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List of comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with O

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
ECCLESHALL OLIVE MURIEL ECCLESHALL Hi Charles, Thank you for the image of the gravestone. It's still confirmed that my Granddads name isn't on it after many years of which I haven't been there. The picture is very sharp and clear. I'll use this service again for another relative.

O'BRIENThanksThanks for the quick response to my request for an image of my O'Brien great grandparent's headstone. I now have a date of death for my g grandfather for which I am very grateful.

O'DONNELLThank youGreatfully received thankyou GPR grave number: 285501 GPR image name: 693 Name on the monument you are interest in: Ngareta Helen Rutherford Cemetery name: Omaka 2 Cemetery location: Marlborough New Zealand GPR cemetery number: 2148

O'KEEFFECongratulationsCongratulations on a most useful website and service - especially to we Colonials who seldom have an opportunity to view the final resting place of our ancestors. Keep up the good work.

O'LEARYJust feedbackI wasn't until I downloaded the photo that I realised I already had it, and for some time (about November 2014). Would it be possible to change your website so that clicking on that tiny photo opens a slightly larger photo (about one third larger should do it). cheers - Graham

O'MAHONYThanksMany thanks for very speedy service - an excellent website.

O'SHAUGHNESSYThanksHi Charles,The image you sent me is excellent!It is legible and a great help to my research. Thank you very much. Eric Edwards

OAKLEYThis is a truly professional websiteI came across this website in my investigations into my family history. I found the service very prompt, very professional and it just goes to show that when you need help as I did,this website realy does do the business.

OATESMany thanks. This site is extremely helpMany thanks. This site is extremely helpful and was astounded how quickly I got the images.

OATESGravestone photographsThank you Charles for the quick response. The photo shows a nice clean stone, so hopefully, Dean Cemetery Scarborough is well cared for. I'm sure your service is greatly appreciated, especially by overseas researcher like myself.

OATESThankyouThanks for the image of the gravestone. It has gone into my family tree. Much appreciated

OATRIDGEThank YouThank you so much for a brilliant web site and for showing me my Grandparents Grave stone. I have not been able to visit there since the day my Gran was buried in 1969. Thanks again, Valerie.

OATSJohn ans Elizabeth OatsThanks for your help and prompt reply, I hadn't known about your site until a friend told me a couple of days ago. Great work, much appreciated.

ODONNELLmy mothers gravestonethankyou so much for the is very kind of you to do this.catherine.

ODONNELLthe odonnells of south queensferrythis is a fabulous idea.i am so surprised to find this web site.

ODYThank youI wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to make this web site and taking photos of family memorials to share with whoever requests them... Thank you again... Tessie K , Cleveland, Ohio, USA

OGDENOgden, BarrowbyResearching my mothers family name of Ogden who resided in Barrowby for number of generations. If you have any infomation please get in contact.

OGILVIEThanks for the quick service. Much appreThanks for the quick service. Much appreciated.

OGLESBYOglesby FamilyThank you for all your help in providing me with 4 photographs of my Oglesby relations, your website is an excellent resource in giving access to gravestone photographs for those doing their family history and putting together the family tree. I found the website by accident but I will certainly be using your valuable service again.

OKEYMissing Okey relativesCharles, Just a quick note to say thanks again for the quick response and image. It is indeed one of the many missing relatives, now happily added to my family tree.

OLDOLD, MCAUSLAND, BINGHAM, SCOTTI found the gravestone of a relative from Caithness on this site a couple of years back and have found some more from Edinburgh this week. Thanks for a fantastic resource.

OLDREIVEGrave headstone for Walter and Susan OldreiveThank you , thank you so much, such a lovely surprise to find such kindness in helping people find photos and information on their family, my cousin abroad is going to be so happy as well, as will the other family members that he will send this photo over to, thank you so much again, made my day, iv got a few more to look out for, so exciting :0) just one other thing this is the second time iv tried to send this message, on the last photo image to stop spammers the death date didn't allow me to go back far enough, the dates were between 1959 to 1970 and i needed to go back much further back than that for the correct answer, just thought to let you know....

OLIPHANTOliphantWhat a wonder service for Family Researchers

OLIVANTFamily GravestoneThank-you - this is an amazing service I stumbled upon by accident. I shall certainly recommend it to others who are doing family history research. A speedy response, thanks again Charles.

OLIVANTGravestone PhotographThanks for the photo. The quality is excellent. Mary Doreen Olivant is my first cousin, one time removed.

OLIVERThank you!Thank you very much for your quick reply! I discovered your website a few days ago and I think it is a fantastic tool.

OLIVERValuable ResourceThank you Charles for your speedy response and access to photo of Abraham Thresh's grave. You are providing a great service.

OLIVERAbel Oliver gravestoneThank you so much for the photo of the gravestone. I have just discovered this site and it is fantastic. Thank you very much for your help, it is very much appreciated.

OLLETTPhotograhp graves at All Saints Church, Kings Lynn, NorfolkHoping someone can photograph any gravestones at Kings Lynn, Norfolk with the surname Ollett. .... more

OLSENolsenthank you so much for replying. I will enjoy showing it to other family members and they can also look at the links you have provided

OMANDThank you for providing a valuable serviThank you for providing a valuable service.

OMOHUNDROOmohundro Grave PhotosNeed any photos with this name. Thank you

ONDAATJEThank youI found on this website two graves that solved a gap in my family tree! The images are of perfect quality! Thanks!

