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List of comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with G

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
To acknowledge receipt of photoThank you for the photograph I am most grateful and I am sure that you have given satisfaction to many researchers.P.S. Unable to give the correct date of death for Joseph Flintham list does not show 1905 ?????


CHARLTONGEORGE CHARLTONSt Margaret of Antioch George Charlton number 50. The infant George Charlton who died in 1892 was the son of the first wife Mary Jane Clementson. The George Charlton who died in 1919 was the son of the second wife Mary Atkins Charlton, not Mary Jane. I am the great granddaughter of this family. .... more

GAETHThank youThis is the thrid time I have received a photograph as [art of my research. This is a brilliant site for general research and deserves to be better known.

GAILEYFailure to viewI requested an image to view yesterday and despite following the instructions to view, I cannot access it. I have tried again today with the same result. All the other requests are highlighted but not the most recent one. .... more

GAINEAn unexpected breakthroughI couldn't believe my luck when this site popped up when randomly put a name into Google. In researching my family history I began knowing literally nothing except my father's name, but the gravestone image helped me link to another family branch many miles away and revealed the unusual married name of a great aunt I'd never have found any other way - she evidently married abroad. Thanks for your intriguing hobby!

GALEThank YouMy Auntie found your site and passed it on to me.thank you to everyone who helps with this site I have already found 2 headstones for my family treeI will be glad to helpPat (Melbourne)

GALEThank youThank you so very much for a wonderful service. I am able to see my grandfathers grave who I never new when he was alive, being able to see it has made my day and brought a tear to my eyes. Thank you again.

GALEEllen Gale born c1871 died November 24th 1924Thank you so much for your time and effort in providing a copy of the headstone and grave of Ellen Gale. It is my cousin's grandmother and she had never seen her grave. Thanks Charles Sale for responding to my request and for providing such a wonderful service, it has helped with our family history project. Best Regards

GALLAFANTAmazing!Thank you so much for sending the photo so quickly. I only started researching my family history three days ago, and already I have got so far. I never knew there was such a resource to allow people to see their ancestor's grave, without travelling hundreds of miles.

GALLONpossible ancestorwaiting till 25th march hope you enjoy your holls

GALLOWAYRobert Galloway Thank you so much for your help. I now know, thanks to you, where my g g uncle & family are buried . Regards Rita

GALLSWORTHYThankyouThanks for the images they are great. Brilliant site thanks for all your hard work.

GALORInformation from an unexpected sourceThank you so much for forwarding the photograph of my ancestors grave, it enabled me to confirm certain facts unavailable to me on my fee paying websites. You provide a valuable resource to the determined genealogist.

GALVINVery good image.Many thanks to the photographer/website for a very good image.

GAMBLEGPR grave number 39153A very good site, which I found by accident. The date of burial for Dorothy Gamble on the above title should be 1957, she is Aunt Dot. .... more

GAMBLEHelpfullnessThank you for the Photographs, this will make a relative I am helping very happy. I will keep track of this site as I am in need of Photographs for Lancashire Cemeteries. Thank God for Volunteers. Kay Edgar Western Australia Australia

GAMBLEA very good site, which I found by accidA very good site, which I found by accident, Im pleased I did as Ive found quite a few members of my family of which I been searching for for a long time. Thank-you.

GAMESTERExcellent web-siteThank you for the quick response to my request. This is a brilliant web-site & I hope that it continues to expand into a national organisation. .... more

GAMESTERCorrection to transcript of gravestone for Violet E.L. Gamester.Violet Edith Lily Gamester 86 1908 1994 wife of James Gamester should read: daughter of James Gamester. .... more

GAMESTERTranscription error of gravestone of Annie E. Gamester.Annie Elizabeth Gamester 64 1899 1963 wife of James Gamester - should read daughter of James Gamester. .... more

GAMESTERInformation on Edward Arthur & Doris Ivy Gamester.Edward Arthur Gamester 77 1905 1982 unknown Angela Hermione Gamester 1944 unknown Doris Ivy Gamester 77 1905 1982 unknown ----------------------------------------- Edward Gamester was the son of James & Rebecca Gamester. Doris Ivy Gamester was the wife of Edward Gamester. Angela Hermione Gamester was the daughter of Edward & Doris Gamester. .... more

GAMMAGEFrank S.B. GammageAn amazing website with a fantastically quick response. What can I say except "Thank you very much" Charles for the photo by 'return of post'. The extra details and headstone photo add the finishing touches to my research on this relative. Excellent work! REgards, Rick Vince

GAMMANThank you for the photoThank you for the excellent image of the grave requested, I know how quickly gravestones and their inscriptions deteriorate and appreciate the work you do to capture the images for the future.

GAMMONThanksMany thanks for a speedy response to my query - I have a starting point! Will no doubt be returning to this site and its useful information.

GAMMONThank youThanks for your help. Its people like you who unselfishly devote your time and energy that makes genealogy just that little bit easier. Thanks again and good luck with all you're doing

GAMMONTracing James Gammon B 1895 Shirwell, Devon Mother mary Gammon James Gammon B 1895 shirwell, Devon. Mother name Mary Gammon. He was in ww1. I am trying to trace what happened to him, where he was etc between 1920 and 1949. I know he died in Weston super Mare in 1960 his (wife?) Florence Mabel. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. He was my grandfather. Please e-mail if anyone has any info or photos. Thanks very much. Jane Davis

GAMMONThanksWonderful site - many thanks

GANTWonderfulThank you for the excellent prompt reply with a photo....

GANTGant memorialsMany thanks for a fantastic response to my request. What a brilliant resource and so much from Suffolk too

GANTExcellent service, much appreciatedExcellent service, much appreciated

GANTgrave photoBrilliant resource, thank you!

GANTGrave photoexcellent service as usual!

GARBUTTThank youMany thanks for the image. What a wonderful resource.

GARBUTTThank youThank you so much for the excellent image of my 2x gt grandfathers grave

GARBUTTThanks from CanadaMany thanks for the photos you've taken and transcribed from Yorkshire, England. I'm unable to travel there and have a large branch of the family from that area so I was very pleased to see the gravestones. Thanks again.

GARDINERBernard Gardiner's RectorshipThis is an excellent service. Thanks very much for your dedication. I used it to find the Rectorship of Bernard Gardiner,1668-1726, Warden of All Souls College, Oxford

GARDINERphotosCharles sent a photo promptly after request with further useful info on other links, this is a really helpful resource when researching family, I'm very excited by the findings! Thanks again

GARDNERExcellent!What a greatr asset this site is for researchers. My Gardner grandfather's final rsting place is as yet untraced, but this resource had been of invaluable help in eliminating the 'possibles'.

GARDNERVery GoodWeb site not well known, definitely well worth a look.

GARDNERGravestone for James Gardner and Deborah Rushton-GardnerWonderful website, within moments of clicking on the link to see a picture of my 3rd Great Grandparents gravestone - I received the picture. Thank you so much.

GARNER / CARRThank you.Thank you for the photograph of my great grandparents grave. I now live the other end of the country so research is very restricted. One more piece added to the puzzle!

GARNETTWhat a wonderful resource for family researchers!I can't thank you enough for your speedy and efficient handling of my request for gravestone photographs from your amazing picture library. It is utterly astounding to finally be able to see the final resting place of the people that populate my family tree. God bless you for taking the time and effort to provide these wonderful photographs to family researchers all around the world.

GARNETTThank you for your quick reply,I am so pThank you for your quick reply,I am so pleased with the photo of the grave

GARNHAMThank youThank you for sending my photo so quickly.Plus I got useful links.

