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List of comment / feedback / help requests for Surnames starting with B

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
AVISONBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThree relatives from disparate parts of the family found on the same day!

BABBThanksThank you for a wonderful site, It;s has been very usefull

BABB / RIDGEThank'sThank you for the Pictures they have been very useful to my research.Seriously thinking of becoming a volunteer.

BABBAGERe. Edmund Tout BabbageMany thanks. Have added this photograph to the family tree.

BACKresearching family treeThank you so much for making it possible to view a family gravestone.It is so nice that the work you do has enabled me to complete another part of my family tree. Thankyou again.

BACKHOUSEMatthew & Eling BackhouseCharles - Thank you for such a prompt response, the clarity of the photograph is wonderful.

BACKHOUSEReceived photo'sThank you very much for the headstone photo's, the quality of them is top notch and they help to add to the family history file I am compiling..

BACON, FEAVER, FEVER, COLLINSMANY THANKS!!!My sincere thanks to Charles for supplying me with the photo of my 1st cousin William Ernest BACON which helped confirm that he was indeed buried with his wife Annie. A project such as GSP is an enormous task and I think Charles and his volunteers should be congratulated on the work they have done. Many Thanks Martin

BADELOWI would just like to say thank you for lI would just like to say thank you for letting me view the headstone for my 5th great grandparents Jacob and Love Gulliver. As I live in Kent it is so useful to view a headstone that is in Wiltshire!! I shall continue searching your site and who knows that other gems I will find. Thank you again.

BADGERFantastic ResourceAmazing service which can really help with family history. Thank you

BAERSELMANPhotosMany thanks for the photos of the Driffield gravestones, of particular interest was Aleida Margaretha Driffield nee Klopman Baerselman . If anyone wants anything from the Ottawa region of the province of Ontario in Canada I would be pleased to help.

BAGSHAWVery many thanksI just would like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers who have set up and run this amazing website. Many thanks.

BAGULEY2nd Great GrandfatherThank you so much. Since researching my family history I have now found that my 2nd great grandfather and 2nd great grandmother are buried at Farndon Cemetery. I am a Farndon person and never know this !! Thank you once again Regards Pat

BAIKIEVery valuable service. Thanks againVery valuable service. Thanks again

BAIKIEVery helpful service.Very helpful service.

BAIKIEThanks for providing a valuable service Thanks for providing a valuable service for family research

BAILEYBailey BurialsI have been researching the Bailey family for the last 15 years, this is the first time I have come across this web-site and have found it very interesting and thought provoking. I will indeed be returning to this site for further research.

BAILEYGravestone PhotographHow very pleased I am with the quality of the picture, I can read 99% of the inscription, the clarity and lighting was perfect. I received the link to the picture in less than 24 hours after my request was placed...Thank You!

BAILEYThankyouThank you Charles for the quick response in my request for images, can only be a great site. As you know I'm a volunteer and enjoying photographing and indexing monuments

BAILEYBAILEY/BINNS/WADDINGTONWhat a fantastic site. I have volunteered to take pictures after one visit !!

BAILEYGraves for Bailey..Thankyou for your quick response very helpful. I am hoping that the remaining 10% not shown on the Old Town Cemetery Bideford will be who I am looking for.Thankyou again.

BAILEYThank you for speedy responseThank you for the photo of W Bailey. This person is not a relative but part of a project that I am undertaking for Leicester Freemen. I am compiling information on Leicester Freemen men that served during WW1. Often there are no photos of men available, and sadly, sometimes the only photos that display a mans name are their gravestones. Non the less it adds to the life story of the man. Thank you again.

BAILLIEFamily HistoryJust so pleased to find my grandparents grave on your site ( they are buried together). I live in Australia and came here when I was 3 so don't remember my Grandfather. I had never seen this headstone before but when I told my Mum I had found her parents headstone she told me she had never seen it either. She had gone looking for it while in Scotland years ago but never found it. She has just turned 80 and to now show her this, well it makes me sad and happy at the same time. Thanks for providing this service in helping all the people out there put the pieces of their family puzzle together. Regards Myra

BAILLIE-HAMILTONCharlotte Augusta Baillie-HamiltonThis is a superb service which could not be bettered.

BAINWhat a wonderful resourceThank you so much for this wonderful site. It helps those who can't easily get to the UK to see their ancestors graves.

BAINBRIDGEGrave in Wainfleet cemetaryThank you so much for this service. Thanks to you I have now added two dates to the trees which I am interested in Kenneth Amphlett

BAINBRIDGEBainbridge researchThank you again for such a valuable resource. John Bainbridge maybe the brother of either my 3xGtGrandmother Elizabeth or her father William - I'm hoping this will, eventually, help me knock down another brickwall. It is a shame that the dates aren't more legible but having walked round many graveyards over the years I understand how many have weathered.

BAINBRIDGEThank youI am currently researching a branch of my husband's family tree and had got completely stuck. This resource has given me some new information that will enable me to pursue this particular line of the family a little further. Many thanks. If anyone else knows anything about the Bainbridge family of Lindale, please let me know. I believe Thomas Bainbridge, whose gravestone is listed in the resource, may be the grandfather of Jane Bainbridge of Lindael, who married a John Bell but I can't find her parents.

BAINBRIDGEJane Margaret BainbridgeThank you so much for the work you do. You have helped me twice before and obtaining this photograph has been particularly important for my research. I am most grateful.

BAINESBainesThanks so much for the quick response. I am thrilled to get a photo of something that I won't get to see personally. Your resource is very much appreciated.

BAINESThanks very much. I had heard about the Thanks very much. I had heard about the family plot from a cousin of my mother and the family is very pleased to actually see a photo. Thanks again and keep up the good work!!

BAINESBAINES,CHITTYThank you so much it was a thrill to find distance relatives.

BAIRDThank YouThank you for the quick response to my email. The photo is wonderful. I have added what I know of the people list in the grave to your site. I hope this helps. All the best, Rochelle

BAIRDInvaluableI can't thank you enough for this invaluable resource and to all those who help to make it happen. I live in Guernsey and am unsure if any of the graveyards have been recorded yet. If not I'll do what I can.

BAKERThank youMany thanks for all your time and trouble in presenting this wonderful archive. It was really good to actually see my grandparents' headstone

BAKERBAKER (BARNINGHAM, SUFFOLK)Thankyou so much for this invaluable resource. Living so far away from original family locations, this is a fantastic help in aiding family research Many Thanks Janet Golding

BAKERThank you Thank you for your prompt reply to my request, my children thought it was great seeing something other than names and dates Mum usually shows them!

BAKERMany thanksThank you for the exceptionally swift reply and the photograph. Although I am not sure at this stage whether or not this is my relation at least I have a starting point. Thank you for your time and effort.

BAKERjohn bakerlooking for a headstone of john baker at allington lincolnshire cemetery.1821-1902

BAKERThanks!This is a wonderful resource for family history research. It is so helpful for those of us who do not live in the country where we are trying to find family history information. Thank you so much for your time and help with this project. It is very much appreciated.

BAKERThanks Brilliant resource wish I'd found it sooner

BAKERWonderful FindWhat an excellent idea to photograph headstones, I was really pleased you had one belonging to one of my Great Uncles something I would never have seen otherwise. Many thanks.

BAKERKellaways cemetery detailsYou have a grave listing for Robert Sandford Baker this should be Robert Sancroft Baker. Sancroft is the middle name of several members of this family coming from the marriage between a Baker and a Sancroft and a connection to Archbishop Sancroft. He was my husbands grand uncle my husband and our two sons both have Sancroft as a middle name .... more

BAKEWELLPhoto RequestReceived the photo of Alfred Bakewell, from Queensferry Cemetery. Many thanks for your kind help, much appreciated. I will give you credit in my book.

BALAAMThank YouThank so much to Charles and all the wonderful volunteers who have given their time so that I get to see my ancestors headstones. This is a wonderful project.

BALCHThank you for your awesome work.Thank you all for your awesome work recording the headstone images. To be able to request an image of a family member and receive it so quickly is outstanding. The quality of the photo is superb. Once again thank you so much Charles Brent Affleck New Zealand

BALDERSTONGreat ServiceI just wanted to register my delight at the efficiency and user friendly way that this site is run. To find a free resource of this quality is a rare find. You offer a great service - thank you for your commitment and time.

BALDRYBurial of William BaldryI have reason to believe that my GG Grandfather William Baldry may be buried in the church cemetary of St. Lambert Church in Burneston North Yorkshire. William, the coachman for the Lushington family of Ockham Surrey died suddenly while in North Yorkshire. He died in August 1863.My sincere thanks for any information. Regards Jackie

BALDRYThe death & burial site of William BaldryThis is the most wonderful site. My thanks to all who contributed to make this the success it is. I know I shall be visiting it often.

BALDRYJellicoe Baldry's Memorial HeadstoneThank you for your speedy response to my request to view an image of Jellicoe Baldry's headstone. Is it possible to purchase a copy of the image to enable me to include it in my Family Tree. Thank you

BALDWINThank youI have just found photos of my husband's great grandparents' graves. I was very touched by this and should like to thank you for providing this fantastic service. Kind Regards, Melanie Baldwin

BALDWINBaldwin Cemetery PhotoHi, Would appreciate if someone would be able to find an photo graph the below two graves for me. Bures St Mary: Samuel Baldwin - buried 20 Oct 1839 St Edmond Assington John Baldwin - buried 2 July 1871 Regards Sandra

BALDWINThank youAs I am based in Australia it is hard to trace my ancestors all over the UK. So a BIG THANK YOU to those who provide such a wonderful source.

BALDWINAppreciationJust a short note to say thank you for your service. It is very much appreciated. Kind regards, Tony

BALEA very prompt service which will be a grA very prompt service which will be a great help to many in finding the burial places of relatives and/or unable to visit distant cemeteries.

BALEThank for the photograph of William AverThank for the photograph of William Avery Bale's headstone.

BALFOURBalfour kirk of Calder section 3Dates of birth wrong Andrew Dickson Balfour Year of birth 1926. Anna Carroll Balfour year of birth 1928, actual Years are easier if you are researching. Both my parents so please amend.

BALLthank youthank you for you time and assistance regards leslie ball


BAMFIELDThanks Charles for the excellent and useThanks Charles for the excellent and useful image. I do have a couple of images of headstones but your site doesn't make it too clear whether you will accept just a single image or you want volunteers to take multiple images of entire cemetaries. Just a point that might help future potential contributors. Peter

BANEMy damily treeThis confirms that I have requested a wrong death certificate. Thanks for your help

BANHAMVolunteer work at it's bestThese gravestones are in many cases years away from becoming illegible, this work is invaluable. Well done.

BANISTEREIizabeth BanisterThanks you for the photo. I'm not yet sure this is my ancestor, but I appreciate the help. I think this site will be of great use!

BANKS Interesting This site is great. The prompt reply and all the links are wonderful. I would recomend it to any one who is interested or doing family history. Thanks to all Helen

BANKSA Wonderful Resource I think it's wonderful to have this piece of our family history.My son is going to Malta soon and your information plus image of our family member's grave will make his search so much easier.Thank you so much

BANNERFantastic siteI have now found the grave of my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother so I can now visit them.

BANNISTERKNOXI have used this site almost from its beginnings and it just goes from strength to strength.An invaluable resource for family researchers in particular and always a speedy reply from Charles,a true gent who deserves a big pat on the back for setting the site up.

BANTOCKDonna Thank you for this site. A great help as I live in Victoria.

BANTOFTThank you again!Once again thank you for such a quick response. You have made my research easier. I'm sure I will need your services again.

BARBERPhotograph of gravestoneThank you for the photograph you sent in April of my GG grandfather's headstone. I hope to visit the grave next month. Thank you for your help.

BARBERMany thanksThanks for the prompt reply regarding the gravestone of Micah Barber. This has now confirmed a further generation of my family. Very impressed by a wonderfully helpful project.

BARBERTrevor Gordon Barber Dec'd 3.5.2007 - St Mary the Virgin Parish Chuch Boston Spa YorkshireYour photo of this headstone was able to confirm the death of someone I was unaware of had died and this not only confirmed it was he but when he died and where he is buried. Thank You. An extremely useful site, a great helpful idea for various reasons. BJN

BARBERThank you :-)Thank you for your very prompt response to my request. It is very much appreciated.

BARBER BALLSThank you so much for letting me to see Thank you so much for letting me to see the enlarged image of this gravestone. It has confirmed that this really is my ancestor

BARCHAMFinding ImagesI am very pleased to have found this website as I have virtually no images of my Barcham family. I am from the Sheringham line of the Barcham family and if any of my (as yet unknown family) have images that they do not mind sharing with me then I would be more than happy to receive them. In anticipation of a response, thank you all very much. Stella

BARCHAMBarcham gravestone in Upper SheringhamBrilliant. My greatx4 grandfather. Almost as good as a photo of the man himself. I just spotted another of my great grandfathers too in the Cox section. As soon as the rain stops I'll be out down the graveyard with my camera.

BARCHAMMany thanks for the use of your excellenMany thanks for the use of your excellent resource.

BARCLAYMany Many ThanksWhat a wonderful resource and tool for genealogists! Fast, Efficient and Free! Kudos to Charles for providing this wonderful site!

BARKERAcknowledgementGreat service. Very many thanks.

BARKERGravestone photosThank you for the images of Daniel Barker & Stanley Barker of Plaford & Copdock, Suffolk. I have posted full family connections for anyone interested.

BARKERThanks for the PhotoThanks again for another great photo, these photos are great for getting the dates etc, hope tou had a great holiday

BARKERGladys Lilian BarkerThanks for this picture of my mother's grave marker - it has now disappeared from the cemetery so this picture is quire significant for me

BARKERThank you for your helpThank you for the photo of my grandparent's grave. This will help us to locate the grave as we never knew exactly where they were buried and want to visit it to leave flowers. I never thought I would find this information on the internet and it is a wonderful link to the past.

BARKERRequest for photographMy request for a photo of the gravestone of Clara Barker (my great-aunt)in the churchyard of St Robert's Church, Pannal, Harrogate, was responded to within 24 hours - amazing! Many thanks

BARKERBarkers buried Clare Priory church and cemetery - Clare, Sudbury, SuffolkThere are many Barkers buried in Clare Priory Cemetery, Clare, Sudbury, Suffolk, UK - including inside Clare Church, where there are 19th Century Barker and associated family members memorial tablets. Would it be possible for someone living locally to photograph and include them on this site? Thank you.

BARKERBrilliant siteJust wanted to thank you very much for running such an informative and very useful website. I requested some photographs to help with the researching of my family tree and had a response within 12 hours. An amazing website and first class service.

BARLOWThank you very much for sending me the pThank you very much for sending me the photo of Elizabeth Barlow's grave. This is a great website and I am considering volunteering my time to help others connect with their family by taking photos at my local cemetery.

BARLOWBury, LancashireThis is a stab in the dark, but I am hoping to get a photo of the gravestone for Sarah Barlow (born Sarah Taylor, but also known as Sarah Francis). Sarah was born in about 1813 in Bury, Lancashire and the last census record for her is in 1881 also in Bury, Lancashire in the St Paul's Parish. I'm not sure exactly when she died or where she is buried, so I realise this isn't an easy task. I am hoping the gravestone will help me to find who her parents were.

BARLOWJohn Barlow and familyThank you so much for photograph of the gravestone you sent to me. It is clear and I can see all the information. I have been trying to trace this family for many years and in this one photograph have so much information. I would still like to know who originally ordered and paid for this stone and inscription but expect that is not going to be possible. Also would like to know if it would be possible to see this gravestone myself. Do you know if this would be possible. Once again Thank you so much for your prompt reply to me. Maureen

BARNABYthankyougreat sevice so quick fingers crossed that this is one of my family tree once again thankyou

BARNACLEThankyou for imageThankyou for sending me the image of my gr gr gr grandparents William and Elizabeth Barnacle of Stratford upon Avon.

