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AUSTINAUSTIN GRAVE THANKSThanks so much for your most prompt reply & excellent photo.

FULFORDP. FULFORD (SERGEANT)I requested an image of a gravestone and with in 12hrs I had received an e-mail with image. I have just found this site and found it to be very useful and easy to navigate. Thank you for your great service. .... more


JULIANPETER JOHN JULIAN - incorrect age peter was born 15.10.1955Peter was not 50 when he died more is the pity!! He was born 15.10.1955. Please correct the website. Lesley Julian. Thanks! 7 .... more

PACKARDThank youThank you so much for the wonderful service. It was marvellous to have the photograph of an ancestor's grave.

PACKERThank so muchWhat a wonderful resource, VERY quick response and obviously well used, going by how many comments have been left here. Thanks so much.

PADGETTappreciation and apologyI was thrilled to find two photos of the Padgett families of Bradford and Guiseley. I would love to add photos or help but I do not know how...I am in my 91st year and no one to show me how, and no camera...sorry.

PAECHThankyouJust wanting to say thankyou and I really appreciate all the effort that has gone into this site, it is great to use.

PAGDENGreat imageThank you so much once again for letting me download the image I requested. I came across it by accident but have now bookmarked your site and will try to find time to upload some of my images of gravestones/monuments

PAGEThank you so much!The pictures you sent of the graves of my Page family members were invaluable to my research. This is a great site, and I thank you for your hard work!

PAGEExcellent site and most useful for addinExcellent site and most useful for adding those small things that add so much colour and reality to Family research which can be so impersonal.

PAGEExcellent siteVery helpfully with my research on Page, Campbell, Sitherland and all the families connected, I would like to contribute but I live in Bundaberg, Australia, The area has so many cemeteries that unless I had a particular name to find and photograph it would be a impossible task. Regards JP

PAGEExcellent siteVery helpfully with my research on Page, Campbell, Sitherland and all the families connected, I would like to contribute but I live in Bundaberg, Australia, The area has so many cemeteries that unless I had a particular name to find and photograph it would be a impossible task. Regards JP

PAGEExcellent siteVery helpfully with my research on Page, Campbell, Sutherland and all the families connected, I would like to contribute but I live in Bundaberg, Australia, The area has so many cemeteries that unless I had a particular name to find and photograph it would be an impossible task. Regards JP

PAGEExcellent siteVery helpfully with my research on Page, Campbell, Sutherland and all the families connected, I would like to contribute but I live in Bundaberg, Australia, The area has so many cemeteries that unless I had a particular name to find and photograph it would be an impossible task. Regards JP

PAGEThank you so much for the photo. It fillThank you so much for the photo. It filled a big gap in my research.

PAIGEGrace Paige Bridgetown No. 168Grace Paige was the wife of William Paige of Totnes as shown on the Memorial

PAINpain ancestorsthank you so much. I do believe these are quite possibly the parents of Thomas a direct ancestor of mine. I know where he is buried in Norfolk and now I know where his parents are. More pieces added to the puzzle.

PAINWonderful siteThank you Charles for your prompt reply to my request. Thank you also to the volunteers.

PAINEPrompt photographic ResponseI am so pleased with the image's which were here in my inbox so promptly this afternoon. Thank you so much for this, it has given me great pleasure and I will now add them to my research and also the Kemp town society website who will add them to the information that I have already given to them. What a wonderful website, keep up the good work! I am feeling very enthusiastic and it is all down to you. BRILLIANT!

PALEYpaley gravestonewhat a great site thanks so much

PALEYUtility of Site!The site is, from my point of view, not only useful for information that I do not have but also for giving pictures to back up information that I do have. The pictures can also be used to illustrate a family tree or family history. The good work must be kept up.

PALLISERPalliser Gravestone Photos Just Many Many thanks it looks like i am closing in on my family? at last and once again Many thanks your help is really appreciated Geoffrey Ruddick migrated to South Australia 1984

PALLISERPalliser/Pallister ImagesFirstly, I want to you very much for all the work that has been put into this project. I have found the Pallister family that you have put up but now I need help. Is it possibly to get images of the other Pallister/Palliser headstones in St. Peter's in Rawdon? I have a transcription of the Palliser Burials 1813-1956 at St. Peter's which I believe in the notes section it lists possibly the locations. If anyone is going there to take photos, could they contact me and I could possibly give them this information. I live in Canada and find it impossible to visit England to get these myself. Thanks, Judy

PALMERNathaniel palmervery pleasd with quick response, hopeing to match up image with my details, much appreciated

PALMERErnest Coster PalmerThank you for sending this image. Amazing site: useful, free, easy to search - what more could one want! A great achievement.

PALMERExcellent ServiceWhat a great service, I haven't had a chance to visit my grandparents grave as don't live near it so was lovely to see it on the anniversary of my grandads passing. Request was back within a day or 2 of asking. Thanks very much.

PALMERJoseph Hitchen PalmerThis is a great resource and I had an amazingly fast response to my request. I have visited the Rosary Cemetery in Norwich a couple of ties as it was founded by my great(x3) grandfather, Thomas Drummond and he and some of his family are buried there. However I was unaware that Palmer cousins from a different branch were also in the cemetery

PALMERWonderful Site and ServiceAs I live in Australia it was wonderful to find my 4x grandfather and mother's grave site (James and Mary Palmer 1850's). I will be using it again. Thank you.

PANKSservicei would like to thankyou for the prompt service you render i think its wonderful thank you

PANUFNIKPanufnik graveThank you for your prompt response to my request for a photo of the grave of the Polish composer Andrzej Panufnik and for the excellent, clear photograph

PANUFNIKPanufnik graveThank you for your prompt response to my request for a photo of the grave of the Polish composer Andrzej Panufnik and for the excellent, clear photograph

PARBLESVery interested to discover gravestone exists for grandparents always thought there wasn't one Many thanks for your help didn't realise this service was available will now go look for the grave


PARKThank youMy very grateful thanks to Charles for helping me track my ancestors...he has been very helpful & generous with his time & information. Thank you

PARKEgravesThere are many more Parke graves in and around Brome Street, Suffolk, the ancestral home of the Parke family in Suffolk.

PARKERThank YouA wonderful service for family historians

PARKERGraveyard RequestI was wondering if anyone lived in the areas of East Bergholt or Hitcham and would be able to photograph the graveyard of St Mary's East Bergholt or All Saints, Hitcham. I am searching for Parker in East Bergholt and Bull in Hitcham. Thanks again for your help.

PARKERFrank and Lavinia ParkerThis website is incredible with a wealth of information. I will come back often to continue my research. Thank you for the hard work put into it.

PARKERGrave imageI ty vm for your help in lookin into this image but i found it to not of my ancestor which sets be back to square one but much grateful :)

PARKER ONE MORE PUZZLE SOLVEDPleased to have found this site/gravestone, it fills another gap in the mystery of my family's movements in the 1800. Thank you.

PARKERParker of East BergholtMany thanks to Charles Sale for collating and maintaining this resource. Invaluable

PARKERMany ThanksThanks to all involved. I am in South Africa and have never seen my grans grave.

PARKERThankyouMany thanks for the service that you provide. Without your help, the images from English Graves would be impossible for us to obtain. A wonderful service, thank you once again. Gil James, NSW Australia.

PARKERThank youThanks very much for this service. I'm not ready yet to add more information.

PARKER-BRAY-AVISON-DANNExcellent & PromptThank you once more for such a prompt & excellent resource.

PARKER-BRAY-AVISON-DANNThank You. Once More.Thank you for the prompt response, as usual. Gravestones of family members I would otherwise never have seen.

