photo of Doris Reed's gravestone. The image is great quality. It gives a sense of connection to an ancestor and their immediate family.

REED AND GALLINThank yougreat site really appreciate the time devoted to it,

REEDERRichard Threfell ageI believe that Richard was born 1699 which would make him 82 not 52. He married Ellen Brade in 1728.

REEDERHello Charles, Thank you for reply to eHello Charles, Thank you for reply to e-mail but i don't seem to have any photograph it said you have attached it but i can't find it.

REESMany thanks for the photos. This is a grMany thanks for the photos. This is a great resource for family history research.

REESThank you so much for such a quick replyThank you so much for such a quick reply. Great to have a photograph of my relatives grave.

REESRobert Giddings Rees and Lilian Ethel Rees nee ChurchillGrave in Paignton Cemetery incorrectly indexed under Giddings. Robert Giddings Rees, b Sidmouth July 1895 to Hugh Macauley Rees and wife Mary. Served in France and India in WWI. Married Lilian Ethel Churchill in 1923. Lilian was born 19/12/1894 in Birmingham, daughter of William and Emma Maria, nee Langley. Robert was a draper, as was his father. Robert died at Torquay. Lillian's mother died in 1897 and father died in 1906. The orphaned Lily was sent to Churchill relatives in Ottery St Mary.

REESRobert Giddings Rees and Lilian Ethel Rees nee ChurchillThank you so much for your very quick response and to the volunteer for a clear photo. This is a wonderful service. Greetings from Sydney, Australia.

REEVEfeedbacki would just like to say thank you for sending me the photo of the grave stone you sent me ,it was brilliant .one of the best sites i have been on.susan

REEVEExcellent serviceMr Charles Sale Thank you so much for your very quick response to my request. Very much appreciated.

REEVEROBERT REEVEThank you for collecting all this valuable information and sending me the link to the image so promptly.

REEVEWilliam ReeveMany thanks for the great photo of William & Hannah Reeves' monument. they are my great grandparents and it was nice to be able to see a part of my family history. Many thanks

REEVEThanksVery helpful service, thanks

REEVELLRobert Reevellwonderful to find another of my ancestors. Thankyou so much for an excellent resource

REEVESthankyoureally useful to my family history very prompt and clear photographs thankyou

REEVESHenry Reeve of EpsomLovely clear photograph of my 6x gt grandfather's gravestone thankyou very much

REEVESThank YouThanks very much for the photo of the brass plaque to E.G Reeves from St Paul's Church in Kandy Ceylon (Sri lanka). I left some additional information I hope any future researcher will find of interest.

REEVES / PUCKRIDGEThank you very much for the excellent phThank you very much for the excellent photo of the grave of Elizabeth Puckridge - it saved me a long journey from Kent to Wiltshire. This is a brilliant service for family history researchers and I hope to use it again in the future

REIDThank youThank you very much for sending me a photo of my relative's gravestone and for your prompt response within only 24 hours of my request. It was very helpful in confirming data from other sources and the picture quality was excellent, so I was able to determine exact dates of birth and death.

REIDCommentsThankyou so much for the gravestone images you have given me access to. I live in Australia & am unlikely to ever get to England to see the grave sites myself. You have set up a wonderful resource. I understand how time consuming it can be as I am presently photographing our local cemetery.

REID Many ThanksThis project is a great boon to those of us who are half a world away with no hope in ever getting to the cemeteries where our ancestors have been buried. I hope you can keep up this fantastic work. Liz

REIDMany thanks for this helpful websiteMany thanks for this helpful website

REILLYre Mary Ann ReillyI found this website after searching on Google and I have found it to be excellent, not only in design and ease of navigation, but in the information it contains. Also the service provided where a larger photograph of the gravestone is sent via email link is fast and efficient. Many, many thanks. WK

RENACREThanks for the Renacre gravestone photosMany thanks for the Renacre gravestone photos, as a result of which I have been able to fill in a few more details of my family history.

RENDLEThank youThank you for providing this information as I live overseas and do not have the ability to come and see these stones for myself.

RESEARCHincorrect SurnameHi You have a Henry Simmons in Saint Peters Churchyard. It should read Henry Simons .... more

REUREU Thank you for the photo graph, great service and very organized site, put a lot of commercial sites to shame.

REYNARDGravestonesThis is a very useful resource that I came across by accident. Some family history societies provide indexes to memorials but I have not found any with images. Many thanks for your work.