BARNACLEThankyouGreetings from Australia. Thankyou for the images you sent.Not sure that I will ever get to the Holy Trinity Church Stratford On Avon to see the graves of my GGG Grandfather William Barnacle and my GG Grandfather Joseph Barnacle. My Great Grandfather Edward Barnacle migrated to Australia in January 1899.

BARNACOATMany ThanksThank you for this wonderful service. I'm researching my husband's family and came across this site. It is unbelievable and very moving to see a photograph of his great grandfather's grave.

BARNACOATThanks againOnce again THANK YOU for providing this wonderful service.

BARNACOATWrong relationship assumption.I was delighted to find the gravestone of my G-G-Grandfather and along side was a female of similar age and with the same surname. I guessed sister or sister-in-law. I was totally wrong. A little more digging and I realized that it was his first wife. What a great site this is.

BARNARDExcellent ServiceMany thanks for providing this free service - it is indeed vert useful for family history research.

BARNESImage of a gravestoneThank you very much for sending the image - the wesbite is so easy to use, and I am grateful for your kindness in responding so soon after your holiday, and for creating such a wonderful resource.

BARNESwould just like to thank you for your aswould just like to thank you for your assistance in locating this grave

BARNESMy Barnes researchSuperb website of vital and valuable photographs and information enabling a 'visit' to a grave even when hundreds of miles away. The assistance provided is extremely prompt and much appreciated - thank you.

BARRACLOUGHBarraclough / MarstonBrilliant Project & resource-Well Done

BARRACLOUGHThank you, thank you. Wonderful to see hThank you, thank you. Wonderful to see headstone information. It's like opening a Christmas present!!

BARRATTThank youThank you for this very useful resource. I use it quite frequently and I am very grateful to those who have contributed.

BARRELLFantastic to have found the grave of my Fantastic to have found the grave of my gr-gr grandparents after a lot of searching. Been to the cemetary a few times but never able to find their graves. I know where they are now. Thanks for the photo and all the good work you have done compiling this website. Regards, Jon

BARRELLCustomer service.Thank you for the excellent and prompt service

BARRETTLaura paulina sessions barrettI was justmthinking that this may be a sister of my great grandfather instead of his daughter. My grandfather, Charles William Sessions Barrett was born in 1857, somthe 1860 date could not be a daughter. Not sure what I was thinking! But I wonder if this was a family gravestone?

BARRETTThanksMany thanks for the image. Difficult to read but nevertheless very welcome.

BARRETTBarrett Family TreeThis site is a great resource in helping compile my family tree. My family is from Lancashire but as I now live in Australia I am unable to visit places in person so have been able to find numerous family relatives through here. Keep up the good work guys.

BARRITTWoodbridge Quaker Burial groundThank you for showing me the gravestone of my 2nd Gt Grandmother Elizabeth Barritt nee Smith I will visit one day.

BARTHOLOMEWAmelia Griffith BartholomewCharles has provided exemplary service in the production of the requested grave monument data, and in such quick time too. He is to be highly commended on providing such a useful servive and at nil cost to the recipient. Many thanks.

BARTLEBARTLE/BARTELLJust to say many thanks for the image and as a new site for me extreemly helpful.Obviously a lot of hard work has been put into this and it deserves feedback from all who use it.

BARTLEAppreciationI would like to thank all the members of this site who help us all to find details about our families, much appreciated Best Regards Laurie Bartle

BARTLETTThanksThanks for the photo, will add to the family history I am building up

BARTONThank youJust like to thank you for the grave photos of the Barton family which you sent to me. I appreciated it. regards Judy

BARTRAMGeorge BartramIt was nice to find this gravestone through your site unexpectedly using google search. George Bartram was a gt. grandfather's cousin and I am interested in the family as they luckily leave quite a big paper trail Unfortunately there are no other gravestones photographed for them. Thank you for your hard work.

BARTUPFamily HistoryMany Thanks for Photo of Memorial BARTROP which could be useful in my research. Best wishes E.Bartup

BARTYThanksThank you for the prompt response to my request. Your assistance is appreciated as it has helped me to continue collecting information about the various people and families who are connected to my family tree.

BARTYBARTY, WILLIAM & THOMASONGreatly appreciate the timely response to my request. The photos are great and were sent back quickly.

BARWICKThis is just to say once again, how gratThis is just to say once again, how grateful I am that you offer such an efficient and "user friendly" service. Again, many thanks. John Kirkland

BARWICKThank you!Many thanks for your quick response to my request. I can't believe I was unaware of your wonderful site and will definitely be making more use of it.

BASEYFantastic ServiceThank you for the quick response with a photograph of a family gravestone. Many thanks to the photographers and volunteers who are providing a wonderful service to people in search of family history.

BASHFORTHThank youVery many thanks for the photograph of the grave of my 6th cousin.

BASSWell presented useful websiteThis is an excellent source of credible information regarding birth deaths and family relationships

BASTENthankyou!Thanks for this - it adds a little life (even within death) to a distant relative

BASTINGravestone Photo.Many thanks for the gravestone Photo. I never met Vernon who is my Aunts husband. It is unlikely that I will ever get the opportunity to actually visit his grave in person but feel I now am a little closer to knowing him.

BATCHELORThank you very much in your prompt respoThank you very much in your prompt response to my request. One more piece of the puzzle comes together, cheers

BATEMANBrilliant!Absolutely superb resource. Fully recommended. Thank you very much!

BATEMANResearch!Essential web site for genealogy! Put it in your FAVOURITES list, you'll need it again, and again.........

BATEMAN116 Rateman James Rateman 1759 1836 77 116 Rateman James Rateman 1759 1836 77 16365 Jane Rateman wife of James Rateman 16365 Entry 116 James Rateman 1759- the correct transcription is BATEMAN

BATEMANThank youThank you for this wonderful service, I'm sure I will be using this time and time again :)

BATESLooking for anyone who is taking picturesLooking for a cemetery in Wolsingham, Northumberland, uk. There should only be one. Unfort im not in that area, and that cemetery hasnt been added, hope that you may do soon, also Stanhope in the same area :)

BATESONSecond World War Thank you for locating this dearly beloved couple. They worked for the Salvation Army and took in World War Two evacuee children. They lived in Otley and I am looking to search if they had children which the graves clearly state. So I now how a new lead. Many Thanks for your wonderful work.


BATTERBYBATTERBY/BARTABY/BATTERBEEThank you for your speedy response and for the photograph of the Batterbee gravestone. A wonderful service. I am researching Norfolk and look forward to some records for Colkirk and Fakenham being added to the site.

BATTERSBYBATTERSBY / SHARPAll photos were excellent : As some headstones were getting aged cannot expect miracles : Thank you for help in suppling them : A job well done :

BATTLEYJohn James BattleyMany thanks for your prompt response to my request for the grave monument image. Much appreciated

BAWDENBAWDEN / BOWDENThank you for the photo of the headstone for William Bowden. Unfortunately I was not able to read it due to it's age. .... more

BAXTERgeorge baxterThanks Charles for your prompt reply and photo. Another piece of the family mosaic.

BAXTERThank you so much for a brilliant responThank you so much for a brilliant response to my requests for two gravestone images. I have now been able to add dates to my family tree that I was not sure of.

BAXTERvery greatfullthanktou very much for being so quick at emailing me the photo hopefully this will help with my search for my ancesters.If it wasnt for people like you and others who put the time in to do these things it would be a lot harder to find such a good source that is free to help trace your ancesters so once again many thanx,

BAXTERRobert BaxterThank you

BAXTERGrave stonesThank you so much for the photos of Baxter graves in Norwich. It was quite a surprise to come across them, and helped confirm dates. I live in New Zealand, so rarely get over to the UK, and then, not much time to go searching for ancestors.

BAXTERGreat resource Thank you for this amazing resource, thank you so much for compiling this archive.

BEADLEMemorial at St. Swithun's Church, East Grinstead, Sussex.Many thanks Charles for the speedy receipt of the photograph of the memorial naming my Great Uncle William J Beadle who died in 1918 when his plane crashed into the English Channel. He was a sergeant in the Royal Flying Corps. His body was never recovered.

BEALESYour ServiceI think that you are doing a wonderful job for all us genealogy family researchers and look forward to seeing any additional photos for Norfolk cemeteries, perhaps some time in the future from Kennington

BEAMSThank youThank you for the photo of the garavestone sent to me. This is a fantastic website as it is preserving a lot of history that we are in danger of losing due to the daft health and Safety rules that are having a lot of stones removed. Keep up the good work.

BEANBEAN, ThomasExcellent photo, fast response, a great service for a person that will never be able to get back to the UK. Will be using the service again no doubt. Thank you ever so much.

BEANEleanor & Richard Bean Gravestone Kirkby Wharf YorkshireI thank you for the quick responce and excellent photo's of my Bean ancestors gravestone.Although it is not very legible you can clearly see that Eleanor died in 1784 and not 1794 as you have on your record.From the Kirkby Wharf Yorkshire Monumental Inscriptions Family Search library film 1850147 the full inscription reads:Here lieth the body of Elleanor the wife of Richard Bean of Ulleskelf who departed this life Jan 7 1784 Aged 44 years.Also of Richard Bean who died March 5th 1815 aged 80 years.Hope this informattion is of help to you or anyone who might need it.Once again I thank and commend you for your excellent website which I am sure to use again in my future research.

BEANChurch Fenton, YorkshireThank you - I wasn't expecting to find the detail of a gravestone that I remember from about 50 years ago! This is an excellent site and service; and with such a prompt response.

BEANExcellent serviceMy request for a photograph was dealt with speedily and efficiently and I am so grateful to you. This is an invaluable resource for family searches. I am now seriously considering indexing the village graveyards for GRP around this part of North Oxfordshire - none of which are listed so far.

BEANBean or Bane familyNorfolk area

BEANThankyouThankyou so much for your amazing service. The photo requested was here in seconds. Very kind of you

BEANOnce Again Many Thanks.Once again I offer my thanks for this wonderful service that is offered free of charge and in a timely manner. I sincerely thank you Kind Regards - June

BEANAppreciationGreat Service, much Appreciated

BEANThank youWhat a wonderful resource this is. It is really appreciated

BEAUCHAMPThnak you for your prompt acton on my requestThank you Charles for your very prompt reply to my request, thanks

BEAUMONTgreat and very informative and FREE web great and very informative and FREE web page very much appreciated. Keep up the good work Angela

BEAVEROnce again Thank you for sending me the Once again Thank you for sending me the link to the gravestone very much appreciated x

BECHERThank you for the imagesThank you so much for the photographs of the Becher and Vowell headstones. Wonderful to be able to see them.

BECKThanks againThanks for you rapid response and excellent quality photo

BECKMuch AppreciatedThank you for helping me to add valuable information to my family tree

BECKThank youI just wanted to say thank you for the work you have done for this site. It's so great that someone like me on the other side of the world can view the headstones of my family. I really want to say how much I appreciate it!

BECKThanksThank you very much for the photograph of the gravestone for Joseph and Mary Beck. I'm so grateful to the people who give up their time to preserve our history.

BECKENSALLRachel BeckensallThank you for your wonderful website, I have found it helpful in finding dates of the person I was looking for. Keep up the good work

BECKETTThank you!Thank you for having this resource available!

BEDDOEFamily HistoryThank you so much for the wonderful image No. 74939 at Dean 2j Edinburgh. Beautiful picture and something to see and remember for future generations. We are most grateful here in Australia.

BEDDOESThank you for your fast response to my rThank you for your fast response to my request for a headstone photo. It is a wonderful service that you provide for family history researchers who are on the other side of the world to where a lot of our Ancestors originated. The photo is great quality and a special thank you to the photographer. Thank you again to all involved in this service for us all. Kind regards, Janet Hutchins, Australia.

BEDFORDServiceThank you very much indeed for supplying me with photos of the gravestones of my grandfather, great uncles & aunts. Excellent prompt response.

BEDINGFIRLDThanksMany thanks for the photo - keep up the good work

BEDWELLimage requestA very helpful resource thank you very much really appreciate the effort that is required

BEEGreat site most usefull .Many thanks !Most helpful web site for researchers and those looking for lost relations !

BEECROFTPicture of John and George Beecroft HeadstonesI was very impressed with how quick I recieved the pictures and how good the quality is. Although right now I haven't found the link with these two men to a John and Ann Beecroft(Dickinson) who were married in 1741, and moved to the Colne, Lancashire area around the same time. It's just another piece of the puzzle.

BEECROFTThank youThis website is a great facility in helping to track down the whereabouts of our ancestors. Great work. Thank you.

BEEDHAMExcellent siteHi, Excellent site with quick response to queries. Will certainly keep using the site

BEELThank youThank you for the excellent service you provide.

BEESLEYFantastic site!Once again this site has given me information I didn't know before. Especially useful when you are living in another country to the one your ancestors lived. Thanks you for running a great site.

BEESTONEdward BeestonThank you for supplying two excellent photographs of Edward Beeston and family,very sad how they all died about the same time.

BEETLESTONEThank you your quick response! You have Thank you your quick response! You have provided me with another link in the quest for information about my family. To see the photo of my great grandparents grave was amazing.

BEGGAn essential website. This website must make so many people so very happy. When life and events move people around the world it is so gratifying to find a website that reunites people with their ancestors. When memories are dimmed and information lost this site is an essential place to find that prima facie link in your family tree. Thank you to all concerned. .... more

BEIGHTONFeedbackA terrific project. A great way to find relatives and the elusive death dates.

BEKAERTBelgian Military Grave for Gustaaf BEKAERT,Hi, I am helping an elderly Belgian gentleman who is now unable to visit Britain to complete his work obtaining photographs of all the Belgian soldiers who died in Britain during World War 1. To date he has collected 21,716 named Belgian WWI war grave photographs. He believes there is a maximum possible of about 23,000. So that's a good 94%. He informs me that there is a Belgian Military Grave for BEKAERT, Gustaaf, born in Gent, 25 Sep 1880, died at Harrogate 04/03/1915 and who is buried in Grove Road Cem. Grave K. Border 273. Would it be possible for one of the volunteer photographers to send me a digital photo of the grave / headstone, and possibly a picture showing the background setting? Rene informs me that for the collection he requires good quality photos e.g. about 4 mbyte size as he shows them at a large magnification. My early photos which I had reduced in size for transmission had to be resent individually as I exceeded my email account limit. I would be most grateful if you could help me support this project. Any photos can be sent to my above email address Many Thanks, John Curtis

BELASCOBelasco relativesI thank you for the quick response and excellent photo of my 1st cousin and his wife's plaque. Though I had been told about them I could find no trace until recently and this photo completes one part of the era.


BELLPromptness from this site is appreciatedI received a very prompt and courteous response into my inquiry for William and Clara Bell of Barnstaple. The image received was of very high quality. I appreciate sites like this that are often at the owners own expense. This site is also easy to navigate. .... more

BELL George BELLThank you for the photograph of the Bell family. It has proved to be a useful Family History resource especially providing information re the infant Sam Bell.

BELLRobert Bell from WishawMany thanks for the link to the photographic image and the fast response! I will be recommending this website to members of Thanks again

BELLBELL / IRVING SPENCERI've only just started looking into the lives of my paternal relations and stumbled across this website which is a hive of information. Many thanks for your prompt reply, it is much appreciated. .... more

BELLrelationship of unknown personGPR Grave No 28662 (image no 1010611) Ada Annie Parsons first husband was William Bell. They were my great grandparents.

BELLThe Bell FamilyThank you for sending me the photos of William Bells grave stone. It has helped my search for my relatives in England. Thank you

BELLExcellent!The information I requested was kindly sent within a couple of hours of my enquiry. I was very impressed. Many thanks

BELLWilliam Bell of Blanchland NBLAnn Bell on gravestone is William's 2nd wife not his daughter-in-law and Thomas is their son. Robert is William and Hannah's son.

