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surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
FAIRBANKFAIRBANK GRAVESHi there, Wish photographs of Fairbank graves, but when I tried to fill in required form, it does not recognise my email address? Thank you. Maggie

FAIRBURNIt's a knock-out!Charles, This site is a knock-out, well it has knocked me sideways any taken my breath away! To think that I can sit here in Hull (East Yorkshire) and look back hundreds of years ago to see the head-stone of my long lost family in a hamlet miles off the beaten track in the Yorkshire dales is, to my way of thinking (being a 'silver-surfer') mind blowing. Well done. Ashley

FAIRBURNwell doneThank you to everyone who is working on this website. It's fantastic. I'm now living in New Zealand and can look at all the information and feel close to my roots even though I'm 12000 miles away. I return to this area every couple of years. Now I know the churches where some of my ancestors are laid to rest.

FAIRBURNThank youI hope to be able to fill in some gaps in my husbands tree with your help with this gravestone photo. Many thanks

FAIRBURNthanks againBeing able to view photographs rather than having to visit numerous graveyards is such a help to confirm family research, thank you once again

FAIRHEADFAIRHEAD / HASLAMA massive thank you to you and all your helpers that have given their time and effort to put items on this web site.

FAIRHURSTThis is a cool service. I would have nevThis is a cool service. I would have never guessed I could get a picture of a relative's headstone in another country. Thank you! I was able to confirm dates and names I was looking for.

FAIRLESSThank youI would like to say thank you very much for this wonderful information. It is thanks to sites like this and it's volunteers that family researchers like myself can gain info on their family members and be able to pass it on to others, so sharing and continue caring for our families. Not forgotten. Paula Nakhai Nee Locke.

FAIRSThank youJust a note to thank you for your speedy and efficient response to my request Best wishes. Marion Lenz

FAIRSThank youJust a note to thank you for your speedy and efficient response to my request Best wishes. Marion Lenz

FAIRSRebecca Pairs Entry 98 - Rebecca Pairs - the correct transcription is Fairs

FAIRWEATHERthank youthank you for the recent image for william fairweather and his wife ethel (nee mason). mmuch appreciated as always

FAIRWEATHERA great helpA great help in answering some questions about George and Bessie Fairweather. Thank you. Researching this for their great niece

FALDONGravestonesI think you do a splendid service. You can gain so much information from gravestones to add to the family tree, so thank you.

FANTHORPEFANTHORPE JOHNThank you so much for sending the photo I requested so quickly. The quality is wonderful. This is the first photo I have managed to find. Your site has spurred me on to keep looking. Your site is a wonderful help in researching my family.

FARBRIDGEThank you.Thank you for your image of the Farbridge gravestone at Blanchland, Northumberland, the information on there has been a big help in extending my research into my ancestors. .... more

FARMANThanksReally quick response. This is a great resource! Thank you.

FARMARName CorrectionsAnnette Emily Berkeley Farman (should read Farmar) Emily Jane Fogo was the above noted woman's mother Major G L Atterbury Farmar (should read C L Atterbury Farmar - for Charles Louis Atterbury Farmar) This was Emily Jane's husband. .... more

FARMERYFarmery in StaveleyVery quick response to my request for two pictures. A great website for those of undertaking a one-name study. Many thanks! .... more

FARNELLFARNELL/FARNALLCharles, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate these ancestral grave pictures. You're so awesome! Thanks for such an expeditious response! Keep up the good work!

FARQUHARThanksThank you for helping me find the graves of many of my Caithness relatives and family, it has helped me towards completion of my family tree.

FARRARGravestonesI can't believe people do not thank you for this service. I think it is awesome and am extremely appreciative!! I wish more people would do this.

FARRELLYFarrelly's of FarnleyJust found my Gt Gt grandparents. What a fantastic website! Excellent clear photos! Many thanks again.

FARROW gravestonesThankyou once again for Farrow gravestone photos ,also the Pope family

FARROWFARROW, WOOLLARDExcellent photographs and solved a mystery in my family tree research, quick and efficient service and will be making a donation a.s.a.p

FARROWthank youthanks once again for your help with the gravestone image of my ancestors

FAULDINGFauldingWhat a great site, with out people's help I would have never seen this, thanks

FAULDINGFauldingThanks once again

FAULKNERLiffenCharles Sale....Thank you for the two photographs

FAWCETTFawcett family, YorkshireJust discovered this website and already found one headstone that belongs to my family lineage. My research is the family lineage of Thomas Fawcett, born 1869, Soothill, to 1958. Thank you to this website for the wonderful work put in to find the gravestones of our families.

FEARFantastic site. Wonderful gift to genealogistsThis is so fantastic. I was able to find the gravestone of my great grandparents, and my great great grandparents. Thank you so so much.