GARRETTgravestone photo of Emma and William GarrettThanks so much for sending the photo of this couple's gravestone. I am researching for a friend and I know that she will appreciate the photo.

GARRETTGreat helpThank you very much for this excellent resource. I had no idea it existed, but very much appreciate the effort put in by all concerned.

GARRODGravestone imageThank you so very much for the image of Gravestone of John Sudbury Garrod and his wife Sophia Garrod (my great grandparents). James Sudbury Garrod (son) and his wife are also buried in Ipswich cemetery. I do have a photo of their grave somewhere will have to look it out. Regards Pam

GARRODThank You so muchI would just like to say a huge thank you for contacting me with photographs of my Great Grandparents gravestone. Regards Claire

GARRODElizabeth Thurton gravestoneThankyou and your web site for the picture of the gravestone. We are at the beginning of what I fear will be a long journey and I am sure that we will be using your great site again. Thankyou very much. H.Broadfield.

GARRODbreadcrumbsvery helpful checking out wider family-i.e. related surnames and same christian names

GARSIDERequest for photo of headstoneThank you very much for your speedy reply

GARWOODMany thanks...Thank you very much for the very rapid response on my request for the 2 GARWOOD grave pictures. This is a great service.

GARWOODJohn and Mary GARWOOD: Norton Subcourse.John and Mary are brother and sister, the children of John and Elizabeth (also buried here). John was born in August 1761, was a prosperous farmer in the village, married twice, to Mary ORFORD then to Margaret BLANCHFLOWER, and died on 21 March 1816. His will appears on the Norfolk Record Office online resource. He had 11 children. Mary, his sister, was born in c March 1770 (ch 18 March). She never married. In the 1841 Census, she was living with her 2 nieces Margaret and Jane (children of John and Margaret BLANCHFLOWER) in High St, Lowestoft. She died in Lowestoft in November 1848 (NOT 1849 as shown on the gravestone)and was buried St Mary's on 25 Nov. BMD info and the Parish records both confirm that the stone is WRONG!

GARWOODMary Ann GARWOOD: Norton Subcourse.This grave is NOT for Mary Ann but for Mary.

GARWOODANOTHER FANTASTIC PHOTO...Thank you again very much for the photo of Jane GARWOOD's grave. This is such a super service.

GASCOIGNEVery helpful websiteI looked up my Cutler and Wrinch ancestors in Norfolk and this site really helped to fill a few gaps. Thank you. I look forward to more discoveries.

GASCOIGNEGascoigneAm told my wifes relative Alice Maria GHascoigne is buried at Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England in Grave 5130, Section EE, Consecrated ground and hoping someone can grab and post an image of the stone she was buried 07 Mar 1944 later that year her daughter Edith Hanson was buried at same cemetery General ground; Grave Number 0, Section ZZ

GASCOYNEThank youThank you for showing me and image of my cousin's grave.

GASSONHeadstone photoMany many thanks to Charles Sale and Steve Lockwood, After locating this website, I was thrilled to find a headstone with my 7th great grandfather on it. Absolutely amazing! Your work is greatly appreciated, Regards, Scott

GATEGREAT RESOURCEThank you for providing this resource. Until yesterday I had no idea something like this was even available. I appreciate your work

GATEExcellent Thank you so much for the photo of my GG grandfathers grave, excellent site.

GATEWonderful ResourceThank you so much for sharing such a great source of information-greatly appreciated.

GATENBYThanksThank you for your quick response,it was very useful

GATESMany thanks I was wondering if you had aMany thanks I was wondering if you had any idea what the engraving at the top of the headstone means. Any help would be much appreciated.

GATISSGATISS & CHANDLERThank you so much for this wonderful site. On only my first visit I discovered two relatives' graves. Much appreciated.

GAUGHTAmazing service - thank youI can not thank you enough for your invaluable assistance - what an incredible service you provide. Special thanks to Charles for his prompt and extremely helpful response to my request...and all his hard work resourcing the site. Best wishes.

GAUNTAda Ann Gaunt (nee Keighley)Thank you very much for the headstone photo. I came across it quite by accident while looking for Gaunt headstones, but knew who it was immediately. Services like yours are invaluable to researchers like me who are continents away from where we're searching. Thanks again. Jan

GAUNTGauntThankyou so much, i found this site by accidentally and thanks to you i discovered that my grandfather Bernard Austin Gaunt had a son Dennis Bernard Gaunt. Very grateful and cant thank you enough.

GAUNT / SHUTEThank you for a very efficient serviceThank you for a very efficient service

GAYMuch appreciatedThank you for this great photo. Your efforts are very much appreciated

GAYDONThankyou for your wonderful serviceThis is a wonderful service for the family historian especially those living overseas as I do. .... more

GAYDONGreat WebsiteThankyou for a absolutely amazing service, very prompt, and extremely clear photos of the gravestones. It so helpful to myself living overseas and unable to travel to do research in England.Wonderful, thankyou again.

GAYDONGAYDON/GAYTTENThank you for the quick reply to my request.

GAYDONWilliam Gaydon headstone photoThankyou so much for a wonderful photo, your service is fanatastic and so fast. I appreciate all your efforts.

GAYDONWilliam & Joseph Gaydon headstoneAgain thankyou for replying so quickly to my request. The service you provide is outstanding as always.

GAYDONGAYDON RESEARCHCan't thankyou enough for the fantastic service you provide and it's free, very rare these days, anything is free and very prompt service. You are helping me piece together my family tree.


GAYDON, MILTON, WOODMAN, (DE) Very helpful!This is a wonderful resource, only just discovered, to use alongside FMP, Ancestry and family history societies. The work cannot be praised highly enough, to those who volunteer to do it. One small suggestion- if photographs could always be taken in overcast or direct sunlight, not in shadow, it would aid legibility.Many thanks to Charles.

GAYFERLocation of the gravestone of Margaret Gayfer 1750In the main graveyard of St. John the Baptist Church in the village of Butley in Suffolk, is the grave of Margaret Gayfer to be found. It is in the segment located to the north of the church tower, known as segment E. It is in fact, the oldest conventional gravestone in the churchyard and dates from 1750.

GEBHARDMany thanksThank you for maintaining this site. I just found out last week about my Canadian cousin, Claude W. Gebhard, being in the 158 Squadron and being one of the brave casualties of the squadron. I appreciate that I can make out his name on the center group.

GEDDESPossible errors and info on monument of John GeddesThank you for providing me with photo of John Geddes monument in Canongate Kirk Cemetery - that is very generous of you to provide this facility! A few errors and amendments: 'James Geddes' was John Geddes's youngest son. He died in 1816 (not 1915) and was buried in Ireland. 'Daniel Geddes' should be David Geddes. He erected the monument, so this must have been added later. 'Matilda Faulds' must be Marion Geddes, née Faulds, wife of Adam Gordon Geddes. Madelina Hessing was the wife of John Geddes the younger.

GEDDESThaks for great site Thaks for great site

GEENTYHelpNo image was attached to your email. I tried two different email addresses and still no image. Thank you.

GEGGIEGPR grave number 49308I have been searching your site and would like to provide further information on this particular gravestone. there is an error in the transcription. Ann Geggie is the MOTHER of Janet Morrison and not the wife!

GEKILLthomas baxter gekillthe a/n is my great grandfather,the father of my grandmother elizebeth Hannah gekill. Thomas baxter gekill is buried in Appleton roebuck churchyard.