BELL John BellWhat a great site. I knew which graveyard John Bell and my grandmother Phyllis were buried but we thought the grave had been lost over time. Thanks for providing this info - much appreciated.

BELLthank youThis is the first time I have seen anything relating to my grandfather. Thank you so much.

BELLInteresting FindI came upon this site whilst doing a general search for information and found it to be very useful. During my search I uncovered further family information which I found particularly interesting. Great work!!

BELLMI for John Royal Bell and wivesThank you very much for this photo which is useful confirmation of what I had told and/or been able to work out. If the information is of any use to you Joan nee Harper was John Royal Bell's first wife and Beatrice Mary nee Hargraves was his second wife. He was my great-uncle on my mother's side.

BELLSincere thank you fr photographsThank you Charles for providing such a valuable service to people around the globe. I never thought for a moment I would be able to get photos of Robert Bell (1797) and other Bell family members grave monuments at The Old Church of the Holy Cross Cemetery, Whorlton, Yorkshire, England... you truly have made me a very happy little family history researcher. Thanks a million from Western Australia. Happy 2017 to you Charles and your family.

BELLBell, Rowe, Healey, Sealey, Waddingham, Grainger, Shewan, Pollock, and relatedI received an excellent photo of the headstone for Lucy Rowe nee Bell (8 Dec 1887 - 18 Mar 1995), thank you for that. This line of Bells were around Daylesford in the late 1800s and 1900s. I have a fair amount of info on them, including ancestors & descendants (but very few photos) and am happy to share.

BELLThank youMany thanks for providing the photo of William Bell and family.

BELLAMYMany thanks for the photograph, it has bMany thanks for the photograph, it has been a great help with my family tree researches.

BELLERBY COATESMemory of a friend with Alzheimer's A friend with Alzheimer's (Ray) suddenly remembered the name of the father of a friend from school. I was wishing to help his memory and giving him something to tie his memories with. The father was Harry Bellarby Coates and he was the director (?) of the Grimsby hospital immediately prior to, and during, WW2. They lived in a big house in Grimsby. According to the London Gazette he received a gong for services to the Civil Defence in (or around) 1945.

BELLHOUSEThank YouMy sincere thanks to Charles - you do a tremendous job. I have now put the photos you sent my up on my Bellhouse Tree on which is freely available to anyone who asks. I have also put up an acknowledgement of your site. Again, many thanks

BELSEYGeorge Cornes PhotoHi Charles, many thanks for your prompt response to my photo request. much appreciated - Daryl from OZ

BELSONA good website to recommend,I was lookinA good website to recommend,I was looking for one and found three names on one tombstone.

BENCRAFTThank you!Thank you for this valuable service you provide! It's very kind of you to help people all over the world that you don't know. Wish there were more sites like this.

BENHAMBenham gravestoneGreat service Charles. Beautiful photograph. Thankyou for making we genealogists life alot easier.

BENHAMIn AppreciationMany thanks to Charles and his volunteers for providing this service. I know that without it distance would preclude ever seeing these memorials. Andrew, Australia

BENNBENN FAMILY - SYDERSTONE - NORFOLK - UKMany thanks to Charles for this wonderful site SUSAN AND EDWARD BENN - SYDERSTONE - NORFOLK WERE MY GREAT GREAT GRANDPARENTS The family was a large one - most of whom lived in Syderstone and the surrounding area. I am happy to give assistance to anyone needing help researching this family

BENNELLBENNELL, BRITNELL, WITHERSThank you for the photo's. They have been very useful for my research.

BENNETTMany thanks!Received with thanks, the photo of James Walker BENNETT & his wife Jane(Burdy)Love this great site & will continue to look for other ancestors.

BENNETTtrying to find relativestrying to find relatives

BENNETTThank you very much for the photo. I waThank you very much for the photo. I wasn't expecting it to be instant .... more

BENNETTFirst time I've asked for a photo, so exFirst time I've asked for a photo, so exciting to see details of my 4x Great Grandparents, thank you.

BENNETTGrave imageSuch a good image to add to my research on my Bennett family in Laxton Nottinghamshire. Many thanks! Anyone out there researching the same family please get in touch!!

BENNETTThank youThank you so much for the image of the grave stone, I am hopeful that it will help me with finding out more about my ancestors. I think this is a wonderful service which you do. I have a friend who does it and it is something I would love to do if I am able to, unfortunately I have a disability which makes it difficult. However, if I am somewhere where I am able to, I will.

BENNISONThank youThank you for your help. Please contact me if I can help any researchers into my surname as I have got a very large amount of data. Regards Michael

BENSONGreat idea and projectI found this site via another and it helped answer some missing info for several people a great cross reference tool, i will be looking to start uploading my pics to help others and work on other cemetery work as possible, will spread the word about this site. thanks Anthony John Benson

BENTALLThanks - and a small correction!Thank you so much for the photo - sent within minutes of request! This is a wonderful site, how come I have never found it before?!? I will try and add some photographs when time permits. There needs to be a small correction to the transcription of Daniel Barnard Bentall's gravestone. The bottom line should read 'Beloved parents of Robert AND Leonard' (Not 'Robert Leonard)

BENTLEYBENTLEY / MEARSExcellent Web Site with great help to anyone Tracing their Ancestors !

BENTLEYGravestone and Headstone photosThank you for displaying the Headstone of Annis & John Bentley this will now help in finding their date of death and burial place Thank you once again Paul Illingworth

BENTLEYCharles Victor BentleyThank you so much for the photo of this ancestor's headstone from my maternal line. I am a volunteer and am only waiting for the antipodean weather to improve!

BENTONBenton in WisbechMany thanks for this excellent site. Thanks to you I have located the grave of my great great great grandparents in Wisbech. If anyone has any Benton related information (Wisbech and Walsoken)I would be pleased to hear. Thanks again.

BENWELLJohn Prince Benwell & Martha BenwellThank you so much for the swift response, and the wonderfully clear photo of the headstone. The service you provide is of hugh importance both for family research, and for posterity, particularly with the number of headstones that are being cleared; who knows how much longer we will be able to trace them. Keep up the good work!

BERESFORDJohn William Beresford ClarificationThankyou for the wonderful photo of this family memorial. I would like to clarify the relationships, please. Margaret Beresford was the mother of Arthur Dennis Beresford, not his wife. She John W's first wife. Edith Beresford was John W's second wife. John W was my father's uncle and Arthur his cousin. Thankyou for a great andmuch apreciated resource. Wendy Cooksey, Wodonga, Australia .... more

BERGLINDRobert BerglindThank you for this fantastic service, it is very much appreciated. I live in Melbourne and very rarely visit Brisbane where most of the Berglind family live/lived.

BERRIMANThank you ever so much for the Photo of Thank you ever so much for the Photo of my husbands relatives grave.

BERRYThanksThank you for the gravestone image which provided valuable help in sorting out a family history puzzle.

BERRYGrateful ThanksI would just like to say WOW what a wonderful project. My request was dealt with so speedily and professionally. Just like to say a great big Thank You!

BESLEYThank youFamily research has changed so much in the past 12 years since I started my family history - mainly due to generosity of people like you! - Thank you

BESTPrompt serviceThank you very much indeed for sending me the photo I had requested from your website. It has opened up some more channels of research to broaden out my own family history. My son-in-law was impressed with the site and will soon be sending you some photos of graves which he has already taken in connection with his family.

BESTBEST/SUMNERThis is such an invaluable resource. I live in the US and so am unable to personally research my family tree and to visit family graves. Many thanks to all the volunteers who give freely of their time.

BETCHLEYMany Thanks for excellent ServiceMany thanks for the image, excellent service!

BETTIncorrect photographThe photographs that I requested for monument 393916 for a Janet Euphemia Stevenson Bett is incorrect. It looks as though the correct monument is actually to the left. Many thanks Tina Mitchell. .... more

BETTERTONspeedy responsevery quick response to request for photo of grave.

BEVANMadley Church Cemetery, Herefordshire, EnglandI would like to add a help request as i dont live in England to know if anyone can help by adding Madley Church Cemetery Headstone Photographs from Herefordshire, England to add to this Web Site for researchers. Thank You to who ever may be able to help us reserchers living overseas.

BEVANThank you so much for your quick responsThank you so much for your quick response and excellent resource, very helpful

BEVANWilliam Henry Bevan 1886-1960 - Bevan Family Tree MembersWilliam Henry Bevan 1886-1960. This was an easy to navigate site and I found what I was looking for quite easily. The Bevan branch of my family is on my father's grandmother's side and my father and I have found lots of uncles, aunties and cousins we never knew of.

BEVERCOMBEBevercombeQuick and efficient service - a very useful tool for those doing family history research

BEVERIDGEPhoto RequestThank you for the photo of my grandparents grave. My father is unable to visit the grave now and is delighted with the photo. Thank you for your prompt attention and service. First Class

BEVERIDGEResearchI was seeking images related to William Beveridge and being able to obtain his gravestone very helpful. Excellent site this and the work much appreciated.

BEVERIDGEBEVERIDGE/MITCHELLSadly not in my tree (as yet anyway) but your effort is appreciated in making such pictures available

BEVERLEYBeverleys buried in St Edmunds churchyard Castleton DerbyshireMy maiden name was Beverley

BEVERLEYThank you so much!Many thanks for this fantastic service, there are some wonderful people out there! Best wishes.

BEVISSBeviss Headstone photosThank you very much for the Headstone photos they are much appreciated for my Family research. Excellent speedy service.

BEYNONMissing headstone Info to help youHi, I stumbled surprisingly upon your website tonight whist researching my family. They are all buried in St Leonard's church yard in Loveston and their graves have been recorded by David and Julie Wookey. There is one monument that has not been included although it may have been photographed. Amongst the Beynons is a larger stone cross with a rambling rose growing under/ around it. It belongs to my grandfather's brother Evan John (Jack) Beynon (1903-1931) who died aged 28 of TB. The inscription is weathered and the last time I visited barely visible. I would be so pleased if he could be included in the list along with his brothers, sisters, parents, grand and great grand parents and nephew, my father. Great idea to record such information. Thank you. Kind regards, Michelle Johns (nee Beynon)

BICKERTONsamuel and sarah bickertonHeadstone for these people are placed again wall in St.Leonards. Can you enlighten as to why not listed .... more

BICKNELLThank youThank you all for the wonderful work you do and the time you give to help bring the past alive for others. Sometimes it is not possible to visit the areas our relations lived and this helps tremendously

BIDDULPHThank you for the Grave site pictureI appreciate the effort people have gone to for the pictures to be sent on. Thank you

BIELAThank youMany thanks for your time and work.

BIGGINSExcellent resourceThis is an excellent resource. I anticipate using it several times and hope to be able to contribute too.

BILTONBilton relationships, gravestones at Harlow Hill and LinthorpeWilliam Robert Bilton was the father of Charles (Captain), Edwin Douglas (Captain) and Arthur. Elizabeth was his wife. Kate Mary was Arthur's wife.

BILTONBilton relationships, gravestones at Harlow Hill and LinthorpeWilliam Robert Bilton was the father of Charles (Captain), Edwin Douglas (Captain) and Arthur. Elizabeth was his wife. Kate Mary was Arthur's wife.

BINGHAMFantastic Help!I am a first generation Australian trying to trace my roots in the UK and it is assistance like yours that makes the task so much easier. I thank you for this wonderful site and your great efforts. I am based in New South Wales, Australia and have a large collection of gravestone photo's which I have taken and am happy to share them. Kindest Regards, Chris & Jessi Bingham

BINGHAMAytoThank you for the Ayto gravestone image.The word genealogy is quite close to generousity. Most of us involved in this "hobby" try to help others as much as we can, at our own expense and time. Thank you for yours, Charles.

BINGHAMBINGHAM / LLOYD-WILLIAMSThank you for your efforts - after looking hard for something that seems to be nonexistent and almost giving up, it's a tremendous thrill to find it available -- and FREE!

BINGHAMA huge thankyouThank you so much for supplying the photo of my great grand uncles grave. Without your website and kind help I would not have known its location.

BINGLEYHave just found the burial site of my grHave just found the burial site of my great, great, great grandfather, his wife & some of their children & their wives. Thank you so much.

BINKSBinks in MiddlesbroughMany thanks for your wonderful efforts

BINNIEGreat help! Excellent and quick resource. Immensely helpful!

BINNINGTONBINNINGTON/THOMPSONOnce again, thanks for the speedy response

BINNINGTONThanksThanks again for your prompt response. The clarity of the photo is excellent. Good job!

BINNINGTONThankyouMany thanks for the promt response. I have just found your site. Great resource.

BINNINGTONThankyouMany thanks for the quick response,I did'nt know your site existed until yesterday, keep up the good work.

BINNSFantastic ?Many thanks for the photo you sent to me, i was over the moon with quality of the shot, and you have helped me in my quest to DIG Deeper into my lost relatives, and to find how and were they lived .... more

BINNSJOSEPH EDWARD BINNS GRAVESTONEMany thanks for sending the photo of the headstone of my great great Grandfather, it was very exciting to see and very much appreciated as I didnt know of its existence.

BINNSGravestone at FEWSTON, Yorkshire - BINNS/HOLMES/HODGSONThank you Charles for your fast service that my mother Ilma received. My mom is in her 80's and we came across your site while we were researching our family. I noticed that the link you send in your emails is not "live" meaning you can't just click on it and it takes you to the photo. I had to email my mom and tell her how to copy and paste the info. into her browser. Anyway, it worked. My mom is lives in Yorkshire and I am in Canada so between us we did okay! Again, thank you for your hard work. Jan

BIRCHThank YouThank you very much for the gravestone monument image of Lorraine Gail Birch. This is a wonderful website.

BIRCHThank you for the photoThank you for the photo

BIRCHLEYA very grateful KIWIThank you Charles, we all appreciate all you do for Genealogist

BIRDThanks!Thanks again for a very helpful site. I do hope to be able to contribute some photographs shortly

BIRDThanks!Than you for this well-presented and very useful site! I do hope to be able to contribute whan time permits

BIRD Really quick thank you This was sent back to me overnight and was really helpful thank you. It created another link to follow as well. Great service and free too

BIRDWith thanksThank you for the free service and large image request was instant thank you x

BIRDThank you so very much for the photos ofThank you so very much for the photos of the Bird headstones in Sheringham, Norfolk! Some of these (maybe all?) are my family and I am so grateful for the images of their headstones. I appreciate so much your willingness to provide this service to people like me who can not be in Sheringham to see these in person. Best wishes, Paula

BIRDFrederick Kenwood Lear Bird Would JACKIE NIGHTINGALE from AUSTRALIA please contact me. You are the grand-daughter of Frederick Kenwood Lear Bird born in Lacock, Wiltshire. I am the grandson of his brother Lionel Frederick Bird. My family tree is on Ancestry and I would be pleased to share my research. I live close to Lacock and Luckington where our great-grand-father Frederick George Bird was born so can help you with photos and things.

BIRDFrederick George Bird of Luckington and Lacock, WiltshireI am researching the family tree of FREDERICK GEORGE BIRD, born in Luckington and who lived most of his life working at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire. My family tree is on Ancestry and I would be pleased to share my findings with other researchers. I live close to Lacock and Luckington and the Wiltshire History Centre so can help you photos and things.

BIRDA great findResearching through 'Ancestry' I have been thrilled to find this photo of my great great grandfather's family grave - thank you for your website and help.

BIRD / HARTGraves in Ashwell, HertfordshireWhat a great surprise to find these pages with photographs of the Ashwell graves! Thank you so much, volunteers here and elsewhere. Your efforts are tremendously appreciated. Researching George Bird (1791-1850) and his wife Mary Hart (1796-1848)

BIRDSALLFeedback for receipt of PhotographThank you so much for responding quickly. The picture I have received is of enormous interest and has saved me a lot of time and effort. I am researching the Birdsall family originally from Brotherton, West Yorkshire. They are part of the maternal side of my husband's family tree. Thank you again - for the picture and for such a good website.