FEATHERSTONEThank youI was thrilled to see the headstone for my great great great grandparents. Again my sincere thanks. Peter

FEATHERSTONENorah FeatherstoneThanks so much for the very clear picture of this gravestone - I have been looking for Norah for nearly 10 years, and now when we are in the South West, shall be able to go and visit abd see the stone for myself.

FEATHERSTONEWrong date of burialThe burial of Herbert Henry Featherstone at Collingham was in 1965 not 1968. .... more

FEATHERSTONEMary Ann FeatherstoneMary Ann is the wife of William Henry born 13.Apr 1855. More info at .... more

FEATHERSTONESOMERSET and SUSSEX CONNECTIONS: FEATHERSTONE, EDWARDS, PARSONSFantastic photographs which have proven very helpful. Several names on War Memorials which were wonderful to find. Thank you from a very grateful Australian.

FEAVIOURFEAVIOUR/FEVIER/FEVYERThank you so much for this great resource.

FEINSTEINKrougliakoffThank you so much for making these photos available, and for responding to my request so quickly. This is a wonderful service that you provide! I hope you will be expanding your coverage to add other countries (e.g., Hungary, Israel, Russia) where my ancestors were buried. Thank you again!

FELBRIGGFELBRIGGWow! Thank you so much for the pictures of Symond de Felbrigg I hope to visit some day.

FELLERSThank youThank you. I will see if this is one of my relations. Best Regards. Wendy

FELLINGHAMWrong date of birthRe JOYCE DOREEN FELLINGHAM. Correct year of birth is 1926. ( My Mother)

FELLOWSPhotosJust want to say thanks for keeping these records and for allowing access to the photos - keep up the good work.

FELTHAMThank you for the photographs. The qualiThank you for the photographs. The quality is excellent.

FENBYCatherine FenbyThank you very much for the lovely photo of Catherine this web site is brilliant and the service provided is first class.

FENDERWhat a fantastic site! I came across it What a fantastic site! I came across it by accident. Can' t wait so see some submissions from swansea. I will get my camera out! I am researching the welsh Fender line. Paricularly the 1st Fender to settle in britain from germany. Any help would be great. .... more

FENEMOREFenemore FamilyThank you for this wonderful service. Although the headstone is illegible, it is still good to know my ancestors'final resting place.

FENNINGFenning burials in SuffolkI have been searching for headstone transcriptions in St. Martins, Nacton for James Fenning buried there on the 29th of November 1857, Elizabeth Rachel Fenning (nee Fish) aged 29 buried on the 27th of April 1803 and Charles Fennings (infant) buried on the 11th of August 1803, however there does not appear to be any reference to them on this website. Is it possible that St. Martins has an older graveyard not yet referenced? Thanks .... more

FENTONEdwin William LineThank you so much for the image of Edwin's gravestone. There is so much useful information on these that cannot be found elsewhere, especially infants that were born and sadly died in between census dates. Many of the graveyards of my ancestors have been cleared and very little is recorded. Keep up the good work. Thanks again Martyn Berry

FENWICKfenwickMy thanks to everyone that have contributed to this site. You are little angels in my eyes.

FERENELYThanksThanks for the images of Ferenely gravestones and for all your hard work running this site

FERGUSONFergusonMany thanks for your very prompt service. Its great to find something no matter how small, but my research goes on for any information on Isabella Taylor (nee Ferguson)and her husband Robert Taylor arrival in NZ from South Africa 1864

FERGUSSON, OTHERSMany thanks for this siteGreat site and will save me lots of time and travel cost!

FERNIEIsaac & Mary FernieI know that they were married in Co. Durham & they are buried in Linthorpe Cemetery Middlesbrough. I would like to find out more about the Thompson/Fernie families And possibly a pic of their grave.

FERRIERThank you for the image of Ann Ferrier's GravestoneThank you for the time you put into preserving these records. This image and the information on it helps to open a few more of my ancestor doors.

FEWINGSThanksThank you so much for all your time and effort in providing this valuable service

FEWSONJohn FewsonThank you so much for the photos of the gravestone of John Fewson. As we don't have any photos of the Fewson families, at least the photo of the grave is something to have. Thanks for the time and effort you put in to take these photos and also for your prompt reply.

FFENNELLThank you Charles for your very swift anThank you Charles for your very swift and helpful response with interesting / helpful links. Much appreciated that you took the time to respond.

FIDGEThanksMany thanks Charles. What a great resource for we 'armchair' genealogists.