PARKER-DANN-BRAY-AVISONSuperbThank you so much for the photo of the gravestone I requested. As always, prompt and incredibly useful. Lovely hi resolution images.

PARKER-DANN-BRAY-AVISONExcellentThank you once again for the image, which was as always sent very promptly. An excellent resource.

PARKER / BRAY / AVISON / DANNThank You!Brilliant fast response as always. Such a useful resource.

PARKER / BRAY / DANN / AVISONThank YouWhat a marvellous resource.

PARKHOUSEThank You!!Thank you very much for the image link for Courtney William Parkhouse & his wife Doris Mary Gorvin. It was very much appreciated, I look forward to using the site more often & becoming involved with transcribing and uploaded my own ancestors & family grave photos to help with the project

PARKINThank youThis is an amazing website that I came across by chance while searching for a member of the Parkin family who seemed to have disappeared from the record. I now not only know that the reason for this is that they died at the young age of 20 but I now also know where they are buried, along with their parents and some of their brothers and sisters. The images of their gravestones in St Brannock's Church cemetery in Braunton, Devon are fantastic so I would also like to express my thanks to the kind person who took the photographs.

PARKINPARKIN / WIDBOREA massively useful resource. This image has resolved some outstanding relationship queries.

PARKINWonderful Resource for Family Historians!I stumbled on this website by accident and am very impressed. Gravestones particularly are a great resource for family history and with so many graveyards being cleared it is very important to have a record of who was buried there. Keep up the good work !

PARKINGTONKate ParkingtonVery helpful - thank you!

PARKINSONThank you for the photo of William and AThank you for the photo of William and Agnes Parkinson. Unfortunately they are the wrong ones, the dates are way off and in the wrong part of England. I was just hoping they were the right couple. I live in a small town of Strathalbyn Sth Australia. If I can help anyone in my area I am willing to do so. Sandra

PARKINSON I am looking for thomas parkinson who married anne elizabeth and they had james ernest,William thomaPlease get in touch with any information about them

PARMENTIERPARMENTIER/BADHAM/SALISBURYWhat an amazing resource, thaankyou for the photo iot has shed a whole new light on my research. I cannot believe you are doing this service for free, it is very very kind. Once again , thsnkyou very much joanne I have some photos of graves taken dusing my family research I will gladly upload them for others in due course. regards

PARNELLmishka dawn parnell/jack kitchinJack kitchin was the grandfather of mishka. they both died on the same day and are buried together at St giles in grimsby

PARNELLQuick, helpful and personalThank you so much for the photo of the gravestone of my relative, Sidney George Parnell. Most helpful and I am always amazed at how many dedicated people there are out there who willingly give of their time....and personal costs help others, especially with research. A very heartfelt Thank You.

PARRThank youMany thanks for the very prompt response to my request for a photo of my great-uncle\'s gravestone which has yielded much information new to me. This is an excellent service. Thank you and the volunteers so much.

PARROTTSpeedy serviceThank you for the lovely high quality photo you have sent me. I was surprised how quickly Charles got back to me. Great service. Thank you

PARRYCongratulationsWhat a wonderful resource and fantastic job you and all your volunteers are doing.! Thank you.

PARRYINGThank youOnce a gain thank you for the quick response for the image re Thomas Parry

PARSONAGEGravestone for Elizabeth Parsonage aged 5Thank you so much for supplying a photograph of Elizabeth Parsonage gravestone.This will be of great assistance with my continued research into my family tree.Thankyou for the promptness with your reply and keep up the good work that you are doing,I wish you continued success. Thankyou. .... more

PARSONAGEThank you so muchRe: Thomas Parsonage, my Gt Gt G/Father. Thank you so much for the photograph of the gravestones and for making them available on-line. You have taken a lot of time doing this and it is good to see where Thomas has been laid to rest. Moira

PARSONSTracing family tree.I would just like to say that I appreciate the help that this site and the volunteers have done. As I live in Australia it is very hard to 'find free' help on the internet.So, If any one can help me with my tree I would appreciate the help. Most of the 'Parsons' came/born/married in Lakenheath, Suffolk, England.Thank you.Donna Martin nee Parsons.

PARSONSMany thanksMany thanks for the image requested relating to my 2nd great grandfather. I have added his wife's maiden name to the information. An excellent resource, much appreciated.

PARTRIDGEElizabeth Partridge (Stratford St Mary)What a marvellous resource you freely, and promptly, provide to the amateur family historian. We owe a great deal to you and your volunteer photographers.

PARTRIDGEGravestone PhotoThank you so much for the pictures you sent. It's so nice to see a real image and something I can add to my tree. Thanks again.

PARTRIDGEVery helpfulThank you for the photograph of the gravestone of my gt grandparents Daniel & Susan.

PARTRIDGEMary PARTRIDGE (nee GILES)Mary was the wife of Josiah, who was buried with her in 1897. Many Thanks for the image provided

PARTRIDGEthank youhaving used the site for some while now, and hopefully being able to assist by taking some more photos, when health improves, what a wonderful resource, thank you

PARVINThanksI'd just like to say a huge thank you for the speed with which the 2 photographs I requested were sent to me. Not only that though, for the time and effort that are given so freely and which can be so helpful for those of us unable to visit site for ourselves. THANK YOU

PASSMOREVery helpfulThank you so much for the wonderful service that you provide, it has bought some comfort into my life at the moment. Well done . .... more

PATERSONThank youThank you very much for the image and information regarding the inscription. This has been very useful and has prompted me to go to the cemetery to locate the grave which I have not located in the past despite attending my grandmothers funeral in 1966 .... more

PATERSONExcellent resource!Thank you so much for the photo of this headstone, without which I would not have been able to locate the burial place of William Paterson and his family. An excellent resource and one I am sure I will use again.

PATERSONJane PatersonThank you for the valuable information on the Gravestone, it has helped a great deal in filling in some of the missing blanks. I will add more information as I gather it.

PATERSONSuch quick response! I must thank you for once again providing such a fantastic service so promptly. I agree with others who have said that we are so lucky to have someone so dedicated and willing to help others. My great grandfather, John Paterson's family, is proving to be very elusive, but with help from people like you Charles, I live in hope of finding more information. Thank you.

PATONThanksThank you for the images Great service for free site and thanks to volunteers who go out and gather images

PATTERSONJohn Patterson Grave MonumentA very helpful resource as it has enabled me to confirm other research, as well as discover Patterson children who were born and died between census. The dates of death are also very useful. Many thanks.

PATTINGALEThank youThanks for sending through the image of my husband's great great great grandparents - it is much appreciated. What fascinating and important work you are doing - thank you!

PATTISONGreat service for Pattison gravesI would like to thank you for your prompt response to my request concerning Pattison graves. I could add many cemeteries on my wish list for them to be transcribed, but thanks for your efforts for a brilliantly helpful website, especially for those not living in the UK. Keep up the good work!

PATTONGeorge Patton - PerthshireWhat a lovely surprise to discover this website & that you had information of the final resting place & headstone of some of my 5th Great Grandfathers children. Thank you so much for having such a great idea to photograph & document these headstones & the information on them.Thank you also for offering to download a picture of them also for free. I have now added to the information you hold, and hope that this will be of help to other family members in the future.

PAULHarriet Ann PaulThank you for your prompt response to my request. You provide a wonderful service.

