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GPR statistics

There are now:

within GPR.

Many graves now have more than one photo.

No charge is made for any of these images.

218 Cemeteries added in 2015

April = 67
March = 40
February = 41
January = 70

  • graves: 35,400
  • names: 59,300

Latest cemetery added

St Edmund the Martyr cemetery

photographed by Colin Martin
indexed by Joy Reynolds
St Edmund the Martyr
Added on 27 April 2015

Latest News

Because there has been a huge increase in usage,
the GPR website suffered from an overload of its database system.
This resulted in the website becoming, at times, unavailable.

To ensure that the GPR can cope with this ever increasing workload,
it has now been moved to a new more powerful webserver.
This change has caused some problems, most of which have now been corrected.

If you have ordered a higher quality copy of a monument image,
you can now view all of them by using the view images link.
This link is displayed on the top menu of every GPR page.

You can now list all the war memorials that have been photographed and index on the GPR.

A new volunteer registration page is now available.

A new special lists section has now been added to the website.
These list the names of people who have died in different ways.

A new TEXT SEARCH is now available.

This allows you to search the text held within each person record on the GPR.
For example: use this to see all the people who have a paricular occupation.

The GPR now has almost 460,000 graves indexed on its online database.

Within a few months the GPR will have over a million names indexed in its database.

694 Cemeteries added in 2014

On average almost two new cemeteries are added each day.