GENTThanks for your help...and possible help from me...Hi Charles Many thanks for the image, and for your help....I will indeed be looking for info on other members of the Gent family and also under other branches of my family....will it be possible for me to request several photos at once, or should I submit seperately for each, as before? Meantime, for your reference - I am currently living and working in Regional Queensland, Australia (Gladstone)....would information re the gravestones there be of any use to you? If so, I'll see what I can do to help out! Cheers Jim Thompson

GENTThanks Thanks for the photo. I have traipsed many a grave yard and found nowt. Now I know where to go. This is a great service and web site.

GENTLEThank YouThank you for providing such an excellent resource.

GEORGE DUNLINI was delighted and surprised when I fouI was delighted and surprised when I found my Great Grandfather's grave site. Thank you for a most excellent service.

GEORGESONThank you so much!Thanks to your site, I found the gravestone of my 3xGreat Grandparents and my 2xGreat Aunt and her husband and children. I followed the trail as Archibald Campbell and Johan Campbell (nee Georgeson) took in my Great Grandmother, Jessie, when her mother Williamina died when she was 8 years old. I wasn't expecting to find my 3x Great Grandparents but it was one of those moments of euphoria at finding them and sadness at the number of children that didn't make it. Thanks again for your work and very prompt response

GHENTThank youThis site is an excellent resource for family historians. Particularly where the headstone is many miles from where the researcher lives. Well done Charles - keep up the good work.

GIBBONSGIBBONS/DRUMMOND/SHEAHAN/BRIENThanks for the pics...loving this site & hope it grows bigger :)

GIBBONSCorrection & comment re gravestone at Hinton Blewitt, SomersetAmy Elizabeth Bennett GIBBONS actually died in 1972 - the gravestone has the wrong year on it. Her maiden name was Amy Elizabeth Bennett WYATT, not as indicated in the comments against her name.

GIBBONSWoo hoo, oh yeah. Thanks again for helpWoo hoo, oh yeah. Thanks again for helping me track down an elusive relation. Now I have got to try and work out why he was in Paris! Cheers and thanks again .... more

GIBBONSJulia GibbonsJulia Gibbons of Bledlow Ridge was the daughter of Henry Gibbons NOT Albert Cook as shown in the Relationship column. See Henry Gibbons. .... more

GIBBONSThank you so much - really means a lot tThank you so much - really means a lot to see this Sue

GIBBONSA million thanksAmazing. I was delighted to discover such clear photos, and delighted to be able to download them so quickly too. Thank you for your time and effort.

GIBBONSGibbons of Bledlow Ridge Excellent photos, many thanks to all volunteers

GIBBSGravestone imageThank you so much for the speedy response to my request. Samuel Arthur and Thiresa Gibbs gravestone adds a piece of documented history to my tree. This is a wonderful resource thank you to all those resposible for putting this site together. Diane.

GIBBSReally appreciate all the time and efforReally appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into photographing headstones. I didn't know where my ancestors were buried, and to see the headstone of my Great-Great Grandfather John Henry Gibbs, his wife Sarah, son John Henry and daughter Ada Jane has been a wonderful surprise. I live in New Zealand and am unlikely to get to visit in person. Although the headstone is lying down and the wording is difficult to read, the added comments that the younger John Henry drowned while swimming at Roker were appreciated. Thank you.

GIBBSPhoto I have just requested a photo from your website and wanted to give my personal thanks. I bury my mum on thursday 23rd March 2017 and I am starting a memory book. I am very grateful to all the volunteers taking the time to do this.

GIBSONGIBSON & JOBLINGDear Charles Thank you for the information. It is appreciated. As i live in Australia it is difficult at times to find information but due to the internet and the hard work of other people I can get the information I need more easily. Thank you again Kind regards Sandra

GIBSONThank you by much for the prompt reply. Thank you by much for the prompt reply. Very much appreciated.

GIBSONOnwards and ForwardsStumbled across site and found within no time, what i believe to be a photo of my late Uncles Gravestone. A very informative site which is so easy to navigate so full marks to the hard work of creator and volunteers who help keep it going

GIBSONGIBSON and SCRIMGEOUR headstonesThank you very much for the photos of the above headstones. I really appreciate it - Cheers.

GIBSONGIBSON, MASONI was amazed to find a photo of my ancestor's MI on your website, the photo is very good. Thankyou so much.

GIBSONApparent contradiction of Whitby,St Mary headstones.I have photographed a headstone in Whitby churchyard many times in the last 27 years. The text begins... To the Memory of Mary the wife of George GIBSON,Tailor who died May 20th,1803 aged 81 years. Also the above Geo. Gibson who died Feb.26th 1805... Are we dealing with the same or different headstones? .... more

GIBSONThankyouMany thanks for this site. I am looking forward to receiving the larger image.

GIBSONCanadian gravestonesI have photos of some of our Gibson family gravestones here in Canada, would you be interested in adding them to your list?

GIDDINGSSuperb resourceWhat a find! A superb resource that was instantaneous with the image. Many thanks

GIDDYGreat siteThanks for sending me a copy of the grave I am researching. Quick response, Many Thanks

GIDNEYFlight Lieutenant Nigel Gidney Really helpful and easy to use site. I found exactly what I was looking for first time, I was looking for info on Flight Lieutenant Nigel Gidney KIA while with 223 squadron RAF on 27th June 1942.

GIFKINSMany thanksMany thanks for the wonderful photograph and your prompt reply Best Wishes

GILBERTRainham Gravestone PhotosThank you for your offer of a photo of the gravestone of my 3 x great grandparents William and Mary Gilbert plus their daughter Elizabeth.

GILBERTThanks for the photographDear Mr. Sale, Thank you for the fast reply to my request for a photograph of information on Michael Gilbert [Vivar/Rector]. - Very nice photograph and I will add it to my Family History/Genealogical records.

GILBERTServiceFast & efficient service. Would recommend to anyone

GILBERT6th and 7th Gt Grandfathers What and excellent site. Many thanks for your speedy response to my request for a pic of my families resting place.

GILBERTSONGILBERTSON MEIKLEThank you for your kindness it is much appreciated

GILBERTSONWilliam & Richard GilbertsonThank you once again. Your efforts are invaluable.

GILBOYAnn (Gillboy) O'Rilley Headstone photoMany thanks to Charles Sale for the headstone photo of Ann! There is no way I would ever be able to make a trip to visit her burial location myself any time soon, so your kindness of photographing her headstone is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much again, :)Jessica

GILCHRISTThank youCharles, thank you very much for your fast response in sending me the photo of the headstone showing my ancestors, Isabella Warren and James Gilchrist. I very much appreciate the service that you provide, and this has helped me to make progress with my family tree research.

GILCHRISTCoupar Angus Gilchrist graveThank you for a very quick response. Excellent website and a very admirable volume of work has gone into producing and maintaining the site. .... more

GILDINGBrilliant!What a fantastic resource. Thank you so much.

GILESGreat website!Thank you thank you thank you for the much appreciated copies of the monuments for my family! I was unaware until recent years from whence we originated and to have photographic evidence of their burial places is wonderful. What a great website - for sure I will be taking advantage of this free service again.

GILESWillunga Headstone photosMany Thanks for a prompt reply, great source for family research, couldn't get the page links to work yesterday, but fine now.

GILESJust wanted to say a big Thank you to alJust wanted to say a big Thank you to all the volunteers, this is a great idea, and I will try to get our own churchyard involved with your scheme.