REYNARDThis is a valuable resourceAuguste Corner Reynard buried in St Peter, Ash, Surrey in 1954 aged 83,is shown in the GRO Index as Auguste L Reynard death registered June quarter 1954 aged 83. I am now certain that the index is incorrect, a small error of an L for a C. but your database will help to improve the accuracy of the index. .... more

REYNOLDSThank youVery prompt & welcome response

REYNOLDSExcellent resourceWhat a great find this site is. Easy to navigate and simple to request an image, which is sent very promptly. It has helped solve a family tree poser. I for one will be going out to photograph in my local cemetaries to post to the site in the hope it helps other researchers.

REYNOLDSThomas ReynoldsThank you so much for the image you sent me.It helped put another piece of the jigsaw together.

REYNOLDSThank youThe photo received was extremely clear and very interesting and useful, as was the whole website. An excellent prompt service, thank you again.

REYNOLDSAppreciationThankyou for your quick response with my request for a grave stone photo this will be very useful in our family search

REYNOLDSId like to thank the gravestone photograId like to thank the gravestone photographic volunteers for providing this service. Its great too see the gravesite of a direct ancestor in England online as i live in Australia. Thanks.

RHYMERThank you!Thank you! The photos of these headstones are clear and very well presented . This is a fantastic and generous gift to our family tree and the next generations in our family.

RIBBANSResearching Revans-Ribbans in SuffolkI have an extensive tree on Genes Reunited & would welcome any additions to my known ancesters.

RICEOriginal Inscription when it was legible.WORTH,St.Nicholas Inscription: In memory of JAMES RICE interred 15 June 1827 aged 80 years Also MARY DANIELS his wife, 26 Jan.1823 aged 73 years. Also of DANIEL son of the above 6 Jan. 1869 aged 86 years Also of MARY A.CRESEY his wife 30 Oct. 1850 aged 67 years Also of DANIEL 2nd. son of DANIEL & MARY RICE who died at Rochelle, NAmerica 11 Sept.1888 aged 74. (On West side) In memory of JAMES eldest son of DANIEL & MARY RICE who died 27 Oct.1889 aged 80 years. Interred at Wroxton in Oxfordshire. “Good Lord have mercy upon my soul”

RICEJames Rice, BerrowJames Rice is the husband of Augusta Mary Rice, nee King. His son Frederick William Rice and his wife Marion's grave is next along. Below the bank nearer the church is James and Augusta's daughter Elizabeth Day. Too the right of the churchyard entrance gate, some way along is J & A's second son Robert Rice. Continuing around the right hand side of the church is a larger cross monument with James's parents George and Sarah Rice plus some other family members. The family lived at Heal House in Berrow from the 1870's until the 1970's. Frederick and Marion lived at Burton Row Farm, Brent Knoll until Fred's tragic drowning in 1944. Marion survived him by almost 50 yrs and lived her later years out back at Burton Row.

RICHARDExcellentExcellent, a great service thank you for this site and for sending the photo so quickly. Really helps to fill out the branches on my tree and so nice to have pictures to add to my files. Thank you,

RICHARDDodsThank you so much for the great photo which relates to a branch of my 'Richard' line from Edinburgh. I live in Essex, so to have this, along with a couple of other photo's from your site for my Edinburgh family really does help to fill out those branches. What a brilliant and professional site you run. Thank you. .... more

RICHARDRICHARD/PATTENThank you so much for this service, the images are so nice to add to the Family Tree - I'm so pleased, thank you.

RICHARDDryburgh/Drybrough - a branch of RichardAnother great picture to add to my family tree files, also giving extra information. A brilliant site, well thought out and such speedy service. Thank you so much

RICHARDSFamily gravestoneThis is an amazing resource that represents a huge amount of effort and passion. I think it is amazing that such quality data are available for the cost of a polite request! I will try to give a bit having got a bit!

RICHARDSONWhat a great service you are providing!It was wonderful to see a picture of something tangible that's related to a very kind couple that I used to sometimes stay with when I was a kid. They were terrific friends to my Mum and Dad, and they gave me an early insight into life outside of London's inner city. My request for the picture of the gravestone was answered within 24 hours, and it's just very heartening to know that people are taking the trouble to run this service for no material reward. Thanks to the people running the site and to the volunteers going out and taking the pictures.

RICHARDSONInternet SearchI just Googled the name, Beckwith Richardson, my 3xg.grandfather and was very surprised to see your site, Charles. Thank you so much for the photo. Cheers, Heather

RICHARDSONRICHARDSON/WEBSTEROnce again, thank you Charles for your invaluable project that is appreciated by many.

RICHARDSONResearchThankyou for supplying a photograph of my paternal Grandmother's headstone and that of another which may have been her husband's brother, as yet to be confirmed. I would also like to say thankyou for the promptness in which my requests were dealt with. You and your team's work have saved me an awful lot of leg work! Great resource which will be even better with continued additions.