PAULSPauls family searchI am searching for the graves of Reempt Uvo Pauls and his wife Jane Margaret, a listing comes up on this site but it turns out they are mentioned on the tombstone but not intered there. wispers in the family sugest they were buried in St Asaph, Rhuddlan, Wales. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. .... more

PAWSEYJust a big thank you.Hello Charles, thank you for the prompt reply and grave photo, I have several grave photos, from Victoria Australia, which I will send you. We are on holiday for the next two weeks and will post on our return. kind regards Loretta

PAWSONPhoto of gravestone receivedAfter many years of family history research I only found this website recently. I was delighted to find one of my ancestors listed and my request for a photo was very quickly responded to. This is a great resource, especially as it is offered for no charge.

PAXTONfamily historythank you for the photograph of my grandparents grave, this has helped a lot as i never knew the date of my grandfathers death.

PAYNEEast Grinstead Sussex headstone - PAYNE LYNNI was very pleased with your fast response to my request for a photo of Cicely Lynn's family Headstone at the St Swithun Cemetery, East Grinstead, Sussex England. I am researching the family of Richard Payne Lynn and his wife Emma Simpson, they raised a family in Lambeth Surrey, but I believe Richard a Builder may have been born in Sussex.

PAYNECharles and William PayneWhat a wonderful resource. The next best thing to actually being there, but without the trawling through hundreds of graves. Thank you very much

PAYNEWiiliam PayneMany thanks for sending me the image that I requested which is of great help to me in my research

PAYNEGeorge Poulton PayneThanks for the gravestone photo. Unfortunately it was too damaged to read well, but I am pretty sure that this is the grave of George Poulton Payne and his wife Sarah (not Ann). George Payne and family lived near Bramham and rode with the Bramham Hunt in the early 1800's until at least 1840. He then later farmed in Bilbrough and owned/ran with son Henry the Wild Man pub, at Street Houses on the Tadcaster to York road.

PAYNE William Payne I was so thrilled to receive your photo of my great great grandfather's grave and members of his family. When I have visited graves of other ancestors there has not been a gravestone obviously as they were usually too poor to afford one in those days. Thank you for sending it so promptly. I dont get a lot of time but I do go to Redcar Cemetary quite often to visit my mother's grave so I will have a look at your volunteer link. Thank you so much Regards Jan Keightley

PAYNEImage of george payne grave photoThank you for the image of my Father and Mother in Laws Grave, it is something I can show the grandchildren where they are remembered.

PAYNEThank youThe photo sent has helped identify the correct date of death. Very grateful for your site and your help.

PAYNEThomas Payne and his wife AnnMany thanks Charles for your prompt, thorough and accurate help. The GPR is both an excellent idea and very well implemented. My quest to find my ancestors continues. best brian

PAYNEPAYNE/ DAYThanks so much for this service. It's wonderful to find a family headstone this way.

PAYNEAppreciationInteresting site ,many thanks

PEACOCKThank youExcellent quality of photograph of gravestone. More than expected. Thank you so much! Your site is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Nina

PEARCEGravestone for Sarah Perkins (Pearce)Hi Charles Thank you for your amazingly quick response and photo. Its such a valuable help in our search for our family and i will do all i can to add to your library Many thanks Phil

PEARCEPEARCE family photos x 2 - Thomas, Harriet and his father PhilipExcellent photos and fantastic service- thank you so much. Now I know where my grandparents are buried and what the headstones look like. Your research is greatly appreciated.

PEARCEOld Monkland Cemetery - PEARCE/PIERCE/PEIRCEThis is a shout out, nay, a cry of help for anyone who wants to, or can, spare some weekend/free time helping us complete this HUGE cemetery. We understand that volunteers in the lanarkshire/airdrie/lothians area are best suited to help so we are asking, kindly....would you be willing to meet up at some point in the next few months at a easy-to-reach location to discuss the sectioning off/photographing/trasncribing of this huge place. There are 50,000 people approx. buried here and each section alone may contain in excess of 300 graves. We have preliminarily sectioned off each area into little managable sections but there are 17 sections in total and we cannot do it alone. Please email us if you will be willing to help and between now and March we will meet with you to discuss what section or sections you would like to help with. The sooner we begin, the sooner it will get done, and as they say, many hands make light work. .... more

PEARCEBarnstaple CemeteryExcellent resource, quality of photographs very good. Fast response. All much appreciated.

PEARETHThanksthank you very much for the photogrph and the 'almost' immediate response! Keep it up

PEARSEPearseMany thanks for supplying the photo of the grave for Arthur William Pearse and subsequent contact details for another family historian - it transpires that we are 4th cousins and are sharing our research.

PEARSONThankyou.just discovered this web site ,Thankyou.just discovered this web site , Brilliant. will send you some photos I have.

PEARSONMartha Pearson and familyThank you so much for supplying the photo and information! I had not come across this part of the Pearson family before so will enjoy fitting together all the jigsaw pieces ..

PEARSONJoseph Pearson and familyThank you so much for the photo and information! Joseph Pearson was my great great grandfather and it is so lovely to have "found" him! What a great website!

PEARSONPearson Gravestones Aberford YorksHi I wondered if anyone in the Aberford area of W Yorks new of any Pearson graves at the parish churchyard there?

PEARSONThank you for a speedy reply, very clearThank you for a speedy reply, very clear photo keep up the good work

PEARSONPhoto of James PearsonThank you so much for sending the photo I requested so quickly. The quality is wonderful. This is a wonderful help to me in researching my family from across the pond. I will certainly share some cemetery photos from our family cemetery in America. Again, thank you! .... more

PEARSONHenry Pearson m Mary Burn AlnwickKnown children of this couple are Thomas (Rev T Pearson of Eyemouth, Henry (migrated 1852 AUS) William (from headstone) Elizabeth (1851 census). I descend from Henry. Unable to locate christening records for any of the above. Would like to make contact with relatives.

PEARSONPearsonHenry Pearson no. 503 is son of Henry Pearson no.500

PEARSONThank you!Thank you for sending the photos of grave markers for my husband's extended family. Your time and care in making your site free to use is much appreciated.

PEARSONAge of Deceased on Memorial in Lund, YorkshireThe age of Jane Martin should read 36 she was born in 1833. I am sure it is just difficuty in reading the stone: Details of indexing below: 43 Pearson William Pearson first name on this monument 1801 1878 77 131 265375 286 Jane Martin daughter of William Pearson 1843 1869 26 David Martin son-in-law of William Pearson Ann Pearson wife of William Pearson 1803 1877 74 .... more

PEARSONThanksMany thanks Charles for running such a great website

PEARSONWonderfulThis is a wonderful addition to any research. Unable to visit all the cemeteries myself.

PEASEMany thanks once again for showing the gMany thanks once again for showing the gravestone of my relative.

PECHOLT Receipt of photo of Grave StoneI really appreciate your very fast response to my request for the photo of Elizabeth's gravestone. As suspected this is indeed my beloved friend's resting place. I finally have closure. I thank you.

PECKlooking for distant family members. Is there any more pecks left in yorshire...or help looking for my grandads sisters if still alive in barnsley, mary, lilly,edith. Janette

PEDDIERev. Peddie's resting place.Many thanks for your rapid response. Well done good and faithful Reverend Peddie.

PEDDIERev. Peddie's resting place.Many thanks for your rapid response. Well done good and faithful Reverend Peddie.

PEDENThank youI appreciate very much your help and the very swift response to my request.

PEDENThank youI appreciate very much your help and the very swift response to my request.

PEDLEYJack Harry PedleyJack Harry Pedley was born 9 February 1921, the son of Harry Pedley and Lillian nee Smith. He married Velma Lloyd. They had a son and a daughter.