GILESExcellent service Thank you once again for providing this service and helping me to track down my direct lineage.

GILESThank youA very big thank you to all persons involved in this project, it was fantastic to find my family headstones available to me without having to travel across the world. Now I can one day visit in person. Excellent project and excellent service

GILES AND WETHERELLSearch for WW2 casualty's wife.First of all, thanks for running this site. What a valuable resource.We knew her maiden and married names, but she remarried. By a stroke of luck she was buried with her unmarried sister, which linked her maiden name to her second married name and thanks to your site we have a valuable lead. Thanks again.

GILLThanks for helping to solve a problem.I received an excellent image today of my great-great grandparent's grave stone. I think that the gravestone had been moved when the original graveyard was flooded by a reservoir in the 1960's. Other generations are also buried in Dacre Banks Churchyard. I found one when I went there this week but I couldn't find Harry Gill's stone. I shall request the image you have straight away.

GILLThanks again.I had searched for this grave but had overlooked it because of it's overgrown state. Now I can look again.

GILLMary GillThe best! great site for genealogy, must see what I can do in Natal, South Africa.Unfortunately grave does not give name of children to confirm this is the right Mary Gill.

GILLThank youThank you for the two images of the Gill family at Dacre, Yorkshire.

GILLGreat PhotWhen I was directed to this webpage and requested a close up view of the headstone of my aunt and uncle I was impressed by the speed of the response and the clarity of the photograph. Thank you for providing such a helpful service for anyone interesting in their family history.

GILLANphotoswould like to thankyou for sending me the image of my great great grandparents graves. very useful as i'm unable to get to some graves as i no longer live in the area i was bought up in. what a terrific job you guys are doing & its really appreciated.

GILLESPIEHenry GillespieThank you so much for your wonderful site , I now how a picture of an ancestor's grave which has his occupation on the stone. A vital link in future research. Keep up the good work.

GILLESPIEThanksMany thanks for providing the gravestone image of my 5 x great grandparents. After some years of research I am delighted to finally find hard evidence of ancestors born in the 18th century. I will make a point of visiting the grave when next in Edinburgh.

GILLETTThank you for sending the photo of the gThank you for sending the photo of the grave of Ada Gillett. It is difficult for health reasons for me to visit graveyards etc any more so it was most helpful. I made a mistake with the information I gave you, Ada was a daughter of a half brother of Adolphus not a son. It was helpful with the other information listed. Edwin was her husband and the other three her daughters. Are these names also on the kerbstone? Apart from what I have found from record offices and on line I have not been able make any contact with any ancestors of the half siblings of Adolphus so if any one does make a request for this image I would be pleased to know. I have quite a few photos taken over the years I would be happy to share with you if you would let me know how I could send them to you.Thank you once again. Frnk

GILLIAMThanks for pictureGreat site,not direct ancestor but got me interested again.Quick response,always appreciated.MANY THANKS Gilliam family

GILLIEThis has proven to be a most helpful serThis has proven to be a most helpful service. I have discovered several relatives here...and hope to be able to visit them in person some day!

GILLOTTThanks!Dear Charles I only discovered your website this morning, and I'm most impressed with and very appreciative of the service you provide. Thanks so much. Peter

GILSTONSuperb Web SiteThis is an excellent web site and great source for genealogists. Charles' response time to was very quick and the access to the requested image was very smooth.

GIRLINGAppreciate the very quick response time Appreciate the very quick response time to my request. Good quality photo and useful date information.

GIRLINGExcellent resourceI found this website as a result of googling my Grandmother's name and what an excellent resource it is. I shall be using it a lot and helping where I can.

GIRLINGJames GirlingThank you so much for the photograph of my great, great, great grandfathers gravestone and his wife, and son. This is a great help in my research.

GIRLINGTONSir John GIRLINGTON (1613-1645/48)Your website and the extensive content is a wonderful resource for genealogists. I appreciate access to and use of the requested image of the memorial marker of Sir John Girlington (my 9th great grandfather). This image will be included in my ongoing genealogical research. Thank you for your assistance & generosity in making available these photographs at no cost. Sincerely, Kim Turnpaugh Anderson

GITTINSmy aunt's and namesakes gravethank you for providing this service .... more

GITTINSGITTINS AND SEAMANThanks so much for the photos. This is such a very helpful service that you provide, I wish there were more sites like this. You are wonderful people.

GLADSTONEShipping researchThe photo has been of great help in my research of Hartlepool shipowners. Many thanks

GLADWELLGladwell GravestoneI cant recommend this site enough ,excellent fast service emailing the photo,greatly appreciated,as i am doing my familytree this is a great help,above all a free service.thankyou.

GLANDFIELDSearching for grave markersThank you so much for this wonderful service. I am making a trip to England next year and will be able to look with more confidence in my designated area of search. Thanks again!

GLANFIELDthank you so muchThank you very much for running/maintaining this website. it has been incredibly useful whilst trying to research my family tree. and thank you also for the quick response in sending me a link to the images i had requested.

GLASPERGlasperIf you know of any Glaspers before 1800s could you please let me know. Much appreciated Gail Glasper

GLASSPOOLEThank youThanks for a very helpful website. I am just starting family history research and look forward to visiting the site again. I will be very happy to contribute.

GLEADELLHMS CharybdisThank you for the information re. Owen Philip Gleadell. I have added it to the archives of the Charybdis association. I wonder if there are family still living out in the Falkland Islands? Would they have a photo of Owen?

GLEADHILLThank youMany thanks for making this wonderful resource available and for taking the time and trouble to send links etc. The Eyre headstone photograph is excellent, however the one for Rachel Gleadhill is greyed out half way down. Whether this is just how it was taken, or a fault I do not know.

GLENDINNINGThanksThank you for the image of Peter Glendinning's gravestone. Although I'm not directly connected to Peter Glendinning, his wife Robina Brown is my great-great-great-aunt and I am researching the Brown line. The gravestone is extremely informative- giving details of most of their children. Many thanks again. You provide a wonderful service .... more

GLENDINNING / WITHERELLThank you so much for your quick responsThank you so much for your quick response in sending the photograph which I requested. I have now added it to my research. Many Thanks

GLENNIEThanksVery easy and helpful site.

GLENWRIGHTMedjez-e-Bab War Cemetery in Tunisia - GLENWRIGHT & SWIFTI am clearing out my aunt's photo albums and I have a photo of two graves in Medjez-e-Bab cemetery that she took while on a trip to Tunisia. One is for Flying Officer G.F.Glenwright -pilot Royal Canadian Airforce - died December 28th 1947 aged 22. The second is Corporal M. Swift-Royal Air Force - died 1st January 1943 aged 21. If anyone would like a copy of the photo let me know and I will be happy to scan it for you, along with the signpost to the cemetery.

GLOAGThank youThank you for the great service and supplying the images. It is fabulous to add images to my family tree.

GLOVERMany many thanksThank you for a copy of this beautiful photo of my direct ancestor. It is much appreciated.

GLOVERA great resourceThis is a great resource for anyone researching their family history and for anyone who wants to know where their ancestors are buried so that they may pay their respects in person. My requests were in my Inbox the following day. Many thanks.

GOAT-GYPSONExcellent serviceOnce again many thanks for your assistance. I live in Australia so your site is most helpful to me and there is no delay in your replies.Musch appreciated.

GOAT-GYPSONOnce again thanks again for your invaluaOnce again thanks again for your invaluable assistance

GOBBEThis site is a great helpThank you every one who do the work for his site. I have found it so helpfull in tracking down were my relations are buried.