RICHARDSONReceipt of photographThankyou for your prompt reply. I have just begun researching my family history. I will certainly take and forward photographs in the future.

RICHARDSONrichardson/westI am trying to find out about George Richardson and his wife Emma West. Both died 1940 in Worcestershire. They owned a shop I believe in Inkberrow. I would like to make contact with anyone who could help me with finding out more details. Thanks Marilyn

RICHARDSONLilian Jane Couchman/CarterThank you for your prompt service.

RICHARDSONMany thanksSuch a great resource to have on the Internet. Many thanks for the help received.

RICHARDSONPhoto link received promptly. Excellent Photo link received promptly. Excellent quality. Many thanks for your help.

RICHARDSONExcellent Website Thanks for providing access to the gravestone image requested. Most helpful as it provided an exact death date I did not have.

RICHBELLGravestonesI would like to Thank all of you in this research project and say how excellent it is and how easy it is to use this site. Thank you all for your time in finding Gravestones if we did not have you we would have to go all over the country to find them and as some are very hard to read it would take a lot of time. Thank you

RICHENSThank youWhat a lovely website! Delighted to find my great grandfather and some other family.

RICHESRICHES/PLUMMERWhat a wonderful service, living as I am in France I would never be able to get to take a photo, I have only just found this service and thank you so much for making the images available.

RICHES Thanks for the image. It will help me fiThanks for the image. It will help me find out more about my husbands family when we visit the area later this year.

RICHLIEUThankyouYour priceless tool has been a great help in order to research my family history. Many thanks

RICHMONDMark RichmondThis is a fantastic website and the service was excellent.It seemed very strange to see a picture of my Great Grandfather 4 times removed headstone,but also very moving at the same time.

RICHMONDGrace Michelmore photoThankyou so much for the photo of Grace,s headstone. You provide an excellent website.

RICHTERThanksAs I live some distance from Great Oakley, I was really grateful for the image of the gravestone I was researching. Sad, though, as the child died aged 8. Elsie Mary Richter

RICKMANThank YouThank you very much for the grave info for this family. It has certainly helped me. Congratulations on such a great site. this is the first yime I have seen it and I am very impressed Regards Lorayne

RICKWOODThank youThank you for the very prompt response. This site us a great way to share information.

RIDDELLCopy of Riddell GraveThank you for being so prompt, this is unusual these days and the fact you do this free of charge should be acknowledged here. Thank you very much and I will try and send you a couple of ones I have here.

RIDDELSDELLH J Riddelsdell's graveMany thanks for the wonderful photo.It adds colour to our family research.

RIDLERWith thanksFor offering such good service

RIDLEYRIDLEY/MOOREI came across this wonderful site purely by chance and very quickly found images of my grandparents' and 2xgreat grandparents' headstones. I'd like to help but unfortunately I'm not very mobile. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOOD LUCK!

RIDSDALERequested Photograph (feedback)Many thanks for your excellent photograph, this helps a lot with my family tree research. I have found in the past that lots of information can be gained from gravestones, especially when looking back before census records began.

RIDSDALERIDSDALE AND BOMERthank you for the images of two Gravestones From Holy Trinity church Thruscross Yorkshire. I did not expect for you to have an image from this Church much appreciated Regards Yvonne

RIDSDALEMany thanks.Grateful thanks for the speedy response to my request to view a gravestone. I find this resource very useful as I have previously viewed the stone for my great grandfather.

RILEYBenjamin RileyThank you for sending me a copy of Benjamin's grave.

RIMMERSamuel and Ann Rimmer's headstoneThe photo was with me in Australia within the hour!! What wonderful service. What a wonderful site.


RIPLEYIncredibly helpful, interesting and much appreciated!I'm currently trying to research my family history and could not believe that there was a grave stone connected to my family and this really helped to build a bigger picture about my family. Finding this has also brought it more to life and made it all the more real about who the my ancestors were and what they went through. I really appreciate being able to see this and hopefully in the near future me and the family are going to visit the church to pay our respects. Thanks again : )

RISHWORTHSpeedy responseLate last night I found this site and made a request for some images (with what I regarded as an optimistic promise of supply normally within 24 hours). The images were supplied before I got out of bed this morning. What a fantastic service. Many thanks.

RISINGThank youThank you for providing such clear images of family gravestones, and for your dedication and hard work in formulating this website.

RISINGExcellent picture which I will pass on tExcellent picture which I will pass on to my friend's family.

RISKEWICGPR grave number 406047 - image name IMG_0154Thank you so much for sending me this image. I had no idea that the spelling of the surname was different to my grandfather's and this is his brother!

RITCHIECramond Kirk ResearchA valuable resource that opens up new research!