BIRKBECKPhotograghs of headstones - BIRKBECK,LUMLEY, WARD,My congratulations on a brilliant website, you are helping people research their family trees, many people cannot go to these cemeteries to get a photograph of the Headstone and i would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers THANK YOU

BIRKETTI'm researching Richard BirkettI'm thanking you in anticipation in case I can't find my way back to you

BIRKSThanksAs always, thank you Charles and thanks to the volunteers.

BIRTpleaseduseful and informative resource thank you

BIRTPainswick Grave MarkerMany thanks for your swift response to my request for an image of my Great Uncle John Birt's grave, it was very much appreciated.

BIRTWHISTLEAppreciationThank you for providing this remarkable site that enabled me to see the gravestone of my paternal grandparents directly from Brisbane Australia.

BISHOPA Very Big Thank YouJust a very big thank you to all who have made this service possible, preserving the past is something very important to us all.But only a few take the time and effort to make this possible.You should all be very proud of the work you have done.RegardsAntony Ball

BISLEYThank youI received my photo in quick time. Thank you so much for providing this resource.

BIVAND / BEVANDNew infromationThe requested image arrived promptly - within hours of my asking for it. It helped my research by providing the name of a spouse I knew nothing about but took my knowledge further as a result. I will certainly use the site again.

BLACKA find for genealogists!What a wonderful resource for tracing the ancestors. Broadens the scope and provides some unknown pathways to follow. Thank you for providing this service.

BLACKALLExcellent, thank you Another excellent image received within 24 hours of request. Brilliant service you provide and free, thank you again.

BLACKBURNRe: BlackburnThankyou very much for your time and prompt responce regarding the photo. What a brilliant service you provide. Once again thanks.

BLACKBURNA very sincere thankyouDear Mr Sale,I have had the greatest pleisure in receiving a lovely clear photograph of my grandfatheres grave, Percival Maynard Blackburn. I only recently found its existence after about 6 years of research. This is a fantastic site and a credit to you and im sure it will go from strength to strength, as like myself many people are too far away to visit, and also only find of ones relatives and others they knew nothing of, when they see the relevant inscriptions to work from. Kindest regards. David Allen. Shevington. Wigan. Lancs.

BLACKBURNReceipt of family grave stone photo.I was grateful and delighted to receive the photo of George Blackburn's grave stone and so speedily after my request. THANK YOU Charles.

BLACKBURNGrave photographsWonderful service you provide. I am amazed at the kindness of others. Thank you so very much.

BLACKFORDA successful find.After so many 'red herrings', I have located my great great grandfather down in Devon all thanks to Gravestonephotos website. The local reverend is currently looking for the particular gravestone to confirm the month of death as this is obscured by grass in the picture. This now confirms to me that so many family trees on genealogy websites are definitely barking up the wrong family tree.....but I have the correct version, excellent and thank you. I will look to see how I can possibly help or donate to your website in due course.

BLACKHALLWhat a fantastic serviceOnce again Charles, thanks for those wonderful high res images.

BLACKMOOREGreat serviceMany thanks for your quick replay and photo of my great aunt Mary [Margaret Mary Jane]

BLACKMOREServiceWonderful service, especially if you live in Australia. Tks. very much

BLACKWELLEurekaVery many thanks to Charles and his website. I was able to track down a family member who had died in South Africa and also to discover some information unknown to me. So it has been invaluable. I passed this on to a relative who will now be visiting the headstone and making arrangements for it to be cleaned. It's an amazing free resource for which Charles deserves great praise and thanks.

BLACKWOODGravestone ImageThank you - it is so fantastic to be able to access the information & images you have available - particularly as I live on the other side of the world.

BLAKEBlake Family TreeThank you for the quick response to my request. This fills in a few more details about my large family of Suffolk Blakes.

BLAKEBLAKE/EARLYOnly found your site yesterday, received my photo request today,a service second to none! All your hard work and those of your volunteers are surely a 'gold-mine' to the family historian and very much appreciated.

BLAKEAlice Fanny BlakeNo photo arrived for Alice Fanny Request, Dallinghoo Cemetery. Email photo for Frances Blake,Dallinghoo was great and I\'m really pleased with result, Thank you.

BLAKELascells BlakeThe photograph of the grave stone was a great help. It gave the death of Lascells second wife. Looking for her death, there was someone of the exact name years later, this confirmed the correct wife/death and saved the cost of obtaining the certificate. This is an amazing webpage, I really can't praise it enough. I will have to sift through all my family names and double check here. Wow,

BLAKEWW 1 CasualtiesThanks for the grave stone image.

BLAKELOCKThanks for a great resource.Yesterday I came across this, new to me, family history research resource. Today I requested copies of two memorial stones and got a response with an hour. What a fabulous resource. Many thanks. Dave

BLAKELOCKThanks.The GPR is very valuable research resource. Many thanks for the Blakelock and Nurse MI photographs. Have added some additional information to the Edith Agnes Nurse Cleethorpes MI entry.

BLAKERMany ThanksMany thanks for the link to the photos I requested. At least my query on the date was cleared up on one, because you had the wrong centuary, and one digit had lost its tail so to speak, a 9 looked like a 0. Many thanks again.

BLANCHARDThank you so much for such a great websiThank you so much for such a great website. Your hard work is much appreciated.

BLANCHFLOWERBLANCHFLOWER & COLEMANThe 3 pictures of these family graves are really good and most useful. I am very grateful for all the help given on this, and I love the site. It is so important to 'bury your ancestors', as so often this is a good way of checking you have the correct person, and that all the dates add up. It also rounds the story off nicely.

BLANDThanksThank you very much for the very quick response to my request for the photo of the gravestone of Welburn Bland. This is an excellent site and I am sure I will be using it again in the future.

BLANDBlandThank you for sending the photo (s) so quickly

BLANDThjank you for sending the photo (s) so Thjank you for sending the photo (s) so quickly

BLEECHMOREMany thanks !So grateful for photo of Amelia BLEECHMORE'S grave. The GURRS and BLEECHMORES were early pioneers in South Australia and there were a number of inter-marriages. I have undertaken a lot of research of both families as they are significant in our early South Australian history. I am very grateful for your service and congratulate and thank your volunteers.

BLEGBOROUGHThank you so much!Thank you, Charles, for sending the photo of the gravestone of Jane Blegborough,widow of Ralph Blegborough, Esq. You are most kind!

BLEGBOROUGHJane & RalphThanks so much for your help - again! I don't know if this is the Jane on my tree, but it's another piece of the puzzle!

BLENKINSOPpraise for your workI just fell upon this site by mistake and think its a fabulous idea and well worth doing all over the country. Genealogy is a very costly hobby and to be able to access this information from home saves me personally a long trip that may or may not be a fruitful one. Thank you for all your hard work. .... more

BLENKINSOPAppreciationI would like to express my appreciation for the photograph of the headstone of my gt. grandfathers brothers grave. As I live in a different part of the country and was not aware of its existence I was surprised to find an image was available from this excellent site.

BLENKIRONThanks!Many thanks for sending on the photo I requested, very grateful for your time and effort and the speed with which you replied. This is a brilliant service.

BLENKIRONLooking for gravestonesLooking for gravestones in Marrick, Birmingham, Balsall, Aston, Thanet, Malton

BLINKHORNThanks for the helpThanks for providing such a useful service in general & an important photo for me in particular.

BLISSgravestone photosmany thanks for this valuable resource

BLIZZARDThank youThank you so much for the fast response. I'm delighted to have found my 2x great grandmother's grave, Elizabeth Blizzard/Blacker/Dagger and would never have imagined that she was buried in her birth village of Clutton rather than in Mountain Ash, South Wales where she died. My thanks to all those who make this site possible.

BLOCKBLOCK & PRYKEI can not tell you how thrilled I was firstly to discover that your site existed but secondly to discover the graves of my ancestors, photographed and logged here. This is a fantastic resource and the fact that it is a free service is just phenomenal. Thank you to all the volunteers that work so hard to provide this service.

BLOGGresearchliving in canada trying to research bloggs - can you help?

BLOISGrave inscriptionWonderfull resourse, very prompt and of great help in giving much needed clues!! Thankyou

BLOOMFlorence Daisy Bloom ?Thanks for help with finding some of the sisters (Violet and Olive Bloom)of my grandmother Florence Daisy Bloom in East Bergholt in Sussex. Still trying to find out about Daisy.

BLOOMThank YouThis is a valuable resource for anyone studying their Family History, allowing access to gravestone information that might otherwise not be possible for the individual to access. Many thanks to all the volunteers who have contributed.

BLOOMFIELDLetitia/Elizabeth BLOOMFIELDThank you for sending the link to view the image of gravestone at St Mary's Old Church,Benhall also the additional links. I will be pleased to add any images I acquire from visits to other burial sites I intend to visit in the future.

BLOOMFIELDThank You!Just wanted to say a big thank you to Sue Biddle who took the time and effort to take part in this project, I know that the Bloomfield family will be delighted to see this photo. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who is researching the Bloomfield family. I am going to have a word with our local history group which has just been set up in St. Tudy, Cornwall,where I live,to take part in this project. Many thanks once again to all involved.

BLOOMFIELDThanks for very speedy and efficient response to photo requestThis is the first time I have used the resource and I should just like to pass on my thanks for a totally pleasant and useful service delivered in a very efficient and friendly manner.

BLOREOld gravestoneI am trying to make a connection between the numerous Blore's of Derbyshire and the few Blore's of London (my lot). Thanks to your photo of Elizabeth Blore's grave from 1807 I now know for certain that the London end of the mystery is confirmed. Many thanks for this incredible resource which I am sure I will use again.

BLOUNTCorrectionRe GPR grave number: 206022 A small correction please Robin Blount is the Daughter (not son) of Kenneth Lawrence Blount Thank you Lawrence

BLOYMany thanksI had visited Morningthorpe Church and found some Bloy gravestones but this is one I did not find but I am pleased that you did. Many thanks for your help.

BLURTONMany thanksVery quick service and excellent quality of photographs

BLYTHJohn Blyth died 1835Thank you for the image. This confirms it is the grave of John Blyth Auctioneer of Holmfirth, who died in strange circumstances on the way back to Holmfirth from Huddersfield where he had visited his father in law Francis Dalton

BLYTHBrightlingsea TilesThomas Henry & Ezekiel Samuel Blyth are my g.g.g. uncles, and were both lost at sea. Their brother John, my direct ancestor, settled in Grimsby, as did their sister Elizabeth, who had married Charles Cook. I had a black & white photo of Ezekiel's tile from the church, but was delighted to see these beautiful colour images. Thank you to the photographer for doing such a good job, and to Charles, for making this happen. Superb website!

BOAKCornillon family with Boak family in graveI found my GGG Grandfather, William Boak with his family (Dean E2 cemetery Edinburgh), that match my research. There is a family Cornillon on the same grave monument, who do not seem to have any relation to Boak. Could 2 separate families be on one monument. Any help would be appreciated.

BOAKBoak GraveI successfully found my Boak grave on your site. Thank you for providing this fantastic family history resource.

BOARERWow! What an amazing service. ThanksVery, very helpful. Many Thanks

BOASTThank you.Thanks for sending this image through. I am not sure if this is the right person I am searching for but may help me a lot.

BOBBITTJames Bobbitt gravestoneI just want to say Thank You for offering to help me I feel very Blessed.I'm still working out the James Bobbitt and where he fits into or if he fits into my family,as soon as I think I might have it will let you know in the meantime I'm going though photo's for headstones to send you guys it's the least I can do and nothing compared to what you all do so Thank You and will get back to ya soon. Elizabeth

BODDYBODDY/WAKEIt was incredibly useful being able to identify the resting place of some of our ancestors - thank you so much for making this resource available.

BODGENERGRAVESTONEThanks for photographs, very good quality and speedy reply. Alan

BOERTHBOERTH & KRAMERThank you. The image has tidied up a mistake in my family tree

BOGGONThank you so muchThank you, you have really helped me in the history of the Boggon family.

BOGIEAncestorsWhat a great service, received photo within 24hrs,Thank you

BOLDEROHelps link the Norfolk and Suffolk BolderosThanks for the photo that arrived almost by return email. Helps me link the Norfolk Bolderos to the Suffolk Bolderos - Now need to add this to my web site - Regards Peter

BOLINGBROKEThank youThank you for the images and for your prompt reply. Thank you also to all the volunteers that have made this such a wonderful resource.

BOLINGBROKEThank youThank you for the images and for your prompt reply. Thank you also to all the volunteers that have made this such a wonderful resource.

BOLITHOThanksCharles, Thank you for the headstone photo. It is hard to research your family from the other side of the globe. Your help is invaluable. Yours Sincerely, Vince Willcocks

BOLIVERBOLIVER/HINTON/CLARKE/CLEGGThank you so much Charles for making this site available, it's always a great feeling to find that extra bit of information on an ancestor, I will certainly put something back in

BOLLINGTONThankyou so much!Just couldn't believe it when I found this site. It led me to my Grandmother and Grandfather's grave near Cannock, West Midlands. They both died young so I never knew them, but have been researching their lives. We visited last week and found it instantly. Will endeavour very soon to record our village church gravestones here in Tarrant Keynston, Dorset.

BOLTONSt Chad's Uppermill YorkshireI was hoping it would be possible for someone to take some photos of the gravestones in St Chad's in Uppermill, Yorkshire. I have been told that the graveyard is very overgrown, so this may not be an easy task. I have recently discovered that some of my family are buried there. The two I know of at this stage are Thomas Bolton buried May 1871 aged 49yrs and also Ann Bolton (his daughter) buried Nov 1858 aged 7yrs. It is also possible that his wife may be buried there, but she had remarried and was known as Jane Sykes (born Buckley). I live in Australia, so it's not possible for me to do this myself. I would appreciate any help.

BOLTON Brilliant ResourceJust wished to say Thankyou Very Much for an incredibly helpful website.

BONDThank you for this valuable resource.Thank you for this valuable resource.

BONDSFIELDRachel BondsfieldMany thanks for sending me the photo of Rachel's grave. She was my 3 x great grandmother. I am planning to travel to Ipswich in the not too distant future to check out further Bondsfield graves.

BONEWell done.Many thanks for the image of the headstone requested. This is an excellent site and I am sure it is much appreciated by family history researchers and others.

BONIWELLBoniwell family gravestoneWhat a fantastic prompt service. I would help too if I lived in the UK. Thanks

BONNERGrave of John Bonner and his sister Maria.I really appreciate the service from this site. I'm feel so lucky to be able to access grave information from overseas countries. It's really exciting to find a relatives grave and information. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this possible.

BONNINGThank youThis is a great help, many thanks.

BONWICKMany thanksMany thanks for the excellent photo of my ancestors MI on the wall of St.Peter & St.Paul church Lingfield. I had tried to photograph it back in 1991 but the shadows from a nearby tree rendered it all but useless to read the inscription.

BOOBYERTombstone imagesThank you for this service. I very much appreciate the work you do, it's most helpful.

BOONThanks for your awesome siteThanks for the great job your doing hosting all the info photos you are, as helped me checking on past family members. Cheers

BOONGreat WebsiteReally quick response to gravestone requests thank you. Info very helpful. Due to a disability I cant drive so getting round churchyards is difficult for me, it makes this website really important for my research. Steve

BOORMANGrave of Esther BoormanThank you Charles for your prompt reply and photo of my GG grandmothers grave. I have been searching for this and her husbands grave (Richard - which I still haven't found)for a long time. I very much appreciate what you are doing and if I can help with some other graveyard photos in the future I will.