GODDARDFantastic Speedy ServiceBeing recommended the website for the gravestone photographic resource was like hitting the bullseye with the first shot. The fact that the gravestone was in Malta also saved a lot of time, trouble & expense. Brilliant! Thank you.

GODDARDGODDARD/MCDONALDI think that your service is great.I live in New Zealand in Auckland and if I can be of any help to researchers looking for overseas graves in and around Auckland i would be happy to assist.

GODDARDThank youMany thanks for the photos. This is a great site and very helpful for the genealogist. It also preserves the headstone memorial indefinately. Carry on the good work.

GODDARDGoddard Family ResearchFantastic; what can I say that hasn't already been said about the great resource and service. The image quality was great for my great, great, uncles grave W H Goddard of Nottingham. Sincere and grateful thanks Derek

GODFREYGODFREY & LANEI know you are doing this voluntarily and I am sure you don't get many donations as you should. You put a lot of time and effort in this project and I for one would like to personnaly thank you for all you do for all of us researchers out there. I really appreciate your time and trouble to go to great lengths to obtain all this information. Bless you, Sincerely Donna

GODFREYThank you!Thank you Charles this is a wonderful service for those of us who live on the other side of the world and are researching our English families. Much appreciated, Michele

GODFREYGravestone Photographic ResourceThis is a great resource for family history researchers that I found by chance.

GODRIDGEMany thanksMany thanks to all the Volunteers, that make this Web Site possible. The photo supplied is of wonderful quality.

GODWINThanksThanks very much for making these gravestone photos and information available free. It's a wonderful website and I know I will be using it quite a bit now I've found it.

GODWINThank youThank you for your prompt response in providing me with the gravestone image of John Godwin. Sadly it appears he is not related however the gravestone has greatly helped me in confirming this. Keep up the great work!

GOLDIEwilliam goldiethanks for the picture. wasnt our gr gr grandfather but is someone in family

GOLDINGGoldingThank you for all your hard work in providing the photos on this website covering areas I am unable to go to in UK. Greatly appreciated

GOLDSMITHBertie G Goldsmith B.E.M.Bertie was awarded the British Empire Medal in 1945 for his work with Radar aerials at RAF Bawdsey Manor in Suffolk before and during the war. He was employed by Telecommunications Research Establishment, Ministry of Aircraft Production, and was involved with the large Chain Home Radar system. .... more

GOLDSMITHMary GoldsmithThank you for the photo of Mary's grave which shows the names of my husband's 5xgt grandparents.

GOLLOPGOLLOP AND LOUDHi, I live in Australia but Born and Bread in England.In desperate search for Headstone or grave Photographs of my Family and Ancestors In the Lyme Regis Cemetery, Dorset, England.The Cemetery that is on the Charmouth to Lyme Regis Road.In search of Gollops, Louds, Rattenbury, Roberts, Cooks, But main ones are Gollop and Louds from Lyme Regis and Louds also from all over Axminster Cemeteries, the others are ancestors.Most of my relatives are now deceased in the Uk and so far away for me to travel back and forth.I have contributed to this site in the Past on the Leggett connections and this is a great site, keep up the good work.Other comments i would like to add which is hard to find are our relitives in the olden days who are buried in unmarked graves a section on this site from church records recording the detials would be a godsend for Geonology search,as in the cemeteries no records are shown in unmarked graves, despite we know they were buried there. especially where no Headstone was available in the cemeteries, but alot of work would be involved in this huge task.Hopefully one day this task could be done sometime in the future.

GOLLOPHerbert William GollopWould someone be able to take Cemetery Photographs of Headstones or Graves in the Sunbury Cemetery, Ontario, Canada.I am after a Photo of my Uncle Buried In This Cemetery.Herbert William Gollop Thanks to anyone who could help me living in Ontario Canada.

GOLLOPWilliam Gollop and Annie FostHi, Does anyone have any Photographs of William Gollop Born 1867 Charmouth, Dorset, England and Annie Fost Born 1865 Lyme Regis, Dorset, England. Or any of there known 10 Children.....Thanks if you can help me in My Family History Research.

GOOCHGOOCH/HARTi have looked on every page and found my great gran but cannot find any others especially oliver george hart who married alice susanah,who died in 1960/he went on to marry emily dorothy may gooch,but cant find graves in any of your cems any ideas please

GOOCHthank youthanks to all who have taken the time to photograph the graves. Greatly appreciated.

GOODALLThank you so much for the Goodall gravestone photoI really appreciate your sending the photo of Arthur Walter Goodall and Edna Luella Goodall. It is nice to have this photo to put into the familly history files. Arthur had four daughters and three boys in order: Mary Ruth, Helen, Bernie (f), Arthur Lawrence, Edna Victoria, John Goodall and William Alex. My father was Arthur Lawrence Goodall.

GOODALLNot happy I'm not happy a photo of my grandparents and father's grave stone is on here, its a special private place for me ,most of my family are buried in the same graveyard, I don't like it being on here it's a lack of respect to my family .

GOODALLSearch for Grave in Armly Hill Top CemeteryI came across this site through Ancestery and I have found it very good, I was search for Brenda and William Goodall who are my great Aunt and Uncle on my MOther's side of the family. Well done and thank you.

GOODCHILDMy Uncle Robert Matthew Goodchild was buMy Uncle Robert Matthew Goodchild was buried in Rushmere Cemetery in 1938. It was a Military funeral and a headstone was erected.It doesn't appear on any lists. I believe it was removed and placed near a wall-but I don't know where or when.Is there anyway I can find out, as I would like a copy of it. Many thanks Margaret Baxter .... more

GOODCHILDGoodchild Family TreeExcellent resource, i found this site very helpful in learning more about my family history, hope that people can join in the searches by taking local photograghs of their Graveyard. Thank you for the resource/photo

GOODEGOODE/LUKE/THOMAS/WILLIAMSMany thanks for the prompt return of the gravestone image I was searching for. At the present time it looks like the details don't fit the people I was researching as they're buried far from their living base in Wales. Have kept the image though in case further details show they did move further afield. Julie

GOODGERThankyouThankyou for the photos of grave nan0109 Nanango cemetery. Just a couple of mistakes. Martha Mary Goodger (maiden name SCOTT), is the wife of Vernon Goodger, Lloyd McKenzie Goodger is Martha Mary's & Vernon's son. Alwyn Richard Goodger is also their son. Dorothy Nina (maiden name Burrowes) is the wife of Alwyn Richard Goodger. .... more

GOODINGPhotos of ancestor's grave stonesThank you so much Charles for sending the photos of my Gt Gt Gt Grandmother who is buried in Barham, Suffolk also that of my Gt Gt Uncle buried in Ipswich, Suffolk.I am very grateful and will add these to my research on the Gooding family tree. Regards Trevor Gooding

GOODRUMBrilliant serviceMyhill name has just appeared in my family research, with your help I hope to find out more!!!

GOODWILLGrave photo'sThankyou so much for the photo's and the wonderful service you are providing.

GOODWINSincere thanksThis is a wonderful and generous service. Sincere thanks to Charles. Without him, I would never have seen the grave of my great-grandfather.

GOODWINGoodwinSincere thanks - what a brilliant site. I only came across you by accident. Extremely good service, my photo arrived within hours - I couldn't believe it.