RITCHIERITCHIE/MURRAYI found this web site by chance when I was searching for Agnes Ritchie .I could not believe what I had found. I went to my family history group last night and told other people about my great find. Noone else seemed to know about it either .Thankyou again .Sue

RITCHIEThank you for images for Alexander Hugh.Thank you for images for Alexander Hugh. Each and every little piece of information that I can obtain helps to transform the names into real people.

RIVERSThank you so muchI used to live in walking distance of this graveyard. I had no interest then. I now live in the USA so it is very much appreciated to receive this headstone photo. Thank you. Brenda.

RIVISMy mother's gravestone.Excellent high quality photograph !!It helps me make some decisions about replacing it. (Joseph Bale has same January 29th birthday as I do !)Do you suppose people called out Hey Bale !?

RIVISELMA RIVIS - MY MOTHERCharles. I wish to begin the process of getting approval for and information concerning the process of replacing my mother's (ELMA RIVIS) gravestone.can you tell me who to contect etc please ?

RIXRix Family Alliance 23 June 2012Thanks for the various images which I will be taking to the Rix Family Alliance Open Day being held at Ketts Park Sports Hall, Wymondham, Norfolk, on 23 June 2012 10.00 am to 5.00pm - All contect with the name Rix are welcome.

ROANrichardthankyou for your picture of my reat grandads grave our family mooved to sheffield and did not now were our gr/grandad was buried as my grandad and father had passed away prior to doing my research once again thankyou

ROBBINSA superb siteMany thanks for the swift response to my requests.I am delighted to have these photos and am grateful to the volunteers who took them.

ROBBINSImages requestI would just like to say thankyou for the quick responce to my requests for 3 grave pictures. I love doing my genealogy and finding sites like these and like gold dust, I would love to help in some way. I found some of my own ancestors graves but unfortunetly went back last year and can hardly read the writing now,it is such a shame to lose such a vital resource that some of these can be. So once again Thankyou for the time,effort and skill.

ROBERTSInvaluable ResourceI find this free resourse, and others like it, invaluable for clearing up duplicate names in families like Roberts, where Christian names were duplicated down and across families. Finding out who died and who they were married to, proves who went forward, by process of elimination. Without this resource it would be almost impossible to distinguish these people, as early Parish registers are often not informative enough to give help in isolating several people with the same name. This resource saves hours of precious investigating time, or can open doors, and break down obstinate brick walls. We should all endeavour to give something back, in terms of donations or help in providing grave photos. I know I shall! Thank you very much. .... more

ROBERTSElated!Just awe struck. I wish we had someone as dedicated as you in Ontario Canada. Your comprehensive web site has made research so much easier. I would like to pay it forward by offering my services to anyone that wishes a photo taken of a headstone in the southern part Ontario Canada. Many thanks

ROBERTSThank youThank you for the link and for all your hard work❤️

ROBERTSThank you!Thank you for the fast response to my first ever request having just found this amazing resource while researching Violet Doris Vickers (1918 - 1981) who married Cyril Roberts. Keep up the good work - it is hugely appreciated.

ROBERTSHAWGeorge RobertshawI was thrilled to receive a photo of my Grandfather\'s headstone. During a recent visit to Micklefield I was unable to find this. You have made my day.Sincerely with thanks Doreen

ROBERTSONROBERTSON/RUSSELLThanks to Charles, a great source of family history due to his efforts

ROBERTSONThank youThank you for the very prompt response to my query and for forwarding the photo of the gravestone. Easy site to use and to navigate around. I'll be visiting it again, Cate

ROBERTSONRobertson burial St Mary of The Virgin Essendon HertfordshireHi I am looking for information on a grave in Hertfordshire Essendon St Mary of the Virgin for Ann Robertson died August 1846. Her son David James Robertson died Sept 1846. If possible her birhdate so I can research further. (Husband was David Robertson) This would be much appreciated Regards Lynda Nicholson .... more

ROBERTSONSurprise - ROBERTSON LAMARRAThe link to my aunt and uncle's grave came up as a hint on Ancestry. This was a very nice surprise. I now know their dates of birth and death.

ROBINSONann mariathank you for the photo it will also help to fill in missing gaps

ROBINSONROBINSON, SEFTON, HEBDENWhat a wonderful site and fantastic resource. I appreciate all your hard work. Thank you.

ROBINSONWilliam Septon Robinson / Winterburn requestA great service that saves many miles and wasted journeys for those wanting to get to know their ancestors.