PEDLEYHarry, Lillian & Margaret PedleyHarry Pedley was born 1888 in Nantwich, the son of Thomas William Pedley and Harriet nee Cope. He served as a driver in the Royal Army Service Corps in WW1 and worked as a chauffeur after the War. He married Lillian Clare Smith at Kingston Parish Church on 9 June 1917. They had 4 children. Margaret Ann Pedley was born 26 February 1932 and married William Patrick Quinlan in 1966. There were no children. Margaret Ann Quinlan of 4 Katherine Close Tylers Green Bucks died 30 August 1984. Probate Oxford 17 December 1984. £5505 or about £19,300 at 2008 prices.

PEEKVery interesting to seeWith the demolition, under the 'health and safety' rules, of many gravestones, I believe that this is an important website and useful to family members who do not live close to the graves of their ancestors. Thank you!

PEERLESSPeerlessThanks very much. Gravestone much worn and mossy!

PEGGPegg familyNorfolk area

PEGGExcellent ServiceJust wanted to say how pleased I was with the prompt response to my request for information on my relatives. Many thanks

PEGLERemail addressI just sent a comment regarding my email - I just tried again and realise that you are having a problem, so my original can be ignore. Thanks for the information.

PENDERThank You!A big thank you from Australia for your help in locating a photo of the grave of my great grandmother's sister, Margaret. Much appreciated :)

PENFOLDThank YouWhat an excellent service the photo was received in under 24 hours - Thank you very much.

PENGLASEFamily HistoryThank you so much for prompt response. If I can help in any way for any South Australian content let me know.

PENMANMany thanks for the image. This is the Many thanks for the image. This is the first gravestone I have seen for this branch of the family, Sad to see it is overgrown but great to see it has been recorded.

PENNELLThank you.I am so impressed by the speed of receiving the photo I requested. It was only a matter of hours and it was in my inbox. Thank you so very much Charles, you have a great resource here for us humble family history researchers.

PENNEYPENNEY/CROSSMany thanks for your help in locating several members of my husbands family. Dates etc will be very helpful in my research

PENNINGTONMany thanksOnce again you have come up trumps with additional family grave information.Many thanks

PENNINGTONThanks for a great serviceMany thanks for the photos taken at South Stainley, Yorkshire church of Pennington graves. These are most greatfully received.Regards.

PENNYre: grave picsI would like to request grave photos for Rachel Penny (died Mar. 6, 1896) and Frederick Penny (died Mar. 3, 1917) at Scholing Cemetery in Scholing, Southampton unitary authority, Hampshire, England

PENNYMany thanks for the photograph of my greMany thanks for the photograph of my great great grandfathers grave. A fantastic resource.

PENROSEcorrection of details on graveIt is Harry H Penrose & date of death is 13th August 1855

PENTECOSTEllen Pentecost buried St John's Church, Felbridge, SurreyThnkyou Charles for the wonderful image of Ellen Pentecost, St John's Church, Felbridge, Surrey. The photo was very clear, and a wonderful addition to my Pentecost file. Many thanks again for the wonderful resource you provide. Elaine Downs

PENTECOSTPentecost familyThankyou Charles Sale for the wonderful service you provide. The image I received was lovely and clear, and until I checked your site I did not realise that was where Emily Isobel was buried.I will recommend your site to others in my genealogy group.With thanks,Elaine

PENTECOSTThank youThank you so much for a very quick response to my request.

PENTNEYfamily searchThank you Charles for the photo of Pentney grave in Barton church Suffolk .A wonderful service you do for peoples reseach.

PEPPERILLgrave photoThank you for your fast response. What a brilliant website and resource. Many thanks again

PERKINSThanksThank you for sending The photo so quickly, a really quick and helpful service.I live overseas and visiting Graves is not very easy, thanks to the volunteers it is a great job, well done, Anne

PERKINSImpressedI'm so grateful for this amazing service. It's been a real thrill to find the family gravestone of my great great great grandparents. Seeing it there in the photo makes me want to bring my family to visit. I can't thank you enough for the service that you're providing so generously.

PERKINSONThank for Perkinson Gravestone ImageCharles, Thank you for your quick response to my request for a photo of Joseph Perkinson's gravestone in the Waikumete Cemetery Auckland New Zealand. The photo is of excellent quality. The photographer is to be commended. I will certainly recommend your site to my friends. Would love to correspond with anyone interested in the Perkinson family.

PERKSExcellent resource.I was pleased to have stumbled upon your site it has been invaluable. I am hoping to help add to your collection myself. Thank you for taking the time to put this resource together.

PERRYWonderful resource - who needs a big society?Thank you so much for this wonderful resource. Thnaks to Charles and all the volunteers who have helped.

PERRYHistory of houseFirst time I've come across this excellent site. Thank you.

PERRYMany ThanksThank you so much for the image of my 3rd Great Aunt & Uncle's grave stone. This is the first one I have been able to research and it has given me encouragement to look further on your very interesting website. Lovely to make a connection with my ancestors.

PETCHAmazingWhat a fantastic resource. Thank you. Interesting to see how the family had been added to the headstone.I know one member of my family had committed suicide and I did not know where his body was laid. Found he was with his maternal grandparents and aunt.

PETERSGreatly AppreciatedThank you so much for the image just received. To have it arrive within just a couple of hours of my request was amazing.The quality is excellent. Living in Australia means I am unable to view in person and this site gives me a fantastic alternative. Again thank you for the quick response and an awesome resource which I will be using again. Regards Brenda

PETERSGreatly AppreciatedThankyou so much for the requested images. They are of excellent quality and arrived within hours or my request. Thankyou again for an excellent resource. Regards Brenda (Sydney, Australia)

PETERSThankyouThankyou for the image just received, quality is excellent. Greatly appreciate the quick response. Regards Brenda (Sydney Australia)

PETERSTyreman GravestoneI am most grateful for the image of the Tyreman gravestone at Nether Silton, Yorkshire which will be added to the Peters family history. You are running a fantastic and very efficient resource for those searching their family history and we must all be grateful for that. I wish the website every success in the future.

PETERSThank you it is first time I have seen mThank you it is first time I have seen my greatx3 grandmothers headstone means a lot many thanks x

PETERSONHilary Eggleston PetersonThank you for this wonderful resource and your prompt reply. Helen Gladys was the sister of H E P, and Hilary Marlborough was their father.

PETLEYExcellent resource - thank you Discovered this site while researching my family history. Had instant access to the images I requested which is excellent. Thanks to you and all the volunteers for the work put in to this site.

PETT AND HOWBrilliantGreat site run by volunteers! Fabulous resource for genealogists :) Thank you.

PETTINGALLFamily HistoryGreat and informative, instrumental for correct dates

PETTITWilliam Pettit grave 38305 Rock Municipal Cemetery, NottinghamThank you for your assistance, I have printed a picture of my great uncles grave and will be including it in a book I am writing about the history of my family.

PETTITTStephens GraveThank you so much for the resources you provide. I came across your web site by chance using a search engine. It is a breath of fresh air to get help from a person who is so happy to help others in their research. Thank you

PETTITTJane Pettitt graveThank you for a prompt reply with the requested photo. Jane is the first wife of Edward Hunt who is direct line back from myself. I greatly appreciate the service you offer.

PHELPSJohn Henry Dixon Phelps and Anthny Irving PhelpsAnthony was son of John Henry Dixon Phelps M D and Lucy Olive Parker. He is included on the memorial of an Aunt, Phyllis Margaret Parker.Your images and information have added to our knowledge of the Phelps family and inlaws Reginal Nad Margaret Parker/

PHELPSCharles EvansI want to say a BIG thank you to all who take the photos for this site. The photo for Charles had a plaque at the bottom for his wife that gave me a death date.