BOORMANThanksThank you very much for a very efficient service in sending me a photo of the Boorman grave; it was very much appreciated.

BOORMANBOORMAN/MORGANThank you very much for the clear picture of the headstone. I do not believe this is a relative, but it doesn't hurt to check and see when such a great resource is available. Thank you!

BOORMANWilliam BOORMAN (1796-1879)Many thanks for prompt availability of an excellent image.

BOOTHGreat siteCharles what a wonderful site you have.The photo is the best thing I have now.Please keep up the good work.

BOOTHMany thanksFantastic again. With your help I have found the missing ancestors I´ve been looking for. Regards Jean

BOOTHThank youAmazing to see an image of my ancestor's gravestone. I have a picture of it taken circa 1900's and it is great to see it's still in good condition over 100 years later. Great website, thank you. Maryann

BOOTHKirtonThank you so much for the photo, this is a wonderful service you provide.

BOOTHKirtonThank you so much for the photo, this is a wonderful service you provide.

BOOTHRawdon St Peter Grave Stone ImagesThank you for supplying these gravestone images. They are really helpful in undertaking family research.

BOOTHRawdon St Peter Grave StonesJust to say thankyou. This was so helpful.

BOOTHRawdon Grave StonesThis has been really helpful. Thank you so much for all the hard work!

BOOTHFamily ResearchGreat website. Thank you.

BOOTHLawnswood Cemetery LeedsLove this website. Really helpful. Very good quality images. Thank you.

BOOTLANDThank youThank you so much for the pictures of my great grand aunt's grave. Your work is appreciated and I look forward to researching my other relatives

BOREMANboremanThank you once again for the photo of elizabeth boreman's grave. This is a very good site. My grandmother on my mothers side was a boreman unfortunatly I never met her as she died 2yrs before I was born. As my parents died some years ago I have no one to ask about my Boreman side of the family. The ones I no of were from scarborough north yorkshire. Many thanks to you all.

BORROWThank youThank you for all your efforts in providing this website

BORROWMANThank youDear Charles Thank you very much for your commitment and time, this photo is key to my research.

BORTHWICKImageThank you very much for your speedy response to my request for the image of the gravestone of Helen Hay Borthwick. Much appreciated.

BOSLEYNew information UncoveredI will have to check into it further, but your site has probably provided me with the first names of my maternal great-great grandparents. All I knew before was that Bosley was the maiden name of my maternal great-grandmother, Mary Anne Giddings, who had a sister called Martha. But the dates and area indicate that her parents were probably William and Frances Bosley. Thank you.

BOTHAMBrilliantMany , Many thanks for the photo of the Headstone of my ancestor , it makes it all complete .

BOTHAMExcellent serviceAgain many thanks for your speedy reply with a quality photo .

BOTHAMSuperb serviceAgain many thanks

BOTHWELLThanksThanks Charles, once again for a great website and for suppling photos free of charge.

BOTTENFabulousI was really happy to find a family member on this site. Being so far away it was wonderful to be able to view the gravestone. Thank you for creating and maintaining this site!

BOTTERILLWonderful siteFeeling very fortunate this evening to have discovered images of 2 gravestones for 4 of my GGGGrandparents on the site. A huge help to my research. Thank you. In both cases the wives had died in a different area to their husbands & I had not known they were buried together. I also had been unsure of the wives exact date of death. Thank you Mr Sale for creating such a wonderful website.

BOTTOMLEYBottomleyWebsite was very helpful as my family originated from Yorkshire and as I now live over two hours' drive away, I cannot easily get back to look around the local cemeteries.

BOTTOMLEYThanksThank you to all the people who take time out of their day to do this, it is valuable and appreciated. Thanks X

BOTWRIGHTFamily GravestoneThank you for the picture. I had tried without success finding the gravestone at the cemetry. Great site.

BOUDETJean Baptiste BOUDET died 1828 cimetière Père Lachaise ParisThe photo does not display properly and the inscription is totally unreadable. Nevertheless, I thank you very much for this very useful initiative. Sincerely. Catherine Lenglet

BOUGHAMRobert Buffham.It is so interesting to see the actual gravestone of my possible ancestor and not just his name on a list. I am attempting to go back another couple of generations to Sarah Bougham who died in 1816 and whose name is inscribed on a memorial ring which an aunt left to my cousin.

BOUGHTONTerrific serviceAfter many years of thinking I will research this, your swift reply with photo of my great grandfather's grave has stung me into action, many thanks

BOUGHTON & PLUMMERMany thanks for supplying the photo of JMany thanks for supplying the photo of John and Sarah Plummer's gravestone. I believe that John and Sarah may well be my great x4 grandparents. I'll be circulating the photo to my sisters and mother!

BOULTERGreat ResourceAn excellent site Thank you very much not only for this great genealogy resource but also the super fast response!

BOULTONLincolnshire roots - BOULTON / PETCHThis web resource will be invaluable as it expands. It has provided useful information on 3 distant family members aiding my Genealogical research in this case in Lincolnshire. Many thanks for your work in providing these images.

BOVILLEBOVILLE/HODGSONFantastic site and has a few of my ancestors, wonderful idea and amazing service. Thank you for all your hard work :)

BOWBOW BOWEWhat a wonderful offer!

BOWATERAlbert EdwardWonderful service I requested an image late last night and it was waiting for me in my inbox this morning. I look forward to exploring the site further

BOWDWar Memorial, St Ives, Huntingdonshire.Thank you very much for the photographs of the War Memorial in Market Hill, St. Ives, Huntingdonshire.

BOWDENthanks so very much for your help. thanks so very much for your help. Regards Tom Norton

BOWDENThank you!This is very helpful, thank you.

BOWDYMany thanksMany years ago I travelled some distance to visit this cemetery with plans and plot numbers and found most I was searching for except this one. Imagine my surprise and joy when I come across it on your website. Many thanks.

BOWELLInitial reaction to siteI have only just discovered this site after reference in WDYTYA mag. Tested it out on Luke Bowell. Was planning to visit cemetery but now no rush. Excellent site very useful and very easy to use. I only wish it covered more of my ancestors

BOWENThank you so much!This is the 2nd time I have used your website. Both times I found the people I was looking for. The service you provide is very much appreciated!

BOWERThank you so much - you are doing a granThank you so much - you are doing a grand job and I do appreciate all your effort. I have many Bower cousins in Ashover, so I may be asking for other photos. I do have some grave photos of my husband's ancestors so I will dig them out (sorry!).

BOWERThank you for the photograph which has bThank you for the photograph which has been immensley helpful for my research

BOWER / SMITH / NORRIS / HERONAlexander BowerThank you for the image of my great, great grandfather's grave.

BOWESBOWES/VARTY/FULTHORPEI stumbled upon this website only a few hours ago, and requested a larger version of the headstones I wanted to view. Within a few hours I had been emailed the information i had requested. Thankyou so much.

BOWESBowes Gravestone PhotoIn one day I received the photo of my Grt Grt Grandfather's gravestone, John Bowes 1757-1844. I was impressed with the quick service...WoW! Thank you R. Goodwill, Canada

BOWESMany ThanksAgain , many thanks

BOWES / NORMANInvaluable informationWhat a great service you are doing for us. Thankyou for a the excellent detailed photo of a missing relative; George Bowes and his wife Sarah Norman. It was much appreciated from California

BOWHAYGreat serviceThis is a great service which makes your family tree feel so much more real

BOWHAYjust to say how grateful I am for your ejust to say how grateful I am for your efforts.

BOWLESBOWLES OF GOSPORTLooking for help in finding gravestones for Catherine, Leonard, Dorothea, Charles, and Elizabeth Bowles of Gosport. Died as infants in the 1780's, buried in Rowner. Baptised in Holy Trinity, Gosport, Parents Tobias & Mary Bowles originally from London.

BOWLESGrave Stone PhotoLove this site, easy to use and very fast in sending photo

BOWMANThank YouWhat a wonderful resource you are providing! I am so grateful that someone has taken time time to take photo's of graves I will never be able to visit. I hope to, in the near future attempt to take photos of the cemetries around the Hawkebury, NSW, AUSTRALIA. Thank the work you have done.

BOWMANMany thanksThankyou so much for helping to solve a mystery for us over how and when my husbands 2x and 3x gt grandfathers died. your website is fantastic!

BOWMANLooking for history of Bowman family that came to Australia in early 1900Would appreciate any help from anyone - wondering if their English ancestors went to the Americas and returned and that is why they are so hard to find. .... more

BOWMANPhoto'sThanks so much for the great work of making this information available to all.

BOWMERThank youThank you for sending the image. I live a long way from Durham so viewing this gravestone online is a great help to me. The site is very interesting, well done to everyone who has contributed.

BOWNMany Thanks for all your hard work, muchMany Thanks for all your hard work, much appreciated

BOWRAnthony Bower CaistorDeath date has been incorrectly recorded and is clearly 1849 not 1810 which gives a birth date of 1788 .... more

BOXBrilliantThank you so much for your quick response. It has helped me research my maternal side especially regarding the five infants that died.

BOXA big thank youThank you very much, this is a massive help in putting another piece into my large family tree. And the facts of his wife's info as well is a massive help. Again thank you.

BOYCEInvaluable resourceThis resource is invaluable. Just think how it would be if we all did a little bit of the same. As I have sadly found through my research many headstones are being destroyed by the elements or mindless people, records of burials are not always easy to get to see if you live like i do 300 miles away from where our relations are buried, it is sad to think there may be no record of our relations in years to come.

BOYCEThanks for the service.Thankyou for providing this service. For people researching their family tree, who live a distance away, this service is great. I live in Cornwall my family tree is from Suffolk so to find this service is of great help. I will be using you again

BOYDExcellent Knowledge BaseAn excellent knowledge base website and I found a photo of my Grandfather & Aunt/Uncle graves. The high res image request was with me in hours and I have included it in my family tree info. Many thanks, excellent facility.

BOYD WILSONGravestone imagesThank you so much for the images you offer. It makes all the difference to be able to visualise an inscription and so much better than a simple listing of death in a genealogy website. I've been looking for details on the Boyd Wilson family as they are my distant cousins for my family tree, and you've helped me fill in few blanks. And created more blanks - but hey, that's the fun of genealogy!

BOYESThank you so much Charles, what a wonderThank you so much Charles, what a wonderful site and such a quick response

BOYESThank YouThank you so much for the photograph and the excellent resource you provide. Researching: Boyes/Richardson/Carter- (Wombleton, Kirkby Moorside) North Riding of Yorkshire

BOYESthank you for your web site, it has beenthank you for your web site, it has been a great source of information that I could have achieved from this distance

BOYLEphoto imagethank you for your quick and wonderful service.the work you do is brilliant and i for one am extremely grateful.ive now seen the grave of my grt grt grt grt grt grandparents which if it wasnt for your brilliant work i would not have seen .thank you again for all the work you do .

BOYLESWILLIAM BOYLES HEADSTONEThank you very much for the image it was a great help to me and saved me a lot of time. please keep up all your good work thanks once again

BOYLESThank you for this image. I beleave thisThank you for this image. I beleave this is William Boyles and wife Mary Harding and two of their children Annie and Hilda, hope this is of help to someone.

BOYNEThank youA fantastic resource. Thanks so much. I am located in Australia, so being able to see a gravestone located in England that relates to my husbands family tree is just wonderful. Thanks again.

BRABBINSI can add detail for the Wolverhampton branchHello My father and mother are listed and i can add some details if you wish. They are buried at Bushbury Near Wolverhampton. Tell me what you would like me to do. Kind regards, BENJAMIN PAUL BRABBINS BORN 4TH MAY 1945

BRACKENBURYThank youMany thanks for such a prompt response to my request for a copy of my 2x gt Grandparents grave. It is very much appreciated, and a credit to the project you have undertaken.

BRACKENBURYThank you once againThe GPR is a brilliant idea and implemented to a professional standard

BRACKENBURYMany thanksA very helpful site your work is greatly appreciated

BRADBURYCharles BradburyMany thanks Charles for the excellent copy of my 4x gt Grandparents grave. It is really appreciated and a credit to the fantastic project you have put together

BRADFORDJohn Yardley/ Edward Chapman/and Eliza BradfordYour site has been a fantastic find. As we live so far from London it is not easy to start going round looking for graves and memorials. you have mad my research so much easier and I can not thank you enough.Keep up the good work you really are appreciated. Sue Bradford


BRADLEYThank youI would like to say thank you for the fast response to my request and for sending me a very clear photo. I will definitely contact you again as I continue my research. THANK YOU!

BRADLEYMary Bradley Thank you for the prompt images you sent. i would recommend this site.

BRADSHAWGrandfather's ParentsI am looking for my grandfather's parents. Name:- John Arthur Bradshaw. Born :- 15/6/1877. Place :- Nottingham. Hope you can assist. Regards John Bradshaw

BRADSHAWPhoto accessThank you for the opportunity to see photographs of my ancestors grave.I'm extremely appreciative!

BRADSHAWAmazed that this existsFantastic! Was doing some research on my father's side of the family and stumbled upon this site. A link to a photo was e-mailed to me in only a few days. Caution though, it went into my junk mail folder (gmail). So if you've requested a photo be sure to look in the junk mail box! Thank you very much!!! I would be interested in casually helping out by taking and submitting photos however I live in Toronto, Canada so I'd imagine all of the area cemeteries have been catalogued. Is there a list of cemetaries that have already been catalogued? I spend several weeks of the year in central and northern Ontario and often pass small rural cemetaries that may not be included. .... more

BRADSHAWEWhat a fantastic service, I have at lastWhat a fantastic service, I have at last found out dates of burial for two of my 'Cardy' ancestors - previously unknown, although it seems they died in my lifetime. Also another little piece of my 'Bradshawe' history has fitted the jigsaw!

BRAGGJames Clapp BraggThankyou so much for the picture of my Gt Gt grandfather. Now I can show the rest of the family where he is buried.

BRAGGThanks so much, it was a wonderful surprThanks so much, it was a wonderful surprise to find a couple of my ancestors on your website. Well worth a look.

BRAGGERwrong name in detailsYou have the wrong male name shown here - Michael Dooley you have should read Michael Bragger and Michelle Dooley.....I am the sister of Michael....thanks .... more

BRAHAMA massive thankyou.i would like to say what a wonderful help this website has been to reserching my family history and i cant wait to tell my nan where her father is buried thankyou so much.

BRAIDBRAID DOUGLASthis site saved me a lot of time effort -and diesel! it also helped me by about 6months-maybe even more.....I cannot say enough yet again I say...........many thanks

BRAITHWAITEBRAITHWAITEA fantastic resource, pointing out a grave that was almost under my nose throughout my childhood. I used to walk through the cemetery on the way to school. .... more

BRAITHWAITEBraithwaite gravestoneThank you so much for the photograph of my ancestor Braithwaite's grave: it has provided me with more family names to research. Your photographic resource is a godsend for family researchers, both now and into the future!

BRAMBLEYThank-youWhat a fantastic service, many thanks indeed, I now have more info' on my brother-in-laws tree.

BRAMLEYFamily ResearchExcellent service has cleared up a long question mark over members of the Family,Great photo asw ell

BRAMLEYBRAMLEY/FOXMany thanks to all involved re this wonderful website. Have you any idea of the happiness you bring people? Well done and once again a BIG thank you. .... more

BRANCHBRANCH/LEWIS/ROWDENMany thanks for the gravestone photos. Excellent service and much appreciated.

BRANDBrands - ScotlandThank you for the photograph of Mathew Brand's gravestone. It's nice to put a photograph with the information you collect and it opens up more possibilities as far as finding other ancestors.

BRANDPhotograph of HeadstoneWhat a wonderful resource! I have been researching my family tree since 1995 but was not aware that this facility existed. My father was born in England and came to New Zealand when he was just 16 years old. I never had the opportunity to meet my grandparents (his parents) so I was amazed when I was able to download a photo of my grandmothers headstone. I cant thank you enough for that and hope I may be able to find more in due course. I am now looking at becoming a Volunteer photographer for my area. Thank you again Charles.