ROBINSONI received your email re. the photo of JI received your email re. the photo of James Robinson's grave stone. Sadly there was no photo when I clicked onto the site you requested me to do. Could you tell me where I am going wrong and see if we can't rectify this. We would very much like to see the photo as this is our only photographic link to the past. Thank you very much for your trouble. Tom Watts

ROBINSONBig THANK YOU for all your help.Superb site and wonderful community of volunteers. Thanks for linking me to a picture of the gravestone.

ROBINSONAislaby gravestonesThank you for the photograph of my Great Grandfather's gravestone.I only found this site last night and this morning you sent the photo a credit to you.

ROBINSONServiceThis is a brilliant service for people looking for relatives. Thank you very much

ROBINSONROBINSON AND REEDMany many thanks for this free website, it is absolutely marvellous, many thanks indeed.

ROBINSONChadderton OL25UWlooking for a grave that I know is there Robert Henry Robinson 2nd October 1948 aged 34

ROBINSONROBINSON , AGAR, HART, WEATHERThis site has been useful in locating headstones of relatives. My requests have always been answered promptly. Thank you to the volunteers who provide this service.

ROBINSONFrank Ridley and EmmaThankyou for the clear information in these photos. Much appreciated

ROBINSONROBINSON,PARSON,BINGHAMwhere do i begin,this was a very helpful website and very easy to has provided me with informatation that i would have had great difficulty if not impossible to find myself for that i,m very thankful

ROBINSONAnother great find from this brilliant sAnother great find from this brilliant site. Your hard work us really appreciated.

ROBINSONGeorge Robert RobinsonAn excellent resource and wonderful service, which has helped my research, especially as I am unable to personally visit the cemeteries. Thank you.

ROBINSONThank your for a valuable resourceThank you so much for providing information regarding my direct ancestors that I have been unable to find anywhere else.

ROBINSONhenry robert robinson and mabel robinsonOn 8 January 2014 you received a request for grave details for Henry Robert Robinson and Mabel Robinson. They are my maternal grandparents and I have been searching for family members for a long time. Would there be a chance of getting in touch with the person who requested details please? .... more

ROBINSONCouldnt have found some info without these photosThank you so much for sending the photos that we requested. We were really struggling to confirm information found on the usual geneology sites and the grave information helped us so much. The photos we were sent links to were so clear we could read every word so we were sure we were not reliant on somebody else's transcript. thank you again

ROBINSONHeadstoneThanks: The headstone is very interesting as my Great grandmother is also buried with her mother and father (my Great, Great grandparents). This I didn't know until I saw the headstone. Thanks again. You are providing a great service. Kind regards. Brian.

ROBINSONAbrahamThank you so much for all of your effort, and making this information available, particularly to those of us outside the UK.

ROBINSONThank you so much for the work you do.Thank you so much for the work you do.

ROBINSONADam Robinson Rebecca Robinsoni tried to leave some feed back but couldnt get a validation image up then it lost it all. has it saved my feedback?

ROBINSONA great resourceMany thanks for the great resource. I hope I can find more ancestors of the Robinson, Shimmin and Nixon lineages.

ROBINSONJane Robinson's gravestoneThanks so much for providing this service. I never expected to find a picture of my several times great grandmother on the internet! I now know where the family came from and more about where they lived. Great find!

ROBINSONMany thanksThank you so much for the excellent photo of the gravestone of my Gt.Grandfather, Charles Titus Robinson, his wife Ann, and Son Edward Henry Robinson. It is indexed under Titus, but the surname is actually Robinson. I had an old black and white photo of the grave, so it was wonderful to receive such a clear coloured photo to include in my family history. The work you do in providing an excellent free resource is greatly appreciated.

ROBINSON-MONTAGUFeedbackAn excellent service, most helpfully arranged. Thank you very much indeed.

ROBSONThanksI appreciate your time. The most precious gift God gives us.

ROBSONGrateful thanksAbsolutely wonderful site, thank you so very much.

ROBSONGenealogy in a nameAmazing how much genealogy a name and dates can open up. Robert Robson is not very unique but his wife Evelyn Winifred Boys Dickson tells her mothers surname 'Boys' and makes it easy to locate her with her parents John Henry Dickson and her mother Edith Mary Naomi Dickson. Their marriage confirmed the mother's maiden name 'Boys'. So very helpful! Thanks for this fantastic service.

ROBSONWW1 information about Herbert John ROBSONBeing a volunteer at the National Archives in London I have accessed Captain Robson's WW1 service records and have seen a photograph of the 18th century book he found in France. Researchers might want to access information via the Discovery catalogue using reference WO 374/58654.

RODGERThank youThank you for the quick response and photo for Janet Rodger. Knowing a married name may now help prove if this person is the sister of my great great grandmother.

RODGMANThanksI can't thank you enough for providing this service. In just a few parishes in Devon, I have found just about all the surnames I am researching. I've ordered the RODGMAN images, and will check my family tree before ordering more. What a wonderful site!