GORDONSeeking 1984 N.Walsham grave of Lt Col Charles Alexander Cosmo GordonI hope someone can help. I am seeking the grave of Lt Col Charles Alexander Cosmo Gordon who died in North Walsham in 1984 aged 89. A high resolution printable photo would also be hugely appreciated!! Regards, Alistair Gordon .... more

GORDONWilliam Ross GordonThis is a very good website, lovely clear large photos, and such a help to researchers who can't get around to all the cemeteries down here in Australia. Thank you so much for all your help Charles and your email back to me. I would highly recommend this website to others looking for their loved ones.

GORDONComment on the web SearchI was impressed how easy it was to find the first grave I looked for. Great. However as the database is already huge, so I find other searches difficult. I suggest we need a double search mask; For example: Country and person's name. .... more

GORMANgrave photographthank you very much for your prompt reply, as we live in new zealand it would not be possible to view without your kind help, regards john

GORRELLGORRELL; CONIAM; SLEE; HARDINGThank you for the picture of the gravestone of Louisa Gorrell. Great site!!

GORRINGEFamily graveThank you so very much for your prompt response. The photo display is excellent and very much appreciated. A wonderful service.

GOSLINGPictures helpedThank you for this website and for providing the photo of my grandmother's grave. We had been to the cemetery and were looking for the wrong shape gravestone. Once we had the picture we found the grave straight away.

GOSSA great serviceThank you so much for the photos I received today, wasn't expecting them for a few days as we are in the middle of the Easter break. The have brought my research on Charles Louis Goss to a perfect end . (unless someone out there has a picture of him for which I would be very grateful)

GOUGHThank you for your prompt reply. The phoThank you for your prompt reply. The photo will now go into our family memorabilia.

GOUGHCommentsWhat a great website for all genealogists out there. Such a great idea and so useful for all of us that cannot travel very far, thank you.

GOUGHGOUGH / DARLINGTON / JESSEGreat website - very useful and helpful for people researching family history. Very easy to search.

GOUGHGreat serviceThank you very much for creating such a great service. I hope you are proud of what you have achieved. Your speedy and professional approach is also very much appreciated.

GOULDwonderful siteMany thanks for this wonderful site and for sending the image back so quickly.

GOULDWow! What a fantastic service to offer. Wow! What a fantastic service to offer. One to find an ancestor that has a headstone is a start, and it was not always the cost. So. a BIG thank you, for the image of the headstone

GOULDThanksThanks very much for the requested photo of the grave of Auriol Stephen Nutcombe Gould. We have his date of birth as 1924.

GOULDBOURNEGreat SiteMany thanks for providing a photo so promptly. Greatly appreciated. Fantastic site. I will be using this site in future. Once again thankyou.

GOUNDRILLResponse to Photo requestsCharles, I would like to send you my sincere thanks for the very prompt and accurate response to my 3 photo requests I feel that the service you provide is excellent, keep up the good work !

GOVANJohn George Govan gravestonewith a redirection of my last comment I am not certain whether my comment was lost...... anyhow I wanted to point out that your database identifies John George Govan and all other names on the gravestone as Covan. In looking at the gravestone I realize it is pretty difficult to distinguish between a G and C. By the way .......... thanks for doing this! It really helps tracking down Scottish ancestors when you live in Canada. Allen Maclure .... more

GOWERMany thanksThanks for all the trouble you and your volunteers have gone to, to put this whole site together and fill it with images. I will have to visit St Mary's Leigh and have a look for myself.

GOWERSGravestone of Ada and JackOnce again thank you for the photo and your excellent speedy service. This is a very worthwhile site and I wiil do my best to forward photos to add to your collection. Regards, Ian

GOWINGExcellent service!This is such an excellent service!! Hard work much appreciated

GRACEFeedbackThis is a great service and my request was answered in a very timely fashion. Thanks Charles.

GRAHAMGravestone PhotoI would like to thank you for the gravestone photo of George Robert Reed Graham. It is a lovely clear image to add to the family tree.

GRAHAMTempest as a female given nameRev Henry E Graham's sister was Ellen Tempest (Hicks) - trying to find why she had the middle name i.e. the link to the Tempest family. My family (Hughes/Marshall) also used Tempest as female name.

GRAHAMGraham/StuddMany thanks for the headstone photo.

GRAHAMChristopher Graham and kin memorial in St. Saviour's DartmouthThank you for making this high resolution image available. I was able to add a little to the details of those mentioned on the stone. The details for the person named at the bottom of the stone, Richard Furneaux Weekes, were not clear on this image, as is often the case for such entries closest to the ground. But a clearer image was found on Google earth's resource and the details found there have been added to correct some errors in the entry here.

GRAHAMMalcolm + Emma GRAHAM family in ARGENTINAThank you for the really helpful headstone image for Ronald Livingstone GRAHAM and Roland Douglas GRAHAM. Does anyone know more of Edgar Colin GRAHAM also born Rosario 8 February 1888?

GRAHAMPhoto requestThank you so much for the very quick response to my request for a copy of the photo. It helped in my research. This site is new to me, and will be bookmarked for future reference, incredibly useful. The main family I am researching is Gass, mainly from Annan, but Simon Forrest Graham is a cousin, and I would love to hear from anyone researching along similar lines.

GRAHAMEWar GraveThanks for helping me get a picture of the World War I grave stone I was looking for

GRAINGERGrainger tombstoneMany thanks for your help and cooperation in sending me an image , I appreciate the work you do is voluntary and I think it is a great help to many who are researching their ancestory. I hope this service will continue to benefit others and I hope I can help in the near future with photographs. Many thanks.

GRANDISONThank you for providing such an excellenThank you for providing such an excellent resource.

GRANGEHelen GrangeMany thanks for the photo of my Great-grandmother's grave and that of my great Aunt. I had no idea that such a resource existed. I found your site quite by accident. Helen had a sad life, so it is comforting that I can acknowledge her resting place in my family research. Thank you again for your efforts.

GRANGERGRANGER/GRAINGERThanks for your speedy reply, I will have to do some further research...many thanks.

GRANTThank youThank you. The confirmation came quickly and now I am eagerly awaiting the photo that I requested. I will try to be patient. :)

GRANTThank youThis is the first website i have gotten anywhere with. I finally feel like I'm starting making progress in my family history

GRANTMany thanks for a wonderful site.My husband and I much appreciate the work of Charles Sale and others in providing this invaluable site. Had almost given up hope of ever tracing this grave

GRANTBrillliant SiteThankyou so much for providing this site for those of us on the other side of the world unable to get there to take the photographs for ourselves!! Just Brilliant!!

GRANTThanks very much, you made it so easy toThanks very much, you made it so easy to obtain the photos of the graves.

GRAVENERmuch needed resourceMany thanks for providing a much needed resource for family research

GRAVERUsefulnessThis is a very useful resource tool when it is difficult to get to places. There are not many gravestones to members of the Graver family as they were very poor [mostly from the workhouse in Docking], but Easter Graver I suspect, was quite well off.

GRAVESONThanksWhat a great service this is. My photo arrived within a day of the request. A big thanks to all those volunteers involved with this project. Keep up the good work

GRAVESONPhotoThank you so much for the photo keep up the good work.

GRAYFantastc siteThis is a really easy site to use, the facility to order name searches by county is invaluable in tracing family graves. The quality of the images is wonderful and its marvellous to have a visual record from places which would be very difficult for me to visit. A true labour of love!

GRAYI am looking for my grandmother's grave Edith Gray My mother is 98 and wants to to find her mother Edith Gray who died 11 march 1923 aged 36 at110 Beechwood Drive Partick Glasgow. We live in Australia and I want to find her before my mother dies.