FIDLERA GREAT BIG THANK YOUMany many thanks for the time and effort you have put into building this site. Thank you so much not just from me, but also from Steve Fidler on whose behalf I am doing family ancestry research. Having such a visual reference as a headstone, makes this whole project and journey so much more real for both of us. Came looking for his gt-gt-grandfather (Thomas Fidler), but found that the headstone carries details of gt-gt grandmother AND gt-gt-gt grandfather and other family relatives. Wishing you all every success for the future. Best wishes from Mike Thomas and Steve Fidler.

FIDLERMANY THANKSMany thanks for the sterling efforts of the individuals and teams involved in bringing this site and facility to life. As a part-time ancestry researcher for friends and family, the reaction when one can produce such detail and images as you now provide is overwhelming and very, very much appreciated by the families concerned; even more so nowadays with extended families spread across the country and, indeed, world.

FIELDThank youThank you for your excellent service - very prompt reply and good image. Very helpful for adding to the Family Tree

FIELDHOUSEHeadstoneThank you so much for the quick response to my photograph request. They have provided me with information I did not have.

FIELDING WALLISFamily researchWonderful service. I had access to a high res image of the gravestone in minutes after sending the request (which I couldn't find in Richmond cemetery after a long physical search). Thank you very much.

FIGGESSThis is a very impressive service. I reqThis is a very impressive service. I requested photo`s during the Christmas holiday period and received a response within 24 hours.

FILSELLThankyou so much for the photos.Much appThankyou so much for the photos.Much appreciated.

FINCHthanks for the helping handAn excelent service to people gathering material for their family tree,and in this day FREE.

FINCHThanksThank you once again, Charles

FINNERANVery helpfulPhotographs have been very helpful. Thank you for all your efforts.

FINNIE Gravestone of Isabella McEwenThank you so much for this, Charles. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for providing me with this image, and for your generosity in sharing your images with us all. Kind regards, Lynne.

FIRBANKLeonard Hornsy and Heather Grace Oakley HornseyThis resource has helped to fill in a piece of family history for me that otherwise I would not have discovered. I had a reply within 24 hours - amazing! Many thanks .... more

FIRMINGERnicholas firmingerA brilliant site, invaluable. Thank you for the image of Nicholas Firminger's headstone. It has helped me trace my family further back than I ever thought possible.

FIRMINGERMany thanksThank you for your help in assisting with our research into the history of our property. According to the Land Tax Assessment in 1791, Nicholas Firminger owned our property. Great website, very infomative.

FIRTHA Massive Thank YouNow being disabled I am no longer able to visit my parents graveside and by having the photo you have ever so kindly supplied, means I can in my own little way still visit them. I can not thank you enough for the swift reply and utmost professionalism of the work you are doing. Mr G M Firth

FIRTHMany thanksWhat a great resource you have provided.

FISHERWhat a brilliant resource! Why have I not found this earlier? Thank you to all those who have put this site together and contributed to it.

FISHEREdmund Fisher headstone.Thank you for the headstone photograph. The content was very helpful in verifying dates.

FISHWICKJoyce Madeline FishwickExcellent service. Very quick response. Many thanks for your time. Judy Martin

FISHWICKPhotoThank you so much for the link to the enlarged photo of the gravestone I requested it was much appreciated and very quick.

FISHWICKFairfax Fishwick graveThank you for supplying the image of the grave. Your website is outstanding and you must be proud of it.It has helped us link the Fishwick's of Appledore, Devon to families in Liverpoo.

FISKENExcellent ServiceImpressed with the service and quality of photograph. Many Thanks

FITCHThanksCharles, once again I have to thank you for the quick response to m request. Your site is a wonderful service to all those interested in their forefathers. I recommend your service to all tha contacts that I make.My sincere thanks,Marina

FITTONThank you very much for the service you Thank you very much for the service you provide.

FITZGERALDThank youWonderfully clear image of the Dance grave. Much appreciated.

FLACKThank youThank you for allowing me to access one of the gravestone pictures, it was very helpful. Just wondering - was looking at Twickenham cemetery where I know my grandparents are buried but their name does not appear. Are only some of the graves photographed to date?


FLEMINGA most useful resource. Many thanks for A most useful resource. Many thanks for your hard work.

FLEMING Your detailThank you very much for the service you provide to families who are looking up their ancestry. I was so surprised and pleased to find my grandfather and grandmother's inscriptions and even better the photograph of their grave on your website.

FLEMINGThank you! Thank you so much for your speedy informative reply - this has been a huge help for my family research and I'm looking forward to accessing the links you've provided.

FLETCHERThank you for fast efficient and friendly serviceThank you for your fast, efficent and friendly service. Fantastic website! Well done!

