Cemeteries within Stockton-on-Tees that have been photographed and indexed

Stockton-on-Tees cemeteries that have been photographed and indexed

Below are the churchyard or other cemetery sites that have been indexed within Durham.

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Stockton-on-Tees cemetery details

imagecity/town/villagecemetery namegravesnamesrequestsstatusadded
Durham Road A1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road A19222163
Durham Road A2Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road A217339
Durham Road B1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road B15614243
Durham Road B2Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road B28217145
Durham Road B3Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road B310321457
Durham Road C1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road C116439281
Durham Road C2Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road C27320531
Durham Road D1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road D1472
Durham Road D1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road D1461
Durham Road D1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road D1234510
Durham Road D1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road D1386
Durham Road D1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road D18173
Durham Road D1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road D127594
Durham Road D2Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road D27018130
Durham Road E1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road E15011731
Durham Road E2Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road E213030484
Durham Road F1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road F112024947
Durham Road F2Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road F212728648
Durham Road G1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road G18240
Durham Road G1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road G17170
Durham Road G1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road G15713227
Durham Road G2Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road G29720946
Durham Road H1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road H17115936
Durham Road H2Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road H210118332
Durham Road I1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road I117040980
Durham Road K1Stockton-on-TeesDurham Road K113125356
Haverton Hill AStockton-on-TeesHaverton Hill A337913
Haverton Hill BStockton-on-TeesHaverton Hill B5513218
Haverton Hill CStockton-on-TeesHaverton Hill C11623165
Haverton Hill DStockton-on-TeesHaverton Hill D264223
Oxbridge AStockton-on-TeesOxbridge A323946219
Oxbridge A extStockton-on-TeesOxbridge A ext12626736
Oxbridge BStockton-on-TeesOxbridge B324848210
Oxbridge B extStockton-on-TeesOxbridge B ext14630127
Oxbridge CStockton-on-TeesOxbridge C350994268
Oxbridge C extStockton-on-TeesOxbridge C ext21040540
Oxbridge C extStockton-on-TeesOxbridge C ext21040566
Oxbridge DStockton-on-TeesOxbridge D256777203
Oxbridge D extStockton-on-TeesOxbridge D ext5911227
Oxbridge EStockton-on-TeesOxbridge E12332188
Oxbridge FStockton-on-TeesOxbridge F11429264
Oxbridge F extStockton-on-TeesOxbridge F ext10821930
Oxbridge GStockton-on-TeesOxbridge G9322543
Oxbridge HStockton-on-TeesOxbridge H3710820
Oxbridge H extStockton-on-TeesOxbridge H ext387220
Oxbridge HebrewStockton-on-TeesOxbridge Hebrew7913032
Oxbridge I extStockton-on-TeesOxbridge I ext10182
Oxbridge JStockton-on-TeesOxbridge J4412236
Oxbridge KLMStockton-on-TeesOxbridge KLM8922454
Oxbridge NStockton-on-TeesOxbridge N10326566
Oxbridge OStockton-on-TeesOxbridge O204113
Oxbridge PStockton-on-TeesOxbridge P5714748
Oxbridge RStockton-on-TeesOxbridge R7819246
Oxbridge SStockton-on-TeesOxbridge S5010327
Oxbridge TStockton-on-TeesOxbridge T7717538
Oxbridge UStockton-on-TeesOxbridge U11126564
Oxbridge WVDStockton-on-TeesOxbridge WVD253
St Thomas interiorStockton-on-TeesSt Thomas interior204213inside church only

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