BRANKLEYThanksThank you for the photo. It was a very clear picture and will be useful for my research.

BRANSONSusannah BransonA great site and very quick response to my request for an image which has been useful in our research. Thank you

BRANTHWAYTThank youAn invaluable resource. Fantastic to have photos of the tombs, and relationships clarified with dates. Thank you

BRATLEYWhat a great service - Received photograWhat a great service - Received photograph and reply in less than 24 hours - Many thanks for your help.

BRAUNTONThank you!Thank you so much for this wonderful service! Delivery was very prompt and the picture is beautiful.

BRAUNTONReassuring researchThank you so much for the images of my ancestoral history. It is as if I have personally visited the sites and paid my respects as well as being so much better informed. My donation was sent by post. Please keep up this most important service and again accept my thanks.

BRAYBray Grave in Priorslee Salop.Thank you so much for this, I hope to visit the grave in person now.

BRAYBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank you, once again, for such an excellent resource.

BRAYBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNOnce more the site has been an excellent resource, with information and images not available anywhere else. Thank you.

BRAYBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank you, once again for such a useful resource.

BRAYBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank you once again. Such a prompt response from an essential resource.

BRAYBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank you once again, for such excellent and prompt service.

BRAYBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNYet again this site has proved itself invaluable for family history research.

BRAYBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThanks to the image only available online here, I was able to work out who a mystery family member was. Thank you, once again.

BRAYExcellent - BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank you once again for such an excellent resource

BRAYBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank you once again for such a useful resource.

BRAYBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank you, once again, for such an excellent resource.

BRAYBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNAnother prompt response from an essential resource

BRAYBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANN6 gravestones from different parts of the family found in a couple of days. Thank you.

BRAYBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNExcellent and quick, as always.

BRAYBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank you once again for such an excellent resource.

BRAY LYLE BRAY LYLE Hi Gravestone Photos - Thank you very much indeed for the photo of an ancestor's gravestone that I received via your site. Wonderful to know that such a resource exists. Cheers

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNWattamThank you so much for the prompt reply to my request for a photo. Incredibly helpful & useful resource, as always.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNExcellentThank you once again for such a great resource. Often finding the picture of a gravestone on this site has helped me to track down what happened to various members of my family. Please keep up the good work!

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNExtremely UsefulThank you - once more - for a quick & prompt response from a site and resource, that is ever useful.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNExcellentThank you once more for such a helpful and efficient resource.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNExcellentAnother very prompt response from such an excellent resource.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNRe: Excellent... as alwaysThank you once more for such a prompt response. This is a very useful resource.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank YouThank you once again for replying so promptly. .... more

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNMarvellousWonderful prompt response and great clear photo of the gravestone. .... more

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank You Once AgainThank you once again for such a prompt response from such a useful resource.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNExcellentAnother prompt response from an indispensable resource.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNExcellentExcellent & fast response as always

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNExcellentThank you once again for such an excellent service

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNExcellentThank you once again for such an excellent resource

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNExcellentThank you, once again, for such an excellent resource.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNOnce AgainThank you, once again, for such a useful site and resource.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNMarvellousTwo separate gravestones from different parts of the family in one day. Marvellous!

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNInterestAnother grave of interest with information I couldn't find anywhere else.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNWhoopsAccidentally asked for this image - I have had it once already! Quick and efficient service.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNExcellent, as always. Excellent, as always.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNExcellentAn excellent resource

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNOnce AgainThank you, once more, for such an excellent resource.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNEarlyTwo more early gravestones from my family. Thank you, once again.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNThank YouThank you, once again, for such an excellent resource

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNRE: Yet againThank you, yet again, for enabling me to find a picture of two graves, that would have been impossible for me to see without your excellent resource.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNRE: Thank YouYet more pictures of gravestones of obscure and distant relatives. This site can be very useful when researching family history.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNRE: Thank YouThank you, once again, for such an excellent resource.

BRAY-TAYLOR-BROADWELLThank YouThanks for the help with my request for information on Bray grave photo

BRAYBROOKEGravestoneMany thanks for your photograph, and also for your very swift reply. The long list of positive comments indicates just how valued the service you provide is.

BRAYLEYBrayley gravestones - Swimbridge, DevonThanks for these photos. They are helpful in confirming my ongoing research!

BRAYSHAWThank youJust want to say thanks for sending through the image of Ellen Brayshaw's grave. Really great to have it. I had an email about a database problem but didn't want to wait too much for another email just to say thanks. Great website!

BRAYSHAWMemorial Inscription imagesMany thanks for your speedy response; not to mention for providing this excellent service!

BRAZIERThank YouThank you,Charles, for this important resource. While I didn't discover as many ancestors as I had hoped, what I did find is an important addition to the family history.

BREADMOREA big thank youThank you for sending on the grave photos as requested. A great site and very helpful.

BREAREBreare family Gravestone in HarrogateThank you so very much for the images, as I reside in Canada it is not possible for me to get my own pictures of the gravestones unless I come to the UK for a visit. These images will be attached to my Family Tree that I am presently preparing.

BREASLEYBreasley surnameIf anyone is researching this surname, not a common name in UK although my family originated from Dublin, Ireland. Please contact me to compare information

BREESEAnswering brick wallsThank you so much for the speed you sent me the grave image. This was a brick wall and it was only with your site that I found he was living and dying in Felixstowe.

BREESE AND MOLLANDThankyouThankyou to your quick response to my recent request. Also to the dedicated team on your website that enable us researchers to add a bit more to our Family Trees.

BREMNERThank YouOnce again, I thank you for providing the grave monument images. Researching the persons whose names appear on this monument has been interesting - I'll provide comments as soon as I get a chance. Your site is a wonderful resource.

BRENNANPhotographThanks for the photograph you supplied.It was great to add it to my family tree.

BRENTIf it was not for your site i would not If it was not for your site i would not have a picture of my relatives head stone as i live in Australia Thank you

BRERETONFabulousWhat a great resource! Thanks so much to Charles Sale for keeping this up and running.


BRETTPhotographsPrompt and professional response, good quality photos of the monument. Many Thanks. .... more

BRETTONERThank youMany thanks for all of your hard work. Its easy to get lost in the maze of information when tracing ancestors and to find an actual gravestone makes it all a bit more real somehow.

BREWERGrandfather war graveI have been looking for a photo of my Grandfathers war grave..I knew it was located in Saint Marys Bitton Gloucestershire..But as I am here in the republic of Ireland..and not part of the UK or Commonwealth..I was having difficulties in the routes I was taking..By chance I happened to search Bitton and came across your wonderful page...I was able to find a lovely phot of my Grandfathers grave, and a copy has been saved,,all in the matter of hours...I cant recommend you highly enough..Thank you so much the photo means the world to me..

BREWISPhotographsMany thanks for your quick reply of the three requested photos of the Brewis family of Northumberland. It is a great service you conduct, especially for those of us living overseas. Now I have another path to follow on my search for family. Fantastic!!

BREWSTERA great serviceI would like to take this opportunity to thank Charles and his volunteer crew for making it possible for me to view grave stones from overseas. Viewing these grave stones can connect you to an ancestor in a very personal way, and for that, I am thankful. I will be looking for ways to return the favor by volunteering grave stone and cemetery information when and where possible.

BREWSTERRequest for volunteers in EssexGreetings, I am looking for volunteers to take photographs and information off the gravestones for the Brewster family located in the following towns: - Chelmsford - White Notley - Black Notley - Braintree - Halstead - Little Maplestead - Belchamp Otten - Bulmer - Great Yeldham - Hedingham Castle I realize this is a lot of work, but photos from any of these cemeteries would be greatly appreciated and would be a great addition to my family research. I am particularly interested in Hedingham Castle, Halstead, and White Notley. Thank you very much for your consideration!

BREWSTERRequest for volunteers in SuffolkGreetings, I am looking for volunteers to collect photographs and information from Brewster grave stones in the following towns: - Mutford (St. Andrew's Church) - Rushmere (St. Michael's Church) - Wrentham (St. Ncholas's Church) In addition, I am looking for a photo of any buildings still remaining where my ancestor's home, Wrentham Hall, was. I believe it was torn down in the 1800s but even a photo of the lot would be nice.

BREWSTERSpecial Request for volunteer in EssexGreetings, In addition to several requests for grave stone photos in Essex and Suffolk I am submitting, I do have a special request. At one time, the Brewster family had built Wrentham Hall in Wrentham, Suffolk and commissioned a stained-glass or painted window to be built within the hall that displayed many generations of Brewster marriages. The window had, reportedly, 12 Coats of Arms upon it, information I gathered from an ancestor's journal from the 1800s. Wrentham Hall was demolished at some point in the 1800s, and the family supposedly moved the window to Greenstead Hall (formerly Halstead Lodge) in Halstead, Essex. From what information I can glean, it seems that this hall is located on Church Road, appx. 0.7 km south from Colchester Road (A1124). I was hoping to find a volunteer who would be so gracious as to find the hall and see if the window still exists. I would love to have a photograph of it, and any other information related to it. Should the volunteer need additional assistance locating the hall, I do have several old photographs of the residence. Feel free to email me at any time at Thank you very much!

BREWSTERRequest for volunteer in NottinghamshireGreetings, I am looking for a volunteer who would be willing to take photographs and information from Brewster graves or monuments in Scrooby, Nottinghamshire. From what I can gather, the most promising location is the church cemetery located near the intersection of Great North Road (A638) and Church Lane. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

BREWSTERRequest for volunteer in Middleton, ManchesterGreetings, I am looking for a volunteer to look for Brewster gravestones in St. Leonard's Parish Church (Middleton Rectory) near Middleton, Manchester. There may only be one or two of them. Thank you in advance!

BREWSTERThanksWish I had found this site a few years ago! Thanks for your speedy reply to my 2 requests. I'm sure I will be able to add more photos to your collection from Adelaide, South Australia

BREWSTERThank you so muchI am new to family research and have just recently found your website. Thank you very much for your speedy response to my request for the image of the grave of my relatives in Leeds. What a special moment it is to be able to actually see the monument and start to piece together the different names. Thank you again.

BREWSTERThank you so muchI am new to family research and have just recently found your website. Thank you very much for your speedy response to my request for the image of the grave of my relatives in Leeds. What a special moment it is to be able to actually see the monument and start to piece together the different names. Thank you again.

BRIANBRIAN/SMITHThank you for sending me images requested. however puzzled by one GPR grave number 286176 it says its for a john joseph brian and a stephen sansom however on the image there is no mention of john j brian it is just stephen sansom and i dont understand who stephen is as i have not come across him whilst doing the family tree. i think it maybe that john j brian should be on GPR grave number 286177 as that is the grave of his wife sarah! .... more

BRICEname changeThe name Pammell on the grave is spelt wrong it should be Rammell Thank you for the image

BRIDGESGravestone image for John BridgesVery much appreciate the prompt response to request. What a wonderful resource

BRIDGESAnnie Bridges gravestoneFirst, thank you so much for the work that you are doing, this is very helpful to those of us who are unable to get around. As regards to the detail for Annie Bridges, I will just need to check back with a more elderly member of the family to get some confirmation of the identity of the grave however once I have done so I will revert with further info regarding her life details. Once again, thank you. Kind regards Maxine

BRIDGFORDFantastic site, thankyou for your time aFantastic site, thankyou for your time and effort to produce something so useful for the rest of us.

BRIDLEFINDING MY GREAT, GREAT GRANDFATHERS GRAVEI would like to express my sincere thanks to Charles for his kindly assisting me in trying to find the burial place of a member of my family. Very Many Thanks...I.R. Bridle

BRIDLEJames William BridleI have been trying to locate the grave of my Gt Grandfather who died in Dec 1890 in Penzance. I was given the information that he is interred at Penzance Cemetery in Cornwall (retired coastguard) and that he was buried No 9 section - J 5 in that cemetery. Would you know whether these graves have been photographed and if so where I may look to find them. many thanks, Norm

BRIERLEYGravestone PhotosI cannot believe I have never found this website before..within 5 minutes I had found the grave of relatives and within one day received a free picture of the grave..I now hope to find more information of other family names and would like to thank the admin for such a wonderful site..a lot of hard work has gone into it...

BRIERLEYThank you for this siteThank you for your time and patience. I have a similar project on hand at present re: the family THOMPSON of OSMOTHERLEY

BRIGGA wonderful serviceMay thanks for all the photos of the Brigg family graves and for your prompt reply. Now when we visit England, we will be able to find the graves easily. Best wishes to all who made this possible.

BRIGGSThomas Ruben BriggsAmazed to find this gravestone after Googling his name on a whim. He was my mothers, father and I have fond memories of him when I was young. I hope to visit the grave soon.

BRIGGSCommentMany thanks for the photograph. This is an invaluable resource as I live a long way from my ancestors graves and cannot easily investigate them myself.

BRIGGSPhoto downloadThanks for the very useful image. John and Ann Briggs are the maternal great-great grandparents of my daughter-in-law. Ann married john as Ann Parnell (her step-father's surname) although her birth name was Ann Nurse. Her father's name is not given on her birth certificate. The image also confirmed the date of death of their son Wilfred Briggs. Also on the image is Wilfred's sister Mary who died aged 2 in 1885 (I think) but the image is not clear enough to make out the details. Can you help with this? Again, many thanks. Paul.

BRIGHTMANFrank Edwin BrightmanMorning, I am currently researching my family tree and would love to get a photo of my Grandfathers Grave in the UK. His name is Frank Edwin Brightman BIRTH 03 MAY 1927 DEATH 26 OCT 1994 in Okehampton, Devon, England He is buried in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England Any help would be amazing. Thank you.

BRIGHTONAncestors gravesIf anyone has photos or information on the graves of my Great Grandfather John Brighton (Mildura Vic cemetery) his wife Elizabeth Morphett and their offspring, John R, William, Emma, Mary, Alice, Ernest Roy (my Grandfather), Henry C, Robert and Archibald, I would be very grateful.

BRIGHTWELLMany thanks for the superb photos so quiMany thanks for the superb photos so quickly sent

BRIGHTWELLAnother step forwardThank you for your speedy response to my request regarding Brightwell family. This image will take me further back in my research. What a wonderful project. Thank you Jan

BRIMBLEThank youThank you for supplying the image. Much appreciated. Excellent service for researchers in Somerset.

BRIMSONGravesite photoThank you for your excellent service, much appreciated.

BRINKLEYRequest for image of grave monumentThank you so much for your very prompt reply to my email and for sending a copy of the gravestone. It is believed Robert and Elizabeth Brinkley are my great great grandparents. It is so wonderful that I am in Australia and it took a matter of hours for you to reply to my email. What a wonderful service and such dedication by volunteers. Thank you again.

BRISTOW AND WALTONContent and ServiceWhat an excellent webpage. Huge amount of detail and the high quality photographs are great. Very fast response. Will definitely be using again. Many thanks to those involved.

BRITLIFFEGravestone monumentThank you so much for the prompt response to my request.I rarely find this family name during my searches so this site was a revelation.The name has a few variants but all are related,particularly in Australia. Once again,thank you.

BRITTONJohn BrittonThank you for your prompt reply to my request, the information gave me death dates of both John Britton and his wife Ada which help with my family history research.

BRITTONIda and Frederick Britton Grave, Oxbridge Cemetry, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England Thank you so much for the excellent photo, which has has now replaced the one that I lost

BRITTONPhotoMany thanks - I was delighted to find a photo of a headstone for William Britton 1814-1871

BROADBELTFantastic resourceThank you so much for providing this excellent genealogy resource, much appreciated.