RODHAMThank YouTracing family lines from overseas is difficult enough but the information found on this site is invaluable.

RODWAYThank you from Tasmania, Australia for yThank you from Tasmania, Australia for your valuable work in recording information that is not readily available on the other side of the world!

RODWELLImage of grave of Charles & Mary Ann RodwellMany thanks for maintaining this site and emailing links to grave images in the collection. I live in Australia, which makes it impossible to visit cemeteries located in England, and without your swift response I would be unable to obtain any of these images. This is a must-see resource for anyone researching their ancestry. Thanks again.

RODWELLImage of grave of Charles & Mary Ann RodwellMany thanks for maintaining this site and emailing links to grave images in the collection. I live in Australia, which makes it impossible to visit cemeteries located in England, and without your swift response I would be unable to obtain any of these images. This is a must-see resource for anyone researching their ancestry. Thanks again.

RODWELLThomas Rodwell - Many thanksThanks so much for the excellent image of the headstone for Thomas Rodwell and his wife Augusta. Much appreciated!

RODWELLChandler & RodwellA plethora of thanks yet again for your speedy answer to my request for a headstone photo!

ROEExcellent ResourceThank you for providing this superb service. It must be extremely hard work but I hope it's also fun - please keep going.

ROGERSGravestone photoThank you for your prompt response to my request and copy of gravestone photo of Doris and John Rogers which is much appreciated - you are providing an unusual and interesting support for family research.

ROGERSGeorge Rogers and Mary Ann Fewings/Davis/RogersThank you for taking the time to provide a great resource.

ROLFEBessie BlackThankyou for your help

ROLLSTONAwesome siteGreat site and very fast with sending grave stone photos - im very impressed thank you kindly Charles Sale

RONALDSONThanksThank you very much for the photograph of the monument for Alexander Ronaldson and several other members of his family. His wife, Jane, is a second cousin, 2x removed. This is a wonderful resource to supplement my genealogy work. I have many newly discovered relatives from Wick and I am sure that I will be asking for your help in the future. I'll try to provide comments for each individual. Once again, thank you so much for your website and your help!

ROOKERecords of gravestonesI would be grateful for any records or photos of gravestones from the cemetery at Nun Monkton of any of the Rooke family

ROOKYARDExcellent resoucre.. Thank You ! I woulExcellent resoucre.. Thank You ! I would love to get a school involed with this here in Canada.

ROOMEThank youThank you very much for the great memorial photo of Henry Frederick Roome you sent me.

ROONEY To contact any other cousins Are there any other family members in my age group in there 20's related to Peggy and Jimmy Rooney from Blantyre? I'm Peggy and Jimmys Great Granddaughter.

ROPEThankyou for the photoThank you very much for the photo of the grave of John Roope at Morningthorpe. It shows the family crest as it was in the 1600s and is wonderful to see as I have only read descriptions of it before this.

ROSAThank youGreat service. An excellent way to have images for family history research.

ROSEExtremely gratefulThank you so very much for sending me the photo of my ancestors grave. It is absolutely fantastic. Without your kindness I would never have seen this. Thank you again.

ROSE James Rose FamilyMy greatful thanks to Charles Sale & volunteers for providing such a valuable resource it has been extremely helpful.

ROSEJames Rose FamilyWould be grateful to hear from anyone connected with this family who may be able to help. Am trying to ascertain if there was another daughter of James Rose and Jean Scott (Jean?? born abt.1795, & not on the headstone).

ROSEThanksPhoto excellent. Much appreciated

ROSEThank youThak you very much.Fantastic

ROSEError in informationRef Grave #152149. The information provided shows a date of death of 1882 at 47 years of age. The math provides a birth date of 1835 rather than 1775 .... more

ROSERemoval of pictureplease remove picture of my daughter Jennifer Megan Rosie's headstone which was taken at Mautby Church. I do not give permission for this to be posted online. I find this deeply insensitive and in bad taste.

ROSE-GOODERHAMI appreciate this!I appreciate that this is available to me since I live in USA, and as such, personally being able to see this monument is unlikely. Thank you!

ROSIEROSIE/GREENAmazing resource so kudos to Charles. I now when to look for the death record of a GREEN cousin who I knew died after 1901 as a result of receiving an image of one of the many gravestones in Wick - Old Municipal Cemetary

ROSIEThank YouThank you for your excellent service. I think with your help I might have found the grave of my Great, Great Grandfather, Alexander Rosie.

ROSIEThank you so much.This is a wonderful website and service, thank you so much for the image of my husband's great-great grandparents' grave.