GRAYGRAY, FELLThanks to all concerned for the photograph. It has helped me place people in the Family Tree as I did not have accurate dates until now... A great resource..

GRAYA big thank you!!Thank you so much Charles for sending me the headstone photo of Henry Gray (1868-1945) and Annie (Mackay) Gray (1863-1949). Henry Gray was my Great Great Uncle and Annie (Mackay) Gray was my Great Great Aunt. Again your help is greatly appreciated. You have a great website!!

GRAY / MITCHESONThanksThis is a remarkably altruistic scheme- many thanks for helping to shine light on some of the daarker corners of family history

GREANEYGREANEY origin New Casstle Limerick moved to LondonThank you once again for this. I have been able to trace several old graves and keep coming back. Is anyone working on St. Marylebone cemetery? My Granny and Granddad Isabella (nee WHITTOME) and Percy BLISS are buried there but I have no photo

GREATBATCHGood work !Thanks for the picture and the work done. I added the info I have for these persons. Regards from Corsica Isl.

GREAVESSamuel and Elizabeth GreavesAlthough I did not 'find' my ancestor I am very impressed with the awsome work being done and so therefor I will be sending Charles photos of my UK headstones to help him with his database. Judith Gardiner Wellington, New Zealand

GREAVESThank you for the picture I requested. IThank you for the picture I requested. I'v just started my search, so I'll be using you a lot.

GREAVESGravestoneThank-you so much for the information in Your resource it will prove invaluable.

GREAVESThankyouMany Thanks to all those who made your web site a excellent one. This site gives help to family researchers who cannot visit these graves.

GREAVESGreavesThanks again for a great service. I am slowly tracking down this family and each time I can also add a little more to my files. It helps when you are in New Zealand.

GREAVESBetty May ToppleGrave marker for Betty May Topple born Greaves. Thank you for the email received within 24hrs and for taking the trouble to photograph. Happy to hear from any relatives. Betty's father Joe was brother to my grandfather Harry Greaves.

GREENThank youThank you Charles for the two phtos sent so speedily. Not only are they grat phots, but they add much valued information to my family tree.

GREENthank youThank you Charles for the i9mages of my great granparents grave stones which also bear the names of two of their children./ this will be so helpful in continuing my research into this side of my family. Once again so many thanks. Your work is brilliant.

GREENEmma GreenThankyou for sending me this image so quickly. As I live in Australia, it is impossible for me to visit cemeteries of ancestors so this is so exciting for me to receive this photograph. I am researching my family tree and this is a photo of the grave of my great grandparents. Thankyou so much.

GREENCannot upload information on familyI used the link in the email reply to my request of a gravestone image to update information. The upload came back in error. I tried a shorter response but still an error. Also have pictures of this family and their children. Is there an interest to upload those?

GREENSkipper John GreenWe didn't know that my great grandfather John Green had made skipper and had no idea where he and my grandmother were buried. Your website has proved it's worth again - twice in one day. Thank you very much!

GREENThankyouHello thankyou for the images I have requested They have helped me a great deal with my family research. I live in Australia and think it is wonderful that I can recieve photo images of my ancestors through this site. Thankyou again Cheryl

GREENElizabeth GreenMany thanks for the photo of the grave of my 4x Gt,Grandmother.

GREENGrave stoneThank you so much for your help in finding the gravestone of my relatives. The service was quick helpful and friendly

GREENWhat a fantastic resourceContacted the Gravestone Photographic Resource yesterday evening and already had a reply with a link to the photo of Fredric Green Head Stone. This is a great resource if you are researching your family tree and cannot get to see where your your love ones final resting place is. That your Charles for providing excellent service, Thank You

GREENACREGravestone for James & Mary GreenacreTotally amazed that I was able to view the gravestone of James & Mary Greenacre from Norfolk. It makes a great addition to the family history research! Thanks so much for the prompt delivery of the picture and the work you freely gave!

GREENE ThanksThank you for sending me the image of the brass memorial plaque commemorating the late Reginald Downes Greene of Stratford-on-Avon, this has been a great favour and has helped considerably with my researches. .... more

GREENERMany thanksA wonderful resource for everyone

GREENHAFFGreenhaffs / Greenhoffs / Grinhaffs / GreenhoughI would love to see graves for my Greenhaff (et al) family from the Forest of Dean area of Gloucestershire. According to the site they would be in Drybrook, Holy Trinity; Cinderford, St John; Ruardean, St John The Baptist; St Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean. Also interesetd in any Harris family in the above or at Westbury on Severn, St Peter & St Paul. Thanks .... more

GREENHILLAlfred George GreenhillThanks for providing the Gravestone pictures,. It looks like you have Alfred George, his parents, and maternal Grandmother listed in the Ladywell cemetery.

GREENHILLLouisa Greenhill informationTo add to the information provided with the gravestone transcript Louisa Born 1812 Thomas 1809-1891 Hester Must be Sister of Louisa, Born 1826, Mother of Louisa was also Hester. Louisa Elizabeth, Daughter of Louisa Born 1844 Thomas and Louisa Parents of Alfred George Greenhill

GREENWAYCorrectionOn the information showing Capt. John James K. Greenway buried 1932. It should be Capt. John Jameson Kelynge Greenway RA born 1874 died 1932. He was my grandfather.

GREENWAYThank youWhat a marvellous resource this is! Thank you so much to all the volunteers.

GREETHAMRev. John Knight GreethamIt was a really pleasure to find a site that has an extensive collection of Grave photographs from around the UK. An an added bonus to find an image of a grave stone of one of my Ancestors. Keep up the good work!

GREETHAMThanksThanks for the photo. An excellent site.

GREGERSENMinor errrorthe name of one of the daughter's should be ELFIE, not Elife as you have it. It is quite clear on one of the loose stones. .... more

GREGORYThanks for help with image of gravestoneThanks so much to Charles Sale, who went to a great deal of trouble to provide a number of very helpful links in connection with my family history research as well as an enlarged image of the gravestone I was interested in.Many thanksAnne Kimber

GRESHAM SKEPPERThankyou for the image, am being blown aThankyou for the image, am being blown away by the Greshams. Most of my family are farmers and small business owners, some orphans and and non law abiding citizens. The Greshams have added some upper class intrigue to the research.

GREYHumphrey Grey birth and death datesHi, I just noticed that the dates for Humphrey may have been misread due to the condition of the grave. It reads Humphrey Grey 1817 68 1749 husband of Catherine Grey Humphrey died in 1868 aged 88 years hence birth year is 1780 Grey. – On 4th May, at his residence, Eastbourne, Avoca, Humphrey Grey, Esq, aged 88 years. Family Notices. (1868, May 21). The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954), p. 2. Retrieved March 25, 2015, article8852309 I would love to hear from any other relatives interested in this family. I too am descended from Humphrey. Please email me on Thankyou Ian Humphrey Grey 1817 68 1749 husband of Catherine Grey .... more

GRIBBLEUseful resourceGreat idea to gather this information. Does anyone have any Gribble gravestone pictures from Bristol area, Gloucester or Swindon please?

GRIERSONGRIERSON, GREEN, SCOTTI stumbled across this website - and it is invaluable for the information and images found. I have located 2 gravestones, and 8 people. I do not live in the UK and am researching my son-in-law's family for him and his mother. I will return to this site as my list of names increases.