PHILIPSgratitudethank you charles for forwarding the photo of the gravestone of the reverend thomas philips. it gives me a place to start from to search for his dates. thank you for sending this. your work is the result of an amazing amount of time and energy spent:)i appreciate it.

PHILIPSgravestonethank you for providing the gravestone image so promptly. your service is very helpful.

PHILLIPSA million thank you. So I have a Robert Phillips buried in the A2 section of the Durham Road Cemetery (Stockton-On-Tees) and in a nearby grave are those of his 6 grandchildren that never survived infancy. There's no headstone on any of them, the photo that you sent me today of Thomas Phillips was actually Robert's son and guess what? It's close to those graves and I never even realized! Thank you so much for filling in the missing holes. Now I just need to find out if the others ever had a headstone or not.

PHILLIPSGrave HelpHi, the other day you send me the grave of Thomas Phillips in the A2 section of the Durham Road Cemetery but I was wondering if you had the actual grave number? I've tried finding the grave today with no luck at all so I thought it might help to have the full grave number. Hope you can help, Sarah.

PHILLIPSwrong relationshipOn William Phillips Gravestone(1886-1965) you describe Valerie Phillips as his daughter .She is in fact his sister and my great Aunt

PHILLIPSMany Many ThanksSo much hard work must have gone into this,its priceless,you must have spent so much time doing all this,the photo of William and Faith Varey's Gravestone is great,I have a copy of the inscription but never thought I'd see the actual headstone,once again,many thanks

PHILLIPSGrave of James and Ellen CaffynWow, the speed of delivery was amazing - just a matter of seconds! Thank you so much Now that I have discovered your site I may be able to find more family.

PHILLIPSONBelated ThanksThankyou so much for sending the gravestone photo relating to my grt grandfather Emerson Phillipson along with his wife, son

PHILPDifficulty in sending messages to youI have tried sending messages 5 times each was rejected - I have over 1200 grave photos I'm happy to share, cannot as you reject my offer messages! .... more

PHIPPS St. John's the baptist Kidderminster I was wondering if anyone has any info or pictures of a Gertrude violet tugela Phipps nee: Edwards and a Arthur Phipps buried in St. John's the baptist Kidderminster

PHIPSONThank you! .... and further information if possibleHello Charles. Many thanks for providing such a speedy response to my request for an image of Thomas Lamb Phipson's gravestone. Images always help to bring my Family Tree 'to life'. Greatly appreciated! I have one query, about another gravestone, if you don't mind me asking. While researching another branch of my Family Tree, I discovered, to my horror, that the gravestones in Walthamstowe Cemetry in Essex have been very poorly cared for by the local council & most are missing, with the grave plots having been sold to other, unrelated members of the public! This featured a fews years ago in a newspaper article in the 'Observer' about Council neglect! So, Grave Number 3624A which contained the remains of 2 of my ancestors viz Emily (Wellington) Low (buried 1877) and Edgar Wellington Low,has now been resold to another family. What's more, they have no idea where my family's remains are now, and they say that the gravestone has just 'gone'! Shocking to me! Do you know any more about this particular Cemetry's way of handling things, or about how I can find out more about the people who were originally buried there & their headstones? How could they just 'disappear'?

PICKCommentThank you for the information this site is fantastic and has helped me alot in researching my family tree

PICKARDJonathan PickardThank you for the great photograph,it will help me greatly in my research, as having the dates of death will save time trawling through newspapers for obituaries.

PICKARDJoseph Pickard, FremingtonThank you for your quick response and photo. Thankfully your photo was taken a while ago allowing me to read the inscription which has now been lost. Now if only I can find where he was born!

PICKARDPICKARD & PRISCOTTMany thanks to your team. Had 7 great images returned to me today. I am researching my husbands family and the photos are invaluable.

PICKARDThank youThank you very much for your help

PICKENFeedbackThank you very much for actioning my request so promptly and efficiently. The link to the photo of the headstone worked very well. Hoping I find more of my family as I am based in Gloucestershire so this is very welcome Judith

PICKERNELLGravestone detailsThank you so much for the photo of the gravestone. It contains so much more informaiton than I was expecting and as there is no chance of my visiting the grave, it is wonderful to be able to at least have a photo. many thanks to all the volunteers for what they do.

PICKETTThank YouThank you once again for the wonderful image

PIGGGravestone ImageThank you so much for the image I requested which was received the next day. This website is a great help with family history research

PILBEAMThank youThank you for posting these photos. I found an English ancestor of my mother in law, and will be able to use the photo for a family history book I am putting together for her as a birthday present. She is descended from Pilbeams from Withyham, and would be interested to hear from anyone else searching this family.

PILDITCHThank you for the image of the grave reaThank you for the image of the grave realy appreciate your help in this. Regards Emma

PILEPile burials at Bishops TawtonThank you for such a valuable resource. I downloaded several PILE family photos and all were of great quality. It also helped correct a death date that I'd previously shown incorrectly by a couple of years.

PILGRIMSo glad I found this website! Great servSo glad I found this website! Great service & really useful.

PILLANSGratfullyour site is good and helped me find some member's of my family, many thank's

PILLINGERCharles & Hannah PillingerThank you very much for the wonderful service you give freely. It is very much appreciated.

PILMOORJane PilmoorThank you for such a fast response - it's a great resource.

PINDERPinder FamilyThank you very much for the gravestone image. Hopefully this will help in adding some dates to our family tree. If we find any other gravestones that relate to our family we will forward them on to you. Thanks very much again. Mark Pinder

PINDERThomas Pinder grave monumentThank you for sending me an image of Thomas Pinders gravestone monument, which I have received. I am doing research into my grandfathers family tree the name is Lupton and Thomas Pinder married Ursula Lupton in 1817 at Moor Monkton. Ursula is the Great Grand Aunt of my grandfather Ralph Edward Lupton. If I need any help finding any of my Luptons in Great Ouseburn area if I make a request would you be able to help? I live in Hartlepool and if I can help with any gravestone monuments in my area would I just send them to you. Your help is much appreciated Thank You.

PIPE PIpe familiesThankyou so much for this site... for those of us who cannot afford to travel there!

PIPEthankyouthankyou so much for doing this site.. when I can I will be doing some of my family on the end of the world too!

PIPEThank Youfor a wonderful image - very small donation made.

PIPEThank you so much for the image of my GrThank you so much for the image of my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother's grave stone. It was amazing to have it arrive so quickly and to actually see it and the epitaph that was written about them. Thank you for the service that you give, it is very special and means so much to those of us searching for information regarding our ancestors and the lives that they led.

PIPERMany Thanks Excellent quality photoHi I am so very grateful for the excellent quality photo which i am adding to my family tree

PIRRETThank you.Would like to express my thanks for sending the gravestone image. This is very interesting and I look forward to actually visiting the grave.

PITCHERJames PitcherJames Archibald Pitcher listed on the gravestone shown is the husband of Isabella Elizabeth Pitcher both born in 1810 in England. Early settlers ,they came out to South Australia from Gravesend in 1838 on the Trusty. James owned land at Gepps Cross and became the Store owner and postmaster there.

PITCHERSConfirmation on the wrong trackMany thanks for providing this easy to view image of the gravestone. It has enabled me to confirm that the Robert I am researching is not the one on the stone.

PITMANphotovery quick response and useful image, thankyou

PITTENDRIGHMuch appreciatedThis is a wonderful service for those of us in other parts of the world. It will be very much appreciated.I have been hunting Pittendrighs not Pittendreigh for some 50 years.

PITTSOce again many thanksOce again many thanks

PLACEPlaceAs always you have been a big help in my research. Many thanks.