FLETCHERFAMILY HISTORYThank you for the speedy service. The photo has filled a gap in our search

FLETCHERPlease note that Margaret Crane / FletchPlease note that Margaret Crane / Fletcher died in 1873. .... more

FLETCHERThankyouThank you, this is a wonderful service provided. I will certainly be visiting the grave. I would like to help if possible photographing in my local area to assist others the same.

FLETCHERJane Fletcher and parents, George and Jane.Many thanks to all concerned in providing me with the image of the headstone of my Great,great grandparents. With gratitude, Anne B.

FLETCHERWilliam Fletcher - Pioneer of Port BotanyI am searching for information about William Fletcher who lived at Yering near Melbourne until 1853 when he returned to England. Was pleased to find a picture of his resting place on this site. Many thanks for it. Great site.

FLETCHERWell Done!!This is a great service. Very efficient and I found a number of headstones and a few new relatives. A big thank you to both Charles and those volunteers who made it possible. Lots more to look at but sooo helpful!

FLINTFLINT, WALKERThanks, this is really useful, especially as I live abroad and so have limited opportunities to visit the graveyard

FLINTPhotosThank you so much for the work in preserving the headstones of these people. I appreciate the transcriptions as well. This has been very helpful. Janice

FLITCHERname correctionJames Flitcher on the grave should be James Fletcher. A well known family in Wollombi NSW. He was married to Matilda Williams (nee Primer). Thank you for the opportunity to look at these graves and also add corrections. Great site thank you

FLORYA Massive Thank YouWhat a fantastic job you have done here! Your hard work is very much appreciated and has helped me in my quest researching the Flory's. Thank You.

FLOUNDERSFlounders in Berwick upon TweedThank you very much for the pictures you supplied of several ancestors graves from the Flounders family in Berwick upon Tweed. I had traced my ancestors back to Berwick but the church warden could not find any graves listed in their records for the Flounders family which was leading me to believe I was researching the wrong area.

FLOUNDERSBerwick Holy Trinity church I would like to thank Gravestone Photographic Resource who helped me to confirm residence of my ancestors in Berwick with their photographs of gravestones as these gravestones have now been removed.

FLOWERSMany ThanksThank you Charles, for your prompt and outstanding service, for the photo of the headstone I requested,very much appreciated indeed,

FLUXThank YouExcellent service! Thank you for your kind help. .... more

FLYNNThank youThank you for a very valuable piece of my family history puzzle. You provide a very valuable resource for people researching their family history and it is very much appreciated by this particular researcher.

FLYNNThank you very much for the headstone phThank you very much for the headstone photograph.

FNLAYSONFNLAYSON & HARROWPleae thank all the volunteers photographers for their brilliant service which is so precious for overseas genealogist. On the image = Annie DUNNET is the aunt (not wife)of Alexander FINLAYSON who did not marry. Avis

FOGERTYThanksThank you for the photos. They have cleared up a couple of mysteries.

FOGGOThank youI really appreciate your sending the very clear photo of Thomas Foggo so quickly. What a wonderful service for those of us who live so far away.

FOGGONFantastic web site also very fast serviceDear Charles. Thank you so much for your fast reply and the gravestone image which has helped me greatly, unfortunately the James Foggon shown on the headstone is not the one I was hoping to find, having the parents names on it was the the give away. The James Foggon I have in my tree was born in 1820 in Thropton Rothbury and his father was a Thomas Foggon but the mothers name was Ann Young not Isabella, probably related somewhere along the line. Thank you once again for your speedy help. Very kind wishes. William Reay South Yorkshire.

FOLDSLooking for FoldsI am researching my family tree and would be very interested to make contact with anyone descended from Folds of the Kings Walden, Ley Green, Frogmore, Breachwood Green areas. Of specific interest are the Folds descended from John Folds 1741-1820, who came down from Burnley to work as a carpenter at Luton Hoo. He would be my 4 x Gt Grandfather and I am a descendent of his grandson Obadiah.

FOLEYGravestone of Thomas & Amy FoleyThank you so much for your quick response. Living in Australia makes things so much more difficult and your wonderful service is a great help. Congratulations to all involved.

FOLEYFoley family plotsThank you for dedicating your time and sharing this valuable resource free of charge.

FOLEYGravestone Photograph: John Whitefield Foley ( Bideford East the Water)Thank you very much for this photograph, which was very informative. John Whitefield Foley was my Great Grandfather. My father was William Henry Foley.

FOLEYLooking for information re: Augustine FoleyA great service and assistance for those trying to track down relatives

FOLLETTFollett FamilyThank you for a wonderful and free resource. Very much appreciated. I found also a photo of John Wenban in the Wilberforce Cemetery, NSW. Best Regards.

FOLLEYGravestone Photoographs for William Folley x2 , and Frederick FoleyMany thanks for providing these images, which may be helpful in my family research.