GRIERSONI tried to leave a request/questionHi, I have been trying to request images of my husbands Uncle and his family that I have found in Wide Bay, Qld. I have put thru 2 requests and no answer. When I try to leave help request it comes back as Spam - my email is not spam. Please help!! .... more

GRIFFINThank YouThank you for sending the photo. You are a star. It will hell loads.

GRIFFITHSBrian Rourke GriffithsI recently came across Brian as my wife's 3rd or 4th cousin. Without this very helpful site I would have hit a brick wall. Now I've got several leads to follow up. An extremely useful site.

GRIFFITHSI have the complete photos of the gravesI have the complete photos of the gravestones in St Marys Church, Slough, UK but your site is not working. Can yo let me know when it is available again please?

GRIFFTIHSGriffithsGriffiths is such a diffcult name to research, so far so good. But I will just keep digging. Regards Sylvia

GRIMBLEBYThank youThank you so much for adding the Barrow upon Humber gravestone photographs. Much of my family lived there in the 19th century. These photos have really helped to fill in gaps in my family history research

GRIMESPictures of certain tombstones.I am looking for pictures in the Cemetary in Felmingham Parish, Norfolk, England. I think it is St. Andrews. I am especially interested in pictures of stones for Thomas and Ann Grimes.


GRIMSEYappreciationThank you Charles for your rapid service. Most interesting to see how many pictures of the grimseys you had.

GRIMSHAWgrave pictureA really quick response to my email. Your site is one of the best i have been on. It is simple and easy. I regularly visit lastingham church and have quite a few grave phots if they are of any use to you.Regards Paula

GRIMWADEGRIMWADE, HUGHMAN, WHYATT, ETCHello, I just want to thank you and all the volunteers for an amazing work, with such historic and social validity. Already this has helped tremendously with my family research. Keep up the GREAT work! J.

GRINDELLGeorge and Maria GrindellThank you Charles for the photo

GROATGeorge GroatI found this site very helpful and now hope to visit the cemetary with a much clearer idea of what I am looking for.

GROGANThis is an excellent resource. Have manThis is an excellent resource. Have managed to find information to help my son in law with his family tree. His mother's family,the Grogan's, came to England from Ireland and as her father died when she was only a young child she knowns very little about her paternal family.

GROUNDSGravestone photoThank you very much for all the thoughtful work you do!!

GROVESThank you to the volunteers who take theThank you to the volunteers who take the photos. This site was a great idea. It was a great help to me as getting to some of the villages where my ancesters lived can be a problem.

GROVESMaritime researchThe photo has been of great help in my research of Hartlepool shipowners. Many thanks

GRUNDEYThanksThanks for the gravestone photo

GRUNWELLThank YouThank you very much for the photo of Nicholas and Ann Grunwell.I have now added on my family tree next to their names. .... more

GUERINThank you! Thank you very much for the photo of the Safe grave at Cohuna. It is much appreciated especially as I live a distance from the Cemetery and am unable to visit it. Keep up the great work! It is really appreciated.

GUEVARAGreat servicereally useful - much appreciated. Was very close to home, but would never have known.

GUNNThank you to Charles SaleMany thanks to Charles for the prompt reply to my request for a photo of the George Gunn memorial at the Cramond graveyard. The information and layout on the website is a fine example of what should be done. Living so far away, I was able to easily access the information I wanted. Thanks you so much.

GUNNGeorge GunnThis is a great resource and being in New Zealand makes finding connections easier. Thankyou very much

GUNNJohn Henry & Annie GunnThank you so much for sending me an enlarged photo, I really do appreciate it. My dad was excited about seeing his grandparents grave for the first time. I look forward to the day when I can view it in person.

GUNNHelp!I requested the image of GPR grave number 30977): Isabella Capstaff Gunn my 3xgt grandmother & her family. You replied very quickly but unfortunately there was no image attached to the email. Am I missing a link?

GUNNSuperb service, thanks.After encountering a problem with not receiving any image attached to my email, Charles got back to me very quickly with a link I could use. The image is fantastic & has given me insight into a part of the family history I knew nothing about. What a fantastic site this is! Thanks so much.

GUNNThank YouOnce again, thank you so much for the service you provide. I have attempted to explain the complex relationship between Elizabeth Gunn and Patrick Campbell at the site for the grave monument.

GUNNERGunnerThank you for the photo. It is great that the graves are being saved like this before they deteriorate any further. I have been contacted by someone also researching the family.

GUNNERThank You.Just to say thank you so much for the service you provide.

GUNNERPamela Jacqueline Gunner buried in the British Cemetery at Erimi, Limassol, CyprusI would like to have contact with Pamela Jacqueline Gunner's relatives/children. Pamela was my cousin, and the daughter of my father's elder sister, Cornelia Jacqueline Lienard Stigner.

GUNNINGgunning gravefirst class service wish i'd found you sooner would have saved me a lot of time. Thanks again Gordon.

GUNTERHeadstone picThank you, very useful

GUSCOTTOld Town Municipal Park Cemetery BidefordThis is indeed a wonderfdul site Charles...thank you so very m,uch for the images you kindly sent. .... more

GUSTERSON Entry 30 - Sophia Custerson - the corr Entry 30 - Sophia Custerson - the correct transcription is GUSTERSON

GUTHRIE-STEVENSthanks for your help. Thanks for your help, much appreciated. regards Jennie

GUYfamily treethanks once again you have come up gravestone photo they has helped with dates on my family tree

GUYLEEGravestone image readible difficultyDear Sir, I wish to thank you so very much for sending to me ever so promptly the photo that I requested from The Banks Municipal Cemetery in Bingham, Nottinghamshire. I am referring to photo image BC CW 070; Grave Marker #465738 with Arthur Martin as the first person on the stone. The image that was sent is very lovely to have for our genealogical records especially since we live in Canada. However, I am wondering if the photographer of this stone has a written record of how the stone reads I would be forever grateful for that as well since the image is nearly impossible to read clearly the inscriptions for Arthur Martin, his wife; Elizabeth Martin, his daughter; Hannah Elizabeth Martin and his other daughter; Edith Whitley Guylee who is the ancestor that I am tracing. I am still delighted to have the photo of her final resting place but I would be very happy to know exactly what is written on the stone. The service that you provide to researchers like myself is phenomenal and it is a great asset to all of my fellow family historians alike. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for all the work that you do free of charge for us all.

GUYTONThank you so much!It has been wonderful to be able to see the headstones of family members from across the seas. Thank you to everyone who has given their time and effort for such a wonderful resource, especially Charles.

GWYTHERGravestone Photographic ResourceThis site and its kindly owner have provided fresh inspiration. Thank you.

HUFTONGEORGE HUFTON - So moving !Thanks for the photo of my father's ancestor, was very moved to read that he died at the early age of thirteen. Thank you for you service, much appreciated. Christine

HUTCHESONgemmell hutcheson son - GEORGE HUTCHESONGeorge was a victim in the first world war,must have died 1918.

PODSKALNYGERI PODSKALNYYour service is a great benefit to so many. I am truly grateful to have this monument photo. Many thanks for aiding in my ancestry search.

POTTERGEORGE POTTERGreat site... Hope to find potters related to me some from sussex and croydon surrey..

POTTERGEORGE POTTERGreat photo and clear not sure if its my potter.. who knows.. Thankyou

SWEENEYGeorge R. SweeneyGeorge Richard Sweeney was the publican of the Black Horse Inn of Thetford between 07.03.1929 to 1936. My G G Grandfather.

WOODGEORGE WOODI am delighted to find the grave of my late grandma's parents. I look forward to visiting the grave in the near future. Thank you. Regards Robert Law


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