ROSINDALEGeorge William RosindaleMany thanks for the photo of the gravestone, it adds to the family knowledge base.

ROSINDALEGeorge William RosindaleGeorge William Rosindale was born in Kingston upon Hull, 13th April 1892 (GRO ref Jun 1892 Sculcoates 9d 237) to Henry Rosindale and Kate Withers. Alice Mary Rosindale (nee Tiplady) was born in Kingston upon Hull, 26th August 1892 (GRO ref Hull, 9d 318 Sep 1892) to William Tiplady and Emma Smith.

ROSINDALEBernrd T RosindaleRequested image (3546) for Bernard T Rosindale, but image is for another family (May). Could this be investigated please? .... more

ROSLINGThank youThank you for the extremely prompt service - great to have you around to help with family research. Much appreciated.

ROSSImagesWonderful website - gravestone photographs have provided many answers to family research puzzles.

ROSSGraham Ogilvie RossTHank you so much for the photo which I received the sames day. The dates given indicate that this could be my grandfathers grave but I will need to do more work

ROSSVery impressed!Just wanted to say thanks for the grave image I was recently sent for Hugh Ross. I had a response to my request within 24 hours, and was impressed with the professionalism of the service. This site is a great resource!

ROSSSomeone else requested a copy of my fathSomeone else requested a copy of my fathers grave. Alexander Stewart Ross. He says this is his father and he is in ill health. I have a half brother I have never met who as far as I know lives in England. He is 10 years older than me so may have passed away by now. Is it possible to forward my e-mail address to him? He will know about me as his sister does but I cannot trace her either. .... more

ROSTRONThank you for a very quick response to mThank you for a very quick response to my request.i

ROTHINROTHIN/RATHINI am searching for any graves of family with the surname Rothin or similar. (eg. Rathin, Rothen, Ruthen, Rothan). They lived in the area prior to 1820, but other branches of the family may have been there later. What a great site. I look forward to any "finds" & thank you in advance.

ROTHNIEThank you so much for the picture. I alwThank you so much for the picture. I always understood my aunt Jeannie to have been buried in Balquidder. I will now be able to visit the grave when I,m next in Perthshire. Thank you Mau Watkins

ROUSEThankyouGreat to see I can have this image without making a trip to Dipton. Thank you

ROUTThank youWhat marvellous service as always and such a good image, it is good to now where your family rests.

ROUTLEYThanksThank you for your quick and accurate response to my request.

ROWThanksJust found this part of your site, I hope you have got my replies in the past. I am very grateful for all your help with this resource. People like you must work very hard and I will say it is very much appreciated.

ROWThanks againAnother VERY speedy response. Yes it was my family member, so another addition for my tree. Thanks again.

ROWBOTTOMStanley Edgar RowbottomThank you for your very prompt response. Without a site like this I would have never thought of looking in Devon for his grave.

ROWEGravestone photographAmazingly quick result. Thanks so much for your help.

ROWERe helpfulnessThank you so much Charles,very fast and helpful. Regards Maureen in Australia

ROWEGravestone of Alfred Slater RoweYour site is a most helpful and efficient facility and I am most grateful for the photograph showing Alfred Rowe's inscription. Although his father, the Reverend Samuel Rowe, died in Lytham St Anne's in Lancashire, he specially requested to be buried with this young son. Would it be too demanding of me to request the photograph showing Samuel's inscription? It would help to illustrate the father's final wish. Many thanks, Jennifer

ROWERon & Sheila RoweMany thanks for your help in sending the image through.Excellent web site. I have been searching for Ron & Sheila for a while now on behalf of my Dad. Sadly they had both passed away. I suppose you have that tiny bit of hope that they would of still been alive. If their daughter Deborah Rowe comes across this, please get in touch

ROWLEYthanks!Many thanks for sending the grave photo - much appreciated! Keep up the good work!

ROWSONfamily treeI requested this image for Mary Ann Rowson because of this name appearing in my family tree. After looking at the details it seems to be another person with the same name. Thanks for supplying the image.

ROZIERThanks for ImagesRecieved images for my sister but she isn't showing on any of the church records, talking to her family she not in the church yard but in the cemetery, not sure what is happening here.

RUDDAppreciationWhat a wonderful resource for people trying to research their family but are unable to make the journey to the necessary area to do it in person. Thanks to all concerned in making these images available.

RUDDSudbury cemeteryI am hoping to get a photograph of Frederick Rudd's grave in Sudbury Cemetery who died in December 1959. If anybody can help I can send them the plot number and a map of the cemetery showing the grave location

RUDDICKGreat service providedThis site is great,it provides a valuable service to so many. Without this kind of dedication to keeping the memorials to our lost loved ones we would be losing so much. Along with the helpful pictures kindly provided free of charge,the birth and death dates and names are there to help people in their family research or confirmation of that research. Thanks.