PLACEExcellent site and serviceA well defined photo of my 5th geat grandfather's tombstone - sent within 48 hours - what an excellent site - well done Charles

PLATTPhoebe Platt Thank you very much for your speedy reply. My Aunt Phoe was very dear to me and I will cherish the photo.

PLEDGEThank you just wanted to acknowledge what a wonderful resource this is helping me find many memorials in places that i cannot get to visit. your time and efforts are much appreciated

PLOWSPLOWS/PLEWSThank you for the pictures of Plows gravestones you sent me. This is a fabulous site and the service is speedy. EXCELLENT

PLUMLEYPhoto of graveCharles, thank you so much for your help, keep up the fantastic work. It is so helpful for us living overseas.

PLUMPTONMost Useful websiteThis is a most useful website and such good images, Thank you for helping me.

POBGEEThanksMany thanks for the photo much appreciated

POCOCKThanksThank you. Very impressed with the almost immediate response and clear image.

POCOCKThank-YouI have most recently requested images of Pocock graves, but have also received earlier images for other family members. Your assistances is so appreciated and often helps fill in the gaps when doing my family tree!

POCOCKThanksThank you for the lovely clear photos and immediate response to my request

PODDThank youThank you for the pictures, it is great to be able to see the gravestones of some of my family. It has also been a great help with my research. It is a great resource. Keep up all the great work.

PODUSCHNICKthanksmany thanks for very prompt reply and photograph, It adds another dimention to the tree. tom

POGMOREPOGMORE/ PEARSONThankyou so much for your valuable work. It is much appreciated.

POGSONJane Ann barr/PogsonResearching my family name of GRACE in India, I have found a record of Jane Anne POGSON marrying John Turnley BARR in 1845.' Jane Anne Pogson, only surviving daughter of Col. Pogson of Kerslake House'Jane Anne BARR name appears on POGSON grave monument 191465.

POINTONMuch appreciated.A valuable resource; many thanks for maintaining this site and the prompt receipt of the image I requested.

POINTONFantastic websiteThank You for a fantastic website, living in country Western Australia and working means I dont get an opportunity to travel to view everything that I want.

POLLPoll family researchI've been researching the Poll family for a while, when I was wondering if there were any gravestone images available on the internet. After doing a search, I found this wonderful site and was able to obtain a photo of Edmund Poll's grave. Thanks so much to Mr. Sale for that!

POLLPOLL, WOOLNER,TWEEDA great resource for genealogists, and very helpful to my research. I live abroad, and will never be able to visit in person, and I am very appreciative of the amount of work involved in this project.

POLLARDWilliam & Rebekah PollardMany thanks for your prompt service. The image was clear and provided additional information about my ancestors that I was unaware of. Thanks again, Great site, Keep up the good work.

POLLARDWonderful serviceThank you so much for this wonderful service It means so much to be able to see these images from the other side of the world

POLLARDCaroline Pollard born 1822 in Beyton, SuffolkCaroline Pollard was born Caroline Howe. She was born in Beyton, Suffolk, but in her 20's she went to work as a school teacher in the Thingoe Union workhouse in Bury St Edmunds. The Superintendent at the time was William Pollard, who she eventually married. When she worked there, he was married to his first wife. Before that however, she worked at the workhouse in Romford, Essex. When she eventually married william Pollard, they looked after his Grandchild, (my grandfather), Arthur Walter Skinner, who came from Hackney, but went to live with them in Suffolk. The church where she was buried is disused, and you can only access 3 of the graves, so I didn't find that of her husband, who presumably died after her. .... more

POLLARDThankyouMany thanks for the rapid response. What a great website for finding the last resting place of ancestors.

POLLARDAnnie PollardThank you for the photo Of the grave of Ann Pollard, I am doing research for a friends family tree and your site is really worth visiting, it is very interesting, I am sure I shall be using it again. Regards Sylvia.

POLLITTPhotographsA very short time ago I requested a copy of a headstone to add to the records of a person in my family tree. I now have the photograph! Thank you very much for your prompt, efficient and much appreciated service.

POLLOCKThank YouI am delighted with the existence of this resource and the fact that Charles Sale does this for love rather than money. There is very little information about my family and the gravestone of my great-uncle and grandfather tells me where family lived and I can now visit the place. Many thanks.

POLLOCKJames Pollock and familyThank you for the images. It is his son-in-law David E Howat who is my relation but I have both families on my Family Tree. I added additional information from my tree (I have the sources to back up this information) yesterday and hop it is found useful for others. I meant to tick the relations can see box but didn't - I have no problems with others in this family contacting me. Many thanks again - a great service and I will try to get some photos to add to your site. .... more

PONDErnest Charles PondThank you very much for a quick and helpful response to my request for information about Ernest Charles Pond. I thoroughly recommend the GPR.

POOLAncestor's GravestoneThank you for your prompt response to my request for a photograph of my grandmother's gravestone. It was remarkably clear considering the gravestone is nearly a hundred years old. Should anyone else be interested in Louisa Pool, her maiden name was Nunn, and my grandfather (William Pool - named on the gravestone) subsequently married my grandmother's sister Minnie in 1925, she died in 1940 in Luton. He himself died in 1975 also in Luton.

POOLEPoole family, ShropshireMany thanks for your prompt response to my request for photos of my Great and Great Great Grandparents' graves. The service you provide is inaluable to those of us who live several hundred miles away from the site concerned - and even more so for family researchers based overseas. The 'Gravestone Photographic Resource' is a brilliant idea. .... more

POOLEPoley / PooleThanks for your speedy reply. The quality of the photo truely surpassed my expectations. How great to find someone who doesn't want to charge a small fortune for his services. I will definitely try to take some photos to submit. I live in a small village (1200) in Wisconsin, USA, that was settled between 1844-50, by the "British Temperence and Immigration Society." I will try to get photos of some of their headstones for you. Again, thank you for your quick response.

POOLESir Thomas-Gibson PooleReally helpful website and great picture which was essential in our continuing family research project. Thanks for your very prompt response.

POOLEThank youThank you so much for your swift response to a request for a photograph of my 4g-grandmother's monument.

POOLE Very impressedThank you so much for the image of my ancestors headstone. Fantastic service. Very efficient. Very grateful

POOLEYNo ImagesHi, I have just tried to view my requested images but it said I have none.Is this a problem with your server or did my requests not come through to you ?Thanks

POOLEYMany many thanks .. your help in findingMany many thanks .. your help in finding the past is much appreciated

POPEMy great great GranfatherThank you so much for sending the image of the family headstone.

POPEAn amazing siteI couldn't believe how quick it was to find pictures of the graves of my ancestors. I am visiting Dorset in the near future and will easily be able to find the graves in St Andrews churchyard. What a time saver. Thank you for all your hard work and allowing us to access it freely.

POPHAM Thank you for sending the requested gravThank you for sending the requested grave photo, I was amazed at the response helpful and fast

PORDAGEThank youVery clear picture,brilliant site to use when you do not live near the cemeterys were your ancestors are buried.

PORTFamily treeThank you wonderful site

PORTERporter ancestors who moved to canada from irelandThank you for your web page i cannot wait to view the photograph and hopefully be able to continue with my family tree.

PORTERporter ancestors who moved to canada from irelandThank you for your web page i cannot wait to view the photograph and hopefully be able to continue with my family tree.

PORTERThis is a great resourceWhat a change to find website which gives free acess to information. And such good quality images. Thank you very much.

PORTERHamish MichieHamish and Cathie Michie were my parents,dad was a policeman in Dundee ! So i assume you must be my cousin ?