FONEMaud Mary (nee Clark)Visiting graveyards is now sadly beyond us due to my wife’s illness, but this resource has helped us with our internet based research. Many thanks to you and all the volunteers for this website.

FONROBERTGreat ResourceExcellent resource and many thanks. For future researchers, be advised that other family members are buried here including the wife of Charles Louis Fonrobert, Sophie Florentine Ida, and at least his daughter Florentine Louise Agnes Fonrobert whose son in law, artist Richard Daniel Fabricius, created the kneeling angels of the gravesite monument. Other family members are likely buried here also.

FOOTEThank you! Great resource for genealogistsThis is an excellent site! Very easy to navigate and obtain information. My thanks and compliments to you.

FOQUETTThanks for a great service.Thanks for a great service.

FORDThanks for your helpThank you for finding the photo of my nan & grandad Fords grave.When i saw it as a child it was a full grave,and now just a headstone,so when we go down to Devon to visit the grave we know what to look for,plus i can show the children the picture.Many thanks this is a fantastic service.kind regards julie.

FORDThomas & Hannah FordThank-you Charles, this website is a fantastic resource for family research. Congratulations well done Tracey (Australia)

FORDThank you!What an amazing service, thank you so much! I have just been able to find out so much about my family with a few clicks of a mouse. Thanks for the photo of their grave.

FORDCharles Pearson FordI found this site via Ancestry, and the picture of the headstone confirmed the dates of my third cousin.

FORDHAMI own a cased double rifle made for W A I own a cased double rifle made for W A Fordham. I am trying to find out as much as I can about him. Thanks for your help.

FOREMANThanksI believe Jemima Foreman is a distrant relative of mine. Thanks GPR for the photo and helping me with my research

FORGANGravestone photo ForganMy sincere thanks for your speedy response to my request for a photo. Ordered yesterday and received this morning. Excellent photo. Regards, Ian

FORGANGreat serviceThanks for the swift reply to my query. I had the detailed photo the next day and it has helped in my family research

FORMANFORMAN/FOREMANThank you, Charles, for making these photos available to us. I was able to read the birth and death dates on the stone, and they added an important set of clues to my search that I probably couldn't have found elsewhere ... searching from Arizona! .... more


FORRESTFORREST/DENDLEThank you for providing such a great service. I live in South Australia and to be able to see headstone of my ancestors in England, Scotland is fantastic. Many thanks Lyn

FORRESTForrestWebsite was very helpful as my family originated from Yorkshire and as I now live over two hours' drive away, I cannot easily get back to look around the local cemeteries.

FORSTERThank you Thank you so much for your quick reply and giving me the gift of seeing his headstone. What a wonderful site, I will be revisiting it again. It brings the world alot closer. Keep up the good work. Di (New Zealand)

FORSTERExcellent site What an excellent site I came across it quite by accident researching my Forsters, requested an image had a prompt response with extra information. Thank you so much.

FORWOODWhat a great site.Thanking you for this site.

FOSBERYCorrection to GPR dataWith the help of a photographic image I was able to locate the grave in Gunton St Peters Churchyard. I could then establish that the first name on the website data sheet was spelled incorrectly. Instead of Georgina Emily Adeline Fosbery (1885 - 1974) it should be Georgiana Adeline Fosbery. Many thanks to Gravestone Photographic Resource. BS .... more

FOSDIKEFOSDIKE. ALLEN. BOATWRIGHTVery prompt and efficient service,thank you Charles.

FOSTERFoster FamilyThank you for the the photo of James Foster grave at St Peter's Morley. The maternal side originated from Sussex and because of your site I am able to fill in some of the gaps in my family tree. I did have a photo of my grate grandfather's grave at Morley Cemetery (Leeds Municipal) but at present I am unable to locate it. His name was Jabez Foster. As I am no longer living in Morley I am unable to take another photograph.

FOSTERWhat a wonderful resourceA big thank you to all who have spared their time to make a resource like this possible. It is a invaluable tool for researching family history as without this there is no way i could travel to actually to take the photo myself.

FOSTERThank youThank you for sending me the photos of my ancestors in a large enough format that I can read the inscriptions for myself. Being unable to get to the cemetery, I was so glad to have found their grave on your website! I've added some dates and relationship information in the hope that it will be of help to others.

FOSTERMary Foster (Holliday)Thanks for the enlarged gravestone image. Very helpful in identifying actual dates of death/

FOSTEREnhanced image of headstone.Thank you for the very clear image of the headstone. This has now given me the date of death.

FOTHERGILLMany thanks for another great gravestoneMany thanks for another great gravestone photograph.