BROADBENTThanks for the prompt response and the iThanks for the prompt response and the image sent. I just put in the family name on Google and this site was listed. Great help to me and will keep on using it.

BROADBENTThankyouJust wanted to say thank you very very much for your help, I am really impressed and will certainly pass your site details on to friends.

BROADBENTThank you Hi Charles. A big thankyou for your fast service and helpful links in my research. Will also let others know about this site. Thanks again.

BROCKbrock grave braunton - many thanksi have to say what a brilliant service , to find the info and be sent the image so fast i cant believe it . ive been looking for this grave for several years and now i have it free of charge . what an excellent site and service i couldnt praise it enough . keep up the great work ye have made my day if not my week ! robert h co clare ireland .

BROCKThank you so much for sending me the phoThank you so much for sending me the photos of William Brock's gravestone.

BROCKGeorge BrockHi Charles, Many thanks for sending me the link for the gravestone photo of George Brock and his parents.Much appreciated. Regards Ken.

BROCKHURSTAbsolutely brilliant thank you, I didn'tAbsolutely brilliant thank you, I didn't even know that my great grandmother was in that churchyard and would never had found her without your website.

BROCKLEBANKBrocklebankI was very pleased to find this photograph of the headstone of both my mother in law and father in law as well as some of their predecessors.

BROCKLESBYThanksI have only just found this website and was delighted to be able to see my great-grandfathers gravestone. This is an excellent aid for anyone researching their family history.

BRODIEheadstoneMany thanks for your quick response to my request. Unfortunately the headstone information didn't appear to refer to my Jessie Keith nee Brodie and her daughter Georgina Alexandrina Jessie Keith.

BROGDENBrogden familyI found this site extremely useful. The Photo's of the Gravestone's I requested were very clear and promptly received. .... more

BROOKBROOK AND STOKESThis is a great site and will prove very helpful to anyone looking for gravestones in cemetaries far from where they live.I am looking for Brook\'s who lived in Hunslet, St Peters ecclestical district.

BROOKBANKthank youThanks so much for this service. I live in the usa so having the graves photos is a very big service.

BROOKERBROOKER & EARL / EI found this site by accident !! It is very useful and extremely user friendly. Thank you to all who make this site possible.

BROOKERA wonderful resourceWhat a wonderful resource. Thank you so much. Jenny

BROOKERThanksOnce again thank you for the image. Helps with building up a picture of the past.

BROOKSBROOKS, HENRYThank you for a fantastic Website. It was a matter of, virtually, minutes when I was forwarded the picture of Robert Brooks'gravestone. This is fantastic! Not sure if he was one of my ancestors, but am still checking.

BROOKSThanksThanks for very prompt help. The gravestone, in fact, listed 3 members of same family, really useful.

BROOKSThomas BrooksFirstly I am very happy to view to memorial of the grave to Thomas and Maria Brooks of Croxby. Sadly, I have attempted to add some further comments about these people that might have been of interest, and a minor correction three times, but have failed in the update!!!! Will this get through?

BROOKSGreat help !Thanks so much for your assistance . The image you sent was a great help in determining how to proceed with the addition of the names of my parents. Again...sending thanks from my sister and I. MLP

BROOKSEston Cemetery North YorkshireMy Grandmother died 30 Apr. 1897 at age 27. I need help confirmation for a burial for my grandmother Ellen Brooks at the ESTON CEMETERY BURIAL DATE 04 MAY 1897, I have no other information and doubt if there was a headstone they were very poor.I would appreciate your help and would like to know or confirm her burial at this cemetery.I live in Canada, I have just discovered this site it is amazing the work that is here and thank you to all. Helen

BROOKSThank you feedbackSo many thanks, for the time and trouble taken to do this, it means a lot to have this image.

BROOKSGrateful thanksThank you once again, this is the brother of Elizabeth Brooks who I have found through you who is buried in the same cemetery with her parents, without this website it is another piece of the puzzle solved, many thanks once again.

BROOKSPhotosAgain, many thanks for the photo.

BROOKSThankyouThankyou Charles..once again you have come to the i have been trying to find my gt grandparents grave in this cemetary for a long time. Thankyou so much,Carole.

BROUGHTONWonderful web siteThank you

BROUGHTONthomas robert broughtoni am after a photo of my great great grandfather thomas robert broughton's grave in thiepval memorial Somme, France, service no R/505, 1st Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps died 05/08/1916 this would mean so much to me if someone could get me a photo of his grave i would be forever grateful .... more

BROUGHTONThank you so very much.. I am in awe at Thank you so very much.. I am in awe at how quickly you answered this request... I do so appreciate this....

BROWNAnnie BrownThankyou once again for helping with my family history research.yet another piece of information

BROWNWonerful resourceI thought I would never see this gravestone again.Thankyou so much for sending it to me. i will certainly use it again if the cemetery is available. kath

BROWNcharlies & annie maythese are ny mothers parents buried between 1960 to 1965 any help in find grave would be greatly welcomed

BROWNGrave StoneFantastic so gratefull for your help in helping with information on family tree,this a brilliant service you provide.

BROWNlooking for my deceased brothers son and daughterhello my brother allen is buried in quedgeley were he lived with his wife shirly and son tony and daughter tanya i have only seen the children once i used to phone them up after there fathers death but i was to much alike him that they found it painfull to keep in touch that was in 1990 they are grown up now and may be familys of there own i would just like to know how they are now maybe you can help i dont know if they still live in your area but i think the picture of the grave is the one of my brothers ---thanks for your time ---reg

BROWNGrave No 175642 - St Mary de Crypt's Church GloucesterIt was fantastic to see a photograph of my 4xGt Grandparent's grave. The GPR website is wonderful and I do thank you for your help. I shall repay you with some photos of my own to add to the site.

BROWNHenry , Mary and John BrownThis is so helpful. It is great to have this information when researching your family tree.

BROWNHenry Brown , Harriet PaleyI have requested the tombstone photos of these two people and would like permission to put these photos on

BROWNMany thanksVery grateful to Charles. Has helped piece together the life and times of my great-great-great-great grandfather Tiplady Brown.

BROWNGreat Grandfathers familyThank you for the photo. Excellent service that has helped with my search into the Brown family history.

BROWNGreat quick service. This image has giveGreat quick service. This image has given me new information and something to add to my family history rather than just names and dates - thank you for the great resource.

BROWNGreat!Thank you so much. What a great service. Requested and received image on the same day!

BROWNBROWN, HAYLETT, HODDS, ETCWhat a great idea, and free too! I'd love to help, once I've completed my family researches, and will certainly pass the details of your site and the help needed to my other research contacts.

BROWNHeadstone photosMany many thanks for the wonderful photos of some of my New Zealand Annie Brown family. You are all doing a wonderful job which I am sure is greatly appreciated by many of us family researchers.

BROWNBROWN AND MEIN AUSTINThis is a fantastic service. Thank you so much. I hope to soon take some photos of our headstones and help to expand your resource for the benefit of others like myself. Many thanks, Caroline Goodall

BROWNJane Pasley Hay Thornburn and husbandJohn James Graham Brown and familyI would like to say how much I appreciate the rapid response to my request for grave photo of John James Graham Brown and his wife Jane Pasley Hay Thornburn. Being in Australia and unable to do grave prowling in Scotland and England appreciate such a site as this one. Thanks to those responsibleRegardsJan Osborn

BROWNA wonderful resource I'd not found beforA wonderful resource I'd not found before, many thanks to all who run and maintain it.

BROWNThanks for the imageBrown gravestone in Bamburgh Churchyard It was a long shot and turned out not to be (as far as I yet know) part of the family I am looking for, but the opportunity to look and check it out is so very much appreciated. Thank you

BROWNBROWN DOUGLASThank you so much for providing all these photos and information. The website is so easy to use and an invaluable iad to researching the family.

BROWN6 Talbot Road Twickenham EnglandLooking for family of Henry James and Emily Brown, with son born 15th February 1889 named Howard Thomas, born at 6 Talbot Road, Twickenham England..son was my grand-father.

BROWNSt John, Great Wenham SuffolkI'm looking for the gravestone of Harry Brown believed to have died in Great Wenham in 1964. If anyone lives near this churchyard and could look I would be very grateful. Thank you

BROWNBenjamin and Ann BrownVery many thanks for the photo you sent, only found your website a couple of days ago, I now have details about my great great grandparents. Thank you.

BROWNFamily ResearchI have conducted Family tree research in different areas of the country for many, many years. Volunteers who look the records of burial sites and head stones play a very part in conservation both of the sites and records. It's also a help when a researcher has to travel a long way and no time is wasted. Having got the information strived for, in general people don't mind paying an amount in the box when visiting.

BROWNW A BrownI belong to the Poppy Trail Trio who are doing a poppy trail in our cemetery chapel at Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside. We lost approx 300 men from the town in WW1 & are placing a poppy cross for each one on the specially made boards in the chapel. Also we are doing a document for each soldier. This is not always easy as so many records were burned. To get a photo of a gravestone from a churchyard so far away from us is brilliant & will add to our folders that the documents are kept in. Thank you so much for providing this. We are very grateful.

BROWNResearchThank you for your prompt response

BROWNThanksThank you for a terrific looking photo of Elsie & Hector Brown's tombstone at Patho.

BROWNPhoto greatly appreciatedMany thanks for the photo of the gravestone of Daisy Alice Brown. Living across the pond, the chances of visiting many cemeteries in the U.K. is pretty slim. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have a photo of Daisy's gravestone.

BROWNDavid BrownThank you very much for all your help in my long search for my friend David Brown. What a wonderful service you provide, and whilst the outcome of my search was not what I was hoping for, at least I can now put my mind at rest as my search is now finally over. Hoping to visit you soon one day David R.I.P my friend.

BROWNEMany thanks for you photo link. I thinkMany thanks for you photo link. I think the gravestone is of the son and not the father as the dates are not correct but the information is useful anyway. I have made a donation via paypal as promised. Keep up the good work S P Hamment

BROWNLIEThanksMany thanks for the photograph

BROWNSCOMBEGeorge BrownscombeI have only just found your website, and have requested the image for George Brownscombe. I have yet to go through the remainder in your lists, and there may well be others that I should like to add

BROWNSCOMBEBrownscombe familyI have received one image for Lucilla Ann Brownscombe and am awaiting a second for George Brownscombe. I have written a letter of thanks for a wonderfaul service, and sent details of other family members. However, I don't think this has got through (classified as spam?). I am also unsure what the difference is between comment and feedback? Please consider this note as a help request.

BRUCEwilliam bruceThank you so much for the very quick response. I am now able to add this to my ever growing tree. Fantastic service. Thank you Jenny

BRUCEGravestone pictureI would like to thank Charles for his very quick reply to my request for a photo of a gravestone, it was very much appreciated. This is a wonderful website.

BRUCEThank youOnce again, I am grateful for what you are doing. It adds more information to family members especially those who died a while ago.

BRUCEThomas BruceThank you so much for the link you sent me to the photo of Thomas Bruce's grave. I received it a little while ago but I've been away and I'm not sure if I replied at the time. Your work in this field is much appreciated.

BRUMBYPhotograph of HeadstoneMany thanks for your superb website. I have found many answers to where my husband's ancestors are buried. Well done!

BRUMBYHeadstonelovely image. Much appreciated. Fantastic website!

BRUMBYThankyou again for such a wonderful servThankyou again for such a wonderful service, otherwise I'd never be able to view these relatives headstones.

BRUMBYVery useful websiteA link from led me here. Confirmed that my paternal grandfather, Arthur Brumby, was buried in his home village. A surprise find was a previously unknown brother of my paternal grandmother, Charles Milner Barbey. He was born and died (aged 5) between censuses, which is how I had previously missed him.

BRUNNINGThanks for the serviceI received the requested image within a day of my request and the information is now in my system. This is a brilliant facility that I will be using again and agin. Many thanks to Charles for his efforts.

BRUSEYThanks Úna Brusey was indeed my first cousin and we shared the same name so I was most interested in finding out all I could about her. Your resource is most interesting and I would be interested in photographing memorials but cannot at the moment due to ill health. Thank you once again.

BRYANTThanks for a terrific from Queensland AuThanks for a terrific from Queensland Australia

BRYANTThank you for providing such a service. Thank you for providing such a service. It is much appreciated

BRYANTEvan BryantThank you very much for the picture it has helped with my Ancestry also first time I have seen the grave stone many thanks again.

BRYCEThank youThank you for helping me look for family in your country. I am in Minnesota USA and hope to visit Scotland in Sept. of 2013

BRYDENHelen BrydenThank you for finding the grave of Helen Bryden buried 1866 and her father Adam Buried 1859. What a great resource

BUCHLINSKIThanks for researchVery fast and good service. If you need I can support you in case of Kobylanka and Sekowa cemetery in southern Poland.

BUCHOLZThank you for the service you provide. YThank you for the service you provide. Your time is invaluable to everyone researching their ancestors. Without the efforts of you and your time my research would be incomplete. Thank you so very much.

BUCKBUCK..ROW...WOORwhat a great place found it by google a name and up it pop i hping to find data on three family buck....row.....woor all from suffolk

BUCK Raymond Walter Buck Charles has just sent me a pic of Robert William Buck's grave (St Mary's, Aldeby) and I noticed that there is another inscription. It is not easy to read but seems to be for Raymond Walter Buck (Robert's brother). From what I can make it out it says something about ...burns... explosion... at Lowestoft.... Possibly dated Feb 22nd 1917. I would be most grateful if anyone can tell me what it actually says. Many thanks.

BUCKGrave of Glyn Howard BuckMany thanks in helping me locate this grave. I now know for certain that he, like his brother, father and uncle were surgeons.

BUCK AND DUNMOREThank you for the photo your help is mucThank you for the photo your help is much appreciated and the reply was very quick.

BUCKETTThank youI googled Edwin Buckett and found your amazing website. I live in Canada and asked for two photos from St. Mary’s Church Cemetery, Warsash, England and three days later they arrived via email. I’m grateful you are so generous with your time. Thank you.

BUCKHAM Many thanks!Thank you very much for your quick response! I discovered your website quite by accident and was really surprised by the depth and scope of it. Trying to conduct UK research overseas sometimes is challenging but I found your site very useful. Thanks and keep up the good work!

BUCKINGHAMWonderful site...thank you so much for eWonderful site...thank you so much for everyone who takes the time and trouble to to place this information here.. .... more

BUCKINGHAMbuckinghamlooking for burial of margaret buckingham 1865?- maiden name garraway married thomas edward buckingham 1893 were are they burried or photo thank you

BUCKLANDWhat a wonderful serviceI have been researching my family tree for some time now, mainly using Ancestry, and it continues to grow and grow at an alarming rate but to find a link to your site was very exciting. To see actual photographs of headstones, and in this case for my Great Uncle's wife, namely Kate Buckland, it helped me get accurate death dates for her, her husband and their son. I shall now make a point of visiting the cemetery to pay my respects to these family members and others I now know are also buried there. Detailed family research is a relatively new phenomena and very addictive and compelling. You and your volunteers make the whole experience even more so. Please continue with your good work, we researchers really do appreciate it and just maybe one day I shall find time to help you!

BUCKLEBUCKLE / BLAKEThank you ever so much for the prompt response and cracking photo of my Great Grandmothers grave - can't wait to repay the deed by getting out there and photographing my local cemetery for the GPR.

BUCKLEWhat a find!I am so delighted to haave found this site. It contains so much not only useful but fascinating information.I have found links to several of my ancestors and have found it to be invaluable when researching my family tree. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making this a first class reference web site especially Charles - keep up the good work.

BUCKLESJohn Edwin BucklesThank you so much for the great photo of John Edwin Buckles gravestone. It provided information that I was having difficulty finding elsewhere. This website is a wonderful resource. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing so freely. Connie

BUDDHoratio Nelson Budd's memorialSincere thanks for your generosity.