PORTSMOUTHPLACE OF BURIALThank you for your prompt response to my request for your assistance in helping me to find the place of burial of my family relative Raymond Walter Portsmouth. I had no idea that His place of burial was so near to the place where I live at present. Your assistance has been so helpful and revealing. Many thanks indeed. Kind regards. J.B.

POSNETTThank youThis excellent resource allowed me not only to discover the grave of my great grandparents, but gave the opportunity to put in hand the required restoration works which have recently been completed.

POSTGATEExcellent serviceExcellent service

POTEPOTE/MATHEWS/HORNEJust wanted to say thank you for such an excellent resource

POTTERHistorial MaterialChurches provide an incredibly rich source of family data and as it is not always practical to travel great distances to check things for oneself this type of database is incredibly precious and useful. Thank you so much for providing this service.

POTTERHusband of ElizabethIf you read the inscription carefully you will note that the Thomas Potter mentioned comes from Manchester. This is indeed the case and he is mentioned in the context of the burial of his wife Elizabeth. He, himself, went on to live until 1845 and was buried with his second wife in Ardwick Cemetery - vault 498. The only other person buried in this grave is Lucy Potter the infant daughter of Thomas's brother, William. See my previous comment.

POTTERLucy Potter - Buried in St.Mary the Virgin, Tadcaster in grave number 40655Lucy Potter b.12.01.1807 died on 1 November 1808 Manchester, Lancashire, from complications arising from Measles. “William took her body (attended by his brother-in-law, John Spencer,) to Tadcaster on Thursday morning in a chaise and buried it the same evening (3rd November 1808) on the Top of my Father and Mother’s Coffin - she was not quite two years old.” Source: Richard Potter’s papers at the London School of Economics. Misc. Coll. 0146.

POTTERThank you!Thank you so much for the photo you sent me of the John Mitchell / Mary Potter gravestone! It was very touching to see the old gravestone.

POTTERfamily tree helpMany thanks for the prompt response to the enlarged photograph of the Potter gravestone at Westleton, Sussex. We stayed in the village 2 days later and it gave us great help locating our great grandparents grave at St. Peters church.

POTTERIdentity of Elizabeth Potter, née PalmerBuried in grave number 40655 at St. Mary the Virgin, Tadcaster. This person was the wife of Sir Thomas Potter (son of John). She died in York at her mother's house at 3 a.m. on Friday 9th February 1810 and was buried in Tadcaster on Thursday 15th February 1810. Source: Richard Potter's (1778-1842) (also one of John's sons) papers held at the London School of Economics Coll. Misc. 0146. .... more

POTTERMany thanks!What a wonderful service you provide. I live in Canada and would not be able to visit the gravesites so having a photo means so much. Thank you also for the quick response... I had my photos in less than 24 hours!

POTTERThank you for your kind consideration anThank you for your kind consideration and help. Greatly appreciated! I am from Essex, Ontario, Canada.

POTTERGreat siteI just want to say thank you to all the people who have helped with this site by submitting and logging information about gravestones as well as the owner of the site!

POTTERThank you .Thank you for this wonderful service and to all volunteers who have collected all the information. Great site, easy to use, will use over and over again.

POTTSThomas PottsNot only the grave images are useful but I also made contact with 2 cousins, I can not praise this service to much.

POULTERGravestone ImageWhat a wonderful website. I am so appreciative of the efforts involved in providing people with a connection to families through images. A helpful source with family history as it enabled me to add further information to my great grandparents family. Thank you.

POUNDERPOUNDER, SHEPHERD & HOODCharles THANK YOU so much for your wonderful site that I stumbled across purely by chance. I have inundated you with about 15 requests in 2 days. This site is fantastic. I have relatives that have tombstone photos and I will be emailing them to get them to send these photos to this site. Keep up the good work. :)

POUNDERGreat serviceGreat service. Really rapid response and extra links proved valuable too.

POVEYExcellentA fantastic site, lets hope it continues to grow!

POVEYExcellentA truely wonderful resourse thank you so much for all your hard work

POWELLPhoto RequestI very much appreciate your service. Was very pleased with both the image and the speed with which it was delivered. Many thanks

POWELLFamily HistoryI would like to hear from anyone who maybe related to Phyllis Powell(my great aunt)and George and Lottie Powell (my great grandparents) especially the person who is researching for their mother, who was the child born to Gladys May Powell(also a great aunt of mine)

POWELLFamily HistoryI would like to hear from anyone who maybe related to Phyllis Powell(my great aunt)and George and Lottie Powell (my great grandparents) especially the person who is researching for their mother, who was the child born to Gladys May Powell(also a great aunt of mine)

POWERThankyouThank you Charles for the photo of my Aunt, Uncle and cousins' monument. I am looking forward to visiting their graves when I visit Paignton from Australia in September.I was quite overcome with emotion when I saw the images. Kind regards Suzanne Clarke

POYNTZ-WRIGHTThank youImpressed with the very swift response to my request and clarity of photo.

PRALLSarah Ann PrallI just wanted to thank you for the photos of my Prall and Dann ancestor graves at All Saints Church graveyard, Brenchley, Kent, England.

PRATLEYFeed back on this serviceThe service I have recieved from this site is extremely good. It was prompt and very well recieved by me and my two sons, and if asked I would (based on my experience) recomend it.

PRATTMany thanksThis is an excellent rescouse, It saves the leg work

PRATTPRATT/MINSHULLI just wanted to say a sincere thank you for helping me with my research. You have a fantastic website. Kind Regards. Jane.

PRATTBrilliantThank you for the very quick response in less than a day. The photo was greatly appreciated and very special.

PRECIOUS / CHESTERInvaluable resource for genealogists Thank you for the gravestone photos, what a treat to actually see the grave markers of my ancestors, the additional information they have provided has been invaluable too. I live in the USA and so have to be content with a 'virtual prowl' around the graveyards of my predecessors.

PRENDERGASTPrendergast memorials at RichmondI'm most grateful for the excellent photographs of the Prendergast memorials at Richmond, and congratulate you on their quality - and the speed with which you have dispatched more images than I dared ask for!

PRENTICEThankyouThank you for this great service. When you live on the other side of the world this resource is brilliant. I am researching ancestors related to the Collins. Jessie Prentice nee Revill was the daughter Susanna Collins

PRESSEYWell doneWell done for the grave information you have already made available. I was not aware of your site till I saw the information on a Sussex Rootsweb e-mail. Though I have not yet benifited with my family names yet, I am looking forward to the time when I can. Meanwhile, again "Well done"

PRESTONPreston @ThornerA very helpful service which enabled me to make a missing link in the family history

PRESTONThanks a millionWhat a woderful thing you are doing. This photo will really enhance my family tree page. I'm really looking forward to finding more headstone pictures. keep up the good work. Joanne

PRESTONMary Charlotte PrestonVery worthwhile project. Gravestone of above difficult to read but still of interest. Many thanks for your help.

PRESTONThank youMany thanks for providing this service, it has opened up a whole lot more information for me and has enabled me to go even further back with my family tree. I am most grateful.

PRESTWICHServiceVery impressed with the quality of the image and the speed with which the image was available

PRETTYMy ThanksThis is a wonderful resource,which I have used before. Mr Sale and his helpers are to be admired for their efforts. Regards Gordon Chatfield

PRETTYAmazing and quick serviceThank you so much Mr Sale for your wonderfully fast and generous service. It was so fantastic to receive the photo so quickly after I requested it! I really really appreciate it.

PRETTYExcellent serviceThank you once again for your extremely fast service in sending the photo through to me. Fantastic!

PRICEPrice Family historyThank you so much, Iam now a little bit closer to finding my UK relatives.Seeing my Great grandparents grave for the first time,I just cannot describe the feeling that came over me.Thankyou many thanks,Jenny.