ONGLEYThank you for such a quick response to mThank you for such a quick response to my request. It was much appreciated and has helped in piecing together missing links in my family history.

ONIONSthan youThis service is excellent and has helped me to find two ancestors graves so far. Many thanks.

OPENSHAWOPENSHAW ELIZA ALICE(GPR grave number 354720 - image name 771) This stone is for Eliza ALICE Openshaw (1874-1924) .... more

ORBELLBrickwall Partially OvercomeThank you very much for your timely response. This gravestone image proved very helpful as we had been hunting for additional information about the deceased and his family for some time. Again, thank you for the time and effort you devote to this important project. .... more

ORCHARDThank YouIt's a very good service you provide. I was particularly interested to see the smaller headstone placed beside the main one. Thank you

ORDThank youFor this most valuable service you and you volunteers provide to those of us who are unable to locate or travel to the cemetery or church of record.

ORDMany ThanksPhotos are excellent and inscriptions easily readable.

ORDISHHenry ordish gravestoneThank you so much for sending me the images so promptly. A great website and I only came upon it purely by chance.I googled Ordish and it came up in the results. Another brickwall slightly dented in my family history research.Now I need to find where the rest of the family were buried. A great big THANKYOU for a brilliant result Again a great big Thankyou.

ORDISHSarah Ordish died 1845Sadly not the lady I was looking for. A wonderful service that you are providing nevertheless. Thank you so much

ORFORDNo PhotoI love the website. I would love to help if I lived closer but I live in Vancouver Canada. Unfortunately there was no photo attached.

ORMANSearch for details of Jacob Orman's death, overseas. Thank you for your service, it has defined facts on where and when my great great grandfather died. better to read myself as official details had copied name of ship wrongly.

ORPEHave used this web site twice.Easy to usHave used this web site twice.Easy to use, clear, concise. An excellent service. THANKS.

ORRThank you for the prompt responseAny information on David Orr, his wife Dortha and son Thomas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

ORRMany thanks for a great resource.Many thanks for a great resource.

ORTONValuable websiteThis is a great website. It means that people who don't live near the churches where ancestors are buried can both see the graves and hopefully pick up some valuable clues to broader family.

ORTONORTON/LUPTONI have requested several images of family gravestones found through this site. Tremendously useful resource, very grateful. Thanks to all concerned.

OSBALDISTONOSBALDISTON/ WALSHThank you so much for your prompt and very efficient reply. I shall try and take photos of our little grave yard hanging on the side of a cliff in England.

OSBORNPhotoThank you for photo's of Charles Osborn's gravestone. He was my 2nd cousin 2xremoved.

OSBORNEphoto of gravestoneexellent.thank you so much.

OTLEYOtley.Thank you so much for the pic. It was much appreciated.

OVERThanks very much for giving me access toThanks very much for giving me access to Brinklow War Memorial photographs. They will be included with my family history project.

OVERFIELDOverfield Thank you very much, I would never have known about the gravestone without this site

OVERTONOverton family linksI have been able to trace my father's side back a few generations. He was James Alan Overton, and his father was James Leonard Overton born 1880 in Grimsbury, Warkworth; and his father was James Haddon Overton born 1855 in Gayton, Norfolk; but his father was only James Overton, born about 1831 in Elsing, Norfolk - I THINK. He might be James Yaxley Overton, but he definitely married Martha Blogg. His father in turn may be another James Yaxley Overton. I have come across hints of this. I am striving to be sure of this last one and find the connections further back. My father told me we are descended from Robert Overton (1609-1679), one of Cromwell's Generals, but I'd love to be able to make the link (or not). My mother's side traces back to a John (Johannes) Johans (Dutch) who was born 9 April 1800, presumably in the Netherlands (maybe India), and died 15 Aug 1854 in India. I'd love to find any more details of his forebears!! Any help is enormously appreciated.

OWENOWEN FAMILYI do not seem to be able to locate the graves of Wilfred Owen, my cousin twice removed, who was buried in St Matthews on 26 October 1969, nor his wife, Florence Owen, nee Lee, buried on 23 September 1971. Grave number F83. Does anyone know why their graves are not listed?

OWSTONKirbymoorside, Yorkshrire EnglandDear Gravestone Photos, I thought that I should let you know that the village of Kirbymoorside has been spelt wrongly on your website and shows as Kirkbymoorside. There are some comments that I could include against some of my deceased family members which would to help others investigating their ancestors (there were a lot of marriages of 1st and 2nd cousins - this was after my ancestors moved to Hull!) which would definitely help anyone looking into the Owston, Stephenson, Vasey and Smith branches in the North Yorkshire area between 1720 - 1900. If there is a facility I am happy to input this information as I really enjoy genealogy and have done so for the past 12 years. Best Wishes, Sandra .... more

OXNETAn old man's thanksI have used the Gravestone Photos on a couple of occasions now and I just have to send my heartfelt thanks to all those involved in this project. My wife and I are now into our 70's and find it difficult to get about as we once used to. I have spent over 14 years researching our family trees and rely now mostly on the online services like Ancestry etc but I have found that the Gravestone Photos add that extra bit of information that brings to life (or should that be death)the person being researched. My sincere thanks again.

OXTONThanks.thanks very much for your excellent service.


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