RUDDOCKThank youThis is the only record of the DoD of the parents of Catherine Ruddock.

RUDKINCharles Iliffe RudkinMany Thanks for the photo link. Unfortunately the subject is a little out of focus - if you have another image and could send it would be great. I think the service you offer really does help researchers link a few reference numbers with an actual person. I am sure that for some researchers overseas this is invaluable to provide a tangible link. Many thanks for the service, which I will look to use again. Shame about the image though.


RUFFELLThank youThank you so very much for your time and effort in enabling this free service, your contribution to helping me find out more about my ancestors is so very helpful and once again thank you.

RUFFLESRUFFLES/DOBBS/NORRIS/BRETTMany thanks for the photo although not the person I thought, what a great resource.

RUGGGravestonesThis is a truly amazing find for me as all my family ancestry were from Caithness, Scotland where many of them are buried. A wonderful site and very helpful. Many thanks

RUGGIRuggi gravestoneCharles, Thank you so much for the gravestone photo, and all the other info. It is much appreciated, and will keep me busy today with my Ruggi connection. Sincerely, Ruth Thomson, Canada.

RUGMANThanksThank you for sending me a copy of my requested gravestones. You have saved me a lot of time and travelling.

RUMBOLDExcellent service - much appreciatedI received your email with the photo of the grave marker of Wallace Arthur and Catherine Emma Rumbold, Hinxworth. Wallace Arthur was a cousin to my father. As this is the first photo I have of ANY of my ancestor's markers, you can understand how meaningful this has been to me.


RUNNEGARThank youThank you very much for sending me this gravestone photograph. You are providing a very valuable service in recording these monuments before they are lost forever. By the state of the Runnegar monument, I would say in another 50 years it may not be legible at all.

RUNNINGFamily HistoryGreat site and such a surprise when you search the web. What a wonderful job you all do. I will let others know of this site. It saves you driving all over the countryside trying to locate these headstones. Thanks so very much.

RUSHRush - Spion Kop Cemetery, HartlepoolThanks again for the image and the leads which it has given. Bill C

RUSHBROOK Excellent Thank you for your kind assistance in researching my great great uncle. Your help has meant a great deal to me and to my family. Thank you again.

RUSHBYFamily researchThank you so much. This is definitely my Great uncle's grave and I can now add death dates to my tree.

RUSHTONA great rescource.Found this fantastic site by chance and straight away came up trumps. Another piece of a huge jigsaw fell into place. Need to give something back so will take photos and records on my visits to other cemeteries and churches.

RUSHTONA wonderful opportunity to travel back in timeAgain the site has come up trumps with another find. The cemetery is close by so now's the time to go and tidy up the grave space and show some respect.

RUSSELLJohn Russell, EwellThankyou, it is indeed my 4xgt grandfather.

RUSSELLWhat an amazing website, the picture camWhat an amazing website, the picture came back next day, it was just what i was hoping for - more information than I have been able to find in 4 months. Thank you. I am off to my local cemetery to do my bit for other families.

RUSSELLBrilliantThank you so much for a wonderful, fast service.

RUSSELLGreat service for Family Researchers!May I just say what a terrific initiative and service this website is! All credit to Charles and the support that he has from volunteers of like minded people. Many thanks!

RUSSELLGreat JobI think this is a great research site. I actually found reference to one of my ancestors and so now have her burial site. Will look into helping with your project as I live only a few block from a large cemetery in British Columbia Canada

RUSSELLreserch for family tree on my mums side of the familyThis Site is most informative thank you for your help,I may now make progress in my search thank you

RUSSELLRussell GravestoneMany thanks for sharing the photo of the Russell family gravestone.

RUTHERFORDi think this is a wonderful service.i think this is a wonderful service.

RUTHERFORDMargaret Stevenson RutherfordThank you so much for the prompt and clear photo of Margaret Stevenson Rutherford's Grave, I really appreciate it. Janne Rutherford Gourlay.

RUTHVENimage of gravestoneWhat a great service and i was surprised the image was sent so quickly, a very good aid to researching family tree and provided me with a birth date that all other searches had failed to locate.Thanks very much

RYDERThanks for your helpWhat a fantastic help you are. Unfortunately I am currently unable to help with photos but it is something I will bear in mind next time I am researching in graveyards Thanks

SIMROY SIM.I came across your site by chance and to my astonishment obtained a photo of my uncle and aunts gravestone within hours.I am extremely grateful for all the work effort and time you have put into this project, Roy Sim.

WARDROBERT WARDThank you for supplying the image of Robert's gravestone.


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