BUDGEJohn Budge headstone,WickThank you so much for the very prompt response in providing me with the photo of the gravestone of my great grandfather, it is VERY much appreciated

BUGGMany thanks for the very helpful photogrMany thanks for the very helpful photograph. But why was he called Alefounder and why did his son change his mane to Johnstone? The joys of family history. Many thanks for your wonderful service

BUGGBUGG/BARKERThank you for displaying and taking photos of gravesites for those of us researching our families.

BUGGDetail and dates on the photo were very Detail and dates on the photo were very helpful. thank you

BUGLAKlems' lifeThan you!

BULLThank youThank you for your very quick reponse, Very interesting and helpful site.

BULLMy great-grandparentsJonas and Ellen's son Walter John married Edith Mary Clark in 1908. Their son Norman was my father.

BULLFantastic responseThank you for responding so promptly.

BULLARDAAmazing siteCharles thank you so much for all the information and the photo of the gravestone you were so quick replying to my request and I would like to help in someway a little later on, I am just a novice at the moment. Kind regards sharon

BULLARDAAmazing siteCharles thank you so much for all the information and the photo of the gravestone you were so quick replying to my request and I would like to help in someway a little later on, I am just a novice at the moment. Kind regards sharon

BULLOCKThank youThank you for the picture, it will help me a lot with my family history.

BULLOCKResearching ancestoryAmazing to be able to find ancestors graves at the touch of a button. Thank you to all everyone who has given up their time to compile this.

BULMERGravestone of John BulmerThank you for all the work on your website. It is a fabulous resource and a credit to you.

BULMER-DAVISFeedback-prompt servicegrateful to how quickly my request was responded to and support provided.

BULTEELHoratio BulteelRe: Lieutenant Edward Wynter BULTEEL RN, Horatio BULTEEL was his wife as per the record below LDS marriage record Name: Edward Wynter Bulteel Birth Date: 1887 Birthplace: India Age: 27 Spouse's Name: Horatia Margaret Gaskell Spouse's Birth Date: 1889 Spouse's Age: 25 Event Date: 29 Jul 1914 Event Place: Cobham, Surrey, England Father's Name: Edward Wynter Bulteel Spouse's Father's Name: Thomas Kynaston Gaskell

BUNBURYGood resourceWhat a good resource for those of us unable to visit Churches/Cemeteries. Easy to use site and very quick response to request for a photo. Much appreciated.

BUNCHThis Photographic WebsiteThis is an important and valuable resource. My experience is of a good and efficient service which deserves wider support.

BUNKERBunkerThank you very much for your very prompt service, many thanks

BUNNJames & Mary Bunn buried Danbury EssexThank you for a great resource. I have added what I know of James & Mary Ann. Thank you

BUNTBUNT/ROBERTS/CHELLOWGreat servive, only just found this site and has helped me a great deal already. Many Thanks

BURBERRYThank youThis service of providing photos of Tombstones is wonderful.I can't thank you enough as I am unable to visit England and didn't think I would ever be able to see these tombstones.

BURCHGrave I was unaware existed- thank youHaving been told by my mum that John Burch passed away early, I looked for his grave and thanks to your wonderful site- found it.

BURFOOTI was very pleased with this site and seI was very pleased with this site and service it presented

BURFOOTThank youWe just wanted to express our appreciation of you providing this service. It means a great deal to see this valuable record of my husband's ancestry from half a world away!

BURGESSThank You I really wanted to thank you for sending me the photo. Your help is unmeasurable....

BURGESSCattron BurgessAn excellent service. Speedy and informative.

BURGESSfeedbackthank you for the grave stone pictures of my burgess family.

BURGESSI am looking for the burial place of my I am looking for the burial place of my great grandfather thomas Stephen burgess born1873 died 1937 all I now is he is buried in the deptwade distric. can anybody help

BURGESSFamily graveIt was a great surprise when I put my great uncle's name in the search engine (he was killed on the Somme) - to find the grave of his mother and father, on which he is commemorated. We will be visiting it soon - thank you so much. Stella Preston

BURGESSBrilliant siteBrilliant idea and site, shame about the moron's foul mouthed rant! Keep up the good work.

BURGESSBurgessMargaret Florence Roberts nee Burgess my aunt died at Kew, Victoria, Australia and was buried at Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Springvale, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ... M A R Synnot Lawn, Row CE, Grave 51 and a stroke means i am now never going to get there so would love a photo if anyone can help

BURGESSMuch AppreciatedThank you for your quick response. A lovely clear picture which my mother was pleased to see.

BURGESSThankyouCame across this site quite by chance. What a wealth of information. Thank you so much for all the information. M K Smith

BURGESS I do appreciate the kind service that yoI do appreciate the kind service that you are giving and thank you so much. Elizabeth Burgess nee Page was born at Laxfield, Suffolk, and she is the daughter of John Page, Surgeon. I am so interested to learn whether any of her children have continued on to the present day.

BURGHAMBingo!Wonderful to have such a good resource availablle. Ancestry came up with the hint and I am very pleased to have found a match.

BURGOYNEIt's all about the storiesI'm researching my husband's lines which lead back to the UK (so far). It always surprises me a little how much the stories touch my heart upon a new uncovery. Family histories truly fill out the story of who we are today and I'm so grateful for receiving a photo of the headstone for infant Lucy Mary Burgoyne. The family moved to Canada after little Lucy's death, so the story continues here in Canada.

BURKEView of Grave SiteA very moving experience to visually revisit that sad day. Thank you for your website.

BURKEThank You for this site, I am most grateThank You for this site, I am most grateful that I can see these photos as it would not be possible to travel to this Cemetery

BURKEOnce again, many thanks for this great sOnce again, many thanks for this great service

BURLEYThank you for photoCharles, thank you very much for your quick reply in sending me a photo of my great-grandfather´s grave. I don´t know if I have any living relatives from my maternal family and there isn´t anyone I can ask, so it is very nice for me to have this picture of the grave where I can see both my great-grandfather´s and my grandfather´s names engraved (my grandfather Harlod Burley died in Argentina where I was born and live). I didn´t expect such a quick reply and am very grateful to you!

BURLEYThanks and clarificationsMany thanks to Mr Charles Sale and Mr Steve Lockwood . Re Burley at St Mary Oxted. 1968 typescript avail at Gen Soc London. Stone 338165 Thomas Burley b1699 d age 71 died in 1771. Stone 338166 Ann Burley b1701 aged 79 died 1780 wife of Thomas. Stone 338167 John Burley 1734 49 1783. Stone 338168 Adray Burley dates correct wife of John.

BURLEYThank youThank you very much for the imagines of the Burley family. Distance prevents me from searching for them myself, I appreciate your wonderful service.

BURLEYfamily treeonce again you have come up with me been able to add to my family tree. thanks

BURLINGHAMThank you for enabling me to find where some of my ancestors are buried.Emily Burlingham (nee Ward) was the Sister of my Great Grandmother Mary Ann Macroff (nee Ward). Thanks to the wonderful work of GPR I was able to visit St Ethelbert's churchyard last summer. I found the graves of my Great Grandmother and her parents Randall and Sarah Ward. It was an idyllic and peaceful place to sit and eat a sandwich on a sunny afternoon, surrounded by my ancestors! I look forward to visiting again.

BURMANThanks for excellent serviceThanks to Mr. Charles Sale for the excellent and speedy help with my request.


BURNETTFirst ClassA refreshing change to find such a valuable resource as this made FREELY available to others. I've volunteered to photograph headstones in my local parish churchyard and cemetery and would encourage anyone with the time and inclination to do the same.

BURNETTTHANKS!!!Wow, what a resource you are. I was impressed how quickly you sent me the image (within a day!!). Thanks so much for all your work.

BURNETTPhotoThank you so much for the grave photo

BURNETTThank youThank you so much for your super fast reply. It is amazing to see a family connection!!

BURNFIELDPhotosYour quick and efficient service is very much appreciated - sincere thanks

BURNFIELDFast responseThank you for a speedy response to my request for a photo of the Burnfield headstone. Excellent service!

BURNSBurns family, thankyouThankyou kindly, much appreciated. A little sad I cannot see the entire image but cannot be helped, best wishes,Amanda

BURRTHANKSMany thanks for this excellent service. It has been most helpful in identifying this individual and has assisted me in my research.

BURRARDThank you very much, Mr. Sale, for this Thank you very much, Mr. Sale, for this service. I am interested in the India paintings done by Gertrude Burrard, and the photo you provided helps me in my research.

BURRELLThank youWhat a brilliant site! it is so rare to find something for free these days. This will be a great addition to my family collection

BURRIDGEReceived photosMany thanks for the Richard Burridge photo from East Peckham and also the one of John Burridge from Tenterden that I downloaded from which I obtained much useful information. Keith - Detling, Kent.

BURRILL"A tip of my Hat"The "tip of my hat" goes to Charles Sale for organising this resource in his own time and at his own expense. He should receive the gratitude of all Family Historians

BURROWSSuberb siteVery helpful site, living a few hundred miles away from this graveyard, it's very unlikely I would have found this stone, I didn't even know it was there. Thanks

BURROWSThis site is absolutely fantastic, foundThis site is absolutely fantastic, found three gravestones recently that without your help I doubt I would ever find, didn't even know they existed.

BURROWSSuperb site, very helpfulSuperb site, very helpful

BURROWSI would just like to thank you for the wI would just like to thank you for the wonderful photos. I found the website last night and found about 3 of my family - they arrived this morning. I look forward to exploring the site more thoroughly. Many thanks again.

BURROWSBURROWS HIGH TRAXONWonderful site. Excellent pictures

BURSNALLGrave stone imagesThank you for this resource, I've found it very interesting. More of my family than I realised are here!

BURTThank youExcellent photo and fast response, thank you

BURTGraves of Charles and Clara Burt and dau Margaret BurtCharles Thankyou so much for the photo you have just sent to me. This is just amazing and fills in more of my reseach into this family. Charles ended up being a Yeoman of the Guard .Even have photos of him in his uniform. Essex I so apprecaite what you are doing Sincerely E Angell

BURTAs a researcher from Australia I very muAs a researcher from Australia I very much appreciate this site and the volunteers. Thanks.

BURTONBURTON/HALLBURTON AND DERIVATIThanks very much for your help. I am looking form the surname of Burton in the Border areas. The name was Hallyburton in the mid 1800's, when John Allyburton was known as Burton when he was the Sheriff's Officer for Duns and Berwick. We do not know when or where he died. Can any one assist. Regard to all. John Burton of Chester Cheshire.

BURTONThank youThank you for a most invaluable service.

BURTONWrong informationLooking at st Mary Magdalene church, Broughton in Furness. This is in Cumbria. england, not Cumberland. Before boundary changes it was in Lancashire not Cumberland

BURTONThank you!Thank you for all you do! Its greatly appreciated, especially by those who cannot ever make the trip to these locations.

BURTONThanks heaps for this resource it closesThanks heaps for this resource it closes one more gap. Thanks John

BURTONMary and John BurtonI am very happy to find a headstone of my gg grandparents. this is a great resource in tracing family histories. A picture makes these people more than just a name. Thank you.

BURWOODSuffolk burwoodsexcellent overnight free service. Excellent clear image and whatever you want the photos for make sure you make a donation (unsolicited)as this could cost you elsewhere. s.b.

BURWOODOld gravestoneThere are many Burwood gravestones in the churchyard, probably the oldest is against the north wall of the church. It is a flat stone and because of its age it is almost impossible to read. It dates back to 1698 and I have the inscription printed in the East Anglian Miscellany 1922, with a copy of this you can read the stone.

BURWOODRef 97 With Richard Robert/Dina Kemp areRef 97 With Richard Robert/Dina Kemp are WILLIAM JAMES 1853-1931 (SON)and HARRIET ANN 1871-1924 daughter .... more

BURZACOTTGratitudeThank you Charles for your brilliant (and prompt!) service. When you are in the antipodes, researching the family tree, it is an invaluable thing to be able to see the actual headstones. Thanks again. I won't mention the cricket. Cheers, Jeff Burzacott, Adelaide, Australia

BUSCALLRosemond Buscall 533685 buried 1750Rosemond was born 1731 in Ashill Norfolk .... more

BUSCALLFrances Buscall buried 1788 AshillThis record shows Frances Buscall 1788 61 1727 church record then below Oldfield wife of Frances Buscall, Frances Buscal 1727-1788 was the wife of John Oldfield so Oldfield shown as wife is husband of Frances, her parents are correct. I have a copy of her burial record if required. .... more

BUSH COXAmazing gravestoneAlthough the inscription is quite worn, it confirms that my great great grandfather must have been quite successful to afford such a large memorial. I have added more precise dates to your website to aid any other researcher. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to see that he and my great great grandmother were afforded such a lasting memory for their descendants.

BUSHELLKudos!I appreciate the contribution your website has provided. A wonderful resource. My monument photo was available to me in less than 30 minutes from my request. Thank you.

BUSHELLThank you for your helpThank you so much for the work you do, it adds great value to any research project. Much appreciated.

BUSHELLFamily TreeThankyou for the information of the name Bushell I have passed this on to A Mooresmith to help in his project of the Family Tree

BUSHNELLreceipt of photograph of gravestoneThank you so much for the lovely photograph of Maud Bushnells gravestone in St. Matthias cemetery Malvern Link. The service you provide is excellent and cannot be too highly praised. I look forward to when more cemeteries are listed and I can find more answers to my queries. CB

BUSSELLMany thanks for the great grave image.I Many thanks for the great grave image.I will keep in touch with you, Sincerely Paul Bussell Happy New Year 2012.

BUSTENS / BUSTEN / BUSTINfinding a gravegreat help in finding graveyard and grave greatly appreciated especially with a photo adds closure .

BUTCHERANN BUTCHER grave in BarnstapleMY 3 great grandmother Ann Butcher died in 1861

BUTLERfeedbackThank you for such a prompt reply, the information is very helpful. Its a shame you no longer send out attachments I would have found it very useful to take copies to send out to relatives with the family tree work I have done. Never the less many thanks. .... more

BUTLERmuch appreciatedI came by this site by accident,may I say many thanks for what you are doing,what a very informative site,I shall certainly tell everyone I know about it,many many thanks to all concerned.

BUTLERposition of grave in cemetarythe photo gives a good idea of position of grave in case I visit site,

BUTTBUTT CRAIGJust to say many thanks for you excellent and prompt service.You are obviously very dedicated in what you do.Thanks again

BUTTThank youI was very pleased to receive the gravestone image of my maternal great great grandfather and grandmother - Henry John Singer Butt and Kate Butt. I was only 2 months old when Kate died. Living across the other side of the world, visiting graves of UK relatives is impossible. It is people like Charles Sale who makes it all happen and for this, I am most appreciative. Thank you. :-)

BUTTURINIButturini at Awanui CemeteryI am hoping that someone close to Awanui Cemetery in New Plymouth is able to take photos of the Butturini headstones for me, they are located at Block 07, Plot 318 & 319. More than happy to take photos around the Sydney Australia area for anyone.

DANNBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNTwo relatives from different parts of the tree in 24 hours!

EDWARDSBENJAMIN EDWARDSThank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. This stone did not turn out to be my grandfather's, Benjamin Edwards. I have you book marked now for further reference. You have been a great help, Charles!!

HOWARDLouise Helen HowardThe name on her headstone is Lucy Helen.

LEECHBROWNE FLOWER LEECHThanks again for an excellent service. Well done !

PARKERBRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNWhich makes 5 out of my family in a day! Thank you.


TAYLORGravestone Barrington Taylor 1802 - 1882Many thanks for your wonderful service.

TRICKETTBERNARD EDWARD TRICKETTim just grateful this site exists thanks for your help..andrew trickett...son

WILKINSONcharles ball wilkinson thankyou for sending the photo of charles ball wilkinsons gravestone ,very clear photo , one again thanks


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