FOUHYWilliam FouhyThanks for the great photo. Will research some more on the family connection. Great work Charles

FOULDSRobert Foulds. Leeds.Robert Foulds Born 1823 Sutton-on-Trent Nottinghamshire Occupation - Schoolteacher Married Mary Smith 1851 in Southwell Nottinghamshire Died August 4th in Leeds Buried at St. Michaels and all Saints Headingley Leeds West Yorkshire

FOULGERHealful siteI found the site to be of great help in my family search

FOULISFoulis HelpDoes anyone have any info on Olipher Foulis 1785 and Ann Foulis (Reid) 1774 ? I am researching (trying:) their line as I ma directly descended from them. I come through their daughter Stewart Foulis who married George Burghar in 1835. Any info on any foulis?

FOWLERFOWLER/CHAPMANOnce again many thanks to you Charles and to the army of volunteers who take time to photograph graves and index the details.

FOWLERExcellent Service!Thank you so much for the photograph! I moved to London over 30 years ago and have not seen Denis' grave since I about 20. I never knew my brother as was killed before I was born.

FOWLERGreat resourceDear Charles Many thanks for your great resources in photos of headstones etc. This has been most helpful because it explains the relationships far better than I had researched. With nearly everybody called John or Elizabeth it is easy to get confused. I have added some christening dates where I have been able to. With much appreciation, Rev

FOWLESMany thanks Many thanks for your prompt replybto my request forvthe photo of my great Uncle William Frederick Fowles. Your service is much appreciated.

FOWLESApparrent duplicationI am researching the FOWLES family in Worcestershire, England. There appear to be two gravestones for Mary FOWLES [died 1893] No. 3008 at St James, Callow End and No. S6300063 at St Peter, Powick. The photos of each grave look the same to me. The people on the gravestone are the same except that Mary is 83 on the Callow End Entry and 80 on the Powick one. Her death registration is as follows: FOWLES, MARY; Aged 80 [thus born about 1813]; GRO Ref.: 1893 Q4 in UPTON-ON-SEVERN Vol. 6C Page 190. Both Powick and Callow End are in the Upton-on-Severn Registration District. Mary FOWLES nee NEWMAN married William FOWLES 06 Oct 1834 at All Saints, Worcester, Worcestershire, England. Their son Mark Henry FOWLES was baptised 28 Feb 1841 in Madresfield, Worcestershire, England. He died in Worcester Infirmary 25 September 1903 although he was living Saltmarsh Castle, Bromyard, Herefordshire where he was presumably a farm bailiff.

FOWLIEThank you for the photographIt was wonderful to see a photo of my grandfather's grave. I was taken to see it as a child with my parents and grandmother. However on the original information there appeared to be other relatives on the gravestone who I was not familiar with but were not on the actual gravestone itself which is a bit of a mystery.

FOXOnce again a big thank you to all concerOnce again a big thank you to all concerned for this fantastic site. Thank you for the images I received of the graves in St Barnabas, Weeton. Fantastic. I shall certainly be making a donation.

FOXFox Family CoxwoldThank you for the wonderful photo which i can now use in my personal file for my family history research

FOXThank you for the swift reply. An excellThank you for the swift reply. An excellent website. George John Fox is another distant relation that has been accounted for.

FOX / PALLISERThank you for the prompt service. A bit Thank you for the prompt service. A bit more evidence to add to the family tree

FOXFORDMany thanks for answering my query, whatMany thanks for answering my query, what a great site.

FRAGALLWhat a fantastic service you are offerinWhat a fantastic service you are offering here. I was so impressed at getting a response just a few hours after making my request. Thank you very much. I will be back because I know there are some more pictures there that I would love. Thanks Charles. This is an invaluable resource.

FRAMPTONExcellent resource. My mother is currently researching her mothers maternal line looking for louisa(charlotte) frampton,and I came across this site by accident. Thank you for providing this information.Im hoping that this is the Frampton we are looking for and will enable further research as my mother has come to a seemingly dead end on this part of our family tree. Thank you again😊

FRANCES THWAITESThank you for your prompt consideration Thank you for your prompt consideration and forwarding this great picture onto me for my family tree.

FRANCISFrederick and Mary Ann Francis grave marker in SurreyI also found your website by accident, and I am very grateful that I did so. I assumed that I would never find this information and I am so glad I was wrong. Thank you for providing me with the picture and so quickly.

FRANCISWebsiteThis is a brilliant service and is proving to be really useful. It saves a great deal of time and petrol.

FRANCISWe thank you from the USFrom all of the people in the US who are descendants from family in the UK, we send our fond appreciation for what you are doing. Most of us do not have the means to travel to England and without your kindness would never find links to our past. Thank You for all you do. We appreciate it.