PRICEThanksThank you to the person who photographed the cemetery at St Mary's, Goldcliff, Monmouth - not sure this is my ancestor as there are so many Prices, but very interesting! This is a brilliant site.

PRICEResearching family historyWhat an amazing efficient servie - why hadn't I heard of it before - it has saved me a lot of time trying to find the birth/death dates of my great grandparents.

PRICEPRICE, SMALE AND TRATHENJust want to thanks Charles for the fantastic service and quality of the larger photo's, excellent service look forward to helping you out also.

PRICECharles PRICE GravestoneYour Walkerville gravestone inscription for family group burial Rasalama PRICE,Sarah PRICE Clara Francis & Rupert JL BARKER should not include Charles PRICE. His wife Sarah is buried in this group plot but Charles PRICE is buried in the Hindmarsh Island Pioneer Cemetery. There is a lovely gravestone where he is buried. .... more

PRICEGrave Inscriptions (3 off) for Cecil Price, John Price and Martha PriceMany thanks for the 3 images of headstones I am researching in Rossett, Wales. I found your site very informative and this has led me to yet another branch of the Price family history.

PRICEWonderful Thanks so much for making these photos available.

PRIDMOREThank you for supplying the grave informThank you for supplying the grave information on Joseph Cooper. It is nice to be able to put the finishing details on a loved ones life.

PRIESTfanny georgina priestThank you for the photo of Fanny's gravestone.

PRIESTLEYFABULOUS WEBSITEThank you, thank you, thank you. When you live in Oz it is just great to locate a picture of the headstone of some of my late mother's distant relatives whom she knew virtually zilch about. I am trying to find descendants of Ferdinand and Alice (nee Denton) Priestley. Alice was a daughter of Joseph Denton and Mary Walsh and my mother was a descendant of Joe's youngest brother Thomas Peter Denton who migrated to Australia in the 1880's. I know Ferdinand and Alice had four sons and a daughter and that the eldest son, James, wrote to my mother back in the 1960's. She kept one of his letters. Would very much like to make contact with descendants of Peter Denton and Mary Allen.

PRIMROSEFamily ResearchThank you for your speedy response in viewing the head stone of David Primrose, very helpful website

PRINCEPRINCE AND BALDWINThankyou for photo of my sisters grave,i will be using it on my family tree,

PRINGThank you so much for this resource - itThank you so much for this resource - it is a marvellous service

PRISCOTTGratefulAs I live in New Zealand, it is great that people like you take time out to provide this wonderful service. I would never have had this photo without your service. Mant thanks.

PRISCOTTPRISCOTT & PICKARDThank you all very much for the latest 2 photos I requested. They are very good photos, very clear, so thank you all so much.

PROCTERPROCTER/ORThanks Charles for the swift response with the photograph.

PROCTERRedforth Procter 1860 - 1920Sometimes spelt Proctor. Redforth Procter was born in 1860 and baptised at St. Peter's on 29/4/1860. He married Phillis Barker on 14/4/1879 at St. Lawrence's. York and died 1920.

PROCTERThank youThank you for the service you are providing. Really exciting to see photos of graves of people we are researching.

PROCTORThank you very much for the photos. YouThank you very much for the photos. You have created a great website.

PROEFKE ProfkeThanks for your help with the image of Hermann PROEFKE's grave at Gayndah, Queensland. It is always good to read the headstone to see if any further clues can be gleamed when searching for ancestors. Very much appreciated. C

PRONGERGravestone for Sarah and Edmund ProngerI received the photo very quickly and thank Charles for the excellent quality. It is a very old stone, and would be hard to read if the photography wasn't as good. It has helped considerably in my research of this family. Thanks again.

PROSSERgravestonegreat project so pleased with the results

PROUDphotos of proud/fowler.Thanks very much for the quick response to my requests. The photos are excellent and will be of great help in my research into my family tree. Regards Pat.

PROUDThankyouThanks Charles for the pictures, WOW they have caused a bit of a mystery because according to photo Agnes Proud was buried in 1910 but in 1911 she was alive and kicking on the census. Have to do a bit more research, but thanks anyway it all adds to the enjoyment. Regards Pat. .... more

PROUDJames ProudThankyou for excellent service and a clear picture of my ancestors grave. This is a very helpful resource.

PROUDFOOTCopyright??Is it Ok to show any photographs on my site.?? I have offered to be of any help when I requested copy of grave 315205 Image name 1170429.

PROUSEthanksI was impressed with the speed of the returned photo. That you very much. Saw the photo of Margaret Prouse. Do you also have a photo of husband Hugh Prouse.

PROUTProut HeadstonesThank you for the wonderful work you do on this site. I spent a couple of days last month going around half a dozen graveyards looking for Prout headstones.

PRYDEThanksAn excellent resource--hope it grows even more in the future. Thanks

PUCKLEThank youThank you for the quick reply to my request. Very professional response.

PUDDYVery useful resourceThank you for taking the time to put together such a useful resource. The photo was able to provide information for my family tree and also confirm other information I thought I knew.

PUGHPugh headstonesI found this site on the recommendation of a colleague. Am mightily impressed at the work which has been accomplished and the helpful way in which images are made available. Thank you ! I'll be volunteering to contribute my little efforts from France if they are of any help.

PUGHPhotograph of a grave at Bushbury Crematorium, WolverhamptonThank you so much for the excellent image which was sent to me very quickly. This is a truly wonderful site and I am delighted to have found it. I intend to forward photographs I have taken in order to help others on your site.

PUGHThanksI thank everyone involved with the website what a terrific job you are doing

PUGSLEYPUGSLEY/STADDONI just wanted to say thankyou so much for the link to the photos i requested. I was absolutely blown away with them and i'm sure my dad will feel the same when i show him as it his side of the family i was looking for. Once again thankyou so much its much appreciated

PULLANFeedbackA Brilliant web-site - found by chance, but of imense value to anyone trying to research their family histories.

PULLANPraiseWhat a wonderful site and service

PULLUMThank youThank you for your quick reply to my request for images.

PUMFREYPUMFREYThank you so much for the gravestone images. Your work is invaluable to the family history researcher who lives miles away from the "family home." Gravestone images can often put more "meat on the bones" and confirm family relationships. An excellent speedy service. Many thanks.

PUNNETTThank youThank you very much for the photograph of the headstone to my cousins grave, great service.

PURPLEVALUABLE RESOURCEThank you very-much indeed for the help your site has provided in identifying the death of someone who does not appear in the GRO Indices of Deaths.

PUTTERILL / NEEDHAMThanksJust received the link to view the gravestone of Gertrude Ellen Putterill, nee Needham. Great image and more missing details to add to the family tree.

PUTTOCKJames Henry Puttock's graveI am very appreciative of your site and its valuable assistance in my search of biological family. Thank you for enabling me to find the grave of my Grandfather who returned to UK from Australia and died, all those years ago. Should anyone living and related to the three deceased mentioned on headstone be interested in contacting me, my email is

PYBUSgravestonethank you so much for the photo, its been very helpful in my search for my family history

PYEPye family researchAre any cemeteries in Herefordshire and Cornwall being worked on?

PYEMany thanks for providing my gravestone Many thanks for providing my gravestone photograph request. I had no chance of seeing this personally and am very grateful.

PYEHenry and Elizabeth Pye: RochesterThe new instant access feature is amazing. Thank you.

PYLEIt was by accident that I came across yoIt was by accident that I came across your website, and I am extremely pleased in the prompt reply and the much wanted image that I could download. Thank you very much!

PYLEThank youI just want to say thank you, this is very helpful.


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