FRANCISWith ThanksYou are my saviour - I've been trying to find Walter Francis's death record for months without success. I had discounted this one on the basis that the 2 ship log records I found both have him as 38 and from Chelmesford. Do you have any idea where these details would have originated from.

FRANCISfeedbackThank you so much. The image you sent was good.

FRANKFRANK, JOSEPHINELooking for the cemetery in New Jersey where Josephine Frank is buried. Born Nov. 1, 1892 Died Feb.2, 1991 at age 99.She resided at Point Pleasant Beach, county of Ocean zip code 08742. She was never married and in a Nursing Facility in Point Pleasant. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

FRANKThomas FrankJust to say “Thank You” for the fast and efficient service. I will try and add to your North Front Gibraltar graves this Sept 2014 Regards Bernie

FRANKSThank youThanks very much for providing this service, it is very helpful.

FRARYSamuel FraryThank you very much for sending the photo so quickly. It is a super image and a useful addition to the file that I am creating for this man.

FRASERthank youi would like to thank every one involved with this site it is nearly impossible to research my family any other way than your site thank you

FRASERlooking forwinifred fraser (nee buckingham)would like to know where she is burried died 1920?? her husband was william hanton fraser she had a daughter eileen in 1919 husband came to australia with the child any info on winifred or photo were she is would be great thankyou irene

FRASERThankyouThank you for sending me the photos of the tombstone of James Dick Fraser. I very much appreciate the time and effort put into compiling a site such as this and your willingness to share it.

FRASERThankyouThank you for sending me the photos of the tombstone of James Dick Fraser. I very much appreciate the time and effort put into compiling a site such as this and your willingness to share it.

FRASERLooking for my G-G-Grandfather William FraserI am extremely grateful for your complete and prompt response to my inquiry regarding a specific gravestone. While the information did not tie to my family search, I was so impressed with the scope and organization of your database. So very gracious of you to provide this public service.

FRASERFeedbackI am so grateful to you for all the work that went into making this site available. I have found at least four gravestones that have given me a great deal of information on my family. I will be signing up as a volunteer


FRAYNEFrayne GravestonesI am so impressed with the quality of the photographs and the promptness with which they were dispatched.I am researching the branch of the Fraynes from Tawstock and then living in Barnstaple. I had not realised that they had gravestones until I looked at this site with which I am most pleased. .... more

FREDIANIFrediani family Thankyou so much for this websie if only there was more websites like this. i think i have found my great uncles wife and a very likely other distant relative but still working on the what when and how. would love to hear from other fredianis or those that are from a frediani line.

FREEJethro Row Free and Margaret MeadowsI need to confirm that Margaret Daisy Free's maiden name was actually "Meadows". .... more

FREEMANValuable informationthank you very much for a wonderful web site i have looked up lots of family tree names and found it so very useful

FREEMANThe websiteWhat an excellent idea - we should all be trying to donate to this sort of website and I shall certainly do so in future. Thanks.

FREEMANThank youWhat a wonderful service & would like to thank you very much. Seeing the headstone confirms I have the correct person in my tree. Very grateful to you for the time & effort it will take to do this free service.

FREEMANStratford on Avon Graves - FREEMAN / ROBERTSThank you once again - after going round in circles for months I've cleared a family hurdle which has puzzled me and confirmed a link with another branch of the family. A great service offered and so helpful!

FREEMANFREEMAN ERNEST AND JANE Found this valuable site by a link from ANCESTRY but to find the details supplied by this site was amazing ...too actual see the headstone gave a tangible link in a family tree ~ THANK YOU SO MUCH

FREEMANFreeman/Procter/Rutter family linksFirst many thanks for the photo what a great service. I have wills for Jane Freeman and son Amos Freeman, but Joseph Freeman does not have one, Amos married a Jane and they had a daughter Eliza jane Freeman, her uncle was William Rutter.The will of John Procter of Ripon mentions Jane Freeman (Amos's Mother) as being his cousin, so what was Janes Maiden name? was she a Procter, a Rutter or what? John Procter was a cousin of brothers George Procter and Thomas Procter (my 3x great grandfather). Anyone Know Janes Maiden name?.

FREEMANTLEgrave monument picturesThanks very much for the prompt, detailed response to my request. There is a lot of work that goes into compiling these records and it is greatly appreciated.

FREESTUNFreestun family Thank you for the information and photo of Caroline Elizabeth Vaughan-Jenkins grave, which mentioned her husband Humphrey May Freestun. Thank you everyone involved in the GPR project.

FREMLINExcellent resource. Thank you.Excellent resource. Thank you.

FRENCHThank You!Dear Charles, I wanted to personally thank you for all of your hard work and the great service you provide to those of us interested in gravestone photos. You are a good human being.

FRENCHPicture of French headstoneThank you so much for responding to my request for a picture for the French family headstone. I appreciate this site and how helpful it's been.

FRERESymbol on Frere headstones in Hove and ThorleyThe symbol of Christ crucified on an anchor seems to be common Frere theme and your addition of the Hove, Sussex headstone for John J B Frere has prompted me to research the family connection further. Thank you for your informative website.

FRESHFIELDFantastic serviceThis is a great service. Thank you for the work you have done and the speed with which I received the image.

FROBISHERExcellent website, thank you for the imaExcellent website, thank you for the image. Gives that extra bit of information which makes researching family that little bit more personal. I have a photo of this particular gravestone from an earlier date before 2 of the names were added.

FROODGravestone ImageI came across you web site by pure accident. What a brilliant service you offer. I will certainly send you some images I have that might be of use. Thank you again.

FROSTFROST AND HARBUTTThank you so much. I found this site purely by chance what a fantastic resource.

FROSTUnforgettable WorkThe Thomas/Alice Frost gravestone is beautifully captured in the photograph. Thanks Charles for your dedication to this ever-growing field.

FROSTAshford Gravestone - FROST & LIMERThank you for sending the picture so quickly, and what a marvellous and interesting site to come across. Thank you again.

FROSTRhoda FrostI would just to express my thanks to Charles for providing such a valuable FREE service. Anyone researching family history will know how kind this is when so much money is to be made. This website is Gold. Thank you so much!

FROSTCharles Daniel FrostA huge help to find the WW2 Memorial at Buckfast Abbey in the collection. Saved me petrol, time and effort and enables me to tell the American enquirer more than before.Thanks. Everyone who uses this site should reciprocate with a picture!

FROSTThanksMany thanks for your latest photos of the Frosts at Hungarton. I had wanted to thank you previously for earlier photos but hadn't been able to find the link. Kerry

FROSTFamily Research I was delighted to find a picture of a gravestone confirming the names, death dates and occupation of my great uncle and great aunt. Additionally, I I also saw new information on this uncle's profession. Thank you.

FRYETTGreat ServiceThank you so much for your prompt response to my request for the image of Daniel and Sarah Fryett's headstone. We have suspected Daniel Fryett was the missing link on our family tree and having this image is really a great help.

FRYMANEmma Teresa FrymanEmma Teresa Fryman`s maiden name was Forward. She was born 1872 in Grimsby. She was the daughter of Joseph Pascho Forward. Emma Theresa Forward and James Fryman: Marriage: 25 July 1894, Old Clee Parish Church, Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

FULCHERThank you I am very grateful for the photo you have allowed me to view. It has helped greatly with my research into my family tree. Thank you again. Lee

FULLERWonderfulA brilliant service delivered quickly and efficiently. It means so much to see the images supplied. Thank You and Very best wishes.

FULLERThank you so much for providing this wonThank you so much for providing this wonderful service. It's very much appreciated, as travelling the globe to find my ancestors simply is not possible. You have made my day by showing me the last resting place of my 3x great grandparents.

FULLERTONThanksThank you for providing such an invaluable source of research. This will certainly help me in my quest to research my Scottish/Irish ancestors.

FULTONThanksThanks - great service!

FULTONImage receivedThank you for the excellent service. Image received, nice and clear.

FURNISSGreat service.Can't fault the service from request to recept only took a few minutes and the quality of the images is excellent.

FURNISSImage of newly discovered relative's gravestoneThank you so much for the photo showing a newly discovered branch of my tree, Mary Dixon being my Grandfather's half sister I didn't know about until recently. She is named on her husband's stone.

FUSSEYThis is an extremely useful facility. ThThis is an extremely useful facility. The response to my three requests was phenominally fast. Thank you so much.

FUTTERA great help in my Futter research.A great help in my Futter research.

FUZZEY Thank you Your work is such a big help to me as I live in Australia. I am researching Elizabeth Fuzzey married to James Ellis superintendent surgeon in the Royal Navy.

FYFFELocation of Blackford Municipal Cemetery, Omagh, County TyroneI am trying to locate the address/coordinates of Blackford Municipal Cemetery, Omagh, County Tyrone where several Fyffe's are buried. I was in Omagh last November and was not able to locate it. Can anyone help?

LARDER returned to their Home town - FRANK EDWIN LARDERwill visit next year, Coming home..Allen

MANSELLFLORA MANSELLI was so pleased to at last find the resting place of Flora Mansell she was married to my grandfathers brother who was killed in ww1 france along with his uncle and younger brother. thankyouso much for your help I shall now take pictures of graves to help others.


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